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Perth, 09.03.2009 03:40

Yagan to be finally laid to rest in memorial park

CALL TO ACTION: March 16th Deadline for Comments on U.S. Nuclear Policy

Seattle, 09.03.2009 00:38

March 8, 2009 -- The United States Department of Energy (DOE) is creating a new nuclear energy policy for America. There are only 7 days left for you to comment on the proposal to double nuclear power and to dispose of more nuclear waste at Hanford. The comment period ends March 16, 2009.

Attack on KFC in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.03.2009 23:39

autonomous rebels for social collapse write: Last night, we attacked the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Mission St. Two stones cracked two windows and we melted back into the shadows. Property will never be worth more than the lives of living things. Solidarity with our poultry brethren; we may not be the same species, but we breath the same poison air.

No Justice No BART Stages First Action at Fruitvale Station

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.03.2009 23:09

No Justice No BART (NJNB) held their first action at the Fruitvale BART station in Oakland on March 5th. NJNB intends to continue disruptive protests at various BART stations until their list of demands is addressed. NJNB said the demo was a success despite not having fully closed the station. Passengers came and went yet BART collected no fares during the protest. The next NJNB action will be March 19th at Rockridge BART.


Athens, 08.03.2009 19:09

Αυτοοργάνωση: από τη θεωρία στην πράξη

VIDEO:: Portland Human Rights Commission Meeting 3.4.09

Portland, 08.03.2009 19:08

This monthly meeting was video taped and now viewable in 2 parts for Portland Indy Media Center.

The Portland Human Rights Commission purpose is eliminating discrimination and bigotry,strengthening inter-group relationships, and fostering greater understanding, inclusion and justice for those who live, work, study, worship, travel and play in Portland.

The meeting is open to the public. The meetings are on the first Wednesday of every month. There was a couple dozen people at this meeting, eleven were commissioners.

This is a 2 part Goggle video from the monthly meeting at their office in north Portland Oregon.
Video One:

Video Two:

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres Recruitment Event

Portland, 08.03.2009 19:08

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres, a leading international medical humanitarian organization seeks medical and non-medical workers for its fieldwork.

Seeking physicians, nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, midwives, epidemiologists, mental heath specialists, medical laboratory scientists, technicians, and technologists, pharmacists, administrative professionals, finance professionals, water/sanitation specialists, construction experts, and logistics professionals.

A recruitment information Session will be held Monday, 9 March 08, 7PM, REI, 1405 NW Johnson Street, Portland 97209.

For more information, visit

Olympia Anarchist and SDSer Forest Student Serving 60 Days in Jail

Portland, 08.03.2009 19:08

Anarchist, SDSer and community organizer Forest Student is currently spending 60 days in jail for crimes he did not commit on May Day 2008 in Olympia, WA.

Forest was rounded up along with five other anarchists on May Day in Olympia in 2008 during a march for a project initiated by SDS, MEChA, IVAW and the IWW to make Olympia a sanctuary city for both undocumented workers and war resisters. Some participants of the march targeted US Bank and Bank of America during the march and the police came en force, arresting six anarchists, and brutalizing many others at the march.

During the trial, Forest took an Alfred plea bargain (saying he didn't commit the crime he was charged with but pleading guilty because there is a chance he would loose in court and he couldn't take that chance), pleading a felony and a gross misdemeanor down to two gross misdemeanors. Forest's plea did not implicate anyone else.

Local activists report back from march to stop the hate!

Portland, 08.03.2009 19:08

Arizona is the testing ground for right-wing immigration policy. If we cannot stop it there, we'll see similar activities spread across the country. It is crucial that we raise awareness and collect resources in support of the communities terrorized by the Maricopa Sheriff and his volunteer posses.

We will hear from Portland delegates that attended the gathering, the march, and collected testimony from people affected by Arpaio's terrorism. We will also come together to agree on strategic actions that the Portland community can take to stand in solidarity with the Phoenix community and also show the country that we will not tolerate hateful policies anymore.

Come hear local activists report back from Phoenix, Arizona. Stop the hate! Stop Joe Arpaio! Stop ICE raids!

