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Uruguay, 08.06.2009 17:42

Una pausa en el camino


Peru, 08.06.2009 17:11

Lunes 08 juni del 2009

UHSFT House demo for aramark

Houston, 08.06.2009 15:10

UH Students for Fair Trade house protest for Aramark wages

From the Newswire

Perth, 08.06.2009 13:10

Rebel Clown Army for a Nuclear Free WA

From the Newswire

Perth, 08.06.2009 08:41

Perth Indymedia Radio - New Time: MONDAYS 8PM

Será este lunes a las 15 hs en el Rectorado

Argentina, 08.06.2009 00:09

Jornada Cultural de Lucha Intercomedores

Será este lunes a las 15 hs en el Rectorado

Argentina, 07.06.2009 23:40

Jornada Cultural de Lucha Intercomedores


Colombia, 07.06.2009 23:09

Orden de cáptura contra lideres indígenas

Rossport Resistance Intensifies Ahead Of Arrival of Solitaire

United Kingdom, 07.06.2009 20:39

On the evening of Monday the 1st June, dredgers and accompanying boats returned to Broadhaven Bay to begin work on the off-shore pipeline for Shell's Corrib Gas project in County Mayo, Ireland. The pipe laying ship, the Solitaire, is expected to arrive within the next few weeks.

The boats have met stiff resistance from people at the newly formed Rossport Solidarity Camp. There have been attempts to dismantle the causeway at the Shell compound and numerous water based actions against dredging work . On Tuesday night the crane on one of the dredgers was occupied for over 10 hours, halting work for this period.

The camp is currently well occupied and the area seems set for another summer of action... Last year, the pipe laying ship, the Solitaire, was forced out of Irish waters with no pipeline laid. The time frame for pipeline work is limited; if resistance can be sustained for enough time pipeline work can be halted again. The camp is calling for people to go to Mayo to support the struggle against Shell.

SUV Driver Rams Critical Mass Riders -- AGAIN!

DC, 07.06.2009 07:10

On June 5, 25-30 riders set out for the monthly Critical Mass bike ride in drizzle and light rain. In the K st area, an SUV driver deliberately rammed into the ride, striking one rider's bike. Fortunately, this time riders reacted fast enough to avoid property damage or personal injury. Video

At Israeli Embassy, Hundreds Protest Siege of Gaza on 42nd Anniversary

DC, 07.06.2009 07:10

On June 6, several hundred people gathered at the Israeli Embassy to protest the ongoing and deadly seige of Gaza and mistreatment of Palestinians by Isra-Hell. June 6 is the anniversary of the destruction of the former state of Palestine-and the start of the refugee crisis that resulted. WSQT Broadcast audio Video by Mike Flugennock: "G-Day, the Sixth of June", streaming out of YouTube, 07:36 Still photos by Mike Flugennock, from his video


Colombia, 07.06.2009 05:09

Manuel Rozental: Quienes me señalan pretenden silenciarme

HIV+ Patients Protest Proposed Healthcare Cuts

LA, 07.06.2009 04:24

HIV+ Patients Protest Proposed Healthcare Cuts


Oost-Vlaanderen, 07.06.2009 00:38

Bloedig conflict noord Peru


Colombia, 07.06.2009 00:09

Abolición de la esclavitud


Oost-Vlaanderen, 07.06.2009 00:08

Bloedig conflict oord Peru

Nos solidarizamos con los trabajadores petroleros de la Costa Oriental del Lago

Venezuela, 06.06.2009 22:37

¡Repudio a la masacre de indígenas perpetrada por el gobierno de Alan García en el Perú!

Venezuela, 06.06.2009 22:37

The Indypendent Issue 136: Taken for a Ride: Why the MTA Is Broken

NYC, 06.06.2009 22:09

Many New Yorkers, upon hearing that the Metropolitan Transit Authority was threatening to hike fares up by 23 percent and cut service that would eliminate two subway and thirty-five bus lines, shook in their boots.

How could the MTA do this in a time of economic crisis, when New Yorkers are retrenching and tightening their purse strings?

While the drastic service cuts and huge fare hikes were toned down in a plan recently passed by Albany, the MTA’s problems don’t end there.

The Indypendent takes a look at the MTA and why it’s a broken agency, with reporting done by Danny Valdes and Arun Gupta.

