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March 21st: Anti-War Rally/March (Seattle)

Seattle, 13.03.2009 07:08


--> NOON: Rally at Westlake (4th and Pine) then march to Federal Building (2nd and Spring)

--> 2pm: Rally at Federal Building- Bring shoes for a shoes toss in solidarity with Muntadar Al Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist who removed his shoes and threw them at Bush, saying, " You Dog, this is for the orphans and the widows and all those who have been killed in Iraq.”

(After the rally the shoes left behind are going to be donated to a local agency which provides free clothing to low-income families)

ROP State-wide Rural Caucus in Salem March 15

Rogue Valley, 12.03.2009 19:10

March 15th 1pm, Statewide March on the Capitol: Stop the Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan; Keep the Guard in Oregon.

ROP Statewide Rural Caucus March 15th brings people together to meet the challenges of the economic crisis and build progressive power for Rural Oregon.

Organizing with Hope in Times of Crisis.
What & When: Rural Caucus and Strategy Session Sunday March 15th 9am–7pm & Democracy Bailout Monday March 16th 9am-1pm.

Where: Salem, Oregon
March 15th at Willamette University (Montag Den)
March 16th at UCC Church (700 Marion St NE)

Who: Rural Organizing Project & 65 member Human Dignity Groups from 30+ counties in Oregon

Why: There is incredible hardship in rural Oregon right now but also a chance for true social change and economic restructuring. ROP members from all corners of Oregon will come together to strategize on the future of the progressive movement in rural Oregon, share skills to advance organizing in local communities & demonstrate our collective power.

From the Newswire

Perth, 12.03.2009 16:40

Action: Kimberley Consulate - outside Woodside Perth office - Fri 13th Feb

Nottingham Animal Rights get active

United Kingdom, 12.03.2009 16:09

It has been a busy few weeks for animal rights activists from Nottingham. Local activists were involved in the demonstration against Crufts in Birmingham but there have also been demonstrations in Nottingham against the sale of fur by clothing chain Cruise. There are also ongoing demonstrations against the so-called Great British Circus which makes exploitative use of animals in its shows.

Newswire: Crufts Demo Report | 'Great' British Circus, next stop, Scunthorpe FC | Crufts Arrangments | Nottingham animal rights demonstrate against cruise to adopt an anti fur policy

Links: Nottingham Animal Rights | Veggies | Northern Animal Rights Coalition: Cruise selling fur | PETA 2: The Great British Circus' Big Disgrace

Local Man Alleges Rough Treatment by Dover Police

New Hampshire, 12.03.2009 14:40

Somersworth resident Anthoney Baker claims that Dover police pushed, tugged, tripped, and forced him to the ground while he waited for food at a Dunkin Donuts in downtown Dover, NH.

UW: impreza militarna: legalna, protesty studentów: nie

Poland, 12.03.2009 12:40

Uniwersytet Warszawski organizując I Forum Transatlatyckie postanowił
zamknąć usta swoim studentom. Mimo deklaracji otwartego charakteru
debaty, pikieta przeciwników militaryzacji uczelni została zdelegalizowana.

Scuffles At Mountjoy As Maura Harrington Is Jailed

Ireland, 12.03.2009 12:40

This evening (Wed 11th March), after the news of t ...

Debe reabrir

Colombia, 12.03.2009 11:09

Procuraduría hace lo que tiene que hacer.


Colombia, 12.03.2009 11:09


Rhizome alert!

Houston, 12.03.2009 07:09

Rhizome Collective Sounds International Call: Code Violations May Force Eviction

Fenty Fundraiser Hammered by Peoples' Property Campaign

DC, 12.03.2009 05:23

On Wed, March 11, Mayor Fenty staged a fundraiser at 1602 U Street, with wealthy developers and businessmen putting up as much as $500 a plate. Only thing is, Fenty was barely able to enter the event himself, pursued hither and yon by 50-70 protesters! WSQT Broadcast Audio featuring direct confrontation, 3min 3secs.

