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Help Support the The LNG Public Protection Act

Portland, 05.03.2009 19:38

The LNG Public Protection Act was formally introduced yesterday. The bill number is HB 2015. This is the number you should refer to when asking your legislators to support the bill.

Thanks to your hard work, we were able to get the co-sponsors below: Chief sponsors of the bill are Rep. Riley and Sen. Prozanski.

Specifically, the bill states: Prior to issuing state water rights, removal/fill permits or granting state land leases for LNG terminals and LNG-related pipelines, the Oregon Department of Energy is required to conduct a needs assessment to determine whether:

RELATED: Help Counteract Industry Front Group Lobbying Against LNG Protection Act TODAY (Friday March 6th)

Las causas que generaron El Caracazo siguen estando vigentes

Venezuela, 05.03.2009 18:37

Update on the Brighton Group on their way to Gaza

United Kingdom, 05.03.2009 12:09

On Friday 14 February a group from Brighton joined an aid Convoy consisting of 100 vehicles bringing much-needed aid and solidarity to the people of Gaza. The vehicles include a fire engine, 12 ambulances & a boat; they will all be left as donations on arrival in Gaza.

The aim of the Convoy is to provide essential daily-life commodities to the people of Gaza, as well as raising awareness of the plight of the Palestinians throughout the countries the Convoy will be travelling through.

Nine men who were heading to London to join the convoy were illegally arrested by police in an "anti-terror" operation" . Some of their group are now heading toward Gaza after being released. The convoy has travelled through Tunisia , Morocco , Algeria and Libya .

Links: Viva Palestina , Brighton and Hove Palestine Solidarity Campiagn , Videos of the demonstration to send off the Brighton Convoy

mujeres (es)

Barcelona, 05.03.2009 11:09

8 marzo del 2009: crisis mortal para el sistema patriarcal

Este sistema patriarcal pretende mantener el acoso al cuerpo, alma, trabajos y deseos de las mujeres. Los feminicidios no cesan, las mujeres siguen siendo discriminadas laboralmente y por se madres i el intento de recriminalitzación del aborto y el derecho al propio cuerpo se ha hecho más evidente que nunca. Por eso esta crisis del sisteman puede ser una nueva oportunidad para las mujeres. Una crisis del sistema capitalista y patriarcal puede abrir nuevas puertas para la liberación de la mujer, però solo si, firmemente, mantenemos la lucha anticapitalista y antipatriarcal.

Marzo: Jornadas anarcofeministas

Manifestaciones Barcelona:
[8 mar] 12h. Pça Universitat. Manifestación comissió 8 març: crisis total al sistema patriarcal

[8 mar] 18h. Pça Universitat. Manifestación Plataforma revolucionaria antipatriarcal: Mujeres, la crisis nos hace más precarias.El patriarcado, com el capitalismo no se refunda, se combate!

[6mar] Viernes, 20h. Convent St.Agustí.Festival Femelek: Mujer, música electrónica y audiovisuales
[7mar]Sábado,17h. Pça dels Angels. Asamblea de mujeres
[7mar] Sábado, 18h. Charla y debate. Cena y concierto

LaTele: Programación especial 8 de Marzo

Actos y manifestaciones Varias:
[7mar]Pça Vi. Girona Dia de la mujer +++ [8mar]Pça Verdaguer. Tarragona Pra Manifestación +++ actos ponent +++ Actos 8 de marzo en Vilafranca

notícias relacionadas: mujeres vistas por mujeres ::: desfigurada por rechazar el matrimnonio ::: Chica saharaui violada por la policia marroquí ::: La zona franca tiene cara de mujer ::: Especial Simone de Beauvoir ::: Mujeres y tecnologías: compartiendo informaciones

+info: >>>mujeres

dones (ca)

Barcelona, 05.03.2009 09:09

8 març del 2009: crisi mortal pel sistema patriarcal

Aquest sistema patriarcal pretén mantenir l'assetjament al cos, ànima, treballs i desitjos de les dones. Els feminicidis no s'aturen, les dones segueixen essent discriminades laboralment i per ser mares i l'intent de recriminalització de l'avortament i el dret al propi cos s'ha fet més palès que mai. Per això aquesta crisi del sistema pot ser una nova oportunitat per a les dones. Una crisi del sistema capitalista i patriarcal pot obrir noves portes per l'alliberament de la dona i pot permetre el desenvolupament real de tot el nostre potencial, però només si, fermament, mantenim la lluita anticapitalista i antipatriarcal.

