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Port Militarization Rally and Spokes Council in Tacoma

Portland, 17.04.2009 14:39

Port Militarization Resistance (PMR) has organized a rally in response to the appearance of at least 130 Strykers in the Port of Tacoma. This rally will occur at the foot of the staircase in front of the University of Washington Tacoma campus on Pacific Ave between 17th and 19th St. at 11:30am Friday, April 17. These Strykers appeared in the Port on April 15 and it is believed they are headed to Fort Lewis for repairs to be shipped back to a war zone at a later date.

There will be a spokes council friday at 4pm at coffee strong for groups to coordinate actions.

There will be a prespokes meeting friday at 3pm at coffee strong for people who are unaffiliated with an affinity groups to meet up.

Листовка к Чарнобыльскаму Шляху-2009

Belarus, 17.04.2009 11:07

Листовка в формате .odt (текстовый файл OpenOffice)

Листовка в формате .pdf

Мы призываем всех, кто заинтересован в антиатомном активизме, всех, кто собирается прийти на Чернобыльский Шлях и присоединиться к нам, скачивать эту листовку и распространять по мере возможности: расклеивать у подъездов, на улице, на остановках, раздавать в ВУЗах, школах, колледжах, училищах и на рабочих местах. Сделаем так, чтобы наш голос был услышан!


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Ситуация в Германии и Франции по мобилизации на протесты против НАТО

Belarus, 17.04.2009 10:38

С 20 марта Франция и Германия официально приостановили действие шенгенского договора. На границах и в аэропортах этих стран ввёден выборочный пасспортный контроль, для выявления „опасных“ личностей, в предверии саммита. В этом году по оценкам независимых наблюдателей в протестах в Страсбурге и Баден-Бадене планируют принять участие до 25 тыс. протестующих, а для охраны участников конференции планируется мобилизовать до 20 тыс. полицейских. В самой конференции планируют принять участие 26 лидеров стран членов НАТО, а так же возможно присутствие лидеров других стран.

Что же касается протестной инфраструктуры, то вчера, 25 марта, во Фрайбурге (Германия) начал работу конвердженс центр, в котором будут проведена подготовительная работа перед протестами. В частности на базе центра начала работу новая индимедия – linksunten, целью которой является освещение событий связаных с саммитом. Так же в центре планируютс…

Листовка к Чарнобыльскаму Шляху-2009

Belarus, 17.04.2009 10:38

Листовка в формате .odt (текстовый файл OpenOffice)

Листовка в формате .pdf

Мы призываем всех, кто заинтересован в антиатомном активизме, всех, кто собирается прийти на Чернобыльский Шлях и присоединиться к нам, скачивать эту листовку и распространять по мере возможности: расклеивать у подъездов, на улице, на остановках, раздавать в ВУЗах, школах, колледжах, училищах и на рабочих местах. Сделаем так, чтобы наш голос был услышан!


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New England Journal of Medicine: Children Make Up 39% of US/Coalition Iraq Bombing Deaths

DC, 17.04.2009 02:10

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, entitled "The Weapons That Kill Civilians – Deaths of Children and Noncombatants in Iraq, 2003-2008", reveals shocking new data regarding the death toll of women and children due to U.S. and "coalition forces" bombings in Iraq.

Sábado 18 de Abril de 2009 21 hs

Argentina, 17.04.2009 02:09

Se estrena "viven en la nuestra"

Report Back from Portland Tea Party

Portland, 16.04.2009 23:39

Pioneer Square was filled to over flowing this evening with citizens protesting taxes, the bailout, socialism, pork, and demanding, as on one sign among hundreds of others, that the government "redistribute freedom and not wealth." One sign even apologized for voting for Obama.

This was an extremely well promoted and financed event. One speaker claimed that there were 22 of these rallies in Oregon alone, starting in Medford Oregon this morning. Before I left home for downtown, I heard Corporate news sources claim that there were about 500 Tea Party's nation wide, and Laura Ingram on her Conservative talk radio program this evening claimed there were 700 of them nationwide.
This event touched a pulse in America, and it might be the beginnings of a Conservative, if not a Republican resurgence.

