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Palo Alto Police Chief Resigns Amid Accusations of Racial Profiling

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.11.2008 08:09

On Nov. 20th, the City of Palo Alto announced that its controversial police chief will retire on Dec. 19th. Chief Lynne Johnson sparked protests and a march on the city when she stated that she had instructed officers on her force to make "consensual contact" with African American men to counter a crime spike in Palo Alto. Although the police chief made several attempts at apologizing, many residents of the city and surrounding communities were left wondering why she directed her officers to look for African Americans with do-rags when victims of a 5-month city-wide crime spree had variously described suspects as being of African American, Pacific Islander, Latino or white descent.

Peoples Pressure granted Troy Davis Oral Argument before the 11th circuit of Appeals

DC, 21.11.2008 06:10

They were 2, then 4, then 20, on Howard University campus rallying, and asking all to sign on to a request for appeal and a re-trial for Troy Anthony Davis. Finally, Davis has been granted oral arguments before a 3 panel judges from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta on December 9th at 1pm. Open to Public... here are some of the photos of that day. Some nearly got arrested for practicing their free speech on campus.

Escrache al ex centro clandestino de detención

Argentina, 21.11.2008 02:39

“La 5ta está llena de asesinos”

En lucha por la vivienda

Argentina, 21.11.2008 02:39

Villa 31: un grito contra la indiferencia

En lucha por la vivienda

Argentina, 21.11.2008 02:39

Villa 31: un grito contra la indiferencia

Indigenous Corn Festival and Pow-Wow

Rogue Valley, 21.11.2008 01:40

Join us for the Indigenous Corn Festival and Welcome Back Pow-Wow November 22, 2008

Workers Struggle with Intimidation after ICE Raids in New Bedford

Boston, 20.11.2008 23:08

Over a year after the immigration raids in New Bedford, the working conditions at Eagle Industries (formely known as Michael Bianco) have continued to worsen as workers struggle for labor rights. In an interview with Maria Gonsalves, lead organizer from UNITE HERE, she talked about how the new factory owners have used intimidation tactics against the workers who have tried to organize there. LISTEN: Interview with Maria Gonsalvez, lead organizer with UNITE here, can be downloaded here:

A Good Week Stopping Open-Cast Coal Mining in Derbyshire

United Kingdom, 20.11.2008 21:39

The long-running campaign against Lodge House open-cast coal mine, near Shipley in Derbyshire hit a peak the other week, with 3 independent actions in the same week.

Local action groups, dispirited after central government overruled the local planning refusal of permission, have started getting active again. This follows Earth First!'s Leave it in the Ground campaign earlier in the summer - a mass trespass followed by two noise demos outside UK Coal's Yorkshire HQ, plus the squatting of the farm house. Bodge House was finally evicted - during the Camp for Climate Action - though it took the forces of darkness 9 days.

More recently there was another Picnic in the Park trespass, a handful of EF!ers stopped work one afternoon, and locals held a demo at the entrance to the site.

Leave it in the Ground EF! campaign | Derby EF! campaign blog | Local action group | Coal Action Network

UK protests against open-cast background | Picnic in the Park | June UK Coal noise demo | July UK Coal noise demo | Bodge House occupied & evicted | Picnic in the Park the sequel | EF! digger-diving protest | Local demo

AIG, Congress and the Taxpayers

Boston, 20.11.2008 20:08

Why are we continuing to let the government bail out a failing business that is misusing taxpayer money? Surely there are independently owned businesses, and even individuals, that could put that money to far better use. What is up with AIG? The taxpayers, by way of the government and without being asked, have given AIG more than $122 Billion in funds (the amount is actually said to be more like $152 Billion) to keep the failing insurance giant afloat, and yet AIG cannot seem to tighten its belt. American Insurance Group, a company originally founded in China, has been caught spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in perks for executive, top producers and independent advisor retreats since its taxpayer bailout.

