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A Critique of the “Celebrate People’s History - Build Popular Power Bloc”

DC, 04.12.2008 08:10

An anonymous critic's take on a widely-publicized call for anarchists to celebrate rather than protest at Obama's inauguration.

Imperialismo Estadounidense

Puerto Rico, 04.12.2008 07:10

EE.UU. recluta niños para que sirvan en las fuerzas armadas

Propuesta de Evo Morales en Cumbre de Cambio Climático

Puerto Rico, 04.12.2008 07:10

Salvemos el Planeta del Capitalismo

Police Harassment of Worcester's Latino Livery Taxis Subsides - Questions Remain

United States, 04.12.2008 04:37

The on-again, off-again harassment of Worcester’s livery taxis appears to have subsided, lessening frustration and anger within Worcester’s Latino community.

Community members and taxi drivers have reported harassment of patrons and drivers and multiple civil rights violations. On multiple occasions the Worcester Police Department has shut-down business completely, sending drivers home and leaving waiting patrons needing rides to doctors’ appointments and markets stranded.

The targeting of the taxis is another attack against Latino small business owners in Worcester where these businesses are primarily comprised of Ecuadoran and Dominican owners and drivers.

Entrevista al historiador Ezequiel Rodríguez Labriego

Argentina, 04.12.2008 03:39

Colombia: La vida en los campamentos de las FARC

Remembering a Media Pioneer: Greg Carr

Rogue Valley, 04.12.2008 02:10

In late October, Greg Carr's body was found in the doorway of a Sacramento muffler shop. Greg had been living on the streets of Sacramento for most of a decade and had been a watchdog for Sacramento's homeless population. This is my reaction to hearing about the last years of his life and of his death.

Food not Bombs: 30.11.08 o godz. 15:00

Torun, 04.12.2008 01:37

image 8665

Autor: przegaz

W Toruniu po dwuletniej przerwie ruszyła inicjatywa Food not Bombs

W Toruniu przy dworcu Miasto w niedzielę 30.11.08 o godz. 15:00 odbyła się trzecia z kolei cotygodniowa akcja rozdawania ciepłych wegańskich posiłków ludziom biednym, bezdomnym i bezrobotnym. Rozdano około trzydzieści porcji. Akcje te odbywać się będą cyklicznie co niedziele przy dworcu Miasto o godz. 15:00.

Akcji tej towarzyszy przekaz antyrządowy i antywojenny, którego ideom jest pokazanie, że kiedy władza wydaje ogromne pieniądze na zbrojenia i wojny, wielu ludzi na całym świecie umiera z głodu.

Jedzenie Zamiast Bomb, powstało w latach 80. XX wieku z inicjatywy kilkunastu działaczy antywojennych i anarchistycznych w Cambridge, aktualnie akcja odbywa się regularnie w wielu miastach całego świata. W Polsce, między innymi w Gdańsku, Gdyni, Warszawie, Łod…

ARGENTINA: protestas por despidos en Córdoba

Puerto Rico, 04.12.2008 01:10

Argentina: Más de 1,500 despedidos en el sector metalmecánico y metalúrgico de Córdoba

Crisis in Thailand - a Marxist view

Aotearoa, 04.12.2008 00:10

Thailand is currently in crisis, with a deformed expression of class struggle occurring between one side that wears yellow shirts and another that wears red. How can we make sense of this situation, and what is the way forward for those of us interested in the interests of the poor and working class? John Moore, formerly a resident in Thailand, and now a Workers Party activist, argues that the Thai working class is a mass force that has yet to roar, but that the small radical element amongst them shouldn’t ‘give up the bullet for the ballot’ to reform Thai society through the Thai capitalist state. Links: Thailand: Anti-government PAD Thugs Want Dictatorship to Replace Democracy | Thailand: A second `coup for the rich'

İngiltere: Biyometrik kimlik kartlarına karşı direniş

Istanbul, 03.12.2008 23:39

İngiltere: Biyometrik kimlik kartlarına karşı direniş

New Nerve Examines Work

United Kingdom, 03.12.2008 21:40

The latest edition of Nerve - Liverpool's social issues and culture magazine - is out now. This time the focus is on definitions and experiences of work.

se efectivizó la orden del juez lijo

Argentina, 03.12.2008 19:39

Extraditaron a los seis campesinos paraguayos

se efectivizó la orden del juez lijo

Argentina, 03.12.2008 19:39

Extraditaron a los seis campesinos paraguayos

worker coop needs support in Port Townsend

Portland, 03.12.2008 18:38

The owner of a popular coffee house and bakery suddenly shut the doors of the business leaving a group of people without jobs. Those workers and some past employess are now trying to re-open the business as a worker-owned coop.

