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Innocent man shot and killed by police in Auckland

Aotearoa, 26.01.2009 00:10

On Friday 23 January, Halatau Naitoko - a 17 year old Pacific Island father - was shot in the chest by police who were in pursuit of an armed bag snatcher. The shooting took place on the North-Western motorway where the suspect attempted to switch get-away vehicles. Naitoko was driving a van, doing courier work. Other articles: Bay of Plenty Times Editorial Calls for Police to be Charged | Motorway shooting officer 'should be tried' says Ross Meurant | The Motorway Shooting - How it Happened | Workers Party

These nights are for Alexis: A closer look into the December uprising in Greece

Boston, 26.01.2009 00:09

Eleven days after the 15-year old boy Alexandros Grogopoulos was killed by a police bullet in Athens, I decide to travel to Greece. The following article is no news, nor is it an analysis of the news. It is an attempt to create more understanding of the inner workings of the uprising, the sociopolitical and cultural climate in which it took place and the movement behind it. It does not attempt to give an objective representation of the uprising instead it is written from a highly subjective perspective and a compilation of interviews I held with people from the anarchist/anti-autoritarian movement in Thessaloniki.

Palestine 101 Workshop

Houston, 25.01.2009 23:09

Workshop on the basics of Palestine Israel Conflict at Sedition Books

Mediolan: eksmisja skłotu Cox18

Poland, 25.01.2009 14:10

W czwartek 22 stycznia włoska policja na wniosek prawicowych władz Mediolanu dokonała eksmisji historycznego centrum socjalnego i skłotu Conchetta, zwanego również Cox18, zmuszając mieszkańców do wyjścia i blokując dostęp do budynku

FFM: Konflikt um Flughafenausbau spitzt sich zu

Germany, 25.01.2009 12:09

Seit Mai 2008 besetzen UmweltaktivistInnen einen Teil des Kelsterbacher Waldes bei Frankfurt. Dort soll, nach den Plänen der Fraport (Betreibergesellschaft des Flughafens), in den nächsten Jahren die neue Landebahn Nordwest entstehen. 300 Hektar Wald sind akut von den Plänen bedroht, die Rodungsarbeiten haben vor kurzem begonnen.

Emergency Protest Held for Leonard Peltier in SF

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.01.2009 06:39

American Indian leader and political prisoner Leornard Peltier was brutally beaten on Tuesday, January 20th, just after he was transferred to the Canaan Federal Penitentiary in Pennsylvania. On Friday, January 23rd, the American Indian community and their supporters came out in the rain in San Francisco to protest the attack on Leonard Peltier. Family members of Leonard feel the assault was orchestrated by the FBI to prejudice his next parole hearing.

Call Goes Out for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Against Israel

United States, 25.01.2009 06:37

In the wake of Israel's attack on Gaza — which killed 1300 Palestinians, injured thousands, and decimated the already-impoverished Gaza Strip — a growing network of organizations is calling for coordinated boycott, divestment and sanctions ("BDS") against Israel and Israeli corporations. Adalah-NY: The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East has recently released a flyer with information on ten Israeli and international businesses, including L'Oreal, Motorola, and Delta Galil Clothing, that they are urging consumers to boycott. For the past year, Adalah-NY has been holding regular protests at the diamond manufacturer Leviev, in the heart of Manhattan's shopping district (See roundup of coverage here).

On Friday, protesters in St. Paul, MN attempted to occupy the Trade Office to call out local ties to Israel's attacks on Gaza. Other demonstrations of solidarity have continued in the wake of the ceasefire. Recent Solidarity Protest Reports: Boston, MA | Los Angeles, CA | Portland, OR: report & pics, video | Seattle, WA: report & pics, video | New Orleans | | | Past Roundups: From Indymedia.US — Jan15 | Jan14 | Jan9 | Jan4 | Dec31 | | | From Indymedia.Org — Jan8 Roundup | actions and information

Boycott Resources: Adalah-NY | Global Boycott, Divest and Sanction Movement || “Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction,” by Naomi Klein | Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

