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Israel realiza massacre em Gaza; número de mortos já passa de 345

Brasil, 30.12.2008 13:40


Как организовать восстания: опыт Греции

Belarus, 30.12.2008 12:37

25 декабря 2008 г.

С удовольствием представляем вам один из первых внутренних отчетов от участников беспорядков, которые сотрясали Грецию после убийства 6 декабря 15-летнего Александроса Григоропоулоса в анархическом районе Эксархия.

Это первая часть ответов, которые пришли от наших греческих товарищей. Надеемся, что скоро последует продолжение, рассказанное другими участниками греческого восстания, таким образом, мы сможем предоставить всесторонний анализ ситуации и развития восстания. Если вы или кто-то, кого вы знаете, обладает достаточной информацией, чтобы ответить на поставленные вопросы, пожалуйста, напишите нам на

From the Newswire

Perth, 30.12.2008 09:10

No to Israeli War Crimes - Rally Wed 31st Dec 12.30pm

&quot;Yes we can free Palestine&quot;-say marchers at Obama HQ

DC, 30.12.2008 07:11

In afternoon rush hour on December 29, at least 100 marchers gathered at Barrack Obama's transition office in DC's Chinatown to demand that he take a stand against Israel's relentless and murderous bombing of the Gaza Strip…more Download audio: This was one of some 50+ U.S. Protests of Israel's War on Gaza says the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation…more… Emergency Actions: 1-Stop the Massacre of Palestinians 2-rally Tuesday, December 30, 4:30 pm; State Department: 22nd St and C St NW || 3-after rally: raise funds for Ghaza… 4-Other Actions…

&quot;Stop Killing Our Children&quot;: Images from 12/28 March on the Israeli Consulate

NYC, 30.12.2008 03:09

On Sunday, December 28, New Yorkers gathered at Rockefeller Center, rallied, sang, chanted, and proceeded to march through midtown on their way to the the Israeli Consulate. With a day's notice, they came out by the thousands in protest of the Israeli state, its bombing of Gaza and its siege of Gaza.

A cuatro años de la masacre

Argentina, 30.12.2008 02:39

Cromañón: marcha contra la impunidad, por memoria y justicia

A cuatro años de la masacre

Argentina, 30.12.2008 02:39

Cromañón: marcha contra la impunidad, por memoria y justicia

Xmas Day Vigil 2008

LA, 30.12.2008 02:39

Xmas Day Vigil 2008

Xmas Day Vigil 2008

LA, 30.12.2008 02:39

Xmas Day Vigil 2008

Represión mortal en Senegal

Canarias, 30.12.2008 00:09

La situación sigue siendo dura en Kédougou. Desde el martes pasado, día 23, el ejército senegalés persigue a los jóvenes hasta sus casas para detenerlxs. La policía dice que han perdido una docena de armas de fuego que pertenecen a la brigada móvil de seguridad (BMS), incluidas tres ya encontradas. Según las mismas fuentes, es imprescindible encontrar esas armas antes de liberar a 21 jóvenes aún retenidxs en la cárcel.

Tres días después de la represión de las fuerzas armadas senegalesas contra la manifestación en la población de Kédougou donde el joven Sinna Mamadou Sidibe murió asesinado tras los sangrientos acontecimientos que tuvieron lugar entre las fuerzas armadas y la juventud senegalesa el martes, finalmente fué enterrado el jueves 25 en torno a las 10 AM. Los resultados de la autopsia realizada por el médico del hospital Dantec finalmente confirmó que fué alcanzado por un disparo de bala en la cabeza.

Trabajadores de Sanitarios Maracay: que se concrete la nacionalización

Venezuela, 29.12.2008 23:39

Para los que no oyen los bombardeos de Israel

Venezuela, 29.12.2008 23:39

Fashionable Death in Gaza

Boston, 29.12.2008 23:09

As we enjoy the usual holiday season of excesses which make those of the Roman empire appear minor, as we gorge ourselves on food and drink and gifts, we might spare a moment of reflection for those who are suffering on the periphery of 'news' worthiness. Our thoughts should turn to what is happening in Palestine. The last 48 hours has been witness to one of the greatest and most violent attacks levelled by the State of Israel against the civilian population of Gaza. The 'security compounds' which are being targeted by the IDF are, for the most part, government run bodies such as the police station, and a mosque (which is not government run). Suffice it to say that when a Canadian works for the Federal Government today, they are not by default a Conservative, and a Muslim in any part of the world, is not a de facto Hamas supporter, not even if they are Palestinian.

