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La crisis económica pego fuerte a los textiles

Argentina, 22.02.2009 03:39

Ola de suspensiones y despidos en La Plata

La crisis económica pego fuerte a los textiles

Argentina, 22.02.2009 03:39

Ola de suspensiones y despidos en La Plata

'F21': Big March Against Levy: 'Anyway, It's Time . . . . ' (but for what?)

Ireland, 22.02.2009 01:10

France24, BBC, RTE all say up to 100,000. Every si ...

Digging for Truth in the Tyquan Rivera Case

United States, 22.02.2009 01:08

On Jan 31st, a police office was shot in the back of the head while on duty in the city of Rochester. Tyquan Rivera, a 14 year old, Rochester youth confessed to the crime and is in police custody awaiting trial. As the corporate media and city officials work to take questions about police-community relations (in other words police brutality) in the inner-city off the table (Commentary by Howard Eagle), evidence is appearing that this case is far from simple.

Last week, WDXK received an anonymous email — they didn't announce the person's name or school — and read it over the air, testifying that Tyquan Rivera was attacked by the police earlier that night [...] The content of this email is being widely discussed in the city, but the corporate press have not spent any effort to report it... READ MORE | RELATED: Community Mobilizes Against Police Murder of Adolph Grimes

Por Romina Tejerina y Sandra Ayala Gamboa

Argentina, 21.02.2009 22:39

Acciones en La Plata y Buenos Aires

Tasering victim going to court

Portland, 21.02.2009 20:09

Tom O'Connor was tasered in front of Imbibe at 23rd and Hawthorne[.] October 15th, 2008.

As he recalls it, he was sitting outside at the tables enjoying a beer, with his dog tied up, infront of the bar where the bartender had grown accustomed to putting water out for another dog he'd had, who'd had kidney problems, and who had died the day before. The bar owner also liked tom's dog, as did the veterinarian who frequently came out to pat the dog, or the one before this one. He was not intoxicated(according to the Fire Department, which removed the taser leads), nor was he doing anything wrong.

From Slavery to Obama: The Struggle for Black Liberation

Portland, 21.02.2009 20:09

Public Meeting. From Slavery to Obama: The Struggle for Black Liberation
Thursday, February 19th, 7:15pm. [,] Portland State University [,] Smith Center Room 333
sponsored by International Socialist Organization

Obama's election dealt a historic blow against racism. At long last, a popular majority elected an African-American to the U.S. presidency in a country built on slavery. Yet as Obama takes office there are still more Black men in U.S. prisons than there were slaves in 1840, and they are being used for the same purpose; working for private corporations at 16 to 20 cents an hour. Half the states have private, for-profit prisons, whose lobbyists are demanding longer mandatory-minimum prison sentences. Indeed, American Blacks are incarcerated at nearly eight times the level of South African blacks during the height of apartheid.

Fareless Square Changes Proposed

Portland, 21.02.2009 20:09

TriMet's commissioned report on Fareless Square modification options has been released, and times have been set for Open House events seeking public comments. Download the full report here:  link to

Open House Meeting times: Wednesday, February 25, 2009, 4-7 p.m.

Portland Building, Room C [,] 1120 SW 5th Ave.[,] Portland, OR 97204

[Many more meeting times in the "READ MORE" Link]

Portland, 21.02.2009 20:09

We stand, we fight, we go to jail and tomorrow we will do all again! outside of earl blumenauer's office[.] The next time you hear some jackass say, "Why are there no protest going on?" Make a copy of this list and give it to him/her and smile. We are resisting in every way possible and things will change or this republic will fail. These are the true heroes and there are many not on this list, this is just what David and National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance put together for 2008/09.

I thank and honor all of them who sacrifice their liberty and safety to protect you and me. There are many sitting in jails and prisons around this country this minute take a moment and just say 'THANKS.' We will be on the corner across from the fed building in case you want to spend a few minutes defending our republic and demanding the new administration kept their promise, "... .No one is above the law... " President Obama 2009

This oughta get interesting: Bergin pleads not guilty

Portland, 21.02.2009 20:09

And the plot thickens! Bill Bergin pleads not guilty; seeks trial.