October 15th Solidarity - Newsletter #11 out now!

Aotearoa, 12.03.2009 03:10

The March issue of the October 15th Solidarity newsletter is out now. Articles include: -Digging dirt for the filth: an examination of informant information in Operation 8 and around the world -The Rich get richer..the poor get prison: an expose of National's criminalising agenda -No 2010 Olympics on stolen native land! A solidarity statement from the Olympic Resistance Network based in Vancouver -The terror laws have got to go! The recommendations around the world say terrorism laws are a disaster -Support the resistance: upcoming events to feed your revolutionary spirit

March 14th: Screening of &quot;Freaks&quot; at IWW meeting (Olympia)

Seattle, 12.03.2009 02:08

"One of us. One of us."

Join the Olympia General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) at Traditions Café (300 5th Ave SW in Olympia) this Saturday March 14th at 7:00pm for a viewing of Tod Browning's 1931 classic horror film "Freaks".

March 21st: Demonstrate Against the War (Tacoma)

Seattle, 12.03.2009 02:08

Click here if you are unable to play the video above.

March 14th: Gaza Fundraiser

Seattle, 12.03.2009 02:08

A fund raiser for Ahli Hospital and Human Rights Rights Report

Saturday, March 14, 7 p.m.
St. Mark's Cathedral
1245 10th Avenue East, Seattle

Ramzy Baroud, Palestinian Editor, Author
William C. Boerger, Lutheran Bishop, Just returned from Palestine
Tom Nelson, Int'l Human Rights Attorney


Michael Taft - Towards a New Economic Narrative

Ireland, 12.03.2009 00:09

A new 10-point programme for economic recovery and ...

'Stop the Killings in Tibet!' Protesters Commemorate Tibetan Uprising

NYC, 11.03.2009 22:38

A sea of black flags and sharp chants percolated across The Brooklyn Bridge and into Manhattan on Tuesday, as free Tibet protesters gathered to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan uprising against China.

'Rakon Kills': Defendant offers to plead guilty

Aotearoa, 11.03.2009 21:40

The activist arrested for painting 'Rakon Kills' on Rakon's manufacturing facility during Israel's bombardment of Gaza earlier this year appeared in Court today to enter his final plea. The prosecution offered if he agreed to pay $2200 in reparations. Despite this inflated figure, he was prepared to pay it, if Rakon was prepared to bring an immediate halt to all research, manufacture and sales of their products to the defence industry.

criminalització (ca)

Barcelona, 11.03.2009 19:10

10 dies de Presó per INSUMISSIÓ a les penes-multa

Un activista en defensa de Collserola haurà de passar 10 dies a La Model per insubmís a l’especulació i a les penes-multa. El Jutjat numero 1 d'Esplugues de Llobregat ha decretat l'ingrés a presó durant 10 dies d'un membre de la Plataforma Popular contra el pla Caufec per negar-se a pagar 60 euros per una condemna per desobediència i ser insubmís a l'especulació i a les penes-multa. L'activista ha afirmat que no anirà voluntàriament a La Model. El proper 18 de març hi ha una concentració solidària de rebuig a les 19h a l'ajuntament d'Esplugues a les 19h.


- 16 març a les 11:30 Edifici central UB [Roda de Premsa conjunta amb el col·lectiu CRISI]

- 18 març les 19h Ajuntament d'Esplugues [concentració solidària]

notícies relacionades: notícia de El Punt + La cara o la Creu? Absolució o Ingrés a Presó? + Mosca Antirepressiva + Comunicat Alerta Solidària + Insubmissió a les penes-multa 2008! Solidaritat Pablo i Martin! + Tomb Solidari a Korneyà + Difusió de la insumissió a les penes-multa i a l'especulació + Acció 3 Torres d'Esplugues, No al Pla Caufec + + + + + + + + + +

Audio: [insubmissió penes-multa] gravacions a programes de ràdio

Vídeo: Acció 3 torres d'Esplugues, campanya ESTA TOT FATAL + Parem les màquines del Pla Caufec + Acció i Estat de les Obres [Pla Caufec]

