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Luciano Arruga esta desaparecido desde el 31 de Enero

Argentina, 26.03.2009 17:39

“El delito de Luciano fue no callarse”

CDFA May Have Underestimated Toxic Danger of LBAM Pesticides By One Million Times or More

Santa Cruz, CA, 26.03.2009 16:39

Evaluating the health effects of past and future pesticides applied on and around people to combat the Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM), three state agencies concluded the potential danger was low because they incorrectly divided instead of multiplying. In their analysis, the agencies divided by the thousands of acres sprayed, when they should have multiplied by the same number of thousands. If only 1,000 acres were involved, the peoples' exposure was as much as one million times greater than reported by the state agencies.

Momento decisivo para Cesare Battisti

Brasil, 26.03.2009 16:09


UL Plebiscite on Fees

Ireland, 26.03.2009 11:09 To ...

Departamento de Educación vs Magisterio

Puerto Rico, 26.03.2009 05:25

Ofensiva del Departamento de Educación contra el magisterio y la educación pública

From the Newswire

Perth, 26.03.2009 05:25

Perth Praxis: Building Community Solidarity

From Fighting Pinochet to Fighting Deportation

NYC, 26.03.2009 05:23

NYC protesters demand political asylum for Chilean ex-political prisoner, Victor Toro, who is now facing deportation.

The Indypendent Issue 133: Battle in the Bronx: Labor Takes A Stand In Hard Times

NYC, 26.03.2009 04:39

Workers striking at the Stella D’oro Biscuit factory in the Bronx have been at it for seven months, fighting back against a wealthy private equity firm that is demanding wage cuts and the elimination of overtime pay and sick days, as well as losing one week of vacation and four holiday days. The firm, Brynwood Partners, has also said that it wants the employees at the factory to pay 20 percent of the cost of a company health plan.

“As soon as they get to the table, the company gives the union reps a big presentation about how bad the company is doing, how many millions they are losing. I was ready to cry,” says Mike Filippou, the workers’ representative at their union.

Continuing, Sarah Secunda reports, “What both the strikers and Brynwood had supposed a quick and easy fight has evolved into a seven-month battle. Shortly after the Stella D’oro workers walked out, Brynwood made its first move by hiring scores of strikebreakers. Local 50 responded to Brynwood maneuvers with a call to boycott Stella D’oro ‘scab cookies.’”

To read the entire story, see the link to “Bronx Bakery Battle” below. Also included in this issue of the Indypendent: Climate change activists aren’t waiting for Congress or Barack Obama to take action against global warming; the politics of Slumdog Millionaire; and a report on legislation that would put a stop to ripping families apart due to immigration enforcement. For more, see the links below.

Bronx Bakery Battle: Workers at the Stella D’oro Cookie Factory in the Bronx Have Emerged as Symbols of Working-Class Resistance During a Time of Economic Crisis || New Rules Favor Developers, Critics Charge || The Church of Stop Bloomberg || Fragmented Families || Bridging the Gay-Straight Divide || Homeless Advocates Criticize New DHS Rule || Fraud Common in Renovation Increases, Study Says || Be the Media! || Indypendent Coordinator Takes New Job || Community Calendar || Reader Comments || Moving On From War || Taking on Coal Power: The Movement to Shut Down the Coal Industry is Not Waiting for Congress or Barack Obama A Feminist’s Look at Climate Change || U.S. Takes Small Step in Easing Cuba Embargo || The Great Unraveling || Obama’s White Man’s Burden || All Eyes on New Salvadoran President || Between Sex and War: A Review of Operation Lysistrata || Roots of My Radicalism: A Review of Granny Made Me an Anarchist || Slumdog Colonialism || Rocking the Kashmir || A Look at Immigration Reform From Below: A Review of The Accidental American

