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Allanan una clinica clandestina

Argentina, 28.11.2008 03:09

Todas abortamos

25 Kasım yürüyüşüne polis engeli: Kadınlar Taksim'i miting alanına çevirdi

Istanbul, 28.11.2008 02:40

25 Kasım yürüyüşüne polis engeli: Kadınlar Taksim'i miting alanına çevirdi

Lambdaistanbul’un kapatılma kararı bozuldu

Istanbul, 28.11.2008 02:40

Lambdaistanbul’un kapatılma kararı bozuldu

Protesters Descend on Fort Benning for the 19th Year in a Row

United States, 28.11.2008 00:37

Last weekend, at least 12,000 people gathered at Ft. Benning, GA for the 19th annual protest to demand the closure of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the School of the Americas. Since 1946, the taxpayer-funded US Army school has trained more than 60,000 Latin American soldiers in combat techniques and psychological warfare, leading directly to murders, rapes, disappearances, and massacres that have affected hundreds of thousands of people throughout Latin America.

On Sunday, a massive funeral procession made its way to the gates of the army stronghold, carrying crosses to commemorate the countless lives lost. Six individuals attempted to enter the base, and were stopped by military personnel and arrested. They will face federal trial on January 26, 2009.

The annual November vigil, coordinated by the School of the Americas Watch, draws participation from social movements for justice across the Americas. Police estimated this year’s attendance at 8,700, but organizers put the number at close to 20,000. SOA Watch was founded by Maryknoll Father Roy Bourgeois, who is currently being threatened with excommunication due to his support of the ordination of women. Coverage: Rochesterians were Among Thousands Demanding an End to the School of the Americas | Journey for Justice drops knowledge about the School of the Americas at Houston’s Sedition Books | Why Barack Obama should close the School of the Americas by Mary Shaw | Subjectively Speaking: Crossing Police Barricades on Stilts from | | | More Info: VIDEO: War on democracy - School of Americas | Textbook Repression: US Training Manuals Declassified

Ley de radiodifusión

Argentina, 27.11.2008 23:39

Comunicación alternativa y democracia

December 5th - 7th: Schedule for NWAIDAC Founding Conference

Seattle, 27.11.2008 20:08

The Northwest anti-imperialist direct action coalition founding convention is happening on December 5-7 at the Evergreen State College; follow the signs when you get to campus. All meals and housing are provided.

A judge rules that the Fouad Kaady trial is going forward

Portland, 27.11.2008 17:38

A federal judge ruled today that a trial in the case of Fouad Kaady, shot and killed by police in September of 2005 may proceed. As you all know, Fouad Kaady was only 27 when Officer William Bergin of the Sandy Police Department and Deputy David Willard of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office shot him only 28 seconds after responding to a call which found Kaady naked and bleeding after an accident. Fouad's family filed a lawsuit naming the two officers, the city and the county as defendants siting allegations of excessive force, civil rights violations and wrongful death.

The trial is scheduled to begin on April 28, 2009 in the courtroom of Judge Paul Papak and is on the docket to last three weeks.

Marsz w Oaxaca

Poland, 27.11.2008 14:40

W dniu 25 listopada odbyła się demonstracja w stolicy stanu Oaxaca zorganizowana przez APPO ( Zgromadzenie Ludowe Mieszkanców Oaxaca).

Chiny: Kolejne zamieszki po masowych zwolnieniach

Poland, 27.11.2008 14:40

Ponad 2000 osób protestowało wczoraj pod fabryką zabawek w Dongguan, w delcie Rzeki Zhujiang (Perłowej) w południowych Chinach w związku z żałosną wysokością odpraw, jakie zarząd fabryki wręczył na odchodne 596 zwolnionym w tym miesiącu pracownikom.

Acciones en todo el pais

Argentina, 27.11.2008 03:39

“Si la violencia circula, nuestra resistencia también…”

25 de Noviembre: Acciones en todo el pais

Argentina, 27.11.2008 03:09

“Si la violencia circula, nuestra resistencia también…”

BAAM Issue 15

Boston, 27.11.2008 03:08

The Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement's 15th monthly newsletter. Enjoy.

Genocidio Indígena

Puerto Rico, 27.11.2008 02:10

Dos días en noviembre = genocidio americano-caribeño

ID Card rollout meets resistance.

