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Still Wild, Still Threatened, Still Fighting - Ecowar in Tasmania

Aotearoa, 07.05.2009 00:40

At the heart of Tasmania's Southern Forests, wild rivers flow through valleys containing forests which evolved from the ancient continent of Gondwanaland. In the valleys of the Styx, UpperFlorentine, Middle Huon, Weld, and Upper Derwent flourish some of the world's oldest and mostspectacular ecosystems. - Still Wild, Still Threatened Campaign Site

4 May: 60 Police have raided camp Florentine this morning to remove road blockades so that logging of the contentious area can begin. An Exclusion Zone has been declared by Forestry Tasmania, to prevent public access to the area. A Hobart man has already been arrested for being in the exclusion zone. More arrests are expected today. [ Report ]

5 May: At 2:30 this afternoon a 26 year old female forest defender was removed from a 45 metre high tree sit by Police Rescue. Police continue to climb trees to remove more tree sits in the area. Logging machinery is expected to arrive tomorrow and stop work protests are expected to take place. [ Media Release ]

6 May: Two activists are being charged with assault despite claiming that they were assaulted by a member of forestry Tasmania. [ Upper Florentine newsblog ]

The Wilderness Society has placed an advertisement in Britain's Financial Times warning European banks they will be "pulping their profits'' if they finance the controversial mill proposed for Tasmania's Tamar Valley. The Tasmanian Forest Industries Association has described the society's action as "tantamount to economic sabotage''. Insiders have told GetUp! that the full-page ad in The Australian on Wednesday has scared banks off the Gunns pulp mill and sparked crisis meetings to discuss the ad’s effect.
[ Wilderness Society campaign Site | SydneyIndy: Ad scared banks ]


Colombia, 06.05.2009 22:39

Oprobioso acto contra las víctimas


Colombia, 06.05.2009 22:39

Oprobioso acto contra las víctimas

Springtime for AIPAC: Annual Confab Draws Protest

DC, 06.05.2009 19:11

Its Springtime for AIPAC! The mega-Israel Lobby convenes annually in Washington, D.C. at the convention center. AIPAC sucks out over $3 billion a year from our fast fading treasury for Israel with little or no dissent from the fakers in the U.S. Congress. Video

Dr. Margaret Flowers Arrested Advocating for a Single Payer Health Care System

DC, 06.05.2009 19:11

On May 5, 2009, Dr. Margaret Flowers, Russel Mokhiber, were among eight activists arrested at a health care hearing of the Senate Finance Committee, in the Dirksen Office Building, Room 106. As soon as the Committee Chair, Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), opened the proceedings, the activists began in turns to stand and to make comments, like: "Why isn't a single payer at the table?" They were immediately "escorted" out of the room by the Capitol Hill police and placed under arrest. Video

The Sky's the Limit | Smash the Air NZ lock out

Aotearoa, 06.05.2009 10:41

This weekend Air New Zealand, (75% publicly owned), is locking out EPMU members who are employed by a subsidiary at lower rates of pay than directly employed Flight Attendants. Workers are asking for pay parity with directly employed Flight Attendants. Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe (Salary = $1.6 million), is the lead scab.

"[T]here are crew in more hardship than me, one lady I have heard about is living in her garage and renting out her house to meet the mortgage payments, not trying to single out fellow crew but her story does give you a realistic picture of what we at Zeal are being faced with everyday, this particular woman is on admin duties due to injury so she is having to live on just over $1000 a month after tax." - ZealGirl

PICKET SCHEDULE - Thursday, May 7
0700 – 1000 at Victoria Park Market, opposite Air NZ Head Office, 185 Fanshawe Street.
1200 – 1500 at Auckland International Airport, main drop off area.
Rally on Lambton Quay from 1100 to 1300. Meet outside Air NZ Holidays shop, corner Grey Street and Lambton Quay.
1100 – 1200 at Air NZ Holidays shop. South City Mall, 549 Colombo Street.
>>>>>Full Picket Schedule - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday>>>>>

Background | Youtube | Zeal Girl (Worker Blog)

