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Pirates Resist Bush in NH

New Hampshire, 20.10.2004 00:32

Pirates Against Bush, a Boston area youth run activist group sailed for Concord, New Hampshire last Sunday in the hopes of having an effect on the people of NH. With flyers, stickers, and banners, they spoke out against the Bush Administration.

Local Lawyer Stops Sinclair

San Diego, 20.10.2004 00:22

Bill Lerach uses the law to stop Sinclair Broadcasting from airing the ANTI-Kerry documentary right before the elcetion! Thanks Bill!

Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., the nation's largest owner of TV stations, said on Tuesday it would only air part of a documentary critical of Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites)'s Vietnam war record, as critics demanded it cancel the broadcast altogether or face legal action.

Luchas al sur de Santa Fe

Argentina, 20.10.2004 00:13

Luchas al sur de Santa Fe

Palestina en Orán

Argentina, 20.10.2004 00:07

Sinclair: Stolen Values

Urbana-Champaign, 20.10.2004 00:02

Another argument against ever watching TV.

DC Million Worker March 2004

Boston, 19.10.2004 23:47

Monday, October 18th marked the date for an anti-war workers' mobilization in Washington DC. In the spirit of Minister Louis Farrakhan's Black Nationalist rally 10 years ago, the Million Worker March predicted a crowd of as many as 100,000 but was able to gather only tens of thousands.

Coverage of Million Worker March

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.10.2004 22:08

Million Worker March Rally at Lincoln Memorial

Metro Nashville's Recycling Advocates Urge Caution Regarding Proposed Contracts

Tennessee, 19.10.2004 22:02

For years Metro Nashville has picked up the trash the old fashioned way, one bag at a time in trash cans in the alley or by the side of the road. This has required the countless labor hours of an army of trash men, all dedicated to getting rid of your dirty diapers and beer cans. You can imagine that so many bags and trash cans, lifted by hand, lead to a lot of back injuries and sick time. Well now things are going to change in a big way for metro residents. Say goodbye to your trash cans and back pains and say hello to "Trashcarts," a 96 gallon semi and fully automated trash dispoal method for all residents of Nashville's urban district.

UC Service Workers' Contract Fight

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.10.2004 21:31

UC Service Workers Converge on Berkeley Campus


Houston, 19.10.2004 21:24

Who is Killing the Women of Juarez?

Mary Cheney: Corporate Pawn Turned Political Absentee

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.10.2004 19:36

Mary Cheney Question Obscures LGBT Issues in Presidential Campaign

Million Worker March

Madison, 19.10.2004 19:30

Thousands of trade unionists assembled at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. for the Million Worker March on Sunday. So close to the upcoming Presidential election, the event sought to shine a national spotlight on issues effecting America's workers, like the lack of health care insurance and massive job losses. In particular, many of the march's speakers called for an end to the US war in Iraq.

Offensive Biology: Is Bio-&quot;Defense&quot; a Bust?

Boston, 19.10.2004 19:26

A biodefense lab may soon be coming to a campus or community near you, if one hasn't already. These labs are the most noticeable evidence of the government's rapidly expanding biotechnology complex. Although the labs do some indispensable work in the medical realm, their rapid expansion is also tied directly to "fighting terrorism." The rationale behind the expansion of biodefense labs is that terrorists or "rogue states" could use biological or chemical weapons against the US. To be prepared for and effectively deal with such an attack, researchers at biodefense labs must research and experiment with potential biological agents in order to devise antidotes and develop counter-terror measures.

Save the Common Denominator!

DC, 19.10.2004 19:05

DC's Independent Hometown Paper may be forced to stop publishing due to financial shortfall. Losing Hope

