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Muslim Inaugural Celebration Speeches and Interviews

DC, 23.01.2009 01:10

Some 400 people showed up at the Muslim Inaugural Celebration, Monday January 19th, 2009.

Roe v. Wade 36 Year Anniversary Celebration

Rogue Valley, 23.01.2009 01:10

Ashland's Standing Stone Brewery was the place to be Sunday, January 18th when folks gathered to celebrate 36 years of reproductive freedom.

A good size crowd gathered for the occasion which was organized by Planned Parenthood of Southern Oregon. You can view some event photos below.

The featured keynote speaker was Oregon State Representative Peter Buckley who delivered a fiery speech telling the gathering to not stop pushing ahead. He quoted the late Senator Wellstone saying, "Organize, organize, organize." Leaders from Planned Parenthood also spoke and there was a musical performance by The No Where Men. Also heard was poet Liz Robinson. Artist Betty LaDuke honored "Women in Art" and had on display two of her wonderful paintings.

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Breaking News: Five more university occupations for Gaza

United Kingdom, 23.01.2009 01:08

Following the occupations at SOAS, LSE, King's College, Essex, Warwick, Sussex and Birmingham universities, over 80 Oxford University students have occupied the historic Bodleian building to demand that the university releases a statement condemning the attack on Gaza and cancel the lecture series at Balliol College inaugurated by Israeli war criminal Shimon Peres. More info on the occupation's blog.

There are also early reports of occupations at Nottingham, Manchester Met, Newcastle and Leeds universities.

New Yorkers, Boycott Israel Now!

NYC, 22.01.2009 23:39

Israel's attack on Gaza - killing 1300 Palestinians, injuring thousands more, and decimating the impoverished Gaza Strip - has demonstrated even more clearly the vital need for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns against Israel. With our governments once again failing to act to prevent Israeli war crimes, individuals and civil society must lead the way, as they did in the US civil rights struggle and the struggle against apartheid South Africa. In response to the growing demand from New Yorkers for information on boycotting Israel, Adalah-NY is releasing a flyer with carefully researched information on ten Israeli and international businesses, all with a significant New York City presence, whose products you can boycott in order to send a strong message that business cannot go on as usual for Israel as long as Israeli war crimes and apartheid continue.

В Москве убит Станислав Маркелов

Belarus, 22.01.2009 23:37

На улице Пречистенка в центре Москвы сегодня днем был застрелен адвокат Станислав Маркелов..Маркелов вел дело против бывшего полковника Юрия Буданова, осужденного за убийство чеченской девушки Эльзы Кунгаевой.

По данным правоохранительных органов, Маркелов возвращался с пресс-конференции, где был настигнут убийцей, который выстрелил в него в упор. При попытке оказать сопротивление, огнестрельное ранение получила и девушка Маркелова. Убийца скрылся в сторону станции метро “Кропоткинская”.

Буданов отбывал с 2003 года наказание за похищение и убийство в 2000 году чеченской девушки Эльзы Кунгаевой.

Суд приговорил Буданова к 10 годам колонии строгого режима с лишением воинского звания и государственных наград. Он отбывал наказание в Ульяновской области.

Буданов неоднократно подавал ходатайство об условно-досрочном освобождении. Последнее прошение было удовлетворено Димитровградским городским судом в д…

&quot;War IS Peace&quot;: Video Screened On The Israeli Embassy

Ireland, 22.01.2009 20:10

Footage by Al Jazeera / Edit by Culture and Confli ...

S.O.S. Aldeia do Imbuhy em Niterói - RJ

Brasil, 22.01.2009 18:08


A Letter to President Barack Obama to Respect Irish Neutality

Ireland, 22.01.2009 16:10

End transit of US troops, munitions and CIA rendit ...

Leonard Peltier Beaten In Prison

Boston, 22.01.2009 15:09

Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier was badly beaten and injured by other inmates after being moved to a different prison in Pennsylvania. Here is an urgent call for action by Leonard's sister and the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.

