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Court Upholds Prop Eight - 1,000s Take to the Streets

LA, 27.05.2009 16:43

Court Upholds Prop Eight - 1,000s Take to the Streets

US Navy Vessel at Everett

Seattle, 27.05.2009 16:42

May 25, 2009 -- The ammunition and stores ship USNS AMELIA EARHART is in Everett Washington. The new ship is designed to deliver ammunition, food, fuel and other dry cargo to US and allied warships at sea. It will be crewed by 124 civil service mariners and, at times, will include an additional compliment of military personnel and carry two helicopters.

May 30th: Action Against Management Injustice at U-Haul

Seattle, 27.05.2009 16:42

Marrico worked with U-Haul for nearly 2 years until he showed up for work a few weeks ago and was fired on the spot. Management claimed, without showing evidence and contrary to his own memory, that he had forgotten to put away some padding that a customer had used. Even if it were true, this would not justify the extreme response of firing a good worker.
Action: Saturday May 30th
Gather: 10:00am at the bus stop at MLK Way S & S Graham St

CA Supreme Court Upholds Prop 8

Seattle, 27.05.2009 16:42

May 26, 2009 -- At 10 a.m. this morning, the California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8, the ballot proposition banning same-sex marriage in California.

NOAA: Sea Lion Advocates and Fishermen Find More Common Ground than Expected

Portland, 27.05.2009 10:39

Two prominent Obama administration officials were in Oregon today to discuss salmon recovery. NOAA chief (and former OSU professor) Jane Lubchenco and White House Council on Environmental Quality chairwoman Nancy Sutley came to talk salmon, but pointedly did not allow participation from the public -- indeed, the doors were closed to almost everyone. Despite the incredibly short notice, dozens of people showed up with signs, banners, and lots of spirit.

I had actually expected to meet with some tension from the fishermen who had promised to be there. However, when I arrived and began talking to the other groups, I was pleasantly surprised and amazed at how articulate and well-informed this particular crowd was on this issue. Sea lion advocates and anglers immediately found common ground on numerous issues: All of us care about real salmon recovery; None of us believes killing sea lions is the answer; All of us want to see dams removed from the Snake river; All of us want to see habitat restoration. By the end, we were actually carrying each others' signs -- some of the fishermen carried signs supporting sea lions, and some of us carried their "science not politics" signs. [ Read More | Older articles | Sea Lion Defense Brigade ]

banner cordobazo on line

Argentina, 27.05.2009 05:11

baner paro cta on line

Argentina, 27.05.2009 05:11

Audiencia y movilización

Argentina, 27.05.2009 03:17

En defensa del Bosque Nativo

From the Newswire

Perth, 27.05.2009 02:21

Rudd Government must overcome paranoia of Aboriginals right to self-determination

Gay Shame Protest: &quot;De-Center The Center&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.05.2009 23:45

Gay shame is holding a protest at the San Francisco LGBT Center on June 25th at 6pm. Gay shame writes: Does today's mainstream LGBT movement make you feel like you're lost in an alternate reality? Perhaps even another dimension? Do the things groups like the HRC fight for cause you to feel as if you're going the wrong way backwards through time? Does the thought of straight ally Gavin Newsom's ascendancy to governor give you vertigo?

Kila Delivers Anti-Shell Message at Topaz (Shell) Stage

Ireland, 26.05.2009 21:41

Galway Shell to Sea infiltrates Topaz sponsored ev ...

