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[P-ń] Zamiany klimatu - zmiana systemu

Poland, 07.12.2008 13:10

Ulicami Poznania przeszedł wczoraj blisko 1000-osobowy marsz pod hasłem "Klimat - teraz!". W demonstracji szeroko reprezentowane było środowisko anarchistyczne, które odpowiedziało na apel poznańskiej Federacji Anarchistycznej do wzięcia udziału w proteście.

Another Day Another Protest

Ireland, 07.12.2008 12:09

Anarchists and republicans report on their day wit ...

Özgür Avrupanýz Yerin dibine batsýn! Ölü ve yalnýzlýða kaçan ruhlarýnýzý sokaklardaki isyan ateþi ýsýtsýn!

Istanbul, 07.12.2008 11:39

Özgür Avrupanýz Yerin dibine batsýn! Ölü ve yalnýzlýða kaçan ruhlarýnýzý sokaklardaki isyan ateþi ýsýtsýn!

Guerrilla Colombiana

Puerto Rico, 07.12.2008 08:40

La vida en los campamentos de las FARC

Conflicto sindical en Rosario, Argentina

Puerto Rico, 07.12.2008 08:40

Argentina: turbas de la conducción nacional de sindicato atacan delegación local

Ocupación de fábrica en Chicago

Puerto Rico, 07.12.2008 08:40

Obreros en Chicago ocupan fábrica en protesta

What, Another One? Finnish Neo-Nazi Seeking Political Asylum in USA

DC, 07.12.2008 06:10

Okay, to all you boneheads that keep coming here thinking we are going to save you from your native land trying to kick your behind, let us make this clear - it's not going to work! Not only supporting this kind of immigrant would make a lot of anti-immigrant groups pretty damn suspect, but being a neo-Nazi just isn't all that politically palatable here. We allow you freedom of speech, but don't push your luck…!

Portland Police Boast of Torture

Portland, 07.12.2008 03:38

On the cover of The Rap Sheet's November, 2008 edition, an article appears that was authored by the Portland Police Association (PPA) President Scott Westerman, entitled "An objective view of the Chasse incident."

In his article, Westerman claims (among other things) that the media attention of the Chasse case was "misdirected" and that the Chasse family attorney is "posturing himself for financial gain" and "attempting to cloud the issue." Westerman further attempts to direct responsibility for Chasse's death from the police to "our degrading mental health system and others in his life."

However, perhaps even greater insight is provided in another article that also appears on the same Rap Sheet's front page, "Riding with Rick." In this article, retired Portland police detective Kent Perry writes about working with his former partner, officer Richard Hegrenes, at North Precinct. Describing events that occurred during the 1970's, detective Perry seems to fondly recall, and vividly describes, incidents of violence, police brutality and torture.

The fact that the Portland Police Association printed detective Perry's 1970's stories of police torture, in 2008, and then put it right next to their article defending themselves in the James Chasse "incident," speaks volumes.

Dozens Ride A Cold Critical Mass

DC, 07.12.2008 03:10

December 5th 2008's Critical Mass was cold. Two years ago, 5 riders could have shown up, but last night about 60 riders departed Dupont Circle for another celebratory bike romp through their city. On a route through Shaw, U St and Georgetown, riders tribute the Brian McKenzie Infoshop and get loud cheers from U Street pedestrians.

Battle in Seattle Showing 12/9/08

Portland, 07.12.2008 01:38

The 1999 WTO riots in Seattle were historic for several reasons. This was the first World Trade Organization meeting in the United States and the first to be effectively shut down. The riots also brought the term 'anti-globalization' to several Americans for the first time. Also, Indymedia emerged from the tear gas of the riots. Now, nine years later, the mainstream media gives its take on the events of late November of 1999. "Battle in Seattle" is a major Hollywood film that manages to leak some truth in with some melodrama. Using staged scenes and actual footage, the movie tells the story of several protesters, bystanders, delegates, cops and politicians and illustrates how everyone was affected by the riots.

