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Coca-Cola te mata

Indymedia Colombia, 29.06.2004 04:29

Virginia: Bring the Noise!

jen lawhorne, 29.06.2004 02:22

Join hundreds of people in protest this Saturday for the Virginia Anti-War Coalition���s Rally and March at Monroe Park at 4 p.m. As the war rages in Iraq, the rest of the world and at home, dissenters across the globe are mobilizing in opposition to the U.S. government���s quest for empire. March endorsers / Directions to Monroe Park / Parking information / Housing information

Plafonamento: a Pilhagem da Seguran��a Social

29.06.2004 00:57

Plafonamento: a Pilhagem da Seguran��a Social

Health Writers on the Air -- June 24, 2004

Health Writers on the Air, 29.06.2004 00:30

Is there any hope for anything that resembles Universal Health Care in Wisconsin under the current legislature? We examine the AFL/CIO's new proposal to at least improve access to many. We go from that grassroots movement... to eating grass. The health wonders of eating weeds is examined. Finally, we interview a LOW CARB tortilla seller, who tells us how they are made, how they will impact the hispanic diabetic community, and what it is going to cost them. This show first aired on WORT, 89.9fm in Madison, WI on June 24, 2004 (28:15)

Bio 2001

SDIMC, 29.06.2004 00:08

This Wednesday SDIMC and Voz Alta are pleased to present documentarian Juan F. Pazos, who will introduce his video "Bio 2001."

Ireland-Turkey: protests against Bush, NATO

imc-features, 29.06.2004 00:02


On Thursday 24 of June, a peace-camp opened up in Shannon. Pictures: 1

On June 25th it was raided by police who found... balloons

About 10.000 protested in Dublin and 500 at Shannon against the visit of Bush in Dublin on June 25th

Pictures: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7] Press-images: [1 | 2]

Feature on Indymedia Ireland | Indymedia Ireland


On 28-29th of June Bush will attend the NATO-summit in Istanbul. The past weekend there was already protest against Bush, the NATO-summit, and war. Pictures: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10]

Pictures of June 28: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Indymedia Istanbul | Resistanbul 2004

Gay Power Continues to Fight For Rights Across the Globe

Sunny, 28.06.2004 23:57

In the last month, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered and non-gender identified people have marched and demonstrated in the streets to continue the fight for the human rights to live and love. From San Francisco to Berlin and the United Kingdom, millions of people demonstrated for everything from the right to marry to the right to avoid persecution from their governments based on their sexuality. The gay power movement began out of the Stonewall riots in New York in 1969, but today many gay activists express outrage over the commodification of queer culture into a giant target market. This year, COORS was dropped as the sponsor of many parades, based on its anti-gay policies.

GLAAD | Gay Rights Info | Human Rights Campaign | IGLHRC | OutRage! | Gay Shame | Queer Youth Alliance | National Youth Advocacy Coaltion | SFBay IMC LGBTQI Page

Catch the film - petro economic collapse

LA IMC, 28.06.2004 22:00

The End of Suburbia

Protest Marriage Affirmation Act

Emily Betts, 28.06.2004 21:17

The Virginians Stand Up for Equality coalition announces a ���Day of Action��� to protest the extreme anti-gay ���Affirmation of Marriage Act��� (HB 751) which goes into effect on July 1. Events will take place on Wednesday, June 30 in Richmond at the Capital Square Belltower at 6:30PM. ���With events occurring around the state nearly simultaneously, we���ll be sending a strong message to all of our elected officials that we reject the divisive politics of homophobia,��� said Dyana Mason, Executive Director of Equality Virginia and coalition partner.

De toestand in Europa

Netherlands, 28.06.2004 20:19

De toestand met Europa
Het Nederlands voorzitterschap van de Europese Unie komt eraan. Rondom de verschillende officiële toppen staan allerlei activiteiten op het programma. In Maastricht is er van 1-4 juli het ReThink Europe Festival. Maar eerst hadden we natuurlijk de farce van de Europese verkiezingen. En zaterdag 26 juni was er een feestelijke parade in Utrecht waarbij op een ludieke manier werd gedemonstreerd tegen de EU [ fotos: 1 | 2 | 3 ]


