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Protesters oppose Iams' cruel tests on dogs and cats

Pittsburgh, 21.10.2004 15:08

Protesters oppose Iams' cruel tests on dogs and cats

MTV Blocks The Vote! or, How To Get Kicked Out Of The TRL Pen

NYC, 21.10.2004 12:25

(from the Open Newswire): MTV Bans Code Pink from their streetside TRL pen.

Today Code Pink attempted a Liberty Vigil in front of MTV's studio on the corner of 45th Street and 7th Avenue in NYC. We timed our action to coincide with the broadcast of Total Request Live, a show that airs at 5 PM on MTV and often features cameras panning the street below as fans cheer. We stand amongst the fans on the sidewalk, dressed as pink Statue of Liberties with our message on signs we hold up. Originally the plan was to get young people to the polls, but with Viacom's (MTV's parent company) recent decision to ban an advertisement from Compare Decide Vote, we decided to put Viacom & MTV in the hot seat.

Portland, 21.10.2004 12:14

Conference of Big Timber Fatcats Faces Protests, Direct Actions

Chicago, 21.10.2004 10:59

Big Timber The North American Wholesale Lumber Association (NAWLA) is a lobby and trade group of Big Timber interests, with its headquarters in Chicagoland. NAWLA is holding its annual conference in downtown Chicago on the weekend starting October 21. NAWLA and other Big Timber players are being targeted for protest and direct actions by a team of activists in Chicago and assembled from around the country. The actions kicked off Wednesday with a protest of the Michigan Avenue Victoria's Secret; the franchise has faced scrutiny for using old growth forests for its paper catalogs. Read more.

To Be Silenced, Or Not to Be: That is the Question

Rogue Valley, 21.10.2004 10:48

Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us.--Justice William O.Douglas

Last week, both vice presidential nominee John Edwards and President George W. Bush visited Southern Oregon. Considering the area is relatively rural, sparsely populated, and Oregon is a state that usually gets little attention in a presidential election, it was an unprecedented and rather exciting occasion. I decided to try and get tickets to both events for my kids and myself.

Bites Taken From the Biscuit

Rogue Valley, 21.10.2004 09:17

The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) took two years to decide what to do after the Biscuit Fire burned in Southwestern Oregon in 2002. As they finally released their plan this summer, they immediately declared the Horse timber sale one of a number of "emergency situations," took away rights for public review and promptly auctioned the 125 acres of ancient forest for "salvage logging."

In making their decisions, the USFS relied heavily on the advice of Dr. John Sessions, a prominent professor at the Oregon State College of Forestry. He argued that modern forestry can grow an ancient forest faster than Nature. Logging is an essential step in his process. His report was financed by the Douglas County commissioners of Roseburg OR, old-growth logging capital of the Lower 48.

Sessions' report has now translated into action on the ground at Horse, the first timber sale among 19,000 acres to be cut at Biscuit. Logging at Horse is a most up-to-date study on how our National Forests are being managed.

Protest at the Sinclair-Owned TV Station in St Paul

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 21.10.2004 09:14

Twenty concerned citizens lined Como Ave in St Paul to protest the programming policies of Sinclair Broadcasting at their Twin Cities owned station: KMWB TV, (WB 23). Sinclair is well known for its promotion of a pro-war pro-Republican agenda by its owners and managers. It is an example of media deregulation run amok.

Cultural Diversity

Perth, 21.10.2004 08:35

Pride Parade this Weekend

Kerry: What He Stands For, And Why He Doesn't Deserve Your Vote

DC, 21.10.2004 08:11

With the election less than two weeks away, and the third Presidential debate now over, it is time to take a serious look at exactly what Senator John Kerry says, what he does, what it all means, and why he doesn't deserve your vote.

Report on October 9 Media EmergenC Conf.

San Diego, 21.10.2004 07:00

“Pessimism of the mind and optimism of the will.” That’s how UCSD communications professor Robert Horwitz began the Media EmergenC conference at the World Beat Center in Balboa Park October 9: with a quote from Italian socialist Antonio Gramsci that summed up how he believes progressives, radicals and Leftists should look at today’s media world. The conference was the fourth and final event of Media EmergenC, a community mobilization against the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and its Radio Show convention in San Diego.

Love Your Body Action

Pittsburgh, 21.10.2004 05:31

Love Your Body Action

paro estatales bonaerenses

Argentina, 21.10.2004 05:13

Terrorism Laws

Perth, 21.10.2004 04:40

Are you a terrorist?

The meaning behind the message of the RNC protests

Baltimore, 21.10.2004 04:26

Reform, radical change and he meaning and stylyes of protest---this and more

paro estatales

Argentina, 21.10.2004 04:24

Miércoles 20 de Octubre de 2004 | Paro de estatales bonaerenses
¿Pago de la deuda y represión, o salario, educación y salud?

