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Activists vs. GEO Group / One small victory...

Seattle, 10.04.2009 03:08

Activists from the Bill of Rights Defense Committee have adopted the greenstrip in from of ICE's Northwest Detention Center as part of Tacoma's Adopt-A-Spot cleaner neightborhood program. This has made the GEO Group, the private company running ICE's Northwest Detention Center very uneasy.

Gaertner Drops Terrorism Enhancements Against RNC 8; Two Conspiracy Charges Still Remain

United States, 10.04.2009 02:07

In the surest sign yet of the power of post-RNC court solidarity, Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner has dropped two of four unfounded charges against the RNC 8. Caving to months and months of public pressure, Gaertner dropped one count of Conspiracy to Commit Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism, and one count of Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Damage to Property in Furtherance of Terrorism.

“We are heartened by the fact that our supporters have won this concession,” said defendant Nathanael Secor. “It's taken a tremendous show of strength and solidarity over the past seven months.” Read More

Related:Breaking: Terrorism Charges Will Be Dropped | Original Story from Paul Demko/MN Independent | Press Release from Susan Gaertner Related News: Charge Against Activist Arrested at March 28 RNC 8 Event Also Dropped.  See Video: RNC 8 Supporters Mobilize as Police Continue Intimidation

Workers Rights Campaign to picket Christchurch Jobs Summit

Aotearoa, 10.04.2009 01:40

The recently formed Workers Rights Campaign will picket the Government’s “Jobs Summit” at the Town Hall on Friday April 17th between noon and 1:00 p.m. Campaign spokesperson Paul Piesse said the picket is because: · “We know it (the Jobs Summit) to be essentially a pathetic public relations exercise for the Government and its fat-cat Business friends;”

Opening Day of Ringling Brothers Draws Protest

DC, 10.04.2009 01:10

On April 8, protesters descended on George Mason University in order to protest Ringling Brothers and Barnum &amp; Bailey Circus.


Athens, 09.04.2009 22:39

Αλληλεγγύη στους φυλακισμένους της εξέγερσης

First Annual Mayday Kickball Game - Anarchists Vs. Socialists

Portland, 09.04.2009 20:09

Come celebrate mayday as it was meant to be enjoyed. A celebration of fun and leisure where it can be found in capitalistic society. You're taking the day off work anyway, and we can still get you to the rally and march on time. 12 noon, May 1st, Colonel Summers Park (20th Ave and Belmont St)

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! will be in Portland this Saturday

Portland, 09.04.2009 18:40

Jo Ann Bowman and Dave Mazza from KBOO's Voices from the Edge morning talk radio program will interview Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, live on stage to discuss the paperback release of her book Standing Up to the Madness: Ordinary Heroes in Extraordinary Times and about her experiences as an award-winning ground-breaking journalist.

A Conversation with Amy Goodman - Benefit for KBOO
Saturday, April 11
Noon, doors open at 11am
Bagdad Theater, 3702 SE Hawthorne, Portland
Tickets $15
Advance sales available through the Crystal Ballroom Box Office, Bagdad Theater or in person at KBOO

Santuary Sam Lives! (In prison... for the rest of his life....)

Portland, 09.04.2009 18:40

Thanks to the monumental efforts of animal advocates, two of the six sea lions trapped last week have survived. It seems the State did not have the nerve to kill Sanctuary Sam, after advocates named him for the NOAA mascott. I guess NOAA decided that it might be bad for their image to authorize the execution of their own mascott.
Willy, another sea lion whose life was in the balance last week, has also been spared due to the willingness of sea lion advocates to fight tooth and nail for him. Willy is a sea lion whose flesh bears the scars of his branding - C657. Last week, ODFW officials mistakenly believed they had the authority to kill Willy. However, SLD bridadiers pointed out to them that C657, Willy, is not actually on their hit list, and therefore they do not have the authority to kill him. Chagrinned by the news that animal advocates are keeping a closer eye on these sea lions than they are, the ODFW refused to acknowledge the error and

Thousands Converge on Wall Street &amp; Corporations, Calling for a &quot;People's Bailout&quot;

United States, 09.04.2009 17:07

With excessive executive compensation and bank bailouts feeding public anger at Wall Street, thousands of demonstrators from around the country converged on the financial district in New York this past weekend (April 3 and 4), calling for a new American economy that benefits all. On Friday, amidst rainy weather, hundreds of people participated in a rally and march organized by the Bail Out the People Movement (BOPM), making stops at the offices of the American International Group and Bank of America. Dustin Langley, media coordinator for BOPM, said, “Since our government doesn’t listen, we sometimes have to go over their heads and straight to management. So we’re talking to their managers now: AIG, CitiGroup, Bank of America, and Bear Stearns.”

