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more pro gaza rally pictures

Portland, 13.01.2009 03:09

more pro-gaza rally pictures from pioneer square, j.10.09 portland, or.

Cerca de 1000 palestinos muertos por los ataques a Gaza

Argentina, 13.01.2009 02:39

Nueva fase de los ataques de Israel: Más muerte y más violencia

Witness Against Torture, ACLU, AI, 9/11 Families, Others Mark Guàntanamo Anniversary

DC, 13.01.2009 00:10

SEVENTH SORRY ANNIVERSARY PROTESTED Guàntanamo Bay opened for business on Jan 11, 2002. Now seven sorry years have passed – and Barack Obama is backsliding on his promise to close this notorious hellhole. He calls it "difficult!" On Jan 11, 2009, opponents of torture staged a protest demanding he keep his promise to shut it down. More SPEAKERS, ORGANIZERS EXPRESS UNFOUNDED OPTIMISM, ASTONISHING NAIVETE REGARDING INCOMING REGIME Before the symbolic procession of hooded "prisoners", speaker after speaker displayed an amazing willingness to trust in Emperor-Elect Obama's promises to close Guàntanamo, and a disappointing inability to "connect the dots" in the context of the growing list of Obama's broken promises of "change" in various policy areas since winning the "election" last November. More Video: Never Forget One-Eleven, by Mike Flugennock, via YouTube. Still photography by Isis, via Flickr. Broadcast Audio via WSQT Direct Action Radio 88.1FM. "The Torturer-Elect?" Steve Hendricks writes in CounterPunch, January 11 2009.

Juan Manuel Martínez Moreno framed for Brad Will's murder in Oaxaca

United States, 12.01.2009 23:37

Friends of Brad Will and a number of other human rights organizations are calling for the immediate release of Juan Manuel. It is widely believed that Manuel is being framed by the government for the murder of Indymedia journalist, Brad Will, in Oaxaca during the 2006 uprising. The frame up is seen as part a larger cover up to protect the government paramilitary forces that are believed responsible for Bard Will’s murder. The outrage over the trail of Manuel is partly fueled by video filmed by Brad Will himself, video which many believe to show the identity of those Brad Will’s true killers. Many above noted the irony of the fact that it is Manuel and others who may have actually have tried to save Brad Will’s life after he was shot. Human rights activists familiar with the situation in Oaxaca are asking supporters to sign a letter of support to the judge presiding over the case.

Read More: Support Juan Manuel, the person being charged for Brad Will's murder! (includes video appeal by Juan's family) | | | From Narcosphere: "I Didn't Kill Brad Will": An Interview with Juan Manuel Martinez | Oct08 Press Release | | | More information: | |

Climate Rush occupy Heathrow and Manchester Airports

United Kingdom, 12.01.2009 22:10

Both Heathrow and Manchester airports are being targeted today in the second mass action by 'Climate Rush'. The domestic departure lounges of both airports are being simultaneously occupied by protesters staging a sit-down 'dinner'.

Around 500 people defied airport bylaws by holding the protest - there were no arrests. Additionally, performers, musicians and artists transformed Heathrow Terminal 1 after a call-out by a new art collective called 'ARTPORT'.

Todays actions were timed to coincide with MPs return to the house of commons. This week the government is expected to announce the go-ahead for Heathrows third runway although there is now speculation that the announcement will be delayed again.