French Polynesia: 20,000 march in Tahiti for parliamentary dissolution

Aotearoa, 21.10.2004 04:11

In French Polynesia the pro-independence "government of Oscar Temaru has just been deprived of its electoral victory of 23rd May with the benediction from Paris." according to a communique from the Europe Pacific Solidarity Seminar. "The corrupt and mafioso system of Gaston Flosse is going to be put back into the saddle in order to cover more than 20 years of wasting public funds and of corruption of elected people." said the statement.

On Saturday, 16 October, the biggest rally ever in Papeete gathered to support Oscar Temaru and demand the dissolution of parliament and fresh elections. According to a tahitipresse report "An estimated crowd of more than 20,000 people peacefully marched into downtown Papeete on Saturday, calling for the dissolution of the French Polynesia Assembly so that new elections could be held."

In early October the pro-independence Temaru Government of French Polynesia was defeated in a no-confidence motion in the local assembly, after serving just four months in office. The Temaru government says the French authorities have refused to dissolve the assembly and call new parliamentary elections. Twice in the past week, France has ruled out calling an election. Former French government minister and member of the Socialist Party, Christian Paul, has said there have been acts of "methodical destabilisation" on the part of the French government.

[Discuss | European Centre on Pacific Issues | La Polynésie, c'est loin ?(fr)]

Te Papa - No Arms Race at Our Place

Aotearoa, 21.10.2004 04:10

Peace activists assembled outside Te Papa last Saturday to protest against the 'New Zealand Defence Industry' weapons conference. The conference is held annually at Te Papa, the national museum of Aotearoa/New Zealand (19th/20th October this year). The protesters demanded of Te Papa to cancel the conference. Visitors to the museum signed a banner (No arms race at our place) to show their disgust and opposition to the conference. The 50 protesters enjoyed listening to the wonderful tunes of Brass Razoo Solidarity Band. Leaflets pointing out the participating companies in the global weapons industry were handed out to the public and messages were written on the floor with chalk.

Maus tratos no EPL

Portugal, 21.10.2004 03:21

Maus tratos no EPL

Landless farmers protest

QC, 21.10.2004 03:04

Peasants demand land, food and respect for human rights

Dutch state wants indymedia logs

Netherlands, 21.10.2004 02:41

Netherlands Police harrasing indymedia.NL


Uruguay, 21.10.2004 01:24

Festival por el agua y la vida en la Ciudad Vieja

Τα εθνικά πανυγήρια...

Thessaloniki, 20.10.2004 23:20

...είναι η συμπύκνωση της καθημερινής μιζέριας

French Polynesia

Melbourne, 20.10.2004 23:02

20,000 March in Tahiti for Parliamentary Dissolution

End of the Oil Economy

Melbourne, 20.10.2004 22:06

The Coming of Deindustrial Society: A Practical Response

Update on the first day of Mike D's Court Case Today

Portland, 20.10.2004 21:21

globalización (es)

Barcelona, 20.10.2004 21:17

Mercantilitación y Privatización del Agua

En el capitalismo globalizado, todo deviene mercancía y tiene un precio, incluso los elementos naturales, que de pronto se vuelven "escasos" y el objetivo de estrategias políticas, económicas y militares. Por ejemplo, el agua, un bien natural imprescindible para la vida, que pasa de ser un derecho al alcance de todos a ser un nuevo recurso geoestratégico, privatizado con el apoyo del Banco Mundial y monopolizado por grandes empresas (Vivendi, Suez), como sucede en América Latina, ejemplo paradigmático, o en Oriente Medio done será un bien tan preciado como la tierra o el petróleo.

más infos: El ALCA y la privatización del agua ::: La batalla del agua ::: La guerra del agua en Cochabamba ::: Las irregularidades de Nestlé en Brasil ::: El agua, ¿bien público o mercancía? ::: El agua, la economía... y la vida ::: La privatización de los servicios públicos ::: Agua y biodiversidad en Montes Azules ::: El agua y las comunidades indígenas ::: El sistema acuífero guaraní

+info :: >>>globalitzación

globalització (ca)

Barcelona, 20.10.2004 21:15

Mercantilització i Privatització de l'Aigua

Al capitalisme globalitzat, tot esdevé mercaderia i té un preu, fins i tot els elements naturals, que de cop i volta es tornen "escassos" i objectius d'estratègies polítiques, econòmiques i militars. Per exemple, l'aigua, un bé natural imprescindible per a la vida, que passa de ser un dret a l'abast de tothom a ser un nou recurs geoestratègic, privatitzat amb el suport del Banc Mundial i monopolitzat per grans empreses (Vivendi, Suez), com succeeix a Amèrica Llatina, exemple paradigmàtic, o a l'Orient Mitjà on serà un bé tan preuat com la terra o el petroli.