Though in the lead up to this nation wide protest organizers claim it to be bipartisan, there was little evidence of any Progressive or Democratic constituency. And, towards the end of the rally, when the organizers recognized the groups who worked to make the event possible, not once was the Democratic Party or any group I could recognize as "left" even mentioned.

There is much common ground here, yet I did not feel the crowd to be in sympathy with the poor, the homeless, the undocumented immigrant. The rhetoric from the speakers emphasized the many problems which brought them all to the Square, yet few if any solutions were offered. There was a general and overwhelming mood of discontent, with constant reference to the fact that "we the people" could somehow solve the problems, if government would leave us alone.

LOW-POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Prometheus Radio Project to Storm Capitol for Community Radio, April 23

DC, 16.04.2009 23:10

TAKE ACTION TO EXPAND LOCAL COMMUNITY RADIO! Please join the Prometheus Radio Project for 2 fabulous community events to inspire, agitate, entertain, and move for the movement for community radio! Thursday, April 23, from 8:30-9:30am: Join people from across the country in a festive community radio parade followed by the street theater piece: "Corporate Media vs. Community Media". Meet at 8:30am sharp at the fountain in front of Union Station (Massachusetts Ave. NE & Columbus Circle NE). Bring a banner, flag or T-shirt that represents your community or organization!

1 Mei

Oost-Vlaanderen, 16.04.2009 22:08


Police Military Vehicles on the Move

Rogue Valley, 16.04.2009 04:24

Here are some photos of vehicles in a police / military convoy in Medford Oregon on April 15, 2009.

Black U.S. Delegation Attends Racism Conference to Demand Reparations

NYC, 16.04.2009 04:23

The follow up to the World Conference against Racism (WCAR) 2001 and the Durban Declaration dubbed "Durban Review" will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, April 20 - 24, 2009. The December 12th Movement International Secretariat, a non governmental organization (NGO) with consultative status to the United Nations, will lead the "Durban 400" delegation and defend Black peoples' right to reparations for slavery.

May Day Immigrant Rights Retrospective

Seattle, 16.04.2009 04:23

Mayday 2009 is coming up, so for Indymedia Presents episode #350 we reach into our archive for mayday-related pieces we made in years past, to build interest and participation in the Mayday actions that will happen this year. We first feature our coverage of the 2006 April 10th immigrant march in Seattle. (This piece was an official selection in the compilation Gigante Despierta.) That year immigrants marched in April as a build-up to the largest general strike in the history of the United States. Millions stayed off the job on Mayday that year in Day without a Mexican actions. The idea was that if folks dont like immigrants picking strawberries and washing dishes, then they could try those activities themselves, and see how they liked it then. The Seattle April 10th march, and the Mayday march that followed, stretched for as far as the eye could see, as the immigrant community burst forth in political life. This is a growing portion of the US population and a group with the potential to wield more political power as time goes on. Our piece speaks of the pressures (such as NAFTA) to come to the US, and also of the history of Mayday, which was born in the fight for the 8-hour day almost a century and a half ago. Then we reprise coverage of a great Seattle Mayday in 2003, replete with interviews of Central American immigrants who speak to what Mayday means to people in their countries.

Oil Hearings Come to San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.04.2009 19:41

The Obama administration will be in San Francisco on Thursday, April 16th, to hold a day-long public hearing on Bush's offshore oil and gas proposal, which would open nearly the entire US coast to offshore drilling, including Northern California's Point Arena Basin. Live audio and video webcasts of the hearing will be available online, and protests are planned throughout the day from noon to 8pm.

Editorial Cartoon: &quot;Obama's Top Economic Adviser: 'Free Fall' Ending&quot;

DC, 15.04.2009 18:11

I kid you not, gang — that was, in fact, the headline on an April 9 AP story reporting on an appearance by Obama henchman Larry Summers at the National Economic Club Of Washington, commenting on the supposed end of the "dive" the US economy is taking.