Banner Drop Over Storrow Drive in support of Palestinians

Boston, 29.12.2008 23:09

Today before the evening rush, activists dropped a banner that read "The Real Terrorists: The US & Israel." The action was done in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza and in the West Bank who are currently under attack by the Israeli Military. WIth the increasing violence against unarmed civilians in Gaza, it is important to be aware of the support that the US government gives to the Israeli Military, including supplying them with "bunker buster" bombs which have been used in the last three days of attacks, which have killed over 315 people.

Gaza Protest Rally

Cleveland, 29.12.2008 21:37


United Kingdom, 29.12.2008 20:40

United Kingdom, 29.12.2008 20:40

United Kingdom, 29.12.2008 20:40

Gaza Solidarity Protest in Portland Tuesday

Portland, 29.12.2008 17:39


Tuesday December 30, 2008
Gather at 4:30 and Rally 5:00 pm
Where: Federal Building, Downtown Portland, SW 3rd & Madison
Organized by: Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights, Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, and others.

Contact: (503) 344-5078

Flor da Palavra + Raiva Digna no México

Brasil, 29.12.2008 16:39

Zezta Internacional

Photos: Protest Against Israeli Bombings of Gaza

NYC, 29.12.2008 15:09

Palestinian activists protest Israeli bombing of Gaza.

A 7 Años del 19 y 20

Argentina, 29.12.2008 06:09

Con memoria y por justicia

Israel ataca a Gaza

Puerto Rico, 29.12.2008 05:23

Un bombardeo israelí en Gaza provoca una masacre que deja al menos 270 muertos

Solidaridad con Palestina

Puerto Rico, 29.12.2008 05:23

Protesta Contra los Ataques de Israel al Pueblo Palestino

Photos From Today's NYC Gaza Massacre Protest

NYC, 29.12.2008 03:39

Thousands of people marched today in New York City to protest the Israeli massacre in Gaza.

Rally to defend Gaza

Houston, 29.12.2008 03:38

Hundreds Rally in defense of Gaza, more protests begin Monday

Protests in Boston Against Israel's Attacks on Gaza

Boston, 29.12.2008 01:09

A day after Israel's air raids on Gaza, which claimed at least 290 lives and more than 900 wounded according to the Palestine News Network (, a coalition of groups in Boston gathered on Park Street to protest Israel's aggression. Protests have been carried out in several cities in the United States and around the world.

Anti-vivisection campaigners convicted of blackmail

United Kingdom, 29.12.2008 00:39

On December 23rd, 4 out of 5 activists on trial at Winchester Crown Court were found guilty of 'conspiracy to blackmail' Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) after a 3 and a half month long trial. The world's media, prompted by police press officers, were quick to condemn Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), providing examples of harassment against the employees of HLS, their customers, suppliers and investors.

Direct action against the company, not linked to those convicted, such as arson attacks, hoax bombs, letters alleging paedophilia, and threats were pointed to as evidence of the defendants' extremism. Police spokesmen and the National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (NETCU), the branch of the police set up to dismantle the animal rights movement and other expressions of the public's dissent, hailed the convictions as a victory. What was not examined in the media was the worrying development of the repressive use of the law which lead to the conviction of the four defendants.

The trial is the second large animal rights conspiracy trial this year following the imprisonment of Sean Kirtley, an activist involved with Stop Sequani Animal Torture (SSAT). Sean was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for updating a website with news about a legal, nonviolent campaign to close down Sequani laboratories in Ledbury. Despite the Sequani and SHAC investigations leading to convictions, both campaigns against the vivisection labs are continuing undeterred.

Newswire: Strategic Importance of HLS in the broader anticapitalist fight | SHAC Do Christmas & Solidarity Demos | Corporate Watch on SHAC Trial - State Repression of Anti-Corporate Dissent | Campaigning against cruelty is now punishable by up to 14 years in prison! | SHAC campaign against HLS continues despite the convictions says the Guardian | SHAC v HLS

Previous featuers: Solidarity For Political Prisoner Sean Kirtley | Largest HLS Investor Dumps All Shares | SHAC Prepares For National March & Rally | Victory for animal rights campaigners | Activist Imprisoned for Shouting | Fisher Scientific Embarrassed Over Links with HLS | SHAC World Day for Lab Animals | Asahi Glass Protesters Harassed by Police | "March Against the Murderers"

Links: Support Greg, Natasha & Heather | Support Dan Amos | Vegan Prisoners Support Group | SHAC | NETCU Watch | Indymedia UK SHAC topic page

Stop the Massacre in Gaza: Auckland Protest This Tuesday!

