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Quatro acampamentos são despejados em Minas Gerais

Brasil, 22.05.2009 15:35


Resumen de noticias Nº 4

Argentina, 22.05.2009 13:31

En Córdoba pasan cosas

Критическая Масса 2009.2

Belarus, 22.05.2009 11:43

Критическая Масса 2009.2Націсьніце, каб павялічыць

From the Newswire

Perth, 22.05.2009 06:18

Toxic uranium mining unwelcome in WA

Lucha de la HEEND

Puerto Rico, 22.05.2009 04:09

Paro en la UPR de Arecibo

Nueva Ley de Permisos

Puerto Rico, 22.05.2009 04:09

Nueva Ley de Permisos: Instrumento de los Ricos

Case Against Human Rights Activist Dismissed in Shannon District Court

Ireland, 21.05.2009 22:20

A case brought by the state against human rights a ...

Los estatales fueron recibidos con balas de goma

Argentina, 21.05.2009 18:14

Represion en el Ministerio de Educación

Los estatales fueron recibidos con balas de goma

Argentina, 21.05.2009 18:14

Represión en el Ministerio de Educación de Buenos Aires

What Price Education?

Ireland, 21.05.2009 14:51

The Education Cuts and How they will Affect School ...

II wiec w obronie Bazaru Banacha

Poland, 21.05.2009 11:11

W najbliższą sobotę 23 maja o godz.11.00 mieszkańcy Ochoty i Warszawy po raz drugi spotkają się na wiecu w obronie zagrożonego likwidacją Bazaru Banacha. Władze miasta kompletnie ignorując opinie mieszkanców, kupców jak i radnych dzielnicy, wydały zgodę na ogłoszenie konkursu architektonicznego na opracowanie koncepcji zespołu zabudowy handlowo – mieszkaniowej u zbiegu ulic Grójeckiej i Banacha - na terenie obecnego targowiska.

��21M: Huelga General!!

Euskal Herria, 21.05.2009 09:10

Las centrales sindicales ELA, LAB, STE-EILAS, ESK e HIRU y multitud de movimientos sociales de Euskal Herria hacen un llamamiento a una jornada de huelga general para hoy 21 de Mayo de 2009. Las razones son evidentes, dar una respuesta desde la clase trabajadora, desde los estudiantes, desde los parados y paradas para dejar claro que contra la crisis econ�mica que estamos viviendo la �nica salida es la solidaridad y la movilizaci�n, y no los despidos, las EREs o las ayudas a la banca.

Este jornada de huelga general en Euskal Herria trae la novedad de una cobertura en directo por parte de un grupo de colectivos de informaci�n alternativa y bloggers. A traves de se puede seguir minuto a minuto las noticias de la huelga, noticias en otros medios y una televisi�n en streming creada para esta ocasi�n; Adem�s de videos y fotos. (links a cada pagina)

Telebista / Jarraipena / Weba / Argazkiak / Azken bideoak / Berri nabarmenak

No solo en esta iniciativa sino tambi�n en el newsware de Indymedia Euskal Herria as� como en otros medios como Gaztesarea o por Lahaine/Boltxe se est� haciendo un seguimiento de la huelga general

Noticias llegadas a Indymedia sobre la convocatoria de huelga general.

Greba orokorra indymedian / Huelga general - greba orokorra (corto - laburra) / 2009ko maiatzaren 21eko greba orokorraren aldeko bideoa v�deo a favor de la huelga general del 21 de mayo de 2009 huelga general - greba orokorra (largo-luzea) / 29 trabajadoras y trabajadores explican sus razones para apoyar la huelga general del 21 de mayo de 2009 / Huelga general y crisis de dominaci�n / Greba orokorra: Lab-en iritzia. / Sobre el 21M / CNTren Greba Orokorrerako deialdia / Alarma anticapitalista general / /, greba auzolanean irudikatuko dugu sarean

May 2nd: Time For A Labor Resurgence!

Seattle, 21.05.2009 06:41

In the spirit of Seattle's 1919 general strike, organizers from a cross-section of unions facing layoffs and take-backs during this economic crisis will share their perspectives and strategies for re-igniting the labor movement.