Valdes and Gupta write, “The next time you purchase a monthly Metrocard, which is slated to increase to $89 at the end of June, think about this: Almost one-third of the money you spend — about $29 — will go to service the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s massive $26.8 billion debt.

This simple fact indicates why the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is in perpetual crisis. The MTA will spend nearly $1.5 billion to service debt in 2009, and it projects debt servicing will swallow up an average of more than $2 billion a year from 2010 to 2012.

Wiley Norvell, communications director for Transportation Alternatives, says the reason for this debt load, reportedly the fifth largest of any state or local government body in the United States, is because the MTA pays for improvements “on a credit card.” Norvell explains that “the city and state have stopped contributing to the capital construction,” leaving borrowing as the main source of funds for new transit projects.

The MTA breaks down expenditures into operating and capital. The capital budget pays for expanding and building subway lines and stations, purchasing new subway cars and buses, maintaining signals and communications and related activities. The operating budget includes salaries, health and pension benefits, fuel and electricity and cleaning trains and stations.”

To read the full article, click on the link to “Why the MTA Is Broken,” below. Also included in this issue of the Indypendent: How New York’s Hudson River problem will soon become Andrews, Texas’ problem; a review of a documentary about William Kunstler, the legendary radical lawyer; and a photo essay from the frontlines of the battle against mountaintop removal in the Appalachians by Antrim Caskey. See below for all the links.

Hudson Contaminates Go to Texas || WBAI Bounces Back || Why the MTA Is Broken || ‘Peace Pentagon’ Faces Uncertain Future || The People’s Lawyer || Community Calendar || Reader Comments || New York Has a Dirty Little Secret || The Revolution Will Be YouTubed || Sri Lanka’s Bloody Conflicts Not Over Yet || World Briefs || Operation Appalachian Spring || Courthouse Rebel: A Review of William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe || Muslim In and Out: A Review of The Islamist: Why I Became an Islamic Fundamentalist, What I Saw Inside, and Why I Left || Re-Forging the Working Class: A Review of Labor Law For The Rank And Filer: Building Solidarity While Staying Clear Of The Law || Colonization TV Reality: A Review of Expedition Africa ||

Third Edition of Rochester IMC Newspaper: Help us Distribute!

Rochester, 06.06.2009 22:07

The third edition of the Rochester Indy Newspaper will be available on June 4, 2009. We are looking for people to volunteer to distribute them. It is easy. Stop by the Anti War storefront, pick up some newspapers, and when you go to the public market, a music event, protest, or any other public gathering, share some with the people around you. I am sure they will appreciate it and you will be introducing other people to a wonderful alternative media source. This is an opportunity for you to become the media!!!!

Obama=Bush, Activism=Terrorism: Environmental, Animal Rights Activists Targeted as &quot;Eco-Terrorists&quot;

DC, 06.06.2009 21:10

What began under George Bush continues under Barack Obama - targeting dedicated activists with "one of today's most serious domestic terrorism threats," according former FBI Deputy Assistant Director of Counterterrorism John Lewis before a Senate panel in May 2005. Called "eco-terrorism," it grew out of the 2001 USA Patriot Act that created the federal crime of "domestic terrorism" and applied it to US citizens as well as aliens. (Editorial comment: This has gone on since before 9/11 and Obama has done nothing to change it even after right wingers murdered Dr Tiller for performing abortions)

Fall Creek Timber Project Tree-sits Deployed

Rogue Valley, 06.06.2009 15:40

Do you remember the days of Fall Creek, Warner Creek, the first Cascadia Summers? Do you remember the lands that were saved by the direct efforts of concerned citizens? We remember, and it is within that greater tradition of non-violent forest defense that we now come to you proclaiming that a resurgence has begun.

O povo Xukurú do Ororubá e a criminalização do movimento indígena no Nordeste

CMI Brasil, 06.06.2009 13:37


The Pirates of Broadhaven Defeat Shell’s Armada.

Ireland, 06.06.2009 11:09

The Rossport Solidarity Camp kayak crew has done i ...


Colombia, 05.06.2009 23:40

Alan García masacra a indígnas y a población de Bagua

Dozens Testify at City Council Hearing to Support Saving Public Property for Public Use

DC, 05.06.2009 23:11

Last Friday, May 29th over 50 people testified at a hearing of the Council’s Committee on Government Operations & the Environment in support of Bill 18-0076, aimed at reforming the city’s laws concerning the re-purposing and disposition of public property. Many more submitted written testimony in support of the legislation. The committee is chaired by Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh.

