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La Gripe Porcina

Puerto Rico, 18.05.2009 23:55

Gripe porcina: El fiasco de 1976

&quot;pro NRW&quot;-Wahlschummel aufgeflogen

Germany, 18.05.2009 20:35

Wenige Tage ist es her, dass die selbsternannte Bürgerbewegung „pro NRW“ sich an einer Neuauflage ihres im September 2008 grandios gescheiterten „Anti-Islamisierungs-Kongresses“ versuchte.

Violencia e ilegalidad Macrista

Argentina, 18.05.2009 17:00

Desalojo ilegal de la Huerta Orgazmika

Turyn: protesty przeciw Uniwersyteckiemu Szczytowi G8

Poland, 18.05.2009 16:17

We Włoszech trwaja od początku maja protesty zorganizowane przez studencki ruch “Onda anomale”, wymierzone przeciw rozpoczętemu wczoraj Uniwersyteckiemu Szczytowi G8, czyli spotkaniu rektorów szkół wyższych państw członkowskich G8, którzy zebrali się w Turynie by wypracować zalecenia dotyczące polityki edukacyjnej dla szefów państw G8, którzy maja się spotkac w przyszłym roku na Sardynii.

Turyńska impreza G8 wspierana jest i finansowana przez CRUI (Konferencję rektorów włoskich uniwersytetów)

Violencia e ilegalidad Macrista

Argentina, 18.05.2009 16:16

Desalojo ilegal de la Huerta Orgazmika

New York Activists to Leonard Cohen: &quot;Don't Play Apartheid; Don’t Play Israel!&quot;

NYC, 18.05.2009 16:15

New York activists gathered in front of Radio City Music Hall Sunday night during a Leonard Cohen concert to call upon the singer/songwriter to cancel his scheduled September concert in Israel. The protesters sang songs, chanted, handed out leaflets to concert attendees and produced sidewalk art. The call comes in support of earlier calls by Jews, Palestinians, Israeli citizens and residents of the UK, and coincides with the publication of an open letter by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) calling for protests throughout the cities Cohen is touring.

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine

Boston, 18.05.2009 15:01

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine will "address the failure of application of law even though it has been so clearly identified." It begins where the ICJ "stopped: highlighting the responsibilities arising from the enunciation of law, including those of the international community, which cannot continue to shirk its obligations."

The Colnbrook blockade

United Kingdom, 18.05.2009 11:28

For the second time in less than two months, anti-deportation campaigners blockaded a detention centre to try and prevent a mass deportation flight to Iraqi Kurdistan. Six activists from the Stop Deportation network locked themselves together on 12th May, using glass and plastic arm tubes attached to heavy concrete barrels, blocking the entrance to Colnbrook detention centre near Heathrow, where some 45 of the deportees were being held. The blockade lasted for over four hours, after which three coaches carrying the deportees left for an undisclosed airport. All six were arrested (two quite violently) for obstruction of the highway.

Colnbrook IRC under Blockade | Blockade of Colnbrook detention centre | Colnbrook blockade ends with 6 arrests | Pictures | Video

Related: Anti-deportation campaigners blockade Tinsley House immigration prison


Uruguay, 18.05.2009 10:56

Actividad - Toke por derogación del actual nombre del liceo.


Uruguay, 18.05.2009 10:56

Actividad - Toke por derogación del actual nombre del liceo.


Uruguay, 18.05.2009 10:56

A 40 años del asesinato de Liber Arce


Uruguay, 18.05.2009 10:56

Brad Will presente!!!

despedida para tomar fuerza

Uruguay, 18.05.2009 10:56

Una pausa en el camino

despedida para tomar fuerza

Uruguay, 18.05.2009 10:56

Una pausa en el camino

Indymedia Newsreal -- May 09

Seattle, 18.05.2009 06:27

Indymedia presents the May 09 Indymedia NewsReal. This monthly effort is a collaboration between Indymedia and Free Speech TV.