Març: Jornades anarcofeministes

Manifestacions Barcelona:
[8 mar] 12h. Pça Universitat. Manifestació comissió 8 març: crisi total al sistema patriarcal

[8 mar] 18h. Pça Universitat. Manifestació Plataforma revolucionària antipatriarcal: Dones, la crisi ens fa més precàries. El patriarcat, com el capitalisme no se'l refunda, se'l combat!

[6mar] Divendres a les 20h. Convent St.Agustí.Festival Femelek: Dona, música electrònica i audiovisuals
[7mar]Dissabte a les 17h. Pça dels Angels. Assemblea de dones
[7mar] Dissabte a les 18h. Xerrada i debat. Sopar i concert

LaTele: Programació especial 8 de Març

Actes i manifestacions Arreu:
[7mar]Pça Vi. Girona Dia de la dona treballadora+++ [8mar]Pça Verdaguer. Tarragona Pra Manifestació +++ actes arreu ponent +++ Actes 8 de març a Vilafranca

notícies relacionades: dones vistes per dones ::: desfigurada per rebutjar el matrimnoni ::: Noia saharaui violada per la policia marroquí ::: La zona franca té cara de dona ::: Especial Simone de Beauvoir ::: Dones i tecnologies: compartint infomacions

+info: >>>dones

Spanien will mit Manipulation Basken regieren

Germany, 04.03.2009 22:09

Gewonnen haben die baskischen Wahlen klar die moderaten Nationalisten und in Galicien stürzten die Sozialisten (PSOE) erwartungsgemäß ab und die Postfaschisten haben die absolute Mehrheit zurückgewonnen ( Nach dem Ausschluss der linken baskischen Unabhängigkeitsbewegung will die PSOE in einer spanisch-nationlistischen Front mit den Postfaschisten der Volkspartei (PP) regieren, obwohl sie weit entfernt von einer Stimmenmehrheit sind und die knappe Sitzmehrheit duch die Verbote ( nur herbeimanipuliert haben. Die baskische Linke hat sich nicht einschüchtern lassen, mehr als 100.000 Menschen haben die Verbotenen gewählt.

DEQ Suspends Review of Bradwood LNG Project

Portland, 04.03.2009 16:39

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has suspended review of the air and water discharge permits requested by the Bradwood Landing LNG terminal because of two important victories by LNG opponents. DEQ cannot review permit applications if the project is violates local land use laws

First, Clatsop County Citizens for Common Sense passed a referendum on September 16, 2008 that barred LNG pipelines in protected areas.

Second, Columbia Riverkeeper and partners won a challenge at the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) that overturned the county's approval of Bradwood Landing. Based on these two victories, DEQ has suspended review of all permits for the LNG terminal and pipeline.

African Farmers &amp; Environmentalists Speak Out Against a New Green Revolution in Africa

Portland, 04.03.2009 16:39

Oakland, CA: A new report from the Oakland Institute, Voices from Africa: African Farmers & Environmentalists Speak Out Against a New Green Revolution in Africa, issues a direct challenge to Western-led plans for a genetically engineered revolution in African agriculture, particularly the recent misguided philanthropic efforts of the Gates Foundation's Alliance for a New Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), and presents African resistance and solutions rooted in first-hand knowledge of what Africans need.

The report finds a lack of accountability, transparency, and stakeholder involvement in philanthropic efforts such as AGRA. "Despite the Gates Foundation's rhetoric of inclusion and the claim that their investment in agricultural development benefits the growing majority of the world's poor who rely on agriculture, a leaked Gates Foundation confidential report on their Agricultural Development Strategy for 2008-2011 actually emphasizes moving people out of the agricultural sector,"...

Red and Black Cafe Communique - March

Portland, 04.03.2009 16:39

March is upon us, comrades! There are many exciting things happening this month at the Red and Black; in particular, there are several benefits happening for people that really need your support. Show some solidarity and come out! Please note that all events start at 7pm unless otherwise noted. Also, not every event is listed here - consult the calendar for a complete list!