The European Social Fora

Ireland, 19.10.2004 17:51

from space to space to space A report and pics from a weekend in London - covers Camden centre, Beyond the ESF and the Official ESF. From the Newswire by Seedot: A report and pics from a weekend in London - covers the Camden Centre, Beyond the ESF and the Official ESF. The ideals of the social forum process speak of the creation of a space for dialog and debate between the many social movements that present an opposition to capitalism. The Porto Allegre principles are designed to ensure as inclusive and broad a forum as possible, to encourage the cross-fertilization of all these strands that make up what is referred to as the 'movement'. While the London organising process has been heavily criticised for its departures from the charter of principles many people traveled to London because of the sheer scale of the event, the opportunity to see the differences between the groups and test the pulse of the European movements. The diversity was supposed to be the strength of the social forum, the size was supposed to overcome the problems in the organising with space for everyone in the various events. Before I left Dublin I had read of the range of groups and spaces and thought that the weekend would be an opportunity to witness this marvelous coming together that many had spoken of in the social forum process. The weekend before I had sat in a circle at the Irish Social Forum and heard academics, trade unionists, social democrats and anarchists discussing their opposing and complimentary views of neo-liberalism and their strategies for dealing with it. The meeting had been positive, not least for the links that were made and the comparisons drawn with the mass movement that developed in Ireland a century before as Nationalism, Socialism and what came to be Irish Republicanism coalesced to defeat the imperialism of that time. London was supposed to be this on a much larger stage. Flying home my feelings were more of frustration and opportunities missed than any real satisfaction or excitement. I attended events at the Indymedia Centre in Camden, at the Beyond the ESF in Tottenham and the 'Official' ESF at Alexander Palace. Each event was well organised and attended yet it felt like I had been to three conferences in the one weekend. The frustration was that the linkages and cross fertilizations seem to have been ruled out even before the event began as each of the movements retreated into its own space, establishing multiple fora which talked amongst themselves. While what happened was thoughtful, sincere and at times exciting it was what didn't happen that left the lasting impression. The Media Space After being involved in setting up the media centre in Dublin during the Mayday mobilisation I have huge respect for what was achieved by Indymedia UK (United Kollektives) in the Camden centre. The space was fantastic, the debates about infowar and propaganda (I was there on the Friday) were really important and the range of media available was brilliant. There were three rooms of public access machines, including 15 or so in the canteen/bar and a large screening / meeting space. As is usual at this type of thing, the management of the centre took away from the business of Indymedia but the Saturday morning meeting gave a chance for many different Indymedia groups to discuss the recent server seizures. Both the UK and the overall network seems to be evolving in its attitude to dealing with corporate media, mainly as a result of the recent server seizures. The quick and wholehearted support of groups such as the International Federation of Journalists and Reporters Sans Frontiers on this attack on the network did much to help this evolution. The discussion on info war included a contributor from the NUJ who analysed the requirements to construct a story for mainstream media and the audience seemed focused on using rather than replacing other media. Attendance wasn't great in the mornings but apparently the Friday night saw the big party of the alternative ESF taking place in the hall. The computers downstairs were in constant use both for checking mail etc. and, later in the weekend, for filing reports on the various actions that were taking place. Food was excellent and cheap, the whole atmosphere was positive and supportive and it was good to put faces to the many nicknames and email addresses I had dealt with over the last couple of years. As a place to find out what was happening where in London over the weekend the centre worked with many people calling in on their way to and from other events – aided by its proximity to Kings Cross station. But in many ways the centre felt isolated as no non-media discussions took place within walking distance and it seemed somehow out of the loop. There has been criticism of the reporting of the ESF on the Indymedia UK newswire (mainly by people who attended the ESF, didn't write about their experiences and then visited to website looking for other peoples reports). While the UK wire has always been excellent at reporting actions, a function which it again filled admirably over the weekend, there was little on the politics of the ESF. I searched in vain for any news about the EU Constitution discussions or the outcome of Assembly of the Social Movement, both of which were absent from the newswire. The main problem was the location – the open access computers should have been in Alexander Palace (ESF) where the concepts and practices of free media were most needed. The people who had least to gain from info war analysis were the people who were in the media centre – those already involved in the project. In some ways this isolation meant that the centre turned into a network type meeting for the wider European Indymedia network – which is a good thing in itself but could happen at any time. The Womble Space Leaving Camden we took the long train journey up to the Beyond the ESF space in Middlesex University in Tottenham. One of the more fascinating things about the UK anarchist movement is their abilities at graphic design. Their programme was the best looking piece of literature I saw all weekend, the entrance was hung with a great banner quoting Gerard Winstanley and the entrance hall had flyers and leaflets of a very high standard. Here the voluntary ethos that was evident in the media centre was reinforced as food was served free from Marquees in the grounds and the registration desk not only didn't take money, but didn't seem to take names or any details – handing out (well designed) invitations as entry tickets. The canteen was full of sociology staff and students trying to get people to fill out huge questionnaires (the price for the use of the building?) and the workshops and plenaries were firmly focused on planning and organising. On Friday the theme was the G8 conference next year in Scotland and we tried but failed to get into the Clown Army workshop which was completely packed out. Then the crisis struck – the bar had been shut and it seemed there was no alcohol to be had on campus. Muttering about the need for a beyond the beyond the esf space which would be truly free and where you could get a beer we trekked past 3 boarded up pubs to one full of Spurs scarves and other refugees from the oppressive, rule laden space that was the Beyond the ESF. That evening we returned for the Dissent plenary on the Visions for the G8 process. This was held in the form of a spokes council, which sort of worked for what it was – a brainstorming session on what people wanted to happen next year. While the format allows everybody to have their say a couple of big debates were missed out – not least on the use / non-use of violence in the protests. The most interesting thing was the focus on infrastructure (both for the protestors and of the G8) and the need to create links with workers and residents in the area. This move from the 'spectacular' made perfect sense, both because of the logistics of the location and the need to develop and escape the 'kettle' that people felt was being used too effectively against them. But the weakness of the Beyond the ESF space was most clearly seen here. The very people that this should be discussed with, the more radical elements of the trade unions, were nowhere to be seen, all being up in Alexander Palace. While the Beyond the ESF was very international, it many ways it seemed sort of uniform – white, young and oriented towards action not theory. Loads of energy, creativity and a positive atmosphere – but it was difficult to find any debate or cross fertilization. The closest I came was a leaflet from the GMB on sweatshops – but no-one (not in Tottenham or later on the GMB stand in Ally Pally) knew how this trade union literature had found its way across the city. The Official Space While the Indymedia space could cater for maybe a thousand people and the Wombles possibly two thousand Alexander Palace was on a different scale altogether. Outside Wood Green tube station crowds of attendees (the Guardian called them delegates but i doubt that) filled rows of double decker buses for the climb up the hill. The palace was surrounded by Marquees and you had to run the standard gauntlet of paper sellers to get in the door. Once inside, after negotiating the heavy entrance fee (St£15 for one day??), avoidable via side doors, rushing through the entrance or a variety of other means you were faced with the noise of hundreds of stands and dozens of simultaneous meetings. The programme, in the form of a tabloid newspaper, ran to 76 pages. More than anything else, this reminded me of the Internet World shows I had attended in New York at the height of the Internet boom. Same mass of stalls with eager people trying to catch your eye, same big meetings running side by side, same overpriced 'world' food. While there were glimpses here and there of art work and slogans and creativity most of it seemed to have been packaged and prepared for sale. The floor was strewn with leaflets on environmentalism, the larger stages had their sponsors banners and all the services were provided by the standard, uniformed, trained to be invisible minimum wage workers. As far as I could figure there were three main groups involved: NGOs and campaigning groups; the large UK Trade Unions; and all of Europe's hard left parties. No visible social democratic ruling parties, no direct action / libertarian groups and no real sign of the vitality and diversity that is supposed to represent this movement. As is normal in a foreign country, every familiar Irish face is latched onto and drilled for their impressions, what they've been to and whats on next. I had missed the Iraqi trade unionist the evening before who was prevented from speaking and could only admire the preparation of the political parties as I was shown the assigned seminars that people had been given. A lot of the time I felt adrift and not really engaged with what was going on around me. I did try though. A seminar on the constitution looked promising and when I arrived Susan George was just finishing a speech that i am sure was word for word from a recent article. More interesting was a French Socialist who stressed the need for a campaign on the constitution – that didn't get hijacked into a referendum on membership of the EU. Next up was a German Green, who spoke at length and with much passion. Unfortunately I didn't have a clue what he said since everybody spoke in their own language and you needed a headset to pick up the simultaneous translation. By Saturday lunchtime it was very difficult to get hold of a headset so I went looking for something in my limited range of languages. A meeting on the Hijab provided the first bit of excitement as the platform, which were all from groups opposed to the French ban, had to deal with contributions, heckles and some rather spirited singing in French. The crowd seemed strongly with the platform although the statement that those opposing voices who demanded to be heard sat uncomfortably with me. I know that is the way the social forum works, with groups proposing their own workshops, but in the larger meetings with a top table and limited contributions from the floor it seems some balance should be an objective. Maybe I only felt that way because, on this issue, I was strongly with the noisy minority. By now I decided to be a bit more structured in dealing with the forum and tried to find out about the EU constitution campaigns in different countries, about the debates that had been happening at the social forum on it and whether there would be a motion at the Assembly of Social Movements on it. At least it gave me an excuse to talk to people on stalls asking about each countries campaign. This seemed a good idea but after an hour I realised the best information I got was from an Irish guy I know well who I could have just rung. I also got fed up being told about the workshops i had missed and the Italian comrade who supposedly had spoken very well – but nobody was sure what he had said. I went looking for a computer to see if any reports had been uploaded, only to find that the media centre was only available to those who had some business being there. It was made plain to me that that did not include me. I went outside to the Marquees to hear Mary Lou MacDonald from Sinn Fein and Dave Prentis from Unison in different tents avoiding talking about anything of interest. Whatever about Mary Lou who was in the coldest meeting I have ever attended, Prentis seemed to think that announcing a joint venture with the largest German public sector union and focusing on pensions was preferable to talking about public services which he had been billed to do. The funny thing was the trade union speeches in general ignored the left wing parties, talking about how great it was to link up with environmental groups and ngos. The Left wing parties ignored the NGO's focusing on the potential of the trade unions joining the movement. And the NGO's ignored everything except their own campaigns. Maybe it was just me, but even here, with a huge crowd the promised synergies and cross fertilization seemed missing. Virtual Space I left the ESF before the storming of the palace, before the Assembly, before the march which may or may not have been an ESF march. I had a bag filled with newspapers and leaflets and a notebook with email addresses and contacts. I never really figured out what the whole thing was for. Looking for information on the web just left me more confused. Two days after the event I have yet to find anything that resembles real information on what went on. The Guardian had a few puff pieces online, Indymedia UK had blow by blow accounts of the arrests and actions and a French site has some nice impressionistic writing. Maybe its too early for reports from the physical spaces to have reached the virtual space which are supposed to be where the new movements network and theorize and organize. But maybe these will be as splintered as the spaces in London last weekend with each group reporting on its own space through its own medium. Maybe I'm just crap at conferences. When I read about Paris last year the main complaint was that the forum was spread out too much. This year it seems to have split up entirely creating a new beast – the European Social Fora.


