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Why we must pass Measure 34

Portland, 23.10.2004 13:33

Greve Bancária

Brasil, 23.10.2004 12:01

Julgamento do TST prejudica bancários e bancárias

Indymedia asks: &quot;Who took our servers?&quot;

Michigan, 23.10.2004 06:24

Two weeks after the hard drives of two Indymedia servers were seized from the London office of a US-owned web hosting company called Rackspace, Caroline Flint, UK Home Office Under-Secretary, answered parlamentarian questions by stating that "no UK law enforcement agencies were involved." The seizure shut down around 20 Indymedia websites, an internet radio station, and other projects. The servers were returned a week later because "the court order had been complied with", but still no information is available to Indymedia as to who seized them and who now might have copies of all the public and personal information they contained.

HAITÍ: ¿Por qué coño el terrorismo político no nos conmueve?

Puerto Rico, 23.10.2004 05:16

HAITÍ: ¿Por qué coño el terrorismo político no nos conmueve?

HAITÍ: ¿Por qué coño el terrorismo político no nos conmueve?

Puerto Rico, 23.10.2004 05:14

HAITÍ: ¿Por qué coño el terrorismo político no nos conmueve?

A Response to the &quot;Kerry in Swing State&quot; Petition Signers

DC, 23.10.2004 04:02

Many of the individuals who gave a blanket endorsement to Nader in the 2000 election have signed a petition urging "support for Kerry/Edwards in all swing states, even while we strongly disagree with Kerry's policies on Iraq and other issues." (See:

Many warned at the time that some sort of "strategic voting" would be needed in 2000. (See my piece "A New Way To Vote -- As A Duet"

Clearly, in states which Bush or Kerry have basically stated they will lose -- so-called "non-swing states" -- voting for whoever you want is a no-brainer.

Protest Against Police Brutality

LA, 23.10.2004 00:25

October 22nd National Day Protest Against Police Brutality

contra el TLC

Colombia, 22.10.2004 23:46

28 de octubre contra el TLC


Istanbul, 22.10.2004 22:54

İsrail saldırılarının sonucu Gazze'de ölüm ve yıkım

Unity March '04: Saturday, October 23 -- March for Justice and Unity!

Urbana-Champaign, 22.10.2004 21:12

Two marches to join together our community! Gather at 9am -- Marches begin at 9:15am North March suggested for community residents that live north of University Avenue, meet at Douglass Park South March suggested for community residents that live south of University Avenue, meet at Scott Park Marches will both march to the Unity Point at First Street and University Avenue in front of the Champaign Police Station, then continue united in support of a just community for all to a rally at West Side Park

Mel &amp; Floyd, October 22, 2004

Madison, 22.10.2004 20:32

WORT's fall pledge drive is over, and that means that Mel & Mr. Smarty Pants are back in full swing. This week the duo take on such weighty topics as the Miss America pageant, George W. Bush in tight biker shorts, and the tale of Baxter the chimp, a primate able to hack a Diebold electronic voting machine. All that and more on this week's edition of Madison's favorite radio show, Mel & Floyd.

Click here for the audio.

oct 22

Houston, 22.10.2004 19:53

October 22nd national day of protest against police brutality

Native American Political Prisoner for President

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.10.2004 18:55

Leonard Peltier- Running for President of the US in 2004

Police Blame Bush for Use of Force

Rogue Valley, 22.10.2004 18:53


In Thursday's Mail Tribune, Jacksonville City Administrator Paul Wyntergreen claims the decision to order riot cops to force protestors east of the intersection of California Street and Third Street was something that wasn't expected and thus unavoidable. He is quoted as saying, "It was a sudden change of plans and we had to change gears suddenly". Are we supposed accept this as a reason for an aggressive assault on peaceful protestors? When Bush was ushered from the Expo to the Jacksonville Inn through an alley, demonstrators remained along California Street. Are we supposed to believe that only after the President had finished dining did it occur to the police that protestors needed to be moved back a block?

Rally Against Police Brutality!

San Diego, 22.10.2004 18:17

Today is National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality

11:00AM-4:00PM - File your complaints against SDPD personnel that have violated your rights! There will be a RALLY TODAY at 4:30 pm at 1401 Broadway, SDPD headquarters. For more information call 619.795.8555 or 619.475.8227

News from Boston Indymedia , reported this morning on radioActive sanDiego.

Emerson Student Killed at Fenway by "Non-Lethal Weapon" Submitted by Jan Oh Original Publisher: Boston Herald, October 21, 2004

A 21-year-old Emerson College student, Victoria Snelgrove, died today after apparently being struck by a bean-bag gun during aggressive police measures last night near Fenway Park.