F��BRICAS OCUPADAS, 28.06.2004 18:20

Cresce a mobiliza����o em favor dos(as) trabalhadores(as) da Diamantina

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

SF Bay Area Indymedia, 28.06.2004 17:08

Power Transferred from Bremer to Negroponte and Allawi: No Sovereignty In Sight

Happy Mob Turns Out to Oppose Counter Protest

LA IMC, 28.06.2004 16:38

Happy Mob Turns Out to Oppose Counter Protest

Venice Neighborhood

LA IMC, 28.06.2004 16:35

Venice Progressives Seek Support

Cobb wins Green nomination, stressing &quot;self-respect&quot;

Andrew Broman, 28.06.2004 16:28

The implied message at the Green Party convention this weekend was that a vote for David Cobb's candidacy was also one for self-respect. Cobb, a lawyer from Texas, portrayed the route of endorsing Nader's independent candidacy as a sign of party weakness.

���������� �� �������������������� ���� ���������� ���� ��������������&amp;#61499;

28.06.2004 12:04

�������������������� ���������� 6 ������������������������ ������ ������������������ ������������������

Greenpeace Family Campout: Love and Learning

happy camper, 28.06.2004 11:18

Approximately 70 people camped out in the Kelsey Whisky with Greenpeace folk and local forest activists in this final weekend of the Forest Rescue Station. Families with babes in arms and energetic youth hiked the Old-Growth forest slated to be cut.

Antigay March Intrudes Upon Pro-Queer March, Three Pro-Queer Participants Arrested in Ensuing Confrontation; Emergency Support Actions Underway

Chicago Indymedia, 28.06.2004 04:31

An antigay march tried to intrude upon the Chicago Gay Pride Parade on June 27, which prompted a chain of events where three pro-queer activists were arrested and now face possible felony charges.

A march organized by queer and pro-queer anarchists proceeded from Chicago's Uptown neighborhood through to the neighborhood of Boys Town and sought to criticize co-opted and capitalized aspects of the Chicago Gay Pride Parade. But the march wound up confronted by a counter-march which sought to enter the Pride Parade near the intersection of Clark and Halsted.

Police intervened to break up the confrontation. None of the homophobic counter-marchers evidently were arrested, but three pro-queer march participants were arrested. The three arrestees, who had nothing to do with the altercation, nevertheless face felony charges and a hearing has already been set for Monday, June 28, 1pm at Cook County Jail (26th and California, Branch One). Update: Last Arrestee Released

Read more: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | Photos [ 1 ]

SAY NO to FAKE Sovereignty! Bring the Troops Home Now!

Iraq Peace Action Coalition, 28.06.2004 02:00

On the day the U.S. officials in Baghdad stage their fake ���transfer of power��� come to speak out against the deadly violence of the continued U.S. military occupation of Iraq. Wednesday, June 30, 2004 4:30 - 5:30PM Join the weekly vigil at the Lake Street/Marshall Ave. bridge over the Mississippi River between Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Where do Hamilton Centre Candidates Stand on Security Certificates and Secret Trials?

Hamilton, 27.06.2004 23:02

#media_3245878;left# As of June 2004, five Muslim men have been held a collective total of 144 months in Canadian prisons, much of it in solitary confinement, without charge, without bail, on secret ���evidence��� which neither they nor their lawyers are allowed to see. They have been threatened with deportation to countries where they would be tortured and killed. They are men with wives and children they cannot hug. None has ever been convicted of a criminal offence in Canada. As Federal court justice Andrew MacKay put it ������in this great city of Toronto, we have our own Guantanamo Bay��� Photo Mahamed Harkat, one of the "Secret 5" detained without charge.

canada - iraq

IMC Victoria, 27.06.2004 22:39

Canada to go to Iraq?

Victoria IMC

IMC Victoria, 27.06.2004 19:04

Victoria IMC Getting Back on Track

Peace Broke Out All Over Ireland. Bush Gone To Turkey to be Greeted by More Protests.