3 Baltimore Animal Rights Activists Illegally Arrested

DC, 25.01.2009 02:10

On Friday Jan 23rd at about 7:45 pm 3 Baltimore Animal Rights activists were arrested while legally and peacefully protesting Foie Gras at The Intercontinental Hotel's restaurant located in the Inner Harbor area. After about 30 minutes of protest that was legal and on public side walk area- Police came from all angles in an "ambush" method- waving their billy clubs and using verbal threats to make the activists leave. 2 activists who were peacefully asking why they had to leave were cuffed. Another protester who was just arriving on the scene was first threatened by police when they saw him taking pictures with his camera phone. He walked away as asked by police and when he asked for a badge number- he was arrested. This unbelievable display of injustice just adds to the already known corruption of the Baltimore City Police. Please call central booking of Baltimore to request that these activists be released and that they get vegan food. Please call and support: ~Erin Marcus ~Aaron Ross ~Adam Ortberg (410) 545-8120- Central Booking Phone Number

Barack Hussein Obama Becomes 44th U.S. President

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.01.2009 02:09

On January 20th, 2009, George W Bush left the White House and Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. The transition was marked in several ways across Northern California. From San Francisco to Fresno to Santa Cruz to Mountain View to Sacramento, the transfer of power was met with relief, cautious celebration, and determination to keep the fight for social justice alive.

Privatización en la Universidad

Puerto Rico, 24.01.2009 22:40

Alerta la J23 ante ataque a la UPR

Against Supevalu's Kids in Action Voucher Scheme

Ireland, 24.01.2009 22:09

Supervalu Admit their Vouchers are Worthless This ...

CodePink Report: How Obama Welcomes Peace Activists

Miami, 24.01.2009 22:07

CodePink Report: How Obama Welcomes Peace Activists

Reportback from the Sam Adams Rally

Portland, 24.01.2009 20:39

Last night, 200+ people showed up at Portland City Hall, starting around 5:30 pm to show their support for the recently elected mayor Sam Adams who is now the subject of a gay witch hunt.

People brought their signs, support and voices as they gathered en-masse in front of City Hall. Most signs read something such as, "We Still Support Sam" and "Apology Accepted." Others reflected this reporter's sentiments with "Transportation is an issue. Homelessness is an issue. The economy is an issue. And all you want to talk about is SEX? Go F*ck Yourselves!"

VIDEO: The Tyranny of Oil

Seattle, 24.01.2009 18:08

Author Antonia Juhasz spoke at King's Books in Tacoma about her latest book, The Tyranny of Oil.

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary Work Party Trip

Portland, 24.01.2009 14:38

Join us for a trip to Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary! Meet new friends while
helping out with chores and spending time with the animals!
Join us for a trip to Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary! Meet new friends while
helping out with chores and spending time with the animals!

We will be doing various projects like building fences, painting, etc.
Make sure you bring rubber boots if you have them, work clothes you can
get dirty in, good work gloves, and a vegan lunch.
Treats for the animals (like apples and carrots) are always appreciated!

AUDIO FILE: Campaign to Keep Oregon's Guard in Oregon

Portland, 24.01.2009 14:38

On Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at the State Capitol, the 8-month-long Campaign to Keep Oregon's Guard in Oregon held its official "launch event." Campaign organizers delivered the signatures of over 7000 Oregonians to officials along with a demand that our state militia not be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Audio of News Conference

Contacts: Dan Handelman, Peace and Justice Works (Portland) 503-236-3065
Leah Bolger, Veterans for Peace Chapter 132 (Corvallis) 541-207-7761

FBI Announces Sighting of Fugitive in BC

Portland, 24.01.2009 14:38

The Oregonian and other corporate media published articles yesterday announcing a sighting of Rebecca Rubin, fugitive in the Northwest "Green Scare" cases, who is indicted for Arson and other charges related to actions at Vail Ski Resort, a Susanville, CA wild horse corral, and other actions.

The articles are reprinted nearly verbatim from an FBI press release, and beg the question, "Why would they show their hand?" Logically, it would seem that letting Rebecca know she had been sighted (via the media) would only give her an advantage.