Since he was caught red-handed with the damning evidence, I'm quite curious to see how Billy-boy and his attorney have to spin this to try to get him off. At the very least, the whole thing doesn't get swept under the rug with some back door, confidential plea agreement. But wait.... Bill Bergin, former Sandy cop and one of the infamous killers of the unarmed, grieviously injured Fouad Kaady, pled not guilty in Clackamas County Court last Friday to charges of felony identity theft, first-degree official misconduct, and (the, IMO, rather odd charge of) "use of an invalid driver's license," according to the Sandy Post. [I don't know what the official charge SHOULD be, but taking people's drivers' licenses (without charging them so there would be no paper trail, it should be noted) and giving them to minors so they can go drink in bars, sounds like more than "use" of an "invalid" license, don't ya think? How about ILLEGAL use of STOLEN licenses to CORRUPT MINORS?? Geez. Get real.]

Killer Cop in Court February 23?

Portland, 21.02.2009 20:09

... so it seems that Lisa Ann Coppock will appear in court on Monday, feb 23, and maybe so will officer Humphreys... I'm not really sure. Just a little history on officer Humphreys:

James Chasse died in police custody after being tackled and beaten and tazed by officer Humphreys and other cops []

Next Radical Childcare Meeting! [TODAY 2/21]

Portland, 21.02.2009 20:09

The PDX Radical Childcare Collective is in the process of forming and we invite everyone to come to our second meeting Saturday 2/21 at 12:30pm. It will be held at the Calvary church at 126 NE Alberta, and in room childcare will be provided.

Our current goal is to start off providing care for activist organizations and insta-action care, and then eventually mold into more needed roles. We believe this is an important step as parents voices are often not at the table when movement decisions are being made that have a great impact on their lives.

Multnomah Co. Extorts the Poor/Protects the Criminals!

Portland, 21.02.2009 20:09

Dear Judge McShane, On Friday Feb.6, 2009 I was in your courtroom when I pleaded 'no contest' to one charge of criminal mischief. This charge stemmed from a violent incident last June (Sat. 6/07/09) in which I was assaulted by two strangers while I was on my way to work. During this assault, I was thrown through a store-front window of a business. In the wake of this assault, in a split-second of misjudgment on my part, I broke a 2nd window out of distress, un-intentionally. 2 days later, I was fired (because I was prevented from making my peaceful way to work that Saturday night) & I've been un-employed ever since. I've explained my financial situation in court - that I'm living off of un-employment insurance & food assistance & nothing else; that I'm currently in debt, whereas, no debt existed [for myself] prior to last June. I thought this much was understood, as my [court-appointed] lawyer's fees were waived & I agreed to the terms of my probation, including community service.

But I received a letter last week stating that I owe $67 in court costs. Further more, the letter also states that if I don't pay this amount within 30 days, an additional $50(?!) will be added on! This additional $50 amounts to a POVERTY FEE...

A Simple Solution to the States' Budget Crises

Portland, 21.02.2009 20:09

On February 16, in Salem, Oregon a rally of more than 5,000 students, teachers, parents, and social service workers assembled in front of the state capitol, demanding a solution to the state's financial crisis.

This was but one of many similar protests nationwide; and Oregon is par for the course when it comes to U.S. states neck deep in a budget crisis. It is estimated that, unless other sources of revenue are raised immediately, the state will make $800 million in cuts... by June. The projected deficit for the next two years is $2.5 billion.