Victoria, 19.10.2004 17:32

Haiti - The Forgotten Coup

No on Z

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.10.2004 17:27

Vote No on Measure Z Video


Colombia, 19.10.2004 17:25

Voting Season

Houston, 19.10.2004 17:25

Early voting starts, Bush Sr. gets heckled


Colombia, 19.10.2004 17:24



Victoria, 19.10.2004 16:32

Haiti - The Forgotten Coup

Direct Action in NOVA Draws Attention to Bush AIDS Policies

DC, 19.10.2004 15:46

21 people, infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, chained themselves inside the offices of the Bush-Cheney campaign headquarters, and the doors outside Monday October 18. The action in Arlington was accompanied by over a hundred protestors outside. Demonstrators said their message was loud and clear to the president's re-election campaign: George Bush has had a "compassion failure."

Commentary: March to Irrelevance?

NYC, 19.10.2004 15:26

(from the Open Newswire): The "Million Worker March" [MWM] came in about 990,000 short on Sunday, October 17th....

The event, which cribbed it's name from Minister Louis Farrakhan's Black nationalist Washington DC rally 10 years ago (which actually live up to it's name, attendance-wise), had been billed by many left wing labor activists as a great turning point for militant US unionists...kinda like a latter-day Flint Sit Down Strike crossed with the Selma to Montgomery march.

[Also See DC IMC Coverage]

Victoria's Dirty Secret

Arkansas, 19.10.2004 15:20

Did you know that Victoria's Got a Secret?

Victoria's Secret is destroying the world's last Endangered Forests.

Taking to the streets with the Million Worker March

Baltimore, 19.10.2004 15:18

Mpls Rally and March October 9

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 19.10.2004 13:01

Over 200 rally and march to End the War - End the Occupation October 9th in Minneapolis.

