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Auckland Tamil On Third Day of Hunger Strike

Aotearoa, 29.04.2009 21:11

Hunger strike unto Action New Zealand Government should urge the United Nations to put pressure on the Sri Lankan Government for an immediate permanent ceasefire Tamil Youth Organisation (New Zealand) has reached its third day of its continuous vigil at Aotea Square Queen Street Auckland. Demanding the New Zealand Government to urge the United Nations to insist on Sri Lankan Government to stop the war immediately and declare a permanent ceasefire. Mr Pathmanathan Kandiah 49, has started a ‘Hunger Strike unto action’ since Monday the 27th April 2009 to request the New Zealand government to urge the United Nations to put pressure on Sri Lanka for an immediate and permanent ceasefire. New Zealand Tamil Community who is already frustrated by the Humanitarian catastrophe in Vanni Sri Lanka is very much anguished over his decision to go on hunger strike. We are extremely worried and feel powerless. We earnestly hope that New Zealand media will understand the plight of the civilians trapped in the conflict and the plea of Mr. Pathmanathan Kandiah. Thereby, he will be heard.

Racism, Violence and Neo Nazism: Politics as usual in Santa Cruz Bolivia

Ireland, 29.04.2009 20:41

The Irish media has not been objective in its cove ...

Dr. Norman Finkelstein visits SU Chico, Speaks to Full House about GAZA

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.04.2009 20:39

On Monday April 13, Dr. Norman Finkelstein addressed a standing room only crowd at Chico State University auditorium concerning the recent violence in Gaza, occupied Palestinian territory inside of Israel. After giving a brief background of his Jewish parent's anti-war beliefs and actions in New York, and their influence on his current views opposing Zionist Israel's apartheid policies against the Palestinians, Dr. Finkelstein gave background on Israel's early wars against Palestinians and Egypt during 1967.

El pabellón de madres comenzó el reclamo por la muerte de un bebe recién nacido

Argentina, 29.04.2009 19:47

Reprimen protesta de mujeres de la Unidad 33 de Los Hornos

IMF: Bad for Tamils, Bad for You

DC, 29.04.2009 18:26

The last day of the International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings in Washington DC the was a permitted March from Dupont Circle to The Bank Buildings.


DC, 29.04.2009 18:26

Amid growing international fears that the swine flu is the next global pandemic, representatives of the WHO held a press conference today to announce that they are raising their Pandemic Threat Alert to level 4.

Ante la quiebra fraudulenta de cive

Argentina, 29.04.2009 15:40

Toma de fabrica de vidrio

Horses, Stocks and Booze

NYC, 29.04.2009 15:39

Now, as the economic miracle of Wall Street has degenerated into a nightmare of zombie banks, state bailouts and toxic assets, Kate’s patrons are left to wrestle with a destruction of wealth so monumental that it swept away their stock market illusions.

Street Vendors Rally at City Hall

NYC, 29.04.2009 15:39

New York City's street vendors demand more jobs on the steps of City Hall.

Conflicto Hospital Español

Argentina, 29.04.2009 15:10

Marcha y Acto Unitario por el Día Internacional del Trabajadxr

Argentina, 29.04.2009 15:09

Sculpture Artist Receives Life Achievement Award

Boston, 29.04.2009 14:09

For the most part, his representationalist sculpture captures and sets forth a message with the force of a sudden wind storm. And in a city held together by threads of promise, the sculpture of the artist Richard Hunt breaks free from formality and brings one quickly into a realm of light, text, and shadow which only folded, hammered, heated and burnished bronzes and steels can do. His work directs, without speaking.


NYC, 29.04.2009 14:09

Why are there two separate May Day rallies in New York City this Friday?

What is the reason for this division in the workers movement?


Argentina, 29.04.2009 13:10

Violenta represión en la Unidad 33


Argentina, 29.04.2009 13:10

Violenta represión en la Unidad 33

Demonstracja przeciwko ograniczeniu internetu przez UE - 3 MAJA 2009 Godzina 12:00 - Warszawa pl. Konstytucji

Torun, 29.04.2009 11:07

image 16882

Demonstracja przeciwko ograniczeniu internetu przez UE – 3 MAJA 2009 Godzina 12:00 – Warszawa pl. Konstytucji

  • MAJA 2009 Godzina 12:00 – Warszawa pl. Konstytucji

Dziś w urzędzie Miasta st. Warszawy dla dzielnicy Śródmieście został złożony wniosek dotyczący Manifestacji. Wniosek został złożony w imieniu Nieformalnej Grupy Blackout Europe Polska.

Dlaczego 3 maja? – Przedewszystkim dlatego, że tego dnia uchwalono naszą konstytucję, która daje nam prawo do wolności i swobody wypowiedzi.

Stańmy razem i walczmy o nasze prawa! Zapraszamy wszystkich z własnymi transparentami.