Contra la privatización de playa en Arecibo

Puerto Rico, 18.05.2009 06:01

Organizaciones comunitarias y ambientales contra la privatización de playa en Arecibo

Protest Against John Yoo at Boalt Hall Graduation

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.05.2009 06:01

On Saturday, May 16th, at the ceremonies for UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall law school graduates, World Can't Wait protested against the author of U.S. torture memos, John Yoo, Boalt Hall Law Professor. The protest against torture called on graduates to demand that the UC law school not tolerate torture and those who are apologists for torture policies.

At least two more sea lions put to death on the Columbia

Portland, 18.05.2009 06:00

We now know the identities of the animals put to death by the state. There were three of them rather than two. They are: C645, C674 and C858... C645 had a name, not just a brand. He was given the name Glider, by the children of Redland Elementary School. C674 was named "Hershey" by the community, in honor of Governor Kulongoski's dog. C858 had been added to the death list only last month, after being observed eating only TWO fish. Clearly, they are not targeting "problem" animals, as they had initially claimed. They are targeting and killing any sea lion they can get.

Once again, we are asking for volunteers to step forward who would like to assist with monitoring. It seems that the killing has not ended for the year after all. We particularly need people to be watching the river at Bonneville dam, and down in Astoria at the sea lion haul out. If you would be interested in helping with this, please contact the Sea Lion Defense Brigade at You can also call Matt Rossell at In Defense of Animals to volunteer as a monitor. That number is (503)249-9996. [ Read More | ]


Colombia, 18.05.2009 03:38

Murió el poeta


Colombia, 18.05.2009 03:38

Ahora Todo Está Claro... el olvido está tan lleno de memoria que a veces no caben las remembranzas

&quot;Let them eat cake!&quot; - NDU sells out clothing workers

Aotearoa, 18.05.2009 00:40

The National Distribution Union has announced that it's response to 186 of clothing manufacturer Lane Walker Rudkin's (LWR) 470 staff being made redundant - (102 in Christchurch, 61 in Greytown, 19 in Pahiatua and four in Auckland) - is to hold a cake stall. LWR is New Zealand's oldest unionised company, a company which in recent years has been forced to endure incompetent management as a result of the break up of Ken and Patricia Anderson, the owners. The bank, Westpac, won't even pay redundancy payouts. The NDU's response to trying to keep jobs in what should actually be a profitable company has been called a "great initiative". It is actually nothing more than a sell out of the people who pay the salaries of union bureaucrats like Laila Harre and Maxine Gay. A real path of resistance would be immediate occupation of all LWR factories and plants and the reorganisation of the company as a workers' cooperative. Even an occupation of a Westpac bank to get the redundancy money is better than baking a cake. The NDU's response has been an absolute disgrace to New Zealand workers.

"Well, with the world economy now looking remarkably like Argentina's in 2001 (and for many of the same reasons) there is a new wave of direct action among workers in rich countries. Co-ops are once again emerging as a practical alternative to more lay-offs. Workers in the U.S. and Europe are beginning to ask the same questions as their Latin American counterparts: Why do we have to get fired? Why can't we fire the boss? Why is the bank allowed to drive our company under while getting billions of dollars of our money?" - Naomi Klien and Avi Lewis in The Cure for Layoffs: Fire the Boss!

Video: “The Worker Control Solution from Buenos Aires to Chicago” | The Take -a film about how workers in Argentina took over the factories abandoned by their owners | Facebook group: Bake a cake for LWR workers

Worker's struggle: | Anarcho-Syndicalism 101 | LabourStart | Infoshop - Fire Your Boss

Homenaja a Mario Benedetti

Venezuela, 18.05.2009 00:37

Lucha de Guajataca

Puerto Rico, 17.05.2009 23:42

Comunidad de Quebradillas pide explicación sobre cierre de acceso a Playa Guajataca

Largest Shareholder Barclays and Top Investors Dump HLS

United Kingdom, 17.05.2009 23:40

This week it was announced Barclays and four other large investors dropped all shares in Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), Europe's largest and most exposed vivisection laboratory. LSR stock owned by institutional shareholders has now fallen to 12%, placing HLS $4 million below the NYSE minimum listing standard for market value (the only stock exchange listing the company, a major target in the campaign to close HLS).