On Saturday, the 41st anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, a march put together by anti-war organization United for Peace and Justice drew thousands, demanding cuts in military spending and an end to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as a “larger investment in the needs of our communities.” Reports from NYC IMC: 1 | 2 | 3 | | | Photos and Videos from Boston IMC: Boston Activists Protest Wall Street Bailout In NYC | | | Photo by Isis, DC Indymedia

In Los Angeles, demonstrators staged a protest outside Bank of America’s downtown office building on Friday calling for an end to bank bailouts and foreclosures and evictions. Full Report: Bail Out People, Not Banks: Protesters Picket Bank of America Downtown Corporate Building

RELATED: Calls for protests against the Wall St. Bailout have been issued for April 11 in Colorado and California, and local groups in Rogue Valley, Oregon have called for opposition to the US military surge in Afghanistan in solidarity with United for Peace and Justice.

G20 policing caused man's death: police coverup and media lies

United Kingdom, 09.04.2009 11:40

See Indymedia London for G20 reports, timelines and features.

On Wednesday 1st April during a demonstration against the G20 in London, thousands of protestors were trapped inside a police cordon (kettled) where they were baton charged and crushed by the police. Ian Tomlinson, who appears to have been a passer-by, died during this demonstration outside the Bank of England. The police started a coverup immediately, claiming police and medics had been prevented from attending to him, although eyewitnesses reported seeing Ian Tomlinson being attacked by police shortly before his death. The corporate media parroted these police lies even though eyewitness accounts contradicted this [statement | video]. Now a video has surfaced clearly showing Ian was viciously assaulted by riot police from behind and violently pushed to the ground. Riot police and members of the Forward Intelligence Team looked on as a protestor attended to him. Minutes after moving away, Mr. Tomlinson collapsed in a nearby alley and died shortly afterwards.

An assembly and a procession has been called for this Saturday 11th April assembling at Bethnal Green Police Station at 11:30 am to demand a public enquiry. A procession will move off at midday to arrive at the Bank of England around 1 pm. Another protest has also been called for Saturday 18th April at 12 noon in Redditch, the Home Secretary's constituency town. A demonstration calling for an end to state murders has been called in Edinburgh

Anyone with information they believe may help clarify the circumstances surrounding his death should, as soon as possible, write a full statement and contact the Climate Camp Legal Team: legal [at] climatecamp [dot] org [dot] uk

N.B. If you have previously left any important legal information on an answering machine or sent to a different email address and nobody got back to you, please try again using the email address above

Eyewitness accounts: Witnesses Statement: Death at G20 | Video: Interview with two Eyewitnesses of G20 Death

Reports: IMC - about the death | Death At The Hands Of Capital | G20 protests video shows perfect example of police tactics

Solidarity and Remembrance: New Zealand Solidarity Demo Against Police Brutality | Helsinki is supporting NO G20 | Vigil today ongoing at Bank of England | G20 Protest London - Memorial for the Dead | Photos - 2nd April memorial demo London

Deflation’s End - A Reaction to the Emergency Budget

Ireland, 09.04.2009 08:09

An article written especially for I w ...

2009 Reel Work Film Festival

Santa Cruz, CA, 09.04.2009 06:39

Thursday, April 23rd is opening night for the 11 day Reel Work Film Festival, taking place in the counties of Santa Cruz, Monterey and Santa Clara. Reel Work presents cultural events, bringing together award-winning documentary film producers, workers, activists, students, and the public with the goal of increasing community awareness of the central role of work in our lives, to discuss economic and global justice issues, and to bring alive the history and culture of the labor movement in the US and abroad.

