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Fertile Dreams - Assemblage &amp; Photography by Freyda Miller

LA, 02.02.2009 19:09

Fertile Dreams - Assemblage & Photography by Freyda Miller

Abajo la represión asesina contra la masa trabajadora

Venezuela, 02.02.2009 17:38

Chicago Independent TV in February: Did someone say protest?

Chicago, 02.02.2009 16:08

The February episode of Chicago Independent Television features four segments about recent Chicago protests. First, we'll see one of the many sweeping Gaza protests in early 2009. Then, we'll join up with two LGBT-rights actions — one against right-wing ideologue James Dobson, another to protest California's Proposition 8 measure against same-sex marriage. And, we'll also join in with a group of Chicagoans who protested against war during the recent holiday season.

Read more about Episode 44 | CIMC TV Podcast | CIMC Video Page | CITV on YouTube

Christchurch Forum: Oppose the 90-day Sacking Law

Aotearoa, 02.02.2009 10:10

A forum on the new 90-day legislation, the National-led government’s Xmas present to workers, is being held on Wednesday, February 4 at the WEA (Workers Educational Association) building, 59 Gloucester St, Christchurch, starting at 7pm. Speakers include Andrew Mckenzie (Alliance; and a lawyer specialising in labour issues); Byron Clark (Workers Party; youth union activist); Fay Birch (cleaner and worker-advocate, specialising in personal grievance issues). Other union speakers have been invited. The meeting is organised by the Workers Party and the Alliance Party.

The Freedom Shop is moving!

Aotearoa, 02.02.2009 10:10

Alas, the Freedom Shop has recently moved out of Shop 204b, Left bank, Cuba Mall, Wellington. The shop is New Zealand's longest running anarchist bookshop, having been set up in 1995. But it isn't the end for the Freedom Shop. The collective that runs the shop is currently deciding on a new location, but in the meantime we will be selling our wares at festivals and events around Wellington, including: Waitangi Day 6 Feb at Waitangi Park, the Island Bay Festival at Shorland Park on 15 Feb, and the Newtown Festival on March 8. So come along and check us out! We might be seen at some other events too.

Former Black Panther to speak in Dublin

Ireland, 02.02.2009 08:39

The Anarchist Bookfair 2009 is being held in Liber ...

Darian 2 años

Argentina, 02.02.2009 08:09

Problemas en escuela de Dorado

Puerto Rico, 02.02.2009 06:40

Continúa la enseñanza entre olores venenosos en escuela de Dorado

February 5th: 2nd Info Night About the Unrest in Greece (Vancouver, Canada)

Seattle, 02.02.2009 04:38

2nd Info night with photo slideshow and spoken presentations.

7:00 PM / THURSDAY / FEBRUARY 5 / 2009
Vancouver (Coast Salish Territory), Canada

Nottingham university occupied in solidarity with Gaza

United Kingdom, 02.02.2009 00:09

Since 9pm on Wednesday a group of students has been occupying a room at the University of Nottingham in solidarity with the people of Gaza. The students have published a list of demands that include that the university of Nottingham cut its financial ties with the arms industry, that 'academic' aid be sent to Gaza, and that there be no repercussions for those involved in the occupation.

Professor Noam Chomsky has sent the students a message of support stating that he was "very pleased to learn about your courageous and honorable actions, particularly significant because of the crucial British contribution to the savage onslaught on Gaza... I hope you have the greatest success in arousing public opinion and bringing these monstrous crimes to an end."

Update 01/02/09: The occupation has been violently evicted by university security. At around 6pm around 10 security staff used force to remove the occupants into the snow outside. Students were made to wait in the cold whilst they went in one by one to pick up belongings. They were also forced to give ID in order to be allowed entry.