17th Annual Santa Cruz Dyke March on June 6th

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.06.2009 19:09

The 17th annual Santa Cruz Dyke March takes place on Saturday, June 6th, the night before Pride. Frootie Flavors, Beaver Fever and Lisa Pawlak are featured at the 2:30pm rally at the Town Clock. There will be a march around 6pm, followed by an after party.

events for Day of Solidarity with Jeff Free Luers

Portland, 05.06.2009 18:39

This June marks the 9th and final year that Jeff Free Luers will spend in prison. Jeff was originally sentenced to 23 years for setting fire to 3 SUV's at Romania Chevrolet to bring attention to global warming. Since then Jeff has won his appeal and was resentenced to 10 years. Jeff will be released this December 2009.

Events for the June 2009 Day of Solidarity with Jeff Free Luers are listed below. Celebrate our victory of helping to bring Jeff home!

Donations for Jeff's release and education fund are greatly needed.
A wish list for specific items is now available here:

Los Angeles Teachers Enter Ninth Day of Hunger Strike

LA, 05.06.2009 17:39

Los Angeles Teachers Enter Ninth Day of Hunger Strike

Peace camp established at Raynesway, Derby

United Kingdom, 05.06.2009 17:09

Campaigners opposed to nuclear weapons have set up camp opposite the Rolls Royce Factory on Raynesway, Derby. They are demanding that the factory, which produces engines for nuclear submarines, be converted to non-military projects.

This is just the latest in a series of protests at the site, organised by various organisations. There have been a number of large demonstrations at the site and various attempts to disrupt work there. In April last year, ten activists were arrested after a blockade of the facility. In October, eight were acquitted.

Newswire: Raynesway Peace Camp | activist groups in derby need support on different projects | Peace camp raynesway derby anti nuclear against trident | New protest camp at Rolls Royce Raynesway, Derby

Previous Features: Raynesway Blockaders in Court | Trident Activists Blockade Rolls Royce in Derby | Protesters take action at Derby nuclear plant | Derbyshire police go over the top again

Links: Power Through Wind Not Weapons | Trident Ploughshares

Basta de PMs na Universidade!

CMI Brasil, 05.06.2009 17:07



Oost-Vlaanderen, 05.06.2009 13:08

Bezetting Lappersfort gaat door

escrache por la crisis habitacional y contra la ucep

Argentina, 05.06.2009 06:39

Desalojo y represión en Buenos Aires: la otra inseguridad

otro escrache por la crisis habitacional y contra la ucep

Argentina, 05.06.2009 06:09

Desalojo y represión: la otra inseguridad

From Stone Wall on: Going back to go Forward The Childhood of the Revolution

Portland, 05.06.2009 03:39

It is indeed hard to escape it. Though the mainstream "straight" media pays it no heed, the gay media is abuzz. This summer marks the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. What makes Stonewall significant? Was it the first queer voice of the modern era? Certainly not, during the Weidar republic there had been a brief shining moment when significant strides had been made in the city of Berlin (this of course ended very badly, the rise of Adolf Hitler changed the cities "civil union" registry an easy way to identify, locate and round-up large numbers of what was the first modern queer rights movement. Though some fled and even a few waited out the war in hiding in Germany itself (for example the DaDa artist Hannah Hoch). It wasn't even the first time that the subject of gay rights had been advocated. The sisters of Bolita, and the matachine society had been "respectably" (and with all due respect to the immense bravery of those early advocates) quite ignorably picoting in DC, and doing the "letter writing" thing. No, what made Stonewall special, what makes it the Day we remember was that it was the day when queers not only advocated for their rights but refused the model of hetero-superiority. Rather than try to persuade the "big America" that they were deserving of human rights, the Queers of Stonewall stood up to the Cops in the streets of New York and REFUSED to be anything less than human.

