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Flushing Assemblyperson forum - D., R. and Greens

NYC, 25.10.2004 21:19

(from the Open Newswire): I live in Flushing, and one of the local activists, Evergreen Chou, is involved with the Greens and is running for the New York State Assembly as a Green. I prefer the tactics of direct action to electoral politics but he is a nice guy so I've helped him in his campaign. Saturday there was a forum held, moderated by former WNBC reporter Ti-Hua Chang, of the candidates. All three candidates are from China (including the island of Taiwan). It was held at 2:30PM at the Sheraton LaGuardia East in Flushing


Colombia, 25.10.2004 20:54

Embera Katío ocupan sede de Urrá S.A.

Staking en betogingen in de non-profit

West Vlaanderen, 25.10.2004 18:20

Staking en betoging in Kortrijk van de non-profit sector

Grève et manifestations dans le non marchand

West Vlaanderen, 25.10.2004 18:16

Grève et manifestations du secteur non marchand

Cable Access Producers Unwilling to be Herded into Free Speech Zone

Portland, 25.10.2004 18:04

Noam Chomsky to speak in Ann Arbor this Thursday

Michigan, 25.10.2004 17:47

Noam Chomsky will present the Fourteenth Annual University of Michigan Senate's Davis, Markert, Nickerson Lecture On Academic and Intellectual Freedom this Thursday. The event is free and open to the public.

2004 Academic Freedom Lecture Speaker Noam Chomsky - "Illegal but Legitimate: A Dubious Doctrine for the Times"
Thursday, October 28, 2004. 4:00 pm
Honigman Auditorium- Room 100, University of Michigan Law School

[more info]

Anti GM Activists Win Court Battle

Scotland, 25.10.2004 17:21

FOUR GM crop protesters convicted of aggravated trespass for their part in a protest at Munlochy on the Black Isle in August 2001 won their appeal at the High Court in Edinburgh on 7th October 2004. The genetically modified crop trials at Munlochy were the target of a sustained, well-supported and ultimately successful campaign of resistance. This included direct actions when people decontaminated fields by uprooting the GM plants. The authorities eventually abandoned plans for a further GM trial in the Scottish Highlands.

Take Ten Minutes and Tell Monsanto No More Franken-Grass In Oregon! DEADLINE TODAY AT 5PM

Portland, 25.10.2004 14:40

Radical Reference: Your Election Resource

Michigan, 25.10.2004 14:07

Because this election is being hotly contested with so much riding on its outcome (can anyone say "conservative supreme court"?), Radical Reference, your friendly neighborhood information mavens, have put together a guide for the upcoming election ( It includes links to state elections laws for all 50 states, live voting tallies, and links to elections observers and -- the most important piece of information -- Election Day Hotline to report voting problems: 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683).

We will also have observers on the street and available to help answer your questions via Instant Messenger (Nick Name - Radreference) or our web form (

Got election questions? We can help.

Why I disagree with the post below about not voting

Portland, 25.10.2004 12:45

Disarm the Police

darwin, 25.10.2004 11:11

NT Police officer on murder charge

Potter's Record, Reconsidered

Portland, 25.10.2004 08:45

Portem-se bem!

Portugal, 25.10.2004 06:13

Portem-se bem!

Special Film Screening - Battleground by GNN

San Diego, 25.10.2004 05:23

BattleGround is an irreverent journey that will challenge the orthodoxies of Left and Right, and highlight the humanity of all sides of the conflict. BattleGround will be a critical film for anyone who wants to understand the powerful forces that are sucking America deeper and deeper into a Middle Eastern quagmire.

The film screens this Wednesday at 7pm at Voz Alta on 1544 Broadway, Downtown San Diego.


Colombia, 25.10.2004 02:21

12 de octubre: 250 mil personas marcharon en Bogotá, 700 mil trabajadores pararon en el país


Argentina, 25.10.2004 01:52

Sábado 9 de Octubre de 2004
Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres: Distintas miradas

Oakland Police Chief Moving to Vacaville

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.10.2004 23:54

An Indybay Farewell to Chief Word

Thousands converge to oppose racism

Aotearoa, 24.10.2004 21:47

On Saturday October 23 approximately 2000 people took part in a protest that went from Te Papa to parliament. The march was collectively organised by Multi-Cultural Aotearoa (MCA), a group formed in Wellington to organise and display community opposition to the National Front's (NF) proposed anti-Asian protest on parliament. Stopping the NF was one of the three principles agreed upon at a inagural MCA public meeting, the other two principles were to oppose humiliating immigration policies and to put a stop to Maori-bashing.