National Feature: Over a dozen university occupations for Palestine

Newswire: Nottingham University Students Occupation in Solidarity with Gaza 1 | 2 | Minipodcast from the third night of the occupation at Nottingham Uni | Petition to support Occupation Nottingham | Riseup Radio Report on day one of the Occupation of Nottingham University | Breaking News: Student Occupation at Nottingham University

Links: Occupation Nottingham | Petition | Notts Palestine newswire

No a la estatua de Colón

Puerto Rico, 01.02.2009 22:10

En oposición a la estatua del genocida Cristóbal Colón para los Centroamericanos

Anarchists Against the Wall Tour the Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.02.2009 21:40

On February 5th & 6th, Schachaf Polakow, a member of Anarchists Against the Wall, will give three presentations in the Bay Area that will include film and photos, and will focus both on AATW's recent work in solidarity with Gaza and their ongoing work in the West Bank.

Anarchists Against the Wall is a direct action group that fights against Israeli apartheid and oppression in all its forms, most recently also the atrocities in Gaza. For five years the group has waged a constant struggle against Israel's Wall. The work on the ground in the West Bank, alongside the Palestinian popular movement is breaking new ground in the joint struggle for Palestinian liberation.

Free Gaza Activists, Donna and Darlene Wallach, Welcomed Home to San Jose

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.02.2009 21:39

Two American Jewish women, Donna and Darlene Wallach, left their lives behind in San Jose six months ago to break the Israeli siege of Gaza. Courageously sailing on the first two Free Gaza boats, SS Free Gaza and SS Liberty, they had no idea of their fate at the hands of the Israeli navy, which has maintained a total sea blockade of Gaza since the 1970s. On January 25th, the two sisters arrived at Mineta San Jose International Airport to a heroes' welcome.

Fiends Of Israel: Why Melanie Phillips Needs To Be Watched

Ireland, 01.02.2009 20:39

The importance of countering their propaganda Ther ...

Campaign to keep The Maryland National Guard home

DC, 01.02.2009 19:11

Calling upon President Obama to reverse the illegal policy of using the National Guard as a backdoor draft

Galveston destroy public housing

Houston, 01.02.2009 18:10

Galveston plans demolition of two public housing complexes

Obama, Guantánamo and the “War on Terror”

United Kingdom, 01.02.2009 16:39

Former Guantánamo prisoners including Moazzam Begg and Chris Arendt, a former guard, are completing a UK speaking tour to “mark seven years of unlawful detention, abuse and torture”. The tour, organised by Cage Prisoners started in London on 11th January 2009, exactly seven years after the first transfers to the prison torture camp at Guantánamo Bay at date which was marked in London by a weekend of actions. Sami al-Haj, a former Guantánamo prisoner and Al Jazeera journalist was due to be one of the speakers but instead he joined a Free Gaza boat which was fired on and didn’t make it. By the Sheffield meeting, held on the date of Obama’s inauguration, he had been replaced by Omar Deghayes another former Guantánamo prisoner. In Liverpool the meeting “was held on the same day as the US president signed an order to close Guantanamo. Moazzam Begg was not impressed, and commented that Barack Obama spoke about ‘outlawing torture’ as though he himself had just decided to make it illegal: “It has ALWAYS been illegal, at least in any civilised country”" Further reports can be found on the tour blog.

Tour Reports: London (audio) | Bristol | Sheffield (audio: 1 | 2) | Liverpool | Guantánamo Voices Tour Blog

Campaigns: Cageprisoners | The National Guantánamo Coalition | 100 Days to Close Guantánamo and End Torture | The Campaign against Criminalising Communities | Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC) | Reprieve | Andy Worthington

Background: Andy Worthington on Antiwar Radio: Obama, Guantánamo and Torture (audio) | Seven Years of Guantánamo Bay: London Actions | Guantánamo - Obama could do better | Binyam’s Story: From Ladbroke Grove to GTMO | The Rendition Monolgues | Moazzam Begg and Andy Worthington on Human Rights in The War on Terror | Can Human Rights Survive the "War on Terror"? | Guantánamo Bay: The Case of Omar Deghayes | Craig Murray: Legality, Morality and the War on Terror