Four Animal Rights Activists Arrested in UC Actions, AETA Charges Applied

Portland, 21.02.2009 20:09

Adriana Stumpo, 23, of Long Beach, California; Nathan Pope, 26, of Oceanside, California; Joseph Buddenberg, 25, of Berkeley, California; and Maryam Khajavi, 20, of Pinole, California have been arrested and charged with crimes related to actions at the University of California in Santa Cruz and Berkeley. They are being charged under the "Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act". Some of the charges relate to simple protest actions.

bike guerilla gardening

Portland, 21.02.2009 19:39

Start: 02/26/2009 - 4:33 p.m., Timezone: Etc/GMT-8 , Location: sustain ability now, call 15034384093. (2nd floor city repair 3125 e. burnside)

guerilla gardening bike "hit and run" squad.[:] unofficial spring is almost here. why not help start some raised beds and plant some seeds and transplants? we will be skill sharing, each one teach one, various permaculture knowledge. if you know alot thats great, if your thumb is black thats great too, we'll make it green, and cruising portland sowing seeds, and throwing seedballs. we will also have mushrooms to grow. prepare to ride, weather permitting at a medium-gentle pace. taking time to stop and plant some roses.

Suggested Materials: something to plant, something to dig with, something to plant in, soome water to drink, something vegan to share and eat.

VIDEO:: Joe Anybody Interviews Michele Darr &quot;Keep The Guard Home&quot; hunger fast

Portland, 21.02.2009 19:39

Michele Darr is protesting the use of Oregon National Guard in an Illegal War in Iraq.
She is on a hunger strike and this is "Day 24" when I interview her across from the Capital building and Camp Homebound. She worked harder than a whole group of people as I watched her collect hundreds of signatures.

Abuso policial y detenciones arbitrarias

Argentina, 21.02.2009 19:09

Siguen las detenciones arbitarias

Argentina, 21.02.2009 18:09

Integrante de la murga Cosa de locos detenido

Official Statement from Take Back NYU! Regarding the Kimmel Occupation

NYC, 21.02.2009 17:09

From 10 pm on February 18th 2009 to 2 pm on February 20th, students of Take Back NYU! occupied the Kimmel Center for University Life in a historic effort to bring pressure on NYU for its administrative and ethical failings regarding transparency, democracy and protection of human rights.

No a Noa

Euskal Herria, 21.02.2009 10:09

El proximo 26 de febrero la cantante israel� Noa va realizar un concierto en el Kursal de Donostia. A pesar de su discurso de buena embajadora de la paz, Noa no denuncia las acciones criminales de su gobierno hacia la poblaci�n palestina. Aun m�s, la �ltima ofensiva del gobierno Israel� hacia Gaza que ha dejado 1400 muertos y m�s de 5500 heridos, ha sido justificada por la cantante en una carta abierta en la que culpabiliza de todo lo ocurrido a Hamas llegando a decir frases como "S�lo puedo desearles que Israel haga el trabajo que todos necesitamos que se haga, y finalmente los libere de ese c�ncer, de ese virus, de ese monstruo llamado fanatismo, hoy llamado Hamas". Desde diversos ambitos se le ha contestado a esta carta, como el director de cine Udi Aloni, hijo del activista israel� pacifista y de izquierdas Shulamit Aloni.

Diversos grupos han pedido, como parte de la campa�a de boicot internacional exigiendo el veto constante a la participaci�n oficial de Israel en cualquiera de las iniciativas de car�cter cultural, acad�mico, cient�fico o deportivo en tanto no respete los Derechos Humanos y derechos nacionales del pueblo palestino, que las diversas instituciones que apoyan el concierto retiren su apoyo y que los organizadores del evento lo suspendan.

El ayuntamiento de Donosti, principal apoyo de Donostia Kultura, la iniciativa organizadora del evento aprov� el pasado 13 de enero una declaraci�n institucional de condena de la agresi�n israel� y de solidaridad con el pueblo palestino, en la que, asimismo, instaban a los gobiernos a suspender todas sus relaciones con Israel. �Y ahora nos vienen con esto?. No podemos continuar siendo c�mplices. Tenemos el derecho, y la obligaci�n, de presionar a nuestros gobiernos para que tomen medidas contra Israel.