When: March 10th, 7-9pm
Where: VOZ 1131 SE Oak&#8232

A Message from Oregon Supporters of Campaign Finance Reform

Portland, 08.03.2009 17:38

In this era of no limits, contributions to candidates for state or local office in Oregon skyrocketed, from $4.2 million in 1996 to over $49 million 10 years later. The result is that those who can readily afford to make political contributions are now in charge. For example, among all states Oregon continues to have the lowest taxes on corporations and nearly the highest income taxes on families living near the poverty line.

Here are 6 easy steps for you to help: By downloading and signing the proposed statewide measure, you can put a campaign finance reform Oregon constitutional amendment on the 2010 ballot.

Click to download the signature sheet.

Click to print out the text of the proposed measure.

Staple the sheet with the measure text behind the signature sheet, using one staple in the upper left corner.

March 15 Salem, OR March &amp; Rally to Keep Oregon's Guard Home!

Portland, 08.03.2009 17:38

Dozens of peace and social justice organizations across the state are gearing up for a big action in Salem this March to call for an end to the US war in Iraq and to urge Oregon State legislators to stop the Spring deployment of the National Guard to Iraq. The action, titled "Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad: Keep Oregon's Guard Home from Iraq and Afghanistan" is scheduled to take place on Sunday, March 15th, at 1:00 PM with a rally at the steps of the Capitol, followed by a march through downtown Salem.

Bring your civic-minded spirit and a sack lunch and join us for this fun and meaningful field trip! Please book your bus ride at: fangsandclaws(at) with "RSVP" on the subject line, NO LATER THAN March 8th.

Updates on this information can be viewed at
~ Peace & Justice Works - Iraq Affinity Group

Taoiseach tells the truth

Ireland, 08.03.2009 13:09

What should have been said by the Taoiseach What I ...

Protest against police state

United Kingdom, 08.03.2009 12:09

'STAND up for freedom!' is the call going out to Worthing people this week by campaigners holding a town centre protest on Saturday March 14.

They are urging residents and others to join them in a demonstration opposing a broad range of laws and measures which they say are taking away people's freedom and moving Britain closer to a police state. The protest is being staged by the Worthing Freedom Coalition as its contribution to a month of diverse events under the banner of Freedom March and will assemble outside the town hall in Chapel Road, Worthing, at 2pm.

Día Internacional de la Mujer

Argentina, 08.03.2009 03:09

¡Queremos todos nuestros derechos!

Día Internacional de la Mujer

Argentina, 08.03.2009 03:09

¡Queremos todos nuestros derechos!

Terratenientes no callarán al movimiento campesino

Venezuela, 07.03.2009 22:37

International Women's Day 2009

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.03.2009 20:40

The day will be celebrated around the Bay Area. The Stop Violence Against Women: 1 in 3 Art Exhibit will include performances on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, March 8th, Code Pink will march across the Golden Gate Bridge, there will be a potluck and program in Berkeley, and in Palo Alto, the film "A Single Woman: The Story of Jeannette Rankin" will be screened. In L.A., Saturday events will Celebrate Resistance and Internationalism! with a rally and march and, on Sunday, with the Women Hold Up Half the Sky presentation.

Cyclist Rammed by SUV at Critical Mass

DC, 07.03.2009 15:11

On March 6, about 50 cyclists met at Dupont Circle for the monthly(First Friday 6PM) Critical Mass bike ride. Before we got more than 5 blocks, an SUV driver rammed one of the bikes, apparently from a standing start. The hit was from behind the ride out of stopped traffic on Conn Ave at K st.

Fair Share Reform Rally Draws Huge Crowd

United States, 07.03.2009 13:37

A huge crowd came out to rally for the Fair Share Tax Reform plan at 5pm today at the Liberty Pole. The plan calls for raising taxes on New Yorkers who make over $250,000 to offset the projected state budget deficit of $15 billion dollars. The plan is an alternative to Governor Patterson's current proposal which includes a gigantic $9 billion of cuts to social services, education and health care. The rally was part of a series of rallies happening today in New York State.

Rosemary Rivera, an organizer for the event, said, "We wanted to send a coordinated message across the state that we have to find a different way [to address the budget crisis] than hack away at social services. And there is a way. That way is fair share tax reform."