Justice for Palestine: Irish Times

Ireland, 01.02.2009 08:39

Statement: Saturday January 31 2009

No al Bloqueo

Puerto Rico, 01.02.2009 06:40

Comité de Solidaridad con Cuba exige el fin del bloqueo

Trabajadores versus Propper

Puerto Rico, 01.02.2009 06:40

Trabajadores Demandan Contratista de Uniformes Militares por Abusos Laborales

From the Trenches for January: Camp Hope, Witness Against Torture

Chicago, 01.02.2009 06:08

The January 2009 episode of Chicago Indymedia's monthly radio show "From The Trenches" features the following: Camp Hope, a 19 day demonstration organized by Voices for Creative Nonviolence opens in Hyde Park; Also, Camp Hope's forum — Witness Against Torture: From Guantanamo to the Streets of Chicago with speakers: Sonia De Santiago, Marc Falkoff, and Flint Taylor. And, a visit to the Fox Valley Electric Auto Association and a conversion class at Morton Community College in Cicero.

Download entire show | Chicago Indymedia's radio page | CIMC / FTT Radio podcast feed

UA in the Bay Announces Coming Out

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.01.2009 10:09

UA in the Bay writes: Attention all anarchists, anticapitalists, antiauthoritarians, troublemakers, and rabble-rousers across North America! We're writing to let you all know that UA in the Bay, the Unconventional Action branch in the San Francisco Bay Area, is still alive and kicking and we are calling out to all groups across the country to continue the fight as well!

U-Lock Justice for Palestine Says Fuck Bourgeois Parties Celebrating Massacre

NYC, 31.01.2009 07:09

New York, New York, January 30, 2009. Here in New York, activists opposed to the U.S.-backed Israeli assault on Gaza disrupted a gala event last night put on by the lobby group AIPAC. While most of Gaza was in ruins, New York state politicians and Zionists were rubbing elbows at a $1500-a-plate dinner. The demonstrators chained themselves together to block entrance to the Marriott Hotel.

From the Newswire

Perth, 31.01.2009 04:41

Outrage over gang rape injustice

Informe sobre el gatillo fácil por Indymedia La Plata

Argentina, 31.01.2009 04:39

Impunidad policial a dos años de asesinato de joven en La Plata


Argentina, 31.01.2009 04:39

Impunidad policial a dos años del asesinato de Darian

A días de cumplirse un mes de la detención

Argentina, 31.01.2009 04:09

Liberaron a los presos del FT 26 de Junio

Plans To Gut Chicago Public Schools Draws Scores to Protest

Chicago, 31.01.2009 04:09

Hundreds of concerned students, teachers, parents, and concerned citizens converged to a Chicago Public School board meeting, protested in the streets, and staged a downtown rally. The coalition called on a moratorium of the controversial "Renaissance 2010" plan to privatize Chicago Public Schools — ostensibly under the rubric of "underutilization" and "failing test scores", though poised to accelerate trends of gentrification and displacing low-income communities.

The current announced changes would result in at least five closed schools, five more schools consolidated into other schools, and five more schools slated for phase-out. The plans are a legacy of outgoing Chicago Schools CEO Arne Duncan, who has been tapped as the Obama Administration's Secretary of Education.

Chicago Indymedia posts: Massive Protest Fires Opening Shot | Photo essay: 1.28 Stop School Closures Rally at the Board! | The battle to save our schools in Chicago | Media Activist Call-Out for Hearings on School Closings!

Additional Coverage: Teachers for Justice: Stop the Proposed School Closings!! NO to R2010!! | SouthwestYouth Collaborative's Photos - No More School Closings & Privatization | Gapers Block: Over a Thousand Protest Renaissance 2010 | Rally calls for moratorium on school closings | Substance News: Daley shuts out protesters after tumultuous Board of Education meeting | CORE: The Caucus of Rank and File Educators

No a los desalojos en Barceloneta

Puerto Rico, 31.01.2009 02:10

Vecinos denuncian expresiones de alcalde de Barceloneta

Lucha de la UIA

Puerto Rico, 31.01.2009 02:10

La lucha de los trabajadores del agua

UHW versus SEIU

Puerto Rico, 31.01.2009 02:10

Miembros de UHW rechazan toma de control por SEIU y ocupan sus edificios

Bail For BART Officer Who Shot Oscar Grant Set At $3 Million

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.01.2009 01:10

On January 30th, bail for BART police officer Johannes Mehserle was set at $3 million and it was immediately posted. Protesters gathered outside the court house and marched toward 14th and Broadway after the bail was announced. BART closed the 12th Street station and Oakland police blocked off several roads and fired tear gas and projectiles at protesters.

