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aviso servidores

Argentina, 06.04.2009 19:40


Oost-Vlaanderen, 06.04.2009 19:38

Solidariteit met de gevangenisopstanden in België

Boston Activists Protest Wall Street Bailout In NYC

Boston, 06.04.2009 14:09

NYC-April 4, 2009: About 1000 activists marched on the 41st anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination, to protest the US government's trillion dollar bailout of the banks and CEOs. This was part of 2 days , April 3-4 , of protests in NYC, coordinated mostly by the Bail Out The People and United For Peace movements. VIDEO:

Many kids in Philly missing breakfast and lunch

United States, 06.04.2009 07:07

At Thurgood Marshall elementary school in Olney, a K-8 school with an enrollment of about 600, more than nine out of ten students eat breakfast in school every day. Compare that to Andrew Morrison elementary just a few blocks away, a school with similar demographics -- a mostly African American and Latino population, 85 percent of which are poor enough to qualify for free and reduced price lunch -- where only about 30 percent of the students eat breakfast at school.

These differences are outlined in a document from the state Department of Education that tracks participation in school breakfast, which is free and available to all students. Read More

Back Country Blues: A Story of Worker Abuse in Colorado's Wildlands

United States, 06.04.2009 04:40

The third installment in Grand Junction Alternative Media's investigative series into the conditions of Colorado/Wyoming's H2A visa sheepherder camps. WATCH VIDEO|

Related: Home Care Workers Protest Cuts Across California | Day laborers and supporters pressure DC City Council to stop wage theft, establish worker's center

Rallies to Oppose Military Surge in Afghanistan

Rogue Valley, 06.04.2009 03:10

Local group calls on Rogue Valley citizens to oppose US military surge in Afghanistan

In solidarity with the Call for National Action for Peace in Afghanistan by United for Peace & Justice, three rallies/vigils for peace in Afghanistan will be held next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in Medford, Ashland and Grants Pass.
Citizens for Peace & Justice is urging citizens to gather with signs of protest or peace at the following times and locations:

-Tuesday, April 7th, 4:30 to 5:30 pm, Vogel Plaza, Main at Central, Medford
-Wednesday, April 8th, 4:30 to 5:30 pm, Ashland Plaza, Ashland
-Thursday, April 9th, 4:30 to 5:30 pm, Josephine County Courthouse, 500 NW Sixth St., Grants Pass

Campaigning against Heckler &amp; Koch Weapons in Germany and the UK

United Kingdom, 06.04.2009 03:09

Last month, some members of the 'Notts Shut Down Heckler & Koch Campaign' travelled to Germany. Together with German Peace Groups, we wished to pre-empt the company’s 60th birthday celebrations.

Here in Nottingham, the campaign holds regular monthly demonstrations outside their offices at Easter Park, Lenton Lane, Nottingham NG7 PX. These will continue with a picket on Tuesday April 14th and a special campaign anniversary demo on Monday May 11th [with a mystery guest!].

Heckler & Koch's UK office is NSAF Ltd, Unit 3, Easter Park, Lenton Lane, Nottingham NG7 2PX. Map Google 'Street View'.

Newswire: Demos continue at Heckler & Koch weapons HQ
[July 2007] | [May 2008] | Surveillance at Heckler & Koch weapons HQ [May 2008] | [July 2008] | Pix 1 [Oct 2008] | Pix 2 [Oct 2008] | Surveillance at Heckler & Koch weapons HQ [Nov 2008] | Full Circle: From weapons to wars to refugees. Market Sq. Nottingham [Dec 2008] | [Dec 2008] | [Jan 2009] | German Indymedia: Weitere Proteste gegen Heckler & Koch | Demo about Heckler & Koch weapons activities, Market Square [Jan 2009] | [Feb 2009] | Nottingham Campaigners to Visit Germany

Nottingham Campaigners to Visit Germany, press release in PDF | [1] Freiburg Peace Group | [2] Rottweil Peace Meeting | [3] Oberndorf Demo | [4] Oberndorf Demo | [5] KTS Social Centre Freiburg | [6] Misc pictures of German visit

Previous Feature: Protesters Target Nottingham Weapons Manufacturers

Links: Notts Shut Down Heckler & Koch Campaign | Notts Anti-Militarism | Nottingham Stop The War | Nottingham Student Peace Movement | RüstungsInformationsBüro RIB | Ohne Rüstung Leben | Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft - Vereinigte KriegsdienstgegnerInnen DFG-VK | Notts Indymedia (anti-militarism)

Audio: H&K German Mission [Speech at Rottweil]

Flyer: Poster / Flyer PDF of H&K leaflet

Contributions for anti-repression pamphlet wanted

Aotearoa, 06.04.2009 01:41

In December 2008 it was revealed that Rob Gilchrist, who was a member of a number of activist groups, had been a paid police informant for almost 10 years. In January 2009, the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) was given 400 documents by the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) containing records on how CAFCA has been spied upon for more than 20 years. It was revealed that some individuals have had SIS records since the age of 10.