Demonstracja przeciwko ograniczeniu internetu przez UE*

– dostawcy…

Support Wanted for Jesse James of Santa Cruz in Aftermath of RNC

Santa Cruz, CA, 29.04.2009 08:39

Jesse James Forrey, 27, was arrested at the RNC protests of last September in the Twin Cities. He is fighting a felony charge of damage to property in the first degree and faces up to five years in jail. Jesse is from Santa Cruz and eagerly waits to return to his home and family. He has hired a private attorney to help him through trial and is asking for support.

Bugged! State Surveillance under the microscope

Aotearoa, 29.04.2009 06:11

Fri 8th May: Film world premier, music and more An awareness raising event to provide information about current State Surveillance practices in Aotearoa, and how they relate to the State Terror Raids of October 2007. The evening will raise money for those affected by the raids, and their communities. Newtown Community Center Theatre, Crn Rintoul and Colombo 7pm till late $7 unwaged, $10 waged BYO and Food available for Koha

May 7th: Ward Churchill in Olympia

Seattle, 29.04.2009 05:09

Ward Churchill spakes on “Colonization, Genocide, and Education”
May 7, Noon
South Puget Sound Community College: Building 26, Room 101,

SeaSol - Victory at WinCo, Plus Upcoming SeaSol Events

Seattle, 29.04.2009 05:09

Just in: We've won our fight against WinCo Foods! Seattle Solidarity ("SeaSol") is a volunteer network of working people who believe in standing up for our rights. Our goal is to support our fellow workers' strikes and struggles, build solidarity, and organize to deal with specific job, housing, and other problems caused by the greed of the rich and powerful.

After three actions - a surprise 15-person office visit followed by two pickets - ex-employee John J has just received a letter from WinCo stating that the company has officially dropped all charges against him. Thanks to everyone who came out to support one of our own!

No Hate in Our Valley

Rogue Valley, 29.04.2009 03:42

Citizens of the Rogue Valley gathered in Phoenix, Oregon to stand against hate, racism and neo-nazi activities that a new white supremacy group, the National Socialist Movement, Oregon Unit, has brought to the region.

May 1st March and Rally in Watsonville for Immigrant and Worker Rights

Santa Cruz, CA, 29.04.2009 01:09

On Friday, May 1st from 4:00 - 9:00pm there will be May Day activities in the Watsonville Plaza, including speakers, free consultations with lawyers, films, and more. At 6:00pm, people throughout the Monterey Bay Area will rally and march to demand justice, human rights, and comprehensive immigration reform with pathways to citizenship.

Romina sigue adelante

Argentina, 28.04.2009 23:10


Colombia, 28.04.2009 22:09

Ni sumición ni silencio

Whaling Ship Sunk by Agenda 21

United Kingdom, 28.04.2009 21:40

On the evening of April 23rd, the Norwegian whaling ship The Skarbakk was sunk by environmentalists in the Lofoten islands, Norway, using the name of a 1992 United Nations Conference on the Environment. The conference detailed action proposed for a sustainable 21st century, with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society promising Norway that if they did not comply with international conservation law, then they would sink their whaling ships.

This was not an empty threat, with Captain Paul Watson supervising the sinking of two ships; the Nybraena in 1992 and the Senet in 1994. The anonymous and covert goup Agenda 21 then took over with the scuttling of the Elin-Toril in 1996. In a communique last week, the activists reported they flooded the engine room of The Skarbakk by using a monkey wrench to open the salt-water intake valve; "to delay the killing season and to protest the continued illegal export of whale meat to Japan."

In a press release by Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson said; "We don't know who they are, and we have no forewarning of their plans, but we do applaud their efforts, these laws must be enforced and Norwegian whalers are in blatant violation of the worldwide ban on commercial whaling."

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Ante la quiebra fraudulenta de cive

Argentina, 28.04.2009 17:40

Toma de fabrica de vidrio

9° Reunión de Unión de Asambleas Ciudadanas

Argentina, 28.04.2009 17:10

Un grito colectivo contra la megaminería en San Juan

Campaign against CCTV in Forest Fields continues to grow

United Kingdom, 28.04.2009 16:10

The Nottingham City Council scheme to impose CCTV on Forest Fields is facing increasingly organised opposition. Much of the affected area has been leafletted with anti-CCTV material and campaigners against the scheme attended a consultation meeting last Thursday to make their views known. Many are worried about the intrusive and controlling nature of CCTV and think it would contribute to suspicion rather than strengthening the local community.

Whilst the police and the Council's Area 4 Management claim to be engaging in consultation their language regarding CCTV has always framed it as a necessary development. Ironically, these same people objected to a journalist taking their photos at the meeting, indicating that residents are not the only ones who are concerned about surveillance! The plans have already been scaled down from 5 camera masts in Forest Fields to masts at 3 locations but campaigners vow to continue until it is scrapped.