Friday, May 22, 6:30pm
New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle
Take the #7 bus and get off at the Hudson St. stop.
Door donation is $3.00.

Taking it Beneath the Streets: Reverend Billy Campaigns on the F Train

NYC, 21.05.2009 06:00

Mayoral Green Party candidate Billy Talen, better known as Reverend Billy, took his gospel of an affordable, neighborhood friendly New York City under ground this past Thursday. That is, in an performance-action entitled “F the Fare Hike,” Talen rode the F train from Broadway-Lafayette Street station to Jamaica Street in Queens to Coney Island, preaching all the while against the recently announced public transportation fare hike, and criticizing the tactics of his mayoral race rival, incumbent Michael Bloomberg.

Victoria University kicks out students for anti-war protest

Aotearoa, 21.05.2009 05:00

Victoria University has disenrolled three students for an anti-war protest around Anzac day, and issued a warning to another student.

Deborah Willis, Dean of the Humanities faculty, has disenrolled Joel Cosgrove and Alastair Reith, claiming a flag burning protest they held was serious misconduct. Ian Anderson who filmed the protest outside the Mount Street bar on campus has also been disenrolled, and Marika Pratley who was present, was issued a warning. The university has also banned all four from the Mount Street bar.

The protest on 6 May was to highlight New Zealand involvement in wars of aggression from the Boer War, the World Wars, Vietnam to Afghanistan.

All four students are members of the Workers Party.

“The 20 second flag burning, which took place outside, in the rain, posed no danger to anyone” said Workers Party secretary Daphna Whitmore. “Universities are supposed to be the critical conscience of society. The actions of the University are political harassment and an attack on political freedom of expression on campus” she said.

Córdoba: presentación de la propuesta de Ordenamiento Territorial del Bosque Nativo.

Argentina, 21.05.2009 02:24

Audiencia y Movilización

Kermés a 32 meses de la desaparición de López

Argentina, 20.05.2009 23:58

Desde el arte para la memoria

Kermés a 32 meses de la desaparición de López

Argentina, 20.05.2009 23:37

Desde el arte para la memoria

National Day of Action for Troy Davis

LA, 20.05.2009 22:17

Amnesty International Holds Vigil for Troy Davis in Downtown L.A.

Auckland University Student on Hunger Strike

Aotearoa, 20.05.2009 21:57

Auckland University student Stu Colquhoun is today on his third day of a hunger strike in support of the Tamil people. Stu is holding a 24 hour vigil at Auckland Uni along with several other students and members of the Tamil community. The vigil is part of an attempt to put pressure on AUSA and the New Zealand government to act in support of the Tamil population. The group holding the Vigil became an affiliated Auckland club today at the public meeting before the politicians debate.

Entrevista al dirigente sindical de Vivex, Jean Carlos Sabino

Venezuela, 20.05.2009 21:53


Argentina, 20.05.2009 18:30

Muertes en piquete wichí y desalojo en comunidad toba

Press Release: Socialists Call for Swift Action to Combat Swine Flu Outbreak

NYC, 20.05.2009 18:29

“Access to healthcare is no problem for a billionaire like Michael Bloomberg,” says Billy Wharton, Chairperson of the Socialist Party of New York State, “for the rest of us hospital visits mean facing medical bills and debt."

From the Newswire

Perth, 20.05.2009 16:43

The story of a Perth Squat - Come Party!

San José Police Department Targets Latinos, Photo Survey Shows

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.05.2009 16:42

With Mexican flags and music, Cinco de Mayo was celebrated in San José on May 3rd with the usual pride and enthusiasm. People were just trying to have some safe fun driving slowly down Santa Clara Street, the main thoroughfare from Mexican Heritage Plaza and the east side of the city into downtown. The crowds were smaller than previous years, but that did not stop San José police from targeting Latinos.

Presentación de la propuesta de Ordenamiento Territorial del Bosque Nativo.