Ireland's &quot;legal corruption&quot;

Ireland, 04.03.2009 15:09

“Business is seen as particularly close to politic ...

resumen de noticias 2

Argentina, 04.03.2009 14:09

Aviation expansion grounded

United Kingdom, 04.03.2009 12:39

Plane Stupid Scotland activists shut down Aberdeen airport by setting up a golf course on the taxiway and surrounding themselves with security fencing whilst another group occupied the roof of the terminal with a banner reading, “Nae Trump Games with Climate Change”. The 3am action prevented the scheduled reopening of the runway at 5am. After almost six hours the /a>. Eleven people, including local residents, were arrested.

Donald Trump is supporting the expansion of Aberdeen airport where his super-rich friends will arrive to play golf on his controversial golf course. BAA Aberdeen said they welcome Donald Trump's Golf Course which is not surprising as they need rich friends right now. BAA is under presure from the Competition Commision and a /a> has hung a large question mark over the economic arguments for expansion. Expansion of Stansted Airport (which was shut down last December) now looks set to be postponed for at least two years</ a> and the airport will be put on the market without planning permission for a new runway.

Despite government rhetoric about cutting CO2 emissions, there are expansion plans for 34 regional airports in the UK. Last month Plane Stupid activists interrupted a public meeting during a speech by Ed Miliband the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, unveiling a banner highlighting the hypocritical actions of the government in relation to aviation and climate change.

Back in January Plane Stupid activists chained themselves to the entrance of Southampton airport and erected tents at the main entrance in a bid turn the regional airport into a climate refugee camp (they were in court yesterday and fined between £175 and £600 each).

Links: Aberdeen action 1 2 | Plane Stupid actions last month Southampton, Brighton | Stansted blockade 2008 | aviation and recession | airport expansion 1 2 | Stansted rumors

Home Secretary Blatantly Ignores Unfavorable Court Decision

United Kingdom, 04.03.2009 12:09

The Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, appears to have declared war on the government’s own secret terror court, overruling decisions made by judges in the Special Immigration Appeals Court (SIAC). In what can only be described as an act of executive fiat, two men who attended a hearing at the SIAC were driven away from the court, expecting to return home, as ordered by the SIAC judges, but were, instead, delivered to Belmarsh prison, where they were joined by three other men, who had been seized in raids on their homes.

Journalist and author Andy Worthington notes that the whole operation was clearly planned by the Home Secretary in advance. "Even though she had informed neither the men’s lawyers nor the SIAC judges." The first the lawyers heard about it was when one of the men’s wives rang, inquiring why he had not yet returned home. He adds; "the Home Secretary has acted in a manner that would have pleased King John, in those days before England's nobles forced him to sign the Magna Carta in 1215, establishing for the first time that the king had no right to imprison his subjects except upon the lawful judgment of his peers or the law of the land."

On The Newswire: Jacqui Smith versus Justice Mitting | Home Secretary ignores Court decision, kidnaps bailed men and imprisons them in Belmarsh | Revealed: flawed intelligence exposes the scandal of Belmarsh detainees | Invisible Barriers: Detention without Trial/Social Housing Policy in the UK Today

Previous Features: Hundreds Join Demo for Academic Freedom and Against Deportation | Anger Over "Terror Arrests" at Nottingham University | The Global War of Terror | The Racist 'War on Terror' | Terror profiling nets innocents

Links: National Guantanamo Coalition | Cageprisoners | 100 Days to Close Guantánamo and End Torture | The Campaign against Criminalising Communities | Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC) | Reprieve | Andy Worthington | Indymedia Topic Pages: Terror War | Guantanamo

US Attorney General Says Obama's Promise to End Medical Marijuana Raids is Now Reality

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.03.2009 06:08

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama, along with other major Democratic candidates, promised to stop the federal government's raids on medical cannabis dispensaries. Federal medical cannabis-related raids continued in January and February. On February 25th, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told reporters that Obama's pledge "is now American policy." However, no laws have been changed.

D Day for Sea Lions: Bonneville Demonstration Report Back

Portland, 04.03.2009 05:38

Yesterday the injunction against killing sea lions, the stay of execution, ran out. Today, government officials commenced with efforts to trap and kill sea lions on the Columbia river. As they expected, they were met with resistance. And, as we expected, they ran like little babies. They mostly scurried away and hid from uncomfortable questions that members of the public might have for them.