Carcel Común

Argentina, 26.05.2009 19:33

Las autoridades de la UCV no tienen moral para presentarse llamando a la paz

Venezuela, 26.05.2009 15:37

Boston Anti-War Memorial Day Event

Boston, 26.05.2009 14:11

Boston, Mass. May 25, 2009--Boston Veterans For Peace and Military Families Speakout held their second annual anti-war Memorial Day observance in Waterfront Park on May 25, 2009. Speakers spoke about the devastation of the Iraq/Afghan wars and the terrible toll taken on US soldiers as well as civilians. After the speakers, the names of each Mass. soldier killed in Iraq/Afghanistan were read aloud and a flower was tossed in the harbor water after each name was read. Bouquets of flowers were tossed in the water for the million civilian deaths in the two wars. This anti-war Memorial Day event stood in stark contrast to the many pro-war Memorial Day events held today. To see video click on this link:

Hickey-Freeman Workers Vote to Stage Sit-In if Bailed-Out Bank Attempts to Close Company

United States, 26.05.2009 13:04

ROCHESTER, NY, MAY 13-Determined to protect good, U.S. manufacturing jobs, more than 450 Hickey-Freeman workers unanimously voted yesterday to stage a sit-in if Wells Fargo & Co., their employer's main creditor and a recipient of a $25 billion taxpayer bailout, liquidates company assets. Rochester workers are joining with employees of Hartmarx, Hickey-Freeman's parent company, who voted earlier in the week to stage a sit-in if their plants were shuttered. Click Here for Full Article

Video: The Fight To Save Hartmarx | Hartmarx Workers Push Back

Additional Information: Hartmarx Workers in New York Threaten Sit-in | Hickey Freeman workers plan possible sit-in | Chicago-area Labor Strife Leads to Hotline | A touch of history in Hartmarx struggle | Workers Pressure Bank to Keep Clothier’s U.S. Plants Open | Hartmarx Bankruptcy: Over 40 Congressman Ask Geithner To Help Obama's Suit Maker | Bank Is Pressed on Suit-Maker Bid | Wells Fargo Said to Be Squeezing Clothier Hartmarx

No pagues la guerra: haz objeci�n al gasto militar

Euskal Herria, 26.05.2009 11:26

Para dejar de sostener unos gastos militares sin sentido. Para denunciar p�blicamente los atropellos militares. Para no darles los recursos que ponen en marcha la maquina militar, este a�o de nuevo los grupos antimilitaristas nos animan a realizar la objeci�n fiscal en estos d�as que comienza la campa�a de la declaraci�n de la renta.

A la hora de rellenar la declaraci�n, aunque salga a pagar o a cobrar, se debe presentar un escrito donde te declaras que quieres hacer objeci�n fiscal y la cantidad correspondiente a los gastos militares (calculada cada a�o seg�n los presupuestos del estado) se propone desviarla a alg�n proyecto alternativo de las cada vez m�s organizaciones, sindicatos, ONGs... que a�o a a�o se animan a apoyar la objeci�n fiscal. La justificaci�n de haber ingresado el dinero junto con el escrito declarandote objetor@ fiscal se presentan en Hacienda para certificar esta manera de hacer desobediencia civil.

El gobierno no recorta por ello los gastos correspondientes a los militares, al contrario, cada a�o son m�s grandes, pero por lo menos nos ponemos en marcha para denunciar las guerras y el control en los que se basa esta sociedad.

Para informarse:

  • Kakitzat: llamar al 652 762 232
  • Grupo de objecci�n fiscal de Gipuzkoa (KEM-MOC): escribeles o llama al 666-619586
  • KEM-MOC de Bilbo: escribeles o llama al 609469599
  • Grupo de objecci�n fiscal de Iru�a KEM-MOC: escribeles, llama al 948 21 05 30 o pasate alg�n martes por Bakearen Etxea, Merced 18 bajo en Iru�ea.

M�s informaci�n: |Kakitzat: Desarma tus impuestos|, |Unas cuantas respuestas sobre la objecion fiscal (euskera)|, |No a las guerras|, |Triptico de la campa�a de este a�o|, |Campa�a de la CGT|.