The workers have a plan to make this coffee house become a place that people can use for community organizing as well as offering bake goods and coffee and tea. First they need to raise the money to ask the bank and past owner to let them take over the loan. The workers need capital and they are asking the community and past customers to help them raise that money.

Working Class Book Fair Dec 6th!!!!

Portland, 03.12.2008 18:38

The PDX IWW hosts the 3rd annual Working Class Book Fair-
Saturday December 6th - 12-4pm
Liberty Hall - 311 N Ivy, Portland OR, 97227

Local Book Vendors will dish out Books on Work Class: History, Fiction, Political Theory, and more. Vendors include: Laughing Horse Books, In Other Words, Tarantula Press, Eberhardt Press, Just Seeds, Malkriad@s, IWW Books, Olin, Red Letter Press, Great Northwest Books, Decentra Collective, Black Rose Collective, and many more. It's only once a year that you will see these 12 plus vendors shoved all under one roof. Find books, children's stories, zines, posters, stickers, buttons and friends

Come Early 11-12 to participate in a Workshop on Marx's Value Price and Profit This essay was never published till after Marx's death, but serves as a handy guide ("Addressed To Working people") to the main concepts he presented in Capital Volume One— "Production, Wages And Profit"; "Supply And Demand"; "Value And Labor"; "Laboring Power"; "Surplus Value"; "Struggle Between Capital And Labor"; and much more!

The Book Fair will also be the Grand Unveiling of the 2nd Edition of Think it introduction to the IWW. Handsomely printed by Portland's own Stumptown Printers, this pamphlet carries the heart and soul of the IWW, and explains solidarity, direct action, and class struggle in way that's easy to swallow and digest in one sitting.

Contact: IWW Hall 503-231-5488

Jeff's Birthday and Daniel McGowan Events Coming Up!

Portland, 03.12.2008 18:38

December 5th- Happy 30th Birthday to Jeff Luers!
December 5th- NYC Good Time for Daniel McGowan and the Good Time Bill!
December 6th- Eugene Benefit for Daniel McGowan

Dear Friends, A reminder that Jeff's 30th birthday, and 8th birthday in prison, is this coming Friday December 5th. Please send him a card, or donate to his prison commissary account or education/release fund. In other news, political prisoner Daniel McGowan's 3rd anniversary of his arrest is December 7, and a few events are taking place to mark the occasion as well as bring attention to the Federal Prison Work Incentive Act (or "Good Time Bill") - a bill to restore good time allowances toward service of Federal prison terms.

If you are in the Eugene Oregon area:
Saturday, December 6th: A Benefit for Oregon Environmental Prisoner Daniel McGowan With Folk/Old-Time/Acoustic Musicians:
The Underscore Orkestra, Brenna Sahatjian,& The McKenzie Riverboys
8:00-11:00PM @ the Morning Glory Café, 4th and Willamette, Eugene

In New York City: A Good Time for the Good Time Bill: Dinner, A Movie ("Hoot") and Conversation Friday, December 5th, 7pm @ 6th St Community Center

Learn what you can do to support these endeavors for liberatory social justice and toward bringing friends and families together.
Please ask your congressperson to support the "Good Time Bill".
(Find your congressperson here:

Climate Activists Invade DC Offices of Environmental Defense

Portland, 03.12.2008 18:38

As the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change opened today in Poznan, Poland, a group of grassroots climate activists came to the Washington DC office of Environmental Defense to voice some complaints about their role in the shaping US proposals at the negotiations. ED is one of the largest environmental organizations in the world and has been central in promoting the approach of carbon trading as a solution to climate change, a policy which has been publicly endorsed by Obama.

Dr. Rachel Smolker of Global Justice Ecology Project read a statement, which said in part, "My father was one of the founders of this organization, which sadly I am now ashamed of. So far they have utterly failed, serving only to provide huge profits to the world's most polluting industries. Instead of protecting the environment, ED now seems primarily concerned with protecting corporate bottom lines. I can hear my father rolling over in his grave."