Sin antiretrovirales en Santiago del Estero

Argentina, 05.04.2009 21:39

Colapso provincial en tratamientos para inmunocomprometidos

Media, Revolution, and the Black Panther Party — Kiilu Nyasha Interview

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.04.2009 21:09

Kiilu Nyasha, former member of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, was recently interviewed on a wide variety of topics. Kiilu Nyasha: [George Jackson] wrote in Blood In My Eye: "Settle your quarrels, come together, understand the reality of our situation, understand that fascism is already here, that people are dying who could be saved, that generations more will live poor butchered half-lives if you fail to act. Do what must be done, discover your humanity and your love in revolution."


Colombia, 05.04.2009 21:09



Colombia, 05.04.2009 21:09


Ataque a la educación púbica, ataque al arte

Argentina, 05.04.2009 20:09

“Profesorado Ya!”, la lucha de la Belgrano

Ataque a la educación púbica, ataque al arte

Argentina, 05.04.2009 20:09

“Profesorado Ya!”, la lucha de la Belgrano

Defending the Community Studies Department at UCSC

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.04.2009 17:09

On Tuesday, April 7th there will be a meeting at 5:00pm at UCSC's Kresge College room 321 to discuss the defense of the Community Studies department. A post on the SC-IMC calendar states, "Proposed budget cuts at UCSC to come into effect July 2009 "disband the administration" at Community Studies, "laying off" lecturers and cutting the Field Study program. This program benefits not only students, but various community organizations in Santa Cruz, all over the state, nation and the world."

Bloodbath on the Columbia: Sea Lions Die Amid Lies and Cover-Up

Seattle, 05.04.2009 16:38

On the Columbia river, between Oregon and Washington, State wildlife "management" agencies are brutally executing sea lions in an effort to appease fishermen, who claim that the sea lions are eating all the salmon. (These fishermen want to "save" the salmon ...for their nets.)

It will take heroic efforts to save the sea lions.

Preso Político:Audiencia definitoria

Argentina, 05.04.2009 13:09


Oost-Vlaanderen, 05.04.2009 12:38

Vijf jaar illegaal Hutsepotbos


Athens, 05.04.2009 06:10

διαδηλώσεις στο Στρασβούργο ενάντια στην σύνοδο του ΝΑΤΟ

Activists Appeal Conviction, to strengthen First Amendment rights and counter police powers

DC, 05.04.2009 01:10

A small group of peace activists appeared in D.C. Columbia Superior Court Thursday to appeal their conviction stemming from an anti-war protest on Capitol Hill in September 2006. Pro-se appellant Max Obuszewski, from Baltimore stated, presidents have abused the Constitution in times of crisis. For example, the government amended the unlawful assembly charge by deleting the words "under circumstances which threaten a breach of the peace." Or, in order to convict a defendant of unlawful assembly, the government must offer evidence of disorderly conduct or an obstruction of the free use of public facilities.

Workers World Party presents: &quot;Nightmare On Wall Street&quot;

DC, 05.04.2009 01:10

Despite our being soaked to the skin before we even had our cameras out to shoot the rally in front of the Bank Of New York Mellon, we still managed to find ourselves in a jumpin' little demo that resulted in several arrests in a spontaneous civil disobedience before the protest set off on a march that wound through New York City's financial district, including Wall Street, the Bank Of Amerika and the Notorious AIG. Still photography by Isis, on Flickr. Video by Mike Flugennock, streaming out of YouTube, 04:22


Argentina, 04.04.2009 23:09


CMI Curitiba convida para reunião de nov(a/o)s voluntári(a/o)s

Brasil, 04.04.2009 22:39


Cuban Caravan Information Night

Rogue Valley, 04.04.2009 18:11

Curious about Cuba? Wondering how people with humanitarian aid can travel to Cuba? The Pastors for Peace Cuba Caravan will pass through the Rogue Valley again this year! On Monday April 6th from 7 to 8:30pm the Peace House is hosting a Cuba Caravan Information Night to discuss what the Caravan does, and why, how, and when. The presentation will also include a 30-minute video taken of the Caravan in 2005, the year six Rogue Valley residents joined the Caravan. Plans for this year's journey to Cuba will be presented. This event is for all who would like to know more about the Caravan, and especially for anyone who may be interested in joining.