Following a legal challenge against the CEO's proposal to purchase all of the outstanding LSR stock, an intense global campaign and recent repression against SHAC in Birmingham, a total of 797,284 shares have now been sold. Barclays Global Investors, Barclays Plc, Hartford Investment Management Company, Rice Hall James and Associates LLC, Bank of New York Mellon and Wells Fargo sold all their shares, of which over 400,000 were held by previously largest shareholder Barclays.

Barclays campaign: Global (Videos) | London | Direct action | SHAC topic page

Cindy Sheehan coming to Mt. Shasta &amp; the Rogue Valley

Rogue Valley, 17.05.2009 15:10

On this 5 year anniversary of her son Casey’s death in Iraq, Peace activist, Cindy Sheehan, also known as “Peace Mom” is touring the country with her new e-book: “Myth America: 10 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution!

Wednesday, May 20 Cindy will be in Mt. Shasta, CA at 7PM at the Stage Door Café, 414 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd.

Thursday, May 21st at 6pm Cindy Sheehan will be in Ashland at the Peace House for an "informal" gathering to explore, "Where is the energy for world peace among young people? Envisioning the future of the peace movement in 2010 and beyond."

Then she is off to Bloomsbury Books for a 7:30pm talk and book signing.

Alianza Comunitaria

Puerto Rico, 17.05.2009 12:41

Unidos por Cantera

Chicago Activist Andy Thayer Arrested in Moscow Amid Slavic Pride Crackdown

Chicago, 17.05.2009 06:09

Chicago activist and political organizer Andy Thayer, who was recently acquitted from felony charges incurred from a January 2008 protest against George W. Bush, was one of a group of 40 activists in Moscow who were arrested in a crackdown after attempts to stage a Slavic Pride parade in Russia.

Thayer, who has been providing regular dispatches on Chicago Indymedia from Moscow, has reported on efforts by Russian and Belorussian LGBT activists who continue to organize despite repeated threats and slurs, including those from Moscow's mayor.

The repression of LGBT rights from Russian authorities and local skinheads is nothing new. A Moscow march in 2006 saw considerable numbers of police level more than 100 arrests. Every year since, Moscow City Hall has dismissed permit requests for subsequent marches, and each year's march has been marred by anti-gay violence.

Read more: Andy Thayer Among Moscow Arrestees | Protest Oppression of Gays in Iraq, Russia This Sunday | International Coverage

Section 8 Landlords Sue Cops for Civil Rights Violations

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.05.2009 02:25

On April 30, 2009, a family of Section 8 landlords in Contra Costa County filed suit against the City of Antioch and several members of its Police Department for violating their civil rights. The lawsuit, filed in San Francisco's U.S. District Court for Northern California, alleges that members of the Antioch Police Department used rough and illegal tactics to force the landlords to evict their Section 8 tenants, many of whom are African-Americans.

General Internet Security and Posts About Illegal Activities

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.05.2009 02:25

Public service announcement by the SF Bay Area IMC collective: While anonymous posting may seem anonymous, it is easy for the federal government to monitor web traffic even when it is said to be secure by web browsers. Posting from public computers is one way to remain anonymous, but many of those facilities can be monitored and themselves face serious risks if threats or illegal posts are traced back to them.

&quot;If They Knew the Truth, They'd Hate Us Even More&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.05.2009 02:25

Ciaran Dubhuidhe writes: We Americans like to think of ourselves as civilized people. Historically, we have supported our government in war under the belief that our government and our soldiers are honorable and that we do not engage in unjust wars. Ugly things like genocide, torture, naked aggression, raping, pillaging, and scorched earth policies are things that others do, not us. Since we are so good and virginal in every sense, we reason that others hate us only because of our goodness and purity.