Hundreds Protest the Rockefeller Drug Laws in New York City

NYC, 25.03.2009 23:39

Hundreds of New Yorkers gathered outside of Governor Paterson's Manhattan office today to call on Paterson, State Senator Malcolm Smith, and other legislative leaders to repeal the 70s-era Rockefeller Drug Laws.

reseña crítica al libro de laura alcoba

Argentina, 25.03.2009 16:39

Una lectura sobre "La casa de los conejos"

Days of Action: G20 London Summit

United Kingdom, 25.03.2009 15:39

The G20 group (or G22) will be meeting at the Excel Center, London, on April 2nd 2009. The main aim of this summit is to discuss how to re-build confidence in the financial markets and “re-stabilise” the world economy given the current financial crisis. The meeting will be composed of finance ministers from the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the European Union, and the World Bank.

Callouts: Reclaim The Streets | Climate Camp | Summer Of Rage | Bristol Dissent | Fossil Fools Day

Links: G20 Meltdown | Climate Camp G20 | Manchester G20 | Put People First | We Won't Pay For Their Crisis | Stop the War Coalition | Palestine Solidarity Campaign | The British Muslim Initiative | Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament | What is the G20? | Indymedia UK G20 topic page

G20 Melbourne Summit 2006: A first communiqué from two uncitizens of Arterial Bloc (Video) | Payback: 100 Melbourne Police violently attack | V for victory | Photos

Employer’s retreat but ICTU talks are not a victory

Ireland, 25.03.2009 15:10

An initial reaction to the ICTU announcement that ...

Where Did Government Put Your NSA-Wiretapped Phone, Fax and Private Email Communications?

Boston, 25.03.2009 14:09

In 2008 Telecoms were granted government immunity after they helped U.S. Government spy on millions of Americans’ electronic communications. Since, Government has not disclosed what happened to NSA’s millions of collected emails, faxes and phone call information that belong to U.S. Citizens? Could those wiretaps perhaps illegal, become a problem for some Americans? Neither Congress nor the courts—determined what NSA electronic surveillance could be used by police or introduced into court by the government to prosecute citizens.

Landenteignung in Salvador de Bahia

Germany, 25.03.2009 11:09

Am 20.3.2009 wurde der Fischer- und ArbeiterInnen-Community Vila Brandão in Brasilien ein Land-Enteignungsdekret zugestellt - die kleine, arme Gemeinde im Zentrum der Stadt, mit bestem Ausblick über die Bucht von Todos os Santos, seit den 1940er Jahren dort angesiedelt, soll geräumt und dem Erdboden gleich gemacht werden. Die Gemeinde formiert sich - wieder einmal - zum Widerstand.

El 'plan Bolonia' entra a porrazos en la ULL

Canarias, 25.03.2009 08:10

Los estudiantes piden la dimisión del rector y del subdelegado del gobierno por la carga policial en la manifestación del día 12 | [AMEC] Manifestación 12 de marzo. Comentario | El Sindicato Obrero Canario se opone al Plan Bolonia | Carlos Fdez. Liria: “Cuanto más grandes sean las manifestaciones contra Bolonia y más sea imposible silenciarlas, más cargará la policía” | Adán González (AMEC): “Se vio claro desde el principio que la policía quería reventar la manifestación” | Brutal represión policial contra estudiantes y ciudadanos en La Laguna | EA-Canarias considera que el plan Bolonia supone un atentado al derecho a la educación | Bases militares de la OTAN en Canarias y represión contra los estudiantes | Manifestación contra el Plan Bolonia - Tenerife - 12/03/09 | Condena rotunda a la represión producida contra la manifestación estudiantil del pasado 12 de Marzo | CNT considera inadmisible la carga policial contra la manifestación estudiantil del 12 de marzo | El 'plan Bolonia' entra a porrazos en la ULL | ÚLTIMA HORA: Represión policial en La Laguna

(PHOTOS) Report Back From the 6th Anniversary Demonstration Against the War (Tacoma)

Seattle, 25.03.2009 03:38

On the 6th Anniversary of the War and Occupation of Iraq, about 200 people marched in the streets of Tacoma. The march started at Jefferson Park and made it's way to Wright Park. The crowd was spirited. There was music and dancing in the streets. I met people from Vancouver(Canada), Olympia, Wenatchee, and Seattle.