Gentechnik: Besetzungen, Mahnwachen und Aktionstage

Germany, 06.05.2009 06:41

Es ist wieder ein spannendes Aktionsfrühjahr gegen Gentechnik - schon vier Besetzungen, vier Mahnwachen und mehrere Aktionswochenenden prägen das Geschehen. Konzerne, LobbyistInnen und die im Filz der Gentechnik verstrickten Ministerien und Ämter jammern um ihren schönen Profitstandort Deutschland. Nach dem Mon810-Verbot und zurückgezogenen Versuchen nach den Aktionen im letzten Jahr sind nur noch so wenige Felder übrig, wie im letzten Jahr befreit wurden. Wird das Land am Ende ganz gentechnikfrei sein? Oder werden Konzerne, mit Steuermillionen gefütterte Firmengeflechte und die platte Staatsmacht einige letzte Felder retten können? Hier folgt ein erster Überblick über die ersten vier Monate des Jahres 2009 ...


Colombia, 06.05.2009 06:39

Detienen a nueve dirigentes del paro camionero

May Day 2009

Houston, 06.05.2009 06:09

May Day Celebrated in Texas and Across the World

The end of the Canadian seal hunt

Portland, 06.05.2009 04:25

Today is a day to celebrate. The European Union has slammed shut the door on trade in the products of the commercial seal slaughter. The Canadian government estimates that losing this primary market will cost Canada's sealing industry $6.6 million (CAD) each year. The hunt brought in less than $7 million last year. Just the promise of an EU ban was enough to drive the prices for seal fur down to $15 (CAD) per skin -- a decline of 86 percent since 2006. As a result, many sealers stayed home. Out of this year's quota of 280,000 harp seals, fewer than 60,000 have been killed so far.

Canadian seal hunt supporters won't give up just yet. With government subsidies still in hand, the sealing industry will be chasing down new markets. The ProtectSeals campaign is working to convince all targeted nations to follow the EU's example. Canadian Senator Mac Harb has introduced his nation's first bill to end the hunt. The ProtectSeals campaign is striving to convince other members of Canada's Parliament to support the bill. [ Read More ]

Fort Lewis Stop Loss Rally

Portland, 06.05.2009 04:25

On May 9th IVAW Ft. Lewis will begin its Stoploss Campaign. Right now Fort Lewis, the largest military base on the West Coast, will be deploying three infantry brigades to Iraq and Afghanistan over the next four months. This means that 10,000 soldiers will be leaving to serve in occupations in the Middle East. IVAW Fort Lewis will be joining with other groups from the community to hold a rally outside the gates of Fort Lewis to demonstrate our support of these soldiers who are being exploited by the military. The anti war-community needs to show service people and their families that they are not suffering alone. Participants will meet at COFFEE STRONG at noon on May 9th to assemble. They will then proceed to Freedom Bridge which leads to the gates of Fort Lewis where they will rally in support of GI Rights. [ Read More ] COFFEE STRONG
15109 Union Ave SW
Lakewood, WA 98499

Port Militarization Resisters detained by police in Fort Lewis, WA

Seattle, 06.05.2009 03:40

Strykers are now being shipped through Port of Tacoma. Port Militarization Resistance responds.

May 2nd: Port Militarization Resistance Gathering at Coffee Strong

Seattle, 06.05.2009 03:40

Meeting to coordinate actions and prepare for stryker shipments to the Port of Tacoma. Meet at Coffee Strong at 7pm.

15109 Union Ave SW in Lakewood, next door to Subway.

Mersey May Day Solidarity Raises £300 For Sacked Visteon Workers

United Kingdom, 06.05.2009 03:10

£300 was raised on Merseyside this May Day weekend, in solidarity with sacked Visteon car parts makers who have now been blockading three UK sites for more than a month.


Argentina, 06.05.2009 03:10

Unión de Asambleas Ciudadanas

Argentina, 06.05.2009 01:09

The Angola Three: Torture in Our Own Backyard

DC, 05.05.2009 23:11

They were framed for murder after organizing a Black Panther Party prison chapter at the infamous Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. Together, Herman Wallace, Robert King, and Albert Woodfox have spent more than 100 years in solitary confinement.

Creativity and Conversations about Climate Politics at Crafts not Carbon Meeting

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.05.2009 21:40

On Saturday, May 2nd, Crafts Not Carbon gathered at Embarcadero Center to provide a safe space that fosters creativity and realistic conversation about climate politics. The event was held at 2:00PM, near the farmer's market and lasted till 5:30PM. While the group met in San Francisco for this event, it's future intentions is to reach all regions of the bay area, as well as use their forum for strategic occupation.