Sleep Dealer

LA, 15.04.2009 17:09

Alex Rivera Discusses His Film Sleep Dealer

&quot;Fuel&quot; (Review)

LA, 15.04.2009 17:09

"Fuel" (Review)

Sleep Dealer

LA, 15.04.2009 16:09

Alex Rivera Discusses His Film Sleep Dealer

Welt in Spannung

Germany, 15.04.2009 15:41

In den letzten vier Monaten sind in den USA über 2,5 Millionen Lohnarbeiter zusätzlich auf die Straße gesetzt worden. in den USA entstehen Zeltstädte mit Leuten, die kein Dach mehr über dem Kopf finden, wie anderswo Zeltstädte nach einem schweren Erdbeben entstehen.
In Deutschland ist bisher die Arbeitslosigkeit nur wenig gestiegen. Da werden noch Altautos auf Staatskosten verschrottet und Massenentlassungen durch eine Million Kurzarbeiter auf Kosten der Arbeitslosenkasse hinausgeschoben.
Noch sind Banken- und Unternehmenspleiten zahlenmäßig begrenzt, noch haben wir keine Staatsbankrotte gesehen. In Deutschland wird noch häufiger über Lohnerhöhungen als über Lohnsenkungen verhandelt, auch wenn hier Mercedes-Benz mit 2 Mrd. Euro geplanten Lohnkürzungen den Anfang machen will. Noch sehen wir in Westeuropa keine rasche Vermehrung der Armutsbevölkerung.
Mit den wachsenden Krisenfolgen werden auch soziale Unruhen und politische Proteste zunehmen, aber sie werden nicht überall gleichzeitig und nicht in allen Ländern gleichermaßen zunehmen. Die globalen Zentren und Epizentren dieses kapitalistischen Erdbebens versucht der folgende Überblick aufzuzeigen.

Abel Paz - Hasta siempre compañero!

Aotearoa, 15.04.2009 11:10

Spanish anarchist Abel Paz, who fought in the Spanish Civil War and was the author of Durruti: the People Armed, died in hospital in Barcelona on 13 April 2009 aged 87. He was born in Almería in 1921, and moved with his family to Barcelona in 1929. In 1935 he started work in the textile industry and joined the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT). In July 1936, with the start of the Spanish Civil War and Spanish revolution he joined the anarchist Durruti Column. As well as fighting on the Aragon front, he fought in the Barcelona May Events of 1937. After the fall of Catalonia in January 1939, he went into exile in France, where he was interned. During the 1940s he fought both in the French resistance to Hitler and the Spanish Anarchist resistance to Franco. Links: CNT | Libcom | IMC Barcelona | wikipedia

El Caracazo (docodrama about the massacre of protesters in Venezuela in 1989)

Aotearoa, 15.04.2009 09:10

DOCODRAMA EL CARACAZO for first time in NZ with English Subtitles-about the birth of the Bolivarian Revolution This friday there will be the premiere of the Docodrama EL CARACAZO, about the events that lead to the massacre of protesters in venezuela in 1989 and the birth of the Bolivarian movement. WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES, Friday April 17th 7PM, FREE ENTRY Latinamerican Cultural Centre 37 Selwyn St,ONEHUNGA,Auckland ALL WELCOME

Simon Sedillo on Neoliberalism and Self Determination

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.04.2009 06:39

On Thursday, April 16th community rights defense organizer and filmmaker, Simon Sedillo, will be at AK Press to offer perspectives on global implications of the Oaxacan peoples' struggle for communities in the United States. Through his multimedia presentation, Sedillo creates a dialogue on the effects of neoliberalism on indigenous communities, immigrant communities, and communities of color in the US and Mexico. Sedillo will also give his presentation on Monday, April 20th at the Watsonville Cabrillo Center.

Four Twenty 2009 at UC Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.04.2009 04:26

Each year on April 20th, at 4:20pm, people celebrate and smoke cannabis together. One of the biggest gathering spots in California, perhaps the biggest, is Porter Meadow at UC Santa Cruz. It's a large event for the whole community - a place where thousands of people can have a picnic, play with musical instruments, frisbees, kites and just have fun. It's in a safe and relatively secluded location and problems are rare.