The activists rearranged furniture in the office, illustrating how marketing carbon is "like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic." Others held signs reading "Keep the cap, ditch the trade" and "Carbon trading is an environmental offense."

Szwecja: podpalenie centrum socjalnego Cyklopen

Poland, 03.12.2008 18:15

W sobotę 29 listopada, tuż przed godziną 19:00 w w zbudowanym samodzielnie przez aktywistów centrum socjalnym Cyklopen na przedmieściach Sztokholmu wybuchł pożar - ktoś włamał się do lokalu i podlożył w nim ogień. O podpalenie podejrzewani są neonaziści.

From the Newswire

Perth, 03.12.2008 16:40

Student Housing Action Collective defy eviciton notice

Campanha repressiva de Michel Bachelet faz dezenas de Presxs Políticxs

Brasil, 03.12.2008 14:40


Entrevista al historiador Ezequiel Rodríguez Labriego

Argentina, 03.12.2008 04:09

Colombia: La vida en los campamentos de las FARC

New York: Wal-Mart hipermarketinin indirim gününde bir işçi ezilerek öldü

Istanbul, 03.12.2008 02:11

New York: Wal-Mart hipermarketinin indirim gününde bir işçi ezilerek öldü

Mt. Ashland Expansion Alert!

Rogue Valley, 03.12.2008 01:10

On Tuesday Dec. 2 (today), the City Council will decide whether or not to Appeal the decision of Judge Schiveley in the Mt. Ashland Association vs. City of Ashland case that was heard in the Jackson County Circuit Court.

The City has a strong case on Appeal and the opportunity to recover significant legal costs.

Please speak out to the Council and let them know that the citizens support them standing firm and Appealing this poor and unexpected ruling.

Location: Council Chambers, 1175 East Main St.
Date: Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2008
Time: 7:00 PM

Police Claim Filming Them is 'Violation of Patriot Act', Arrest Fois Gras Protestors

DC, 02.12.2008 22:10

On Saturday, November 29, approximately 7:00 pm, I was falsely arrested for “filming police officers, which is illegal under the Patriot Act,” according to the cop who arrested me. They were trying to take my boyfriend, Adam Ortberg, into custody to be (wrongly) identified as a protester who allegedly assaulted someone, and I was trying to film the impending confrontation and possible arrest with my camera phone.

New York Says NO to Budget Cuts

NYC, 02.12.2008 21:39

The NYC Local of the Socialist Party USA therefore encourages immediate acts of non-violent protest to defend education, healthcare, transportation and social services. All of these are our rights as human beings and are fundamental to the creation of a democratic socialist political project.

Violência policial na Providência fere moradora e inviabiliza evento

Brasil, 02.12.2008 17:39


From weapons to wars to refugees

United Kingdom, 02.12.2008 17:09

On Saturday, a lively and well attended demonstration and die in in the centre of Nottingham brought two successful local campaigns together. Shut Down H&K, campaigners against Nottingham's arms dealers joined hands with No Borders Nottingham, who fight for migrant rights, to come 'full circle'. The demonstration emphasised the links between guns sold in the UK, armed conflicts abroad and the refugees that flee these wars to come to Britain looking for asylum.

The demonstrators gave out 2000 fliers to Christmas shoppers making them aware of the whereabouts of Heckler & Koch's premises in Lenton and the death and destruction their merchandise causes. Refugees and asylum seekers from many countries ravaged by the effects of small arms were there to support the demo. Protesters held a die in on the cold pavements, undeterred by the over the top police surveillance. Many members of the public were shocked to hear about the arms dealers in their neighbourhood.

Newswire: Full Circle Demo: From weapons to wars to refugees. Market Sq. Nottingham | Next Small Word Cinema @ Sumac 10th December | FULL CIRCLE - from weapons to wars to refugees | Demos continue at Heckler & Koch weapons HQ in Nottingham

Previous Features: The Arms Trade: From Nottingham to Georgia | Protests in Nottingham as Zimbabwe Goes to the Polls | Protesters Return to Nottingham Weapons Manufacturer | Campaign Victories As Hich And Amdani Are Released On Bail

Links: Notts Antimilitarism: Heckler & Koch | No Borders Nottingham

Festival &quot;Las luchas que se escuchan&quot;

