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Dept. of Defense Expands Operations in Pacific NW: Public Comments Needed to Stop This

Portland, 03.03.2009 00:39

The Navy and Dept. of Defense on behalf of the military industrial complex will be expanding its weapons testing programs in the P.N.W. and that will undoubtedly bring about new environmental insults to the area. More aerosol spraying of the skies, more microwave and sonar, more biological weapons testing, etc. Public comments are needed as are phone calls to your reps. and senators.

Radical Botany: Skillshare #9; Digging in the Dirt

Portland, 03.03.2009 00:39

All this digging is old technology some say. Newer ideas have evolved through the Permaculture movement where "no digging", and "grow what you can on top of the hard pack" dominate the movement. But for me, gardening is more than creating food and providing habitat for creatures that live above the ground, I am tending to the needs of the amazing life that thrives in the soil deep beneath the first few feet of top soil. I am cutting open the hard crust of human civilization to help emancipate, beneficial fungi, earthworm colonies and beneficial microbes.

See video on mycelium at this link: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world with Paul Staments
link to

VIDEOS:: Keep Guard Home - Leah Bloger, Raging Grannie, RoseMary, Peace Summit 09

Portland, 03.03.2009 00:39

The Peace Summit was held in Salem and open to any and all Peace Organizations in Oregon. It was a day of workshops and information sharing and networking. I have posted a few other YouTube videos from this event as well.

This is a 3 part video set on YouTube. That was filmed at the Salem Peace Summit. National Vice President for "Veterans For Peace" Leah Bolger talks about the Guard Home Campaign and answers questions about it.

videos: (1), (2), (3)
Here is a short out take titled "RoseMary War" From a young 9 year old peace activist at The Peace Summit

Starting a Raw Collective and Getting Raw FNB Back

Portland, 03.03.2009 00:39

Call out for food activists and artists!

As the recession looms we need to be on our feet combating food industrialization, recession pounds (weight gain due to crappy eating), access to good healthy food. We have got lots of projects in the works but we need more people!!! Some projects are for health practioners some are for artists, others are just for the general public. Please check out the web page and get involved!

Rosehip Medic Collective Street Medic Training This Weekend!

Portland, 03.03.2009 00:39

20 Hour Street Medic Training: The last weekend of this month we're having another 20 hour street medic training. It'll be the usual schedule of 5-9pm Friday (the 27th) 9am-6pm both the 28th and 1st. Location TBA for now (but PSU is a likely general area).

We are in need of simulation patients on Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon!! To get registered for the training or volunteer as a simulation patient please email Oliver at ahayes8 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Sea Lions to be Killed on the Columbia: Stay of Execution Denied.

Portland, 03.03.2009 00:39

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just denied an extension of the stay of execution for the sea lions of the Columbia river. This means that on Monday, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife can legally begin killing the sea lions of the Columbia river.

This is a tragedy. Sea lions and salmon will both suffer as a result of this flawed plan. Salmon are not in decline because of sea lions, birds, or any other natural predator. Instead, they are dying of human predation. Dams and over-fishing have brought native salmon crashing toward extinction. Twenty million salmon once co-exsited with thousands of sea lions in this ecosystem. Although sea lions, in their role as natural predator, did (and do) eat salmon, they never posed a threat to the survival of the species. Rather, they maintained a careful balance -- as is the case with all healthy predator/prey relationships. Over thousands of years of co-existence with sea lions, the salmon population remained, literally, in the millions. However, the salmon have been no match for the most pernicious, exotic, invasive species of all: Homo Sapiens. Within a century of the arrival of non-Native humans into this region, the salmon population went from twenty million down to less than 1 percent of original numbers. This has nothing to do with sea lions, and everything to do with us. We cannot solve the salmon crisis until we change human predation habits.

I'm heartsick about this. Everyone who cares about salmon, sea lions, and Cascadia should be *Up* *in* *arms* about this... So very little wildness is left in Cascadia. We should all care very much about this.

Ser o no ser

Argentina, 03.03.2009 00:39

¡Saquen nuestros nombres de sus registros!

International Womens Day 2009

Perth, 02.03.2009 15:10

International Womens Day - M8 09

Climate Rush on a roll

United Kingdom, 02.03.2009 14:40

Climate Rush tackled more climate criminals last week when the UK coal industry got together for their annual 'coal awards'. In a protest timed to coincide with the UK Coal hosted awards, around 15 climate activists paid a visit to their Doncaster headquarters, dressed in Edwardian style complete with red sashes with the words 'No New Coal' written across them. A banner reading 'Leave it in the Ground' was suspended across the entrance.