April 13th: Olympia Popular Assembly

Seattle, 15.04.2009 04:26

The first popular assembly in Olympia, which took place on March 2nd, brought together over 60 people. Those involved voiced their interests and concerns and saw each others eyes, faces and bodies. Rather than persist in being atomized individuals stumbling alone in the dark, people saw that they were in fact together and, above all else, that they were alive. They had voices and desires and ideas. All of these things were shared.

WHEN: April 13th: 6-8 pm
WHERE: Koinoinia Hall, First Christian Church (7th and Franklin), Olympia

April 24th &amp; April 26th: Mumia Abu-Jamal Book Events in Seattle and Olympia

Seattle, 15.04.2009 04:26

Events marking death row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal's birthday and new book release will be held in Seattle on April 24th and Olympia on April 26th.

These events follow the April 6 denial by the US Supreme Court of a new guilt phase trial for Mumia.

April 25th: 5th Annual &quot;Adopt-A-Spot&quot; Spring Clean-up (Tacoma)

Seattle, 15.04.2009 04:26

The City of Tacoma has reasserted its property rights over the traffic strip at 1623 E J Street. The activists at the Bill of Rights Defense committee won a small victory affirming their right to "adopt" a spot right outside Tacoma's federal immigration lock up.

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee - Tacoma is having a spring clean-up at there "Adopt-A-Spot" at the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) on 25 April. This is our fifth year of maintaining this little part of Tacoma. We will have all appropriate safety gear and a safety briefing will occur at 09ish. We will have an information and technology display from our current effort to halt the NWDC expansion. Connect with old friends (some are really old).

April 14th: May Day Planning Meeting (Olympia)

Seattle, 15.04.2009 04:26

When: Tuesday April 14th, 2009 5 PM

Where: Media Island International (816 Adams Street across the street from the Library)

Greatland in Tacoma Port

Seattle, 15.04.2009 04:26

April 14, 2008. Military shipments are being unloaded in the Port of Tacoma.

La Reina; A Party for Los Angeles

LA, 15.04.2009 03:39

La Reina; A Party for Los Angeles

PowWow Brings Richness of Culture to Ashland

Rogue Valley, 15.04.2009 03:10

NASU PowWow features tribal dances rarely shared with the public. Takelma Spiritual Elder, Agnes Baker-Pilgrim, welcomes Mexican delegation at PowWow and SOU, focusing on the importance of saving the world's salmon population and preserving the rivers.

¡Zapata vive! ¡La lucha sigue! Marcha por Zapata 2009

LA, 15.04.2009 02:41

¡Zapata vive! ¡La lucha sigue! Marcha por Zapata 2009

Synovate Lock out lifted late last night, settlement reached

Aotearoa, 15.04.2009 00:40

Late last night, union and company negotiators reached a settlement at the Department of Labour. Pay rises will be 50c now and 50c in 6 months. People will get paid for stat. holidays over the lock-out. And a bunch of other improvements in conditions that will really make a difference for these people's lives. Yesterday: Auckland occupations by locked out workers

Activists Win! Beat Shell/Broadwater. Toxic gas waning!

NYC, 14.04.2009 21:39

The effort to stop the extraction of all toxic "natural" gas grew in momentum as the U.S. Commerce Department said Monday it opposed a proposed massive floating liquefied natural gas terminal in Long Island Sound.

Environmentalists hailed the decision as a victory over "the corporate Goliaths of our time."

Trotsky's ashes stolen and baked in cookies

Portland, 14.04.2009 19:09

Eighty eight years of the day Trotsky directed the suppression of the anarchist uprising in Krondstadt, a group of bandits scaled the walls of his former house in Mexico City during the late hours at night. We broke the lock on his mausoleum and we expropriate the content inside

Radical Cartography Book Reading &amp; Dicussion

Portland, 14.04.2009 19:09

Join Lize Mogel and Cara Baldwin for a discussion on the intersection between radical artistic practice, cartography and activism.