USDA National Organic Standards Board Toes Bush Regime Line, Lowers Standards for &quot;Organic&quot; Fish, Other Seafood

DC, 20.11.2008 17:10

"Fish Head" Activists "Swim" up Wisconsin Avenue, Crash NOSB Meeting, Leaflet Attendees On the afternoon of November 17th, a number of concerned activists and national consumer action organizations gathered for a press conference at the Heritage India restaurant to speak on the importance of maintaining high organic standards on seafood, in response to a conference from the USDA National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) who was holding a meeting at the Savoy Hotel just one block away. The current lame-duck administration is getting in one more dig for big business against the health and well being of the people, and is now lowering the standards for "organic" seafoods from a 100% organic diet for farmed fisheries to a less-than-standard percentage of organic feed, exposing the fish to PCBs and mercury contamination, yet still allowing them to be labeled "organic"…

FEderaciones AAHH

Peru, 20.11.2008 17:10

Viernes 14 de marzo del 2008


Peru, 20.11.2008 17:10

Jueves 06 de marzo del 2008
El Capitulo Perú de la Coordinadora Continental Bolivariana se pronuncia.

Campesinos asesinados. ¿Otra vez impunidad?

Peru, 20.11.2008 17:10

Miércoles 20 de Febrero del 2008
Campesinos asesinados. ¿Otra vez impunidad?.

marcha contra volcan

Peru, 20.11.2008 17:10

Miércoles 30 de Enero del 2008
Población de Huayhuay marcha contra abusos de minera Volcán.

Ley de la selva para vender Amazonía

Peru, 20.11.2008 17:10

Martes 29 de Enero del 2008
Ley de la Selva para vender amazonía.

declaracion de lima

Peru, 20.11.2008 17:10

Sábado 26 de Enero del 2008
Organizaciones campesinas e indígenas suscriben Declaración Nacional de Lima.

aguas verdes

Peru, 20.11.2008 17:10

Lunes 03 de marzo del 2008

reprimen marcha

Peru, 20.11.2008 17:10

Jueves 20 noviembre del 2008
Gobierno Aprista reprime marcha de estudiantes universitarios.


Peru, 20.11.2008 17:10

Jueves 20 noviembre del 2008
Estudiantes universitarios protestan exigiendo el cierre de la Prisión de Guantánamo


Peru, 20.11.2008 17:10

Jueves 20 noviembre del 2008

Video: Portland Interview with Members of X-Vandals

Portland, 20.11.2008 16:39

About a 45 minute interview with Not4Prophet and Johnny Juice of the rap group X-Vandals.

They appeared on the local Public Access program, "A Growing Concern." Also included in the segment was Walidah Imaresha, who produced their Northwest Tour.
Among her many talents, Walidah is a local spoken word artist.. Not4Prophet is a songwriter and the lead singer of the rock band Ricanstruction, as well as an MC, graffiti writer and radical political activist.Johnny Juice is also with the long running rap group Public Enemy.

Among the many topics of discussion were the national rap scene, the Puerto Rican struggle for independence, and the struggle for all people to be free of Capitalist oppression.

This program, including about 15 minutes of music video from the group, will repeat this Thursday evening, November 20, at 7:00 on channel 22.

X-Vandal Interview

The LAPD had other plans.... click on the link for the full story... X-Vandals Show in LA Raided by LAPD

Portland, 20.11.2008 16:39

On Sunday 11/16/08 the Hip-Hop duo know as X-VANDALS (MC Not4Prophet of RICANSTRUCTION and DJ Johnny Juice of Public Enemy) was scheduled to do a benefit show for RAC (Revolutionary Autonomous Communities) a dirt roots anarchist organization doing work in the communities that they work and live in...

The show was to be a benefit for an Anarchist Book-fair that RAC is

The LAPD had other plans.... click on the link for the full story...

Spanish bank occupied by workers

Portland, 20.11.2008 16:39

In the southern Spanish city of Granada today, a powerful workers demonstration has been taking place. It includes the simultaneous occupation of the offices of a local developer/estate agents and the main branch of the BBVA bank.