Argentina, 20.05.2009 16:42

Audiencia y Movilización

Importantes triunfos de lxs trabajadoxs

Argentina, 20.05.2009 16:42

Córdoba se mueve

Post-RNC Court Updates

United States, 20.05.2009 16:40

St. Paul City Attorney John Choi's record went from 1 RNC conviction to none over the weekend.  Medic Sean McCoy was convicted of public assembly without a permit and levied a $50 fine earlier this year.  Attorney Bruce Nestor then filed a motion for a new trial, which was granted on Friday.  Nestor believes it is unlikely the state will continue the prosecution.  However, in his decision (see PDF), Judge Edward Wilson rejected the argument that St. Paul's 25-person assembly ordinance is unconstitutional.  Meanwhile, 17-year-old Keith Smith goes to trial at 1:30 Monday at the Juvenile Justice Center at 7th and St. Peter in St. Paul.  The city appears to be prosecuting Smith, whose iconic stand (or sit) in front of police lines and subsequent injuries made headlines.  Read on for more court dates coming up fast.

RNC Analysis--Where's There's Smoke... Anarchism After the RNC: "Such a brutal reaction might lead us to believe that 'we must be doing something right.' After all, where there's smoke, there's fire, right?"

Crimethinc Releases RNC Analyses | FBI Infiltrated Iowa Anti-War Group Before RNC | Crowder Receives Two Year Sentence (McKay 10am Thurs.)| Open Letter to Susan Gaertner from Susan Mahoney | RNC 8 Protest Gaertner Fundraiser | Jesse James and the RNC Others | Still Healing from the RNC? Event June 7

Otra vez plazas

Colombia, 20.05.2009 14:34

Plazas Vega: las personas que salieron con vida de la cafetería del Palacio de Justicia, las desaparecieron, torturaron y asesinaron en su manos, las del ejército de Colombia!

Критическая Масса 2009.2

Belarus, 20.05.2009 12:05

Критическая Масса 2009.2Націсьніце, каб павялічыць

Politicians Rally at Auckland University

Aotearoa, 20.05.2009 09:19

Politicians from all the major political parties gathered at Auckland University today in a debate organised as part of eco fest. The debate felt like a circus as dozens of supporters holding placards jostled each other in an attempt to get their placard to the front. Macabre cut outs of national MP Melissa Lee’s head floated above the crowd whilst jeering labour party supporters crowded the railings above the speakers.

Victory for Tara defenders triumph at Trim

Ireland, 20.05.2009 07:32

Activists 14 V State 0 Two years after their arres ...

Libre Expresión

Puerto Rico, 20.05.2009 07:09

Triunfo judicial sobre derecho a la Libertad de Expresión

&quot;May Day With the Chinese Working Class&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.05.2009 07:08

Joe Tougas writes:, On International Workers' Day, 2009, after living in Beijing for five months without leaving the city, I finally made it into the country. I traveled with a British national and three Chinese folks to a small village about four hours northeast of Beijing, called Hong Xing Cun, or Red Star.

Urban Farm Collective

Portland, 20.05.2009 01:43

Portland's new Urban Farm Collective Wants YOU!!! Yes, YOU!!

Portland once again steps into the spotlight as one of the nation's most progressive and community-minded cities with the recent birth of the urban Farm Collective. Land holders, dirty hands (ie. The folks getting their hands in the soil!), and volunteers are coming together to transform backyards, front yards, and other lawns into spaces for growing food.

There are a couple of different ways to get involved.... There is no minimum time commitment. Help is also needed to get the word out! Spread the flyers, spread the love! Interested? Email with either "Dirty Hands" or "Volunteer" in the subject line!

Stay tuned for more news about the Urban Farm Collective! The Grand
Opening of the Urban Farm Collective Market will be WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3 at 4 PM, at the TIN SHED'S GARDEN PATIO.

Attend or Volunteer the Rosehip's STREET MEDIC TRAINING--THIS WEEKEND!!

Portland, 20.05.2009 01:43

Our basic 20-hr street medic training will take place this weekend (Fri 5-9, Sat/Sun 9-6) and we have several places left for both participants & volunteers for scenarios (no medical experience required). This will be a fun and educational romp through allopathic & herbal emergency medicine as it pertains to radical infrastructure & street gatherings. If you are interested, but cannot commit the full weekend, consider checking us out as a volunteer "patient"--you will receive love, appreciation, and (possibly) snacks

This will be our last Street Medic training for at least a couple months, so if you've meaning to participate & not yet found the opportunity, NOW is the (or at least a "good") time to contact us.
For more information or to check registration availability, email <

Stay tuned for further community workshops, the next of which will be presented at the Portland Anarchist Bookfair (to take place at Liberty Hall, June 6th + 7th). Feel free to contact us and ask us questions. There are lots of ways to get involved!!