50 Years For The UK SHAC 7

United Kingdom, 22.01.2009 15:09

On Wednesday 21st January, seven activists from the campaign Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) were sentenced to a total of fifty years in prison, after they were found guilty in December 2008 of 'conspiracy to blackmail' Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Heather Nicholson was jailed for 11 years, Gregg and Natasha Avery sentenced to nine years each, Gavin Medd-Hall an eight-year prison sentence, Daniel Wadham jailed for five years, Dan Amos and another were both sentenced to four years in prison.

"They conspired to do A B and C ... with Persons or Persons Unknown." - Who were persons unknown? It really didn't matter, as the above conspiracy law linked the individuals even though they had never met them or talked to them. However, this was all ignored as the media falsely charged the activists with hypocrisy, extremism and terrorism, instead of acknowledging their own hypocritical standpoint, best portrayed by the Telegraph, with NETCU helping to further the hysteria following the activists guilty verdicts.

Related newswire: Steve Pearl and Netcu we know where you work... | How you might go to prison for not knowing or knowing someone... | Article on the SHAC 7 [USA] | SHAC Sentences anounced | SHAC trial ends - defendants jailed with disproportionate sentences! | SHAC Sentencing - watch this space | SHAC : Hypocrisy, Terrorism and Extremism. | Yesturdays Torygraph frothing at the mouth over SHAC | SHAC sentencing and festering hypocrisy | Demonstrations outside HLS on days of SHAC sentencing. Join us! | SHAC Case’s Impact on the Environmental Movement | Thoughts on media hysteria post SHAC trial. | SHAC Newsletter 50 - Out Now! | National Anti-Vivisection Day of Action - Mon 19th Jan | Letter from AR Prisoner Luke Steele


Argentina, 22.01.2009 14:09

Urgente: Gendarmería pretende desalojar 5 piquetes en Salta a las 13:30

[P-ń] Likwidacja skłotu przy ulicy Żydowskiej

Poland, 22.01.2009 13:11

Dziś w godzinach przedpołudniowych policja, bez wymaganego nakazu, wkroczyła do pustostanu przy ulicy Żydowskiej w Poznaniu, który od listopada był zajmowany przez kilku bezdomnych. Policja zatrzymała wszystkich mieszkańców skłotu i działaczy poznańskiej Federacji Anarchistycznej, którzy przyszli wspierać skłotersów. Do aresztu trafiło w sumie 8 osób. Pod komisariatem odbyła się akcja solidarnościowa, o godzinie 13.00 zaczęli wychodzić pierwsi zatrzymani.

Show and Tell: Traveller's stories from the Pacific and beyond

Aotearoa, 22.01.2009 09:40

Come to the January Anarchist Assembly in Auckland 6:30pm Monday, January 26 8 Mt Eden Rd We will share a simple vegan and gluten-free meal and then hear inspiring stories from the recent travels of several local activists. These people have been learning about and participating in the struggles of the local and indigenous peoples of the Pacific, Asia and the Americas. There will be photos and video clips and plenty of room for questions.

A Resistência Sagrada do Santuário dos Pajés está VIVA

Brasil, 22.01.2009 00:09

Resistência Indígena X Estado Neocolonialista


Seattle, 22.01.2009 00:08

The 27th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr., March and Rally was held on Monday, January 2009. The event honored Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for his work toward racial equality and economic justice for all people, for his commitment to nonviolence, and for his stand against war and militarism.

Leonard Peltier beaten at Canaan Federal Penitentiary, Pennsylvania

United States, 21.01.2009 23:37

I am so OUTRAGED! My brother Leonard was severely beaten upon his arrival at the Canaan Federal Penitentiary. When he went into population after his transfer, some inmates assaulted him. The severity of his injuries is that he suffered numerous blows to his head and body, receiving a large bump on his head, possibly a concussion, and numerous bruises. Also, one of his fingers is swollen and discolored and he has pain in his chest and ribcage. There was blood everywhere from his injuries.