It's not perfect but it's a great conversation piece. Portland Anti-Imperialist are proud to show this movie on Tuesday, December 9th at the Red and Black Caf? at 7pm. We will be bringing people that were at the riots and know the people that the characters were based off of so that they can answer any questions. Come join us for this free showing as we wade through Tinseltown's glitter to get to the nitty gritty.

Jeffrey Free Luers interviews Grant Barnes

Portland, 07.12.2008 01:38

Jeffrey Free Luers interviews Grant Barnes:

JL: You are currently serving a long prison sentence for arsons claimed on
behalf of the Earth Liberation Front. What compelled you to take such actions?

Constructive Change of our Political Institutions: Toward a Bioregional state

Portland, 07.12.2008 00:38

"Do you voters understand why so many of us have less-than-zero faith in the electoral process now?" But explain, spell it out for us. What is this better method of decision making you have in mind? How does it work? Are you under the impression that a vast number of Americans [and billions around the world] wanted some particular (different) major change and so were denied a choice of that at the polls? And that is the reason why the electoral process didn't work to bring about that change. Look, I want major change as much as you do, but we're not going to make much progress toward that goal as long as we keep deluding ourselves as to what the real problem is. The real problem is that we haven't managed to project a clear vision of those changes, convinced many other people to want them. That comes first. ORGANIZE.

Yes, we can - fool the gullible voters again!

Portland, 07.12.2008 00:38

President-elect Barack Obama has been busy picking out the cabinet and advisers that will staff his administration: Lots of familiar faces, including some Bush loyalists. Obama on Monday announced a foreign policy team which includes President Bush's defense secretary, Robert Gates - an early supporter of the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Also picked to re-up is Gen. David Petraeus, the general who heads up U.S. Central Command, in charge of running the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Though he believes that al Qeada has become more of a threat in Afghanistan, he still thinks they are the power causing so much unrest in Iraq. A view few Iraqis share, by the way. Also in line for a seat in the cabinet is Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, as secretary of homeland security. According to John Trazvina, president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, under her term: "Arizona has become one of the worst states for immigrants in this country."

[...] Do you voters understand why so many of us have less-than-zero faith in the electoral process now?

Upcoming Event: Harm Reduction &amp; Intervention w. Dicentra Collective (12/11)

Portland, 07.12.2008 00:38

Join Dicentra for its second event in its monthly series "creating radical communities of care", and our first at In Other Words Books. This event will address Harm Reduction & Intervention, presentations from organizers will be followed by a practical workshop, and as always we have a support team for anyone that may need it!

Harm Reduction and Intervention in Portland and Across the Northwest brings together practioners in and organizers around harm reduction and intervention in Portland and the greater Northwest. Here we will be exploring the landscape of practices and concepts as they seek to address domestic and interpersonal violence, police brutality, substance abuse and mental illness, dispute resolution and street facilitation.

Thursday 11 December 2008 , 6pm at In Other Words Women's Books and Resources
8 NE Killingsworth St.,

PINK AND BLACK ATTACK- Submissions reminder!

Portland, 07.12.2008 00:38

PINK AND BLACK ATTACK, a queer anarchist zine from Olympia, is looking for submissions for our first issue! Our deadline for submissions is December 10th, and we hope to have the first issue out in January. We're looking for content, be it action reports, essays (theory is good!), and anything that y'all can think of. Hope to hear from y'all soon!

E-mail submissions to

Pit Bull Attacked and Killed by Cowardly Police

Portland, 07.12.2008 00:38

On Thanksgiving day, a beautiful little blue nose pit bull was shot to death by a Cornelius police officer, claiming that the dog had "charged" him. This dog was a very predictable victim of the hysteria and ignorance being pumped out by the likes of KPTV and other corporate "news" in the past month. It was also a victim of the officer's own cowardice, and the thoughtlessness with which humans often approach the lives of non-humans. Please see the bottom of this article for contact information for Cornelius, and please call them to demand that the officer be punished.