Feral Visions Slideshow Tour, October 25 in Detroit

Michigan, 22.10.2004 17:27

Feral Visions: A Slideshow About Breaking Free from Civilization and Realizing our Wildest Dreams Monday, October 25, 7:00 p.m. Trumbullplex Theatre, 4210 Trumbull, Detroit MI The Wildroots Collective is travelling around the Midwest to give their slideshow presentation exploring ways people are living in opposition to civilization through rewilding and radical homesteading. The Collective lives on 30 acre homestead in rural North Carolina where they practice, develop and share skills for rewilding and reconnection with the earth and each other.

Ontwikkelingen in Vrije Radio landschap

Netherlands, 22.10.2004 17:25

Radio Patapoe is terug van weggeweest. Na een zomerstop die (door martiaal pech) langer duurde dan gebruikelijk, is Patapoe weer helemaal terug op de Amsterdamse Ether op 97.2 FM!

In dezelfde week dat Radio patapoe (97.2 FM) haar zaakjes weer op orde had werd reedio Koekoeroe in Leiden (97.4 FM) onaangenaam verrast door een bezoek van het agentschap telecom en de leidse politie.

Eerder dit jaar was ook radio Tonka uit Den Haag de pineut

Radio Patapoe en Reedio Koekoeroe hebben wel vaker onderbrekingen van de uitzendingen, zo werd radio patapoe (97.2 FM Amsterdam) afgelopen februari gestalkt door mederwerkers van de politie.

Deze acties passen in het beleid van de overheid om vrijeradio's zoveel mogelijk het zwijgen op te leggen. Dit gebeurd(e) met de actie etherflits. Koekoeroe reageerde (97.4 FM Leiden) met een stoepkrijtaktie tijdens media democracy day. Patapoe organiseerde eerder een demonstratie in Amsterdam en eind juni vond er, eveneens in Amsterdam, een vrijeradioweekeinde plaats.

Het Amsterdamse radiobolwerk Vrije Keyzer werkt al een tijd aan een come back. Radio land wacht geduldig af.

Ontwikkelingen in Vrije Radio landschap

Netherlands, 22.10.2004 17:25

Developments in Free Radio in the Netherlands

Protest Paul Bremer and the occupation of Iraq in Grand Rapids, Oct. 25

Michigan, 22.10.2004 17:11

END THE OCCUPATION OF IRAQ PROTEST Monday, October 25 - 7:30pm Ah-Nab-Awen Park in downtown Grand Rapids The park is at the corner of Pearl and Front [map]. L. Paul Bremer, former head of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq is speaking in Grand Rapids. While administering the occupation of Iraq, Bremer presided over the killing of hundreds of civilians and suprevised a corporate takeover of Iraq's resources. Bremer was widely hated by Iraqis and was called "the Dictator of Iraq" by Lakhdar Brahimi of the United Nations.

Great Lakes Bioneers Conference report-back

Michigan, 22.10.2004 16:58

TRAVERSE CITY- Approximately 380 people from Michigan and beyond gathered at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City for the 3rd Great Lakes Bioneers Conference. The conference was held October 15-17. The conference, one of 16 simultaneous conferences and well over 6,000 people strong, are all connected via live satellite to the main Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, California.

Nader's Students

Madison, 22.10.2004 15:42

In mid-September, Ralph Nader came to Wisconsin, a perilously teetering swing state. The day before he arrived, more than seventy well-known supporters of his 2000 campaign released a statement urging people who live in states where the election looks tight not to vote for him.


South Africa, 22.10.2004 13:58

'Case of the 5' against Khayelitsha Anti-Eviction Campaign activists withdrawn

BREAKING NEWS: Campus Repression

Manila, 22.10.2004 13:43

Student Publication Shutdown, Editors Suspended


Brasil, 22.10.2004 12:00

Democratização da informação ameaçada

High school students organize rally against the war

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.10.2004 10:35

Students Campaign for Prop N

High school students organize rally against the war

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.10.2004 10:31

Students Campaign for Prop N

Celebrating the Lives of Survivors of Domestic Violence

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.10.2004 06:44

Our Voices Within: Our Journey

Anti-War March and Rally End the Occupation

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.10.2004 06:02

November 3rd: "Rock the boat - not just the vote!"

Voices from the Million Workers March

Baltimore, 22.10.2004 03:10

October 17th thousands of workers, activists and concerned citizens joined together at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. for the Million Workers March. The march was part of a new social movement organized around issues of social justice, workers rights, civil liberties and the role of the U.S. government abroad. A report from the streets with the voices of workers.

Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore speaks in Rye

New Hampshire, 22.10.2004 03:07

On Thursday, October 21, Michael Moore spoke to about 1000 people at the Rye Airfield, an indoor skateboard park. The Rye Airfield was his 38th stop on his 60 stop tour, called the “Slacker Uprising Tour.” The event was sponsored by the New Hampshire Citizens Alliance for Action.

