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Sea Shepherd Returns From the Whale Wars

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.02.2009 11:10

Since December, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been disrupting whaling operations by a Japanese fleet that illegally hunts whales under the guise of "research." Confrontations included Sea Shepard lobbing rotten butter onto the decks of the whaling ships as well as directly ramming whaling ships on the open seas at times. The whalers in turn have used sonic weapons to retaliate. After three months of operations attempting to prevent the illegal whaling, the Sea Sheperd crew are returning to better prepare for future battles with the whalers.

Kraków: Antyszczyt NATO

Poland, 16.02.2009 10:41

19 - 20 lutego mają zjechać do Krakowa ministrowie obrony krajów Paktu
Północnoatlantyckiego. Przeciwnicy polityki prowadzonej przez te państwa zapowiadają protesty. W czwartek 19 lutego zapraszają na demonstrację i kontrbal.

It's not too late! Write for Imminent Rebellion

Aotearoa, 16.02.2009 09:11

Write now for the next issue of Imminent Rebellion! We are still keen to have submissions for volume 10 - including responses to the last issue. Imminent Rebellion is an anarchist journal that seeks to provide a space for thoughtful, critical and well-researched writing that illuminates struggles and projects otherwise overlooked in the South Pacific, that delves deeper into the anarchist project, and that seeks to illuminate the operations of Power. It is also a space for creative responses to our contemporary situation — poetry, photography, firsthand accounts.

Community Groups Take Over BART Board Meeting

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.02.2009 09:10

On Thursday, February 12th, community activists attended a BART Board of Directors meeting to voice their concerns about the inadequate response to the abuse and murder of Oscar Grant III on January 1st. Activists assumed control of the meeting and unfurled a banner in the room. Three demands were issued. Demonstrators then worked their way through the Board asking them one by one to publicly commit to the demands. Activists promised that "more, much more is coming," unless BART accedes to the community's demands for more accountability and transparency.

Aprobada la enmienda constitucional

Venezuela, 16.02.2009 03:37

Feb 27: Letters to Prisoners

Aotearoa, 16.02.2009 03:10

Anarchist Black Cross Wellington is holding a letter writing evening to prisoners at 128 Abel Smith St, Te Aro, Wellington on Friday 27th February 2009 at 8pm. As usual, it's a pot luck so bring something tasty to share to keep up energy levels. We have information about political prisoners should you wish to write to one of them. Paper and envelopes provided but we encourage making colourful cards etc.


Argentina, 15.02.2009 23:09

Marcha contra las fumigaciones en Córdoba

Bank of America Targeted by Rising Tide, an Environmental Group

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.02.2009 20:09

Rising Tide, an organization that is dedicated to fighting the root causes of climate change, called for nationwide demonstrations against Bank of America to take place on Saturday, Feb 14th. In San Francisco, the local branch protested Bank of America on Powell St.

Vargas estaba participando de un reclamo por trabajo en las puerta de petrolera

Argentina, 15.02.2009 19:39

Santa Cruz: Muere un piquetero en un confuso episodio policial

Civil Liberties Activists Celebrate End of Bush Years with Dobbs Ferry Concert

NYC, 15.02.2009 19:39

Civil liberties activists celebrated the end of the Bush administration Saturday night with a rousing concert at the South Presbyterian Church in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. The concert line-up consisted of Joe Duraes, Ahmed and Leila Kharem, MaryEllen McCabe, Solar Punch, Acoustic Riverrun, The Blues Mothers, Kelly Flint, Milton, Julia Joseph, and Matt Turk.

Vargas estaba participando de un reclamo por trabajo en las puerta de petrolera

Argentina, 15.02.2009 18:39

Santa Cruz: Muere un piquetero en un confuso episodio policial

How Eco-Friendly is Your Food? Find out with Veg 101 and the Master Vegetarian Program.

Portland, 15.02.2009 17:39

Confronted by rising food prices and global climate change, more people are reducing their carbon footprint and saving money by making changes to their lifestyle. If you find yourself wondering how your dietary choices affect the environment, your wallet, and your health, now is a great time to sign up for Veg 101 and the Master Vegetarian Program.

Modeled after the Master Recycler Program and the Metro Master Gardener Program, the nine-week Master Vegetarian Program was piloted by Northwest VEG in 2007 to teach interested members of the community about the environmental and epidemiological impact of food choices. Now in its fourth run, the program continues to attract both vegetarians and omnivores by offering thought-provoking lectures and discussion about the science and politics of food.