més infos: L'ALCA i la privatització de l'aigua ::: La batalla de l'aigua ::: La guerra de l'aigua a Cochabamba ::: Les irregularitats de Nestlé al Brasil ::: L'aigua, bé públic o mercaderia? ::: L'aigua, l'economia... i la vida ::: La privatització dels serveis públics ::: Aigua i biodiversitat a Montes Azules ::: L'aigua i les comunitats indígenes ::: El sistema aquifer guaraní

+info :: >>>globalitzacio

Fetal Sensitivity to Pollutants From Vehicles, Power Plants and Other Combustion Sources

Madison, 20.10.2004 20:32

A recent study by New York's Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health concludes that babies in the womb are more sensitive than their mothers to pollutants from motor vehicle tailpipes, power plant smokestacks, second-hand smoke and other combustion sources, underscoring the importance of reducing those pollution sources in the environment.

European Social Forum closes with demonstration and actions

United Kingdom, 20.10.2004 19:58

The European Social Forum (ESF) ended on Sunday, with a large demonstration and a number of autonomous actions (Clowns actions and Pro-capitalist block (Video)). The demonstration had a clear anti-war character and attracted many people who did not attend the ESF. Reports [1 | 2 | 3], photos [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9] and video [1].

A group of activists from the anti-capitalist block were detained at King's Cross train station in an attempt to prevent them from joining the march [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Global Project]. They were eventually allowed to leave and when they finally arrived at Trafalgar Square some tried to get to the stage in what some describe as storming the stage. The police, possibly in cooperation with the organisers, made several arrests (Video) including an Indymedia volunteer and member of the ESF organizing body. The CORBAS union condemned the local ESF organisers for this action.
Solidarity actions were called and a number of Clowns invaded Charing Cross police station (Video). Those arrested, including a Greek activist, were due in court on Monday.

Meanwhile the IMC center catered for activists and public alike in providing a fully equiped media center and 600 capacity hall for the E.F.CR. pics 1 | 2.

The ESF organisation, and the events during the demonstration, have been the subject of a lot of controversy [In depth: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Previous: 1 | 2 | 3].
A letter condemning [2 | 3] the takeover of the ESF stage in protest against the lack of democracy of the ESF organsing process was published in the Guardian. It accuses protesters of interrupting and anti-racist event. A coalition of anti-racism organisations replied condeming the use of the race card to stifle dissent (also IMC Lancaster statement).

Some also resented the lack of coverage of actual ESF events [1 | 2] on Indymedia and the mainstream media [1 | 2 | Don't hate the media - just publish on Indymedia].

[More: Timeline | All UK ESF reports | ESF daily coverage: Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday
| Other languages: German | Dutch | Dutch and French | Català | Castellano 2 3| Hungarian | Portugese | Russian]

Would Bolivar have Toppled the Columbus Statue?

United Kingdom, 20.10.2004 19:58

Over 150 in Venezuela say: "Free the O12 prisoners or arrest us all!"

October 12th is traditionally celebrated as the day Christopher Columbus "discovered" America. In reality, this is nothing to celebrate, as it unleashed a wave of terror across the continent which continues today. The colonial mentality there is still very much alive with a tiny white elite holding power over a mixed afro-indigenous majority.

Three years ago, Venezuela's self-proclaimed "revolutionary" president, Hugo Chávez, decreed that October 12th should henceforth be known as "Day of Indigenous Resistance". The icon of Columbus has become offensive to the majority of the population and Chávez himself has described him as "worse than Hitler". For the neo-colonialists, however, Columbus stands symbolically as a role-model of conquest.

On "O12" this year, actions in solidarity with Venezuela's "Bolivarian Revolution" and against neo-imperialism and corporate-colonialism happened worldwide. In London we held a picket outside the Mexican and US Embassies, and in Amsterdam a caravan of cyclists denounced multi-national corporations outside their various headquarters. Solidarity actions also happened in Athens, Puerto Rico and Zimbabwe.

Why I'm Voting for Nader

Portland, 20.10.2004 18:01

Cascadian and Mid-west Activists take over Victoria Secret in Chicago!!

Portland, 20.10.2004 17:08

FBI Detains, Questions Activists after Rally

Tennessee, 20.10.2004 16:17

Activists confront CEO of National Coal Corporation Jon Nix Last night, Monday October 18, a group of 17 masked protesters held a rally outside the house of Jon Nix, the current CEO of National Coal Corporation. The activists chanted, and drummed for half an hour. As they tried to leave they were stopped and detained for two and a half hours by the Knox County Sheriff's Department and later the activists were questioned by the FBI.