Climate Rush Links: Climate Rush Heathrow | Northern Climate Rush | Directions to Heathrow | FAQs | Artport

Related articles: Climate Rush Media coverage | Parliament Rushed | Suffragettes interrupt the Energy Minister in preparation for the Climate Rush | Parliament statues get sashed | invitation to Ed Miliband | Klimax members storm a municipal city council | Third Runway Article, Telegraph | Party at Heathrow, Guardian | Heathrow Blockade, Times | Protesters Plot, Evening Standard | Caroline Lucas, Guardian | Protesters to close Heathrow | A flying start to the new year for anti-aviation campaigners

Video and photos: Parliament Rush Photos | Climate Rush Photos | Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Caroline Lucas speech | Rush Invite

Two Hundred March Against Wirral Cuts

United Kingdom, 12.01.2009 22:10

As hundreds of thousands in London, Edinburgh and around the world demonstrated against Israel's genocidal attacks on Gaza, a much smaller protest took place in Wallasey, Merseyside. While it would be inappropriate to draw many parallels between the two, it can be said the struggle for life and freedom in Palestine and for decent public services in this country have one thing in common: they represent squares in the global chess match between the profit system and the rest of humanity.

Police provoke and arrest protesters Urgent: Call the NYPD NOW!!!

NYC, 12.01.2009 17:39


Join Impact Gay Marriage

Houston, 12.01.2009 17:10

Protesters gather to demand same sex marriage rights

Baltimore's worker owned Bicycle Shop

Baltimore, 12.01.2009 16:09

Baltimore's worker owned Bicycle Shop, the Baltimore Bicycle Works.

Obama's Transparent Hypocrisy on Gaza

DC, 12.01.2009 14:11

President-Elect Barack Obama on Sunday told ABC's "This Week" that he stands by his July 2008 endorsement of Israel's "right to defend itself". Obama's comments came after he was asked about the widespread criticism of his position — or rather, his refusal to take a direct position — relating to the Israeli aggression in Gaza…

Photos: Rallies Supporting and Protesting the Ongoing Israeli Assault on Gaza

NYC, 12.01.2009 14:09

Two large rallies held in Manhattan on Sunday afternoon addressed the issue of the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza.

Thousands Line the Streets of 7th Avenue, Calling for an End to the Israeli Assault on Gaza

NYC, 12.01.2009 14:09

The rally and march to the Time Warner building near Columbus Circle was organized by the Break the Siege on Gaza Coalition-NY, which includes a number of local pro-Palestinian organizations. Time Warner was targeted because the demonstrators say that CNN and other media outlets are not showing the truth about Gaza.

DDoS Attack: Website Monitoring Military and CIA Planes through Shannon

Ireland, 12.01.2009 13:10

Well organised, repeated attempts to shut down Sha ...

Political Prisoner Hugo Pinell To Have Parole Hearing on January 17

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.01.2009 10:40

In a new interview, San Francisco journalist and former Black Panther Kiilu Nyasha writes that San Quentin Six prisoner "Hugo L. A. Pinell, nicknamed 'Yogi Bear,' will go to Board again on January 17. His last Board appearance was November 14, 2006 when he was denied two years, despite having no rule infractions for 24 years. Make that nearly 27 years clean time now. One of George Jackson's closest comrades, Yogi has now been incarcerated in California prisons for almost 45 years, nearly 39 in solitary confinement, the last 19 in the Pelican Bay SHU (Security Housing Unit, or 24/7 lockup)."

FIOB Opens Office in Greenfield, CA

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.01.2009 09:09

On December 18, members of the Binational Front of Indigenous Organizations (FIOB) in the city of Greenfield, California opened a new office in the city to meet the requests of the indigenous migrant community in this area. The grand opening is doubly symbolic because International Day of the Migrant is celebrated on this day.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 12.01.2009 09:08


National Day of Protest: Close Guantanamo and End Torture

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.01.2009 07:09

Sunday, January 11, a rally protesting U.S. torture at Guantanamo and around the world took place at Market and Powell Streets in San Francisco. A march through the surrounding Union Square shopping district with a line of orange-clad "prisoners" dramatized the plight of people caught in the U.S. detention system. and was followed by concluding remarks at the Powell Street cable car turnaround. The rally was part of a National Day of Protest: Close Guantanamo and End U.S. Torture Policies Everywhere.