In London, faced with the prospect of being exposed by the modern day climate suffregette movement, the dirty coal pushers bailed out, canceling their booking at the plush Landmark Hotel and hurrying through their ceremony earlier in the day at Lords Cricket grounds instead.

At the hotel, around a hundred activists rushed into the hotel through a fire exit while police blocked the main entrance. Inside an alternative awards ceremony began, based on the ecological damage that the coal industry is inflicting on the environment. When ejected from the hotel, /a>. The alternate awards continued outside. The Landmark hotel management were less than happy about the righteous fury brought down on them by the climate criminals and invited a couple of the protesters inside to prove that the event had been cancelled. He then pledged that the hotel would not be accepting bookings from such damaging industries again.

Related newswire photo reports : Coal Rush 1 2 3 | Doncaster

Previous related actions : 'climate suffragettes' smash gov windows | Climate Rush Heathrow 1 2 | Rush at Manchester Airport 1 2 | Rush Parliament 1 2

Previous related features : Resistance escalates with Airport 'Green' Light

Next Rush : Bank Rush - 1pm, Thurs March 5th

Tolerancia cero

Argentina, 02.03.2009 12:09

¡Basta de atropellos policiales!

Activists Crash Sea Lion Press Conference At Bonneville Dam

United States, 02.03.2009 04:38

February 27, 2009 — Today, activists from the Sea Lion Defense Brigade and In Defense of Animals, along with several autonomous individuals, crashed a press conference held by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) at Bonneville Dam. The press conference was being held to pre-emptively curb public revulsion over the agencies' plans to kill sea lions on the river beginning next week. They actually gave us all hard hats and ID badges.

Activists were there to ask the hard questions that are not being asked by the corporate media. Questions like, "Haven't sea lions always co-existed with salmon on the Columbia river, without posing a threat to either species?" "Isn't it true that dams and over-fishing are causing salmon to go extinct, not sea lions?""Why are you not addressing the salmon crisis in a non-lethal, and far more effective, manner by curbing fishing?" .... Bizarrely, the corporate "reporters" stood mutely by while these questions were blatantly skirted by the people who organized this press conference. When one activist demanded answers regarding the raising of the fishing quotas at a time when salmon populations are imperiled, Diana Fredlund of the Army Corps of Engineers leapt between the questioner and the government "expert" who could not answer the question. Diana brusquely told the questioner that "we are not here to answer questions." ...At a press conference.

Chicago Independent TV in March: DOMA, Vet Profile, Gaza, Colombia

Chicago, 02.03.2009 01:09

The March episode of Chicago Independent Television features a Chicago protest against a law blocking against gay rights, and a Kosovo veteran who entered politics. The episode also includes features of a candlelight vigil to commemorate the recent turmoil in Gaza, and of a recent sugarcane workers' strike in Colombia.

Read more about Episode 45 | CIMC TV Podcast | CIMC Video Page | CITV on YouTube

SHAC Shakedown City Investors

United Kingdom, 02.03.2009 00:10

On Friday 27th February around 300 campaigners from around the country, and from around the world, traveled for a loud and vibrant march and demonstration in the capital against the financial supporters of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), the largest and most exposed vivisection laboratory in Europe.

With HLS’ share price now the lowest in four years, the unjust incarceration of SHAC campaigners and the latest footage of monkeys being abused inside HLS’ labs, angry, passionate and determined campaigners gathered at the Bank of England – the only bank in the world providing HLS with banking facilities. The day of action aimed to publicly show financial investors that anti-vivisectionists will not tolerate puppies being thrown around, monkeys being cut open alive and other innocent animals suffering in silence. The protest was part of a global week of action organised by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), with actions so far reported in London (1 | 2 | 3), Somerset, Cambridge, Netherlands, Italy, Chile, Sweden, Poland, (1 | 2) France and Russia (Videos: 1 | 2).

First stop was HLS’ largest shareholder Barclays, which saw an impromptu banner drop from the bridge directly above the bank. Activists then moved onto more HLS and NYSE Euronext shareholders (1 | 2), the only stock exchange in the world listing the company after dropping them in 2000 and postponing their listing in 2005. Huntingdon are currently $83 million dollars in debt, without a commercial bank or insurance company in the world prepared to deal with them.