The NF backed down from the publicly unpopular anti-Asian march and decided to go to the beehive to say how much they liked the NZ flag instead. There they were confronted by the scary faries. An intimidating rable in fluro and fairy wings. The MCA march left Te Papa and gather in momentum as it proceded to parliament accompanied by music, dancing and chants calling for the end of a racist state and the releasing of Ahmed Zaoui. News reports stated that metal barriers had been erected in parliament ground to seperate the two groups, but the NF had scarpered by the time the large MCA demo arrived.

La Loma

Argentina, 24.10.2004 21:44

Estudio académico afirma que La Loma es territorio ancestral guaraní

Tariq Ali and US Elections

Madison, 24.10.2004 20:54

Tariq Ali, speaking in Madison, Oct. 23, call on anti-war activist to support election of John Kerry

Eerie silence surrounds failure to ratify FTAA Treaty

Portland, 24.10.2004 19:54

Politicans Visit CMU

Pittsburgh, 24.10.2004 18:46

Politicans Visit Carnegie Mellon, Community Reacts


Minneapolis/St. Paul, 24.10.2004 18:37

We all remember the votes that were never counted in Florida 2000. While we are all working hard for a positive outcome on November 2nd, we also have to be prepared for a repeat of a 2000 stolen election. Sign the pledge and join us November 4th!

Aznar: &quot;¡Aquí no te queremos!&quot;

Puerto Rico, 24.10.2004 18:33

Aznar: "¡Aquí no te queremos!"

Noticias Destacadas

Argentina, 24.10.2004 18:15

Police Blame Bush For Use Of Force In Jacksonville Last Week

Portland, 24.10.2004 18:12

La importancia del acuifero guaraní

Argentina, 24.10.2004 18:06

Martes 26 de Octubre de 2004
La importancia del acuífero Guaraní

MichiganIMC hacked

Michigan, 24.10.2004 16:12

MichiganIMC was compromised for a few hours on October 23. This was a coordinated (yet simple) attack that affected numerous IMCs including New York, Boston, Buffalo, Hudson Mohawk, Madison, Maine, Milwaukee, New Hampshire, New Jersey (in the US), and possibly more.

The attack caused visitors to the MichiganIMC to be redirected to four sites:,,, and The "hacker," who didn't really do anything creative, clever, or hacker-like at all, runs the website, and admits to the exploit at that site.

From the Newswire

Perth, 24.10.2004 08:20


Photos from WICD Demonstration

Urbana-Champaign, 24.10.2004 05:52

WICD's tower. It reminded me a little of Mordor in the "Lord of the Rings" movies. Here are some photos from the demonstration against Sinclair's breech of its responsibility to the trust it has been granted of the public airwaves at WICD in Champaign, Illinois on Saturday, October 22.

Free Radio Santa Cruz Is Reviewing All Options

Santa Cruz, CA, 24.10.2004 05:50

At present, the Free Radio Santa Cruz collective is reviewing all options to move forward with our news, music, and artistic programming. We are streaming on the web and encourage you to listen in. We are actively asking for help from our community of friends and supporters. We are only able to remain on the air because of the commitment by our collective members and the help of our community. If you are a listener of Free Radio Santa Cruz, please help us maintain the public airwaves by making a donation. At this time money and free legal help is needed to secure our future so that we may continue to meet the diverse needs of our community.

FRSC is part of a growing micro-radio movement, supporting the work of other independent media and other pirate and noncommercial web and broadcast stations. Our city councilmembers passed a resolution in support of our radio as a vital community resource and Congress member Sam Farr has written a letter to the FCC/congress opposing their misuse of funds and energy. Letters in support of us to the FCC, and local media outlets are much appreciated.

Aznar: &quot;¡Aquí no te queremos!&quot;

Puerto Rico, 24.10.2004 03:38

Aznar: "¡Aquí no te queremos!"

Celebrating the Lives of Survivors of Domestic Violence

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.10.2004 02:10

Our Voices Within: Our Journey

Caravan to Bring Awareness of Deaths and Disappearances Along US-Mexico Border

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.10.2004 02:06

International Caravan for Justice

SWAT Teams Patrol BART System in Response to &quot;Nonspecific Threats&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.10.2004 01:54

Machine Gun-Toting Law Enforcement Ride BART Until Election

New COINTELPRO?- Harrassment of Activists Continues

Arkansas, 24.10.2004 00:53

Arkansas activists would do well to pay attention to these kind of reports as in the last couple of years activists have been harrassed in Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee and Iowa, states not that far away from ours. Indeed, within Arkansas, Middle Eastern students in Fayetteville have been interrogated by the FBI and the Arkansas ACLU reported more than a year ago that at least one person has been "disappeared" from Little Rock by the Feds.

