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Renegade Actors Arrested at Wackenhut Protest

Tennessee, 28.10.2004 18:43

Four activists were arrested yesterday at Oak Ridge Mall during a street theatre action to protest Wackenhut's failed security. Those arrested, members of a national organization called PROTECTS USA, had come to protest at yesterday's Business to Business Expo at the Oak Ridge Mall.

Haiti Picket

DC, 28.10.2004 18:30

This afternoon (10/27) there was a "Stop State Sponsored Terror in Haiti Now!" picket at the Haiti Embassy.

La Loma

Argentina, 28.10.2004 17:44

La Loma: Memorias e Historias Guaraníes

Anarchism in Poland - Lecture, Movies, Photos at Laughing Horse Books

Portland, 28.10.2004 17:34


Portland, 28.10.2004 17:21

Call for Noise Bloc at Saturday's Bush protest in GR

Michigan, 28.10.2004 17:04

A Call for Those Who Want to Shake Things Up a Bit:
Join the Noise Bloc!

Meet at Calder Plaza @ 8:30 a.m.
300 Ottawa St, downtown Grand Rapids

On Saturday, October 30, President Bush will come to Grand Rapids, and if past visits are any indication, the police and secret service will do everything in their power to demoralize protestors. We will be kept far away from Bush and his supporters who will be protected behind barricades and lines of police. In the past this has generally led to large groups of protestors standing around and feeling disempowered while they yell anti-Bush slogans at officers from the GRPD.

We want to mix things up a bit and break out of the mold of stale and disempowering protest. We are calling for the formation of a ragtag marching band to give Grand Rapids an early morning wake up call to make it clear that Bush is not welcome here or anywhere else for that matter. While the elites of West Michigan gather to hear Bush promise more tax cuts and more wars, we will be loud and clear that the occupation of Iraq must end and that Bush must go.

İzmir Vicdani Red

Istanbul, 28.10.2004 16:12

"Gerçek borcum barışı, sevgiyi ve kardeşliği savunmak"

Amy Goodman to Speak in San Diego

San Diego, 28.10.2004 15:44

Celebrated independent journalist Amy Goodman will speak at the First UU Church in Hillcrest Friday, November 5, 2004.

A Note to Our Contributors and Readers

NYC, 28.10.2004 15:33

Over the last few weeks, several right-wing organizations opposed to free speech (including and members the Protest Warriors) have attempted to exploit security holes in the software used by dozens of IMC's, including New York. Some of the site problems with this site you may have experienced during that time are probably due to these attacks.

The administrator of Rightwingextremist has since stated that " I have called a truce and I will not be releasing the new exploits publically [sic]." Nevertheless, IMC techs are working on permanent patches for Indymedia security holes.

For a time, html posting was disabled on NYC-IMC, but has since been largely restored.

The importance of Indymedia has once again been demonstrated by the number of people, whether European ministers, the US Secret Service, the FBI, or rightwing fascists, who try to shut it down.


Houston, 28.10.2004 15:23

Cacerolazo march, rally and protest against the War Profiteers

Unionism under Howard

Melbourne, 28.10.2004 13:59

Challenging Howard's attack on unionism

Dump protesters take direct action against landfill company

Scotland, 28.10.2004 12:51

Villagers stage noisy protest at country's biggest waste exhibition. Frustrated at being targeted for yet another waste dump residents of Greengairs and neighbouring villages today (Wednesday 27 October) took their protest to the country's biggest trade exhibition and conference for companies dealing in waste. Half a dozen whistle-blowing, bin bag wielding, villagers staged a sit down protest and occupation of Eden Waste's corporate stand at today's Wastex event in Edinburgh. Other protests wearing t-shirts with slogans such as 'Eden Waste: don't dump on us', 'Eden Waste: don't dump on Greengairs' handed out leaflets to those attending the exhibition.

From the Newswire

Perth, 28.10.2004 11:13

Perth Indymedia Screening - Artrage Bakery this Thursday 28OCT


Argentina, 28.10.2004 10:11

Un nuevo preso político por manifestarse contra el FMI

The speech Ralph Nader gave at Creighton Univ. on 8/25/04

Portland, 28.10.2004 10:02

BE the media! Chicago Indymedia Radio Reporters' Skillshare this Saturday

Chicago, 28.10.2004 09:57

With recent advances in computer technology, anyone can produce feature-length, broadcast quality audio from their computer, with low-cost (and sometimes no-cost) equipment and software. Join Chicago Indymedia radio collective members and local independent producers this Saturday, October 30 to learn more and help build our local community of independent progressive radio reporters and producers. This skillshare is a hands-on opportunity to learn how to gather sound in the field, write for radio and mix a finished product. Check out a range of microphones, recording devices, external sound cards and computer-based audio editing tools, plus learn about script-writing, voice techniques, strategies to pitch your story and get it on the air, and more. Read more.

