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Omissão de prefeitura ameaça desabrigar famílias em Simões Filho - BA

Brasil, 15.01.2009 13:09


criminalización (es)

Barcelona, 15.01.2009 12:39

Basta de persecución política! Paremos la detención del David de la Fornal de Vilafranca

Desde la madrugada del 6 de enero, día de la detención del David de la Fornal, las muestras de apoyo han sido numerosas: adhesiones individuales y colectivas, comunicados de apoyo, escritos enviados a la prensa, paradas informativas, actos públicos y conferencias, dos ruedas de prensa, una manifestación... A pesar de las muestras de solidaridad, la jueza Isabel Gallardo mantiene la orden de ingreso en prision. Por eso, la mobilización popular tiene que seguir com más intensidad que nunca.

jueves 15 de enero: jornada de acciones descentralizadas// sábado 17 de enero, 12h, manifestación en la Pl. de Sants. Manifiesto de apoyo :: Blog del David ::

notícias relacionadas ::: Cronología de los acontecimientos + Fax solidario: escribe a la jueza Isabel Gallardo! + Insumisos para el David + 17 enero, manifestación nacional + La solidaridad desborda Cotxeres de Sants + Carta del David Sanchez a todas las personas solidarias + Acto de apoyo al David al pregón de les fiestas de invierno + Isabel Gallardo se niega a recibir los abogados y la comitiva vilafranquina + Vilafranca del Penedès se moja para David de la Fornal + Agenda de las convocatòries + Las actividades solidarias no se paran
+ info: :: imc sección criminalización

criminalització (ca)

Barcelona, 15.01.2009 11:09

Prou persecució política! Aturem l'empresonament del David de la Fornal de Vilafranca!

Des de la matinada del 6 de gener, dia de la detenció del David de la Fornal, les mostres de suport han estat nombroses: adhesions individuals i col·lectives, comunicats de suport, escrits enviats a la premsa, parades informatives, actes públics i conferències, dues rodes de premsa, una manifestació... Malgrat les mostres de solidaritat, la jutgessa Isabel Gallardo manté l'ordre d'ingrés a presó. Per això, la mobilització popular ha de continuar amb més intensitat que mai:

dijous 15 de gener: jornada d'accions descentralitzades // dissabte 17 de gener 12h, manifestació a la Pl. de Sants. Manifest de Suport :: Blog del David ::

notícies relacionades ::: Cronología dels esdeveniments + Fax solidari: escriu a la jutjesa Isabel Gallardo! + Insumisos pel David + 17gener, manifestació nacional + La solidaritat desborda Cotxeres de Sants + Carta d'en David Sanchez a totes les persones solidàries + Acte de suport al David al pregó de les festes d'hivern + Isabel Gallardo es nega a rebre els advocats i la comitiva vilafranquina + Vilafranca del Penedès es mulla pel David de la Fornal + Agenda de les convocatòries + Les activitats solidàries no s'aturen
+ info: :: imc secció criminalització

Presos políticos del Frente Territorial 26 de Junio

Argentina, 15.01.2009 06:17

Se cumplirá un mes de la detención

El candidato de la masacre

Argentina, 15.01.2009 06:17

Reutemann dice que quiere ser presidente

1.200 Obreros sin Trabajo

Argentina, 15.01.2009 06:17

Paraná Metal: se cumple un mes con la planta parada

1.200 Obreros sin Trabajo en Villa Constitución

Argentina, 15.01.2009 06:17

Paraná Metal: se cumple un mes con la planta parada

LNG Rally in Salem

Rogue Valley, 15.01.2009 06:04

This past Tuesday concerned citizens from Southern Oregon joined in a statewide rally on the steps of the Oregon Capitol to tell the Governor and our state legislatures to say “No to LNG ”. Approximately 400 Oregon residents from all walks of life from across the state gathered for a rally which was part of a citizen’s renewable energy day at the Oregon Capitol. A group of farmers brought a collection of tractors and horse trailers to represent their presence at the rally. These trackers were parked across the street from the capitol steps with signs voicing their opposition to LNG as a visual statement of who will be impacted by the terminals if they are allowed to be brought into Oregon. The salmon were also seen “swimming” throughout the crowds at the rally to show their opposition to LNG.

As well as a rally, which lasted for about 2 hours, there were workshops throughout the day and in the afternoon groups and citizens had the opportunity to speak with legislative staff from their districts about their concerns about LNG terminals being allowed to be developed in Oregon.