NIMBY Group Loses Anti-Day Worker Center Appeal

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.05.2009 02:25

Neighbors of a proposed new location for Mountain View's award-winning Day Worker Center have called in right-wing extremist group Judicial Watch to advise them on "protecting" their neighborhood. They threatened the city council on May 12, saying that by approving a conditional-use permit for the Center the city will face a lawsuit for using taxpayer funds to help what they refer to as "illegal" immigrants. The city council, however, has remained unconvinced by the NIMBY group's arguments.

Community Members Call for GID Reform

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.05.2009 02:25

On May 18th at 6:00pm, concerned community members and mental health providers will gather at 4th & Howard in San Francisco in front of the Moscone Center to protest the handling of the American Psychiatric Association's revision of so-called "Gender Identity Disorder" in its 5th revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Bison on Horse Butte Mercilessly Hazed out of Montana

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.05.2009 02:25

All week patrols have been documenting the Montana Department of Livestock, Yellowstone National Park, Gallatin National Forest and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks agents carry out massive and relentless hazing operations, harassing and harming America's last wild bison population.

Rock n' Roll on the Knoll Benefit Concert Canceled by UC Administration

Santa Cruz, CA, 17.05.2009 02:23

The Rock n' Roll On the Knoll Benefit Concert scheduled to occur on the UC Santa Cruz campus on Sunday, May 17th has been canceled. This was announced with very short notice on the afternoon of May 14th. Apparently, UCSC had to export some of it's police force to a graduation ceremony at UC Merced where Mrs. Obama will be speaking.

Portland Indymedia Tech Benefit Party!

Portland, 16.05.2009 18:39

Portland Indymedia Tech Collective has spread its servers thin enabling millions of folks to be the media and wishes to improve its services. But, our hardware is getting tired, and we need to upgrade.
Come contribute to the future of Portland Indymedia and the ever increasing amount of Portlanders who depend on it. Plus see a great show and dance your ass off to the inspiring beat of love & revolution while you're at it!

Stag Bitten (pending confirmation)
Molly Bang
Bum Tech
Also featuring... BEER (you know you've heard of it....) & fun raffle PRIZES!

$5 and up donation (no contribution is too small or too large)
Snacks, T-Shirts, IMC merch, Available
8pm Saturday May 30th
Union Hall
Corner of NW 4th & Everett (upstairs)

Safer Space Policy in effect!

Portland Indymedia Radio DJ Harassed &amp; Threatened With Grand Jury Subpoena

Portland, 16.05.2009 18:39

ctivists should be aware that a Portland Indymedia radio DJ, Sean Rice, has been harassed recently by the FBI and threatened with federal grand jury subpoena.
On Monday a man approached Sean Rice when Sean left his house to catch a bus. The man addressed him by his legal name claiming to be an FBI agent and wanting to "ask some questions". Sean quickly informed the man that he wouldn't be answering any questions. The man then claimed he "just wanted to talk to him about his rights". Mr. Rice then told the man he would not talk to him and walked away. At no time did the man present any identification proving whether he was a fed or not. It is important to be aware that corporations hire private detectives to harass activists. So this man may or may not be who he says he is.

Wednesday leaving work the same man approached, this time with a woman who did the talking. She started by trying to hail him over, "come here, come here". To which he replied, "No, talk to my lawyer". She then threatened him, "You're only making this harder on yourself. We can do this the easy way or with a grand jury subpoena." He requested her card to give to his lawyer and offered to have his lawyer contact her. She asked who his lawyer was and he, again, asked for her card. "No. Who's your lawyer?" "Stu Sugarman." Apparently Stu's bad ass reputation preceded him and she quickly uttered a nervous, "Ok," and they left;, again without identifying themselves or serving actual subpoena papers.

So just what exactly is a grand jury?

Teachers Stage a Day of Actions in Response to Court Injunction of Strike.

LA, 16.05.2009 17:09

Teachers Stage a Day of Actions in Response to Court Injunction of Strike.