UK Government Denies Involvement in Indymedia Server Seizure; Public Prosecutor Demands Log Data From Indymedia Netherlands

NYC, 22.10.2004 01:46

Responding to questions by two MP's, The UK Home Office has denied UK law enforcement involvement in the seizure of Indymedia servers in London earlier this month. According to Caroline Flint of the Home Office, "I can confirm that no UK law enforcement agencies were involved in the matter ... and I do not therefore believe that it is necessary for me to make a statement." The minister's statement does little to clarify who took Indymedia's servers, or why.

[Overview from The Register] || [MP's Weblog]

According to MP Richard Allan, the fact that the Rackspace servers contained email means that the seizure may have breached the UK's Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), which governs the interception of communications.

"In the UK, interception warrants are intelligence gathering tools. RIPA prohibits material derived from interception warrants being adduced as evidence in court," he said. "If emails have been intercepted outside this legal process then a serious criminal offence may have been committed. This may depend on whether the seizure of disks containing emails is considered to be 'interception' as opposed to pulling them off the wires as they are being transmitted."

Meanwhile, according to Digital Media Europe, "Indymedia Netherlands, a co-operative that runs a Dutch online alternative news wire, has refused a request from the public prosecutor for telecom traffic data from its web server."

[Coverage From Indymedia Netherlands In English] || In Dutch]

UIUC Clerical Workers march loud and proud

Urbana-Champaign, 22.10.2004 01:23

Members of AFSCME local 3700, with solidarity from several other campus unions, marched loud and proud on the UIUC main quad this afternoon. Meanwhile, another round of negotitations took place between AFSCME and the University.

Bangladesh Workers' Tour

Pittsburgh, 22.10.2004 01:02

Pittsburghers Standing in Solidarity with Bangladeshi garment workers


Brasil, 22.10.2004 00:34

Cai liminar que permitia interromper a gestação de fetos sem cérebro

antifascism (en)

Barcelona, 22.10.2004 00:06

[ [ new episode on fascist impunity ] ]

the youth wounded during the Gràcia festival continues to be hospitalised at UCI, still hanging on between life and death whilst suffering the risk of lasting scars. Many voices have been heard from society expressing solidarity and worry [1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5]. Five of the six detained are on bail but now the release order for the assailant, who had been ordered to jail by the judge.This becomes a "new episode of impunity" for fascist aggression and a pardoy of Justice which tries to belittle facts. Since the beginning it seems that they did not wish to recognise disinformation that this was a fascist attacks, a stabbing, even when neighbours neighbours complained to the police asking that the festivals not be criminalised. Further the theory has been put forward that as the assailant is a member of España2000, this appears to have granted him immunity. Rarely do these events lead to tough sentancing or that finally a great fascist sees court. We remember that we finished in a war and there are many fascist attacks which are suffered, only some reported in IMC BCN ::

Osona - Reus - Baix Camp Priorat - L'Alt Urgell - l´hortet de santa eulalia (BCN) - Girona - Vilanova - Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat - Quatretonda - Salamanca - Madrid - Milano

ACT [ [ [ October 12th Antifascist Protest
LET'S ORGANICE [ [ [ Open letter to antifascist movement

+info :: >>>antifascism

globalization (en)

Barcelona, 21.10.2004 23:46

Marketing and Privatisation of Water

For globalised capital, everything can be marketted and has its price, above all natural elements, which are increasingly becoming objectives of political economic or military strategies. For example, Water, essential for life, which is changing from being a right for all to being a new geo-strategic resource, privatised with the support of the World Bank and monopolised by large companies (Vivendi, Suez), as has happened in South America, a paradigmatic example, or the Middle East where water has a price as high as land or oil.

more info: L'ALCA and the privitisation of water ::: the Water battle ::: The Cochabamba water war ::: The irregularities of Nestlé in Brazil ::: Water, public gift or product? ::: Water, economy ... life ::: Privitisation of public services ::: Water and biodiversity at Montes Azules ::: Water and indiginous communities ::: the guarani aquifier system

+info :: >>>globalization

October 22nd Rally for Justice - Chattanooga National Day of Protest Against Police Violence

Tennessee, 21.10.2004 23:43

Chattanooga Event on the National Day of Protest against Police Violence A RALLY FOR JUSTICE In Observance of THE NATIONAL DAY OF PROTEST to STOP POLICE BRUTALITY, REPRESSION and THE CRIMINALIZATION OF A GENERATION WHEN: Friday, October 22, 2004 at 6:30 p.m. WHERE: Second Missionary Baptist Church 2305 E. 3rd Street Chattanooga, TN 37404 Keynote Speaker: Attorney Emma Jones, Community Activist New Haven, Connecticut