Economic Crisis Town Hall Program Announced

Portland, 31.01.2009 00:39

The Town Hall on the Economic Crisis is coming up this Saturday, January 31st at the First Unitartian Church at 1011 SW 12th Avenue in Portland. Doors open at 12:30pm and the Town Hall starts at 1pm. Economic Crisis Town Hall Program

  • 12:30 - Doors Open
  • 1:00 - 2:30 - Understanding the crisis - Marty Hart-Landsberg, Professor of Economics, Lewis and Clark College Making a new vision a reality - Veronica Dujon, Associate Professor of Sociology, Portland State University
  • 2:45 - 4:00 - Breakout sessions (see below)
  • 4:15 - 5:00 - Working together - Building a movement
    Barbara Dudley - Assistant Professor of Political Science, Portland State University
    Tom Leedham - Secretary Treasurer, Teamsters Local 206
    David Bacon - Labor Journalist
    JoAnn Bowman - Executive Director Oregon Action
  • 5:00 - 6:00 - Food and Reception
Portland Jobs With Justice

Solidarity from New Zealand for Waterford Workers Occupying Factory

Ireland, 31.01.2009 00:10

Following the successful factory http://socialista ...

Gaza Ghetto

Houston, 30.01.2009 19:39

HIMC Presents Gaza Ghetto - Wednesday February 4th at Rice Cinema

Community Demands Justice for Mother of Six Slain by Riverside Sheriff

LA, 30.01.2009 18:39

Community Demands Justice for Mother of Six Slain by Riverside Sheriff

Alexander: Obama’s $825 Billion Stimulus Plan offers too little, too late

Boston, 30.01.2009 17:09

With less than 10 days in office, President Barack Obama has indicated that his $825 billion economic stimulus package will energize the U.S. economy and create future jobs for more than three million Americans. Socialists nationwide are rejecting this new call for deficit spending and are calling for programs that will meet the short and long term needs of the nation and create immediate employment for the millions of working people that are unemployed or under-employed.

Home Depot, Bank of America Executives Caught on Tape trying to Defeat the EFCA

Boston, 30.01.2009 17:09

Bank of America, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, Rick Berman founder of Union Facts exposed on tape trying to Defeat The Employee Free Choice Act. Audio of the conference call, which was obtained by the Huffington Post, is excerpted throughout this piece to provide a clearer insight into the pitched battle surrounding the Employee Free Choice legislation. Participants on the October 17 call--including at least one representative from another bailout recipient, AIG--were urged to persuade their clients to send "large contributions" to groups working against the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), as well as to vulnerable Senate Republicans, who could help block passage of the bill. Bernie Marcus, the charismatic co-founder of Home Depot, led the call along with Rick Berman, an aggressive EFCA opponent and founder of the Center for Union Facts.

Justice for Jason: Raise your voice against racism in our state!

Boston, 30.01.2009 17:09

On February 3, 2008 Jason Vassell, an African-American student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, was the victim of a racist hate crime. He has been further victimized by a racist prosecution. We, a coalition of community organizations, students and faculty, seek solidarity in challenging this racist prosecution.


Argentina, 30.01.2009 16:39

Impunidad policial a dos años del asesinato de Darian

<b>Una lucha de muchos</b> por <i>Anibal Hnatiuk</i>

Argentina, 30.01.2009 16:39


Argentina, 30.01.2009 16:39

Impunidad policial a dos años del asesinato de Darian

resolución de acusación

Colombia, 30.01.2009 16:39

Fiscalía confirma versión de la comunidad

Sheffield Hallam Gaza Solidarity Occupation

United Kingdom, 30.01.2009 01:09

On Wednesday evening (28 January), a group of students started an occupation of a tenth floor lecture theatre in the Owen Building, where an earlier meeting on the conflict in Gaza had taken place.