Copwatch workshop

Portland, 14.04.2009 19:09

We're a group of community members concerned with police accountability and abuse. We "copwatch" by holding discussions on how to interact with the police in addition to going on "patrols" to legally observe the police when they stop people.

Saturday 4-25 Event for World Week For Animals In Laboratories

Portland, 14.04.2009 19:09

Please come out to support ending the cruel, wasteful, and unscientific practice of vivisection. OHSU performs these experiments on thousands of animals. Dogs, cats, mice, sheep, birds, primates and other animals all suffer an unnatural life and death in confinement behind the walls of OHSU.


Portland, 14.04.2009 19:09

As the economic crisis deepens our movements must come together to protect our rights and build an economy that works for everyone.
Today, faced with a crumbling economic system and increasing attacks on immigrants and working people in general, we must join together to defend our basic rights to health and happiness.

may 1st
1-4 pm poster making and party
4-5 pm rally (speakers and music)
5pm march

Gill nets and fishermen clogging the Columbia today

Portland, 14.04.2009 19:09

Today I counted 71 fishing boats on the river in the tiny span between Sand Island and the mouth of the Lewis River. And, incredibly, prowling the waters near St Helens, I found the Andy Jo, a drum boat, drooling its killer nets into the water. In just this little space... Imagine how many fishermen are out there all together. Just imagine how many lines, how many nets, how many dead salmon, just today.
Is anyone really still wondering where the last salmon have disappeared to? Why the run is late?

HB 2405 Telecoms Sneaking Around Again

Portland, 14.04.2009 19:09

HB 2405 is a bill proposed and promoted by Verizon. It is cast as a bill intended to keep Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) from being regulated. If that's all the bill did, there would be little reason to oppose this. However, that's not all the bill does.

Ballot Measure 5-190: Immigrants Win, Wayne Mayo Bigots Lose! 5-190 Down In Flames!

Portland, 14.04.2009 19:09

Last year noted bigot and repressed dick head Wayne Mayo set his sights on higher office, and decided to pave the way with the blood of immigrants. He wanted to capitalize on the redneck, anti-immigrant nature of the right-wingers he pals around with. So he parked his pompous self outside the Scappoose post office, soliciting signatures to get Measure 5-190 on the ballot. He did manage to get it on the ballot, and alas, it passed by a slim margin. But the poorly written, badly conceived piece of hate legislation will never become law. Here is why, and why it matters.

Integrity Now? What happened to Kucinich?

Portland, 14.04.2009 19:09

Although it has been over a year, some may remember that as Kucinich dropped out of the presidential election prematurely because he was afraid of losing his congressional seat, he said he and his wife Elizabeth would be starting a new site for activists called "Integrity Now". This might have impressed Kucinich volunteers at the time, however absolutely nothing has been done toward that effort and the site domain has now returned to the SiteGround Default Server page.

VIDEOS:: We Want Change Not War Protest March 4.4.09 Portland

Portland, 14.04.2009 19:09

A dedicated crowd marched on a beautiful warm, sunny Saturday this weekend. Hundreds came to march, and hundreds more saw and heard our message as we marched across Pioneer Courthouse Square and then right through the center of a bustling Saturday Market! Benji Lewis of IVAW, and Veterans for Peace led the march, while The No War Drum Corp, and several bullhorns made sure that everyone within earshot heard our chants: "They're Our Brothers, They're Our Sisters, We Support War Resisters," and "They Say Bail Out, We Say Troops Out!" All day we received an incredibly positive reaction from everyone we passed.