Colombia, 25.03.2009 02:39

BID: 50 años financiando la desigualdad ¡Basta Ya!

Parliamentary scrutiny of political policing

United Kingdom, 25.03.2009 00:10

With only ten days to go before the massive protests against the G20 summit taking place in London, the Parliament's Joint Select Committee on Human Rights accused British police of being heavy-handed, misusing counter-terrorism laws and anti-social behavior legislation when dealing with demonstrators.

"The right to protest is a fundamental democratic right and one that the state and police have a duty to protect and facilitate,", said Andrew Dismore, Labour MP for Hendon and chair of the committee. "

After a year of inquiry, the seventy page report by the Joint Select Committee on Human Rights raised serious concerns about the police forces ability to distinguish appropriate use of the powers they are given. The committee complained that police been routinely using "legal powers not designed to deal with protests such as anti-social behaviour legislation and the Protection from Harassment Act 1997".

The report was damming about police abuse of stop and search powers to intimidate, unjustifiable seizures of personal property, and improper detention and containment of protesters. The committees chairman said, "The state must not impose restrictions unless it is necessary, and proportionate, to do so. That is a high threshold. The presumption is in favour of protest without state interference."

Related Indymedia Posts: Police 'turn themselves in' over abuse of power claims | Report into police tactics at Kingsnorth released | Summer of rage? It's a figment of febrile imaginations | Senior police officer warns of “summer of rage” | Protest against police state | Britain 2009 (are we in a police state?) | Climate Camp Cops feel the heat | Over Policing | Police maintaining special database

Need your help monitoring sea lions

Portland, 25.03.2009 00:09

Have a little free time during the week and want to spend it on the Columbia river? Sea Lion Defense Brigade are seeking volunteers to record any hazing, trapping, or killing of sea lions on the river. Any video recorded could go to protecting these creatures, if you're interested, this would be the time to help.

Sea Lion Defense Brigade is looking for people to monitor the government trapping sites intended to trap, relocate a few, and kill dozens of sea lions. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) and the Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) do not want people to witness or record these events.

The situation currently:
Fishermen and government employees are violently hazing the sea lions at the Bonneville Dam (40 miles east of Portland on I84) everyday. Two traps are set up by the dam and are visible from the Washington side of the Columbia River. Two California sea lions have already been put to death by lethal injection and another 83 are on the list of execution. Another trapping and branding site is in Astoria, OR.


Former MPD Officer Sentenced to Probation in Assault

DC, 24.03.2009 23:11

Former Metropolitan Police Department Officer Christopher Huxoll, was sentenced on Wednesday, March 13th in DC Superior Court, after pleading guilty in December to aggravated assault, or beating an anti-Bush Inauguration protestor with a riot baton, in 2005. The protester lost consciousness and suffered a broken nasal bone.

Day laborers and supporters pressure DC City Council to stop wage theft, establish worker's center

DC, 24.03.2009 23:11

On March 19th, a group of about twenty DC day laborers and supporters filed into DC City Hall to testify at the City Council's performance and budget oversight hearing over the Department of Employment Services, and demand accountability from the DOES's Office of Wage and Hour, which has a dismal record on fighting wage theft suffered by day laborers and the homeless in DC. They also were there to push for the City Council's assistance in building a Worker's Center in Ward 5 to further confront worker's abuses.