The rally itself was creative and diverse. It included drumming and singing by the Rochester Freedom School, the Raging Grannies and many chants. Mike Connely, a local Peace Activist, spoke to the crowd using the persona of billionaire Simpsons character, Montgomery Burns, "Rich people have it great here. We have, in effect, a flat tax in New York State. $25,000 is the highest tax bracket which is basically poverty level." After the rally he said, "It was a great crowd. All kinds of people came together today. Labor groups, peace groups, working people, poor people. A lot of great organization work went in to today."

The rally was the one step in a series of actions planned in the Rochester area. To see more upcoming events check out can be found on the Rochester Section of the Fair Share Webpage. [Read More & Photos]

UE jako Wielki Brat: &quot;Program sztokholmski&quot;

Poland, 07.03.2009 11:11

W tym roku ma zostać opracowany kolejny 5-letni plan Unii Europejskiej dotyczący "Sprawiedliwości i spraw wewnętrznych".

False Positive Drug Tests Exposed in Marijuana Policy Project Report

DC, 07.03.2009 04:10

The Marijuana Policy Project and the Mintwood Media Collective present the findings of a new study, False Positives Equal False Justice. Video exposes how field drug tests used by police and other government agencies give false positives. AT LEFT: The NarcoPouch™ test renders a false positive on a sample of "Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap". Video of Tests: Report: False Positives Equal False Justice (pdf)

Stop Preventable Foreclosures

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.03.2009 04:09

Faith in Community held a rally today in front of Saint John's Cathedral to protest the high level of forecloses in Fresno and throughout the country. In 2008 alone, banks foreclosed on 12,571 homes in the Fresno region, a 102.5 percent increase over the previous year.

March 9th: RNC8 Visiting Olympia

Seattle, 07.03.2009 03:38

Join Max Specktor and Rob Czernik, two BRAVE anarchists and members of the RNC8 as they pay a visit to the Evergreen State College to give a talk, lead a discussion about their case and fulfill your wildest fantasies!

Monday, March 9 -- 5:30pm
Presentation at Evergreen College, Olympia
Building E, Room 1105

March 7th: Save Gaza Vigil -- 4th &amp; Pine, Westlake

Seattle, 07.03.2009 03:38

People in Gaza still suffering from the Israeli massacre. Aid being blocked. Please come out to support the people of Palestine and tell the U.S. gov't to stop military aid to Israel.

What: Gaza Vigil
When: Saturday March 7, Noon - 2:00pm
Where: Westlake Center on 4th & Pine

MV Cape Knox Military Ship in Seattle NOW

Seattle, 07.03.2009 03:38

March 6, 2009 -- Probable outload of I Corps equipment and cargo for Iraq Occupation.

40,000 Union Members March Against Proposed Budget Cuts

NYC, 07.03.2009 02:39

More than 40,000 members of New York's trade unions massed on the streets outside of City Hall yesterday to protest against the budget cuts proposed by Democratic Governor David Paterson and Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

PVUSD Board attacks Class Size Reduction, votes to lay off hundreds

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.03.2009 01:09

On March 5th, the Pajaro Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) board of trustees approved a budget that closes a 14 million dollar deficit. The cuts eliminate the Class Size Reduction program in kindergarten and 3rd grade (eliminating 50 teacher positions from the elementary schools), slash funding for nurses, custodians, aides, and counselors.

Protest Against Nestle Killing Workers

Aotearoa, 07.03.2009 00:40

Today Around 20 people protested loudly inside and outside Nestle New Zealands head office in downtown Auckland, not far from Parnell. The protest originally meant to occur in Newmarket took place down town in Nestle's brand new offices. Around 15 protesters went inside the offices and attempted to meet with management to express our anger at the murder of union leaders and members in the Phillipines and to show our solidarity with the 600 Filipino workers which have been on strike for seven years. The protest was organised by Auckland Philippines Solidarity (APS).

The Indypendent Issue 132: Rent Reform Ruckus

NYC, 06.03.2009 23:39

For the first time in 43 years, State Senate Democrats took control of Albany last November, and now tenant activists and organizations are pushing for measures to reform the rent laws in New York City that affect thousands of residents. Will they deliver?