+ info: No al Pla Caufec ::: Alespenespunyalades:::BcnCriminalització

Justice for the Shrewsbury 24 building workers! Support EDM 1002

United Kingdom, 11.03.2009 19:09

1972 was a year of successful industrial action in Britain. The miners had won over pay, the Tory Government had been forced to release five imprisoned dockers. 1972 also saw Britain's first National Building Workers' strike. The strike committees of North Wales building workers would go on to be the victims of one of the worst miscarriages of justice since the days of the Tolpuddle Martyrs. They would be vilified and hounded by parts of the press, convicted by a court as a deterrent to strikers, and abandoned by their own union leaders and the TUC. Six of them would go to prison and one of these would die later as a result of the treatment he received while there. See

37 years later, an Early Day Motion (EDM) has been tabled demanding a public inquiry into the gross miscarriages of justice and disclosure of all Government and security papers relating to the case.


Colombia, 11.03.2009 17:09

Otro desafuero de la Justicia colombiana,
acciones judiciales contra el Padre Javier Giraldo S. J.

WOPR Not Dead Yet

Portland, 11.03.2009 17:08

The BLM's massive Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR) logging plan has ignited a groundswell of opposition stretching from government scientists and the general public to Oregon's Governor and Congressional Representatives. Unfortunately, the BLM is pushing forward with the misguided direction of the Bush administration regardless of popular opinion, the law or scientific review.

As it stands today, the WOPR is the law of the land for over 2.5 million acres of forests in Western Oregon, and the BLM is taking steps to implement the plan on the ground. The first major project under the WOPR was just announced, and it is a 1400 acre clear cut above salmon-bearing streams in Oregon's Coast Range called "Edson". If allowed to move forward, this destructive Bush-era plan will repeat this form of industrial logging across Oregon's remaining natural heritage.

Lawsuit filed against Tacoma over '07 Port of Tacoma arrests

Portland, 11.03.2009 17:08

On Friday, March 6, 2009, three activists filed a lawsuit against the City of Tacoma for false arrest and other violations committed by Tacoma police during an anti-war demonstration.

Elizabeth Rivera Goldstein, Thomas McCarthy, and Phan Nguyen were arrested under the pretext of wearing backpacks in a "no-backpack zone" at the Port of Tacoma in March 2007.The activists had been demonstrating against the Iraq "troop surge" and the expedited deployment of the 4th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division to Iraq from Ft. Lewis. For two weeks in March 2007, the Port of Tacoma was the focal point for demonstrations against the deployment, as Stryker vehicles were being shipped out through the Port of Tacoma in advance of the 4th Brigade's actual deployment.

During this time, Tacoma police established a fenced-in "free speech zone" in the Port of Tacoma where demonstrators were compelled to congregate. Police set up random checkpoints to prevent the demonstrators from entering the "free speech zone" with backpacks and purses. The checkpoints appeared arbitrarily at varying locations and at various times throughout the protests. At times, the restrictions were arbitrarily applied to backpacks, purses, bags, buckets, boxes and even plastic water bottles. All restrictions were established without probable cause.

Thomas McCarthy was arrested on the night of March 9, 2007 while attempting to carry a backpack with food and medical supplies into the "free speech zone." Elizabeth Rivera Goldstein and Phan Nguyen were arrested along with six other demonstrators on March 11, 2007 for wearing backpacks into the "free speech zone." Goldstein's backpack contained a teddy bear, while Nguyen's "frontpack" contained a copy of the United States Constitution.

You Can't Blow Up a Social Relationship

Ireland, 11.03.2009 12:09

An anarchist response to the attack on British Arm ...