It is my opinion that the intention of this release is a calculated attempt to stir chatter to assist in the hunt for Rebecca and other fugitives. Have no doubt that they are listening in on the phone conversations and email accounts of anyone they suspect of having a connection to Rebecca.

This may seem obvious to some, but warrants pointing out.

Sat Jan 31 -Town Hall on the Economic Crisis

Portland, 24.01.2009 14:38

You are invited to a Town Hall on the Economic Crisis

First Unitarian Church, SW 12th and Main
Saturday, January 31, 1-5 pm

While almost $2.5 trillion of our money was squandered on easy term loans to banks and investment houses, we lost 2.6 million jobs in 2008! One million jobs were lost just between Nov. 1st and Dec. 31st of 2008. With a good deal more suffering likely, we are in the most difficult economic times since the Great Depression.

* What are the root causes of the economic crisis?
* What should we fight for? What is a "recovery?"
* How do the millions of people who voted for change help make it happen?

Donations welcome -- Sponsored by Jobs with Justice, the Economic Justice Action Group of the First Unitarian Church, and over 45 unions, community organizations, churches, and other groups.

FRIDAY: All &quot;Wall 7&quot; charges dismissed!

United States, 24.01.2009 14:37

Friday morning, on the fourth day of trial, Ramsey County District Court Judge Michael Fetsch dismissed all charges against the "Wall 7," some of the first activists to go to trial in connection with the RNC. The seven activists from the Northeast were facing 4 trumped-up misdemeanor charges after being penned in with about 30 others by a Mobile Field Force and SPPD bicycle unit at 6th and Wall Streets on September 1, 2008. read more | Lawyer's Statement

RNC Aftermath Roundup: Reports and Courts

Ongoing Surveillance of Activists in Auckland

Aotearoa, 24.01.2009 09:10

The past few weeks have seen a rise in protest activity in Auckland, with a corresponding increase in police surveillance and numbers on demonstrations. We believe it is important to be aware of what the police are doing and why. At the march against the Israeli invasion two weeks ago a photographer moved through the crowd taking close-ups of activists. When challenged about why he was taking photos he replied that ‘it was a free country and he could take photos of whoever he wanted.’ Pressed as to why he was taking photos of individuals he replied that “the issue is about the individuals involved”

Prop 2 Inspires Formation of Grassroots Animal Rights Group

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.01.2009 08:09

Mark Hawthorne writes: One of the most exciting results of Proposition 2 - California's successful campaign to ban battery cages for hens, gestation crates pigs and veal crates for calves - is that it energized activists across the United States, introducing a new generation of animal advocates to the horrors of factory farming. Many of these people had known little, if anything, about agribusiness practices. But they literally took up the Prop 2 banner, getting involved in the fight to end the use of intensive-confinement devices in California.

Anne Feeney Rocks Ashland at Inaugural Party!

Rogue Valley, 24.01.2009 02:41

Ashland's Siskiyou Pub had an overflow crowd with an exciting buzz from Inauguration Day 2009. Anne Feeney sang some old and some new labor songs and told some stories to a jubilant crowd that was ready to celebrate. The sing-along songs were the biggest hit as a roomful of voices filled the Pub.

A special guest stopped by to partake in the festivities at this Inaugural Ball...Take a look at the photos and see if you can spot him.

This concert and the inaugural party were brought to Southern Oregon by the Southern Oregon Central Labor Council and Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice. Special thanks to Move-On.Org for the support and outreach.

click any photo to make it bigger

How the Gay Community Got Chicago'd at the Inaugural

DC, 24.01.2009 02:11

Back in the days of the first Mayor Richard Daley, when an alderman got out of line during a City Council debate, the power on his microphone was unceremoniously cut, whether he had the floor legitimately or not.

William Thomas Dies After 27 Years in Front of the White House

DC, 24.01.2009 02:11

William Thomas (known to most as Thomas) passed away this morning. Thomas spent the last 27 years in front of the White House, in Lafeyette Park, protesting the inhumane policies of the US, especially the US nuclear poliicies exemplified by the US dropping nuclear bombs on the civilians of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Falsas esperanzas con Obama

Puerto Rico, 24.01.2009 00:10

Discurso inaugural de Obama: un llamado a la austeridad en medio de banalidades

Bob Doyle: 12th February 1916 - 23rd January 2009: May He Rest In Peace

Ireland, 23.01.2009 23:38

The death has occurred of Bob Doyle, the last surv ...