May 29th and 30th: Bhopal's Gen Next Joins Struggle for Justice in Bhopal

Seattle, 16.05.2009 16:39

16-year old Safreen Rafat Khan is a 2nd generation victim of the Bhopal disaster, the 1984 industrial accident that killed 8,000 people within a week and exposed over a half million people to industrial poisons. Over the last 25 years, survivors of the disaster have fought a dogged fight for justice, clean-up of contamination, clean water and corporate accountability. Union Carbide, its new owner Dow Chemical and the Indian Government have tried to get people to forget the disaster. Safreen co-founded the children's action group Children Against Dow Carbide to ensure that survivors of the world's worst industrial disaster win the battle of memory against forgetfulness. She is visiting Seattle on May 29th-30th. Meet her. Inspire her. Get inspired.

VIDEO: What is Stop Loss?

Seattle, 16.05.2009 16:39

Description of stop loss by Mark Uresti at Coffee Strong.

report- community action in Mt. Roskill against the motorway

Aotearoa, 16.05.2009 07:41

On Friday the 15th of May a dozen Mt.Albert/Roskill/Waterview community members and a dozen local anarchists crashed the official opening of the SH20 motorway extension through Roskill that will meet up with a new motorway through Mt. Albert and Waterview to form the proposed Western Ring Route.

The Indypendent: &quot;WBAI Showdown: Power Struggle Escalates&quot;

NYC, 16.05.2009 05:09

By early April, the station had fallen $128,000 behind on rent for its office space at 120 Wall Street and owed another $75,000 in back payments for its transmitter atop the Empire State Building. According to Lavarn Williams, WBAI’s then General Manager Anthony Riddle renegotiated the lease with Silverstein Properties without notifying Pacifica’s national leadership. Riddle, the station’s fifth general manager in seven years, was removed from his position May 6. Under the revised agreement, Williams said WBAI (and by extension the Pacifica Foundation) faces making two rent payments totaling almost $60,000 in May, two more payments totaling $75,000 in June and two more rent payments by July 25 totaling $45,000 or be subject to immediate eviction if it misses a single payment.

The first check for $29,444.30 is due May 18 and another check for the same amount is due May 25.

Radical Events Happening soon around Aotearoa!

Aotearoa, 16.05.2009 02:11

These are some political events coming up around the country that might be worth going to. Auckland Wednesday 20th May Workers Party on Campus Forum: Why socialists fight for the oppressed both here and internationally Monday 25th May Film screening on the Tamil struggle in Sri Lanka at the Peace Place. Wellington Saturday 23 May Community Solidarity Dinner + Movie Night. 'An awesome evening of curries and movies in solidarity with political activists arrested in 'terror raids' in the United States and New Zealand.' Christchurch Friday 22 May Save Happy Valley - Time for tea outside climate criminal's HQ Thursday 28th May An Anarchist's Story — Doco screening in Otautahi/Christchurch

APD Shoots Nate Sanders

Houston, 16.05.2009 02:10

Neighbors speak out after Austin officer fatally shoots youth

2da Jornada Contra la Homofobia

Puerto Rico, 16.05.2009 00:40

Seamos la Diferencia

Attacks On Tamils Continue - Westminster Bridge Besieged

United Kingdom, 15.05.2009 23:10

As attacks by the national army in Sri Lanka have intensified, so do the protests around the world. After the news of thousands of civilian deaths in Sri Lanka at the weekend, which the UN has described as ‘a bloodbath’, British Tamils began a civil disobedience protest on Monday (11.05.09) in the hope that the British government might put genuine and decisive pressure on Sri Lanka to stop the atrocities it is currently committing. Five hundred began the protest at Parliament Square early in the morning. Thousands more joined them, at which point they moved onto Westminster Bridge and closed it off to traffic. Police officers were taken by surprise. The blockade lasted until mid-afternoon, at which time police resorted to physical attacks on people in an effort to clear the bridge.