The Sindicat Andaluz de Trabajadores (Andalucian Workers Union) has been out in force on the streets of Granada today. This small activist union was formed in 2007 owing to disatisfaction with the representation offered by other larger trade unions. So far today city centre roads have been blocked and the offices of Osuna (major Spanish estate agent and developer) and BBVA bank have been occupied by several hundred protestors.

The occupation of the Osuna officers was ended by police at about 2pm but the protestors simply moved up the road to join their fellows at the BBVA offices which remain occupied as this is being written 7.30 pm To liven things up they decided to block a major city crossroads for about half an hour.

For photos and reports in spanish:

IWW Solidarity Fund Raiser, this Saturday!

Portland, 20.11.2008 16:39

An event to raise badly needed legal/medical funds for our fellow workers in Providence, RI... On Aug. 11, 2007, an IWW solidarity march in Providence, RI was viciously attacked by police officers. Several union members were severely injured, and arrested. In addition to hefty medical fees, two IWW members are facing charges from the state of "assaulting a police officer". Please come to this fund raising event to help offset the legal and medical fees of our fellow workers. An injury to one is an injury to all!

Saturday, November 22nd, 7:00pm
Red & Black Cafe, SE 12th and Oak St., Portland, OR
$5 suggested donation at the door. Musical entertainment featuring Tansy Tarweed, The Dapper Cadavers, and Macdougall!

Plus, all the delicious food and beverages that the R&B Cafe is famous for. This event is all ages, wheelchair accessible, and smoke free.

Ecuadorian anti-oil activist Leo Cerda in Portland this week - 4 talks around town!

Portland, 20.11.2008 16:39

** Friday @ PSU | Sunday @ Black Rose | Monday @ Lewis & Clark | Wednesday @ Reed **

Leonardo Cerda is an Ecuadorian youth climate, energy and sustainability activist studying International Relations and Political Sciences at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. He'll be discussing his communities work in Ecuador, the damage done by the oil industry, and efforts to build a more just, sustainable society in Ecuador.

Obama and the crisis of expectation

Portland, 20.11.2008 16:39

With Obama elected President but not yet inaugurated, the question on everyone's mind is, "what's going to happen next?" Millions of people around the world are hoping that a Obama presidency will radically change the course of US politics, and with it, world politics. This is especially true for the huge numbers of mostly young volunteers working for Obama's campaign, most of whom had never been involved in politics before.

Boise Cascade Closures in St Helens: Mixed Feelings

Portland, 20.11.2008 16:39

It is with very mixed feelings that those of us out here on the river respond to the news that the mill is shutting down. Yesterday, Boise Inc (formerly Boise Cascade) announced that the pulp and paper mill in St Helens will be "restructuring" operations. This translates to the permanent closure of much of the mill, and the laying off of 300 workers (out of 470). This comes on the heels of an announcement, two months ago, that the Boise veneer mill, a few blocks away, would be closing down as well.

This is a terrific blow to the local economy out here in St Helens. Aside from 300 mill jobs being gouged out of such a small town, there will also be an economic domino effect as the rest of the community adjusts to the shakeout. Some local officials estimate that, for every Boise job loss, there will be an additional 1.3 jobs lost in other sectors, including loggers who supplied the mill with wood, salespeople who served the mill families, restaurant jobs in the places where mill workers ate their lunch....

Let Live Series, Volume 2: The Skin Trade

Portland, 20.11.2008 16:39

Skin Trade with Shannon Keith
When: 11/23, 1 pm
Where: PSU, Smith Memorial Union, Room 238

With colder weather comes fur season. It starts appearing on racks in stores and on peoples backs around town. Most people don't know what cruelty goes into their clothes as even fakes are often real dog and cat fur. With this in mind, and with the annual Fur Free Friday demonstrations coming up fast, we welcome acclaimed activist and director Shannon Keith who will be sharing segments of her new film Skin Trade, which is in production. Shannon is an animal and civil rights attorney, and the director of the award winning film, Behind the Mask. She is a regular speaker at animal rights conferences around the country and will be discussing the fur industry, her film, and leading a discussion about what we can all do to combat this cruel fashion. This discussion will cover audience member questions as well as how to combat industry arguments, outreach and education tips, and online activism options, amongst other topics.