PDX Books to Prisoners Announces Raffle Fundraiser

Portland, 20.10.2004 16:01

NLG RNC Legal FAQ [updated 10/15/04]

NYC, 20.10.2004 15:56

Updated questions about the rnc legal process, updated 10/15/2004.


Peru, 20.10.2004 15:29

Matanza de cocaleros en san gaban

FLOC and the Mt Olive Campaign: an Anarchist Perspective

Tennessee, 20.10.2004 14:59

The Mount Olive Pickle boycott is over. The bosses have relented. The Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) has been recognized as representing the workers in the cucumber fields of North Carolina... In the euphoria that follows a union victory, we anarchists must remind ourselves that winning a contract is a far cry from the self-organization of liberated workers that is our goal... As anarchists, even as we champion our ultimate ideals of liberated self organization, we should continue to support limited tendencies in the direction of mutual aid and solidarity, such as the FLOC/Mt Olive campaign.

Towards More Effective Political Oragnizations: The Role of Leadership in Anarchist Society

Tennessee, 20.10.2004 14:09

The debate over whether or not anarchists should organize is a long and rich one, but the value of organization will not be argued here. Rather, this text is addressed to those who are already convinced of the value of anarchist organization, but who may have doubts about what form such organization should take or, more specifically, about what should be the role of those whose personalities incline them to be at the front of most efforts , and who have ideas that they believe to be in advance of the rest of the membership. In other words, what are we to do about “leadership” in our organizations?... And what, then, is the nature of authority, as opposed to a more positive form of leadership?...


Brasil, 20.10.2004 14:00

Trabalhadores e trabalhadoras tem seus barracos queimados em PE


Brasil, 20.10.2004 14:00

Trabalhadores e trabalhadoras tem seus barracos queimados em PE

The Million Workers March in Washington DC, October 17, 2004

Tennessee, 20.10.2004 13:57

Two weeks before the American presidential election, there was a labor rally in Washington, DC. Few would call the event an unqualified success. The turnout was smaller than hoped for, there were organizational problems (detailed below), and the crowd was dominated by the already politicized... Still, there were bright spots to be found. The fact that the event even took place gives cause for hope regarding the unions in America... We can hope that more such events will be forthcoming, that with experience the organizational difficulties will be ironed out, and that more rank and file workers will began to participate. And as always, whenever workers join forces to battle the power of capital, we anarchists will be there.

City Council Looks at Ski Expansion, Again

Rogue Valley, 20.10.2004 13:14

The Ashland City Council once again took up the issue of ski expansion on Mt. Ashland last night. And once again, after over an hour of testimony by citizens both for and against the expansion proposal, the council decided to allow the process to proceed without any serious challenge by the governing body responsible for protecting our Municipal Watershed.

The issue at hand was to determine if the city council should file an administrative appeal of the Record of Decision (ROD) authorizing expansion into the Middle Branch watershed of the East Fork Ashland Creek, issued by the Forest Service last month. The Forest Service did not integrate all of the City's requests into the their decision, specifically the request that an independent Quality Assurance/Quality Control team be given oversight of any construction in our Municipal Watershed.

Observe the Elections Process in SE Portland

Portland, 20.10.2004 12:22

Global Liberation: Message of Hope and Resistance

Baltimore, 20.10.2004 12:15

Brief overview of the key themes in the new book "Global Liberation" edited by David Solnit, who visited Red Emma's book store and cafe October 19, 2004.

DeLay Debate

Houston, 20.10.2004 10:29

DeLay Debates 3 Challengers for District 22

Nueva edit Rosario

Argentina, 20.10.2004 07:38

Luchas al sur de Santa Fe

Feeding Vegetarians and Vegans In Your Family For The Holidays

Santa Cruz, CA, 20.10.2004 04:45

Family get-togethers nowadays can comprise many different diets. Often vegetarians and vegans present special challenges to family members who are not familiar with those dietary preferences. This article is for those family members. A vegetarian does not eat meat, but will eat dairy products and/or eggs. A vegan will not eat anything with meat, eggs, or dairy products. So a vegetarian can eat anything a vegan can eat, but not vice versa. With just a little forethought, these dietary preferences are not hard to accommodate. And your vegetarian/vegan guests will appreciate the efforts that show you cared. Often vegans and vegetarians resent the fact that no one cared about them having access to food that they can eat at family events, and with this little preparation, you can set the tone to be one of inclusion.

Soldiers Resist &quot;Suicide Mission&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.10.2004 04:03

US Soldiers Mutiny Rather Than Go on Unsafe Fuel Delivery Mission

UC Service Workers' Contract Fight

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.10.2004 03:59

UC Service Workers Converge on Berkeley Campus

Palestina en Orán

Argentina, 20.10.2004 03:16

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