Audiencia y movilización

Argentina, 26.05.2009 01:55

En defensa del Bosque Nativo

TX 2 get sentenced

Houston, 26.05.2009 00:40

Texas Two sentenced to four and two years in prison

Massive Hikoi against the Super City in Auckland

Aotearoa, 26.05.2009 00:10

Yesterday around 10,000 people took to the streets of Auckland to oppose the National-ACT place governance of Auckland under the control of one 'Super City'. The planned Super City does not include Maori representation. It also places all of Auckland's assets, such as water and the ports, under the control of one authority - meaning they would be much easier for a right-wing council to privatise. Under a Super City structure only very wealthy candidates will be able to stand because the planned Council Wards are so huge. Squirrel from Resistance Photography has written a report of the demo and made an excellent photo essay. [More]

Despejo na Ocupação &quot;Guerreiros 510&quot;

Brasil, 25.05.2009 23:10


PHOTOS: Report Back from Global Warming Action

Seattle, 25.05.2009 21:09

On May 21st, thousands of people gathered on the Seattle waterfront to rally for Climate, Green Jobs and Healthy Communities. The rally was held nearby the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) public hearing on the EPA's recent proposed finding that global warming pollution is a threat to public health and welfare. Busloads of school children came from Oregon and throughout the Puget Sound region.

Obama matém política de tortura e violações dos Direitos Humanos da era Bush.

Brasil, 25.05.2009 17:10


Morre Abraham Ukamau y ke, militante e rapper boliviano

Brasil, 25.05.2009 16:45


Tenants Lose Home Due to Landlord Neglect

NYC, 25.05.2009 16:44

Tenants living in rent-regulated apartments lost their homes two weeks ago when New York City deemed the building’s structure unsafe from a collapsing façade. Unfortunately for the tenants – who have been in homeless shelters, staying at friends and given shelter by the Red Cross – the city ordered the front facade completely removed and won’t let the tenants move back in until the owner replaces the façade, which he won't immediately do.

Direitos Humanos, Mobilização Social e a 1a Conferência Nacional de Segurança

Brasil, 25.05.2009 13:09


Nuevo Día patrono anti-obrero

Puerto Rico, 25.05.2009 09:11

Sindicato de El Nueva Día: Informes no justifican apertura del Convenio

Cindy Sheehan at Peace House

Rogue Valley, 25.05.2009 06:12

Ashland, Oregon - 5/21/09

Cindy Sheehan is an inspirational and almost hallowed figure in the peace movement of the 21st Century, who, when confronted with her son's death while serving the military in Iraq, challenged President Bush at her Camp Casey near Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas.

But over a vegetarian dinner at Peace House, I found out that Cindy is not an icon to be placed on a shelf and admired, but a down-to-earth, approachable woman who has "just a trace of sorrow in her eyes" as the Jackson Browne song goes, but who also has the intellect, the information and the inclination to be a powerful leader of the peace movement for years to come.

Vets for Peace in Grants Pass Boatnik Parade

Rogue Valley, 25.05.2009 06:12

Grants Pass, Oregon, Boatnik Parade - May 24, 2009

Lined up very near the front of the parade immediately behind other veteran groups Veterans for Peace #156 marched with a clear message for peace. I didn't hear one derogatory remark or see one middle finger and I think that was the first time I have ever seen this happen when publicly standing up for peace. Yes, there were a few "guys with folded arms" as another VfP marcher pointed out, however all had restraint. One woman's voice from the crowd still rings in my head: "thank you for doing this"--Wes Brain, VfP156

- click on a photo to make it larger -

Brandon Darby Doesn't Tell a Good Story on NPR

DC, 24.05.2009 23:11

On the 05.22.2009 radio show, "This American Life", almost one entire show was dedicated to FBI informant Brandon Darby. The audio is not yet archived. Check back to listen to it. Something really bothered me about the interview on NPR w/ FBI informant Darby. || FBI infiltrated Iowa anti-war group before GOP convention

The Trial of Johannes Mehserle Has Begun

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.05.2009 23:10

The first three days of preliminary hearings in the trial of Johannes Mehserle for the murder of Oscar Grant III began on May 18th. Indybay has reports from inside the court room each day. Outside the court house, demonstrators have gathered to press for an effective prosecution of Johannes Mehserle. The hearings continue on Tuesday, May 26th, and the family of Oscar Grant and community activists are asking supporters to rally at the court house.