The Big Lie of Recession Politics: 'Shared Sacrifice'

Portland, 04.03.2009 05:38

It's everywhere you look and in every speech you listen to. Every time a politician or businessmen talks about the recession, an almost in-synch, repetitive mantra can be heard: "Shared sacrifice, equality of sacrifice, hard choices." Oh my.

There must be something to it, since EVERYBODY seems to be regurgitating the phrase in harmony.

March 21st: 6th Anniversary Demonstration Against the War (Tacoma)

Seattle, 04.03.2009 05:21

6th Anniversary Demonstration Against the War

March 21
Jefferson Park
12 noon

La alegría renace en Barrio Ludueña

Argentina, 04.03.2009 04:09

Octavo Carnaval Cumple de Pocho

La alegría renace en Barrio Ludueña

Argentina, 04.03.2009 04:09

Octavo Carnaval Cumple de Pocho

SC Farmers: &quot;Boycott Forever 21&quot;

LA, 04.03.2009 03:39

South Central Farmers Continue to Target Forever 21

SC Farmers Target Forever 21

LA, 04.03.2009 03:39

South Central Farmers Continue to Target Forever 21

SC Farmers: &quot;Boycott Forever 21&quot;

LA, 04.03.2009 03:39

South Central Farmers Continue to Target Forever 21

Indigenous and MTR-harmed communites at Cap Power Plant protest

DC, 04.03.2009 03:10

On March 2, a large coalition protested the use of coal at the Capitol Power Plant(AKA Capitol Steam Plant). It looked like at least 1,000 people in all-with Native Americans and those harmed by mountaintop removal mining in the forefront. WSQT Broadcast Audio featuring Native and other impacted communities

politicas restrictivas en la facultad de medicina

Argentina, 04.03.2009 03:09

¿La masividad atenta contra la excelencia académica?

politicas restrictivas en la facultad de medicina

Argentina, 04.03.2009 02:39

¿La masividad atenta contra la excelencia académica?

politicas restrictivas en la facultad de medicina

Argentina, 04.03.2009 01:39

¿La masividad atenta contra la excelencia académica?

Ser o no ser

Argentina, 04.03.2009 01:39

¡Saquen nuestros nombres de sus registros!

Libertad y refugio político a Mario Liñán Vasquez

Argentina, 04.03.2009 01:09


Colombia, 03.03.2009 23:09



Colombia, 03.03.2009 22:09


March 7 Hutto Protest

Houston, 03.03.2009 18:40

Shut Hutto Down! Protest Hutto Family Prison on International Women's Day

Palestine Solidary from HTX to Gaza

Houston, 03.03.2009 17:10

Palestine Solidarity efforts continue: sending aid and raising awareness

Demonstrators demand immigration reform, an end to raids and to 287(g) agreements

United States, 03.03.2009 15:07

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in downtown Phoenix on February 28 to protest Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and policies that critics argue violate basic human and civil rights. Organizers estimated the number of marchers at more than 5,000; soon after the march began, Phoenix police blocked traffic to Central Ave. and allowed demonstrators to fill the street, because of their overwhelming numbers (the march had lacked a permit).

Among the demands voiced by demonstrators was that the federal government end 287(g) agreements and stop the raids of workplaces and immigrant neighborhoods. The 287(g) agreements allow local law enforcement to arrest people if they are suspected of being in the U.S. without proper documents. Critics point to recent actions by Arpaio as evidence of these agreements' vulnerability to abuse.

"Recently the nation witnessed the ritual humiliation of migrants in a spectacle evocative of some of the most horrific episodes of human history," stated Pablo Alvarado, Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network. Last month Arpaio intensified his on-going escalation of attacks against Latinos by segregating the county jail and parading hundreds of immigrants shackled in a chain-gang into "tent city", an urban internment camp surrounded by armed guards, razor wire and electric fencing.

PHOTOS: Arizona Indymedia | LA Indymedia

Free Skool Santa Cruz Spring 2009 Calendar

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.03.2009 08:38

The Free Skool Santa Cruz Spring 2009 calendar is out. The best place to pick them up is at the SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave. You can download the calendar as well.