Eine Stadt im Generalstreik gegen die Krise

Germany, 21.02.2009 09:09

Lebrija ist eine Kleinstadt rund 60 km südlich von Sevilla. Seit dem 18. Februar ist der Ort mit seinen 26.000 EinwohnerInnen schlagartig berühmt geworden - als erste Stadt Spaniens, in der die Bevölkerung einen Generalstreik gegen die Krise und gegen die Vetternwirtschaft der Kommunalregierung durchgeführt hat. Organisiert wurde dieser Streik, an dem sich zwischen 90 und 95 Prozent aller Beschäftigten beteiligt haben, von der anarcho-syndikalistischen Gewerkschaft CNT und einem EinwohnerInnen-Komitee, das Erwerbslose vor einigen Wochen gegründet hatten.

Stop Illegal Detentions of Filipino Trade Union Activists, Stop NZ Aid to Philippine police, military

Aotearoa, 21.02.2009 04:41

Stop Illegal Detentions of Filipino Trade Union Activists, Stop NZ Aid to Philippine police, military – APS 20th February 2009 Auckland-Philippines Solidarity, a group of New Zealanders and Filipino activists advocating for human rights in the Philippines, today condemned the new charges of murder filed against trade union solicitor, Atty. Remigio Saladero Jr., and five other trade union and social justice activists, barely a week after they had been released from three months imprisonment. "We are outraged at the continuing human rights abuses targeting trade union organisers and political activists in the Philippines. Contrary to claims of undergoing human rights training, it's clear that police and military forces have little regard to human rights as they continue to arrest and detain innocent civilians. We therefore urge the New Zealand government to think twice before pledging NZ aid for the Philippine police-military in the next 5 years," Luke Coxon, APS spokesperson and union organiser in Auckland, declared.

Entrevista exclusiva con Mario Liñan en el penal de Bouwer / 1º parte

Argentina, 21.02.2009 04:39

Toruń dla Palestyny - fotoreportaż 14.02.2009

Torun, 21.02.2009 03:07

Students Suspended As NYU Occupation Ends

NYC, 20.02.2009 22:09

The occupation at New York University’s Kimmel Center for University Life has been ended, with some of the last remaining students barred from entering NYU buildings. The school has also kicked students out of their residence halls and said that NYU will provide the students with alternative housing for now.

Disco de Oro: Otra fábrica recuperada por sus trabajadores y trabajadoras

Argentina, 20.02.2009 21:40

"Lo primero que queremos es trabajar..."

Students Suspended As NYU Occupation Ends

NYC, 20.02.2009 21:39

The occupation at New York University’s Kimmel Center for University Life has been ended, with some of the last remaining students barred from entering NYU buildings. The school has also kicked students out of their residence halls and said that NYU will provide the students with alternative housing for now.

Cartoon by Carlos Latuff: The 'Obama Surge'

DC, 20.02.2009 21:11

Latuff scores again, vs. the "Obama Surge' in Afghanistan, the "Graveyard of Empires", where they still talk about how they handled Alexander The Great. So, what's Code Pink got to say about their "peace candidate"? What's Alice Walker got to say now about the man she called "a remarkable human being", the man she compared to Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King?

Херсон: рабочие захватили завод

Belarus, 20.02.2009 20:37

Сегодня рабочие Херсонского машиностроительного завода захватили административное здание предприятия и собираются удерживать его до приезда правительственной комиссии и выполнения своих требований. Рабочие требуют погашения всей задолженности по зарплате.

Люди требуют провести национализацию завода под контролем коллектива предприятия. “Необходим госзаказ на производство комбайнов и сбыт комбайнов при поддержке государства”, – сообщил представитель совета трудового коллектива завода.

Во время захвата здания никто не пострадал. Охрана предприятия серьезного сопротивления не оказывала. Ситуацию контролирует избранный совет трудового коллектива. В настоящее время совет заседает в бывшем кабинете технического директора. Планируется встреча с представителями Херсонской областной государственной администрации. Милиция около предприятия пока не появлялась.