21 maart Internationale Anti Navo actiedag

Netherlands, 11.03.2009 09:39

De NAVO bestaat 60 jaar, al bijna even lang wordt er tegen geprotesteerd door actievoerders in de verschillende lidstaten. Eerst omwille van de rol die de Navo speelde in het escaleren van de koude oorlog en de nucleaire bewapeningswedloop, later ook omwille van de expansionistische rol en de uitbreiding van het werkgebied tot ver buiten de buitengrenzen van deze alliantie. Reeds jaren lang nemen Nederlandse actievoerders deel aan de erg succesvolle Bomspottingacties in België en wordt actie gevoerd tegen de Navo basis in Volkel waar Amerikaanse kernkoppen opgeslagen zijn. Dit jaar organiseert Ontwapen! ook een herovering van Nieuw Milligen.

Als voorproefje op de internationale actiedag werden op 13 februari twee radiotorens op het militaire terrein bezet.

Op 3 en 4 april wordt in Straatsburg (Fr) en Baden-Baden (De) een NAVO top gehouden waarbij ook de 60ste verjaardag wordt gevierd. Van 31 maart tot 5 april wordt daarom in Straatsburg een tegentop georganiseerd.

Links[Ontwapen!|Nato Game Over|Gipfelsoli]

Features:[2003 No Nato München|Get in Shape: 1 , 2 |Bomspotting XL: 1 , 2 ]

Sister Helen Prejean on Death Penalty, Bush and Gonzales

DC, 11.03.2009 07:11

On March 9, 2009, Sister Helen Prejean spoke out for the repeal of the Death Penalty in Maryland. Her remarks were made at the Parish Hall of the historic St. Anne’s Church, in Annapolis, MD, near the State House where the General Assembly meets. Sister Prejean also ripped former President and ex-Texas Governor, George W. Bush, and his then legal counsel, Alberto “Gonzo” Gonzales, for the cursory manner in which they carried out hundreds of executions of condemned prisoners in Texas. Video: Sister Prejean on the Death Penalty, Dubya and Gonzo Maryland Citizens Against State Executions

'Loopholes' in Gov. O'Malley's Law to Curb Police Spying

DC, 11.03.2009 07:11

On March 9, 2009, Ms. Cynthia Boersma, the Legislative Director of the ACLU in Maryland, discussed the status of legislation pending in the General Assembly to curb the widespread practice of “police spying” on peace and social justice activists in violation of their First Amendment Rights. Ms. Boersma added that O’Malley’s Bill contains many “loopholes and exceptions for police conduct” that would authorize much of the spying that took place. Video: “Loopholes” in Gov. O’Malley’s Law to Curb Police Spying

The Work for Charity Hip Hop Event

Aotearoa, 11.03.2009 07:11

An event organized by DJ Taktix & J-Dub & sponsored by Mai FM & SaNook TO HONOUR THE FOUR CHILDREN THAT PASSED AWAY IN THE MANGERE HOUSE FIRE. It will feature dj's/dance crews/artists as well as giveaways. Please bring a donation to help support the family. Where: BOTANY TOWN CENTRE When: Thursday 19 March 2009, 5-9pm. Performers: SMASHPROOF, DJ SIR-VERE, JOSHUA WEBB, DJ TAKTIX, DEI HAMO, DJ CXL, LIMIT BREAK, GRACE IKENASIO, DJ REMINISE, LIL SAINTZ & THE MOVEMENT. This is a free event however there will be a collection made for the family. No artists or anyone involved will gain financial profit from this event so a big 'thank you' to them for their time and energy.

14th Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair This Weekend

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.03.2009 07:10

On Saturday and Sunday, March 14th and 15th, dozens of publishers, distributors, independent booksellers, alternative media and political groups, artists, and others will be participating at the 14th Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair. The fair will be held in the San Francisco County Fair Building at Golden Gate Park, 9th Avenue & Lincoln Way. Admission is free.

Day X, The Re-Xamination

Portland, 11.03.2009 07:09

Six years ago, the call went out to people; "We march when they start bombing" & "When bombs drop Portland stops". It was simply a matter of time before the United States attacked Iraq and people around the world were prepared to show the US gov't that it wouldn't go unchallenged. In Portland, Oregon, thousands of people set out to 'shut down the city' and succeeded in blocking three interstate highways and as many bridges, as well as occupying a major intersection until far into the night and early morning.