Photos: 1 | 2 | Video

Indymedia SHAC topic pages: UK | London

Zaramazulo. Perplejidad e Indignaci�n

Euskal Herria, 01.03.2009 23:40

Perplejos e indignados, los colectivos y organismos populares, desde los primeros pasos de Hala Bedi Irratia, la Asamblea de Parados, la distribuidora Betierne Liburuak, el Colectivo Resiste, Zilipurdi elkartea, hasta el movimiento por la desmilitarizaci�n Malatxa, Kalamudia o AHT Gelditu! Elkarlana; que durante 25 a�os han trabajado en el espacio autogestivo Zaramazulo de Gasteiz, se han visto en la calle.

Entre el 24 y 25 de marzo los locales fueron precintados por la guardia civil y la ertzaintza, quienes tras el registro sacaron cajas de materiales cuyo contenido a�n desconocen. No saben el porqu� del registro. No saben c�mo quedaron las instalaciones, el material de trabajo o los instrumentos musicales.

Ante estos hechos, los movimientos sociales, pol�ticos, culturales, grupos de teatro, escuelas populares, talleres de percusi�n, samba, malabares, danza o m�sica han puesto en marcha una campa�a para socializar lo ocurrido, denunciar la situaci�n en la que han quedado y recabar adhesiones a la movilizaci�n de protesta que se celebrar� el pr�ximo s�bado 7 de Marzo en el barrio de Zaramaga de Gasteiz, a partir de las 18:00 horas, desde el Centro C�vico Iparralde.

|Solidaridad y adhesiones|, Apoyos:

Greenwich Village Rally Denounces Targeting Of Middle-Aged Gay Men in Porn Shops

NYC, 01.03.2009 23:39

A procession of speakers at a Feb. 21 rally in Greenwich Village demanded an end to undercover police stings that target middle-aged gay men who frequent porn shops. About 150 people attended the rally, which was held in Christopher Park across from the Stonewall Inn, site of a 1969 police raid and subsequent riots that marked the birth of the modern gay rights movement.

Rally and March for Oscar Grant on his 23rd birthday

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.03.2009 21:40

Over a hundred people marched through Hayward from the BART Station to City Hall on what would of been Oscar Grant's 23rd birthday on February 27th, 2009. A large outpouring of friends and family rallied in front of Hayward City Hall after the march. Family members called for justice for all those murdered by police and to keep the movement going. There was a large police presence throughout.

Pay For Their Crisis? No! - Up The Stakes? Yes!

Ireland, 01.03.2009 21:40

Ballot Papers on the way ...

Take Action: Community Activists in Chiapas Face Harassment and Intimidation

Boston, 01.03.2009 21:09

Human rights and community leaders in Mexico continue to experience threats - including death threats. They ask for help from global activists to protect their lives and their community work. Current threats follow previous repression, including the unjust prosecution of local organizers of the Civil Resistance against the high cost of energy in the southern state of Campeche. Last December, in response to an emergency action, letters of solidarity with Sara Lopez and Joaquin Aguilar brought authorities in Campeche to the negotiating table. TAKE ACTION:

New State Study Supports Concerns About Aerial Pesticide Spray; More Questions Remain

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.03.2009 21:09

A report released in February and authored by a group of researchers from various organizations supports concerns Californians have had about the aerial spraying of pesticides in the Monterey Bay area in 2007. The study shows the correlation of the unprecedented bird die off and red tide with the timing of the spraying of the pesticide Checkmate.

Militares en las escuelas

Puerto Rico, 01.03.2009 01:40

Militares “Dan Clase en escuela elemental de Humacao”

Justice for Palestine presents VIVA PALESTINA!

Aotearoa, 28.02.2009 23:41

VIVA PALESTINA! Learn more about the situation in Palestine and Gaza. WEA (59 Gloucester St, Christchurch) Saturday 7th March. 2pm onwards. Learn more about the situation in Palestine and Gaza. Gold Coin Donation. Workshops,Speakers,Films Afternoon Tea and a shared Halal dinner. Bring a plate of Halal or vegetarian food to share if u wish. All Welcome!

VIDEO: Israelis Open Fire on International Activists and Palestinian Farmers

DC, 28.02.2009 20:10

24th February 2009 Khoza'a, Khan Younis, Gaza Strip: Palestinian farmers, accompanied by international human rights workers, were fired upon by Israeli forces in the village of Khozaa, near Khan Younis, this morning. The farmers and human rights workers were attempting to work on land around 300m from the Green Line.