Urteilsverkündung zum Tod Oury Jallohs/Dessau

Germany, 12.01.2009 07:09

08. Dezember 2008 // 9.00 - 18.00 Uhr
„Das, was hier geboten wurde, war kein Rechtsstaat und Polizeibeamte, die in einem besonderen Maße dem Rechtsstaat verpflichtet waren, haben eine Aufklärung verunmöglicht. All diese Beamten, die uns hier belogen haben sind einzelne Beamte, die als Polizisten in diesem Land nichts zu suchen haben.“
Nach 59 Verhandlungstagen Freisprüche für beide Angeklagte // Richter Manfred Steinhoff macht Aussageverhalten von Polizisten für das Scheitern eines rechtsstaatlichen Verfahrens verantwortlich // Proteste und Tumulte nach Urteilsverkündung

Protests Against Israeli War on Gaza Continue

LA, 12.01.2009 07:09

Protests Against Israeli War on Gaza Continue

January 10th Save Gaza - End the Siege

Seattle, 12.01.2009 07:08

The mass slaughter continues, with over 865 Palestinians murdered as of this writing.

Saturday, January 10, 2009 - 12:01 PM
Federal Courthouse, 700 Stewart Seattle

The World Stands Up for Gaza

Aotearoa, 12.01.2009 00:10

Over the weekend there were demonstrations in solidarity with the people of Gaza in Aotearoa and across the World. Auckland: From Socialist Aotearoa Over one thousand people took over the city centre of Auckland in a mass die in on Queen Street, furious at the Israeli Massacre of the people of Gaza. The biggest march for justice in Palestine in the history of New Zealand, it also saw a powerful unity between Aotearoa's Muslim and Arab community and the radical Left. A barrage of hundreds of shoes rained unto a bannerless American Consulate to the chant of "Hey, Hey, USA- where's your bloody flag today?" Over 100,000 people marched in London, surrounding the Israeli embassy where riot cops batoned and cavalry charged the crowd. In Ireland, thousands took to the streets of Belfast and Dublin, whilst in Derry the missile factory Raytheon was blockaded. Tens of thousands also marched in Paris, on the streets of Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, Italy, the USA and Egypt. The deeply unpopular Egyptian government hovers on the edge of a mass uprising, its brutality to its own striking workers and poor now compounded by its complicity in the Israeli assault in Gaza. In our thousands and our millions- we are all Palestinians | Photos from Auckland march Christchurch: A lunchtime rally against the invasion of Gaza (with only 48 hours prior notice) drew a decent crowd of 100 people in Cathedral Square. report and photos. Meanwhile a larger march in Christchurch is planned for Saturday the 17th of January. Christchurch Palestine March This Saturday

National Free Gaza demo 10.01.2009

United Kingdom, 11.01.2009 23:39

Two weeks into Israels latest war of aggression against the people of Palestine over 800 people are dead, over 257 of which are children. Across the world there have been militant protests and on Saturday 10th January the second UK national demonstration since the invasion took place in London. Between 50,000 and 100,000 people took place in the march which went from Hyde Park to the Israeli embassy. Other demonstrations and actions took place across the country over the whole weekend,

See the whole timeline of events


Griechenland - Update bis 11. Januar

Germany, 11.01.2009 23:09

Griechenland update
über 100 vorläufige Festnahmen am 9.10. in Athen, Demonstrationen in vielen Städten, Syndikalistin auf einem Auge blind, Gewerkschaftszentrale in Ioánnina besetzt, am 17.01. landesweite Demo in Lárissa für die Freilassung aller Gefangenen.

[Mü] Sicherheitskonferenz 2009 wirft seine Schatten voraus

Germany, 11.01.2009 21:39

Zum 45. Mal wird von 6. bis 8. Februar die so genannte "Sicherheitskonferenz" im Münchner Hotel "Bayerischer Hof" tagen. Zum 60. Jubiläum bringen sich auch die GegnerInnen des "NATO-Treffens" in Stellung. Das Motto lautet dieses Jahr: "München: Smash We Can - Siko 2009 angreifen!"