Police were brutal in their response. Independent videographers outnumbered corporate cameramen by a large margin, and 'Day X' is the best coverage of the day & night of resistance. Compiled by Portland Indymedia activists from footage from many different independent media cameras, 'Day X' is the people of Portland's story on how we responded directly after the US invaded Iraq.

Tonight, Portland Anti-Imperialists will be screening this documentary at the Red and Black Cafe, starting at 7pm. After the video, we will have a panel discussion with some of the videoistas from the day and people that organized resistance on that day.

March 14th: Schools, Not Jails! Institutionalized Racism &amp; Black Liberation

Seattle, 11.03.2009 07:09

One in thirty one.

As a public school teacher I am quite familiar with this figure—it’s a typical teacher to student ratio in the classroom. But now that proportion has taken on new significance: A report released on March 2nd by the Pew Center on the States found that one in every thirty-one adults reside in the US corrections system—now totaling some 7.3 million people.

That means roughly one student per classroom in America will end up in prison, on parole, or on probation.

Schools Not Jails!
Institutionalized Racism & The Struggle for Black Liberation

3pm, Saturday, March 14
Yesler Community Center, 917 E Yesler Way

Lawsuit filed against Tacoma over '07 Port of Tacoma arrests

Seattle, 11.03.2009 07:09

On Friday, March 6, 2009, three activists filed a lawsuit against the City of Tacoma for false arrest and other violations committed by Tacoma police during an anti-war demonstration.

nato game over

Oost-Vlaanderen, 11.03.2009 07:08

nato in de vuurlinie

Яна Полякова

Belarus, 11.03.2009 07:07

Правозащитница Яна Полякова, недавно осужденная Солигорским судом, покончила жизнь самоубийством ночью 7 марта в Солигорске.

3 марта судом Солигорского района вынесен приговор по уголовному делу в отношении правозащитницы Яны Поляковой. Правозащитницу осудили по части 2 статьи 400 Уголовного кодекса РБ – «Заведомо ложный донос», приговорив к 2 годам и 6-ти месяцам ограничения свободы (так называемой «химии»), а также возмещению «морального ущерба» в размере одного миллиона рублей в пользу потерпевшего участкового милиции Пугачева, который недавно вышел на пенсию.

В ноябре прошлого года резонанс получила история с преследованием солигорской правозащитницы со стороны правоохранительных органов. Яна Полякова сообщала, что за оппозиционную деятельность ее неоднократно задерживали сотрудники милиции. Также сообщалось, что в отделении женщину избивали, а однажды ей чуть не сломали руку. Необходимо добавить, что Яна Полякова являлась члено…

I. Freites: Garantizaremos los derechos de los trabajadores petroleros

Venezuela, 11.03.2009 07:07

Яна Полякова

Belarus, 10.03.2009 11:07

Правозащитница Яна Полякова, недавно осужденная Солигорским судом, покончила жизнь самоубийством ночью 7 марта в Солигорске.

3 марта судом Солигорского района вынесен приговор по уголовному делу в отношении правозащитницы Яны Поляковой.

Правозащитницу осудили по части 2 статьи 400 Уголовного кодекса РБ – «Заведомо ложный донос».

На данном судебном заседании присутствовали представители Белорусского Хельсинского комитета Леонид Мархотка и Валерий Щукин. Суд приговорил Я.Полякову к 2 годам и 6-ти месяцам ограничения свободы (так называемой «химии»), а также потребовал возместить «моральный ущерб» в размере одного миллиона рублей в пользу потерпевшего участкового милиции Пугачева, который недавно вышел на пенсию.