More Cop &quot;Mistakes&quot;

Portland, 20.11.2008 16:39

A Canby cop, with the apparent complicity of his chief, battered two wives, bought steroids while in uniform, on a police motorcycle, using cop shop stationary. Anyone surprised?
What's more, the seller -- Brian Jackson, then a strength and conditioning coach for the much-heralded Oregon City High School girls basketball team -- told the informant he didn't worry about getting caught by the police because he was selling to the police.

Mayor may squelche cop retirement scandal vote

Portland, 20.11.2008 16:39

You may remember that several weeks ago the City Council voted to delay approving what seems to be a bribe to former police sgt Rocky Baluda. Many years ago, he threatened to argue his case against demotion for approving "cuff time"--police slang for taking off work early and getting paid for it--by having many witnesses swear it was common practice in the police bureau, including the top brass. For all these years, the Portland Police Disability and Retirement Board has paid Baluda thousands of dollars in disability pay and suppressing any public hearings on his claims.

The delayed Council vote on permanently preventing any hearings by a final payoff to Baluda was scheduled for Wed, Nov, 19. But Mayor Potter has attached the following unprecedented note on the Council agenda.

Photos: WOPR protest at State Capitol

Portland, 20.11.2008 16:39

These photos were taken at a rally on November 14th at the Oregon State Capitol. Oregonians in attendence were asking Governor Kulongoski to stop the implementation of the Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR), which would allow the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to increase logging of Oregon lands by 463%. Last week, Jasmine, a student from an Oregon University, sat in a tree on the State Capitol Campus to raise awareness of the issue. To mark the day of the rally, Jasmine descended from the tree.

Carnage: Killing Season in Cascadia

Portland, 20.11.2008 16:39

There is a place near the river, where I live, that used to be a forest. I used to go walking there. The light filtered down through the trees, into the deep, green shade where I walked. Kestrels and red tailed hawks prowled above the branches near the edges of this wood. Deeper in the trees, delicate wildflowers blanketed the earth beneath the ferns in the spring. Now and then, deer would leap from the sheltering brambles as I walked. Musk rats, otters, and beaver glided through the lazy water of a clear and sparkling stream that wound its way through here. Trout darted from beneath the grasses bending out over the water from the shore. It was beautiful.

Last spring, bulldozers and loggers and heavy equipment came in and mowed it to the ground. They left muddy tracks and a flat wasteland behind them. I heard the land was being... "developed."

A nossa fome não pode dar lucro!

Brasil, 20.11.2008 15:41


Baltimore Hotel Workers Stage March and Food Drive to Demand Contract

Baltimore, 20.11.2008 14:08

On Tuesday, November 18th, four to five hundred union members and supporters rallied at Baltimore's City Hall. The crowd was peppered with bright red signs reading "Hotel Workers Rising - Lifting one another above the poverty line!" and union staff were collecting cans of food from dozens of people who had brought them to show solidarity with struggling workers at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center hotel.

Hiszpania: okupacja banku i firmy deweloperskiej

Poland, 20.11.2008 13:10

W mieście Granada na południu Hiszpanii odbyła się wczoraj wielka demonstracja pracownicza połączona z okupacją biur firmy deweloperskiej i agencji nieruchomości oraz głównej filii banku BBVA.

КГБ прессует неформалов и антифашистов в Бресте.

Belarus, 20.11.2008 11:37

С начала ноября в Бресте неформалов и антифашистов таскают в ГБ, за три недели там побывало уже около 20 человек. Всем им пытаются пришить организацию Радикальной Антифашистской Группировки.

При этом никакого дела, конечно, не заведено. На белорусское процессуальное законодательство гбшники тоже плюют.