MAY DAY IN MIAMI 2009 - 300 plus March through the Miami Financial District

Miami, 05.05.2009 16:08

MAY DAY IN MIAMI 2009 - 300 plus March through the Miami Financial District

Vassar College May Day 2009 Statement

NYC, 05.05.2009 15:40

On Friday, May 1st, a group of staff, students, and faculty held two rallies at Vassar College. We were loud. We were disruptive. For the first time in years students and faculty at Vassar are standing in solidarity with staff with more than just words.

Conferência Nacional de Comunicação convocada! Onde está a democracia?

Brasil, 05.05.2009 14:10


Condoleezza Rice Faces Unwelcome at Stanford University

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.05.2009 08:40

After a 10-year hiatus, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is back at Stanford University where she is a Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hoover Institution. Rice has said she's ready for spirited debate, but it is unlikely she anticipated being caught on videotape last week, when she was cornered by a student demanding she explain her role in authorizing torture. This week about 150 veterans of protest, who led the fight 40 years ago to dislodge Stanford University from the War in Vietnam, called on Stanford to sever relations with the former Provost.

Bybee (The torture memo judge)

Portland, 05.05.2009 06:39

On April 30th a 1/2 dozen "individuals for justice" protested outside Pioneer Courthouse, calling for Impeachment of Judge Bybee who signed off on Torture policy for Bush. This is a two part video. The vigil will continue every Thursday at high noon. Two short videos from The Protest against Torture in Portland at Pioneer Courthouse located by Pioneer Square.

From the Port Liberation Front, With Love

Portland, 05.05.2009 06:39

Last night, the resistance continued. Shipments started leaving Fort Lewis around 9:00pm. Scouts were located up and down the I-5 corridor. People were in position and then the HugBots - three people in robot costumes and concrete lockboxes - were unleashed in front of a convoy of Stryker vehicles on the off-ramp to Exit 137 near the Port of Tacoma. They jumped out of a van that came out of nowhere, in the midst of several cop cars and quickly locked down. The van drove off with the back doors still swinging open into the dark of the night.

In one of the most highly militarized places in the entire world, a van and a small group of people took the military and the police off guard. They were surprised. They had no idea what was going on. Imagine, if you will, how the scene would have unraveled if instead of three people doing a blockade there were ten or twenty or more? [ Read More | The Anti-Fun League Communique #1 | The Resistance Returns to Tacoma and Lakewood | 11 antiwar activists arrested, Port Militarization Resistance continues ]

Capitola Home Depot Targeted With Literature to Save Patagonia

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.05.2009 05:38

The Home Depot in Capitola was targeted on May 3rd with hundreds of stickers and handbills to publicize their involvement in a controversial development project in Patagonia, Chile. The HidroAysen project involves three dams on the Pascua River and two dams on the Baker River that would flood globally rare forest ecosystems and some of the most productive agricultural land in the Aysen region.

Protest Photography Library

Aotearoa, 05.05.2009 04:47

I have been taking photos of protests for a couple of years now and most of them have been sitting on my computer doing nothing. So I am gradually uploading some of my better protest photos to the internet with the goal of eventually providing an accessible library of images for left wing organisations to use. Also I know that many of the photos will be interesting to people that were at these events. In the long term I hope that these photos will help us document our movements.

Acto en Córdoba 1 de mayo

Argentina, 05.05.2009 04:28

Que la crisis la paguen los capitalistas


Argentina, 05.05.2009 04:28


A Busy Two Weeks: animal testing, duck hunting demo, cats and a chicken

Aotearoa, 05.05.2009 02:11

Until every cage is empty…
Over the last two weeks we have been very busy releasing our first investigation, taking action against GlaxoSmithKline during World Lab Animal Week and the opening of the duck hunting season and helping with many cats and a chicken.

ALA members attended demos organised by Save the Beagles at the Valley Animal Research Centre in Palmerston North and then returned to Auckland to hold demos against GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) as part of our Stop HLS campaign. [ Beagles Report | Auckland Photos ]

This year the 2nd of May was the opening of this years duck hunting season. In deciding what action to take we knew that placards and banners were not going to change the minds of those at the hunting grounds as such we wanted to do something that would reduce that amount of time the hunters had on the water and thus the time they had to maim and kill. [ Photos | Report ]

Read the ALA Animal Rescue Blog | Donate: 12-3039-0384332-00

¡Triunfo de los Trabajadores de Domínguez y asociados!