Coalition Calls for Switch to Natural Gas at Capitol Power Plant

DC, 28.02.2009 20:10

[Ed: A coalition of environmental activists are in DC attending a fairly expensive ($100) conference at the Convention Center, and preparing for action at the coal powered plant heating The Hill. They are campaigning against the myth of "Clean Coal". ] On March 2, join thousands of people in a multi-generational act of civil disobedience at the Capitol Power Plant — a plant that powers Congress with dirty energy and symbolizes a past that cannot be our future. Let’s use this as a rallying cry for a clean energy economy that will protect the health of our families, our climate, and our future.

Faulty Drug Test Kits Used Widely By Law Encforcement

DC, 28.02.2009 20:10

On Tuesday, March 3 at 1 p.m., the Marijuana Policy Project and Mintwood Media Collective will host a press conference at the National Press Club to release a new report that exposes faulty drug test kits used widely by law enforcement. The study, entitled "False Positives Equal False Justice," reveals that the NIK NarcoPouch 908/Duquenois-Levine Reagent field test kit, the most widely used field test for identifying marijuana, as well as the majority of other drug test kits used as the basis for arrest and prosecution by law enforcement, have an unacceptably high rate of rendering false positives. In addition to testimony by experts in the field, as well as those directly impacted by these faulty tests, experiments will be performed at the press conference that will demonstrate the unreliability of various drug tests and their capacity to render false positives. Natural soap, chocolate and newspaper, among other household items, all will test positive for marijuana and other drugs such as GHB in these drug tests, yet these kits continue to be used in both arrests and prosecutions nationwide.

February 27th: Get Out of Jail Free Dance

Seattle, 28.02.2009 17:39

Fundraiser for the Olympia 26.

This Friday night 9pm ....

$10 gets you in for an evening of dancing at COFFEE STRONG in Lakewood

15109 Union Ave SW
Lakewood Wa 98498

March 21st: Food Not Bombs -- Building Community, an Evening with Keith McHenry

Seattle, 28.02.2009 17:39

Keith McHenry, co-founder of the international peace and social change movement Food Not Bombs will be speaking at the Rainier Valley Unitarian Universalist Center (835 Yesler Way) March 21 at 7PM. His talk on the history and the upcoming 30th anniversary of Food not Bombs will be accompanied by a vegan potluck -- please bring a dish to share.

Food Not Bombs: Building Community - an Evening with Keith McHenry
Saturday, March 21st
Rainier Valley Unitarian Universalist Center – 835 Yesler Way, Seattle, Wa 98104

Every 4th Saturday: Vigil for War Resisters

Seattle, 28.02.2009 17:39

Saturday, Febuary 28 (and every 4th Saturday), 11 am - 1 pm

Westlake Mall Plaza
4th & Pine
Downtown Seattle

Unified Taxi Workers Alliance Win Ruling Over Philadelphia Parking Authority at PA Supreme Court

United States, 28.02.2009 17:07

On Friday February 20th, The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled in the case of the Taxi Workers Alliance et al vs. The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA). In a 5-2 decision, the court ruled in favor of the Unified Taxi Workers Alliance (UTWA) giving the Commonwealth Court jurisdiction over PPA and offering taxi drivers, as well as cab and dispatch companies, a place to seek redress in regards to PPA regulations. Read more at Media Mobilizing Project's new community blog.

They didn’t share the wealth - Why should we share the pain

Ireland, 28.02.2009 09:40

There is no money left in Ireland. At least that’s ...

Chicago Public Schools Supporters Rally, Protest, Campout, Save Six Schools

Chicago, 28.02.2009 07:09

Efforts from teachers, students, activists, and concerned citizens, have continued in the February struggle to save some 20 schools from phase-out, closure, and consolidation under the city's controversial "Renaissance 2010" plan.

Activist efforts have succeeded in saving six schools from impending closure, but efforts on behalf of the remaining schools have continued unabated. They have included a campout, a public rally and protest, and continuing outreach.