Radio resources:


Argentina, 28.10.2004 09:45

Un nuevo preso político por manifestarse contra el FMI

Notes on Today's Critical Mass Hearing

NYC, 28.10.2004 09:33

One reader writes: "The court scene was great! So many supporters showed the judge let them into the jury box for seating. The city legal staff (it would be a stretch to call them counsel as they were so inept) made super slow pitch for their case and they inadvertently blew their own argument by supplying the judge with the website for critical mass. It showed they well knew there were large rides dating way back and the city was in no way taken unawares by large recent rides. Gallery had to stiffle laughter throughout the procedure." [Read More]

Another reader notes: "The very most intriguing feature of today's hearing was the City's acknowledgement that it is not against the law to ride more than two abreast in New York City."

Judge Pauley will rule Thursday morning on both injunctions.

Hijacking Catastrophe at Varsity

Rogue Valley, 28.10.2004 07:32

Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire

Friday October 29 - Thursday November 4
Shows nightly at 4:50, 6:50 and 8:50 pm
With additional matinees Sat & Sun at 1:00 and 2:55 pm

The Varsity Theatre, 166 E. Main St, Ashland. For more information, call: (541) 482-3321

Marcha de Solidaridad Obrera

Puerto Rico, 28.10.2004 05:53

La Lucha de Unos es la Lucha de Todos

Marcha de Solidaridad Obrera

Puerto Rico, 28.10.2004 05:52

La Lucha de Unos es la Lucha de Todos

Nonviolent Protest Will Not Include Police Metal Detectors

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.10.2004 05:45

2004 Protest at School of the Americas

Estudo de Impacte Ambiental: suspeitas de má avaliação

Portugal, 28.10.2004 05:35

Estudo de Impacte Ambiental: suspeitas de má avaliação

No a la Violencia: Solidaridad con Linda Loayza

Argentina, 28.10.2004 05:29

Jueves 28 de Octubre de 2004
No a la Violencia: Solidaridad con Linda Loayza

Bush Gives Middle-Finger!

DC, 28.10.2004 05:26

"Is he still tellin' me what to do?" said current-President Bush. He then gives the camera the finger...