17 Everglades Earth First! Activists Arrested in Swampy Stand-Off

Miami, 11.01.2009 21:37

17 Everglades Earth First! Activists Arrested in Swampy Stand-Off

Katrina's Hidden Race War

New Orleans, 11.01.2009 18:10

Katrina's Hidden Race War

Indigenous Peoples Day: Southern La. Tribes Hurting from Gustav and Ike

New Orleans, 11.01.2009 18:10

Indigenous Peoples Day: Southern La. Tribes Hurting from Gustav and Ike

Police Murder of Adolph Grimes

New Orleans, 11.01.2009 18:10

Community Mobilizes Against Police Murder of Adolph Grimes

In South Bay LGBTQI Activists Vow to &quot;Hold Obama's Feet to the Fire&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.01.2009 18:10

In an open letter to the Lesbian and Gay community during his campaign, president-elect Obama promised, "I will never compromise on my commitment to equal rights for all LGBT Americans." On January 10th, three South Bay activist groups came together to lead a rally calling on Mr. Obama to hold true to his word. The downtown San Jose rally was part of a national day of action to gather a million signatures to demand equal rights for the gay community. The signatures are to be delivered to Obama on January 20th, Inauguration Day.

15,000+ March in Sleet for Gaza

DC, 11.01.2009 17:10

In a sea of kaffiyahs and Palestinian flags, more women than men, a pretty big protest called on short notice, went on a 2 mile march, to stop the massacre going on in Gaza. The rising death count of children was on everyone's mind. Many Muslim American groups were represented, including Muslim student groups, and Right of Return groups.

Funeral Procession in Boston Join National Protests Against Israel's Incursion in Gaza

Boston, 11.01.2009 04:09

Boston, Mass.--Around 400 people with home-made coffins marched in downtown Boston in a silent funeral procession to join protests around the world against Israel's military aggression in Gaza. Thousands marched in major cities in Europe, Arab countries, and the United States to express their outrage for the killings of so far 821 Palestinians, including 235 children, and close to 3700 wounded (50% of them women and children). Thirteen Israelis have died in the offensive, ten of them soldiers. “Palestinian people must be some of the most extraordinary human beings in the world to continue to survive and raise families and talk about peace under the conditions they are living in,” said Catherine Hoffman from the Cambridge-Bethlehem People-to-People Project. “People who see Israel as the victim here, can see the power, absolute power that Israel wields in Palestine, not just now in terms of the killing, but everyday in terms of the occupation.”

January 15: Presentation of LGBT Latino Needs Assessment 2008

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.01.2009 22:09

SANTA CRUZ, CA - The Diversity Center's Latino Outreach program will hold a presentation of the "Assessment of the Latino Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community of Santa Cruz County" on Thursday, January 15th, at 5:00pm at the Diversity Center (1117 Soquel Ave). This report will present what Latino LGBT people have identified as their issues and needs and how one can better support them as service providers, family, friends and teachers.

Ocupação Guerreiros do 510, resiste!

Brasil, 10.01.2009 18:39


Workers Understand Democracy, Say Pass Employee Free Choice Act

Boston, 10.01.2009 16:09

Almost eight in 10 Americans support legislation that would make it easier for workers to join or organize labor unions, according to a new national survey from Peter D. Hart and Associates released this week. The opinion poll was designed to gather public views on the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill in Congress that would impose tough sanctions against employers who harass or fire workers who try to join unions, reduce federal red tape on certifying unions, and give workers the choice about whether they want to vote on their union by card check or by secret ballot.

Workers Understand Democracy, Want To Join Unions

Rogue Valley, 10.01.2009 05:40

Almost eight in 10 Americans support legislation that would make it easier for workers to join or organize labor unions, according to a new national survey from Peter D. Hart and Associates released this week.