Sea Lions, WDFW, and TOKENISM

Portland, 03.03.2009 03:39

I am writing from the Yakama Nation. And I want to say that I just saw the most shameful thing. It involves video taped footage of a press conference held by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (and also ODFW) at the Bonneville dam. The press conference was to convince the public that these organizations need to, and can safely kill sea lions to protect salmon at that dam. And to make their point, they paraded out a woman presented as a Native grandmother. It was the most shameless display of tokenism I have yet seen, and went mostly unchallenged by the press who eagerly lapped it up and patted her on her head. It was disgusting.

General Strike to Protest Global Warming

Portland, 03.03.2009 03:39

Global warming is no longer a future threat waiting on the horizon. Human
societies across the globe are already suffering as a result of climate change.
The very world as we know it is endangered. Each day, untold species go extinct
to never be seen again. Thousands of people go hungry because of crop failure
and drought wrought by climate change.

VIDEO:: Arrest Bush &amp; Cheney Protest Announcement

Portland, 03.03.2009 03:39

A short 2 min announcement about the weekly protest in Portland. Arrest Bush & Cheney demands by Portland citizens. I arrived as the weekly downtown vigil / protest as it ended on 2.26.09 I was able to get a short announcement about his event on video.

There is mentioned in the video about: (new website)
And also mentioned is about the on-line version of: (newspaper 1st addition) This protest is on Thursdays across from the Federal building at high noon till 2:00pm

guerrilla gardening mondays and thursday in march

Portland, 03.03.2009 03:39

dont have land, still want to garden? come get involved! umm....wanna plant some seeds in someone else's yard? the weather is right for planting seeds and we will be in gardens old and new. come share your skills and seeds mondays 4:30 at nw. burnside and 16th.

if you interested in bike guerrilla gardening we will be meeting on thursdays at 3125 e.burnside (city repair) for more information see portland freeskool (

Burning Forests for Electricity and Liquid Fuels: Deforestation is Bad Energy Policy

Portland, 03.03.2009 03:39

Thursday, March 5 -- 6:30 to 8:30 pm [,] Harris Hall, Lane County Auditorium[,] 8th & Oak, Eugene, Oregon[.] free admission

The use of forest biomass for electricity and liquid fuel, currently proposed by our state and federal elected officials, threaten our climate and economic security with little return on energy invested. This presentation will dispel the myths that there is "waste" in a forest ecosystem and that large-scale forest "thinning" projects are needed to reduce fire risks.

Pit Bulls Banned???

Portland, 03.03.2009 03:39

[...] just reported that there is an effort to ban pit bulls in Oregon. If passed, it would mean that pit bulls would be killed, people caught with pit bulls could be punished, and pits would be outlawed. Aren't enough pit bulls already dying of human ignorance in this state?

Corporations Buying Millions of Acres Around the World

Portland, 03.03.2009 03:39

Scary Stuff !!! Apparently there has been a steep rise in the number of large land purchases by governments/corporations in the last year -- millions of acres of agricultural land were sold.

Quoting Slow Food International (SLI), "Saudi Binladin Group is planning an investment in Indonesia to grow basmati rice; tens of thousands of hectares in Pakistan have been sold to Abu Dhabi investors; Laos has signed away around 15 percent of its viable farmland; Libya has secured 250,000 hectares of Ukrainian farmland, and Egypt is believed to want similar access."

UC Berkeley Students to Host Israeli Apartheid Week

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.03.2009 02:10

From March 2 to March 6, UC Berkeley students will host Israeli Apartheid Week. The week long event will include lectures, panel discussions and movies addressing the legal system of Apartheid in Occupied Palestine. The event is also orientated toward educating the public about the boycott, divestment, sanctions campaign, of Israeli-Apartheid products. In its fifth annual year, Israeli Apartheid Week will be held in over forty cities around the world. At UC Berkeley, the event is happening for the second year.

Open House on Housing

Houston, 03.03.2009 00:41

SKYDIVE hosts a free school on "Open House"

Winter Soldier Austin

Houston, 03.03.2009 00:41

Winter Soldier Iraq and Afghanistan comes to Austin

bike guerilla gardening

Portland, 03.03.2009 00:39

bike guerilla gardening: emitting wholistic remediation through the rapid dispersal of seeds

[thurs] 02/26/2009 - 4:33 p.m.
Location: sustain ability now, (2nd floor city repair 3125 e. burnside)
503 438 4093

guerilla gardening bike "hit and run" squad... unofficial spring is almost here. why not help start some raised beds and plant some seeds and transplants? we will be skill sharing, each one teach one, various permaculture knowledge. if you know alot thats great, if your thumb is black thats great too, we'll make it green, and cruising portland sowing seeds, and throwing seedballs. we will also have mushrooms to grow. prepare to ride, weather permitting at a medium-gentle pace. taking time to stop and plant some roses.