Indymedia Ireland, 27.06.2004 17:14

'Down with the Fianna Fail Tank Loving Republican Party Local Franchise' sez Wag. Round up of the highly effective protests against G.W.Bush state visit to Ireland on June 25th-27th. Protests against the use of Shannon Airport to facilitate US military and Bush as a warmonger took place over the 3 days and included diverse tactics from a wide range of groups. "My way of life Is fallen into the sere, the yellow leaf; And that which should accompany old age, As honor, love, obedience, troops of friends, I must not look to have; but in their stead, Curses not loud but deep, mouth-honor, breath, Which the poor heart would fain deny, and dare not." Rocking. Big Dublin Protest. Big Galway Protest. The Word Spread around the World. Black Pope Trying to Arrest an American President. 'Monkey Bush get back in Your Cage, War Criminal Bush Get back in Your Cage' and 'Give Him a Smell of the Bannanas and He'll Come Running'. Getting the Peace sign from Tank Heads as they left Shannon. Ed Horgan Worship All Around. Tales of Police Lines Broken. Corporate Media and Bush Delayed as Dual Carraigeway inside line of Steel Blocaded by Ambush. RTE Step Up to the Plate with Bertie and Bush on the Other Side. Please Please Please Publish your Photos and Eyewitness Accounts of Ireland against Bush Wherever You Are and Were. All Power to the Turkish Protesters. Donegal Says Make Hay Not War Join The IMC Ireland Stop Bush Video Project MacBush Drives Bush out of Ireland AmBush and The 'Tank' - Saturday 26th - Shannon: Photoessay Anti War Ireland / Shannon Residents Protest - Friday 25th - Shannon: Photoessay / Reports 'Geurillas' Camp Out on a Traffic Island. Weapons Search Turns Up Lots of Balloons AWI Vigil at US Embassy in Dublin On the Aftermath of the Visit Disobedient Dublin Citizens Unwelcome Bush Anti-War in Ireland etc Blog (26 June) Galway Anti-Bush Protest Report European Noise Protest Barcelona Report Ed H Arrested International Messages of Support That Carol Coleman Interview and Reactions from US Galway Grassroots report on how AmBUSH autonomous action disrupted the US press-corps.

:::Human Rights :::

27.06.2004 16:15

Racism in Australia on the Rise

Coca-Cola beneficia do trabalho de crian��as salvadorenhas

27.06.2004 12:18

Coca-Cola beneficia do trabalho de crian��as salvadorenhas

informal sdimc survey

lotus, 27.06.2004 07:00

Please take a minute to write a few words about your experience with San Diego Indymedia. Answer as many or as few questions as you like. Here are some questions that will inform us how to make your local independent media center better. Feel free to answer anonymously by posting a comment.

TELL THE FCC! ��DIGALE AL FCC! July 21 in Monterey

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.06.2004 06:49

What's Wrong With the Media? Want More Media Diversity? More Local Programming? Less Commercialism? 1st EVER PUBLIC HEARING ON LOCAL MEDIA, JULY 21st in MONTEREY: Only opportunity on the West Coast The FCC is the government body charged with regulating Radio and TV for the good of the public. Join Media Alliance and friends from across the state to help make the case for greater media diversity, local content, and local ownership. We need your participation and support to ensure that FCC Chairman Powell and the FCC Commissioners get a full sense of Californians��� concerns about the quality of our local media and that they cannot ignore our proposals for fostering a more just and accountable media system. Download the english/spanish .pdf flyer ��Cu��l es el problema de la prensa, de la radio, de la televisi��n? ��Usted desea m��s diversidad en los medios? ��M��s programas locales? ��Menos comercialismo? 1era AUDIENCIA PUBLICA SOBRE LOS MEDIOS LOCALES, 21 de JULIO en MONTEREY: Unica oportunidad en la Costa Oeste El FCC es la agencia del gobierno encargada de regular la radio y la televisi��n a favor del bienestar p��blico. Previous Coverage: FCC Coming to Monterey on July 21 [ Court Rejects FCC Media Ownership Rules I "Revise or Justify" I A Media Activist Guide to the Federal Communications Commission ]

&quot;We Gather Today To Announce The Humanity Of All Persons&quot;

Arkansas IMC: Address by the Rev. Rhett Baird, 27.06.2004 06:16

Just before 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, a jubilant and colorful crowd gathered on the west side of the Fayetteville Square awaiting the start of Northwest Arkansas Gay Pride���s first Gay Pride Parade. The event was held in solidarity with many more being held around the United States this weekend and this month as June has been designated as Gay Pride Month.