Estudo de Impacte Ambiental: suspeitas de mal

Portugal, 28.10.2004 05:24

Estudo de Impacte Ambiental: suspeitas de mal


San Francisco Bay Area, 28.10.2004 03:55

Pappas Gives Free Airtime to Republicans

Mary Kelly's Re-Trial

Ireland, 28.10.2004 02:54

Please apply blinkers, bury head. . Mary Kelly Vs The State Trial Updates "Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligation of obedience. Therefore [individuals] have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring." Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal 1945-1946. "His insistence that the invasion of Iraq cannot be mentioned in testimony is actually contrary to the Criminal Damage Act, which takes a person's state of mind into account when they perform the so-called damage. If they are deemed to have an honestly held belief they were acting in the interests of others, then they cannot be guilty of criminal damage. Therefore, Mary absolutely must be allowed to explain her motivations in order for there to be fair trial." "Lawful excuse" defense not allowed by hostile Judge Judge Carroll Moran ruled today in Ennis Circuit Court that the use of Shannon airport by the US military and the war in Iraq are "not relevant" to Mary's case. Court report Court Watcher "...the judge denied almost every witness that the defense attempted to call. Among the witnesses denied the stand were Mr. Denis Holliday a former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Daniel Einsberger of Pentagon Papers fame, Dr. Horst Gunther who uncovered the United States use of depleted uranium in Iraq, Mr. Edward Horgan a former UN Peacekeeper, and Dr. Curtis Doebbler an international lawyer..." Relevance of evidence in first trial. "He [Judge Moran] ignored the defence testimony, directing the jury not to allow feelings or issues of conscience to influence them in making their decision. This extraordinary instruction, when the whole function of a jury is to act as the conscience of society in matters of law, is perhaps an indication of how profoundly the rosecution’s agenda had been shown up by the strength, clarity and truth of the defence. Out of Sight out of mind There hasn't been an "immediacy clause" for the necessity defence Mary is using since 1997, when the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act amended the Criminal Damage Act (1991). "In his ruling against Eoin Dubsky earlier this month in the same courthouse, J O'Donnell also leaped back in time to find him guilty because his defence under Section 6.3.c of the Criminal Damage Act ("Lawful excuse") wouldn't hold cause Iraq is so far away." Question of the trial? Whats more dangerous knives, bombs or policy? Judge Carroll Moran cautioned Ms Kelly on sticking to relevant issues in her defence, he told her, that the defence of lawful excuse refers only to an action taken to prevent a threat to a person, their property, or other persons, but only when that threat was of an immediate nature. He gave the example of damaging the knife of a potential attacker, brandishing such an implement and went on to inform her, that the war in Iraq and the presence of a US plane did not impose an immediate threat to her or other persons when she damaged the U.S.A.F. navy plane (from June 2003 court report) "The sage-like Ramsey Clarke (former U.S. Attorney General and longtime peace campaigner) testified for 30 minutes about the adverse effects of U.S. foreign policy, stating facts and figures about the effects of long-term low-intensity conflict in Iraq since 1991. He expressed deep concern about the sanctions, with at least 585,000 young children dead as a direct result of them. He also compared Mary’s action to somebody removing the bullets from a gun that would otherwise be used to kill someone. The prosecuting counsel strenuously questioned the relevance of Clarke’s testimony, and asked him the following question: “If someone broke into your house and did 1.5 million euros worth of damage, how would you feel?” Clarke replied that if his house was capable of complicity in the murder of innocents, he’d be actively offering invitations to people to come and damage it. Clarke was asked the question several times (apparently the prosecutor felt he hadn’t answered it), and gave the same reply each time. I am sure many bizarre questions are asked in courtrooms, but this one strikes me as similar to asking Rosa Parks “If someone sat in your usual seat in the bus, how would you feel?” Removal of context, universalizing of the particular, seems to be a tool used by empire time and again. And, because we all know that the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house (to borrow from Audre Lorde), all that a defence can do is to continually push the focus back to the context in which an action occurs." June 2003: Hung jury doesn't satisfy state. "Despite being effectively told to ignore their own human consciences, the jury couldn’t convict Mary Kelly for her efforts to undercut the U.S. war machine." Statements and Audio interview with Mary Kelly after initial trial. Review of previous trials on Mary Kellys Website - Trial 1 June 03 - Trial 2 June 04 - Trial 3 October 04

Full Lunar Eclipse graces Portland sky

Portland, 28.10.2004 01:47

The Cammerin Boyd Cover-Up

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.10.2004 01:34

Gavin's Killer Gentrification Cops

From the Newswire

Perth, 28.10.2004 01:10

CYANIDE IMPACTS in WA - Toxic Seepage from KCGM Superpit


Barcelona, 28.10.2004 00:42

El cuento de los servidores que nadie secuestró

El dia 7 de octubre dos servidores de Indymedia desaparecieron de la sede inglés de la multinacional ianqui Rackspace donde estaban alojados. Rackspace dice que feu el FBI a secuestrarlos pero que no puede dar más informaciones. A la semana vuelven a aparecer los discos suros, peo todo el mundo empieza a negar su implicación. ¿Quien pidió la incautación de los discos duros, y porqué? Ya pasaron 20 dias y ninguna pregunta ha encontrado una respuesta. Las jurisdicciones desobedecen sus propias leyes, violan territorios y derechos; las autoridades de los diferentes països (EEUU, UK, Italia, Suiza) denegan responsabilidades y se contradicen entre ellas... durante una semana 20 páginas de Indymedia quedaron silenciadas, se perdió mucha información sin recibir ninguna explicación coherente. Lee más en Indymedia Global

ULTIMAS >> La Electronic Frontier Foundation desafía el orden judicial secreto :: El cuento de los servidores que nadie secuestró [en] :: El estado holandés quiere los logs de Indymedia [en] :: Indymedia pregunta "¿quién cogió nuestros servidores?" :: Los servidores volvieron, pero muchas preguntas quedan para responder [en] :: Guantanamo para los discos duros terroristas (13oct) Repressión en Indymedia: El mayor ataque a la prensa alternativa en internet :: El FBI purga Indymedia y cierra 20 páginas de internet :: Nota de prensa de Indymedia del 11 octubre