Gavin's Spokesman: Not Running Scab Ads Could &quot;screw up negotiations&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.10.2004 23:48

Craigslist Asked to Reject Scab Job Ads

Gavin's Spokesman: Not Running Scab Ads Could &quot;screw up negotiations&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.10.2004 23:47

Craigslist Asked to Reject Scab Job Ads

MTA Mulls Backdoor Subway-Fare Increase

NYC, 23.10.2004 22:09

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is warning New Yorkers that it might raise transit fares yet again next year. the agency announced Oct. 14 that it will preserve the base $2 subway and bus fare (for now), but is considering a proposal to raise the cost of weekly MetroCards from $21 to $24 and monthly cards from $70 to as much as $84.

Book Review - 911: Griffin Reconsidered

Portland, 23.10.2004 21:18


Argentina, 23.10.2004 21:00

Dossier urgente: detenciones y paramilitares en Santiago del Estero

That old &quot;strategic voting&quot; scam is back: with, it's all possible

DC, 23.10.2004 19:04

I especially get a kick out of how the writers of this press release try to insinuate the Democratic Party into the ranks of "Progressives".


Boston, 23.10.2004 16:45

PepperBall guns, Bean Bag Projectiles and Tasers, seem to be a good idea at first. They have been used to take down knife wielding hostage holders and neutralize would be suicide victims all over the country. They give officers a chance to leave their guns in the holster and defuse dangerous situations without killing. In these situations the risk to life and limb is very real and there is a compelling logic to their use, even a fairly good record to back it up. A certain number of violent criminals have died as a result of bean-bags, pepper spray, and Tasers, but without less than lethal weapons, a gun would be used, and a death would be more likely. But according to studies of some police departments, more than half of the people who end up on the business end of non-lethal weapons are not criminals, and over 80% are not threatening officers or the public with weapons of their own. That was definitely the case Thursday when a Boston Police Officer fired a PepperBall gun into a crowd of celebrating Red Sox fans with a, killing Victoria Snelgrove. The Boston Globe reported only that a bottle was smashed near the police, who were wearing full riot gear at the time. The police are trained to maintain a code of conduct regardless of the conduct of others. One would expect an officer of the law to exercise restraint when wielding a weapon capable of deadly force. Yet, in the case of "less-than lethal" weapons, such a policy simply isn't there.

New grassroots group rallies to save WCAL 89.3 FM

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 23.10.2004 16:39

Minnesota Public Radio is trying to buy, and change the format of, WCAL 89.3FM, a classical music station at ST. Olaf College. MPR's empire building is being challenged by a group konwn as Save WCAL, which has filed a petition with the FCC to block the sale.

Wheelchair Amputee Blocks Entry to Republican Affair, Cops Called

Portland, 23.10.2004 16:12

Photos from National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality

NYC, 23.10.2004 16:11

See more photos of the Ninth Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation at

speculation and okupation

Barcelona, 23.10.2004 16:09

They evict??? >>We occupy>>

[21.10] >> THE PATI BLAU EVICTION- Korneyà [bcn] >> [23.10 19H] DEMONSTRATION : Pl. Lluis Companys >> :: More than six years of occupation in an emblematic space in Cornellà. Occupied by different collectives who needed a space after the eviction of CSO El Salt in 1998, at the Pati Blau activities which happened included- counter cultural, anti-fascist, counter-information, juggling, castellers... the routine evictions break the projects which were running from the social centres, we have to break that routine. statement + video + serious confrontation on the street + Solidarity demonstration + Article in el Periodico + Concentration in front of the Pati Blau 21st October

[19.10] >> MILES DE VIVIENDAS EVICTION- Eixample [bcn] :: This is the latest chapter on the intense trajectory of the nomadic Miles de Viviendas in the last year. The building was occupied in january 2004 and is the property of Metrovacesa, an important partner of the Council and direct benificiary of largescale speculative operations in the city. In the Barcelona of 2005 they wish to sink the pirate boats: expell the neighbours, capture culture, silence the street. But we will return to meet in the empty "Thousand of Homes" (Miles de Viviendas) which are in Barcelona. statement + Photos + updates on imc-bcn + How to take houses from a hat

NEW OKUPATIONS >> CSO Can Calet is beginning to function + New Okupation in Granollers/Les Franqueses

Cal Suis :: programe of activities 2004-2005 + City, Urban planning and Speculation - cinema and debate + Videoforum The Fourth World War

more info in this section >>>speculation

Bush Visit Protest in Oshkosh Oct 15

Madison, 23.10.2004 15:09

Air Force one flew into the Oshkosh Air Museum for a Bush Rally at two rented hangars at the EAA. An anti-bush rally organized by the Oshkosh Peace and Justice Center was held nearby then the crowd greeted traffic with signs and chants.

Portland State Outsources Financial Aid

Portland, 23.10.2004 14:01

AUDIO FILE: War, Empire and Superpatriotism

Portland, 23.10.2004 13:40

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