2010 Resistance Workshop at the Red and Black Cafe! Tonight, Sunday, May 24th

Portland, 24.05.2009 20:09

Presentation/discussion about the ongoing genocide & ecocide
carried out on unceeded, unsurrended Coast Salish territories and
intensified by the coming Olympics. We will look at how different
anti-Olympic communities lead lives of resistance and take
direct-action against capitalism, colonization & social control.

Sunday, May 24th
Red and Black Cafe
400 SE 12th ave at Oak
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 231-3899
7pm sharp!
By donation, no one turned away for lack of funds

GDF fulmina sua especulação imobiliária entre acordos e arbitrariedades

Brasil, 24.05.2009 16:17


We Don't Need a Cycle Lane, We'll Just Take the Whole Bridge!

Aotearoa, 24.05.2009 01:57

Today was the 50th birthday of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. At 9am, thousands of people attended a protest organised by the Get Across Campaign at the Curran St on-ramp calling for pedestrian and cycle access to the harbour bridge. Wayne McDonald, the Auckland regional director for the New Zealand Transport Agency told the crowd repeatedly he would not let them across, despite the fact that police were standing by to cooperate at his word. Realising that simply asking wasn't going to get results, people began walking calmly around the newly erected chain link fence and straight through the police lines. Thousands of people streamed onto the bridge; walking, cycling and pushing prams, they laughed, shouted and sang their way all the way across and all the way back. Traffic was completely stopped for about 90 minutes. The support shown today for pedestrian and cycle access to the harbour bridge was enormous and will be hard for Transit to ignore. Especially if people show up again next Sunday as many were suggesting! Links: Get Across Campaign | Cycle Action Auckland

Jena 6 at SHAPE

Houston, 24.05.2009 01:56

Mychael Bell of the Jena Six speaks out in Houston

Auckland University Student wraps up hunger strike.

Aotearoa, 23.05.2009 23:41

Auckland university student Stu Colquhoun today finished his hunger strike in support of Tamils being attacked by the Sri Lankan military. The hunger strike which went for six days was to draw attention to the huge loss of civilian life in the recent conflict between the Sri Lankan Military and the LTTE. Stu and the Tamil Supporters group which was recently formed at Auckland University are calling for open access for aid agencys to the conflict zone and immediate action by the New Zealand government to support those harmed in recent fighting.

Health Care Unions and Patients Denounce Budget Cuts

LA, 23.05.2009 21:09

Health Care Unions and Patients Denounce Budget Cuts

15 people arrested for protesting Virginia Congressman Boucher's efforts to gut climate bill

DC, 23.05.2009 20:12

Rep. Boucher's Handouts to Coal Lobby Hurt Working Families WASHINGTON, May 21, 2009-Fifteen concerned citizens were arrested today for peacefully blocking the entrance to Virginia Congressman Rick Boucher's office protesting his efforts to gut strong climate legislation at the expense of American families. Congressman Boucher has driven efforts in Congress to give away billions of dollars worth of free permits directly to coal, oil and other dirty fossil fuel companies under a cap and trade bill. "The problem is Rick Boucher, the victims are American families, and the solution, as proposed by President Obama during his campaign, is a simple and fair polluter-pays cap that solves the climate crisis while rebating consumers," said Mike Tidwell, Executive Director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, who was among those arrested today.

Activists Engaged in Civil Disobedience at Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Site and on Impoundment at Coal Sludge Dam

DC, 23.05.2009 20:12

COAL RIVER VALLEY, W.Va. — Activists are engaged in two separate civil disobedience actions this morning as part of the continuing campaign to end mountaintop removal. UPDATE: Police Arrest 11 at Coal River Valley Site; More Protesters Expected to Converge

Motion Filed to Dismiss the Indictment of the AETA 4

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.05.2009 19:39

On May 21st, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and the Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC) joined in defense attorneys' motion to dismiss the U.S. government's indictment of four animal rights activists under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA).