Spiegelserver von Indymedia UK beschlagnahmt

Germany, 23.01.2009 22:39

Am 22. Januar 2009 wurde ein Server von Indymedia UK in Manchester von der Polizei beschlagnahmt. Die richterliche Anordnung ging von einem Richter an die Polizei in der Grafschaft Kent. Die Beschlagnahme steht womöglich in Zusammenhang mit Artikeln über das SHAC Verfahren auf Indymedia.

Edwards, Myers, Harris, Carew: Pro-British, Pro-US, Pro-Israel, Pro-War

Ireland, 23.01.2009 22:38

Kill, kill, kill in the name of peace, kill the ch ...

Приют. Срочно нужна помощь.

Belarus, 23.01.2009 21:26

По распоряжению руководства “Фауны города” на Гурского, 42 комнаты отлова №9 и 11, комната опекаемых котов №10 и комната стерилизованных собак №6 должны были быть освобождены к утру пятницы, 23 января. Комнаты планируется отдать под размещение администрации и многочисленных сотрудников предприятия. Технологические планы здания четко регламентируют, что эти помещения построены для размещения животных.

Количество мест для животных уменьшается, а план отлова увеличивается. Таким образом, комната эвтаназии будет работать как заводской конвейер.

В среду новый директор предприятия Томашевский Александр Вениаминович, вступивший на эту должность в понедельник, встретился с представителями волонтеров и опекунов и заверил, что ничего меняться не будет.
В четверг, 22 января, в комнате отлова №9 уже начали двигать клетки!!! Все стерилизованные собаки из комнаты №6 стоят в вольерах на улице.

Просим вас разбросать эту информацию по форумам, а также позвонить на "горячи…

Detailed Information on New Santa Cruz Downtown Ordinances

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.01.2009 20:31

On Tuesday, January 27th, at 7:00pm, the Santa Cruz City Council will consider recommendations by Mayor Cynthia Mathews and Councilmembers Lynn Robinson and Ryan Coonerty to make Santa Cruz' downtown and beach area "more safe, vibrant and welcoming for community members and visitors alike. This effort will improve and expand existing ordinances in order to make them consistent, understandable and enforceable; other programs will address specific issues."

Shell to Sea Call For A Halt To Shell Operations

Ireland, 23.01.2009 19:08

Yesterday (January 22nd), Minister for Foreign Aff ...

Obama Inauguration Celebration Santa Cruz Style

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.01.2009 18:08

Agusto Cesar Sandino Segundo writes, "A cynical summary: On Tuesday Jan. 20th 2009, aka Inauguration Day, the newly sworn in Citizens in Chief's of the peoples republik celebrated the installation of the latest in a long series of puppets and front men for gangster capitalism aka de'mock'cracy Amerikkkan style. Although the day remains historic in the history of race relations in this nation, and for many this is an important victory in the civil and political rights struggle, it remains to be seen how much change really lies ahead despite all the rhetoric from this young president. While this commentator believes Prez Obama has more or less good intentions, the system he rose to power in is rotten to the core and will hinder his ability to deliver on his many promises."

Indymedia op het matje

Netherlands, 23.01.2009 16:39

Als het aan de Amsterdamse Politie ligt, wordt Indymedia in de toekomst verantwoordelijk gesteld voor alle wildgeplakte aktieposters in Amsterdam. Donderdag mag de rechter zeggen wat hij ervan vindt (22-01-2009 10:45, Parnassusweg Amsterdam).

Update: Tijdens een zitting die minder dan tien minuten duurde, eiste de officier van justitie vrijspraak en van de rechter kregen we die. Dat de poster op Indymedia gepubliceerd is, betekent niet dat wij de posters hebben geplakt, vindt ook het gerecht. Namens onze bankrekening, advocaat en de belastingbetaler vragen we overijverige milieu-ambtenaren om hun boetes in het vervolg naar een ander andres te sturen.