Jewish Activists Shut Down Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles

LA, 15.01.2009 05:03

Jewish Activists Shut Down Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles

February 7th: Celebrating Seattle's Striking History

Seattle, 15.01.2009 03:45

Celebrating Seattle's Striking History, 1919-2009: 90th Anniversary of the Seattle General Strike*

Presentations, music, and more!

WHEN: Saturday, February 7
Doors at 12:30pm, Program 1pm to 5pm
WHERE: Seattle Labor Temple, 2800 1st Ave

WASL Fight Heats Up

Seattle, 15.01.2009 03:45

This year, the Washington State Assessment of Learning (WASL) became a graduation requirement for public high school students. But forty percent of students of poverty and students of color are failing it, according to the Seattle Education Association (SEA). "This is a story of institutional racism and institutional classism," wrote SEA union leaders Wendy Kimball and Steve Pulkinnen, in a letter to Seattle senators and representatives.

January 21st: Radical Womyn's Collective Meeting

Seattle, 15.01.2009 03:45

First Radical Womyn's Collective Meeting! Come out to discuss diy womyn's health, STD care and prevention, empowerment, and any other ideas you have about taking your life into your own hands and reclaiming your fierce ass femininity (however you define that).

WHEN: January 21st - 7 pm

WHERE: Café Allegro - 4214 University Way NE

Editorial Cartoon: Nerobama – Who Says He Hasn't Spoken Up About Gaza?

DC, 15.01.2009 03:01

So, I'm on the street shooting these demos where people are demanding that Emperor-Elect Timberlake "say something" about the Israeli rape of Gaza, as if with enough pressure – if you call sign-waving and delivering white roses "pressure" – he'll suddenly have a Eureka Moment and go on TV and "do the right thing". Now, I often like to joke around with my friends about how most Americans' long-term memories don't go back past the last episode of "Desperate Housewives", but lately it seems to be the dead-assed truth, and that includes The Movement™. Anyone who thinks that Obama actually has substantially different ideas about the situation that he's just waiting to express until he's officially El Presidente has obviously already forgotten his notorious wet, sloppy blowjob of a speech he delivered to last year's AIPAC Convention shortly after becoming the presumptive (spit) Donkeycratic Party nominee for Maximum Leader.

Final Call for Liberate Submissions

Aotearoa, 15.01.2009 03:01

It is nearly the 1st of February so it is time to get your Liberate Submissions in. For the third issue of Liberate, we will be featuring “State oppression of animals and activists”. In this feature we will discuss the role of the state in furthering and maintaining animal abuse through mechanisms such as requiring animal testing of new products, subsidising dairy farmers and allowing industry to write codes of welfare. Further to this we will discuss how the state protect animal abusing companies and industries by targeting activists. Liberate Magazine

Shut down the war machine! Actions for Gaza this weekend

Aotearoa, 15.01.2009 03:00

Demonstrations against Israel's slaughter in Gaza continue across Aotearoa this weekend. Auckland: Rakon Industries in Mt Wellington will be targeted in a protest this Saturday against the massacre of Palestinian civilians. Rakon provides crystal oscillators for targeted bombs used by the Israeli air force in their attacks on Gaza. The Rakon parts are supplied to the US which provides the bombs directly to the Israeli military. The protest will meet at 3pm on Mt Wellington Highway outside the Sylvia Park shopping centre carpark for a march to the company. [More] Christchurch This Saturday at 12pm a diverse range of political, community and religious groups (as well as individuals) will be holding a demonstration against the brutal Israeli assault on the people of Gaza, starting outside the Canterbury Museum before marching to Cathedral Square. [More] Dunedin Dunedin rally for peace in Gaza this Saturday, noon in the Octagon, Dunedin, Demonstration and Vigil in Support of the people of Gaza and Palestine. [More]

Poznań: zatrzymanie w trakcie antywojennego protestu

Poland, 14.01.2009 21:42

Przemówienie ambasadora Izraela przerwał antywojenny protest. Jego uczestnicy zostali zatrzymani i przewiezieni na komisariat policji.

hrant için

Istanbul, 14.01.2009 20:10

Hope and Change for Low-Wage Workers

Boston, 14.01.2009 17:09

On March 18, 1968, two weeks before his murder, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. told striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tenn., "It is criminal to have people working on a full-time basis getting part-time income." He said, "A living wage should be the right of all working Americans." What would Dr. King have thought of a $6.55 federal minimum wage in 2009, when the 1968 minimum wage is worth about $10 in today’s dollars? What would he have made of a minimum wage that is less adequate for the basic necessities of life than it was 40 years ago?