United Kingdom, 27.11.2008 00:39

On Tuesday 25th November, the British state began its rollout of ID cards. From that date foreign spouses and nationals from outside Fortress Europe who apply for, or renew, study visas will be required to attend a UK Border Agency Centre for interrogation and fingerprinting. They will then be issued with cards which will hold their name, photograph, nationality and immigration status, along with a biometric chip that will hold their finderprints and digital image. The details will be held indefintely on the UK Identity Service database. Over the next three years, other groups of non-EU nationals will be forced to undergo the process.

On Monday evening, Defy-ID activists in Liverpool expressed their resistance to the scheme with a public burning of a mock ID card. A further Liverpool action followed on Tuesday, with a picket, leafletting and a samba band. A No Borders banner drop on one of Newcastle's busiest inner motorways on Tuesday morning alerted commuters to the rollout, whilst Lunar house in Croydon was picketed by No Borders London.

Actions: Liverpool: Monday | Tuesday | Newcastle: banner drop | London: 1

Reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

External Links: Defy ID | NO2ID | No Borders UK

Liverpool anti-ID picket: No One Is Illegal

United Kingdom, 26.11.2008 23:40

20 students and No Borders/anti-ID campaigners from Manchester made their way to Liverpool on 25th November, the day that the government introduced ID cards for non-EU nationals living in the UK. There they joined a group of 30 Merseyside activists outside Reliance House to protest at the introduction of compulsory ID cards for international students and non-EU spouses on that day.

Worcester Increases CORI While EPOCA Works for Reduction

United States, 26.11.2008 23:10

Just last October, pretty much every City Council candidate at Worcester Homeless Action Committee’s candidates night, jumped up to declare their support for local CORI reform. And while City leaders “evaluate” the proposed “Fair CORI Practices Ordinance”, the Worcester Police Department has again recommended increasing CORI use in Worcester.

Chief Gemme recently encouraged the License Commission to create a policy requiring local event promoters to be CORI’d by the police prior to being allowed to hold an event at one of Worcester’s clubs.

&quot;Freiheit stirbt mit Sicherheit!&quot; - Widerstand gegen neues Versammlungsgesetz in BaWü

Germany, 26.11.2008 22:39

Baden-Württemberg (AMK_rn). Die Regierung Baden-Württembergs hat eine Reform des Versammlungsgesetzes beschlossen. Das neue Gesetz, welches am 1. Januar 2009 in Kraft treten soll, wirddie schon jetzt bestehenden Einschnitte des Versammlungsrechtes weiter verschärfen. Das Versammlungsgesetz orientiert sich inhaltlich an dem bayrischen Vorbild.
Die Implementierung in Baden-Württemberg wundert indes nicht, steht doch das 60. NATO-Jubiläum im April nächsten Jahres an. Die Pläne der CDU geführten Regierung hatten und haben in Baden-Württemberg vielerorts breite Proteste zur Folge. So sind beispielsweise eine Reihe von Demostrationen angekündigt.

Auch in Niedersachsen soll nun ein neues Versammlungsgesetz, in Anlehnung an das bayrische Modell, in Kraft treten (1, 2, 3). Hiermit spielen Bayern und Baden-Württemberg erneut eine Vorreiterrolle für repressive Gesetzesentwürfe. Es ist zu erwarten, dass weitere unionsgeführte Länder folgen werden.

Feindaufklärung: Das Innenministerium zur geplanten Gesetzesänderung | Versammlungsgesetz des Bundes im Original
Informatives: Blog zum Versammlungsgesetz in BaWü | Interview in Radio Dreyeckland zur geplanten Reform

Solidarity destroys fascism: LB activists unite to ignore racists

LA, 26.11.2008 22:38

Solidarity destroys fascism: LB activists unite to ignore racists

Ni una muerta más - International Day Against Violence Against Women in Guatemala

LA, 26.11.2008 22:08

Ni una muerta más - International Day Against Violence Against Women in Guatemala

Una experiencia territorial

Argentina, 26.11.2008 18:09

Giros en Nuevo Alberdi

From the Newswire

Perth, 26.11.2008 16:40

Police hire spooks to snoop online activists

26_N: Todas ao parlamento galego. Gz libre de Transxénicos

Galiza, 26.11.2008 11:39

26N: Galiza libre de transxénicos!
O vindeiro Mércores, 26-N, ás 11:30 am todas/os ao Parlamento Galego!!! Debate da Proposición non de lei para a declaración da Galiza zona libre de transxénicos.