Newswire: CCTV proposed scheme for Forest Fields : public meeting report | CCTV in Forest Fields - public meeting on April 23rd | Forest Fields Latest: CCTV | Forest Fields CCTV Update | CCTV coming to Forest Fields unless we act NOW!

Previous feature: Watching the watchers in Nottingham

Links: | No CCTV | Area 4 management

CWA vrs ATT in Dallas

Houston, 28.04.2009 15:41

CWA workers confront AT&T at Dallas Shareholders Meeting

Mumia Birthday Celebration

Houston, 28.04.2009 15:11

Birthday Celebration for Mumia Abu Jamal honors Texas Jailhouse Writ Writers


Portland, 28.04.2009 06:39

The lone vet was ordered to two courts, yes two courts to plea to charges filled against him during the AIPAC demo, this is a fun report:

There I was all alone in the coffee shop located in the Justice Center waiting to meet with Malcolm who was going to join me for coffee before going up to see Judge Evans. Malcolm arrived about 5 minutes after I did, we shared some jokes and he told me that Grant was going to try to make it and join us in court. Grant came and the three vets walked over to the park to enjoy the sunshine and wait for 1300 to come around.

Regenerative Gardening Workshop

Portland, 28.04.2009 06:39

A workshop held at the headquarters of City Repair, a local nonprofit which turns spaces into places, and reclaims the commons for public use. A synergistic workshop using both traditional and permacultural methods, which encourage healing through soil remediation and wise-use planting.

May 3, 2009 , 12-2 PM $10-20 sliding scale
Double Digging and Biointensive Gardening Workshop: 3-5 PM

Judge Overturns Anti-Immigrant Measure 5-190

Portland, 28.04.2009 06:39

Measure 5-190 Exceeded Columbia County Jurisdiction and Violates Federal Law. April 13, 2009 -- St. Helens -- A Columbia County judge today overturned an anti-immigrant ballot measure approved last fall because it conflicts with federal immigration law and would have required the county to take enforcement actions beyond its authority.

help fight against local union busting

Portland, 28.04.2009 06:39

Many of you are aware that workers at Laurelhurst Village nursing home on 33rd and Stark have been organizing a union at their facility since late February in order to improve the living and working conditions at their nursing home. Workers had built a majority in support of the union by late March when Laurelhurst management took drastic measures to curtail their campaign. Workers have been written up, suspended, and one employee was fired for union activity. Elizabeth Lehr was fired only three days after demonstrating public support for the union while attending a delegation to the employer to show support for a fellow coworker who was also disciplined for union activity. You can read her statement below.

Pens opened at Oregon game farm, in solidarity with Jordan Halliday

Portland, 28.04.2009 06:39

In the early hours of April, 18 2009, after making our way through muddy fields we
descended upon CSL Game Farm (7401 NW Kerkman Rd, Cornelius, Oregon) a breeder of
'game birds' for the meat industry. Outdoor pens housing pheasants and quail were
opened giving the birds a chance to escape into the night sky. The exact number
that got away is unknown, but we hope it is many.

Sea Lion Defense Brigade is Seeking More Monitors, and WHISTLEBLOWERS

Portland, 28.04.2009 06:39

Much gratitude to the community for starting to stand up for the Columbia River Sea Lions recently! For those who want to get involved but haven't known what they could do to help, here is your invitation. The Sea Lion Defense Brigade is expanding our patrols, and we would like your help.

VIDEO:: Arrest bush n cheney -vigil on the move -torture in the air

Portland, 28.04.2009 06:39

Video from Portland on 3rd street by the federal building on 4.16.09[.] A mashup of torture photos inserted into the video report of the protest.

I get to the Thursday Portland vigil, as it is departing to a town-hall meeting on the other side of town I added some torture picture into the video, in the interest of the new discussion
regarding the CIA torture memos which are surfacing in the main stream media in the last few days[.] This group (at the vigil) "Individuals For Justice" will be meeting at high noon every Thursday at "Pioneer Courthouse" from now until further notice according to their press release

Oly Celebrares Earth Day

Portland, 28.04.2009 06:39

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh MY paraded through the streets of Olympia on Saturday in celebration of earth day. Dressed in bright costumes or carrying batik windsocks, roller skating or dancing to the samba beat, they delighted all who lined the streets along the parade route.

The Procession of the Species is an annual event in Olympia. Volunteers assemble in March to begin working on the event. A studio is available for people to make costumes and create floats. Others plan their dance routines and practice every week for 2 months. It is a joyous celebration of creativity.