Steven Wishnia tackles the topic of rent reform in New York State, in the latest issue of the Indypendent. Wishnia writes, “President Barack Obama promised change in the 2008 election and voters responded by giving him a decisive victory. In New York, voters also demanded change by giving the Democratic Party the majority in the state Senate for the first time in 43 years. The Senate’s former GOP boss, the silver-haired majority leader Joe Bruno, had resigned a few months before the election, leaving his helicopter rides and pimped-out SUV, and was indicted for corruption in January.” For more, see the article “Battle in Albany: Rent Reform Showdown” below.

Also included in this issue: An exclusive on-the-ground report back from Iraq courtesy of David Enders; the current status of the Atlantic Yards project in light of the economic crisis; reviews of two museum exhibits about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict; and much much more.

Battle in Albany: Rent Reform Showdown || A Brooklyn Bailout? || NYPD’s Racist Tactics Exposed || Homestayers Plant Their Feet || Domestic Uprising || Community Calendar || Reader Comments || The Early History of the New Depression || Obama Foreclosure Plan Rescues Banks || Inside Obama’s Iraq: Fighting Has Died Down But Occupation Grinds On || Venezuelan Voters Toss Term Limits: Chávez Ready to Run in 2012 on Promise of 21st Century Socialism || Asia’s Coming Fury: Sudden End of Economic Growth Could Spark Radical Protest || China: Looking Inwards || International Briefs || Artists Juxtapose a World of Dispossession || The One That Got Away: A Review of Frozen River || Living is the Best Revenge: A Review of Four Seasons Lodge

Grecja: antyfaszystowskie protesty, podpalenie biur neonazistów

Poland, 06.03.2009 13:40

Dwa antyfaszystowskie marsze protestacyjne zorganizowane w Atenach w tym i ubiegłym tygodniu, w związku z obrzuceniem przez neonazistów granatami centrum socjalnego imigrantow w dzielnicy Exarchia (24 luty), zakończyły się zamieszkani i starciami z policją oraz spaleniem siedziby krajowego biura skrajnie nacjonalistycznej organizacji "Złoty Świt" (z którą związany był policjant-zabójca Alexisa Grigoropulosa).

Storm the Banks

United Kingdom, 06.03.2009 13:39

Climate Rush activists gathered outside RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland), Thursday 5th March to protest the incredible multi million pound pay out to Fred (the shred) Goodwin, former RBS Chief Executive, and more importantly, the banks continuing role in funding the climate changing industries of coal, gas and oil. RBS posted the largest losses in British corporate history when the company announced that it had lost £24.1 billion in 2008 and has since had billions of pounds of taxpayers' money pumped into it. In the largest bail-out to date, the government has agreed to inject a further £13 billion into RBS, on top of the £20 billion already given, and to make a further £6 billion available. While the tax payer now owns at least 70% of its shares, the bank continues to operate as a private company,

On the same day as the Climate Rush demo outside RBS, the Bank of England reduced the base interest rate to 0.5% and announced the printing of £100 billion pounds of new cash to inject into the stalled economy. Next month, the G20 leaders (G22 to be more precise) will arrive in London to discuss further ways to get the poor to bail out the rich. Various groups are mobilizing to protest against the summit. The Camp for Climate Action has announced it will be exposing how the same discredited market systems that brought about the financial crisis are being sold as a solution to the threat of runaway climate change in the shape of carbon trading. They plan to set up camp in the city close the the Carbon Trading Exchange near Bishopsgate.

The G20 Meltdown group say they're going to reclaim the City, 'thrusting into the very belly of the beast', with a four pronged assault on the Bank of England at noon on 1st April. The website of the newly formed group says, "Capitalism has been heating up our world for years, melting the icecaps, burning up the rainforests, pushing the planet to tipping point. Now we're going to put the heat on them. At the London Summit , the G20 ministers are trying to get away with the biggest April Fools trick of all time. Their tax-dodging, bonus-guzzling, pension-pinching, unregulated free market world's in meltdown, and those fools think we're going to bail them out. They've gotta be joking!"