Traga sua palavra na Flor da Moradia em Curitiba - reitoria da UFPR dia dia 29/11

Brasil, 26.11.2008 07:09

Zezta Internacional

Terror Raids Against Autonomists in France

Aotearoa, 26.11.2008 06:40

Anti terror raids in France on the 11th November 2008 In the early morning on the 11th november the french police conducted one of the biggest police raids in the latest history in the name of counter terrorism against the left in france. The police searched several buildings and appartements in Paris, Rouen, Limoges, the La Meuse region and in the village of Tarnac in central France. During this raid ten people were arrested and taken into custody, nine of them are now confronted with serious charges of terrorist conspiracy and malicious mischief. The official reason for the raids are sabotage actions on the high speed train (TGV) network conducted with grapples in the night of the 7th to the 8th november in four different places in France.

No food for homeless at 801 E st

DC, 26.11.2008 06:10

I personally have yet to stay at 801 East throughout the day when it is hypothermic. However, more than one man has told me that food was not provided by DHS/Catholic Charities during hypothermia.

Mujeres que no olvidan

Argentina, 26.11.2008 06:09

Justicia por Sandra

Una experiencia territorial

Argentina, 26.11.2008 06:09

Giros en Nuevo Alberdi

PUBLIC MEETING: Jeff Sluka, the IRA and the State Terror Raids of October 15th

Aotearoa, 26.11.2008 02:10

Political Anthropologist, Associate Professor Jeff Sluka, is coming to Wellington. On Tuesday 2nd December Jeff Sluka will be the key speaker at public meeting discussing State terrorism during the 2007 ‘anti-terrorism’ raids in Rūātoki. This is the fifth in a series of meetings hosted by the October 15th Solidarity Group group. “Jeff,” says Anna Thorby from the October 15th Solidarity Group, “was a guest speaker at the recent commemoration of the police ‘anti-terrorism’ raids at Rūātoki.” During his talk there he described the raids as ‘politically misguided, morally wrong and fundamentally counterproductive.’

TAYAD'lı ailelerin açlık grevi eyleminde Behiç Aşçı ile söyleşi

Istanbul, 26.11.2008 01:39

TAYAD'lı ailelerin açlık grevi eyleminde Behiç Aşçı ile söyleşi

Final Sale and Holiday Shopping at The Brian MacKezie Infoshop!

DC, 26.11.2008 01:10

Give your final act of support to Washington D.C.'s Radical Infoshop! After 5+ years in business, the Brian MacKenzie Infoshop will close it's doors at the end of 2008. We are closing and we need your support! Please come by the Infoshop for at least one last time stock up, shop for the holidays, say goodbye, and in turn - show your appreciation for the Brian MacKenzie Infoshop so that we may close debt free! We really need your support to sell off our stock and pay our remaining bills.

Indigenous People's Annual Sunrise Gathering At Alcatraz

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.11.2008 23:09

On Thanksgiving morning, November 27th, the International Indian Treaty Council and American Indian Contemporary Arts will be holding their annual sunrise gathering on Alcatraz Island.

seksemoj (eo)

Barcelona, 25.11.2008 21:09

28an de junio de 2008: la aliseksema patriarĥeco diskutita

"...antaŭ la falsa "egaleco" kaj tiu "prirajta" retoriko proponita al ni, ni devas vigligi la eksterordinaran renverseman kapablon de niaj korpoj kaj deziroj. Ni devas ekkonscii ke patriarĥeco kaj kapitalismo sufokas nin kaj nur la lukto liberigos nin sekse. Sed tio ne estas nur laboro de samseksemaj kaj transseksemaj aktivuloj, sed de ĉiuj. Ĉar ĉiuj suferas subpremon kontraŭ niaj seksemoj. Ni ne donu pliajn ŝancojn al masklismo, al seksa perforto, al homofobo aŭ al transfobo..."