Martin Luther King and The Peaceful Revolution

Portland, 07.12.2008 00:38

It may still be the case that some people do not properly understand what a 'Great Depression' is and why it would be the case that the only correct strategy to adopt at a time like this is that of 'class warfare'.

Under the capitalist system the human condition is one of chronic anxiety because the capitalist system is based upon ruthless dog eat dog competition and people are routinely thrown to the wolves. You can even find them living in cardboard boxes under bridges. It is required that capitalism deliberately create poverty in order to maintain this constant state of chronic worry and anxiety in order for the capitalist system to function. If there was full employment, then we would have capitalists looking for workers instead having workers going cap in hand to capitalists and hoping to become the lucky chosen one our of a horde of such begging workers.


Athens, 06.12.2008 20:39

Νεκρός 16χρονος από σφαίρα μπάτσου στο κέντρο της Αθήνας

UNITE HERE Hotel Workers' Protest and Food Drive Dec. 10, 5pm In Crystal City

DC, 06.12.2008 17:10

Hotel workers at the Crystal City Hilton have been pushed to work without contracts since October of 2007 by their employer, Columbia Sussex, who has also eliminated sick days, pensions and seniority rights, and increased the cost of health benefits. A protest and food drive is scheduled for Wednesday December 10th at 5pm, at 2399 Jefferson Davis Highway in Arlington. Find out more about UNITE HERE, and see what they were up to in Baltimore a few weeks ago.

Contra el saqueo y la contaminación

Argentina, 06.12.2008 17:09

Comenzó el 8° encuentro de Union de Asambleas Ciudadanas

Woodfox to Be Released

New Orleans, 06.12.2008 06:40

"Angola 3" Member to Be Released On Bail After 37 Years

VA Announces Hospital Plan for Lower Mid-City

New Orleans, 06.12.2008 06:40

VA Announces Hospital Plan for Lower Mid-City

Rahim campaign news

New Orleans, 06.12.2008 06:40

Updates on Malik Rahim's campaign; election day Sat. Dec. 6

International Day of Solidarity for Mumia Abu-Jamal

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.12.2008 03:40

On Saturday, December 6th, supporters of death-row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal will gather at Philadelphia City Hall for a protest march through downtown that will conclude at the Federal Court Building. International solidarity actions are being held in France, Switzerland, Germany, England, and Mexico, while in the US, events are organized in Detroit, San Francisco, Baltimore, Portland, and San Diego. The San Francisco protest will be held from 4:30 to 5:30pm at the Federal Courthouse at 7th and Mission Streets.

Tree Sitters Occupy Humboldt Redwoods

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.12.2008 03:40

On December 3rd, tree-sitters unfurled a 30 ft. wide banner on the edge of the Great Redwood Forest, east of Eureka, CA. The banner read "Hey Green Diamond, Stop Clear-cutting -Earth First!". The Green Diamond Resource Company plans to log 60 acres of large second growth and residual old growth Redwoods in the near future. The two groves represent the oldest remaining forest and best habitat for old-growth dependent species like the northern spotted owl.

Homeless Help

DC, 06.12.2008 03:10

Getting donations to help the homeless/ 25 donations/gifts to help the homeless + Petition [We need your help]

Santa Cruz Mulls Decision to Permanently Close Museums, Pool, and Community Center

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.12.2008 02:38

On Tuesday, December 9th at 3:00pm, Santa Cruz City Council will decide the fates of the Beach Flats Community Center, Harvey West Pool, Museum of Natural History and Surfing Museum. In light of the current fiscal crisis the city faces, closures of these facilities and reduction in the employee workforce are possibilities on the table for discussion at the council meeting.