Protect Cascadia's Forests, Promote Responsible Forestry: BOYCOTT (ST)UMPQUA BANK!

Portland, 09.04.2009 02:39

Communicating to those personally responsible for trashing our forests, poisoning our citizens, fouling our drinking water, and killing our salmon is a tactic often forgotten in grassroots advocacy to protect our priceless forests. But folksinger Utah Phillips spoke the truth when he said: "The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses."

I'm writing to inform you that as of March 2009, Eco-Advocates (aka: Cascadia's Ecosystem Advocates) has officially relaunched the Boycott of Umpqua Bank or Stumpqua ( to send a strong message to bank Chairman/timber baron Allyn Ford (owner of Roseburg Forest Products) to replace his obsolete deforestry practices of toxic clearcutting and taxpayer-subsidized public lands logging with responsible and ethical forestry practices on his own land.

The Stumpqua Bank Boycott gives average citizens the power to apply direct pressure to an individual personally responsible (Ford is SOLE OWNER of Roseburg Forest Products) for poisoning our children, trashing our forests, and spoiling our drinking water. A letter or phone call only means so much to a greedy timber baron. But if you put your money where your mouth is and withdraw your accounts from Ford's precious Umpqua Bank -- whether it's $100 or $100 million -- you can rest assured he'll sit up and take notice.


Portland, 09.04.2009 02:39

Bike the Pipe event This Saturday will tour parts of the proposed LNG pipeline in the Willamette Valley from the seat post. Ride will be easy-going, informative, and help to forge connections with immediately affected communities and local climate & anti-pipe activists. Pdx ride will gather @ the PGE Park MAX (7:15) & then bike from Hillsboro to the Main Meetup @ Pacific U (9:00). Ride set to end at 4:00.

Media Programming Lineup on KSKQ for April

Rogue Valley, 09.04.2009 01:40

In celebration of Independent Media Week, KSKQ lp 94.9 FM Community Radio in Ashland Oregon offers a lineup of media related programming this month. Listen live online at

John Hope Franklin: The Passing of a Griot

DC, 08.04.2009 22:10

Franklin was born amidst the flames and terrors of the infamous race riots that consumed Tulsa, Oklahoma, once the center of Black wealth and business success. The papers and even books called it a race riot, but it was actually an anti-Black pogrom by state and private racists in envy of Black Tulsa's achievements.

Updates from the City from Below Conference

United States, 08.04.2009 18:37

The City From Below conference took place last weekend in Baltimore, MD. The conference brought together organizations and individuals across urban centers to think about organizing in the city, as it is a crucial space in creating social change. The majority of the participants organize for the rights of the poor, working classes, immigrants, refugees and people of color pushing the agenda that all who live in the city must be involved in shaping its future.

Audio: Opening address from Mumia Abu-Jamal | Opening Panel - Crisis and Resistance in the Neoliberal City w/ David Harvey, Max Rameau, Esther Wang, and Shiri Pasternak | Max Rameau from Take Back the Land in Miami | Resisting Gentrification in the Creative City w/ Stevphen Shukaitis, Beka Economopoulos, Alan Moore, Christina Ulke & Adrian Blackwell | From Cities to Cells (and back again) w/ Vikki Law, Power Inside & Critical Resistance | Urban Struggles and Media Activism w/ the Media Mobilizing Project, The Philadelphia Student Union & more | Baltimore Human Rights Zone: Geography of developement and resistance w/ United Workers | David Harvey - View from Federal Hill, Revisited

Video: Children in the City w/ Elliot Liu and China Martens | Dispatches Against Displacementwith James Tracy and Maria Guadalupe "Lupe" Arreola | Know Your Rights to the City w/ NLG and Picture the Homeless | Chicago 101 w/ AREA's Dan Tucker

More audio,video, and reportbacks on the City From Below Website

From The Trenches for March: Disorderly Conduct, Death Row

Chicago, 08.04.2009 18:09

The March 2009 episode of Chicago Indymedia's monthly radio show "From The Trenches" features segments on Chicago's disorderly conduct ordinance being declared unconstitutional, former death row prisoner Geraldine Smith who speaks about her experience as the first woman sentenced to death in Illinois, and Dr. Paul King speaks about the connection between the mercury-laced preservative in vaccines and autism.