Salem Oregon Peace March &amp; Rally 3.15.09

Portland, 24.03.2009 22:09

On Sunday, March 15 2009 in Salem Oregon there was an afternoon Protest & Rally. It was the end of the 5th year of our occupation of Iraq
The event was titled:
Stop the Wars and Home and Abroad!
Keep the Oregon Guard Home from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Say YES to money for human needs not war, YES to immigrants rights, and YES to a just peace for Palestine-Israel.
Here are the videos from the Protest & Rally in Salem in opposition to the 5 years of Iraq Occupation and the continuing war(s) as well as other serious issues. These videos are of the March through town and the Rally on the capital steps.
1 Salem Peace March 3.15.09
2 Salem Peace March 3.15.09
3 Salem Peace March 3.15.09
4 Salem Peace March 3.15.09

Los Angeles Independent Media Center Journalist Workshop

LA, 24.03.2009 19:39

Los Angeles Independent Media Center Journalist Workshop

a 33 años

Argentina, 24.03.2009 16:09

Transmisión Radial en Vivo

chauve souris

Oost-Vlaanderen, 24.03.2009 14:08

kraakpand in Luik aangevallen met kraan!

United Kingdom, 24.03.2009 13:40

Just over a week ago a report was made to parliament into the abuse of police powers during the climate camp protests at Kingsnorth in 2008. The report and accompanying video documented systemic abuses of power including blanket stop and searches, arbitrary seizure of property, and a campaign of psychological intimidation which included sleep deprivation through helicopter overflying late into the night, mock night and dawn raids by tooled up riot police, and the infamous 'Flight of the Valkyries' incident.

Links: Police 'turn themselves in' over abuse of power claims | Report into police tactics at Kingsnorth climate change protest released | Summer of rage? It's a figment of febrile imaginations | Senior police officer warns of “summer of rage” | Protest against police state | Britain 2009 (are we in a police state?) | Right to protest under attack from state | Climate camp cops feel heat - piece about filming of protesters / journalists at the camp | over-policing | Police maintaining special database of thousands of political activists

Second No Justice No BART Demo Hit Rockridge BART Station

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.03.2009 07:39

No Justice No BART (NJNB) are holding a series of disruptive actions with the goal of seeking accountability for the abuse and murder of Oscar Grant. After successfully blocking the fare gates at Fruitvale BART in their first demo, NJNB chose the BART station in the upscale Rockridge neighborhood for their second demonstration. NJNB is committed to weekly demos at various stations until justice for Oscar Grant is reached. NJNB's next action will be at MacArthur BART in Oakland, Thursday, March 26th at 4pm.

From the Newswire

Perth, 24.03.2009 06:41

Activist locks on to FPC vehicle to protest logging of WA's Native forest

As Tristan Anderson Fights for His Life, Protests in Ni'ilin Continue

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.03.2009 06:09

Ten days after he was shot in the head by an Israeli Defense Force high-velocity tear gas canister, Tristan Anderson is still hospitalized, unconscious and on a respirator, following three surgeries in a hospital in Israel. His family's attorney has filed a formal complaint with the West Bank Israeli border police, demanding the immediate launch of a rigorous and independent investigation into the shooting. Friends of Tristan and Palestine is calling for a rally and press conference on Thursday, March 26th at noon outside of the Israeli Consulate, 456 Montgomery St. in San Francisco. The press conference will address the beatings and arrests that occurred after the March 16th Solidarity with Tristan and Palestine march that took place on March 16th; they want the SFPD to drop all charges from the protest.

Capitalism isn't Working: Socialist Aotearoa Forum at Auckland Uni

Aotearoa, 23.03.2009 22:10

Socialist Aotearoa gathers activists from the unions, movements and the anti capitalist left to discuss the twin evils of economic and climate crisis, and why we must move beyond capitalism as an outdated and failed economic system. The workshop will be divided into a number of phases, discussing: (a) marxist theory on the economic crisis (b) strategies to build a combative anti capitalist movement (c) what kind of socialist organisation, what kind of socialist society? Thursday, March 26, 2009. 7:00pm - 9:30pm. Algie Lecture Theatre, University of Auckland Law School. Walk down the path from Waterloo Quadrant Socialist Aotearoa

M30: Make Indymedia The Source For Struggle

Ireland, 23.03.2009 22:09

Your Reports, Your Pickets, Your Photos, Your Medi ...