Venezuela, 04.05.2009 21:37

Falleció el Camarada Estudiante Yuban Ortega

Venezuela, 04.05.2009 21:37

&quot;Чарнобыльскi шлях&quot; 2009 глазами Антиатомного Сопротивления

Belarus, 04.05.2009 19:37

Сегодня в Минске прошла демонстрация против атомной энергетики, а также в память жертв Чернобыльской катастрофы. На площадке перед Академией наук собралось около тысячи демонстрантов. Группой Антиатомного Сопротивления численностью более ста человек были развернуты баннеры «Альтернатива есть!», «Мы против ядерного реактора» и растяжка «Антиатомное сопротивление». Раздавались листовки антиатомного и анархического содержания. Участники черного блока выкрикивали лозунги против ядерной энергетики и капитализма под бой барабанов самба-бэнда. Около кинотеатра «Октябрь» колонна разделилась на две части. Группа Антиатомного Сопротивления двинулась по улице Богдана Хмельницкого до улицы Якуба Колоса, где участники разошлись в знак протеста против попытки властей навязать свой маршрут.

В 2008 году Совет Безопасности РБ принял окончательное
решение о строительстве АЭС в Беларуси. Никто не спросил…

Уличная вечеринка в поддержку автономных пространств в Минске

Belarus, 04.05.2009 19:37

Уличная вечеринка в поддержку автономных пространств в МинскеНацісьніце, каб павялічыць

Анархистский Первомай в Минске

Belarus, 04.05.2009 19:37

Анархисты Минска отметили первомай песанкционированной акцией в ТЦ "Корона". Колонна из 40 человек под бой барабанов самба-бэнда под двумя красно-черными флагами и с растяжкой "Потребляй, работай, сдохни!", прошлась по залу торгового центра, скандируя речевки и раздавая листовки. Ошалевшая от неожиданности охрана не препятствовала движению колонны и, плетясь в конце, пыталась задержать оператора. Посетители торгового центра приветствовали нас улыбками и охотно брали листовки. Акция продлилась не более двух минут, после чего все активисты беспрепятственно покинули здание и рассосались на близлежащих переулках.

Первомай традиционно отмечается анархистами всего мира, как день неповиновения и рабочего сопротивления. Более ста лет назад наши товарищи отдали свои жизни в борьбе за сорокачасовую рабочую неделю, что рассматривалось ими как временное достижение в борьбе рабочих против капиталистов нанимателей.

Сегодня, прикрываясь баснями об экономическом кризисе, капиталисты пытаются…

Thousands March on May Day

United States, 04.05.2009 18:39

People around the world marched for workers' and immigrants' rights on May 1st. In the United States, labor day has been traditionally celebrated in September but since 2006, the immigration movement has brought back the tradition of celebrating international workers day on May 1st in commemoration of the Haymarket massacre in Chicago.

In Washington, DC, the day began with an ICE raid at 6 a.m. One of the ICE officers woke up residents by saying, "Where's all the Hispanic people in this building?"

"Without immigrants this country of ours—because it's ours as well—would not be in any way near as good as it is," said Oscar Chacon, Executive Director of the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities. "It is because of immigrants of yesterday, immigrants of today, and immigrants of tomorrow, that this nation is indeed still, in spite of all the difficulties, a beacon of hope."

The message of the immigrant mobilization was simple and direct, end the raids and detentions, and establish a new immigration policy based on human, civil, and labor rights.

LOCAL REPORTS:: Washington DC, AUDIO | Los Angeles | Boston, VIDEO | New York, VIDEO | Portland | Portland

200 executions by Perry

Houston, 04.05.2009 17:43

200 executions under Governor Perry

May Day 2009

Jakarta, 04.05.2009 17:39

1 Mei 2009 - Belasan ribu buruh, aktivis dan mahasiswa dari berbagai elemen dan organisasi memperingati Hari Buruh Sedunia dengan melakukan aksi longmarch dari Bundaran HI menuju Istana Negara, Jakarta. Aksi ini tergabung dalam dua organisasi payung, Front Perjuangan Rakyat (FPR) dan Aliansi Buruh Menggugat (ABM). ...