Download entire show | Chicago Indymedia's radio page | CIMC / FTT Radio podcast feed

Chicago Independent TV in April: War Anniversary, Civil Rights, Ren 2010

Chicago, 08.04.2009 18:09

The April episode of Chicago Independent Television features three segments about the Chicago actions in Pilsen and Little Village to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. The episode also features a local civil rights activist and federal judge, and a review of the controversial Renaissance 2010 plan affecting Chicago schools.

Read more about Episode 46 | CIMC TV Podcast | CIMC Video Page | CITV on YouTube

NorthEast Anarchist Network: &quot;Direct Action = Solidarity. Confront the Bankers in April!&quot;

Boston, 08.04.2009 14:09

The NorthEast Anarchist Network is endorsing the "Self Described Anarchist Collective" and Global Justice Action calls for a diversity of tactics, including direct action, to disrupt the Spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Washington, DC. Even in this era of uncontrolled economic retraction and collapse, the IMF and World Bank continue to reach for their misleading, self-proclaimed objective of "eradicating poverty", while paradoxically ignoring the needs of poor and indigenous communities.

What Obama's Trip to Europe Revealed

Boston, 08.04.2009 14:09

Declaring something a success doesn’t necessarily make it so. We learned this at the Bush-led G-20 summit only four months ago, when global leaders were expected to do something far-reaching in response to the world-wide economic crisis, instead of chatting about it. When nothing came of the meeting, we were told that the summit “succeeded” because it “laid the groundwork” for the next G-20 gathering, recently led by Obama. The four months between G-20 summits was one of rising massive unemployment and social misery for millions of people, creating an urgency that was unmet by the world leaders in London. RELATED: Indymedia reporting on the G-20 protests: Climate Camp (alternative to G20):

chisinau - politia si armata crima organizata!

Romania, 08.04.2009 11:08

pe de-o parte era de asteptat situatia actuala din chisinau dar astazi situatia s-a intensificat la maxim.

a dos años del fusilamiento de Carlos Fuentealba

Argentina, 08.04.2009 03:09

Argentina, 08.04.2009 03:09

A dos años del fuslamiento de Fuentealba

April 24: Are We All Socialists Now? First 100 Days of Obama Presidency

Seattle, 08.04.2009 03:08

Are We All Socialists Now?
A Critical Look at the First 100 Days of the Obama Presidency

Activists and authors Guerry Hoddersen and Eric Chester will examine President Obama's election and policies from a leftwing perspective at a community forum.

Friday, April 24, 7:30 pm
New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave S., Seattle

April 9th: The Empire Strikes Back: An Anti-War Teach In

Seattle, 08.04.2009 03:08

A Critical Look at U.S. War and Occupation

April 9th
Lectural 2, Evergreen State College

A Panel Discussion Brought to you by Olympia SDS

Situation and Our Tasks

Seattle, 08.04.2009 03:08

The end of the reign of Bush meant a whole new historical moment had arrived. By the end of the Bush years, you could spit out a random curse, along with Bushs name, to strike up a friendly conversation on any street corner in the world. But the united front against the Bush agenda dissipated like engine vapor from the helicopter that flew him away from the White House. The Obama era mass movement and its coalitions has yet to be determined.

New eras deserve new strategies, so PepperSpray went to some leading voices on the left in the Seattle area and asked them to analyze this new situation and the strategies that flow from it. We edited this into our presentation, The Situation and Our Tasks. Interviewed for this piece: Aaron Dixon, Lynn Domingo, Sara VanGelder, Cecile Hansen, Erica Kay, Paul Loeb, Sylva Jones, Bill Moyer, Ricardo Ortega, Geov Parrish, James Rasmussen, Chanan Suarez-Diaz, and Joaquin Uy. What emerged is thoughtful and thought-provoking.