Athens, 23.03.2009 21:40

Κάτω τα ξερά σας από τις καταλήψεις και τους αυτοδιαχειριζόμενους χώρους

Combatants For Peace Visit Mass.

Boston, 23.03.2009 21:09

Israeli Yaniv Rashef, whose home is in range of Gaza missiles, was a foot soldier in the Israeli army-and chose to fight no more. Palestinian Bassam Aramin served seven years in jail for planning an attack against Israeli soldiers--and chose no more violence. Just two years ago, Bassam lost his daughter to an israeli soldier's rubber-coated bullet. They are Combatants For Peace, now over 600 former Israeli soldiers and former Palestinian fighters, working together without revenge for justice and peace in Palestine/Israel. Former Palestinian and Israeli combatants are speaking in Mass. in March; advocating a peaceful solution to Palestine/Israel war. Watch video:

And So the “Change” Begins

Boston, 23.03.2009 21:09

Finally, we have change in Washington, D. C. Entering into this year with the words of my father, “Obama is our new president, and we need to give him a chance,” I am trying to do just that. The problem for me, though, is that as much as I would like to believe we are going to get something we can believe in with President Obama, I know Senator Obama’s voting record. So the question on the table is, will we see change we can believe in, or will it be a replay of the Democratic victory of Congress in 2006? That remains to be seen. As we begin the “Obama Era,” are we seeing the changes we were promised?

Movilización y actividades en La Plata

Argentina, 23.03.2009 18:40

33 años

Antifa Storm Neo-Nazi Meeting in Clifton, NJ

NYC, 23.03.2009 18:09

Pathetic National Vanguard leftovers, the League of American Patriots tried to meet March 21st for International White Pride World Wide day but it only took about a dozen anarchists and antifascists - most from area ARA chapters - to make sure it didn't happen.

Stop ALL Toxic Gas Drilling in NYS, with Rev. Billy

NYC, 23.03.2009 18:09

Toxic gas rilling, contamination, food security, and climate change are major issues. (see:
A 'natural' gas-related crisis of unprecedented proportions is about to be released upon NYS.
The time is now for us to end extraction of fossil fuels.
We need to protect and support our region's food security.
Council members urged to re-introduce a bill urging a ban on gas drilling throughout the state.


Colombia, 23.03.2009 15:10

Sale la Minga Humanitaria con el Pueblo Awá

Dublin Bus Workers Reject the LRC Proposals...

Ireland, 23.03.2009 08:09

and de facto vote in favour of all out strike acti ...

Crown continues Operation 8 terror

Aotearoa, 23.03.2009 05:27

Media Release: Crown continues Operation 8 terror Date: March 23 2009 From: October 15th Solidarity Wellington The 18 defendants arrested in the state terror raids of 15 October 2007 will be back in Auckland for court this week. A hearing is set down for 25/26 March in the High Court to determine if proceedings will be moved there or remain in the District Court.

Santa Cruz Anarchist Convergence on May 7th to 11th

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.03.2009 05:25

Between the forest and the ocean, among the students and the yuppies, Anarchists in Santa Cruz have fostered a close-knit community dedicated to the destruction of this world and the creation of another. Santa Cruz is a hub of anarchist culture and resistance, with a long history of radical struggle and active anarchist projects spanning decades. From May 7th to 11th, the Santa Cruz Anarchist Convergence will be a four-day event for building community and resistance and sharing radical ideas.

Se movilizará a las 17:00hs desde Plaza San Martín

Argentina, 23.03.2009 04:39

33 años

Autonomous Brown Berets Chapter Emerges in Salinas

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.03.2009 03:39

A group of youth in Salinas are activating a chapter of the Brown Berets to help deal with gang violence, discrimination and poverty. Brown Berets are currently active in communities such as Watsonville and Fresno. Historically, Brown Berets have been an important component of the Chicano/Chicana movement and instrumental in educating and inspiring youth to become politically active.