Environmental Reasons for VegetarianismThe Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice and Sustainability

Occupation 101 Film Screening: Mon 2/16 @ Hollywood Theatre 7pm

Portland, 15.02.2009 17:39

Were you confused or upset by the recent Israeli invasion of Gaza? Not sure what to do next? Maybe you feel like you are missing information about the conflict, and want to find out more.

Come to a screening of Occupation 101, a thought-provoking and powerful documentary film on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is an important and ground-breaking film that includes the voices of Jewish and Palestinian scholars, and background on the conflict that helps fill in the gaps. Unlike any other film ever produced on the conflict -- 'Occupation 101' presents a comprehensive analysis of the facts and hidden truths surrounding the never ending controversy and dispels many of its long-perceived myths and misconceptions. This screening will also include a question and answer session with Alison Weir, of 'If Americans Knew', who appears in the film.

Monday February 16th
Hollywood Theatre - 4122 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland OR
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

A Call to Pitchforks: Portland Urban Farming 2009

Portland, 15.02.2009 17:39

Meet farmers that are changing Portland's urban landscape as they grow food in all kinds of places. Learn about their methods, philosophies & where we're going with urban farming. Q & A discussion panel with farmers, land-lenders, CSA subscribers, community organizers, and other working to create an urban foodshed in the City of Roses.

Jornada refrendaria decidirá la suerte de la enmienda constitucional

Venezuela, 15.02.2009 16:37

15 F Venezuela Decide su Futuro

Venezuela, 15.02.2009 16:37

Venezuela Bolivariana

Puerto Rico, 15.02.2009 08:40

La faena contra la Venezuela Bolivariana y el verdadero “Pacto de Puerto Rico”

VIDEO:: Human Rights Meeting on Racial Profiling Feb 5 09 Portland Oregon

Portland, 15.02.2009 02:09

This was a separate meeting from the regular Human Rights Committee in Portland Oregon. They met and I filmed the discussion on "Racial Profiling" here in Portland. The Portland police were invited, but no one representing them was present at this meeting.

If I am correct, there were 5 committee members. There were 2 citizen present and 2 city offices represented. This is meeting is open to the public. This meeting is "continued" in 2 weeks (Wednesday) (2.18.09)[.] It is held at their office located at 5315 N Vancouver street [.] Fell free to sit in on the next meeting and if inclined speak up and share your thoughts

Videos:: Keep Guard in Oregon &quot;Camp Homebound&quot; gets tickets from State Police 2.11.09

Portland, 15.02.2009 02:09

Camp Homebound Gets Tickets 2.11.09 Tuesday evening, on the State Capital Steps
Four people were sited [.] The police will be back the next day, as will the vigil (most likely)it will be right around 11pm when the police will start their "enforcement"[.] They are claiming that after 11pm no one can be on the state capital steps ? [.] They may be wrong on that?

Citizens trying to film the vigil were told to delete their cell phone video by the state police, for NOT notifying the police that they were recording (sic)audio - (see video #3) [.] Please make a call to the Governor in support of not sending the National Guard to Iraq[.] Congress switchboard: 202 224 3121 [.] Governor Office Oregon: 503-378-4582

Mario Liñán, podría ser juzgado por tercera vez por un atentado que no cometió en Perú

Argentina, 14.02.2009 18:40

Pedido de extradición para preso político en Argentina


Argentina, 14.02.2009 16:09

La muerte de un represor

New School Students Announce April 1st Ultimatum and Action

NYC, 14.02.2009 16:08

Press Conference Video:

News Background:

"Although the meeting was intended as a forum for faculty members, a
student representative was allowed to briefly address the gathering. She
read from a prepared statement announcing that student activists were
calling for the resignation of Mr. Kerrey and the New School’s vice
president, James Murtha, by April 1. “If, on that day, the current
leadership remains in place, we will shut down the functions of the
university,” she said. “We will bring it to a halt. We will make it
stop.” The assembled faculty members warmly applauded her comments."

Twenty-Four Hour Protest Outside Zionist Organizations’ Office Draws Hundreds

NYC, 14.02.2009 16:08

About 900 New York City Jews participated in a twenty-four hour protest outside the World Zionist Organization and Jewish Agency offices on 3rd Ave. between 40 and 41st St. in Manhattan, calling for justice for the Palestinian people and an end to the occupation of Palestine.