Links : Climate Rush to target RBS 1, 2| LCAP occupies RBS - people power, not bankers' bonuses! | March of the Corporate Undead | We Are An Image From The Future | Bristol Dissent g20 Call Out | failed RBS boss pension | The Arrogance of Capitalism | Environmental silver lining in economic crisis | Bash a Billionaire | Doubt of global financial crisis? | Origins of the Credit Crunch | Summer of rage? | Demand for energy falling | Climate Crimes Delayed |

8 de marzo

Euskal Herria, 06.03.2009 11:39

En medio de la reivindicaci�n por un cambio en la legislaci�n del aborto, un a�o m�s, llega la conmemoraci�n del D�a Internacional de la Mujer Trabajadora. Porque las mujeres contin�an sin poder ejercer el derecho a decidir sobre su cuerpo, mucho es todav�a el camino a recorrer hacia la igualdad y por eso, m�s que nunca, Viva la lucha de las mujeres!!! El domingo ( y el lunes, y el martes, y el miercoles...), ah� estaremos. Convocatorias:

8-M: feminismo e repulsa fronte á homofobia

Galiza, 06.03.2009 11:10

Esta ediçom do 8-M começa este ano com umha concentraçom o sábado 7 de absoluta repulsa fronte á recente absoluçom do assasino homófobo Jacobo Pinheiro Rial determinada por um jurado popular em Vigo, composto maioritariamente por mulheres.A dictadura (hetero)patriarcal na que se desenvolvem as nossas vidas opera com a sutileça de escraviçar ás pessoas, delegando deste jeito a gestom/ejecuçom da injustiça.

O día 8, as mobilizaçons continuarám com diverssas manifestaçons convocadas pola Marcha Mundial das Mulheres, visiviliçando o recorte de direitos e as políticas que reproduçem a exclussom das mulheres da actividade económica no contexto desta crise de dimenssons múltiples:de trabalho, de acceso aos alimentos, energética, medioambiental e financieira, consecuencia do sistema capitalista e do neoliberalismo.

Neste marco, diverssos colectivos feministas do país estám-lhe a dar continuidade a campanhas como, por ejemplo, a realiçada por Nomepisesofreghao polos direitos das empregadas do fogar, ou a realiçada pola Assembleia de Mulheres de Vigo em denuncia do silençiamento da mulher anónima e da mulher anticapitalista na memoria histórica. As acçons cotiás destes e outros moitos colectivos ao longo da geografía galega (como as Lerchas, as Mulheres Transgredindo ou as MNG constitúem o taboleiro onde se joga a partida de fondo da luita de género, a destacar também nas datas sinaladas.

Editoriais vencelhados: | 28-J: jornada de libertaçom sexual | | Des-genere na GZ | | 8 de março: aborto livre e gratuito | | FIM de SEMANA QUEER-PREKARIA na QUEERUNHA |

Huelga en el ITPR-Manatí

Puerto Rico, 06.03.2009 09:40

Estudiantes de Instituto Tecnológico de Manatí en Huelga

Create Resistance: Call out to artists

Aotearoa, 06.03.2009 09:10

Contribute to the struggle for freedom. Artworks wanted for exhibition and auction in support of the 'Urewera 18'. The October 15th Solidarity crew in Wellington is organising an art exhibition and auction because believe in the power of art as a voice of dissent. Art is a tool for advancing social justice. It is at the core of a revolutionary strategy and is a source of memory and future ways of knowing. A great injustice occurred in Aotearoa when the state invaded homes and lives with its so-called “terrorist raids” of October 15th 2007.

Devin Cohee: A Passionate Fighter for Justice

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.03.2009 08:09

Alessandro Tinonga pays tribute to Devin Cohee.

Our comrade Devin Cohee died tragically in Santa Cruz on February 28th. She was a loving friend, a driven activist and an unyielding revolutionary. Her passing is a mighty loss to the antiwar and socialist movement.

Cops Refuse to Arrest After Protestors Blockade Coal Power Plant

DC, 06.03.2009 06:10

At the coal burning Capitol Hill power plant, in a "waiting game" with police, over who could stand still longer in freezing weather, snow, and slush, a couple thousand anti-coal activists marched or locked arms for a blockade at the plant gates. The warmly dressed hundreds of police doing shifts guarding the tracks and plant, refused to arrest anybody, maybe on orders. "PowerShifters" Abandon Activist Blockade at Capitol Hill Power Plant; watch video here!