Председатель совета трудового коллектива Леонид Нимчинов призывает рабочих других заводов по всей Украине проя…

La alegria popular en las calles

Argentina, 20.02.2009 15:41

Llegó el carnaval

Abuso policial en el precinto 10

Argentina, 20.02.2009 14:10

Langkah Mundur Bagi Universitas Indonesia

Jakarta, 20.02.2009 12:38

Menyikapi Larangan Konser Tribute to Munir Larangan konser musik kemanusiaan Tribute to Munir di kampus Universitas Indonesia (UI) merupakan sebuah kemunduran bagi UI. Kampus ini merupakan representasi Indonesia di mata dunia dan selama ini menjadi salah satu ujung tombak perubahan. UI merupakan lembaga yang aktif menggerakkan dan mempelopori proses reformasi. Alasan pelarangan tidak jelas dan cenderung mengada-ada. Nama UI akan dicatat dalam sejarah sebagai kampus di era reformasi yang pernah melarang konser musik kemanusiaan. ...

La Rioja, Represión contra asambleístas

Argentina, 20.02.2009 08:09

Mujer internada, abuela detenida y niño lastimado por golpes policiales

La Rioja - Chilecito - Represión contra asambleístas ambientalistas

Argentina, 20.02.2009 08:09

Mujer internada, abuela detenida y niño lastimado por golpes policiales


Argentina, 20.02.2009 08:09

Mujer internada, abuela detenida y niño lastimado por golpes policiales

San Jose Sees Sixth Victim of Death by Taser

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.02.2009 06:40

On February 20, the sixth victim of death by taser in the city of San Jose will be remembered at a funeral and later in the day at a target-danger awareness event and fundraiser. Jolted with a stun gun by a San Jose police officer, Richard Lua died at the scene as he was returning home on February 11th. At least 334 people in the United States have died after being shocked by a Taser gun since 2001.

February 28th: Queers and Their Allies Unite Against Anti-LGBT Violence in Seattle

Seattle, 20.02.2009 04:08

A Candlelight Vigil against Anti-LGBTQ Violence in Capitol Hill

* Date: Saturday, Feburary 28th, 2009
* Time: 8:00pm-9:30pm
* Location: Meet at the Pillars on Boren and Pike (Capitol Hill)
* Street: Pike St & Boren Ave
* City: Seattle

March 2nd: Olympia Popular Assembly

Seattle, 20.02.2009 04:08

This culture has attempted to eradicate all forms of communal struggle. We no longer meet as communities, we meet as spectators at a City Council meeting. In a effort to regain our lost communal power, we are calling a popular assembly in Olympia. We will come together, identify what we wish to work on as a community and begin to discuss solutions and strategies amongst ourselves.

Meeting Number 1:
March 2nd -- 6pm-8pm
First Christian Church
Koinonia Hall, 7th and Franklin (Olympia)


Barcelona, 20.02.2009 02:40

Jardineria solució!

Des de fa mesos els jardiners del petit poble de Sant Just Desvern, al Baix Llobregat, estan en lluita per la dignitat del seu lloc de treball, en solidaritat amb els seus companys acomiadats i per una bona qualitat en el servei. Durant tot febrer estan en vaga total per aquestes reclamacions fins que l'empresa ACSA i l'Ajuntament del PSC i ICV entrin en raó.
La jardineria a Sant Just Desvern és un exemple de les conseqüències de la privatització dels serveis públics, que obre camí a la mercantilització dels béns comuns, al malbaratament del diner públic, a la precarietat laboral i a la corrupció política. Però al mateix temps és un exemple de que la resistència i la ofensiva obrera és possible. Per donar recolzament a la seva lluita s'ha obert una Caixa de Resistència.

[21 de Febrer] MANIFESTACIÓ a SANT JUST 11:30h

Video Mani 1ªpart 2ªpart

Notícies relacionades:::Els jardiners de Sant Just Desvern en lluita:::Els jardiners de Sant Just Desvern aniran al Ple municipal:::La majoria dels jardiners de Barcelona fam vaga contra la privitització:::Protesta dels jardiners de Parcs i Jardins de Barcelona en la inauguració del Parc de Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer
+info:::CNT BCN:::Secció Laboral


Barcelona, 20.02.2009 02:40

Jardineria solución!