I am asking you, supporters of Leonard and advocates of justice at this time to help. I don't know what else to do. Please Help! Read More by

Background & Past Coverage: Passing Over Peltier | Leonard Peltier Moved to Terre Haute Indiana USP | Peoples Fast for Justice Fasting For Peltier | Free Leonard Peltier in 2008! | William Clinton Has the Nerve to Return to Pine Ridge after Dissing Natives and Leonard Peltier?? | Remembering Leonard Peltier

Related: Obama's Inaugural address honors settlers, snubs Native Americans

Police Brutality: A National Emergency - Victims Families Speak Out

LA, 21.01.2009 19:09

Police Brutality: A National Emergency - Victims Families Speak Out

Hay fuerte presencia policial en la puerta de la fábrica

Argentina, 21.01.2009 18:39

Urgente: Intentan desalojar Indugraf

В Москве убит Станислав Маркелов

Belarus, 21.01.2009 18:37

На улице Пречистенка в центре Москвы сегодня днем был застрелен адвокат Станислав Маркелов..Маркелов вел дело против бывшего полковника Юрия Буданова, осужденного за убийство чеченской девушки Эльзы Кунгаевой.

По данным правоохранительных органов, Маркелов возвращался с пресс-конференции, где был настигнут убийцей, который выстрелил в него в упор. При попытке оказать сопротивление, огнестрельное ранение получила и девушка Маркелова. Убийца скрылся в сторону станции метро “Кропоткинская”.

Буданов отбывал с 2003 года наказание за похищение и убийство в 2000 году чеченской девушки Эльзы Кунгаевой.

Суд приговорил Буданова к 10 годам колонии строгого режима с лишением воинского звания и государственных наград. Он отбывал наказание в Ульяновской области.

Буданов неоднократно подавал ходатайство об условно-досрочном освобождении. Последнее прошение было удовлетворено Димитровградским городским судом в д…

Obama Inaugurated, Wall Street Crashes Further

DC, 21.01.2009 18:10

In freezing weather, over one million, but maybe not 2 mil mostly 20 and 30 something year olds, were packed into the National Mall around the jumbotron screens to watch Obama get inaugurated (There was one big empty space behind the Washington Monument where there was no TV.) When the 43rd Pres, Bush, was introduced to the crowd, there was a very loud boo. And thumping gloved hands for the Obama. Obama's Inaugural address honors settlers, snubs Native Americans


Colombia, 21.01.2009 16:40

La Justicia Penal Militar no es competente para juzgar miembros de la fuerza pública vinculados a crímenes de lesa humanidad

MLK March pdx Article and Photos j.19.09

Portland, 21.01.2009 16:39

The march began at around three with some people singing "we shall overcome". The crowd, of around three to five hundred men,women, children, and dogs marched unhindered to st. Mary's church through downtown portland. There were no counterprotestors. Chanting "Hey hey ho ho racism has got to go", "whos streets?, Our streets!", "this is what democracy looks like", "waht do we want? peace, when do we want it now!" and more the crowd marched triumphantly in the road with assistance from portland police. At st.mary's folks listened to was refreshing to hear many speak of peace in the middle east, also one of MLK jr.'s dreams.

Rosja: akcje upamiętniające zamordowanych anarchistów

Poland, 21.01.2009 12:40

Wczoraj w kilku rosyjskich miastach zorganizowano akcje ku pamięci dwójki anarchistów: adwokata Stanisława Markelowa i dziennikarki Nowej Gazety Anastazji Baburowej zastrzelonych wczoraj w centrum Moskwy, po wyjściu z konferencji poświęconej przedterminowemu uwolnieniu pułkownika Budianowa skazanego za gwałt i zabójstwo młodej Czeczenki. Markelow był prawnym reprezentantem rodziny zamordowanej.