Here in Southern Oregon people have been signing cards of support for the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). There is a growing groundswell of ordinary workers who are lining up to say they want to better their employment status by gaining a voice at work. Sign the online petition here: We CAN turn this economy around! Support EFCA for a better future!--Wes Brain, Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice

Police Harass Friday Prayer/Gaza March

DC, 10.01.2009 05:24

On Jan 9th Supporters of the beseiged and embattled people of Gaza held Friday prayers in Lafayette Park, followed by a march to Upper Senate Pk. This was while Congress considered AIPAC's anti-Palestinian resolution(House Res 34)-and drew harasment from the US Park Police at the beginning. Audio:Police harassment Audio:Interview with a Palestinian Refugee Audio:sample of chants Khutba(sermon)given at Friday prayers(about 15 min)


Athens, 10.01.2009 04:09

Η χούντα δεν τελείωσε το ΄73...

Clean Energy Rally -- Salem January 13th -- NO LNG!!!!

Portland, 09.01.2009 21:38

Clean Energy/Anti-LNG Rally
January 13th, 11AM-1PM on the capitol steps in Salem
Bring your signs, tractors, fishing boats, friends, families and voices.
Help our message to be heard: We want clean, renewable energy -- not more foreign fossil fuels!

Highlights of the event will include:
-Raging Grannies
-Radical Cheerleading
-Speakers ranging from elected officials to grassroots activists
-Street Theater

USA: dalsze protesty po policyjnym zabójstwie

Poland, 09.01.2009 17:10

Nie ustają protesty po zabójstwie w Oakland przez policję 22-letniego Oskara Granta. Chhłopak atresztowany 1 stycznia za bójke w metrze został zatrzelony przez funkcjonariusza ochrony metra BART w egzekucyjnym stylu, na oczach świadków, gdy lezał skuty na ziemi i nie stawiał żadnego oporu.

Demonstrations continue to put pressure political figures over Gaza inaction

United States, 09.01.2009 17:07

Coordinated protests planned for Saturday, January 10.

New York, NY — Some 300 New Yorkers gathered in front of City Hall in Manhattan Wednesday evening, slamming New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for a recent visit to Israel, during which he endorsed the Jewish state’s ongoing bombardment of Gaza and failed to acknowledge the suffering of the Palestinians. Read Morel

Boston, MA — A diverse group of 30 Palestinian-Americans, Jewish Americans and supporters dramatized the US funded Israeli war crimes in Gaza with a "die-in" at the Israeli Consulate. Four protesters were arrested when they refused to leave the lobby until Israel agreed to an immediate and unconditional ceasefire and to end its 18-month blockade on Gaza, which has prevented Palestinians from having food, medicine and electricity. Read More

More Solidarity Protest Reports: Montreal | Oklahoma City | Toronto (audio) | Washington, DC | Indymedia.Org Roundup | | | Upcoming Actions: San Francisco

Related Coverage: Public Access Program Discussing Israeli Massacre of Innocent Civilians Wilsonville-based company "FLIR" puts all of Gaza in its crosshairs The Inky Struggles, Unsuccessfully, With the Gaza Assault ADC Demands Investigation of Israeli Bombing of UN School in Gaza

Ýsrailliler de savaþa karþý

Istanbul, 09.01.2009 14:10

"Olmert, Barak ve Livni, Sizi Ýsrailliler Cezalandýracak!"

Livre absolvição para Nicolás Sguiglia e Javier Toret

Brasil, 09.01.2009 13:09


anarchists attack east bay police station

Portland, 09.01.2009 07:38

Last night at 3:00 a.m. we attacked the police station across the street from Ashby BART. All of its front windows were smashed out with bricks. If the pigs think they can keep getting away with murder; they've got another thing coming. May this small action help to fuel the fires of the uprising spawned by the most recent murder at the hands of the armed thugs of capital.