No on HB 3058, A Bill Which Would Ease LNG Development

Portland, 28.04.2009 06:39

Salem, OR - Private property owners affected by proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) takeaway pipelines are calling on the Oregon legislature to stop a bill that would ease the path for LNG development. The Northwest Property Rights Coalition is asking members of the House Sustainability and Economic Development Committee to oppose HB 3058, which would allow developers of LNG terminals, pipelines, and transmission lines to apply for permits on private lands without first obtaining landowner permission. The bill is scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday, April 28th at 1pm.

Trans &amp; Womyn's Action Camp Benefit Show

Portland, 28.04.2009 06:39

Friday May 8th, 7p, Red & Black Cafe, SE 12th Ave & Oak, Portland, OR

$ 5-10 Sliding Scale Donation Suggested, No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds

[Music:] * Adelit@s * , * The Dapper Cadavers * , * HUMANWINE * , * Hazel *



Argentina, 28.04.2009 06:09

Huelga de obreros aceiteros en Molinos Río de la Plata


Argentina, 28.04.2009 06:09

Huelga de obreros aceiteros en Molinos Río de la Plata

&quot;Чарнобыльскi шлях&quot; 2009 глазами Антиатомного Сопротивления

Belarus, 28.04.2009 04:32

Сегодня в Минске прошла демонстрация против атомной энергетики, а также в память жертв Чернобыльской катастрофы. На площадке перед Академией наук собралось около тысячи демонстрантов. Группой Антиатомного Сопротивления численностью более ста человек были развернуты баннеры «Альтернатива есть!», «Мы против ядерного реактора» и растяжка «Антиатомное сопротивление». Раздавались листовки антиатомного и анархического содержания. Участники черного блока выкрикивали лозунги против ядерной энергетики и капитализма под бой барабанов самба-бэнда. Около кинотеатра «Октябрь» колонна разделилась на две части. Группа Антиатомного Сопротивления двинулась по улице Богдана Хмельницкого до улицы Якуба Колоса, где участники разошлись в знак протеста против попытки властей навязать свой маршрут.

В 2008 году Совет Безопасности РБ принял окончательное
решение о строительстве АЭС в Беларуси. Никто не спросил…


Colombia, 28.04.2009 00:09

Un buen presidente


Athens, 27.04.2009 21:10

Καταπάτηση του ασύλου από μηχανοκίνητες κατασταλτικές δυνάμεις

Who's the Dummy Now? Police Overreact, Deactive Mannequin

Boston, 27.04.2009 19:09

On March 31st, a brand new organization called Mannequins for Climate Justice chained a dummy to the door of a Kenmore Square Bank of America (BOA) with a bike lock, setting in motion a bizarre chain of events. Police rushed to the scene and shut down all of Kenmore Square—taping off the area and blocking traffic—followed closely by ambulances, swarms of reporters and even news helicopters. Next, according to the Boston Phoenix, “bomb squad guys—one in a full space suit, plus their bomb-killing robot—were called in,” adding to the absurd spectacle.

Undercover Investigation at Maine Factory Farm Leads to Raid

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.04.2009 18:41

The animal advocacy group Mercy for Animals did an undercover investigation at New England's largest egg factory farm, Quality Egg of New England in Turner, Maine. The hidden camera video shot in early 2009 provided a glimpse behind the closed doors of one of the nation's leading egg producers. As a result of the investigation, the state police and Maine Department of Agriculture raided the farm on April 1st.

&quot;Civilianization&quot; of Oakland Police Internal Affairs Department

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.04.2009 17:40

On Tuesday, April 28th, the Oakland City Council Public Safety Committee will hear a proposal to "civilianize" the Oakland police department's Internal Affairs. The proposal requests that all citizen complaints against OPD go to the Citizen's Police Review Board (CPRB) and that CPRB hire ten new civilian investigators. PUEBLO is asking the community to turn out for the hearing to pressure the City Council and help make it happen.

Never Forever 21: Round 3

LA, 27.04.2009 15:40

Never Forever 21: Round 3

So Pac R/R blesses Ashland Earthday w/poison!

Rogue Valley, 27.04.2009 14:11

high fives, smoking the stogies, cheers around the offices of the R/R workers!

way to go..."we showed those earth loving lovers!" -- oh by the way...message to the sprayers...your kids go to the schools on walker and breath the same air as people who actually care about the Earth...

the ones in power....are laughing at the stupids here in Ashland today!

one of our community members actually had to stop for the giant 5 ton flat bed truck, with large plastic 5000 gallon tank and 50 gallon drums...who was nice enough to turn off the industrial strength chemical spray as he drove his poison carrying truck across the the R/R crossing on Walker...near Science around 12:30pm today...

I only took two pictures of the white residue, that was actually sprayed on the tracks...and dripping down them

I am hoping more pictures and or video were taken...please post all!

come on ashland, wake up and smell the poison!!!!

they know that the time for industrial petrochemical distillates are soon going to be a thing of the, they are forced to use all they can as fast as they can and choosing Earthday to spray, again Ashland, wake up...

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