1ero mayo 2009

Puerto Rico, 04.05.2009 16:11

1ero de Mayo: ¡No Hay Rompeolas Que Detenga Nuestro Tsunami!

Rombongan Asian People Movement Against ADB Dihadang Polisi di 4 Titik di Bali

Jakarta, 04.05.2009 14:38

Pagi ini Senin, 4 Mei 2009, kelompok sipil dari 8 negara Asia dan kelompok masyarakat serta non goverment organisation (NGO) baik level nasional maupun lokal dari Indonesia yang akan menyuarakan hasil-hasil deklarasi dari pertemuannya beberapa hari di Denpasar mengenai praktek jerat hutang ADB, ketika menuju Lapangan Mumbul daerah Nusa Dua Bali tertahan oleh pihak kepolisian dengan alasan yang tidak jelas serta mengada-ada. ...

Remove Shell's Illegal Fences - National Day of Action - CALL OUT

Ireland, 04.05.2009 12:42

Saturday 9th May, 2009 at 6pm - Day of Action - Su ...

Smoke ‘Em Out, Freedom Of Speech Be Damned (The Fort Dix 5)

United States, 04.05.2009 06:37

The corporate media has labeled this the case of the “Fort Dix 5-Terrorists.” And, let’s face it, in America, that label announced to the American public, makes them guilty!

Police Liberate Animals from Scamps Pet Store

Portland, 04.05.2009 05:39

On Friday, April 10th, Salem Police and Willamette Humane Society responded to a report of animal neglect at the Scamps Pet Center located inside Salem's Lancaster Mall. Officials liberated 2 dogs and a rabbit from Scamps who were found to be living in poor health conditions. Store manager Laura Lien, 59, was cited for animal neglect. Scamps Pet Center at the Lancaster Mall is now being investigated.

Tracy Lee, a former employee of Scamps in Corvallis, Albany and Eugene says, "I'm not surprised that there are only 6 stores left of the dozens that were in business when I worked for them. Yes, they were known for buying from puppy and kitten mills, and a number of animals would die while in the shop. I remember the mutant American Eskimo with the paw growing out of it's chest." [ Read More ]

The Resistance Returns to Tacoma and Lakewood

Portland, 03.05.2009 23:39

Thirteen people were arrested last night along various exits and onramps on the I-5 corridor between Fort Lewis and the Port of Tacoma. Some others were detained but released. Looks like everyone will be out of jail today... Just the first night and we were able to mobilize perhaps seventy people in Lakewood from as far away as Seattle, Portland and remote places on the peninsula... Blockades of people popped out of nowhere during the night at various exits to I-5 and took the convoys and the police by surprise... Convoys were successfully blocked, albeit for a short period of time... If we do things right, this will be the first major anti-militarist and anti-imperialist action during Obama's presidency. We can send a clear message nationally that this administration's policies are terrible as the last. As Angela Davis puts it, "... a black face on white imperialism and capitalism... " This round of military shipments, unlike many in the past, places us at a very interesting and crucial point. [ Read More | 11 antiwar activists arrested, Port Militarization Resistance continues TONIGHT AND BEYOND ]

Entre todxs pararemos el TAV

Euskal Herria, 03.05.2009 22:40

Las obras para acometer el megaproyecto del Tren de Alta Velocidad en Euskal Herria hace meses que dieron inicio en los tres territorios de la CAV. En Nafarroa a�n no pero ya se cerr� el acuerdo con el gobierno de Zapatero para su financiaci�n. El comienzo est� previsto para el 2011 y los partidos pol�ticos navarros apoyan y aplauden la realizaci�n de esta infraestructura innecesaria para el pueblo que, en la CAV, tiene un coste de casi � 5.000 por cabeza.

Al pueblo navarro tampoco se le ha pedido su opini�n sobre el proyecto as� que AHTGelditu!Elkarlana est� promoviendo la realizaci�n de consultas populares en Nafarroa. Las dos primeras ya tienen fecha y lugar. Se realizar�n en Albizu el 10 de mayo y en Lizarrabengoa el 17 de mayo.