Rally in Support of Military Resisters

NYC, 21.10.2004 23:30

Support the Right to Refuse! Rally in support of members of the 343rd Quartermaster Company who refused orders to go on a suicide mission. Saturday, 2 pm Times Sq. Recruiting Station The war in Iraq is illegal. Therefore, every shot fired, every bomb dropped, every act that supports the war and occupation is also a crime. Soldiers are obligated under International Law not to participate in war crimes. Resistance and refusal is not only justified, it is an obligation. We support the decision by these soldiers to refuse orders and we call upon others to also take action to stop the war.

House reconsiders Triple Border Fence

San Diego, 21.10.2004 23:05

The U.S. House of Representatives Friday approved an environmental waiver needed to override the California Coastal Commission's rejection of a security fence project along the U.S.-Mexico border. Citing environmental concerns, commission members in January decided the final 3 1/2 miles of the fence were inconsistent with the California Coastal Act, which regulates development.

Tune in tonight to radioActive sanDiego to hear DJ Lotus interviewing Annie Sartor about this new threat to human rights and endangered plant and animal species in San Diego! Listen online at


Houston, 21.10.2004 21:45

Houston Indymedia in Spanish / Indymedia de Houston En Español

Mike D Holds His Own, in Spite of Everything

Portland, 21.10.2004 21:42

Who Seized Indymedia's Servers?

Urbana-Champaign, 21.10.2004 21:21

As legal pressure and public outrage grows, both the UK home secretary and the FBI are now claiming that they were not involved in the seizure of two Indymedia servers that shut down 20 Indymedia Websites and multiple other online projects.

cafta update

Houston, 21.10.2004 20:57

Cafta 10/21/04

Detienen a Angel Strapazzon, referente del MOCASE

Argentina, 21.10.2004 19:28

Jueves 21 de Octubre 2004 | SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO - ALLANAN AL MO.CA.SE
Detienen a Angel Strapazzon, referente del MOCASE

Detienen a Angel Strapazzon, referente del MOCASE

Argentina, 21.10.2004 19:22

Jueves 21 de Octubre 2004 | SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO - ALLANAN AL MO.CA.SE
Detienen a Angel Strapazzon, referente del MOCASE

Dissenting Voices: from the Edinburgh Dissent! Gathering in September

Ireland, 21.10.2004 17:48

New audio documentary from IMC Éire. 47 minutes, 128Kbps high quality MP3 audio. 44 Mb download. Building up to the 2005 G8 summit. To download this documentary, click here to visit the site If you right click on the download option for the programme in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, you will be given an option to open or save the file on your computer. Saving it onto your hard drive first is probably the better option. You will need a piece of software on your computer that can play MP3 audio files. Something basic like Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, or Musicmatch Jukebox will all play MP3 files. "Dissenting Voices" was recorded in September at the Dissent! Network gathering in Edinburgh. The Dissent! Network was formed in late 2003 to facilitate and organise resistance against the upcoming G8 summit being held in the UK in 2005. It is organised around the People's Global Action (PGA) hallmarks. The G8 summit takes place next summer in Gleneagles, Perthshire, a remote part of Scotland. "Dissenting Voices" looks at who the G8 are and what they stand for; various activists explain what the Dissent! Network is about, and how they are trying to do outreach to local communities around the UK in the run up to the G8; Scottish activists discuss the issues surrounding the choice of Gleneagles as the location for the summit, such as accessability, the work they will have to do, and the current situation with the local communities around Gleneagles and Perth; and also one activist who was over in the USA for the Fix Shit Up! action talks of how it was an incredibly positive action, which many at the gathering wanted to replicate in some similar fashion next year. This documentary was made using Goldwave software which is a basic .WAV digital audio editor. You can download it for free from the Goldwave Site . This allows you to run 150 commands in a session and 3000 commands total before the shareware license runs out. .WAV files are useful as they are used for burning audio onto CDs which most CD players can read. The MP3 file was created with a free MP3 converter called dbPowerAmp which you can download by clicking here . This allows you to compress your files into the MP3 format, which takes up less space and is easier for people to download from the internet. Indymedia Global Audio/Radio site Radio 4 All - Radical Audio Archives The Dissent! Network Indymedia Scotland

The Death of a Mound: Politics and Human Remains in Minnesota

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 21.10.2004 17:35

“More remains found at Indian site—One group wants to protect location”


Houston, 21.10.2004 17:15

La Votación empieza, ex-presidente Bush está molestado


Houston, 21.10.2004 16:33



Houston, 21.10.2004 16:29


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