According to parade participant Jori Costello, the event was organized in order to show that ���we are proud of being who we are.��� Costello went on to say, ���Diversity is the key. Diversity is tolerance - letting people be who they are - loving individuals. As long as you harm no one there should be no harm come to you.���

The parade and march, while a significant and new event in Fayetteville, was not the only scheduled Gay Pride activity for this festive weekend. For Saturday night, festivities were scheduled for Ron���s Place on Poplar Street. Activities would begin at 6:00 pm with outside things for kids to do. Then, at 7:00 pm, there would be live singing featuring Sarah Hughes. At 9:00 pm a drag show would be the happening thing. The show was to spotlight Raven Blue & Guest. For the later part of the evening, starting at 10:00 pm, Grandpa���s Goodtime Fandango was set to provide two hours of live band music. At midnight, the entertainment was set to shift gears into two hours of dancing with a live DJ. Finally, a Gay Pride Picnic is scheduled for Agri Park on Rt. 112, in Northwest Fayetteville on Sunday afternoon (today)from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m.

As parade participants and floats gathered together to begin their trek around the square, down East Avenue to Dickson Street, and finally to Powerhouse Seafood, Universal Unitarian Fellowship of Fayetteville minister and long-time supporter of gay rights, the Reverend Rhett Baird, delivered an inspiring message to both participants and by-standers. What follows is the full text of his message:

Istanbul: Proteste gegen NATO Gipfel

Germany, 27.06.2004 00:58

In Istanbul findet derzeit ein Gipfeltreffen der NATO statt, an dem sich auch US-Pr�sident Bush beteiligen wird. Zuvor traf er EU-Regierungschefs in Dublin, wo am Freitag 10.000 Menschen demonstrierten.
Beim NATO-Gipfel soll auch das Projekt "Gr��erer Mittlerer Osten" beraten werden, das im Mittleren Osten, in Nordafrika und in Zentralasien die politischen und �konomischen Interessen der reichen Industriestaaten milit�risch sichern soll. Gemeinsam mit den anderen NATO-Staaten wollen die USA das Projekt in Istanbul als Bestandteil der NATO-Doktrin beschlie�en. Als �berraschung wurde die �bertragung von Regierungsaufgaben an die angeblich souver�ne irakische Regierung vorgezogen (mehr). Au�erdem forderte Bush die anderen NATO-Staaten zu weiterer Mithilfe bei der "Stabilisierung" im Irak. Mit dabei sind zum ersten Mal sieben osteurop�ische Staaten, z. B. Bulgarien, Rum�nien und Lettland, die 2004 dem Milit�rb�ndnis beigetreten sind. Am Sonntag demonstrierten in Istanbul 50.000 Menschen gegen den NATO-Gipfel und den Bush-besuch. Die Polizei griff die Demonstration mehrmals an. Weitere demonstrationen fanden am Montag und Dienstag statt, dabei schoss die Polizei auch mit Scharfer Munition auf die Demonstrationen.

Berichte: Gro�demo vom 27.6. | Fotos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Demonstration in M�nchen
Demonstration und Sturm auf die Rote Zone am 28.Juni - Fotos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Besetzung eines Fernsehsenders: Fotos
AnarchIstanbul mit SchwarzenFahnen gegen NATO (Fotos)
Anarchistische Aktionen gegen den NATO-Gipfel (Fotos)

Hintergrund | Resistanbul | indy Istanbul | linkeseite

VOLOS CITY: Followed by heavy police forces

27.06.2004 00:56

Anti-Olympics march was hit by the riot police

21 mayo

IMC Santiago, 26.06.2004 23:47

21 de Mayo.

21 mayo

IMC Santiago, 26.06.2004 23:46

21 de Mayo.

El d��a clave de la Huelga de Hambre

IMC Santiago, 26.06.2004 23:42

El d��a clave de la Huelga de Hambre

68 d��as en huelga de hambre.

IMC Santiago, 26.06.2004 23:42

68 d��as en huelga de hambre.

Huelga de hambre: 65 d��as, movilizaciones y promesa de votaci��n.

IMC Santiago, 26.06.2004 23:41

Huelga de hambre: 65 d��as, movilizaciones y promesa de votaci��n.

pps hidratados a la fuerza

IMC Santiago, 26.06.2004 23:40

Pres@s pol��tic@s en huelga de hambre hidratados a la fuerza.

����������: ������ ������ ������������������ ���������� ������ ������

26.06.2004 23:40

��������-������������������ ������������ ���� "������������������"

Seacoast Peace Response: Help Wanted

Amy Antonucci, 26.06.2004 19:08

Seacoast Peace Response, a grassroots peace activists collective in Portsmouth, NH, is looking for volunteers to help organize, coordinate, and spread the word of their work for Peace.