Aotearoa, 29.12.2008 00:10

4pm Tomorrow Tuesday 30th December. Outside US Consulate on Customs Street, Downtown Auckland. Just by bottom of Queen Street Protest organised by Global Peace and Justice Auckland (GPJA). Over the past two days Israeli airstrikes have killed nearly 300 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Government has said that a massive ground invasion by Israeli troops, may follow. This will result in even more terrible suffering and death. Demonstrations calling for an end to Israel's brutal occupation of Palestine are happening all over the World this week. The protest action in Auckland will target the US Consulate, as the US government continously beefs up Israel's occupation of Palestine with both massive amounts of military aid and diplomatic support. President Elect Barack Obama has indicated that his administration will continue to strongly support Israel's brutal occupation of Palestine. Gaza massacres must spur us to action

Hundreds of Gazans Reported Dead &amp; Injured on Sabbath Day Surprise Attack

Ireland, 28.12.2008 22:40

With a 200:1 ratio...How many Palestinians is an I ...

Kwanzaa 2008

Houston, 28.12.2008 19:08

Kwanzaa Celebrates Family Community and Culture

Striking Workers at Bronx Cookie Plant Face Difficult Christmas Season

NYC, 28.12.2008 15:40

It is Christmas time, but there is little holiday cheer at the Stella D’Oro cookie factory in the Bronx. The 136 workers at the famous Italian biscuit company, members of the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers, and Grain Millers (BCTGM) International Union Local 50, have now been on strike for more than four months and it may be several more before they head back to work. The workers’ contract extension expired at the end of July and Local 50 called the strike when the owners walked out of negotiations on August 13.

Radio Rebelde

Puerto Rico, 28.12.2008 10:41

Parte de guerra de Radio Rebelde el 27 de diciembre de 1958

Carteles de la OSPAAAL

Puerto Rico, 28.12.2008 10:41

El cartel cubano de la Tricontinental

Wojna w Gazie, protesty w Izraelu

Poland, 28.12.2008 09:40

Izraelskie samoloty bojowe i helikoptery zbombardowały wczoraj strefę Gazy, atakując cele cywilne (w tym meczet, szpital, uniwersytet, siedziby loklanych agencji prasowych i organizacji charytatywnych) i zabijając co najmniej 270 osób, raniąc ponad 900 - to jeden z najtragiczniejszych dni w Palestynie od ponad 60 lat. Szpitale w Gazie nie nadązają z opatrywaniem rannych; brakuje srodków i lekarstw niezbędnych do przeprowadzenia operacji ratujących zycie poszkodowanym w nalotach.

W odwecie na atak atak Hamas dokonał ostrzału rakietowego terytoriów izraelskich, w wyniku którego zginęła 1 osoba, kilka zostało ranych. Izraelczycy z południowych rejonów spedzili nic w schronach.

Protest In Palo Alto Against Facebook Censoring Of Breast Feeding

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.12.2008 02:08

Recently, Facebook has started not allowing people to post profile pictures of babies nursing. The pictures have been reported as 'obscene' and have been removed- their posters warned not to repost or fear being kicked off of Facebook.

On December 27th, protesters gathered in front of Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto to protest against discrimination against nursing mothers.

A 7 Años del 19 y 20

Argentina, 27.12.2008 22:39

Con memoria y por justicia

Chicos del Pueblo en Rosario

Argentina, 27.12.2008 22:39


Call out for Practical, Original Ideas?

Portland, 27.12.2008 21:39

Do you have any ideas that could benefit humanity? I mean really? Are there any solutions? I've been checking out Indy Media here for about three weeks and it's fascinating. It really is. I've learned a lot, and had some almost productive conversations. I've read some interesting discussions about eliminating poverty, anarchic society, consumerism, pirates and Zimbabwe; it's really been an education. There is no doubt that Portland Indy media has a readership of very intelligent people.

Intel Fails to Make Good on Green Rhetoric

Portland, 27.12.2008 21:39

Oregon Intel calls itself a "green" company and a "good corporate citizen." However, Intel belongs to the business association Industrial Customers of Northwest Utilities, which has consistently lobbied against progress on global warming and clean energy issues in this state. Please ask Intel to live up to its green rhetoric by lobbying FOR clean energy in Oregon.