Tentativa de homicídio contra companheiro Rubén Valencia, da APPO

Brasil, 14.01.2009 15:39


From the Newswire

Perth, 14.01.2009 08:40

Israel launches the third phase of Operation Cast Lead

For Second Week Gaza Demo in San Jose Halts Traffic &amp; Shoppers

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.01.2009 08:40

On Sunday, January 11, more than a thousand people demonstrated against Israeli attacks on Gaza in a suburban shopping district in San Jose, California. This was the second Sunday in a row that demonstrators, many dressed in the colors of the Palestinian flag, started their protest by chanting and wielding signs in front of a typical 1960's era shopping strip. They then stopped traffic as they filled the streets a block away in a fashion district featuring luxury retailers.

Cesare Battisti conquista condição de refugiado político

Brasil, 14.01.2009 07:09

From the Newswire

Perth, 14.01.2009 06:41

Interviews from Gaza City and Tel Aviv - tonight

FnB hassled by the man

Houston, 14.01.2009 06:40

Houston Food Not Bombs Harassed by HPD

Gaza Solidarity Cont + Radio Show

Houston, 14.01.2009 05:45

Outpourings of support for Gaza continue in Houston

&quot; HAMAS &quot; The Untold Truth

Rogue Valley, 14.01.2009 05:11

I've been watching the media very closely these days, and a very disturbing phenomena has been emerging. The Media War, The Israeli government has discovered that the Palestinians have been using the internet to inform people and tell the real story that has been distorted by the Israeli propaganda machine....

The truth of the matter is that, Hamas is not a terrorist organization nor that Hamas was the aggressor in any of the Israeli Palestinian confrontations.--Kamal Hassan

(NOTE: Kamal Hassan lives in Southern Oregon and is an active member of the Medford, Oregon based Citizens for Peace and Justice--rogue imc volunteer)

January 17th &amp; February 5th: Unrest in Greece: Info Nights (Vancouver, BC)

Seattle, 14.01.2009 04:38

Find out more about the unrest in Greece at two info nights with a photo slideshow and spoken presentations in Vancouver, Canada (Coast Salish Territory).

February 7th: Workshop On How to Clear Felony and Misdemeanor Criminal Records

Seattle, 14.01.2009 04:38

Come and learn how to Clear or Seal Felony and Misdemeanor Criminal
Records. The Tacoma Evergreen State College Law Club is sponsoring a workshop on Saturday, February 7, 2009 from 10am to 1pm for students and the general public.

From the Newswire

Perth, 14.01.2009 03:11

More arrests in Tasmanian forest

Nottingham Responds to Gaza Massacre

United Kingdom, 13.01.2009 21:39

With news of the ongoing military action in and against Gaza, protests have been called in many cities around the world. In Nottingham around two hundred people gathered in Market Square on Wednesday 30th December. Many people from Nottingham also made there way down to London to take part in the national demonstrations held on 3rd and 10th January.

A well-attended public meeting at Bobbers Mill Community Centre, Berridge Road West (Hyson Green) on Sunday 11th January was addressed by Jeremy Corbyn MP, John Heppell MP (Lab, Nottingham East) and Hicham Yezza from Nottingham University (recently wrongly imprisoned under the terrorism laws).

Upcoming events: (1) Protest Vigil, Friday 16th January 6pm Market Square and (2) Protest March Saturday 17th January 10.30am, Forest Recreation Ground. Also (3) transport to demo at UAV enginess, Monday 19th January 9.30am Sumac Centre

National Features: National Free Gaza demo 10.01.2009 | Gaza: Stop The Genocide | Yet again Israel massacres Gazan civilians - and yet again world leaders sit on the fence while people burn

Newswire: Gaza Public Meeting at Bobbers Mill Community Centre, Nottingham | Nottingham's Gaza Emergency Protest: Pictures 1 | 2 | Gaza Emergency Protest - 30 Dec 12pm Market Square

Links: Nottingham Stop the War Coalition | Free Gaza | Palestine Solidarity Campaign | Indymedia Notts Palestine topic page

Protests Over Police Shooting Of Oscar Grant Continue

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.01.2009 20:39

The BART police officer filmed shooting Oscar Grant on New Years Day has still not been charged, and protests over the shooting continue. A rally will be held Wednesday, January 14th at 4pm in front of Oakland City Hall. There have been protests nearly every day since last Wednesday, including one Monday night in San Francisco.