Cascadia Summer Action Camp

Portland, 20.05.2009 01:41

We are inviting activists of all shades to our Action Camp May 23-25. This will be our kick-off event for Cascadia Summer, a season of action in defense of native forests left standing on Oregon's public lands.

At the camp we will be hosting trainings in a range of subjects such as tree climbing and rigging, anti-oppression, non-violent direct action, jail support and much more. We are facing thousands of acres of native forest clearcuts in Oregon this summer and training is the first step toward action. While the Green Scare has targeted our communities, we must make it clear that this culture will live on and even thrive regardless of state repression. We cordially invite you to help create and share the joyful, colorful, resistance culture that we hold so dear. It is our solemn obligation to keep the flame alive in dark times; so come to learn and stay to fight. This summer we will be dispatching a diversity of tactics from direct action to community education. We will have a camp in the forest and friendly houses in the city and we're inviting comrades young and less young, experienced and less experienced to join us for a summer, a month or just a few days. As long as the forests are threatened and we are able, every summer will be Cascadia Summer.

The action camp will be hosted 45 minutes outside of our campaign base of Eugene in the forests of Oregon. Visit for more information or email forestdefensenow@gmail to arrange accommodations/rideshares ready for you when you arrive for the festivities.

Galwegians are Reclaiming Galway's Streets

Ireland, 19.05.2009 23:10

Free Fun, Free Food, Free Stuff! On Saturday After ...

Hay 21 detenidos en la Comisaria 11

Argentina, 19.05.2009 22:42

Represión y detenciones en el centro culturala La Sala

Fresno is Ground Zero in Labor Struggle

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.05.2009 21:41

Fresno is ground zero in an epic battle for the heart and soul of the union movement. Will 10,000+ Fresno homecare workers be represented by a union run by unelected, out-of-town bureaucrats who negotiate sweetheart deals behind closed doors with corporate CEOs? OR, will workers support the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) who is a member-driven organization that fights for better pay and benefits for their members?

Metro Swathed In Anti-Abortion Shame

DC, 19.05.2009 21:11

Yesterday, I hopped on a 90 Metrobus in the hopes of escaping the downpour. Little did I know that the unsuspecting bus I was boarding was actually an anti-abortion vehicle of shame! The bus was wallpapered, front to back, on both sides, with this “FREE Abortion Alternatives” Ad, pictured. The ad, for a local crisis pregnancy center, offers free pregnancy tests, counseling, and “services” to pregnant women at four D.C.-area locations. The Sexist My Beef With Anti-Abortion Ads MISLEADING ANTI-ABORTION ADS ON METRO – VIOLATING WMATA POLICY Metro Customer Complaint Form

It Isn’t Nice

DC, 19.05.2009 21:11

…electing Barack Obama as President isn’t enough. Especially when his political party and too many of its Congressional members get sizeable amounts of campaign contributions from Big Oil and Dirty Coal. It’s virtually impossible to be a self-respecting climate activist and support the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, a corporate-polluter-influenced document. According to an initial analysis by the 1Sky campaign, 58% of the proceeds from the potential sale of permits to emit greenhouse gasses would be “polluter giveaways and fossil fuel industry handouts.” A Dow Jones Newswire story on May 15th stated that “the proposed legislation would give away up to 85% of the carbon allowances to industry and states, leaving only 15% to be auctioned off and for the government to decide what to do with the proceeds.”

formosa perú

Argentina, 19.05.2009 19:40

Hay 12 detenidos en la Comisaria 11

Argentina, 19.05.2009 19:40

Represión y Clausura de La Sala

Prison van carrying Maura into Montjoy blockaded for 20 minutes by Dublin S2S

Ireland, 19.05.2009 18:40

Struggle in Rossport offers the 'threat of a good ...