Let's paint the Hawthorne Bridge PINK

Portland, 27.12.2008 21:39

I'm in favor of asking the City Council in Portland to paint the Hawthorne Bridge pink. It would serve as our memorial, our HomoMonument to all those who were murdered for being gay, lesbian, bi, or transgendered, during and after the Second World War. The wages would be welcome in this economy, too. There is a Homomonument in Amsterdam, and its website gives the following reason for its existence:

"Immediately following the end of the Second World War there were calls to establish a memorial to commemorate the gay men and women who lost their lives in the war. However, all efforts to establish a monument failed. It took until the 1980's, almost 40 years after the war, before the time was ripe. It wasn't until then that thorough research into the persecution of homosexuals in the Second World War was properly conducted.

Impeachment Protest Vigil Continues 12.18.08

Portland, 27.12.2008 20:39

December 18 2008 as the temperature drops to the low 30's the weekly protest/ vigil (Thursday at high noon) continue outside of the Portland office of House District 3 Representative Earl Blumenauer.

The protest vigil is "to encourage & remind him (Earl) that his constituent's want accountability and an honest and forthright presidency. By Earl Blumenauer refusing (and continuing to ignore the lawlessness) to hold the Bush administration accountable for their human rights violations and for their disrespect on holding-up (protecting) the US Constitution as our honored "law of our land" ...we (protesters) are outside his office (weekly) showing the world we (as individual's and citizens for justice) are displeased and outraged that Earl Blumenauer will tolerate and allow these violations. The group holding this protest will be here till Jan 20 (2008)when the Liar in Chief steps down from his stolen position.

Local Urban CSA sponsoring Seed Exchange - Jan 3

Portland, 27.12.2008 20:39

Sunroot Gardens is an urban CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farming enterprise. We bike around, growing vegetables in people's yards and "unimproved" public rights-of-way, etc. We saved a boat-load of seeds this year from a ton of veggies, herbs, and flowers, and will be making the collection available at an Exchange on Jan. 3.

2008 AntiMall

LA, 27.12.2008 19:38

2008 AntiMall

Day Laborers in Woodbridge and Manassas Face Hunger

DC, 27.12.2008 19:10

The situation for the day laborers in Woodbridge and Manassas is increasingly grim, and hunger has become a major issue. Last Sunday Woodbridge Workers Committee volunteers conducted our second bi-weekly food distribution of the winter. During the night, freezing rain fell and distribution began under dangerous conditions. By noon, we distributed over 200 bags of food - enough to last an individual 4 or 5 days. The total cost of last week's distribution alone was over $1,000 and winter has just begun.

Editorial Cartoon by Latuff re: New Israeli Assault on Gaza

DC, 27.12.2008 19:10

Editorial Cartoon by Latuff speaks out on renewed attacks on Gaza which killed just over 200 people, according to reports on Reuters posted this afternoon.

Over 200 Palestinians Dead As Israel Attacks Gaza

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.12.2008 18:38

On December 27th, Israeli air strikes targeted police stations in Gaza killing at least 205 people and injuring hundreds more. Many of the dead were Palestinian police officers, including more than a dozen traffic police officers undergoing training. An unknown number of civilians have been killed and injured; the Israeli attacks came at the time thousands of Palestinian children were in the streets on their way home from school.

Animal Rights Activists in UK Convicted of Blackmail

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.12.2008 09:38

On December 23rd, four out of five activists on trial at Winchester Crown Court, UK were found guilty of 'Conspiracy to Blackmail' Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) after a three and a half month long trial. The trial is part of a larger attack on the animal rights movement. In May this year, Sean Kirtley, an activist involved with Stop Sequani Animal Torture (SSAT), was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for updating a website with news about a legal, nonviolent campaign to close down Sequani laboratories in Ledbury.

Sea Sheperd Update 12.26.08

Portland, 27.12.2008 01:39

"We still have them on the run and we intend to keep them on the run for as long as our fuel resources allow," said Captain Watson. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Steve Irwin closed in on one of the vessels of the Japanese whaling fleet at 0730 Hours GMT (1930 Hours Sydney Time) on December 26th off the coast of the Australian Antarctic Territory north of the Mawson Peninsula.

The Kaiko Maru emerged from dense fog in front of the Steve Irwin. The Sea Shepherd crew pursued and delivered 10 bottles of rotten butter and 15 bottles of a methyl cellulose and indelible dye mixture... Since Saturday, the Sea Shepherd crew have chased the Japanese fleet for 400 miles through heavy fog, dense ice and nasty weather. During that time they have not been able to kill any whales. [ Read more |Sea Shepherd News]

Los acusan por saqueos ocurrido en Moreno y San Miguel

Argentina, 27.12.2008 00:09

Detienen a cuatro militantes sociales

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