No More Fences at the Santa Cruz Farmer's Market Drum Circle

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.04.2009 02:09

Wednesday, April 1st was the second week in a row that fences were not erected in parking lot #4 next to the Santa Cruz Community Farmer's Market. For the past six months, mesh fencing has been used to deter people from gathering and drumming below the magnolia trees. Brent, a longtime and well-known drummer, reports that an experimental agreement has been reached between himself and Santa Cruz Police Department Sergeant Mike Harms.

Obama vs Malcolm X: Ideological Heavyweight Match

Aotearoa, 08.04.2009 01:40

War, racism and poverty- we contrast the politics of Barrack Obama with the revolutionary message of Malcolm X. Workshop that starts with a presentation from American socialist Robin Taylor. Thursday, April 9, 2009 7:30pm - 9:30pm Auckland University Law dept Waterloo Quadrant More info

Closing of Women's Choice Clinic Mourned by Community Members

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.04.2009 00:39

The Women's Choice Clinic of Oakland, the venerated feminist health clinic that has provided non-judgmental, culturally sensitive abortion and reproductive health care services to Bay Area women for 36 years, is closing its doors. The clinic is the oldest feminist health center providing abortions in the nation. However, it is not anti-abortion protests that are forcing the clinic to close, nor is it a decline in demand for services. It is California's chronic low and slow reimbursements for MediCal services, and budget cuts. On Wed. April 8, a press conference will be held at the Oakland City Hall, at 1pm.

Obama Embraces Bush Position on Warrantless Wiretapping

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.04.2009 23:10

The federal government has finally responded to a lawsuit against warrantless wiretapping filed last September by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. In a motion filed on April 3rd, the Justice Dept. demanded that the entire lawsuit be dismissed based on the Bush administration's claim that a "state secrets" privilege bars lawsuits against the executive branch for illegal spying, as well as a novel "sovereign immunity" claim that the Patriot Act bars lawsuits for illegal surveillance unless the government "willfully disclosed" the intercepted communications.

G20-Circled &amp; Shaken Down During the 2nd Sorrowful Mystery

Ireland, 07.04.2009 21:09

Sometime during the second decade of the sorrowful ...


Oost-Vlaanderen, 07.04.2009 20:08

Ian Tomlinson is vermoord


Oost-Vlaanderen, 07.04.2009 17:38

GM soja is Gifsoja: dringende oproep!

Córdoba: reclamo contra el basural

Argentina, 07.04.2009 14:11

Conferencia de Prensa de Vecinos de Bower

Volvió la olla popular por la niñez en La Plata

Argentina, 07.04.2009 13:40

Ladran sancho, señal que cabalgamos

aviso servidores

Argentina, 07.04.2009 12:10


Oost-Vlaanderen, 07.04.2009 12:08

De ultieme vrijheid geproefd: internationaal werkkamp op De Bereklauw

Meet, gather, converge - April 2009 is the conference month!

Aotearoa, 07.04.2009 06:40

Over the next fews weeks, several conferences will take place across Aotearoa. Here is a, hopefully complete, list. See you around…

  • National Anarcha-feminist Hui
    "This year's anarcha-feminist weekend will be held in Swanson at Karanga Camp, from the evening of Friday 10th of April to midday Monday 13th of April. This hui will be a mixture of discussions and workshops related to anarcha-feminism." Email feministmafia (at) to register - more info here!
  • Conference on anarchist organising
    The Wildcat Anarchist Collective is organising a two-day event (18/19 April) in Wellington focusing on the essentials of anarchist principles and practice: Anarchist principles and their consequences for organising; how collectives work and why anarchists work collectively; meetings, facilitation and communication; mutual aid and organising within and against capitalism. Email wellywildcats (at) for more information - the draft agena is here!
  • Climate Camp Gathering
    "Building a peoples movement that addresses the root causes of Climate Change" - that's what the climate camp is all about. An organising gathering will be held at Parihaka (Taranaki) 24-26 April. Email climatecampnz (at) if you are intersted and register here.
  • Aotearoa Indymedia Conference
  • Indymedia-istas will be meeting in Auckland for the 4th Aotearoa Indymedia Conference. The dates are 1-3 May, venue tbc. There is an organising wiki here and more discussion will take place on the imc-aotearoa email list over the next couple if weeks.