Related Coverage from NYC IMC: Related coverage from NYC IMC: Banner Drop Over Cross Bronx Expressway Continues Wave of Jewish Solidarity || The Indypendent Issue 131: Standing Together: Jewish, Muslim and Arab-American Activists Join In A Common Cause || NYCers Say Don't Break Palestinian Hearts on V-Day || U-Lock Justice for Palestine Says Fuck Bourgeois Parties Celebrating Massacre || New Yorkers, Boycott Israel Now! || ON MLK DAY, NYC JEWS CALL FOR ISRAEL TO HALT WAR CRIMES AGAINST PALESTINIANS || Thousands Line the Streets of 7th Avenue, Calling for an End to the Israeli Assault on Gaza

Community Groups Respond to Fresno Police Beating of Homeless Man

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.02.2009 03:39

A coalition of community groups are demanding the City of Fresno establish police accountability and community confidence in the police department. Representatives from 20 grassroots organizations were at Fresno City Hall today (Friday, February 13) calling for an independent investigation into the beating of a homeless man by a Fresno police officer. Video of the incident has been shown nationwide.

LA Indymedia film night March 5: HUMBLE BEAUTY, documentary on skid row artists

LA, 14.02.2009 02:09

LA Indymedia film night March 5: HUMBLE BEAUTY, documentary on skid row artists

Obama Administration Asks Court to Suppress Identity of Harmful Chemicals

Santa Cruz, CA, 14.02.2009 02:09

Environmental leaders from throughout the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas have asked Federal District Judge Saundra Armstrong to deny the United States Environmental Protection Agency's motion to block disclosure of the chemicals used in the CheckMate pesticides sprayed on Monterey and Santa Cruz residents as part of the government's Apple Moth Eradication Program. EPA has requested Judge Armstrong to prevent disclosure of the chemicals in the spray, claiming the manufacturer's proprietary interest outweighs the public's right to know.


Argentina, 13.02.2009 23:39

Paro total en Paraná Metal


Argentina, 13.02.2009 23:39

Paro total en Paraná Metal

Foro Social Mundial 2009

Puerto Rico, 13.02.2009 19:40

No vamos a pagar la crisis, que la paguen los ricos

Contra el reclutamiento militar

Puerto Rico, 13.02.2009 19:40

Protesta por el reclutamiento militar en la Escuela de Derecho-UPR

Love is Blind! Dublin Queer Marriage Equality Demo

Ireland, 13.02.2009 19:39

This Valentine's Day, come and do your bit for lov ...

Activists Speak Out Against San Diego Crack Down on Medical Marijuana

LA, 13.02.2009 19:08

Activists Speak Out Against San Diego Crack Down on Medical Marijuana

Tour de Everyday: Community Bike Ride on February 15

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.02.2009 18:39

Join People Power and other local bicycle advocates on Sunday, February 15th at noon, as they demonstrate the everyday utility of the bicycle for transportation. Beginning at the Hub for Sustainable Transportation in Santa Cruz, the Tour de Everyday will take participants through the various bike routes riders can take to school, to work, to shopping or natural resources. Whether an aspiring bike commuter looking for a "bike routes of Santa Cruz 101" or a longtime rider looking to meet fellow bike commuters, the Tour de Everyday will demonstrate how bicycles are an efficient, inexpensive, and enjoyable way to get anywhere in town throughout the year.

El lunes 16 de febrero comienza el juicio oral en La Matanza

Argentina, 13.02.2009 17:39

Graciela Aguirre: de victima a ¿victimaria?

United Kingdom, 13.02.2009 11:39

On Friday 14 February a group from Brighton will join an aid Convoy consisting of 100 vehicles bringing much-needed aid and solidarity to the people of Gaza. The vehicles include a fire engine, 12 ambulances & a boat; they will all be left as donations on arrival in Gaza.

The aim of the Convoy is to provide essential daily-life commodities to the people of Gaza, as well as raising awareness of the plight throughout the countries the Convoy will be travelling through (France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia & Egypt),taking 17 days.

Links: Viva Palestina , Brighton and Hove Palestine Solidarity Campiagn

EF! humboldt tree-sit

Portland, 13.02.2009 07:09

Protect old-growth redwoods and spotted owls in Cascadia!

Starting Sun. the 15th, Green Diamond is approved to begin logging in the McKay tract of forest in Humboldt County, CA. This is home to several Old-Growth redwoods and Northern Spotted Owls (an endangered species).

The biggest threat to the northern spotted owl is loss of old growth forest habitat as a result of logging and forest fragmentation. As a result of declining habitat due to logging, as well as this interruption of their annual mating season(feb-mar), their population is only 2000-3000 pairs and dwindling.