Demonstration Against Excessive Force and Violence

Portland, 14.04.2009 19:09

Justice for Jason Demonstration
May 8th 4:00 pm.
Federal Court house in Portland Or.
My unarmed 17 year old son was executed by the Vancouver Police Department on Mother's Day May 8. I am organizing a demonstration against excessive force and violence.
My 17 year old son, Jason, was shot 11 times by officer Richard Torres of the Vancouver police department.
From 11:21 am, to 11: 24 am. ( 3 minutes ) ; Jason was followed, pitted, and executed.
When I received the call, stating my son had died; I flew flat to the floor, the phone flew out of my hand, NOOOO!!! I live with a pain that never goes away. Jason's sister was 16 years old; I can't begin to tell you the damage her brothers death has done to her life.
I am angrey, I'm asking for support in this journey of healing

Tips For Using Portland Indymedia

Portland, 14.04.2009 19:09

A Beginner's Guide

As interpreted by one workerbee who may or may not be corrected by other workerbees in the comment section. :)

All articles featured in the center column come directly from the Open Publishing Newswire located in the right hand column. So this means they come from people like you. Just click on the big, red "Publish" button in the upper right hand corner, fill out the form(be sure you appropriately categorize your article), and sit back relax wait for it to show up on the newswire.

Featurizers look for these 3 qualities for features:
1. Local
2. Original
3. First hand reporting

Of course, you'll notice from time to time there are slight exceptions.

Event announcements are a common exception. However, frowned upon as a distraction from the intent of this resource by some volunteers.

Here are some tips for how to make your event announcement more desirable as a feature:

Denver Harbor Garden

Houston, 14.04.2009 18:10

Tomorrow, our seeds will grow... Starting a Garden in Denver Harbor

Gaza action continues

United Kingdom, 14.04.2009 15:09

Liverpool Friends of Palestine were leafleting outside city centre Tesco on Easter Saturday, to encourage shoppers to boycott Israeli goods.

Kolejne skłoty do likwidacji?

Poland, 14.04.2009 14:40

Liczba autonomicznych przestrzeni w Polsce może się wkrótce skurczyć. Działający od kilkunastu lat skłot Rozbrat w Poznaniu może wkrótce zostać zniszczony - miasto nie uwzględniło jego istnienia w swoim planie zagospodarowania przestrzennego. Podobny los ma czekać warszawski skłot Elba - właściciel terenu postanowił wyburzyć zajmowane przez to niezależne centrum kultury budynki; ich mieszkańcom grozi eksmisja. Środowiska związane z tymi ośrodkami zamierzaja walczyć o ich utrzymanie.

Demonstracje przeciw prywatyzacji przestrzeni publicznej i antyspołecznej polityce władz planowane są:

w Warszawie: 17 kwietnia (link do info o akcji) w Poznaniu: 9 maja (link do zaproszenia na demonstrację)

UK: masowe aresztowania aktywistów

Poland, 14.04.2009 13:10

Brytyjska policja dokonała wczesnym rankiem w wielkanocny poniedziałek dwóch nalotów na centrum społeczne Sumac Centre i niezależną szkołę Iona przy Sneinton Dale w Nottingham, aresztując prewencyjnie 114 aktywistów kampanii Climate Change i rekwirując dokumenty i sprzęt komputerowy znajdujące się w przeszukanych obiektach. Akcja miała prawdopodobnie związek z planowaną demonstracją pod elektrownią E.On w Ratcliffe-on-Soar - rzecznik firmy stwierdził, że jest ona "celem zorganizowanego protestu", a policja uznała, ze aktywiści planowali akcję bezpośrednią na terenie elektrowni.

Wczorajsze aresztowania to największa policyjna akcja "prewencyjna" przeciw aktywistom ekologicznym w historii Wielkiej Brytanii


Athens, 14.04.2009 09:39

Σύντροφε, η θύμησή σου θα είναι έμπνευση και νοσταλγία...

Friends and Supporters of David Santos Demand Charges Be Dropped

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.04.2009 07:09

David Santos is being charged with felonies after having been arrested during the January 7th demonstrations in downtown Oakland that followed the murder of Oscar Grant. On Friday, April 10th, friends and supporters came to his Pretrial Hearing to demand that the charges be dropped. KPFA programmer JR Valrey, of the Prisoners of Conscience Committee Block Report was also arrested and charged with a felony while he was photographing and reporting on the events of January 7th. Both are asking for public support.,

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