Cerca de 1000 palestinos muertos por los ataques a Gaza

Argentina, 13.01.2009 18:09

Nueva fase de los ataques de Israel: Más muerte y más violencia

Bialoruś: wezwanie do akcji pw budowie elektrowni atomowej

Poland, 13.01.2009 12:40

Poniżej apel o międzynarodowy dzień solidarności z ruchem antyatomowym na Białorusi:

Kilka lat temu władze Białorusi, wbrew zdrowemu rozsądkowi i interesowi mieszkańców kraju, podjęły decyzję o budowie na terenie kraju elektrowni jądrowej. Decyzję tą wsparło aktywnie miedzynarodowe lobby jadrowe. Realizacją projektu ma się zająć rosyjska korporacja Rosatom. Budowa będzie prowadzona w pólnocno-zachodniej Białorusi, w rejonie aktywnym sejsmicznie, kilkadziesiąt kilometrów od jeziora Narocz - największego jeziora na Białorusi. Koszty projektu to ponad 4 miliardy dolarów, które możnaby przeznaczyć na rozwój alternatywnych źródeł energii

DAWC statements on Raytheon action

Ireland, 13.01.2009 09:38

Derry plant of Arms manufacturer and Israel sponso ...

Santa Cruz Demonstration for Gaza

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.01.2009 07:38

People gathered at the Clock Tower in Santa Cruz on January 9th to raise awareness about the crisis in Gaza and to protest the criminal actions of the Israeli military.

Ephraim Sneh Describes Israeli Strategy in Gaza

DC, 13.01.2009 07:10

Israel's former Deputy Defense Minister reveals to a visiting delegation Israel's "plan" for Gaza: kill all Hamas leaders and deliver the "keys" to Gaza to Mahmoud Abbas. According to him, the Abbas administration is all for this. Of course, he left out the parts about massacring civilians, experimenting with high density munitions that more effectively dismember human bodies, using white phosphorous like napalm, not to mention killing medical workers and preventing their access to civilian victims, and also targeting United Nations sites full of civilians with massive and deadly force…More Click here for streaming video: | Ephraim Sneh |

pics of informant/snitch/motherfucker brandon darby

Portland, 13.01.2009 05:23

so i looked through my pictures from post-katrina new orleans in fall 2005, and found some shots of the informant brandon darby at a rally against police brutality in november 2005 in front of the 'justice center' in new orleans...including a couple of strangely ironic pictures showing brandon leaning against a national guard jeep with the US flag flying high above.

VIDEO: Candlelight Vigil for Gaza people in Portland Oregon 1.9.09

Portland, 13.01.2009 05:23

This is a 48 minute video of the Friday Jan 9 2009 vigil and solidarity for the Gaza people in Pioneer Square[.] Filmed downtown at Pioneer Square this vigil to show respect and love to those killed in the attack on Gaza was interrupted by security from the pioneer square telling the vigil candle holders that they needed to put the candles out (due to wax on the ground <rules>)(I apologize for leaving the speaker <Richard The Episcopal Priest> to follow the security guard and film what he was telling the vigil candle holders... no disrespect intended)[.] This video has a few people making speeches, footage of the candles being lit and has footage of the march and chants to end the killing in Gaza

Community Acupuncture Network Votes &quot;No&quot; on New Doctorate Degree for Acupuncture

Portland, 13.01.2009 05:23

Portland, Oregon, January 11th- The board of directors for the Community Acupuncture Network (CAN) has voted unanimously to oppose a new doctorate degree for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine on the grounds that such a move would be detrimental to practitioners, patients and the profession. Due to its large membership, the vote represents a significant hurdle for professional consensus for the ACAOM to renew its review and finalization of standards for a first-professional doctorate in acupuncture and in Oriental medicine.

VIDEO: Veterans For Peace, National Statement on Gaza 1.10.09

Portland, 13.01.2009 05:23

I filmed the Portland Chapter 72 Veterans For Peace speak about the Gaza conflict[.] Veterans For Peace Chapter 72 - Gaza Protest[.] This is the "VFP National Statement on Gaza" filmed from Portland Oregon at the huge Protest at Pioneer Square on 1.10.09

VIDEO: Impeachment Vigil Jan 8 2009

Portland, 13.01.2009 05:23

This is a video of the Thursday's weekly 2 hour vigil outside Earl Blumenauer's office to encourage impeachment of dick n george[.] Jan 8 2009 Impeachment Vigil
This short video was from January 8th in Portland Oregon[.] It was filmed from the last 30 minutes of the weekly vigil outside House district 3 Portland office

Audio and Photogs: Divest and Boycott Israel

Portland, 13.01.2009 05:23

As of this writing, since January 4, 2009, Portland has had at least seven Demonstrations protesting the ongoing massacre of innocent Civilians in Gaza. At both the Federal Building and Pioneer square citizens have marched and rallied opposing Israeli bombardment and ground invasion, demanding an immediate cease fire.