MSS gana representación de Suiza Dairy

Puerto Rico, 21.01.2009 07:10

Nueva victoria del Movimiento Solidario Sindical frente a la Suiza Dairy

Canada Orders US War Resister (and New Mother) Deported

United States, 21.01.2009 05:45

The Canadian government has ordered the deportation of Kimberly Rivera, the first US woman Iraq war veteran resister to go to Canada, and four other US war resisters. Rivera, her husband and three children, including a newborn daughter, must depart Canada by January 27 or be deported. Rivera now lives in Toronto with her husband Mario, son Christian (six years), daughter Rebecca (four years), and newborn Canadian daughter Katie (six weeks). Read More by Ann Wright

Resources: Project Safe Haven | "Please Don't deport the War Resisters" | | | Related: "Harper Orders War Resister Chris Teske deported on inauguration day" | | "National/Canada day of action in support of Cory Glass"


Argentina, 21.01.2009 03:09

Más que una prueba deportiva, una concepción de la naturaleza


LA, 21.01.2009 02:41


Save the M8 Bus! Stop the Budget Cuts!

NYC, 21.01.2009 00:11

Metropolitan Transit Authority buses and subways are vital pathways which stitch together New York City's diverse communities. Eliminating or even limiting service effectively isolates sections of the city from one another.

Israel: Una precaria tregua que no conforma a nadie

Argentina, 20.01.2009 21:39

Se van las tropas, queda la muerte y la impunidad

&quot;Suddenly Bombs Started Falling.&quot; A Brief Report From Inside Gaza (January 17,

New Orleans, 20.01.2009 20:40

"Suddenly Bombs Started Falling." A Brief Report From Inside Gaza (January 17,

Free Palestine, End the Israeli Occupation Demonstration

New Orleans, 20.01.2009 20:40

Free Palestine, End the Israeli Occupation Demonstration

El FMLN en el El Salvador

Puerto Rico, 20.01.2009 19:40

El FMLN se proclama como primera fuerza política de El Salvador

Gaza: Weekend of Protest Across the Midlands

United Kingdom, 20.01.2009 19:39

On Saturday 17th January Israel declared a "unilateral ceasefire," ending (for the timebeing at least) the brutal assault on Gaza it began on 27th December. With the full extent of the devestation wrought only now becoming clear, protests against the attack and wider Israeli policy towards the Palestinians continued up to and beyond this declaration. The "ceasefire" came during a weekend of protests against the assault in Nottingham and across the Midlands, building on a widespread sense of anger, particularly amongst Muslim communities.

On Friday 16th January there was a vigil outside the Council House. Around 150 people attended and were addresed by a range of speakers. The next day there was a very large march from the Forest Recreation Ground to Market Square, with a rally next to the statue of Brian Clough. On Monday 19th January, a number of Nottingham residents made their way to UAV engines in Staffordshire to protest against the company's involvement in the production of Israeli military drones.

Upcoming Event: Saturday 23rd January, National Demonstration in London. See article for details of transport from Nottingham.

Previous Feature: Nottingham Responds to Gaza Massacre

Newswire: Protest at Arms to Israel from Staffordshire | Gaza Protest March Through Nottingham to Market Sq : Pix 1 | 2 | Nottingham Gaza Protest 'candle-lit' Vigil : Pix 1 | 2 | Stop the Slaughter in Gaza - Lincoln Protest

Links: Nottingham Stop the War Coalition | Free Gaza | Palestine Solidarity Campaign | Indymedia Notts Palestine topic page

Israel: Una precaria tregua que no conforma a nadie

Argentina, 20.01.2009 17:09

Se van las tropas, queda la muerte y la impunidad

Watching the watchers in Nottingham

United Kingdom, 20.01.2009 15:09

Concerned residents have begun a campaign of 'sousveillance' of Nottingham's CCTV cameras and of some of the people employed to watch over us. PCSO Watch aims "to playfully gather information, data, and stories about PCSOs and their Community Protection Officer (CPO) colleagues" in order "to open up a channel of communication upwards rather than downwards about an increasingly out-of-control area of our society." The Office of Community Sousveillance was recently out and about on the streets of Hyson Green, getting members of the public to give their testimonies about their treatment by PCSOs.