SOLIDARIDAD >> Acción de solidaridad: tu también devuelve tus duscis duros al FBI! :: Llamada a la acción de Indymedia Solidarity | Comunicado de Nodo50 | Análisis de La Haine | Manifiesto en Sindominio | La Electronic Frontier Foundation critica el secuestro | Reporteros sin Fronteras pide explicaciones al Ministro del Interior británico :: Firma una declaración de solidaridad en!!! >>>lee el texto completo [6681 personas han firmado hasta ahora! Hay tiempo hasta el 31 oct]

+info:: sección >>>indymedia


Barcelona, 28.10.2004 00:42

El conte dels servidors que ningú va segrestar

El dia 7 d'octubre dos servidors d'Indymedia van desaparèixer de la seu anglesa de la multinacional ianqui Rackspace que els allotjava. Rackspace diu que va ser l'FBI a segrestar-los però que no pot donar més informació. A la setmana tornen a aparèixer els discs durs, però tothom comença a negar la seva implicació. Qui va demanar la incautació dels discs durs d'Indymedia, i perquè? Han passat 20 dies i cap pregunta ha trobat una resposta. Les jurisdiccions desobedeixen les seves pròpies lleis, violen territoris i drets; les autoritats dels diferents països (EEUU, UK, Italia, Suissa) deneguen responsabilitats i es contradiuen entre elles... durant una setmana 20 pàgines d'Indymedia van quedar silenciades, molta informació es va perdre sense rebre cap explicació coherent . Llegeix més a Indymedia Global

ULTIMES >> L'Electronic Frontier Foundation desafia la ordre judicial secreta :: El conte dels servidors que ningú va segrestrar [en] :: L'estat holandés vol els logs d'Indymedia [en] :: Indymedia pregunta "qui va agafar els nostres servidors?" :: Els servidors han tornat, però moltes preguntes queden per respondre [en] :: Guantanamo pels discs durs terroristes (13oct) Repressió a Indymedia: El major atac a la premsa alternativa a internet :: L'FBI purga a Indymedia i tanca 20 llocs d'internet :: Nota de premsa d'Indymedia de l'11 d'octubre

SOLIDARITAT >> Acció de solidaritat: tu també torna els teus discs durs a l'FBI! :: Crida a l'acció d'Indymedia Solidarity | Comunicat de Nodo50 | Anàlisi de La Haine | Manifest a Sindominio | Electronic Frontier Foundation critica el segrest | Reporters sense Fronteres demana explicacions al Ministre de l'Interior britànic :: Firma una declaració de solidaritat a!!! >>>llegeix el texte complert [6681 persones han firmat fins ara! Hi ha temps fins al 31 oct]

+info:: secció >>>indymedia

Climate Change

Melbourne, 28.10.2004 00:42

Kyoto is not enough says UK Chief Scientist

The Cammerin Boyd Cover-Up

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.10.2004 22:53

Gavin's Killer Gentrification Cops

El movimiento de okupación sigue adelante

Euskal Herria, 27.10.2004 21:48

En estos días se está; demostrando que el movimiento de okupación está; más fuerte y activo que nunca. Vivimos una situación de total abandono por parte de los Ayuntamientos que niegan sin miramientos locales donde tengan cabida acciones independientes y alternativas.

Los Gaztetxes son locales autogestionados que mantienen las puertas abiertas para recibir a todo el mundo que lo desee, indistintamente de su edad, sexo o procedencia. Pensamos que son necesarios en nuestros barrios y ciudades, y que no es justo que la respuesta al trabajo que en ellos se realiza (teatros, conciertos, debates, talleres...) sea una respuesta violenta, acabando en desalojos y agresiones.

Han sido unos meses de intensa actividad, los Gaztetxes de Algorta, Romo y Zorrotza; el Euskal Jai de Iruñea, el de Sorgintxulo, que aún continua amenazado y resistiendo,

El acoso más reciente está; teniendo lugar en el Gaztetxe de Tximista (Iruñea), una casa dentro de un solar abandonado durante más de 20 años y en la que ya han planeado construir más de 250 viviendas de lujo con las que especular. Aún así;, la actuación de los municipales no ha conseguido que l@s jóvenes dejen de presionar para recuperar de nuevo su Gaztetxe.

Por ello, en respuesta a todas estas agresiones sufridas y en defensa de los Gaztetxes, el viernes día 29 diferentes asambleas y Gaztetxes han convocado una manifestación en Bilbo, que saldrá a las 20.30 desde el Sagrado Corazón.