WHEN: Monday, April 6th from 7 to 8:30pm
WHERE: Peace House (543 S. Mountain, Ashland, Oregon)

Workers World Party presents: &quot;Nightmare On Wall Street&quot;

NYC, 04.04.2009 17:39

Despite our being soaked to the skin before we even had our cameras out to shoot the rally in front of the Bank Of New York Mellon, we still managed to find ourselves in a jumpin' little demo that resulted in several arrests in a spontaneous civil disobedience before the protest set off on a march that wound through New York City's financial district, including Wall Street, the Bank Of Amerika and the Notorious AIG.

La Plata

Argentina, 04.04.2009 14:39

Se realizó la caravana contra el boletazo


Oost-Vlaanderen, 04.04.2009 12:38

Protesten n.a.v. 60 jaar NAVO geweld

Se realizó la jornada contra el boletazo

Argentina, 04.04.2009 05:40

Ahora, de carvana con la asamblea

A 2020 Vision For Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.04.2009 05:09

The March 29th episode of the Third Paradigm radio program examines the revenue-raising "solutions" of the California Tax Reform conference that was held on March 19th at Cabrillo College with Bill Monning and Fred Keeley. It also projects the logical outcome of Obama's stimulus package, which takes on more debt to "free up" credit. But it first presents a hypothetical scenario of the year 2020 with employment security, cheap healthcare, housing work exchange, worry-free retirement, and as much free education as you want.

NATO-Gipfel 2009

Germany, 04.04.2009 02:40

Die Proteste gegen den Jubiläums Nato-Gipfel am 03./04. April in Baden-Baden und Strasbourg kommen in die heiße Phase:
Bereits am Montag demonstrierten in Freiburg knapp 2.000 Menschen unter dem Motto "Make Militarism History" begleitet von einem riesigen Polizeiaufgebot unangemeldet durch die Freiburger Innenstadt. Am Donnerstag fand in der Nähe von Strasbourg eine Antirepressionsdemo (weiterer Bericht)statt, die sich gegen die militärische Überwachung und die Schikanen am Anti-Nato Camp richteten. Thema der Spontandemonstration waren außerdem die verhängten Meldeauflagen gegen potentielle DemonstrantInnen in Deutschland. Im Verlauf des Tages wurden knapp 150 Menschen von der Polizei festgenommen.
Bereits bei der Anreise kam es an den Grenzen nach Frankreich zu Problemen. Mit fingierten Ausreisesperren wurden Grenzübertrittsverbote wie schon einige Tage zuvor für die Volxküche (Le Sabot gegenüber vermeintlichen GipfelgegnerInnen (Pressemitteilung des Camps) erteilt. Diese sind inzwischen zum Teil bereits wieder von den Gerichten aufgehoben worden. In der baden-württembergischen Grenzstadt Kehl wurde von Abgewiesenen spontan eine Mahnwache errichtet.
Wenige Stunden vor Beginn der Blockaden und Aktionen gegen das NATO-Treffen in Baden-Baden kam es zu willkürlichen Platzverweisen für das gesamte Stadtgebiet durch die Polizei.
Am Nachmittag kam es wie schon am Tag zuvor zu Auseinandersetzungen in der Nähe des Camps in Neuhof. Dabei wurden mindestens 30 Menschen durch Plastiksplitter verletzt.
Inzwischen wurden die Akkreditierungsverbote für zwei Journalisten vom NATO-Treffen bestätigt.

Indymedia Linksunten | Live-Ticker (RSS-Feed | Handy) | Twitter | Print-Ausgabe | Legal-Team | Radio Dreyeckland | Open Radio

Berichte: (30.03.): 1 | (02.04.): 1 | 2
| (03.04.): 1
Bilder: (30.03.): 1 | 2 | (02.04.): 1 | 2 | (03.04.): 1 | 2 | Kehl
Videoberichte: (30.03.): Freiburg 30.03. | (02.04.): 1 | (03.04.): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
Audio: anti-NATO Kongress | Infopunkt Kehl Zwischenbericht | Interview mit IMI-Aktivistin | Baden-Baden 03.04. | Neues zur Vokü | Stimmungsbild aus dem Camp 02.04. | Interview mit Abgewiesenen | Mahnwache 1. April Baden-Baden

Sonderseiten: Sonderseite 1 | Sonderseite 2

Hundreds Rally on Wall St.