Masacre de Ponce

Puerto Rico, 23.03.2009 02:40

Breve historia de la Masacre de Ponce y patrones represivos del FBI en Puerto Rico

NAVY strike Back

Puerto Rico, 23.03.2009 02:40

Viequenses rechazan cualquier intento de remilitarizar la isla municipio

Transmisión especial de la radio de la Red Nacional de Medios Alternativos

Argentina, 23.03.2009 02:09

4 Die, One Critical, after Exchange of Fire Between Lovelle Mixon and Oakland Police

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.03.2009 23:39

Copwatch13 write:On Saturday, March 23rd, for the second time in recent months, police in Oakland shot and killed a young African American man apparently after prematurely resorting to the use of deadly force when alternative remedies were available. This time, the haste on the part of police caused them to lose two of their own just after two other officers had just been shot, with one killed, at a separate location.

Минск: акция солидарности с греческими анархистами

Belarus, 22.03.2009 23:37

20 декабря, около полуночи, группой анархистов был атакован РОВД (полицейский участок) Центрального района г.Минска. Вход в здание и прилегающая местность были забросаны дымовыми шашками. Дым заволок всю территорию участка и прилегающую проезжую часть. Вот слова одного из участников:

«Наш товарищ из Греции был хладнокровно убит. Ему было всего 15 лет. Не важно, какие именно полицейские это сделали, они одинаковы во всех странах. Их функция – защищать награбленное богатство и привилегии власть имущих. И они не остановятся ни перед какой жестокостью. Своей акцией мы преследовали две цели: проявить солидарность с греческими товарищами и всеми жертвами ментовского террора, а также дать понять мусорам, что за каждое покушение на анархистов и любых социальных активистов, они получат ответные радикальные действия. В этот раз это были лишь дымовые шашки. Греция, мы с тобой!»

После акции анархистам удалось благополучно скрыться.

Как организовать восстания: опыт Греции

Belarus, 22.03.2009 23:37

25 декабря 2008 г.

С удовольствием представляем вам один из первых внутренних отчетов от участников беспорядков, которые сотрясали Грецию после убийства 6 декабря 15-летнего Александроса Григоропоулоса в анархическом районе Эксархия.

Это первая часть ответов, которые пришли от наших греческих товарищей. Надеемся, что скоро последует продолжение, рассказанное другими участниками греческого восстания, таким образом, мы сможем предоставить всесторонний анализ ситуации и развития восстания. Если вы или кто-то, кого вы знаете, обладает достаточной информацией, чтобы ответить на поставленные вопросы, пожалуйста, напишите нам на

Новогодние поздравления от НацБанка и МВФ

Belarus, 22.03.2009 23:37

Прогнув спину под требованиями МВФ белорусские власти девальвировали национальную валюту на 20,5%. Вопреки предновогодним увещеваниям официальной пропаганды, которая говорила о 5% девальвации во всем 2009 году, рубль обвалили резко и стремительно вечером первого января. Во имя “здоровья и процветания” белорусской “экономики” население было обворовано на кругленькую сумму в один момент. То, что власти пошли на такой шаг говорит не только о том, что ради получения кредитов МВФ, большая часть которых наверняка осядет в карманах крупных чиновников и лично А.Г., они не посчитаются ни с чем, но и ясно показывает их отношение к нашему “народу”. Власти никак не ожидают хоть какого-то народного возмущения. Нас держат за немое быдло, которое проглотит любой пинок, любое унижение со стороны властьимущих и с радостью отдаст последнюю копейку любимому президенту.

Интересно, что в отличии от прежних “реформ” властей, которые били по незащищенным слоям населения, сегодняшний подарочек затронет все…

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