Во-первых, никому повестки не вручали и отказываются вручать. Тем, кто отказывается приходить без повестки, звонят или приходят на работу, давят на начальство и обещают уволить, если они не явятся к ним. Также давят через родителей – звонят и обещают неприятности на работе, если ребенок откажется говорить правду.

Во-вторых, давят на всех, чтобы подписались, что состоят в Радикальной Антифашистской Организации (что они под этим подразумевают никому не говорят, просто просят подписать бумаги). Особенно в этом деле усердствует сотрудник ГБ Лапицкий Алексей Валерьевич.

Между делом всех расспрашивают и про взрыв 3 июля.

Все это наводит на мысли:

  1. сговора властей и неофашистских…

Sears Island saved from division as JUPC flames out.

Maine, 20.11.2008 09:38

VIDEO-Marriage Equality

Seattle, 20.11.2008 06:38

This video is a special message to President-Elect Barack Obama. It contains footage of the marriage equality rally, including a clip of Mayor Greg Nichols declaring November 15th, 2008 as Marriage Equality Day in Seattle.

Big Polluter Solid Energy Welcomes Public to AGM

Aotearoa, 20.11.2008 05:33

On Nov 13th the NZ Herald revealed that State Owned Enterprise Solid Energy, the coal mining company at the forefront of environmentalist's climate change campaigns, has decided to invite all of it's shareholders to a public annual meeting - all 4.3 million of us. It is unheard of for a New Zealand SOE to make their meetings public and some would suggest it is an attempt to gain the moral high ground after heavy criticism from environmental groups, a high rate of work-related accidents recently, and bad publicity last year from hiring private investigators to spy on activists. [More] The AGM will held on Monday 24 November at 11:15am at the Langham Hotel in Central Auckland. Solid Energy asks those wanting to attend to RSVP for catering purposes. [AGM Details]

Fascist leaks spread member's details in UK and Aotearoa

Aotearoa, 20.11.2008 05:33

Recent leaks have revealed membership details of neo-fascist groups on both sides of the world - the British National Party (BNP) and the New Zealand National Front (NZNF). In the UK, a huge list of details of BNP members has been made available. The list contains names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of over 10,000 people who are or were BNP members and donors. The list also includes other information about many of them. Several websites have sprung up that make healthy use of this information. One, BNP Near Me, merges the information with Google Maps to show the strength (or weakness) of the BNP across the UK. The BNP member proximity search allows British users to enter their post code and then returns all BNP members in their area, with links to find their house on Google Maps. Some high profile people are listed, including British Motorcross/Supercross star, William 'Billy' MacKenzie. The list also includes a number of members (and former members) now living overseas, including some serving as mercenaries in Iraq, 16 people in Australia and four members in Aotearoa / New Zealand - in Auckland Central, Glenfield and Hunua in greater Auckland, and Whitby in Wellington. Meanwhile, the New Zealand National Front had the email addresses for its 53 members/supporters leaked here on Aotearoa Indymedia. Links: FightDemBack | Antifa UK | BNP Members list @ The Pirate Bay | BNP members MySQL database @ The Pirate Bay

Aceh Human Rights Lawyer and Peace Activist Visiting Aotearoa

Aotearoa, 20.11.2008 04:40

This coming week Afridal Darmi, the director of the important human rights group LBH Aceh, will be speaking in Auckland and Wellington. Aceh is a province of Indonesia that has suffered greatly at the hands of the Indonesian Military. Between 1976 and 2005 the Indonesian Military raged a vicious counter-insurgency campaign against rebels fighting for independence, around 10,000 civilians were killed. LBH Aceh is one of the leading human rights organisations in the province of Aceh and had a key play role to provide legal assistance to the community during the conflict when the central government deemed Aceh to be a military operation area in 1990s and imposed martial law in 2003. Mr Darmi's organisation also provided support to Acehenese victims of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. Auckland: Wednesday 26 November, 2008 7-30 pm. Supper Room Trades Hall 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn. Hosted by the Indonesia Human Rights Committee. Wellington: Thursday November 27th 1 - 2pm. More Details

Zionist Freedom Alliance Violently Attacks Anti-Apartheid Activists

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.11.2008 03:10

On November 13th, three Arab students, two female and one male, were attacked by members of the Zionist Freedom Alliance. The incident happened ont the University of California Berkeley campus at a concert organized by ZFA. The three activists were targeted after they displayed Palestinian flags as a silent protest in response to derogatory remarks against Arabs by some of the performers at the event.