NYC, 04.04.2009 01:08

Channeling widespread populist anger at seemingly never ending bank bailouts and excessive executive compensation, hundreds of demonstrators converged on Wall St. this afternoon for a rally and march through the financial district, even as a steady rain continued throughout the day.

&quot;El capitalismo no está funcionando”. Fuertes movilizaciones contra el G20 en Londres.

Canarias, 04.04.2009 00:11

Indymedia Londres está en ebullición. En la ciudad se está desarrollando durante estos las jornadas de movilizaciones contra la reunión del G20. En su web tenemos acceso a un relato casi en tiempo real desde las calles la ciudad. Además el proyecto está traduciendo sobre la marcha todo la información ofrecida por Indymedia Londres al español. En estas crónicas somos testigos una vez más del modo en que la fuerzas policiales reprimen violentamente la protesta pasiva y pacífica de miles de personas que se reúnen contra las injusticia y desigualdades del sistema-mundo del capitalismo globalizado y su régimen intolerable.
La ciudad de Londres se encuentra militarizada, se despliegan en ella desproporcionadas medidas de in-seguridad para infundir el miedo en la población, que pone a prueba su capacidad de reunión e intenta hacer un uso libre del espacio público. Participando y siguiendo el evento a traves de la red podemos apoyar desde Canarias esta nueva cita del movimiento global, que nos atañe a todos.

Bajo el lema “Put people first” (poned a la gente primero) unas 40.000 personas marcharon el sábado pasado por el centro de Londres en una multitudinaria y colorida manifestación. Ayer, 1 de abril, miles de personas participaron en el “Día del Idiota Financiero”, consistente en cuatro marchas que cruzaron el distrito financiero londinense, conocido como la City, convergiendo a las puertas del Banco de Inglaterra.
Cargas policiales, y 23 detenciones por el momento, no impidieron que los manifestantes colapsaran totalmente la zona. Se produjo además la ocupación de las oficinas del Royal Bank of Scotland, y de forma paralela a estos bloques, una “critical mass” (biciletada) recorrió la City, contribuyendo al caos en la zona, al tiempo que activistas mediambientales levantaron un “campamento climático” en el mismo distrito para denunciar lo insostenible e inviable del sistema capitalista.

+ info en vivo:
Indymedia Londres | Traduccion simultanea del evento | Una colección de video clips de los eventos | convocatoria em Madrid Encandilados y Machacados por el G-20 HOY 18:25

Another activist arrested in Baltimore while leafleting at Ringling Brothers Circus

DC, 03.04.2009 23:11

Shell’s Efforts to Secure a Net at Glengad are Not Allowed.

Ireland, 03.04.2009 21:40

Whose Law Is It Anyway? For the third time this we ...

Unraveling the Card Check Debate

Boston, 03.04.2009 21:09

Sometimes in politics a particular issue strikes at the core of deeper social-economic forces. Card Check - properly named The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)- is such an issue. No other recent debate has spurred such passions on two opposite poles: the corporate elite versus labor. The cause of the uproar is the effect it would have on the relationship between these two classes: card check would vastly strengthen the working-class at the expense of the employers.

Szczyt Anty-NATO: Narasta fala represji

Poland, 03.04.2009 08:40

3 i 4 kwietnia - zaraz po G-20 w Londynie odbędzie się w Strassburgu we Francji i w Baden - Baden w Niemczech szczyt członków NATO, upamiętniający 60lecie istnienia sojuszu.Represje rozpoczęły się jeszcze przed szczytem. Więcej informacji poniżej. Będą aktualizowane na bieżąco. Informacje dotyczące Antyszczytu G-20 nadal są aktualizowane w poprzednim artykule.

Coup d'etat at WBAI radio

NYC, 03.04.2009 05:40

Without any notice to WBAI manager Tony Riddle, nor to the governing board of the Pacifica Foundation, the interim executive director, Grace Aaron of Los Angeles, has conspired with some of her appointees to take control of WBAI in an undemocratic process.