Критическая Масса 2009.2

Belarus, 23.05.2009 15:37

Критическая Масса 2009.2Націсьніце, каб павялічыць

Joe Higgins to do Online Live Q&amp;A Session with Voters

Ireland, 23.05.2009 15:10

Joe Higgins is standing for the Dublin Constituenc ...


Athens, 23.05.2009 09:10

Hunger and Thirst strike of Nikos Koundardas

Prop 8 Day of Decision May 26

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.05.2009 02:10

Anticipating the California state Supreme Court's announcement of a decision regarding the validity of Proposition 8 on Tuesday May 26

HIKOI KI TAMAKI - &quot;Stand by us Auckland, we're making a stand for you&quot;

Aotearoa, 23.05.2009 01:30

"We will march on the 25th of May, Bastion Point Day, the anniversary of the day the nation remembers with horror as the largest single state operation in Aotearoa … when a joint police/army operation surrounded those in peaceful occupation, arrested 222 people on Takaparawha, and demolished Arohanui, Tamaki's greatest living marae of recent memory." - Hone Harawira

We want the Crown to honour its exisiting agreements with Tangata Whenua.

To create better and more diverse representation in local government
To protect mana whenua rights
To protect the land, sea and people

HIKOI PLAN: On May 25 marchers will converge at the bottom of Queen Street by 12 noon before peacefully walking together to the Town Hall and Aotea Square.

Links: IHI Aotearoa | Community Coalition for Auckland: Voices of Tamaki Makaurau | Stop the Super City Ripoff

Despidos en WAPA

Puerto Rico, 23.05.2009 01:30

WAPA Enlatado

Richmond &quot;Real Estate Agency&quot; Invites People To Squat In Foreclosed Houses

DC, 23.05.2009 00:19

Signs have been showing up on foreclosed properties around Richmond, VA recently, advertising that the houses are available for free to anyone who needs a home. Though they look like ordinary real estate signs at first glance, they're actually the work of "Squat 2 Own Realty", a group of activists who are helping people take over vacant foreclosed houses without permission from the banks.

Liberation Dissent II: Against State Repression

Portland, 22.05.2009 23:39

Please join us for an evening of music and speakers on Saturday May 23rd at 7pm as we examine State Repression as on ongoing strategy of the State to silence dissent. Liberating Dissent II: Against State Repression will raise funds for Green Scare Prisoners and the community organizing efforts of Rose City Copwatch.

Speakers will include Kristian Williams, author of Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America and American Methods: Torture and the Logic of Domination as well as Lauren Regan founder and executive director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center. Music will be provided by Resist, Adelit@s, Coffin Ship and Silent Majority.

When: Saturday May 23rd 7pm-12am
Where: Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy st. Portland OR)
How much: $6-$100 sliding scale donation. No one turned away for lack of funds. | |

Civil Liberties Defense Center


Athens, 22.05.2009 22:41

Απεργία Πείνας και Δίψας ο Νίκος Κουνταρδάς απαιτώντας την ελευθερία του

&quot;500 Years of Chicano History&quot; Film &amp; Presentation with Betita Martinez

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.05.2009 17:48

On Saturday, June 6th at 6pm at Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos, author, elder and activist Betita Martinez presents the film made as a companion to her book, "500 Years of Chicano History: Viva la Causa." The film is an introduction to Chican@ history from the point of view of the people who lived it. This film is sympathetic to the issues of oppressed peoples, without flinching for the difficulties facing "el Movimiento" including class, sexism, interracial unity, and homophobia.

Global Day of Action for Death Row Inmate Troy Davis

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.05.2009 16:06

On May 19, activists in the San Francisco Bay Area and Fresno marked a Global Day of Action for death row inmate Troy Davis with rallies, vigils and public information sessions. Davis has been on Georgia's death row for more than 18 years despite a strong case of innocence. He lost his most recent appeal and his execution date is expected to be set soon.

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