Напомним, что в ноябре прошлого года резонанс получила история с преследованием солигорской правозащитницы со стороны правоохранительных органов. Яна Полякова сообщала, что за оппозиционную деятельность ее неоднократно задер…

Tuesday memorial for beloved Guatemalan activist Jose Ruiz Maya

Chicago, 10.03.2009 05:22

Friends, family and comrades of Guatemalan activist and Chicago resident Jose Ruiz Maya will gather on Tuesday night from 6-9PM on Chicago's north side to remember our comrade and help raise funds for his funeral. The event is being held at Casa Guatemala's free trade store, Maya Essence, at 4357 N. Lincoln Ave. (at Montrose) on Chicago's north side.

For more than 25 years, Jose Maya was a committed participant in local movement work, never failing to lead with his compassion and sense of solidarity for the struggle for economic and social justice. For him, there were no sacred cows, and he informed his work with an abiding kindness — and a relentless refusal to simply stand by in silence, when the crimes of government instead demand that we step up.

Read more about the event. | Read more about Jose and post a remembrance.

Aotearoa Anarcha-Feminist Hui April 09

Aotearoa, 10.03.2009 02:40

Kia ora koutou katoa, We invite womyn-identified anarcha-feminists and supporters to join us over Easter weekend (10-13 April) in lovely Swanson, Auckland. The conference will include workshops, skill shares, and discussions relevant to anarcha-feminism. It'll be a chance to network with other a-fems, learn, talk, and have fun. Please forward the attached poster to womyn you think would be interested. NB We are also hoping to have some travel equalisation funds available for those who have to travel a long distance. Please send your completed registration form to before 3rd of April. We look forward to seeing you at Easter! MAF(I)A.


Rogue Valley, 10.03.2009 02:40

Guest Speaker-Peter Ferris, Executive Director & Lobbyist, Oregon Manufactured Homeowners United
Saturday, March 14
Butte Crest Park, Clubhouse
633 E. Archwood Dr., Eagle Point
Call Monika Sayre, 541-826-2139 for directions

Ha llegado la hora

Canarias, 10.03.2009 00:10

A todos los que caminan por la calles
y hacen funcionar el reloj que marca las horas de nuestro tiempo,
a todos los que sufren el desempleo de hoy, la incertidumbre del mañana,
a todos los marginados sociales, políticos, económicos,
a los que no pintan nada, a los despreciados, a los que sólo se tiene en cuenta
como números en una estadística, a los que son sólo un tanto por ciento,
a todos, ellos y ellas, a todos y a todas los que siempre han callado,
los que siempre han obedecido, a todos los dominados y las dominadas,
a todos y todas les decimos
que ha llegado el tiempo de dejar de ser invisibles, el tiempo del disenso,
el tiempo del no, del no a la explotación, del no a las mentiras,
del no a la corrupción, del no a la dominación,
el tiempo del ¡Ya está bien!,
el tiempo de levantarnos, de reconocernos,
de mirarnos a los ojos y cogernos de las manos,
de caminar hombro con hombro, de ver nuestra fuerza, de tomar las calles,
de cercar las sedes del Poder, de gritarle lo que pensamos de él,
de decirle que ya no nos engaña, que nunca más volverá a engañarnos ni robarnos,
que si no pueden contener sus ansias de rapiña, que la practican entre ellos,
que se roben unos a otros, que Ignacio estafe a Plasencia, o viceversa,
que los dos defrauden a Zerolo, que entre todos le quiten el chalet a Melchior,
el palacete a Soria o a Rivero, que roben donde hay que robar
y que dejen de expoliarnos a los que tenemos poco o casi nada o nada.
Ha llegado la hora de apagar los televisores y encender las calles,
convertirlas en olas humanas que arrastren la mediocridad,
la cochambre, la prepotencia de los poderosos.



Ultimas noticias:
La Autoridad Portuaria pide 31.000.000 € a Ben Magec por el bloqueo de la obra del Puerto de Granadilla| Paralizadas provisionalmente las obras en el Puerto de Granadilla|La Fiscalía investiga la descatalogación del sebadal|Bruselas pide la protección estricta del sebadal del Sur| La patronal contraataca |Concentración en Madrid

Bold, Beautiful, Blooming Barcelona asks: What would it mean to win?