Argentina, 02.12.2008 16:39

Se esperan nuevas movilizaciones

Argentina, 02.12.2008 13:41

Más de 1500 despedidos/as en el sector metalmecánico y metalúrgico de Córdoba

La crisis económica de EEUU

Puerto Rico, 02.12.2008 12:10

La Gran Crisis de los Años 30

Climate Global Day of Action: Auckland demonstration against Kwila

Aotearoa, 02.12.2008 02:10

"Western demand for kwila is not only killing the forests, it is also killing our people. The forest is seen as our mother, which provides us with food, water and shelter - and when that is taken away, our people lose everything." Saturday 06 December 2008 13:00pm - 15:00pm Design Warehouse 136 Fanshawe Street Auckland email aspaceinside (at) for more info. This summer a rag-tag bunch of activists will attempt to impose a people's ban on the selling of Kwila in Auckland City, a mostly illegally logged rainforest hardwood sold across the Western world as outdoor furniture or decking timber. We are launching our campaign on Saturday December 6th, a Global Day of Action on Climate Change. We will be holding a protest outside Design Warehouse, 136 Fanshawe Street, a major seller of Kwila Furniture. Come along and be part of the global movement against climate change and ecological destruction. [More]

Declaraciones de dirigentes obreros sobre el asesinato de los sindicalistas aragüeños

Venezuela, 02.12.2008 00:37

Housing Activists Pitch Tents at HUD DC Field Office to Mark World AIDS Day

DC, 02.12.2008 00:10

Dec 1 is World AIDS Day. At noon, DC Fights Back and supporters pitched tents in front of HUD's DC field office between N Capitol st and 1st st NE. They were demanding that all 278 people on a 2-year waiting list for subsidized housing be placed immediately and the waiting list ended. Download WSQT Broadcast Audio:

What, No Prices?

United Kingdom, 01.12.2008 22:39

More than 150 people came to Next To Nowhere's Free Shop on Saturday. This was a one-off event to mark Buy Nothing Day. The organisers encouraged people to come in by offering free tea and toast and free mistletoe on the street outside.

Merseyside Police Protect British National Party

United Kingdom, 01.12.2008 22:39

On Saturday, 29th November, Merseyside Police protected around one hundred and fifty British National Party members from the people of Liverpool and other anti-fascists. In doing so, they allowed racist material to be openly distributed in Liverpool city centre on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. However, Alec McFadden of Merseyside Coalition Against Racism and Fascism and Weyman Bennett of Unite Against Fascism must shoulder some of the responsibility for this horrifying turn of events.

Manhattan Night Court At 100 Center St. Part I

NYC, 01.12.2008 21:38

One man present who had been charged with fare beating on the m35 that morning, who did not want to give his name, claimed that he and five others here in court were picked up that morning after boarding the bus at approximately 6:30am on their way to an outpatient facility in Harlem. They are homeless, living in the shelter, and the bus is their connection to job interviews, mental health facilities, friends and family. None of them had money for the fare, and all snuck on the bus from the back door.

Se esperan nuevas movilizaciones

Argentina, 01.12.2008 20:39

Más de 1500 despedidos en el sector metalmecánico y metalúrgico de Córdoba.

Se esperan nuevas movilizaciones

Argentina, 01.12.2008 20:39

Más de 1500 despedidos en el sector metalmecánico y metalúrgico de Cordoba.

Oil-money magnates buy up Man City football club

United Kingdom, 01.12.2008 19:09

Manchester City Training Ground


Manchester City are joining the Premier League big spenders as their new owners splash the cash in an effort to bring the good times to the Eastlands. They still have along way to go, as Sunday's 1-0 defeat at home to Manchester United proves, but just where has their new found wealth come from? Sarah Irving investigates...

CONARE rejeita refúgio à Cesare Battisi e decisão vai ao Ministério da Justiça

Brasil, 01.12.2008 18:39


Climate Activists Invade DC Offices of Environmental Defense, Daughter of ED Founder Accuses Group of Pushing False Solutions to Climate Change

DC, 01.12.2008 17:12

Washington, DC - As the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change opened today in Poznan, Poland, grassroots climate activists took over the Washington DC office of Environmental Defense. The activists stated that they had targeted ED, one of the largest environmental organizations in the world, because of the organization’s key role in promoting the discredited approach of carbon trading as a solution to climate change. Download Raw Audio courtesy of WSQT Radio: (broadcast audio pending)

Call for independent review of Wrongful Death

Houston, 01.12.2008 17:11

Call for independent review of Greg Wright's Wrongful Death

Wie geht's weiter mit Indymedia?