Suggested Materials: something to plant, something to dig with, something to plant in, soome water to drink, something vegan to share and eat.

Accessibility: Requires bicycling

Army recruiting? In my neighborhood?

Portland, 03.03.2009 00:39

Are army recruiters harassing your high school aged siblings or children? I was absolutely disgusted to find an Army Reserve flyer on my door today. Nobody at this house is interested in state sponsored murder. They were targeting my younger brother who just had to register for selective service and he too was upset about the note. It was left on our doorknob without a sound, we never heard anybody walk up on the porch, never had a knock at the door. Are they afraid they'll spit on? Well, probably here.

This is essentially just a reminder to call your local recruitment center and tell them to leave you alone! If you have a younger sibling or a child that they send their junk mail to on a monthly basis, let them know it's a waste of a tree (which is also disgusting), that no matter how bad the economy gets no one should be forced to harm other humans for money and that they are not welcome in our communities.

Public Interest Environmental Law Conference at UO Feb 26 - Mar 1

Portland, 03.03.2009 00:39

Come to the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference Thursday, February 26 - Sunday, March 1, 2009 at the University of Oregon School of Law in Eugene.

Spectacular annual conference brings together environmentalist attorneys and activists... Concerns about climate change, energy use and environmental responsibility rank among the most pressing issues facing all nations. With environmental awareness on the rise and the increasing economic need to restrict consumption and preserve resources, there has never been a better time to build a unified movement to guide our planet forward. With this in mind, the 27th annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) seeks to promote "Solidarity! United Action for the Greener Good."

The Conference features daily afternoon and evening keynote presentations by preeminent attorneys, activists, scientists, politicians, philosophers, and authors. This year PIELC welcomes as keynote speakers:

Modesto, Ca: Stolen food left in working class neighborhood

Portland, 03.03.2009 00:39

People of the Valley, Everywhere the desert of capital expands - we offer an oasis to drink from....We, the Robin Hoods, take credit for providing the massive amounts of free food that was left in the Airport District park of Modesto California last week, early in the morning. We chose to distribute this food free of charge because the Airport District is one of the neighborhoods hit the worst by the ongoing recession. Our communities are suffering from homelessness and foreclosure, poverty and job layoffs, police brutality and environmental pollution. Let this act be just a note in the chorus of resistance that will soon bring this system down....In solidarity with those from the streets of Greece, China, Iceland, Mexico, the United States and beyond who are fighting this monster we call capitalism.

The Robin Hoods

Anti-Racist Picnic Confronts Minutemen Racists

Portland, 03.03.2009 00:39

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement- Denver and anti-racist comrades held an anti-racist picnic, taunt racist Minutemen and disrupt their meeting. The Colorado Minutemen, a virulently racist anti-Mexican group, held a meeting at the Englewood Library on Saturday, February 21st . RAIM-Denver became aware of the meeting less than a week in advance and was eager to oppose it. With little time to coordinate and promote a large protest, we decided instead to hold a picnic. RAIM-Denver was serving up non-alcoholic wine, cheese, and the best part: crackers.

RAIM-Denver was joined by a couple Denver-area anti-racist comrades, making our picnic only a handful in size. That didn't stop us from getting our point across. As was done at Denver's last confrontation with the Minutemen, klan hoods were offered to the racists as they entered the building. We made some banners also.

RAIM-Denver understands that the U.S. Southwest is land stolen from Mexican and Indigenous peoples. Thus RAIM comrades proudly displayed the Mexican flag. Other comrades held a banner that read,"If you don't like Mexico, get out!"

APOC/Circle A Interview w/ Revolutionary Dylcia Pagan

Portland, 03.03.2009 00:39

Dylcia went underground with her infant son and was arrested in 1980. Charged with Seditious Conspiracy in relation to activities of the FALN, she refused to take part in her trial and claimed prisoner of war status on grounds that she did not recognize the authority of the United States government. She was sentenced to 63 years of imprisonment in state and federal facilities in the US.

Interview here:

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