On January 1st, 22 year old Oscar Grant was executed by Officer Johannes Mehserle of the BART police in plain view of a number of people while he was laying face down on the ground with his hands behind his back and reportedly handcuffed. Had his death not been captured on film and viewed by millions of people, this would undoubtedly be covered up and justified like the countless others murdered by the pigs in this country every year. Unfortunately for officer Mehserle, this cold blooded execution inspired hundreds of people to fight back against the pigs and the fucked up system they attempt to protect.

Bostonians Arrested Demanding End to US-Funded Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

Boston, 09.01.2009 02:09

BOSTON – A diverse group of 30 Palestinian-Americans, Jewish Americans and supporters dramatized the US funded Israeli war crimes in Gaza with a "die-in" at the Israeli Consulate at 20 Park Plaza in Boston, MA. Demonstrators carried poster-sized images of the recent carnage in Gaza and read the names of the over 700 Palestinian dead as a result of US-funded Israeli aggression. Susan Barney, Rick Colbath-Hess, Ridgely Fuller, and Patrick Keaney, were arrested when they refused to leave the lobby of the consulate building, until Israel agreed to an immediate and unconditional ceasefire and to end its 18-month blockade on Gaza, which has prevented Palestinians from having food, medicine and electricity. RELATED: "The people of Gaza are not alone!" Jewish Women Occupy Israeli Consulate in Toronto [audio report]

Day of Solidarity for the 22 year old shooting victim from Oakland

Portland, 08.01.2009 21:38

Looking for support from PDX to come out and support this man and his

family in these times. This situation that occured in Oakland

affects us all,and before it happens again here we need to warn the

machine that there will be retaliation and we will not step down.

Contact me if interested on getting together downtown in support of

this young man!

Read More

Autonomous solidarity action for Oscar Grant and the Greek rioters

author: Some Autonomous Individuals

Solidarity action in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Solidarity action for Oscar Grant and the Greek rioters.

Today, a BART police car received damage via superglued locks. Two

BART ticket machines were also superglued.

Read More

View pictures of last nights events here

For Oscar Grant and the Greek rioters.

New Yorkers Rally at City Hall to Protest Bloomberg’s Trip to Israel

NYC, 08.01.2009 21:09

Some 300 New Yorkers gathered in front of City Hall in Manhattan Wednesday evening, slamming New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for a recent visit to Israel, during which he endorsed the Jewish state’s ongoing bombardment of Gaza and failed to acknowledge the suffering of the Palestinians.

Wilsonville-based company &quot;FLIR&quot; puts all of Gaza in its crosshairs

Portland, 08.01.2009 20:38

Look closely at the footage the Israelis are releasing of their bommbings of Gaza. You can clearly see the "FLIR" label on some of them. This company cannot hide their involvement. They need to get out of the government contracting business and stick to explicitly selling their technology for civilian uses, or they need to be shut down!

If you were watching Democracy Now today, during the music break before the UNRWA representative Christopher Gunness spoke you may have been watching the "precision" bomb-dropping footage in horror already. But look closer, it gets worse. The FLIR watermark is there for all to see. This is a global company that makes "precision targeting systems" for sale to "friendly" militaries like Israel, and their GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS is based just south of Portland.

Bark-About to the Palomar Pipeline

Portland, 08.01.2009 20:38

Take advantage of the warm weather and come see for yourself what will be lost if the Palomar Pipeline is built. The proposed Palomar Pipeline crosses the Clackamas River at one of its most scenic bends.

Sunday, January 11, 9am-5pm

At the halfway mark, we will come to the route of the proposed Palomar Pipeline where it crosses the Wild and Scenic Clackamas River. Bark Timber Sale Committee member and GIS specialist Matt Mavko will describe the impacts of the pipeline proposal and hikers will be given an opportunity to write official comments to the Forest Service about the pipeline.

Manifesto de repúdio a mais este crime de Israel

Brasil, 08.01.2009 17:41


Climate Rush is hitting Heathrow and Manchester airport on the 12 January 2009

United Kingdom, 08.01.2009 14:11

Climate Rush is back, and this time at Heathrow and Manchester airports for dinner.

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