Desde hace meses los y las jardineras del pequeño pueblo de Sant Just Desvern, en el Baix Llobregat, están en lucha por la dignindad de su lugar de trabajo, en solidaridad con las compañeras despedidas y por una buena calidad en el servicio. Durante todo febrero están en huelga total por estas reclamaciones hasta que la empresa ACSA y el Ayuntamiento del PSC y ICV entren en razón.
La jardineria de Sant Just Desvern es un ejemplo de las consecuencias de la privatización de los servicios públicos, que abre camino a la mercantilización de los bienes comunes, el abaratamiento del dinero público, la precariedad laboral y a la corrupción política. Pero al mismo tiempo es un ejemplo de que la resistencia y la ofensiva obrera es posible. Para dar apoyo a su lucha se ha abierto una Caja de Resistencia.

[21 de Febrer] MANIFESTACIÓN en SANT JUST 11:30h

Video Mani 1ºparte 2ªparte

Notícias relacionadas:::Els jardiners de Sant Just Desvern en lluita:::Els jardiners de Sant Just Desvern aniran al Ple municipal:::La majoria dels jardiners de Barcelona fam vaga contra la privitització:::Protesta dels jardiners de Parcs i Jardins de Barcelona en la inauguració del Parc de Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer
+info:::CNT BCN:::Sección Laboral

Stars and Award Organizers Asked to Boycott Tainted Leviev Diamonds at Oscars

NYC, 19.02.2009 22:39

Adalah-NY and Jews Against the Occupation-NYC (JATO-NYC) have called on 16 Hollywood PR firms and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to ensure that no stars wear Leviev diamonds at this Sunday’s Academy Awards. In a two week campaign involving letters and dozens of phone discussions with PR firms, the groups drew attention to Leviev’s violations of human rights and international law in the occupied West Bank where his companies build Israeli settlements, and in the diamond industry in Angola and Namibia. Leviev reportedly controls one third of the world’s diamond mines.

Romina Tejerina: no le dieron la rebaja y teme no poder estudiar

Argentina, 19.02.2009 21:10

"No me dejen sola"


Argentina, 19.02.2009 19:10

Prohibido escrachar a Reutemann


Argentina, 19.02.2009 18:40

Prohibido escrachar a Reutemann

Reclamo por útiles escolares, guardapolvos y zapatillas para niñxs en edad escolar

Argentina, 19.02.2009 18:09

Zapatillazo por una educación digna

Reclamo por útiles escolares, guardapolvos y zapatillas para niñxs en edad escolar

Argentina, 19.02.2009 17:41

Zapatillazo por una educación digna

Wallets Full of Blood: Houses On The Moon: 'Zombies Roam An Undead Republic'

Ireland, 19.02.2009 17:10

Amidst the collapse of the Irish economy, the inha ...

Why is Chuck Turner in Handcuffs?

Boston, 19.02.2009 16:09

The Boston media used a grainy photograph released by the FBI to conclude that Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner is guilty of extortion. But the accompanying FBI affidavit, when shorn of speculation and irrelevancies, is a decidedly unconvincing document that fails to provide a legitimate law enforcement justification for the targeting of Turner. Could it be that Chuck Turner’s history as an outspoken critic of the FBI had something to do with his being targeted?

Szczyt Anty-NATO: Relacja

Poland, 19.02.2009 13:42

Dziś rozpoczyna się szczyt ministrów obrony krajów członkowskich NATO. Jego przeciwnicy organizują Antyszczyt. Od rana na ulicach miasta jest pełno policji, która spisuje i przeszukuje ludzi. Szczególnie grupy są narażone na działania ze strony policji. Podczas jednej z tych kontroli policja spisała i zatrzymała osobę ze Śląska, która nie stawiła się na przesłuchanie w sprawie warszawskiej demonstracji antyfaszystowskiej z 11 listopada Będziemy relacjonować na bieżąco.

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