Recent Chicago Indymedia features: Plans To Gut Chicago Public Schools Draws Scores to Protest

Additional Resources: The Caucus of Rank and File Educators | 2009 CPS Hearings | Substance News

Christchurch and Auckland Actions Against National's Attacks on Workers

Aotearoa, 28.02.2009 06:10

Yesterday protest actions against the National led government's attacks on workers happened in both Christchurch and Auckland. In Christchurch 30 people held an afternoon picket outside the office of National MP Nicky Wagner to protest the new 90 day probation law. This law change means that all workers in small firms can be fired in the first 90 days of employment with no reason given by the employer. [Report and Pictures] Meanwhile in Manukau City 30 anti-capitalists demonstrated outside John Key's 'Jobs Summit', an elite gathering of 200 bankers, big business CEOs, politicians and union bosses to discuss the financial crisis. One of demonstrators wrote: 'It is hard to begin to explain why we were their but as someone that has lived most of my life in South Auckland the sheer insult of 200 mostly white, mostly male rich business owners meeting in the heart of Manukau to decide the fate of the workers around them speaks volumes. [Report: Protest against Key's Jobs summit] The protest demanded that there be no cuts to workers' wages, conditions and public services, such as health, education and welfare in response to the capitalist crisis. [ Photos from today's 'Jobs Summit'] 'There were some angry exchanges between the protestors and Rodney Hide, some of NZ’s 200 top CEOs and leading bankers, whilst John Key was spirited away without running the red flagged gauntlet.' [Socialist Aotearoa report] Greedy Rich Demand Bailout for their Crisis

&quot;Stop leaving this up to lawyers&quot;: Gay Rights Panel Challenges Movement Leaders

NYC, 28.02.2009 01:39

On February 12, a panel of gay rights experts challenged the gay rights movement to move forward and develop new strategies and tactics. "Stop leaving this up to lawyers," said Lisa Duggan, professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at NYU. Duggan, along with three others, participated in the panel discussion which was entitled "After Proposition 8: The Future of Marriage Politics."

AATW come to HTX

Houston, 28.02.2009 00:09

Anarchists Against the Wall to Speak in Houston

Mural de Manuel A. Pérez

Puerto Rico, 27.02.2009 23:40

Verdad que no se puede borrar

bosbezetter gearresteerd

Oost-Vlaanderen, 27.02.2009 22:38

Lappersfortbosbezetter in gevangenis: oproep tot lawaaidemo

US Discriminatory Immigration Policy Toward Haitians

Boston, 27.02.2009 21:09

It's a familiar story for Haitians - last in, first out for the hemisphere's poorest, least wanted, and most abused people here and at home. Most recently it was highlighted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials announcing the resumption of over 30,000 deportations to a nation reeling from poverty, repression, despair, the devastation from last summer's storms, and occupation by UN paramilitary Blue Helmets - since 2004, illegally there for the first time ever to support and enforce a coup d'etat against a democratically elected president, at the behest of Washington.

Una injusticia que da miedo

Argentina, 27.02.2009 16:39

Entrevista exclusiva con Mario Liñan en el penal de Bouwer

City Council Gets Earful at &quot;Surplus&quot; Property Roundtable

DC, 27.02.2009 13:11

On Feb 25, the DC City Council held a roundtable of Committee on Economic Developement and the Committee on Government Operations and the environment. On the agenda was the continuing transfers of DC public property to developers like Donatelli.

There's Blood in Your Coffee! Auckland Protest in Solidarity with Striking Filipino Nestle Workers

Aotearoa, 27.02.2009 06:40

THERE’S BLOOD IN YOUR COFFEE! NESTLÉ KILLS WORKERS Protest in Support of Striking Filipino Workers Friday 6th March, 2pm Nestlé Head Office, 1 Broadway, Newmarket “We are determined to get justice, even if our fight has caused the murder of our two union presidents, the death of 22 of our co-workers, the forced stopping of our children from school and the forfeiture of our properties." Noel Alemania, union leader. For more than seven years 600 workers from the Cabuyao factory of Nestlé Philippines have been on strike in order to enforce their right to negotiate their retirement benefits. Links: Blood in your Coffee - Striking Workers Website | The Free Atty Saladero Coalition | Nestle Kills Workers! Tribute to murdered Nestlé Union Leader Pangulong Diosdado "Ka Fort" Fortuna | The Brutal Dispersal of the Striking Workers

Eric McDavid Maintains Strength After Three Years in Prison

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.02.2009 04:09

January 2009 marked the 3rd year that Eric McDavid has spent behind bars. His arrest and imprisonment were a direct result of government infiltration and entrapment. Eric has spent the last three years of his life in a cage for what amounts to thought crime. Those years have been full of challenges and struggle, but Eric has met those challenges with courage and integrity. Most recently, Eric has been enduring lockdowns at the prison, the loss of phone and internet access, and a move.