Film Festival Hot Pick Features Raging Grannies

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.03.2009 06:09

The satirical song warbling Raging Grannies have been both booed and applauded up and down the San Francisco Peninsula and excitement is building as the premiere of Pam Walton's documentary *Raging Grannies: The Action League* comes to the Cinequest Film Festival this weekend. The San Jose Mercury News puts the spotlight on this documentary saying it's "what's hot at Cinequest" and the Metro News Silicon Valley calls it a PICK of this year's annual 10 -day film festival. The 55 minute documentary premieres in San Jose on March 7 and 8.

Same-Sex Marriage Gets Another Day in California Supreme Court

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.03.2009 06:09

On Thursday, March 5th, legal arguments took place in the California Supreme Court regarding an attempt to overturn 2008's Proposition 8, which outlawed same-sex marriage. Lead counsel Shannon Minter argued that if the initiative process is used to take a fundamental right away from a persecuted minority, no one in California is safe. The court has 90 days to issue an opinion, but Equality California thinks that a decision will be issued sooner. Several events related to same-sex marriage are planned for the next few days.

Big-Ticket Construction Grinds to a Halt in DC

DC, 06.03.2009 03:10

The Washington Post is reporting (and whining) that not one new office building has been started in DC since October! The Downtown BID is reporting things at a "standstill." Does this portend some relief from gentrification?

SOA 6 Start Federal Prison Sentences

DC, 06.03.2009 03:10

Federal Judge found “SOA 6” guilty for carrying protest against the School of the Americas onto Fort Benning military base - Washington, DC resident Lou Wolf serves 6 months house arrest as his co-defendants are reporting to federal prisons across the country.

Plight of Iraqi Refugees Worsens

Rogue Valley, 06.03.2009 02:10

Collateral Repair Project founder, Sasha Crow, is in Amman, Jordan working with Iraqi refugees who have been forced to flee the violence of their country. Her blog describes her visits to families struggling with worsening poverty and hunger, unable to return to their country because of continued likelihood of death, kidnapping and homelessness.

Collateral Repair Project is based in Medford, Oregon.

Whats happening for International Women's Day?

Ireland, 05.03.2009 22:39

According to ...


Colombia, 05.03.2009 22:09


Colombia, 05.03.2009 22:09

Lucha contra la contaminación

Argentina, 05.03.2009 20:39

Amenazas, apremios, represión, querellas y detenciones ilegales

Upcoming West Coast RNC 8 Events: March 9-14

Portland, 05.03.2009 20:39

Two of the RNC 8 are hitting the road on the west coast next week! Come say hello at the following events: Monday, March 9[,] Presentation at Evergreen College, Olympia[,]5:30pm[,] Building E, Room 1105[,] Free

Tuesday, March 10[,] Presentation at Reed College, Portland
Followed by a concert with David Rovics! 5-7pm[.] Eliot Hall Chapel, 3203 Woodstock Blvd[.] Free

Wednesday, March 11[.] Presentation at Red and Black Cafe, Portland
followed by music by the Dapper Cadavers and Steve Arceri[.] 6pm[.] 400 SE 12th Ave
Donations at the door [more dates in READ MORE link]

Video Report Back from Recent Economic Town Hall

Portland, 05.03.2009 20:39

Video of both Plenary Sessions from the recent Economic Town Hall which attracted over 800 people to the First Unitarian Church on January 31, 2009. The event consisted of two Plenary Sessions and a number of Workshops. Also in this report is an announcement of an upcoming Public Access interview with one of the Town Hall Plenary speakers.

Lucha contra la contaminación

Argentina, 05.03.2009 20:09

Amenazas, apremios, represión, querellas y detenciones ilegales

RNC Civil Litigation - Sue the Bastards!

Portland, 05.03.2009 19:38

The Community RNC Arrestee Support Structure (CRASS) is seeking potential plaintiffs to sue the state. If you feel your rights were violated--whether through excessive force or police brutality, an unlawful arrest/search, mistreatment in jail, or the suppression of your first amendment rights--then you might be a good candidate for an individual, small group, or class action suit. Let's sue the bastards!

To get involved, send us an intake form so we can help coordinate communication and plan our political & legal strategies in support of civil litigation. High-quality info will be heading your way on our low-traffic announcement listserv. Please fill out an intake form available on our website

And send it to us at: CRASS Civil Litigation c/o Coldsnap Legal Collective, PO Box 50514, Minneapolis, MN 55405

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