Leftist Marching Band at 9/11 Debut in Portsmouth

Michelle Racine, 26.06.2004 18:58

Michael Moore's film, Fahrenheit 9/11 opened Friday June 25, 2004 in 600 theatres nationwide. In Portsmouth, the Leftist Marching Band played at Hoyt's Theater to welcome the film and to support Michael Moore's work.

A Review of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11

Al Vick, 26.06.2004 17:14

This afternoon, I participated in a piece of Fayetteville and U.S. history. I managed to attend Fayetteville's first showing of Michael Moore's highly controversial film, Fahrenheit 9/11 which showed to an almost capacity audience.

�������������� �������������� ������ ��������

26.06.2004 15:47

���������������������� �������� ������������������

Pride Weekend in SF

San Francisco, 26.06.2004 10:52

Pride Weekend in San Francisco

Pride Weekend in SF

sf-imc, 26.06.2004 10:52

Pride Weekend in San Francisco

G8 Evian - 3 activistas em tribunal

26.06.2004 10:50

G8 Evian - 3 activistas em tribunal

���� ���������� �������������� ������������!

26.06.2004 01:34

�������������� �������������� �������� ������������������

Wieder nach Genua und Genf

Germany, 25.06.2004 22:28

Am 26. Juni 2004 begann in Genua die gerichtliche Anh�rung von 29 angeklagten Polizeibeamten, die beim G8 Gipfel 2001 die Diaz-Schule in Genua brutal �berfielen.
Am 28. Juni begann in Lausanne das Verfahren gegen AktivistInnen in Lausanne, die sich anl��lich des G8-Gipfel in Evian von einer Autobahnbr�cke �ber die Aubonne abgeseilt hatten. Am Wochenende fand deshalb ein Antirepressions- Wochenende mit Workshops zum Thema Traumatisierung in Genf statt, in vielen St�dten gab es Solidarit�tsaktionen.

indymedia italy | Aubonne Br�cke | indy ch | reports from Genoa

Weitere Artikel:
Genova Libera! | Genova Ticker | Genova der Tag | Genua-Verfahren Das GLF zieht in die Schlacht

Aktuelles im Diaz-Verfahren:
Der kranke Polizist | Crashkurs ital. Gerichtsverfahren | Diaz-�berfall (1) | Diaz-�berfall (2) | Mutationen einer Aussage | Zitate Polizeibericht

Lo stato si processa

imc-Italy, 25.06.2004 20:40

Il 26 giugno, tre anni dopo i fatti del g8 italiano, mentre si sta celebrando il processo a carico di 25 manifestanti, si svolger�� a Genova l'udienza preliminare in cui il GUP dovr�� decidere il rinvio a giudizio per 29 poliziotti accusati di falso ideologico, calunnia e abuso d'ufficio. I pi�� alti dirigenti presenti in via Battisti, dovranno rispondere del violento assalto alla Diaz-Pascoli nella notte del 21 luglio 2001, durante il quale 93 persone furono massacrate di botte e poi arrestate con pretestuose accuse risolte infine con la loro totale assoluzione. Furono distrutti, inoltre, i computer del media center e dei legali; fu sottratto materiale importante senza alcun mandato.

In questi anni di indagini con perizie, controperizie e menzogne �� emersa una verita' fatta di costruzioni di false prove che pero' non ha evitato una brillante carriera alla maggior parte dei vertici della polizia presenti quella notte.

E intanto i processi ai poliziotti procedono.

E' stata inoltre avviata una campagna per invitare coloro che quella notte sono stati testimoni dei fatti accaduti a costituirsi in qualita' di parte civile.

Sono passati tre anni da luglio 2001, ma Indymedia Italia non ha dimenticato quello che �� successo.

Appello: italiano | francese | spagnolo | tedesco

Biscuit/Siskiyou Wild Rivers Campaign Enters Crucial Phase

Friends of the Rogue Kalmiopsis, 25.06.2004 19:00

Illinois River with Incense Cedar.jpgAs many who love Oregon's wild forests know, the Bush Administration has proposed the largest timber sale in modern history in the midst of the most diverse National Forest in the country. The Biscuit logging project and the citizen effort to protect the Siskiyou Wild Rivers are now entering a crucial phase.

Clean Air

Pittsburgh Indymedia, 25.06.2004 18:33

Greenpeace protest at local power plant

Victoire des sans-papiers �� Lille

Indymedia West-Vlaanderen, 25.06.2004 15:55

Victoire des sans-papiers �� Lille

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