Otaraua Hapu occupation of mine reaches 17 days

Aotearoa, 07.04.2009 06:11

The Taranaki hapu of Otaraua have been holding their ground near Waitara for 17 days now while the Greymouth Petroleum Co still refuses to meet with them on site. Production has been completely stopped in the meantime. About 50 protesters blockaded the gate entrance to the wellsite on Ngatimaru Rd at Tikorangi on March 22nd, in an attempt to stop preparations for drilling through their Tikorangi/Awatetake Pa. [ More ]

The hillside pa contains precious natural water springs that feed the neighbouring people and are used for various traditional ceremonies. The pa was once home to Otaraua ancestors with urupa/burial grounds and remains of habitation still present. The land is currently leased to a neighbouring farmer however the government claims under the Crown Minerals Act to own all land to a certain depth under the ground, which therefor allowed the mining permit given to Greymouth Petroleum Co. [ More ]

US Supreme Court Rejects Mumia Abu-Jamal's Appeal For a New Guilt Phase Trial

DC, 07.04.2009 05:10

Today, the US Supreme Court rejected Mumia Abu-Jamal's appeal for a new guilt-phase trial. The Supreme Court has not yet decided whether to consider the Philadelphia DA's separate appeal, which is attempting to execute Abu-Jamal WITHOUT a new sentencing hearing. In response to today's rejection, Abu-Jamal's lead attorney Robert R. Bryan will be filing a "petition for re-hearing" at the US Supreme Court.

On the Heels of Huge Wall Street Demo, National Call to Protest US Banking System

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.04.2009 05:09

Organizers estimate a protest on Wall Street including a march that went passed the New York Stock Exchange and American International Group, drew 10,000 participants on April 4. On Saturday April 11 demonstrators in front of San Francisco's Federal Reserve Bank building will call for major changes to the US banking system as will protesters at more than 50 locations across the nation.

Volvió la Olla Popular por la niñez

Argentina, 07.04.2009 05:09

Ladran sancho, señal que cabalgamos

Youth Protest HPC

Houston, 07.04.2009 04:27

Youth protest the Houston Processing Center - The worlds first private prison

Bill White and Joe Arpaio, peas in a pod

Houston, 07.04.2009 03:39

Going the way of Arpaio: Bill White asks DHS for Houston to join the 287(g) program

Más de 600 mujeres y niñas estan desaparecida en las redes de trata

Argentina, 07.04.2009 03:39

Dos años reclamando por las mujeres y niñas desaparecidas en democracia

Más de 600 mujeres y niñas desaparecidas para ser explotadas sexualemente

Argentina, 07.04.2009 03:09

Dos años reclamando por las mujeres y niñas desaparecidas en democracia

Autorizaron a rendir materias en la Universidad Nacional de Tucumán

Argentina, 07.04.2009 01:39

Un triunfo de la lucha: Romina puede estudiar

Jury Rules in Favor of Ward Churchill, While the Media Rules Against Him

United States, 07.04.2009 00:37

In the case of Ward Churchill vs. CU Boulder, the jury ruled in favor of American Indian scholar and activist Ward Churchill on all accounts. CU Boulder administration, right wing pundits and much of the mainstream press is fuming as a result.

You'll find many articles regretably conceding that yes indeed the firing of Ward Churchill was fueled not by academic misconduct, but by his controversial essay On the Justice of Roosting Chickens. The jury agreed to all three points of the prosecution: that CU used Churchill's opinions and words to terminate him, that the termination harmed Churchill, and that had it not been for the essay he had written (as opposed to the allegations of academic misconduct) that Churchill would still be teaching at the University of Colorado.

Still, quickly looking at the headlines from major news outlets and the story continues to be smearing Churchill, rather than recognizing that a university joined forces with conservative politicians to lead a witchhunt against a teacher for their political beliefs. read more | Ward Churchhill Solidarity Network

Contra la Privatización de las Costas

Puerto Rico, 06.04.2009 21:10

Comunidades Costeras en Resistencia

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