EF!ers in Humboldt are increasingly busy as the potential start-up of logging approaches.

Waltz With Bashir, Based on Memories of Soldiers who invaded Lebanon in 82', in Theaters

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.02.2009 06:40

Last week, "Waltz With Bashir" opened in theaters across the Bay Area. The movie concentrates on stories and experiences of Israeli soldiers who invaded Lebanon in 82'. Following Ari Folman's journey to retrieve his memory, the viewers are shown a glimpse of the atrocities and war crimes committed by the Israeli Army and its allies in Lebanon.

A Valentine for Palestine

Aotearoa, 13.02.2009 06:10

Practical Solidarity with the People of Gaza 14 February 2009 at 20:00 Tom Fordes Irish Bar and Political Museum 122 Anzac Avenue, Auckland A night of music, poetry, art and dance to raise money for the people of Gaza.

Common Action: General Assembly Report, January 2009

Seattle, 13.02.2009 04:08

The weekend of January 17-18, members of Common Action, an anarchist organization in the Northwest United States, traveled from across the region to convene in Olympia, WA for our third general assembly. Members representing the cities of Bellingham, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and Portland were in attendance.


Colombia, 13.02.2009 03:08

Una nueva barbarie contra un pueblo olvidado

himc meeting

Houston, 13.02.2009 01:39

Houston Indymedia Valentines Day Massacre Meeting

Mario Liñán, podría ser juzgado por tercera vez por un atentado que no cometió en Perú

Argentina, 13.02.2009 00:39

Pedido de extradición para preso político en Argentina

Victory for wildcat strikers

United Kingdom, 12.02.2009 19:39

Thousands of workers in the construction industry who walked out in solidarity with workers at the Lindsey oil refinery run by Total in Killingholme, Lincolnshire, have won a significant victory. Strikers at Lindsey voted to accept a deal drawn up by union officials and the companies involved in the dispute and end their unofficial industrial action on Thursday 5th February.

The government and media have been keen to present this as a nationalist or even "racist" dispute and the ever-opportunistic BNP made efforts to capitalise on the struggle. Certainly there have been reactionary elements within the strike and the "British jobs for British workers" slogan, which echoes Prime Minister Gordon Brown, is unerringly reminiscent of the far-right. Nevertheless, the politics of the strike were complicated and at Langage Power Station near Plymouth, Polish workers joined strikers.

Regional Feature: Workers walk out at Staythorpe

Newswire: Strikes in oil refineries and power stations | British jobs for British workers - Green jobs for Green workers? | Oil and Power strikes: News, Resouces and analysis | Wildcat strikes in Newark | Today's wildcat strikes in the UK oil and now nuke business | Wildcat strikes - an open letter to the anarchist/anti-authoritarian movement | A 'Racist' Strike? | BNP activists agitating at wildcat strikes

Links: ConstructionWorkerUk | Unite the Union | Indymedia UK Workers Movements topic page

Strugglebration for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Portland, 12.02.2009 17:39

WHERE: Portland State University -
Smith Memorial Student Union bldg (SMU 238)
TIME: 6:00pm-9:00pm
TRI-MET DIRECTIONS: Closest stop is at Pioneer Square, Broadway & Morrison, 10 blocks north of PSU
PHONE: 503-515-9540

"Free Mumia, Free the MOVE Prisoners, FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS!"

Lovers Against LNG

Portland, 12.02.2009 17:39

Valentines Day! Feb. 14th
Where: 220 NW 2nd Ave, 2 blocks N of Burnside,
When: Noon

Come On Out to Proclaim Your Love for the Earth and Call Out NW Natural
(aka NW NASTY) on its Abusive Relationship with Cascadia

El lunes 14 de febrero comienza el juicio oral en La Matanza

Argentina, 12.02.2009 16:39

Graciela Aguirre: de victima a victimaria

Hipisi z Vancouver: największe zagrożenie dla olimpiady 2010

Poland, 12.02.2009 15:10

Wg CSIS (Kanadyjskiej Tajnej Służby Wywiadowczej), największym zagrożeniem dla bezpieczeństwa mających się odbyć w Kanadzie (w Vancouver) w 2010 r. zimowych igrzysk olimpijskich są demonstranci.


Colombia, 12.02.2009 15:09



Argentina, 12.02.2009 13:09

La muerte de un represor

Valentines to Hutto

Houston, 12.02.2009 08:39

Love knows no Borders! SDS Sends Valentines to incarcerated children at T Don Hutto.

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