Breaking labor news: Local 743 Election Fight, Local 1600 Tuesday Strike

Chicago, 19.10.2004 11:43

City Colleges Workers Will Strike Tuesday Morning: Local 1600 union members walked out of negotiations tonight, saying they had reached an impasse with management on key issues that include workload. Management is demanding that teachers jack up their courseload, which teachers argue will deny them the capacity to adequately serve individual students. Other fracture lines in negotiations have included management's demand that health care pay be jacked by as much as 400%, and pay rates for other support staff, including tutors, mentors and coordinators, some of whom earn as little as $7 an hour, less than many Walmart workers. The union has asked the board to value education over profit -- and the board has refused -- so teachers will be on the picket lines Tuesday morning. The union and their community supporters are urging students to HONOR the picket lines and support the teachers, arguing that to cross those picket lines is to support management's ongoing privitazation of public education and play into management's strategy of 'divide and rule' -- at the expense of quality education and basic fairness.

City College students have called for solidarity with the strikers and are organizing support for the union. Read more. | Local 1600 website

Teamsters Local 743 Reformers Win Election, Bosses Respond By 'Cancelling' Vote: On Monday night, confronted by election results that would have ousted them from power, Teamsters local 743 bosses effectively fired their election monitor and 'cancelled' Saturday's election. The 743 'leadership,' which has long been tarred with charges of corruption and mob ties, has said the election would have to be redone, a common ploy by corrupt union officials when faced with the prospect of losing power to grassroots reform movements committed to rank and file democracy. At the time of the election 'cancellation', dissidents were narrowly defeating the bosses, despite evidence that the current leadership may have tampered with hundreds of ballots, and before the ballots of recently laid off Capital Silver workers, who have strongly supported the reformers, were counted. The reform slate expects to have to fight out their right to take their duly elected positions in both the courts and within the union, and plan to hold a press conference Tuesday morning with community supporters to announce next steps.

Local 743 reformers' press release/Tuesday press conference announcement | New Leadership Slate website

A Wobbly Report-back from the Million Worker March

Portland, 19.10.2004 11:20


Global yearning for justice

Melbourne, 19.10.2004 10:34

The Future of Dissent

Aotearoa Indymedia network

Aotearoa, 19.10.2004 09:29

If you saw the Eating Media Lunch episode about Radio Chomsky or read a review of that station in the Listener a few weeks back then you may have glimpsed the tip of a new independent media iceberg. Already Matrix 107.5FM in Wellington and The Station 88.5FM in Hamilton are broadcasting a similar mix of alternative politics, a 4th station has just emerged in Palmerston North and another is on the way for Warkworth.

These stations are broadcasting on Low Power FM Licenses, which allow anyone with a low power transmitter to broadcast in the 'guard' bands at either end of the FM spectrum. Already in Central Auckland the guard bands are saturated with a mix of very unique stations but in most other parts of the country there is still plenty of capacity for more transmitters.

The network of Indy Stations are keen to hear from anyone else who wants to set up a similar station in their area, they say it is surprisingly easy to do and will offer technical advice and audio material to anyone who wishes to get in touch with them.

The programming consists of mostly overseas material sourced off the internet, with a small dash of local voices. The network hopes to increase the local content and is certainly an opportunity to nurture alternative voices. If you are keen to contribute in a weekly, or one-off capacity then once again the network is keen for you to contact them.

[ Aotearoa IMC radio page | Global IMC Radio page | Join the Aotearoa Indyradio list | Radio4all ]

AUDIO FILE: Examining Constitutional Amendment 36

Portland, 19.10.2004 08:28

especulación (es)

Barcelona, 19.10.2004 08:05

Estan desalojando Miles de Viviendas!!!

Dos personas estan colgadas en la fachada. La Assemblea de las Miles de Viviendas ha convocado a un “desayuno anglés” con l@s amig@s y vecin@s a las puertas del immueble esta manaña. TOD@S HACIA Sardenya 43!!! MILES DE VIVIENDAS RESISTE

De cómo sacar casas de un sombrero :: desayuno inglés en Miles, Sardenya 43

más info en sección >>>especulación

especulació (ca)

Barcelona, 19.10.2004 08:01

Están desallotjant Miles de Viviendas!!!