Más información:
Sorgintxulo: Resistencia + Asteko egutegia

Anti Faşizm

Istanbul, 27.10.2004 21:21

Faşistler kentten kaçtı


Istanbul, 27.10.2004 20:19

Avrupa sosyal forumu gösteriler ve eylemlerle sona erdi

Mexican Teachers Block Presidential Convoy in Juárez, Fight for Social Security

Portland, 27.10.2004 20:10

killer al parque

Colombia, 27.10.2004 20:06


Protest Bush Saturday, October 30 in Grand Rapids: Organizing Update

Michigan, 27.10.2004 18:56

Saturday, October 30
8:30am at Calder Plaza (map)

President Bush will be in town and folks will be out in force to meet him on the streets and make it clear that Bush is not welcome in Grand Rapids. Bush is speaking at 9:15am and the Grand Rapids Republicrat (un)Welcoming Committee is calling for a 8:30am meeting time, so set your alarms!


Palestine, 27.10.2004 18:51

Once of my friend told me :you ”the Palestinian” have the dead and other things, and we have the shame

Contra el paro y la precarización: lucha obrera

Euskal Herria, 27.10.2004 18:50

De nuevo en la televisión y en los periódicos imágenes olvidadas. Barricadas de fuego, contenedores y neumáticos ardiendo cortando carreteras y vías de tren. Obreros con el rostro tapado lanzando tuercas de acero con escudos de hierro en el que se puede leer lucha obrera. Entre nuevos centros comerciales y grandes intervenciones especulativo-urbanísticas palabras como "Sestao" o "Ezkerraldea" nos recuerdan que una vez fueron sinónimo de clase y lucha obrera, paro, desindustrialización e izquierda. [cast] + [eusk] + [eng]

El fantasma del posible cierre de La Naval y por lo tanto de que centenares de obreros de Izar y el resto de pequeñas empresas y autónomos engrosen las listas del paro, recuerda las consecuencias de este modelo de capitalismo salvaje en que vivimos. Decimos que solamente nos las recuerda, ya que éstas las sufren diariamente los jóvenes y mayores que en esta zona cobran la renta básica, están en situación de exclusión, paro o sufren situaciones de prejubilación. Desestructuración familiar, problemas de drogodependencias y desarraigo son sólo algunas consecuencias de ello.

Detrás de la necesaria solidaridad con los obreros de Izar y las movilizaciones que se realicen para ello, son varios los debates y cuestiones que quedan encima de la mesa. El papel de la lucha obrera en la sociedad y la izquierda actual, el rol que juegan los sindicatos en ella, el crecimiento de la precarización y la invisibilidad de esta, así como las contradicciones de apoyar luchas como la de una empresa que construye barcos militares

Documentos: Plataformas populares + Sestaoko Batasuna + Duina Gazte Koordinadora + Indymedia Estrecho

Maestros Mejicanos Bloquean un Convoy Presidencial en Juárez, Lucha por la Seguridad Social

Portland, 27.10.2004 18:46

Local community activist Mark Lakeman discusses local election issues/candidates on portland indymedia webradio

Portland, 27.10.2004 17:42

Remember the Red and Blue States

Arkansas, 27.10.2004 17:27

Don't cry for the passage of the democratic government. Weep for the real patriots that will be swept away to the concentration camps or whose blood will cover the streets, but above all else regardless of the outcome remember the red states.

San Diego activists welcome Juarez Caravan

San Diego, 27.10.2004 17:02

Two events today in San Diego will address the brutal and neglected murders of hundreds of women in Juarez, Mexico. An International Caravan is travelling to Juarez to demand justice, stopping in U.S. cities along the way to raise awareness.

Critical Mass This Friday in Santa Cruz!

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.10.2004 16:21

Critical Mass in Santa Cruz this upcoming friday! Post flyers around, tell your comrads, inflate your tires! You guys know the routine - gather around the clocktower (downtown, off of pacific) at 5 p.m., depart at 6. Hope to see you all there!

went last time comments: "so is the ride going to be like the last critical mass? there were only about twenty people, they took up the both lanes on mission, and then tried to start fights with motorists. it was my first CM here and it did not make me (or the people i was with) want to go again. i thought CM was about bikes getting together to acomplish a common goal or just to have fun, not be a dick to people and try to piss them off, but maybe i'm wrong?"

see also: NYC Files Lawsuit to Stop Critical Mass

[ ]

College Student Killed by FN303 'Less Lethal' Gun of Same Type Used in Portland

Portland, 27.10.2004 16:02

The Washington Post Exposes Electronic Jim Crow to Late.

Portland, 27.10.2004 15:54

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