Meanwhile, a CCTV treasure hunt was held in Nottingham on Sunday in order to "help map Nottinghams insane surveillance system!!!" The aim was to encourage members of the public to anonymously photograph CCTV cameras in their area and post them, along with details of where they are located, on a national website.

Newswire: 'PCSO Watch' | The Cctv Treasure Hunt | CCTV 'Treasure Hunt' around Nottingham | PCSO Watch - Office of Community Sousveillance

Links: CCTV Treasure Hunt

EDO Smashed!

United Kingdom, 20.01.2009 10:39

Anti-militarist activists entered the ITT/EDO MBM arms factory in Moulescombe, Brighton in the early hours of this morning, where they are believed to have caused extensive damage to the offices, and to equipment used to make arms, including the 'zero retention force arming units' and 'ejector release unit 151' which the Smash EDO/ITT campaign says are supplied to the Israeli Air Force. The campaign became aware of the action when they received a phone call from those inside the factory this morning who said that they were 'decommissioning' the factory in solidarity with the people of Gaza, who are currently at the receiving end of the factories products.

Updates: EDO Decomissioners Charged | Solidarity Demo Brighton Magisrates Mon. 19th

| Three remanded at bail hearing |

'These Boots Were Made For Launching': Hundreds Show Bush Their Shoes in Grand Send-Off

DC, 20.01.2009 08:10

Eight years of war without end…eight years of crimes against the Constitution and the Geneva Convention — continuing unimpeded by the ensuing eight years of candlelight vigils, puppet shows and sign-waving. And so it was on this Inauguration Eve that the last pathetic remnants of the US antiwar movement gathered at Dupont Circle for one last fling before the new regime takes over — one last chance to hurl defiance at George W. Bush, before we throw off the old regime and enter a new era of Change™ and Hope™…and, Hope and Change, and…and, Change and Hope, and… Still photography by Isis, via Flickr. Video by Mike Flugennock, via YouTube. Broadcast audio by WSQT Direct Action Radio.

protest: killercoke in university of miami

Miami, 20.01.2009 07:07

protest: killercoke in university of miami

Gaza &quot;ceasefire&quot; reveals more dead and more than 50,000 left homeless

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.01.2009 05:09

On January 18th, Israel announced it was ending its attacks on Gaza and after Hamas agreed to stop rocket fire the next day, Israeli troops have begun to withdraw. Gazans who survived the 22-days of Israeli attacks are starting to venture outside and some reporters are starting to get in to the the destruction. At least 1314 Palestinians were killed and 50,000 were left without homes as a result of the fighting. Israeli officials have said that one reason they ended their attacks was to prevent distracting news stories from getting in the way of Obama's inauguration in the US.

Oveja electrónica, grupo por el Software Libre

Argentina, 20.01.2009 02:39

“Por el acceso al saber libre, descentralizado, antiburocrático y antiautoritario”


Argentina, 20.01.2009 02:39


Argentina, 20.01.2009 02:39

Hay un herido de gravedad y setenta detenidos

Emily Jacir, &quot;Where We Come From&quot;, is Showing at the SF MOMA

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.01.2009 01:09

In a small room in the SF MOMA museum, as part of an exhibit about passages and memory, photographs from Palestine taken by Emily Jacir are shown. The title of the photo display is "where we come from" and it's a representation of interviews the artist Emily Jacir did with Palestinians in the Diaspora and Palestine. Jacir asked her interviewers to answer the question "if I could do anything for you, anywhere in Palestine, what would it be?"