Ireland, 09.03.2009 23:09

The Gracia community garden radio documentary tril ...

Four Demonstraters Shot and Wounded in Ni'ilin, Palestine Protest

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.03.2009 21:10

Eric Blair, reporting from Palestine writes: On February 20th, the Palestinian Village of Bil'in celebrated four years of weekly protests against the Apartheid Wall. The village of Bil'in has fought for four years against the Apartheid Wall. The wall steals much of the villagers land and is part of the Israeli plan to smash Palestine into tiny pieces. For the anniversary many villagers, journalists, foreign and Israeli activists and even politicians came.

Hunter College Students Walk Out of Class to Protest Tuition Hikes on March 5

NYC, 09.03.2009 19:38

Thousands of students and workers from around the city gathered on March 5 to protest the budget proposed to the NY State Assembly. This includes a 3.3 percent, or $698 million, funding cut for public education. Hundreds of Hunter College students, staff and faculty elected to walk out of class to protest outside of Hunter. They then join the rally down by Borough of Manhattan Community College and finally marched to the main rally at City Hall.

GNEP Deadline to comment on Nuclear Waste Disposal @ Hanford March 16th

Portland, 09.03.2009 17:09

There are only 7 days left for you to comment on the proposal to double nuclear power and to dispose of more nuclear waste at Hanford. This is the Energy Department's Global Nuclear Energy Partnership Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (GNEP PEIS).

You remember, that plan to double nuclear power in the U.S. while adding dangerous waste to Hanford, putting nuclear trucks on the road, and risking nuclear weapons proliferation. This is your final opportunity to let USDOE know that it has completely failed to address the risks to the environment and human health from its plan.

GNEP Citizen's Guide for commenting

2 Animal Rights Activists Arrested as “Terrorists” for Freeing Mink in Utah

Portland, 09.03.2009 17:09

Two animal rights activists have been arrested under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act in connection to the release of mink from Utah fur farms. The crimes are attributed to the Animal Liberation Front, which the FBI labels the "number one domestic terrorism threat."

William Viehl, 22, and Alex Hall, 20, were arrested in connection with the August, 2008 release of 300 minks from a South Jordan fur farm. It caused about $10,000 in damages. Spray painted slogans were found on the scene, including "No More Mink, No More Murder" and "ALF: We Are Watching." The two are also accused of attempting to damage another mink farm a few months later.

Protest the state-sanctioned sea lion slaughter @ NOAA offices!

Portland, 09.03.2009 17:09

Please Join Sea Lion Defense Brigade and In Defense of Animals for a demonstration to oppose the government plan to kill up to 425 protected California Sea Lions at the Bonneville Dam over the next five years. The killing has been authorized and while the appeal to the court decision brought by the Humane Society of the United States is still waiting to be heard in the 9th District Court, the sea lion hit list is in effect and sea lions may be getting trapped and shot at any moment.

What: Protest against state-sponsored killing of sea lions at the Bonneville Dam
When: Next Wednesday, March 11th, from 11am until 1pm,
Where: At the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) offices,
1201 NE Lloyd Blvd., Portland.

FPH - Selling Houstons Soul

Houston, 09.03.2009 16:39

Selling Houston's Soul - The slow demise of Willshire Village

AATW in TX report

Houston, 09.03.2009 16:39

Anarchists Against the Wall bring the struggle against Israel's occupation to Texas

International Women's Day Statement from the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq

DC, 09.03.2009 07:11

After seven years of occupation, women in Iraq still suffer from insecurity and outrageous misogynist practices of the Islamist and nationalist ruling militias. The multiplying anti-women media of the ruling militias attempt to abort all our modern achievements for women's rights. Their media shows women who veil their presence from the society with ragged historic wear, thus announcing their total submission to the newly created male-chauvinist culture in Iraq.

Hutto Protest March 7

Houston, 09.03.2009 06:39

Texans gather in Taylor to demand an end to Family Detention and clossure of T Don Hutto

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