Call out: Labour History Project group in Otautahi/Chch

Aotearoa, 20.11.2008 02:40

"The struggle of people against power is the same struggle of remembering against forgetting." The Labour History Project is a nationwide group of people keen to promote Aotearoa's vibrant and often militant working class roots. They do things like publish books, put on events and seminars (such as the recent Blackball '08 celebration), workshops, and other events. Currently, the Trade Union History Project is going through some structural changes, including a name change (the 'Labour History Project') — to take into account regional or thematic branches, womens movements, and the workers and communities not represented by Trade Unions. This re-structure has opened the way towards forming a Christchurch based group. A Christchurch based group could do a number of things — from promoting our past and present radical histories (specifically Christchurch, such as the 1932 Tramways’ Strike — or nationwide events), raise class awareness, connect with workers and communities, put on local events such as book releases, film nights, stalls etc — and basically celebrate everyday, working people.

The Eagle and The Condor Reunited by Peace and Dignity Journey Runners in the Kuna Nation

United States, 20.11.2008 01:37

Runners from the Northern and Southern routes of the Peace and Dignity Journey, a sacred journey starting in Tierra del Fuego and Alaska and traveling on foot thousands of kilometers through hundreds of indigenous communities, met Friday on a bridge crossing the Panama Canal in the Kuna Nation.

The goals of the journey, which has taken place every four years (starting in 1992), include strengthening and sharing indigenous culture, bringing peace to all Nations, and uniting indigenous peoples -- thereby fulfilling the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. This year's run honored indigenous Sacred Sites, many of which are threatened by resource extraction or development.

San Diego contributed five runners, Gaby and Oscar (Southern route) and Ymoat, Arturo and Abel (Northern route), who used blog posts, video, audio and photos to document the traditions and struggles of the communities through which they passed, as well as their own experiences on the journey, from an indigenous perspective. Peace and Dignity Journeys Links: Media and Runners' Blog || Abel's Blog || Main Website || Myspace

Prop 8 Before State Supreme Court

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.11.2008 00:40

On November 19th, the California Supreme Court granted review in the legal challenges to Proposition 8, a ballot measure that denied equal marriage rights to those in same-sex partnerships. In a sign that the court may not be willing to take a strong stand against discrimination, the court voted 6-1 not to let marriages resume while it considers the proposition's constitutionality.

San Jose Activist &amp; 17 Others Detained by Israeli Navy

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.11.2008 00:40

On November 18th, US citizen and activist Darlene Wallach, a British citizen and an Italian, were detained with 15 Palestinian fisherman by the Israeli Navy. The group was fishing seven miles off the coast of Deir Al Balah. The US and European citizens, who are human rights observers, were kidnapped with the Palestinians by the Israeli Navy, despite the fact that they were clearly in Gaza fishing waters and well within the fishing limit detailed in the Oslo Accords of 1994.

Escuchame Chiapas benefitit

New Mexico, 20.11.2008 00:08

Women to Women, K’uniltik: Liberación y dignidad

Help Save New Orleans' Charity Hospital and the Adjacent Mid-City Historic Neighborhood

New Orleans, 19.11.2008 23:40

Help Save New Orleans' Charity Hospital and the Adjacent Mid-City Historic Neighborhood

Malik Rahim honored with 2008 Thomas Merton Award

New Orleans, 19.11.2008 23:40

Malik Rahim honored with 2008 Thomas Merton Award


Colombia, 19.11.2008 22:39


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