Councilman Gioia Joins the Protest Against Rent-A-Center; Two Arrested

NYC, 06.12.2008 01:08

Two were arrested Wednesday at another protest against Rent-A-Center, this time in Astoria, Queens. Councilman Eric Gioia discussed his investigation of their lending practices last year. Community activist Taharka Robinson urged the passage of Assembly Bill 66, which provides greater protection for customers of rent-to-own stores. Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Josh Lockwood condemned the prevalence of fringe financial services in low-income neighborhoods.

Rent-A-Center Protests Continue in Queens; 2 Arrested

NYC, 06.12.2008 01:08

Councilman Eric Gioia and other religious and community leaders gathered outside a Rent-A-Center on Steinway Street in Astoria, Queens to denounce the destabilizing influence of rent-to-own businesses in low-income communities. Activist Taharka Robinson urged the passage of Assembly Bill 66, which would provide more consumer protection in the rent-to-own industry. Robinson and activist Kirsten Foy were arrested in an act of civil disobedience.

Rights advocates protest “Diamonds &amp; Champagne” cocktail at Leviev’s store

NYC, 06.12.2008 01:08

New York human rights advocates protested this evening at the Madison Avenue jewelry store of Israeli billionaire and settlement mogul Lev Leviev where the elite, online social group “A Small World” held a cocktail party to "Buck the Recession with Champagne & Diamonds." Ten protesters chanted and banged drums on the street in front of the store despite the rain and cold, and despite an aggressive, but failed attempt by the NYPD to move them down the street from the store.

Genetically Modified Animals

LA, 05.12.2008 22:08

Genetically Modified Animals

The COP15 Climate Summit 2009 - Global Climate Action Comming Up ...

United Kingdom, 05.12.2008 21:39

The UN Climate Conference of Parties number 15 is set to take place in Copenhagen on the 30th of November 2009, and it will be the biggest climate summit ever to have taken place. More than 12.000 delegates business leaders, politicians, diplomats and lobbyists are going to be discussing an international treaty to replace the failed Kyoto Protocol. Set to end in 2012 this treaty was supposed to reduce anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions by 6%. However according to UN itself the global carbon emmisions have so far risen by 4% instead. There is no indication that the COP15 summit will come up with anything real to fight climate change.

However tens of thousands activists and protesters will be making their way to Copenhagen for this major event. In September 2008 people from more than 23 countries met in Copenhagen and agreed on a Call to Action, calling for people to start mobilizing and to carry out actions locally as well as coming to Copenhagen for mass actions. Planning for this event has already begun.

Another international planning meeting will take place in March 2009 where the concepts and strategy for action will be discussed. A Climate Camp will take place on the 11-19th of July. Additionally a mass action will attempt to shut down a Danish power plant in the months before the Summit takes place. The world leaders may converge upon Copenhagen but they won't leave without having heard the demands of the people who will be hurt by climate change

Mobilization website and how to get involved:
Related Indymedia sites: Copenhagen News Service | Climate Indymedia
Related story: Action at the planned COP15 conference center

LA Zoo Elephant Drama

LA, 05.12.2008 21:39

LA Zoo Elephant Drama

The E.on 'Face-Off' begins...

United Kingdom, 05.12.2008 20:10

The Camp for Climate Action called for 48 hours of action against new coal from midday Friday 28th E.On in particular were rattled, local and national media coverage was generated, resources for the new 'Face Off' campaign were gathered, a new website launched, and lists of possible targets compiled. The aim was to send a strong message to E.on that if they try to build a new coal fired power station then they will face a barrage of direct action - both towards their daily operations and their supply chain. Actions tooks place in Brighton , Bristol, Warwick , London, Nottingham , Norwich, Bristol, and Plymouth.

With the weekend over E.on no doubt thought the heat was off however Monday morning saw their corporate headquarters in Coventry struck for the third time in as many weeks with over twenty protesters dressed in santa suits invading their officers and blockading the entrance for four hours. [photos, spoof account, report, BBC TV News, BBC World At One ]

For full details of the actions and pictures go to the climate camp website and don't forget the new E.on website.