More than 300,000 Tamils are currently under siege by the Sri Lankan forces. Aerial bombardments and shelling of civilians are continuing. Children and elderly are dying as a direct result of the aerial bombardment. There has been increased violence in Sri Lanka following the capture of Tamil territory. It is estimated more than 75,000 people have already died in the conflict.

Upcoming: Tamil solidarity event this Sunday (17.05.09)

Previous features: Large Protests Erupt In Support Of Tamils | Tamil Blockade at Parliament (IMC London)

On the newswire: Estimate 1700 Tamil civilians killed 3000 injuried in 48 hrs in Sri Lanka | Civil Disobedience Protest By British Tamils Met With Police Brutality | Tamils Blockade Parliament Square Again (photos) | Tamils Blockade Parliament Sq (photos) | Bloodbath unfolding in Sri Lanka | Tamil blockade of Parliament Monday 11th May (photos) | "State terror in Sri Lanka - a Tamil perspective" today at Resonance 104.4 FM | Tamil protesters take to streets as the GENOCIDE of there people gose on | Urgent, westminster blockade happening now | Tamils genocide: More than 2,000 civilians feared slaughtered in a single night

Metro Trespass Trial: Santa Cruz v. Robert Norse

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.05.2009 19:09

Robert Norse writes: "Over six months ago on Sunday November 2nd, 2008, I was approached by a Metro security guard at the Metro Transit Center in downtown Santa Cruz. I was interviewing two homeless men for Free Radio Santa Cruz. The guard insisted I leave. I declined to do so. He called the police."

Bash Back! Targeted by Subpoenas Throughout Midwest

United States, 15.05.2009 12:07

Authorities have attempted to deliver subpoenas to at least three midwestern activists as of early Wednesday afternoon in relation to a Bash Back! action at an anti-queer megachurch in Lansing in November of 2008. Activists disrupted the church service by demonstrating both outside and inside the building. The related complaint lists 14 names, Bash Back! and Bash Back! Lansing, and "John Does 1-20" [...]

The subpoenas are in relation to a lawsuit filed by the right-wing Alliance Defense Fund. The Christian ADF, which filed the suit on behalf of Mount Hope church in Lansing, also is encouraging criminal charges... 2nd Statement from Bash Back! News: "The ADF decided to sue Bash Back!, Bash Back! Lansing and individuals because the authorities would not file a single criminal complaint regarding an action at the Mount Hope Church in Lansing last fall... More Updates & Links

12th Annual Queer Youth Leadership Awards

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.05.2009 08:09

The Santa Cruz County Task Force for LGBTIQ Youth presents the 12th Annual Queer Youth Leadership Awards on Saturday, May 16th at Scotts Valley High School. There will be a community resource fair at 5:00pm, dinner beginning at 5:30pm, and the Awards Ceremony beginning at 7:00pm. A community dance with DJ Eko follows the show.

2 Code Pinkers Correctly Identify Rumsfield

DC, 15.05.2009 04:14

War Criminal Des and Medea have a chat with Donald Rumsfeld at the White House Correspondents' Dinner Video

Fenty Confronted Receiving Award From Developers

DC, 15.05.2009 04:14

On May 14, Mayor Fenty appeared at the "Hinckley Hilton" to receive a lifetime achievement award from the DC Building Industry Association, a developer group. He had to run a gauntlet set up by Empower DC to get into the hotel to receive his award. Empower DC distributed fliers giving this list of public property giveaways from Fenty to his campaign contributors: *PN hoffman got 16 axcres of SW Waterfront land on a 99 year lease for $1 a year. *Donatelli and Klein(where the Mayor's fundraiser/birthday party was held) is getting two properties on Georgia Avenue worth over $1 million for only ONE DOLLAR! *Lowe Enterprises got 9 acres at Riggs Rd and S Dakota Ave NE,worth over $6M for only $500,000. *Argos Group got Old Engine House #10 on Capitol Hill, worth about $2M, for only $260,000.

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