Following other occupations around the country, students and workers voted to occupy the lecture theatre and democratically approved a list of demands to Sheffield Hallam University. The full list of demands can be read in their announcement on the newswire.

On Thursday morning (29 January) negotiations began with university management.

A teach-in was scheduled for Thursday afternoon and a screening of La Haine for the early evening. University administration demanded that the group leave at 9pm, threatening police involvement if not. This deadline has now passed and the group have resolved to stay.

The group have a Sheffield Hallam Occupation blog with the most up to date information and the group welcome messages of solidarity and support. Messages of support and mutual aid have been received from other occupations in Bradford, SOAS London, Oxford and Nottingham, as well as Sheffield Trades Council, Sheffield NUJ, South Yorkshire UCU, Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Free Gaza and the Sheffield and Rotherham Stop the War Coalitions.

Inauguration Week Coverage Roundup

United States, 29.01.2009 23:07

On January 20th, 2009, George W Bush left the White House and Barack Hussein Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States. Despite efforts to transform the inauguration into a coronation, the people kept it real and independent media makers were on hand to document it.

From DC-IMC: In freezing weather, over one million, but maybe not 2 mil mostly 20 and 30 something year olds, were packed into the National Mall around the jumbotron screens to watch Obama get inaugurated (There was one big empty space behind the Washington Monument where there was no TV.) When the 43rd Pres, Bush, was introduced to the crowd, there was a very loud boo. And thumping gloved hands for the Obama. Read More | List of Events.

Some groups were welcomed with front row passes, while others that presented more of a challenge to the new regime's message were shuffled to the margins, snubbed or forcibly "migrated". And according to some Israeli officials, the ceasefire with Hamas was declared in part in order to prevent "distracting news stories" from interrupting the day's mood.

Still, activists were out before and after the inauguration, determined to make the most of the coming of this historic era. The day before the ceremony, on Martin Luther King Day, demonstrators called for peace in Gaza in of the slain civil rights leader: [1] [2] [3] [4] And the day afterward, clergy gathered to vigil and pray for immigration reform and anti-war activists assembled to demand that Obama stop the spread of the "war on terror".

More Reporting from DC: 100 Days working to close Guantanamo and end torture | | | 'These Boots Were Made For Launching': Hundreds Show Bush Their Shoes in Grand Send-Off | | | Muslim Inaugural Celebration Speeches and Interviews | | | UC-IMC Dispatches: Day1 | Day2 | Day3 (MLK Day) | Day4 (Inauguration Day) & some thoughts

Reporting from Other Cities: Los Angeles, CA | Northern CA | Portland, OR: Portland, OR | Rogue Valley, OR | Santa Cruz, CA

Commentary: Some Thoughts on Obama and the US Empire

Detainees Expose Medical Neglect in Death at Piedmont Regional Jail

DC, 29.01.2009 22:10

Detainees in the Piedmont Regional Jail in Farmville, VA speak out on the medical neglect that caused the death of Guido Newbrough at Thanksgiving

Unions Close Down France: Where Are The Irish Unions?

Ireland, 29.01.2009 21:39

Signs are already that the chemical castration of ...

&quot;Illegal People&quot; - David Bacon book signing

Rogue Valley, 29.01.2009 20:10

"Illegal People: How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants"
- - Author David Bacon brings his northwest book tour to Southern Oregon - -

Monday, February 2, 2009
7:00 p.m.
Medford Public Library
Large Conference Room
205 S Central
Medford, Oregon

- - Quote - -
"David Bacon is the conscience of American journalism; an extraordinary social documentarist in the rugged humanist tradition of Dorothea Lange, Carey McWilliams, and Ernesto Galarza." —Mike Davis, author of No One Is Illegal

David McKay on Trial

Houston, 29.01.2009 17:40

Trial of David McKay of the Texas 2 underway in Minneapolis

Pronunciamiento de DDHH por ataques a Yukpas

Venezuela, 29.01.2009 17:37

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