John Mearsheimer: Israel's Real Purpose In Its Atrocities in Gaza

DC, 19.01.2009 23:10

John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, co-author of the paper (available online) and subsequent book (with Stephen Walt) _The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy_, presents a concise timeline description and absolutely the clearest account of the true reason behind Israel's wanton atrocities in Gaza. Mearsheimer argues that diminishing Hamas or stopping their rockets are subsidiary goals for Israel, to Israel's more central goal of controlling all of historical Palestine via an "Iron Wall" policy that would permanently subjugate the Palestinian people and ensures Israeli control of all Palestinian land, air, water, borders/sea, and economy. Mearsheimer points out that this goal cannot be achieved, and certainly not by the brutal method of a total war on the Palestinian people. The likely outcome even in the case of relative Israeli success is a permanent Apartheid, which itself will [thankfully] doom Israel as a chauvinistically and exclusionary "Jewish State" [and its racist state ideology of Zionism].


NYC, 19.01.2009 23:08

Thousands of drivers heading south on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on Monday morning saw a series of banners proclaiming Jewish support for Palestine. The banners, hung by New Yorkers from the organization Jews Against the Occupation read: JEWS SAY: FREE GAZA, FREE PALESTINE, STOP ISRAEL!

VIDEOS: six clips from &quot;Let Gaza Live&quot; protest in downtown Portland Oregon 1.17.09

Portland, 19.01.2009 21:39

Filmed in Portland Oregon USA in a protest of solidarity through peace and non violence in the center of downtown at Pioneer Square

This 2 hour protest event was to demand the bombing and military attack against Gaza stop

This is 6 videos all filmed from 1.17.09 for the "independent media network"

VIDEO: Leuren Moret 1.12.09 Portland Oregon 911 Truth Discussion

Portland, 19.01.2009 21:39

LEUREN MORET 1.12.09 Portland Oregon discusses 911 Truth and more. This is a couple hours of discussion on 911 truth and radiation Filmed in Portland Oregon:

911 Truth Leuren Moret 2009[.] Leuren talks about HARP weapon systems, weather, false flags, and 911 investigations. This was filmed at Laughing Horse Books in Portland Oregon with a room of 911 Truth seekers. The discussion was about energy weapons, weather weapons, uranium use, facts and media manipulation, explosives, false flags, and scientific logic about September 11th. This 2.5 hour video also includes a Q / A session

Video of January 10, 2009 Free Palestine Demonstration

Portland, 19.01.2009 21:39

Video from recent Demonstration at Pioneer Square and surrounding vicinity in downtown Portland. About 20 minutes in length. I posted the audio earlier with the original report back, but the video is much more compelling. The video features an interview with local lawyer, Greg Kafoury and speakers from the Square speaking about the Divest and boycott Israel campaign.

gaza protest artcle and pictures 1.17.09

Portland, 19.01.2009 21:39

many protest israel, despite cold weather[:] the blisteringly cold weather did not stop several hundred protestors from gathering at pioneer square to oppose israel's unjust and illegal bombing of everyone and anything in gaza. the now usual two cops in bright yellow-green jackets stood on a corner looking extremely bored and unuseful, there were no counterprotestors, and the crowd was peaceful. amidst honks of support from passing cars at the rate of one every minute or less, the predominently young crowd (many under eighteen) of arabic descent gave interviews, sang songs, chanted defiantly, and posed for pictures on the day that, far away, israel announced its cease fire.

VIDEO:Impeachment Vigil &quot;The Last One&quot; 1.15.09

Portland, 19.01.2009 21:39

This is the last protest for "Impeachment of dick n george" outside of Earl Blumenauer's (House District 3 Rep)office on 1.15.09 in Portland Oregon The Last Day of Impeachment Vigil 1.5 years latter on Indy Media[.] This is a 34 minute video from the "Individuals For Justice" who have been demanding Impeachment hearings from Earl Blumenauer week after week.

This video protest is the last after doing this every Thursday for 2 hours for about 1.5 years[.] We even had a jailbird (fake)Bush join us for "the last one"[.] The rubber chickens were there (Reed & Pelosi) and quite a few "shoes to toss around"[.] The dozen citizens who were there you will recognize from previous videos...

Thanks to Portland Indy Media for helping spread the word of this weekly vigil for justice[.] Thanks to the Lone Vet for inspiring us and being willing to face off with Earl to get this vigil going

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