La coordinadora contin�a con su lucha contra el TAV, a pesar de las administraciones territoriales que hacen o�dos sordos a la oposici�n social, que ha ido en aumento y que tratan de criminalizar. La �ltima campa�a, con el lema YO TAMBI�N PARAR� el TAV, ha tenido por objetivo recabar el mayor n�mero de fotos de personas comprometidas contra el TAV con la idea de visualizar la diversidad de dicha oposici�n social. En el marco de esta campa�a se convoca tambi�n a una manifestaci�n nacional en Iru�a. Ser� el pr�ximo 9 de mayo y partir� desde el Parque de Antonutti a las 17.30h.

Portland Police Cancel Annual Police Riot

Portland, 03.05.2009 22:39

Did I miss something? What happened? It was MAY DAY. The crowds were all there. The political will was there. People of color were there. The BLACK BLOC was there. And... no police riot. No pepper spray, no batons in my back, no stomping hooves smashing down on sandal-clad feet, not even a wave of false arrests. No "snatch and grab" teams, no Todd Wyatt pepper spraying babies. Hell, I wasn't even tailed by a sneering pod of riot pigs as I left the rally. So... what gives? Who canceled the annual police riot? [ Read More | A Few Photogs from May Day 09 | Video and Audio Selections From May Day 2009 | Our May Day Demands | Riot Hits San Francisco On May Day! | Mayday Protests in EU massive and unruly ]

Roundup of Coverage of May Day 2009 in New York City

NYC, 03.05.2009 20:39

May Day 2009 in New York City was celebrated in the rain, as over a thousand people gathered in different locations in the metropolitan area to rally for immigrant rights.

Boston Bashes Back Against Exodus: Radical Queers Disrupt Ex-Gay Ministry Training

Boston, 03.05.2009 14:09

At 9AM on Tuesday April 28th, somewhere between 50-70 people came to the iconic Park Street Church across from Boston Common to attend an Exodus Ministries training. Attendees watched a video wherein 'former homosexuals' and 'former lesbians' spoke of the power of god to heal 'sexual brokenness' and restore heterosexual desires to the most fallen of souls. During the 'male homosexuality' portion of the training, 'former homosexual' Jeff Buchanan shared his experience of having turned from his homosexual past, as well as the causes of male homosexuality, which include resentment of male authority and lack of bonding with fathers. This had been going on for quite some time when Jason Lydon, pastor of the Community Church of Boston, whom the event organizers had foolishly invited, stood up and informed the attendees of their culpability in the suicides of two eleven year old boys in April 2009, both prompted by anti-gay bullying.

Metro Area Immigrant Right Groups March on May First

DC, 03.05.2009 13:11

May First in DC, started out with a 6am ICE raid in an apartment complex in the middle of Mt Pleasant. One of the ICE officers woke up residents by saying, "Where's all the Hispanic people in this building?" This is what May first means to ICE. Instead, the National Capitol Immigration Coalition (NCIC) has made May First "their" day. Locally noone else has wanted May First, with its legacy of international worker's of the world unite, so immigration rights have become the exclusive focus of May Day for past few years. Over 1,500 march for immigrant rights Critical Mass: 50+ take Key Bridge, Whitehurst Freeway Free Speech march takes U st, 18th st before being dispersed

In Spite of Hard Times: A Festive May Day in Los Angeles

LA, 03.05.2009 06:09

In Spite of Hard Times: A Festive May Day in Los Angeles

On Rosemary Williams' Birthday, Friends and Neighbors Pack Housing Court; Trial Postponed

United States, 03.05.2009 04:38

After receiving an eviction notice taped to her door last week at the end of the six month redemption period on her foreclosed home, Rosemary Williams showed up at Housing Court at the Hennepin County Government Center Wednesday morning - along with about 50 of her friends and neighbors.

As the defendant at the preliminary hearing, Rosemary was represented by Jordan Kushner and Bruce Nestor of the National Lawyers Guild, who prepared to argue that in addition to disputing some facts of the complaint against her, the eviction would cause a public nuisance to the community and should therefore not be permitted to continue.   This experimental legal defense was met with skepticism by the housing court referee - but a trial was scheduled to begin Tuesday, April 28 at 9am at the HCGC. 

Read More & Video (Video is from 4/22 press conference and hearing) | The trial has since been rescheduled for May 26.

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