&quot;Health Effects of Air Pollution&quot; in Medford

Rogue Valley, 27.02.2009 03:40


Contact Maye Thompson by return email for more information:

Oregon PSR will present its new program, "A Breathable Future: Health
Effects of Air Pollution" in Medford on Monday, March 9th from 7 - 8:30 pm,
at Medford Public Library, 205 South Central Ave, in Medford. The event is
free of charge, and the public is enthusiastically invited to attend!

The event will give local residents the information they need to make
informed decisions in sometimes puzzling circumstances. For instance, should
you or your children go outside to run or play soccer when the Air Quality
Index shows it is "unhealthy for sensitive populations"? As a parent, a
citizen, a patient or a health care professional, "A Breathable Future" will
provide the information you need to make decisions like this. There are also
plenty of resources to take home or look up online afterward.

On Monday, March 2nd Oregon PSR's Maye Thompson will be the guest on the 7am edition of the Brain Labor Report.

A dos años del asesinato de Sandra Ayala Gamboa

Argentina, 27.02.2009 01:40

"El fiscal no pone de su parte"

John Moghtader a ASUC Senator, Faces a Recall for Assult and a Hate Crime

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.02.2009 00:09

On Monday, February the 23, students at UC Berkeley voted whether to recall John Moghtader, a senator at the student government for his violent assault against Anti-Apartheid activists. Three months ago, Mogtader with other Zionists from the student groups Tikva and the Zionist Freedom Alliance attacked three Palestinian students for displaying Palestinian flags.

Approved Incinerator Expansion Paves Way For Direct Action

United Kingdom, 26.02.2009 23:40

"This is a very sad day for the residents of Nottingham, a sad day for democracy and a sad day for our environment".

Jon Beresford, spokesman from Nottingham Against Incineration & Landfill (NAIL) is not impressed. Local residents and NAIL have been fighting plans to expand Nottingham’s Eastcroft incinerator for the last 4 years. Democracy has been given a severe blow when the government recently over ruled Nottingham City Council and given the green light (or not so green) for Waste Recycling Group’s Planning Application to expand the facility and pollute our environment with more toxic substances and global warming gases.

The government has given the go ahead suggesting that the third incinerator will help fight climate change. "This will help fight climate change no more than building a third runway at Heathrow" argues Beresford. "This throws the governments Climate Change Policy into complete nonsense". Waste Recycling Group, owners of Nottingham’s Eastcroft incinerator originally applied to incinerate an additional 150,000 tonnes (250,000 tonnes total) of waste a year by building a third line in Nottingham City Centre.

Video: The NAIL film (10 min. various formats) | NAIL Slideshow (avi 9M)

Audio: NAIL Public meeting and debate (1hr 20mins - 32kbs, 19Mb) | You can't do that here! NAIL banner drop (mp3 911K)

Feature articles: Planning Officer Recommends Rejections of Incinerator Expansion | Council backs off from incinerator expansion decision | Incinerator Public Meeting - Public Bodies pull out! | Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill campaigners hand in petition | Planning Officer insists on wider public consultation for incinerator expansion | Campaigners meet Environment Agency over incinerator | Sneinton's Rubbish Day Out 1 - The Days Events | NAIL campaign 'banner drop' at Sneinton Boulevard | NAIL campaign hammers on... | The air that we breathe...

Links: NAIL Website | Waste Recycling Group | View planning application

Dozens March in Santa Rosa to Ban Tasers

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.02.2009 22:09

On February 13th, about 75 people gathered in Santa Rosa's Courthouse Square to demand that the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department end their use of Tasers, a deadly device which has led to five deaths of unarmed civilians in our community over the last two years. The October 22nd Coalition Against Police Brutality organized the protest as part of a new campaign demanding the end of Taser use in Sonoma County.

BAAM Issue 18 released!

Boston, 26.02.2009 20:09

The 18th monthly newsletter of the Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement

Ongoing Medical Marijuana Busts Throughout Mendocino County

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.02.2009 19:39

Laurel Krause writes: Ongoing medical marijuana busts throughout Mendocino County have been arresting local residents daily. I was one of five busts made and charged with two felonies (cultivation and intent to sell/distribute) on February 20th, even though I had my doctor recommendation and was growing with the guidelines published at the Mendocino County website.

BAAM Isuue 18 released

Boston, 26.02.2009 19:10

The 18th monthly newsletter of the Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement

A dos años del asesinato de Sandra Ayala Gamboa

Argentina, 26.02.2009 15:10

"El fiscal no pone de su parte"


Perth, 26.02.2009 13:11

Uranium Industry is not a cure to Aboriginal Poverty

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