[28an jun] Pl. Universitat. Manifestacio
[27an jun - 12an jul] Aranĝoj pri la 28a de junio en Vilafranca

rilataj novaĵoj: De rajtoj al liberoj. Nova libro ::: Manifesto endavant-maulets-CAJEI ::: Manifesto de la Plataforma Antipatriarcal i Revolucionària ::: Por estonto sen preĝejoj: apostatu! ::: Eksterleĝigante la t.n. "malordo pri seksa identeco" ::: Transfobo mortigas! ne plu da senpuno!

+ infoj seksemoj + + guerrilla travolaka

popoloj (eo)

Barcelona, 25.11.2008 21:09

La homoj en tiu lando ne rezignas la deziron al libero

Iam la homoj en tiu lando povos fine ripozi post sia penado por revigligi lingvouzon anstataŭ esti atakitaj pro sia klopodo ke lingvo postvivu. Iam la homoj en tiu lando povos decidi ĉu oni volas simbolojn, impostojn, flagojn, reĝojn aŭ prizonojn anstataŭ esti devigitaj suferi tiujn hispanajn altrudojn. Iam la homoj en tiu lando povos festi sian liberotagon anstataŭ devige plumemori ke oni ankoraŭ estas submetitaj.

[11an sep] Barcelono: je la 10a en C. Ferran: Omaĝo al Gustau Muñoz + je la 13a en Born: Liberaj kaptitoj por libera lando + je la 17a en Pl. Urquinaona: Unueca Manifestacio + je la 19a Politika aranĝo en Fossar + je la 19.30a en Pg. Lluís Companys: Festo por libero

Nacia Tago ĉie: 11an sep en Camp: Manifestacio en Reus + Nacia Tago en Baix Llobregat + Nacia Tago en Sants + Nacia Tago en Gràcia + Festo por sendependenco en Salt + Aranĝoj ĉie CAJEI + Torĉobruligo en Vilanova i la Geltrú + Torĉomarŝo en Anoia + Nacia Tago en Les Corts + Unueca Aranĝo en Barcelonès + Aranĝoj en Vilafranca

rilataj novaĵoj: hispanismo atakas plejforte + kaptitaj post forigi ofendan "nacian" simbolon: taŭrostatuon el monto bruc ::: Flagrigo de sendependemajn flagojn en Vilafranca ::: hispana naciismo estas la plej ekskludanta ::: La kontraŭmanifesto: katalunaj, galegaj kaj eŭskaj verkistoj defendas siajn lingvojn ::: La moderna lernejo ::: pri anarĥiismo, nacia liberigo, libroj kaj debatoj::: Okcidenta Saharo: la sahara verbo laŭ astempo ::: Misvaloro far la lingvo de la povo al la lingvo de la kontraŭpovo

+ infoj : >>>popoloj + >>>kriminaligo kaj subpremo + negres tempestes + +

día interbacional de lucha contra la violencia hacia las mujeres

Argentina, 25.11.2008 18:39

Seguimos luchando, seguimos creando resistencias

día internacional de lucha contra la violencia hacia las mujeres

Argentina, 25.11.2008 18:39

Seguimos luchando, seguimos creando resistencias


Perth, 25.11.2008 18:09

Chester Forest Rescue Camp Steps Up

40 Year Anniversary Reunion Of AIM

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.11.2008 17:39

AIM-WEST is holding events November 24th through the 28th in San Francisco for the 40 year anniversary and reunion of the American Indian Movement. The AIM reunion includes invited speakers from California indigenous nations, and congratulatory statements from governments and community organizations. The theme of the gathering is "Somos Un Solo Rio" We Are One River, and "No One is Illegal."


Athens, 25.11.2008 11:09

Αλληλεγγύη στην Απεργία Πείνας των Μεταναστών.

Ground Noise and Static

Houston, 25.11.2008 06:40

December 6th 7pm

Dudosa acusación a un niño de la villa

Argentina, 25.11.2008 04:09

Brian: victima de la guerra contra los niños pobres


Argentina, 25.11.2008 03:39


Breathing Life Back into the Anti-Globalization Movement

NYC, 25.11.2008 01:08

Nine years to the month after the "Battle of Seattle", academics and activists gathered at NYU's Gallatin School on Friday night to take stock of a movement that briefly flourished at the beginning of the decade before disappearing from the United States after September 11.