Kenneth Foster Jr. Act

Houston, 19.05.2009 16:41

Kenneth Foster Jr, Act passes the Texas House - to Abolish the Law of Parties

South Padre Immigrant Solidarity

Houston, 19.05.2009 15:48

Solidarity with Immigrant Hunger Strike in Port Isabel reaches South Padre

The Indypendent Issue 135: Bloomberg Bailout: If the Mayor is Going to Buy the Election, Let Him Really Pay for It

NYC, 19.05.2009 15:46

The Bloomberg blitz on New York City voters has started, with robocalls, commercials, and mailings flooding every corner of the city as Mayor Mike attempts to buy the 2009 mayoral election.

So far, the mayor—the richest person in New York City, by the way—has spent close to $20 million dollars on his re-election campaign, almost twice the amount he had spent by this time in 2005, when he was supposed to be running for a final term (the City Council voted to give Bloomberg and themselves another chance to run the city in November 2008, when they agreed to scrap term limits).

Steven Wishnia writes, “If he’s going to buy the election, let’s at least get a decent price for it. For the $11.5 billion he has added to his fortune since elected mayor in 2001, we’d be willing to cancel the election and crown him mayor for four more years.

Under Bloomberg, the gap between the rich and everyone else has widened so much that if Manhattan were a country, it might beat out Namibia for the title of the most economically polarized in the world. Developers have packed New York’s skyline with luxury condos. Landlords have driven tenants out of their homes all over the city to jack up rents. The symbol of Bloomberg’s New York is city parks where drinking fountains don’t work, but there are plenty of pushcarts peddling pints of bottled water for $2…

So let him put some real money into buying the election. Let him pay for the value he’s getting.

What could $11.5 billion buy for the people of New York? The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s annual deficit is now estimated at almost $2 billion. For $6.5 billion, Bloomberg could avert a fare increase and prevent service cuts for the next four years.

The city has a critical housing shortage. For $3.5 billion, he could pay for 35,000 new apartments of affordable housing. This would create thousands of construction jobs and allow many working families to remain in the city.”

To read the whole article, click on the link to “Bill the Billionaire: If Bloomberg wants to buy the election, let him really pay for it,” below. Also included in the latest issue of the Indypendent: World-renowned sexologist Dr. S. Hite on the “uncelebrated beauty of men’s sexuality”; John Tarleton sheds some light on WBAI’s troubles; Laura Boylan, a practicing neurologist, on the origins of the swine flu; and a beautiful illustrated essay by Isabel MacDonald on Haiti and the “secret trial run of a new humanitarian doctrine.”

Web Exclusive: Moving Mountains with Theatre: An Interview with Playwright Sarah Moon || Web Exclusive: On The Streets: An Interview with Oscar Olivera || Bill the Billionaire: If Bloomberg wants to buy the election, let him really pay for it || Brooklyn Zeroes in on Food || Tenants’ Voice || NYPD Getting Frisky || Sunset Park Sidewalk Clash || Permits Please || Colombia Calling: The Other Wiretap Scandal || Why Pakistan Will Not Become a Theocracy || Reclaiming Einstein: New Book Reveals Famed Scientist as an Opponent of Israel || WBAI Showdown: Power Struggle Escalates as New General Manager Moves to Remake Troubled Community Radio Station || Digging the Heart of Soul || The Uncelebrated Beauty of Men’s Sexuality || North Korean Musical Pushes Boundaries: A Review of Yodok Stories || Web Exclusive: New York is Burning || Web Exclusive: A Review of Lemon Tree || Web Exclusive: A Review of Engaging the Muslim World || For a Woman on the 6 Train || Of Swine and Men || School Bullying is Not Child’s Play || News Analysis: Responsibility to Protect? || Haiti and the Secret Trial Run of a New Humanitarian Doctrine || Indypendent Reporter Joseph Huff-Hannon Honored with 2008 James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism || Community Calendar || Reader Comments

Bill the Billionaire

NYC, 19.05.2009 15:46

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to buy re-election to a third term. The city’s economic and media power elites have already anointed him.


Athens, 19.05.2009 12:10

Συλλήψεις στην Ξάνθη. Ο Νίκος Κουνταρδάς σε απεργία πείνας.

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