March 21st Hollywood Peace March (or) The Revolution Will Not Be Organized

LA, 03.04.2009 04:24

March 21st Hollywood Peace March (or) The Revolution Will Not Be Organized

March 21st Hollywood Peace March (or) The Revolution Will Not Be Organized

LA, 03.04.2009 03:40

March 21st Hollywood Peace March (or) The Revolution Will Not Be Organized

April 9th: Let us Eat! Food Security, Trade and Migration in the U.S. and Mexico as NAFTA Turns 15

Seattle, 03.04.2009 03:39

After 15 years of NAFTA, we have not seen increased prosperity nor reduced migration, as its original supporters claimed. Who is impacted? What should the future of NAFTA and similar agreements look like? Join a panel of civic leaders and community members to look at the Impacts of NAFTA on communities in the U.S., Mexico and beyond. Small group discussions, facilitated by panelists, will further explore the roots of migration and the movements for food sovereignty and trade justice in our communities.

APRIL 9, 7 - 9 pm
Seattle Labor Temple, Hall 8 (ground floor), 2800 1st Ave., Seattle

Santee Teachers Strike in South-Central Los Angeles

LA, 03.04.2009 03:09

Santee Teachers Strike in South-Central Los Angeles


Argentina, 03.04.2009 02:40

Repudio a la última dictadura

Argentina, 03.04.2009 02:40

A 33 años, la lucha sigue

Foreclose the War Machine - A Meeting to Coordinate Direct Action

Portland, 03.04.2009 02:09

In the next few months, the US military intends to send 17,000 new soldiers to Afghanistan. This will increase by one half the size of their hugely unpopular occupation. Vice President Joe Biden himself has gone on the record to say he expects an "uptick" in American deaths in Afghanistan. The CIA and US military have begun bombing civilians in, and even sending in ground troops into, Pakistan, to much popular opposition from the Pakistani people. The current administration is already preparing to escalate and spread military campaign further into Pakistan. In the meantime, while Obama talks about removing "combat troops" from Iraq, there is no intention to end the occupation of Iraq by dismantling the US military bases. Only approximately half of the US soldiers in Iraq will be removed under this plan, because the rest are not considered "combat troops."

We intend to SHUT DOWN the War Machine, to do everything we can to stop the surge from leaving the United States. To this end, we are calling for a day of coordinated, non-violent civil disobedience and direct action to blockade the GDLS facility in Auburn.

Please attend an information meeting in Olympia, WA, on April 5th 2009 at 1 PM to discuss this plan, our strategy, and building a strong movement to end these wars and occupations. The meeting will be at Capitol Theater Offices: 416 Washington St. (Between 4th and State, Next to the Painted Plate). Room 208 on the 2nd Floor.

End BOTH Occupations - Foreclose the War Machine - Direct Action to Stop the Surge - No administration will end these wars - We, the people, need to end them.

Just one week after being named by the community, Sanctuary Sam's life is in jeopardy

Portland, 03.04.2009 02:09

Only a week ago, sea lion defenders named him Sanctuary Sam. ( Before that, the public knew him, if they knew him at all, as just a number. C586. But some of us knew him better.

Sam has been present on the Columbia for several years, at least. I've watched him thrill tourists in Astoria with his powerful voice and his friendly manner. He routinely sits on the dock there, with his head leaned back in the classic "circus seal" pose, basking in the sun. But when people call out to him, he cocks his head to the side, opens his huge eyes, and looks at them curiously. If they continue to talk to him, he eventually opens his mouth and barks chattily back. He's always been extremely gregarious that way.

I've also seen this guy swirling through the waters near St Helens, often happily laying on his back with his flippers in the air, talking to anyone who will listen. Many of us on the river know him. He belongs out here. And he deserves to live a free and wild life, as do all of the Columbia river sea lions.

If this neighbor of ours is executed by the State, I do not think I can ever forgive the fishermen who clog the waterways and kill all the salmon, whose voices have called for this to happen.

Human Services Coalition presents &quot;Imagine Miami Changemaker Summit&quot; - April 04

Miami, 03.04.2009 01:07

Human Services Coalition presents "Imagine Miami Changemaker Summit" - April 04

Prefeitura decreta expulsão de comunidade de Vila Brandão em Salvador

Brasil, 02.04.2009 23:39

Vila Brandão, 69 anos de [r]existência!

Santee Teachers Strike in South-Central Los Angeles

LA, 02.04.2009 23:39

Santee Teachers Strike in South-Central Los Angeles

IWW Starbucks Union: Clowning the Boss

NYC, 02.04.2009 21:39

Clowning the Boss

Red &amp; Black Cafe - April Communique

Portland, 02.04.2009 21:39

Greetings, Comrades! This is the fourth intentional communication from the Booking Committee at the Red and Black Café! After a long, hectic March full of schizophrenic weather, we approach April with some weariness. There are still some fantastic things happening, though, so please check out the full list of events and come out!

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