29 Kasım mitingine destek giderek artıyor

Istanbul, 24.11.2008 22:41

29 Kasım mitingine destek giderek artıyor

Police Raid Max, Guns Drawn

Portland, 24.11.2008 22:40

At approximately 3:30pm Sunday Nov 23rd 2008 5 police officers came storming down the Hollywood Max stop with guns drawn. One police officer with what appears to be a modified shotgun possibly designed to shoot rubber bullets or gas canisters. two other officers had pistols drawn with a final gun toting officer holding an AK-47 while the last officer did not appear to have any weapons in hand and appeared to be there as backup support only.

So, in the middle of the day, in Portland Oregon the police come onto the max, with guns including an AK 47 drawn and yell for everyone to clear out of the max, this leads to a rush of people flying off the max about to trample each other, mothers with children, elderly, men, women, all fleeing from the Police.

Requesting Submissions To a New Radical Paper

Portland, 24.11.2008 22:40

A new radical paper is in the mix, Revolutionary Catechism, and we would love to have submissions from revolutionaries in Portland.

North West Anti-Imperialist Direct Action Coalition founding convention

Portland, 24.11.2008 22:40

There is going to be a Founding Convention for a Northwest Coalition to Coordinate Direct Action in our region against Imperialism. The convention's purpose will be to determine points of unity and set up the general structure of the coalition. The convention will consist of workshops and meetings as well as networking time. Food and Housing will be provided.

Friday, December 5, 2008 at 7:00pm at The Evergreen State College until Sunday, December 7, 2008 at 6:00pm.

Vegan Thanksgiving at Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary

Portland, 24.11.2008 22:40

At this very moment, unspeakable things are happening in slaughter houses across the country: Turkeys and pigs are dying unnecessary deaths, so that Americans may give thanks for the grace of God next Thursday. They are dying because tradition can be heartless. And they are dying because humans are apparently often born incapable of empathizing with other living beings. So, far too many of us think nothing of the conversion of another's life into a frozen wad of flesh encased in plastic and put on display on freezer shelves. Lots of people buy these frozen wads of flesh, robbed of the context of their lives and deaths, and then they feed them to their families on Thanksgiving. Wouldn't it be great if we could all give thanks in a manner that doesn't require the suffering of sacrificial animals?
Hey, guess what: We can.

Mississippi Ave Lofts qualifed for Federal Low Income loan

Portland, 24.11.2008 22:40

The controversial Mississippi Ave Lofts received a federal low income loan from The Albina Community Bank. I reread it several times because I couldn't believe my eyes. I think there is something terribly wrong with a high end condo project such as MAL, with 721 sq ft studios selling just below 300,000 and housing high end retail stores like Pastaworks, qualifying for a federal loan for low income communities.

Not only are they high end, but these developers have a documented track record of trying to bend rules and being less than honest in their drive to capitalize as much as they possible even in spite of community opposition. Then after they finally get their way (city capitulates, big surprise) they hire Gray Purcell a non-union, hire anybody off the streets(literally), company.

Get off the S.O.F.A.!

New Hampshire, 24.11.2008 20:41

The Iraqi government is currently debating a Status of Forces Agreement with the US that would remove US soldiers from Iraq by 2011. That's what we are hearing in the news every day, but almost nothing about it is true. All the terms and ideas are carefully crafted distortions fed to and then parroted by the corporate press, defining the terms of debate and thus the outcome.

The latest from Tre

Portland, 24.11.2008 20:39

Hello to you all!

Greetings from Herlong, CA. This place is positioned in a valley with mountains surrounding in all directions. Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets have blessed me while sitting barefoot in the grass they only recently planted. Up until about a month and half ago it was all dirt and rocks.

I've been playin' music every day since my arrival on Oct. 8th. I'm writing songs with a bro named Ryon and practicin' with a few guys who are very talented musicians. Anyone can check out a guitar and go outside and play for hours (which is exactly what I do)! The air is fresh and clean (we're high in the Sierras away from any city pollution). I'm able to be outside most of the day (at least for now; once I'm assigned a job that'll change). This is the most sun and outside exposure I've had in almost 5 years. It feels fantastic!! My skin is turnin' a deep golden brown. A yoga class is offered 5 days a week as well as Pilates and other fitness/wellness modalities. There is even a wellness library.

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