VIDEO: Zina sings at Gaza Vigil &quot;Peace Dignity Freedom &amp; Trust&quot;

Portland, 13.01.2009 05:23

This 13 year old girl sang her beautiful message twice at the Gaza protest Vigil on 1.10.09[.] Peace Dignity Freedom &Trust[.] Her name is Zina[.] This is a song she wrote and sang for the conflict going on in the Gaza area[.] It was filmed, here in Portland at the big Gaza Vigil on Saturday January 10 2009

Why Are We Protesting Against Lockheed Martin?

DC, 13.01.2009 03:10

MLK Day event in Bethesda hopes to draw attention to the role of Lockheed Martin -- the world's largest weapons maker -- in supplying Israel with weapons used to kill civilians in Gaza.

Rally and Candle Vigil for Peace.

Rogue Valley, 13.01.2009 03:10

During the day Saturday on the Ashland Plaza approximately 40 people joined with rallies and marches around the globe to stand in solidarity with those in Gaza to say “We will not be Silent!” and to “End the Siege Now!”.

The Rally was followed by a vigil at 7pm. It was a very cold Saturday evening on January 10th when over 20 people joined in a circle in Ashland's downtown plaza. Candles glowing with compassion silently shined light on the horrific killing which has been taking place in the Middle East.

The Ashland rally and vigil were forms of the many demonstrations that took place all around the world.

Here are a couple photos of the candelight vigil in Ashland, Oregon...

PDX’s Much-Beloved STREET MEDIC TRAINING is coming to Eugene! 1/30-2/1

Portland, 13.01.2009 03:09

Fri,1/30 (5-9pm), Sat/Sun 2/1(9-6 pm)

In this 20-hr training, a Portland-based street medic & health collective (until recently called Portland Street Medix) will present a crash course on first aid, emergency care, and caring for our friends & comrades at actions, marches, rallies, and other mobilizations.

ungur furs demo - 1/9/09

Portland, 13.01.2009 03:09

two activists demonstrated today from three to four o'clock infront of ungar furs. around 3:30 two womyn(one of which wore fur) went inside and on their way out the activists questioned them about purchsing fur. no reply was given and the activists conveyed there feelings to them! FUR IS MURDER OF INNOCENT ANIMALS AND FUR WEARERS ARE SICK MURDERERS!!!!!!!

Tacoma WA: GEO Group Violates Restrictive Covenant with NWDC Expansion

Portland, 13.01.2009 03:09

The Washington State Dept of Ecology has determined that GEO Group, owners and operators of a 1,030 bed detention center located on the Tacoma Tarpits, violated a restrictive covenant during their current expansion project. This is just one part of an overall strategy by a local Tacoma group (the Bill of Rights Defense Committee) to halt the expansion.

Police Shine Spotlight On Joe Anybody Camera

Portland, 13.01.2009 03:09

While filming under the bridge, the police attempt to block my view
(PS I was also informed a police sweep would be happening on Saturday night)
I went to see if the homeless people under the Burnside Bridge in Portland Oregon were getting hassled for being "homeless" I seen a man getting arrested so I started filming from 50 yards away. As I filmed one officer in a car started shining his spot light to block me from filming. What I don't like is I just won a tort claim against the city police for taking my camera and for ticketing me for "filming them" ... I won my case ... I can film... anyone can film the police in public[.] I also won 100 bucks ... a small fee that I attached to say I want policy change not money. One month latter the police are trying to block me again. I don't like this nor think it is appropriate. In good faith I didn't sue them for big dollars ...and yet they still play their "cover up games" ... This begs the question just what "Are the Portland Police Trying to Hide?" This was filmed on 1.9.09. I was informed by people under the bridge that the police that arrested the man, said they would be back tomorrow 1.10.09 to "sweep the homeless" from under the bridge...
<a href=" ">"> See the video </a>

Support Publicly Financed Elections

Portland, 13.01.2009 03:09

The city Auditor is resigning in May. This position is a powerful position that is in charge of auditing (or ignoring) city projects and runs the Independent Police Review. The powers that be want a special election held that is in 4 months. This is bad as most people who can qualify for auditor will be busy doing Taxes and not able to run. Also, this is not enough time for people to qualify for Public Financing. Which leaves an auditor who is elected by the PDC, business and the Portland Police Union. If you can please attend the following meeting and support Portland Publicly Financed Elections by asking that the election happen in September (this will give time for good progressive people to run for this office).

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