Germany, 01.12.2008 17:11

Wie das globale Inndymedia-Netzwerk ("IMCN") ist auch das Indymedia Center ("IMC") Germany nicht mehr das jüngste Projekt - in den sieben Jahren seitdem die Website als nach wie vor wichtigster Medienkanal von IMC Germany online ging hat sich vor allem das Internet stark gewandelt, Indymedia aber kaum. Angetreten war IMC Germany unter anderem mit dem als wichtig empfundenen Ziel, jeder und jedem eine non-kommerzielle Plattform zu bieten um Nachrichten verbreiten zu können. Zwar wurde dieses Ziel schnell erreicht und es ist auch heute noch ein Dienst den Indymedia Germany bietet, aber das Netz selbst hat sich seitdem extrem verändert und es wird höchste Zeit zu evaluieren ob sich Indymedia vor diesem Hintergrund nicht auch verändern sollte, und wenn ja, wie.

Police Spying, Searches, Raids Energize Activist Community

DC, 01.12.2008 16:11

Activists release spy documents; encourage participation in two events this week focused on illegal searches, raids, and spying.

Editorial Cartoon: White House Bathroom, Jan. 21, 2009

DC, 01.12.2008 16:11

Rahm Emmanuel? Tom Daschle? Eric Holder? HILLARY, f'crissakes? If you're still wondering – no, you're not the only one marveling in awe at the number and quickness of the old Clinton mobsters and liberal interventionists crawling out from under their rocks to score cushy gigs with the incoming Change Administration. Have any Hope'n'Change voters out there begun to sober up and wonder if, by voting against a third term of Bush, you ended up with a third term of Clinton, except without Bubba himself – or, perhaps, even worse…? Yes, now, at last, the truth can be told – your cartoonist has gazed into the future, and it ain't pretty…

La violencia de género sigue creciendo en el país y en Córdoba.

Argentina, 01.12.2008 16:10

¡Basta de violencia hacia las mujeres, niñas y niños!

Seattle WTO Shutdown 9 Year Anniversary: 5 Lessons for Today

NYC, 01.12.2008 14:09

This was the question a group of organizers from different parts of the last decades of global justice organizing responded to last week at a forum in New York City put together by Deep Dish TV, an independent video/media pioneer. Here are my thoughts.

Galiza: zona livre de transgénicos

Galiza, 01.12.2008 13:40

O passado mércores 26-N tivo lugar o debate da Proposiçom nom de lei para a declaraçom de Galiza como zona livre de transgénicos.A Plataforma Galega Antitransgénicos -formada por mais de vinte colectivos-tentou ejercerpressom no debate e organizou umha acçom-protesta no exterior.

O texto aprovado no Parlamento nom se compromete em absoluto na defessa da soberanía e seguridade alimentar nem na protecçom fronte a estrategia de patentar sementes modificadas genéticamente para outorgar o control da alimentaçom mundial a algumhas industrias transnacionais.O pacto considéra-se papel molhado já que permite o cultivo com fins de investigaçom.

Queremos a nossa terra livre de transgénicos.Queremos ter o control sobre as nossas vidas.

Vídeos-intervençons parlamentares: Presidente Parlamento::Tareixa Paz(BNG)::María Sol Soneira Tajes (PSOE)::Roberto Castro García (PP)::Tareixa Paz 2(BNG)::Votaçons

Vídeos-transgénicos: OXM's

Editoriais vencelhados: Galiza Antitransgénica ::Terra viva e digna para todas

Orientation to Santa Cruz Indymedia and Indybay on December 6

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.12.2008 08:38

On Saturday, December 6th at 6:00pm at the Resource Center for Nonviolence (515 Broadway) in Santa Cruz, Indybay volunteers from around the Bay Area will facilitate an orientation to and the global Indymedia network. Learn how to publish your words, photos, audio and/or videos to share with your friends and the world, and much more, including how stories get made into center column features.

Crowd Control? A Refelction on Holiday Shopping Violence

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.12.2008 07:39

lisam writes, "I've been involved in countless demonstrations and protests that have been deemed "violent" by both the police forces assigned to control the crowds and the mainstream media who tend to use them as the primary source for their stories. But never in the years that I was involved in massive demonstrations against the corporate control over globalization, did I witness anyone getting trampled or ignored when they had been hurt."

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