Dues persones estan penjades de la façana. L’Assemblea de les Miles de Viviendas ha convocat a un “esmorzar anglès” amb els amics i veïns a les portes de l’immoble aquest matí. TOTHOM CAP A Sardenya 43!!! MILES DE VIVIENDAS RESISTEIX

De cómo sacar casas de un sombrero :: esmorzar anglès a Miles, Sardenya 43

més info a secció >>>especulació


Portland, 19.10.2004 07:41

Soldiers Resist &quot;Suicide Mission&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.10.2004 06:24

US Soldiers Mutiny Rather Than Go on Unsafe Fuel Delivery Mission

petición de solidaridad

Argentina, 19.10.2004 05:55

jusitica para Carla

Argentina, 19.10.2004 05:22

Justicia para Carla

From the Newswire

Perth, 19.10.2004 05:05

The Smell of the White Man is Killing Us

justicia para Carla

Argentina, 19.10.2004 05:01

Justicia para Carla

Mike Ruppert: The Truth &amp; Lies of 9/11 on Wednesday Oct. 20

Santa Cruz, CA, 19.10.2004 00:29

Mike Ruppert founded the print newsletter and website From the Wilderness in March 1998. FTW is now read by more than 16,000 subscribers in 40 countries. Since 9/11/01, he has been the point man in breaking major stories involving government foreknowledge, corruption, and violations of the Constitution. He has also pioneered the effort to educate the world about the consequences of Peak Oil - the fact that the world is running out of hydrocarbon energy and what this might mean for human civilization.

On Wednesday, October 20, Mike Ruppert will give a 3 hour presentation on The Truth & Lies of 9/11 followed by an hour of Questions and Answers. The event takes place at the Vets Hall in downtown Santa Cruz and doors open at 7:00 PM.

related audio: Indymedia interviews Mike Ruppert - transcripts (April 2002)

[ From the Wilderness I Peoples Investigation into 9/11 ]

NLG Moving Ahead with Civil Lawsuits

Urbana-Champaign, 18.10.2004 23:27

Update on RNC Civil Cases--If you were arrested in NY, please read!

Call to Action: Stop Government Repression of Indymedia

Urbana-Champaign, 18.10.2004 23:26

Call for Indymedia Solidarity

Some Conference Events Behind Local 2 Picket Lines

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.10.2004 22:31

San Francisco Goes Solar

Residents of Benton County Voice Their Thoughts on New Prison

Tennessee, 18.10.2004 21:23

Benton County, TN - Several residents of Benton County are using the Internet to share their thoughts on various issues. Electronic forums are now the fastest growing means of communication when it comes to sharing opinions and gathering ideas from the community. One controversial issue being discussed by Benton County residents is the topic concerning the new prison proposed to be built in Camden. Below is one person's post from a public forum.

Discos-Rígidos Simbólicamente Entregues ao FBI. - Protesto

Portugal, 18.10.2004 21:03

Discos-Rígidos Simbólicamente Entregues ao FBI. - Protesto

Concerned Citizens Form Copwatch in Watsonville

Santa Cruz, CA, 18.10.2004 19:20

Watsonville, CA October 18, 2004 --- Copwatch, a nonviolent group to observe and monitor police activities is being formed by Watsonville citizens concerned about police misconduct and abuse of power in the Watsonville community. Following examples set by other Copwatch groups across the nation, members of Watsonville Copwatch, concerned with the lack of police accountability, will launch observation patrols and "Know-Your-Rights" trainings in order to increase the community's oversight of police activities.

see also: Santa Cruz Copwatch

related audio: Andrea Prichett on Community Justice and Police Alternatives

Stop Ehud Olmert demos

South Africa, 18.10.2004 18:54

Protests Against the Visit to South Africa of Israeli Deputy PM

&quot;Million Worker March&quot; a Spirited Success

Baltimore, 18.10.2004 18:50

Oct. 17, 2004 was an historic day for Labor. The Million Worker March (MWM) brought a progressive blueprint for change to Washington, D.C. In front of the Lincoln Memorial, the organizers’ central message rang out loud and clear: “The Labor Movement will follow its own independent agenda to restore America!” They also blasted the AFC-CIO’s boss, John Sweeney, and his cronies, for boycotting the event.


Portland, 18.10.2004 18:46

Próximas Estatuas a Derribar...

Puerto Rico, 18.10.2004 18:04

Ultimatum Rebelde: Próximas Estatuas a Derribar...

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