Colombia, 23.01.2009 16:09


Amenazas contra la fabrica recuperada

Argentina, 23.01.2009 15:09

Indugraf: inminente desalojo


Athens, 23.01.2009 15:08

Τίποτε δεν τέλειωσε... Όλα συνεχίζονται!

UK: kolejne przejęcie serwerów Indymediów

Poland, 23.01.2009 11:40

Wczoraj, 22 stycznia doszło do kolejnego zajęcia serwerów brytyjskich Indymediów przez policję. Tym razem z takim nakazem wystapiła policja w Manchesterze; nakaz został wystawiony przez sędziego policji hrabstwa Kent. Ma on najprawdopodobniej związek z publikacjami dotyczącymi niedawnego procesu aktywistów SHAC.

Polícia apreende novamente servidor do Indymedia Reino Unido UK

Brasil, 23.01.2009 07:39


Reportback from Roe v Wade 36 vigil

DC, 23.01.2009 07:10

On Jan 22, supporters or a woman's right to choose (abortion or otherwise) gathered at the Supreme Court to celebrate victory over those who wanted to pack the Supreme Court and threaten Roe vs Wade. With Barrack Obama's inauguration, right wing dreams of overturning Roe are now in ashes! WSQT Broadcast Audio

UC Service Workers Sit-In at Chairman of the Regents Richard Blum's Office

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.01.2009 07:09

On January 16th, 60 University of California (UC) service workers and at least 10 UC student supporters from at least five UC campuses stormed the San Francisco offices of UC Board of Regents Chairman Richard Blum on Montgomery St. Chanting, singing and posting images and words of impoverished UC service workers on the walls, they occupied Blum's office to ask that he and UC President Mark Yudof "agree to end poverty wages at UC."

Immigration reform in the first 100 days

Houston, 23.01.2009 05:49

Immigrant Rights activists gather with clergy to vigil and pray for immigrantion reform

Tensión en General Mosconi, Salta

Argentina, 23.01.2009 05:09

5 piquetes por trabajo genuino

Water meters not about conservation

Aotearoa, 23.01.2009 04:42

Local human rights group, Right to Water, argues against water metering on any grounds. A user-pays system for domestic water supply will increase inequality and is a dubious way to conserve water resources says a local human rights group. The Wellington Regional Council and the NZ Water and Wastes Association have both recently called for compulsory water metering and charging households by the volume of water used. “These proposals aren’t about solving water shortages. They're about enabling business to access a sector previously off limits,” says Right to Water spokesperson Maria McMillan.


Argentina, 23.01.2009 04:39

Trabajadores de Indugraf / Piqueteros de Mosconi

Lucha por el Software Libre en La Plata

Argentina, 23.01.2009 04:39

“Por el acceso al saber libre, descentralizado, antiburocrático y antiautoritario”

Lucha por el Software Libre en La Plata

Argentina, 23.01.2009 04:39

“Por el acceso al saber libre, descentralizado, antiburocrático y antiautoritario”


Argentina, 23.01.2009 03:39


politie brutaliteit

Oost-Vlaanderen, 23.01.2009 02:08

Ongehoorde politiebrutaliteit aan 127bis

Police Seize UK Indymedia Server (Again)

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.01.2009 01:42

On January 22, police seized an Indymedia server in Manchester, England. Kent Police had e-mailed Indymedia UK earlier in the day in regards to two comments containing the address of a judge that had been posted to the site. The search warrant specifically targeted a server named "Strummer" which functions only as a mirror of the UK site and does not actually receive submissions from users.

Köln: Kampagne für ein autonomes Zentrum

Germany, 23.01.2009 01:42

Die Schnapsfabrik war ein selbstverwalteter Ort in Köln, der Anfang dieses Jahres vom Bauaufsichtsamt geschlossen wurde. Aus der Wut über das Vorgehen des Bauamtes und aufgrund des Fehlens selbstverwalteter Rume in Köln hat sich die Gruppe Pyranha gegründet, deren erste Aktion eine Demo für ein autonomes Zentrum am 31.01. in Köln ist.

Pyranha – Kampagne für ein autonomes Zentrum

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