See also the newswire roundup and the roundup on EarthFirst! Action Reports.

HPD is mean to homeless

Houston, 05.12.2008 17:09

Assault of Mentally Ill, Homeless, Senior Citizen by HPD

Włochy: ciąg dalszy studenckiej rebelii

Poland, 05.12.2008 16:40

W sektorze edukacyjnym we Włoszech trwa nadal wznowiony w październiku strajk uczniów, studentów, nauczycieli i pracowników naukowych przeciw cięciom budżetowym w oświacie. Duża część szkół i uniwersytetów jest nadal okupowana. Hasłem ruchu Onda Anomala ("fala anomalii") sprzeciwającego się reformie szkolnictwa forsowanej przez Minister Gelmini oraz likwidacji zabezpieczeń zatrudnienia jest slogan "Nie będziemy płacić za wasz krysys!". W piątek, 28 listopada w całym kraju miała miesce kolejna fala ulicznych demonstracji i blokad.

Don’t Let Them Get Away with the Murder of Julian Alexander...Turn Grief into Resistance

LA, 05.12.2008 10:08

Don’t Let Them Get Away with the Murder of Julian Alexander...Turn Grief into Resistance

Chiapas: Dünya Kadın Yürüyüşü Kervanı yolculuğunu tamamladı

Istanbul, 05.12.2008 04:09

Chiapas: Dünya Kadın Yürüyüşü Kervanı yolculuğunu tamamladı

Fin de semana carnavalero

Argentina, 05.12.2008 04:09

Murgas de todo el país llegan a La Plata

Fin de semana carnavalero

Argentina, 05.12.2008 03:39

Murgas de todo el país llegan a la ciudad

Cleveland ABC

Cleveland, 05.12.2008 03:37

Cleveland ABC is Working on Building The Community

Take Back the Tech

Cleveland, 05.12.2008 03:37

Take Back the Tech Campaign in Central America

Metro advisory board calls for freeze on Metro searches

DC, 05.12.2008 01:11

Riders Advisory Council calls for public meetings to examine controversial policy RELATED: Audio-Metro police chief says ALL "contraband" grounds for arrest at searches

Baltimore Police Invoke Patriot Act to Arrest Reporter Recording False Arrest at Animal Rights Demo

Baltimore, 04.12.2008 22:09

After an animal rights protest with graphic images of force fed ducks calling for the boycott of 'SALT'-an upscale Baltimore restaurant serving 'foie gras', Baltimore cops handcuff a protester, and arrest a reporter filming the scene and an eye witness who protested their action…

Trágica inacción del gobierno provincial

Argentina, 04.12.2008 20:09

Patota sindical atacó brutalmente la sede de ATILRA Rosario

Trágica inacción del gobierno provincial

Argentina, 04.12.2008 19:39

Patota sindical atacó brutalmente la sede de ATILRA Rosario

Trágica inacción del gobierno provincial

Argentina, 04.12.2008 19:39

Patota sindical atacó brutalmente la sede de ATILRA Rosario

Freddy y Marcelo, presos chilenos

Argentina, 04.12.2008 18:39

18 días de huelga de hambre

Wyrok końcowy za Radę Europy - oświadczenie ACK

Poland, 04.12.2008 16:40

Dziś, 3 grudnia, o godz. 13.00 Sąd Rejonowy dla Warszawy - Srodmieścia V Wydział Karny ogłosił wyrok końcowy ws. 9 osób zatrzymanych po legalnej demonstracji przeciwko Radzie Europy z 2005 r. Były one oskarżone o "naruszenie nietykalności cielesnej funkcjonariusza policji" [art 222 kk], "utrudnianie mu czynności służbowych" [art. 224 kk] oraz "używanie wobec funkcjonariuszy słów powszechnie uznanych za obelżywe" [art. 226 kk].

From the Newswire

Perth, 04.12.2008 16:40

ANAWA Anti-uranium training and information workshops

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