La Plata: 5, 6 y 7 de junio organizado por ENEOB

Argentina, 05.06.2009 02:09

Foro Nacional de Educación para el Cambio Social

Peace House- June 8, Voices of Iraqi Refugees

Rogue Valley, 05.06.2009 01:40

"Shemiron limps into the room to meet us. Her right leg, from the knee down, is covered up by a stiff prosthetic leg. Her face is in a constant grimace of pain. Her eyes are the saddest eyes I have ever looked into and when I do, I feel myself falling into her grief and pain. Tears line her eyes like crystal eyeliner…" Excerpt from our blog: April 11, 2009

Preparations for Calais No Border Camp taking shape

United Kingdom, 05.06.2009 00:40

Initiatives from the UK, France, Belgium and Germany are currently preparing a protest camp against border controls in Calais, France. The camp, which will take place between 23th and 29th June, will include a transnational demonstration on Saturday, 27th June. The callout describes the aims of the camp as "highlighting the realities of the situation of migrants in Calais" and "challenging the authorities on the ground, to protest against increased repression of migrants and local activists alike." The camp mobilisation in the UK is carried by the No Borders UK network, which calls for the freedom of movement for all and an end to all migration controls.

Resources: Callout for the camp | Transnational demonstration | Red Pepper article | Schnews article | Mobilisation video | London No Borders page about Calais | Travel to demo from London

Sept. G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, PA, US -- CALL FOR A GLOBAL MOBILIZATION

Miami, 04.06.2009 23:38

Sept. G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, PA, US -- CALL FOR A GLOBAL MOBILIZATION

Aussie unionists block traffic to support Zeal workers

Aotearoa, 04.06.2009 22:41

"At the end of the day these workers will get justice. They'll get justice and then they will become part of this wonderful international movement of workers. And then we will go to the next point of injustice. And then the next. And then the next. We won't tire, we'll grow, we'll build." - Paddy Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia

Dozens of Australian unionists blocked a major intersection outside an Air New Zealand office in Brisbane on Thursday afternoon, in solidarity with Air New Zealand flight attendants, currently campaigning for fair wages.

More: Media Release | Videos | Photos

Rama Carty Assulted

Houston, 04.06.2009 17:09

Hunger Strike organizer Rama Cary Assaulted in detention prior to visit by Amnesty International

“Mung Xia K Je Ja Jeng!”—We Want Justice : Community Members Rally In Response To Fong Lee Verdict

United States, 04.06.2009 15:38

250 Hmong community members and anti-police brutality activists rallied in St. Paul on Saturday afternoon, less than 24 hours after a rural, all-white jury found that "excessive force" was not used in the 2006 shooting of unarmed Hmong-American Fong Lee. Lee was shot eight times in the back by Minneapolis police officer Jason Anderson. Allegations that a gun was planted by Lee's body were ruled irrelevant to the case. Judge Paul Magnuson instructed the jury to “use their everyday life experiences” in their decision, noted several court witnesses. The judge also read the verdict while Lee's family were at lunch, so that the family heard the verdict from a reporter. Read More | | | Related: Luis Gutierrez Shot in the Back by Undercover Cops in Broad Daylight | San José Police Shoot and Kill Mentally Ill Man in Victim's Backyard

Racist Radio Host Hal Turner Arrested

DC, 04.06.2009 13:11

For almost a decade it appeared as if something was protecting the offensive right wing radio host Hal Turner from law enforcement holding him to task over his outrageous racist threats on various ethnic groups and public officials. The tide has finally turned, because as of June 3, 2009 4:00 PM Hal Turner has been residing in a New Jersey jail cell, arrested by the North Bergen NJ police for making a public call for the shooting of lawmakers and an ethics officer in the state of Connecticut. Only a few days ago, Turner posted a photo of of Dr. George Tiller with the word "GOTCHA" over it.

From the Newswire

Perth, 04.06.2009 12:10

International Whores Day - sex workers rights are human rights

Kraków: demonstracja 4. czerwca - relacja

Poland, 04.06.2009 11:10

W Krakowie rozpoczyna się właśnie demonstracja pod hasłem BEZ NAS NIE MA DEMOKRACJI, zorganizowana z okazji państwowej fety na Wawelu wydanej przez włądze w 20 rocznicę wyborów 4 czerwca .

Relacja na zywo poniżej będzie uzupełniana w miarę napływu relacji od uczestników protestu

Photos from May 30, 2009 Seattle, Washington Single Payer Health Care Rally

Seattle, 04.06.2009 05:39

about 35 photos from the rally and march

June 3rd: Rally to Save Public Education at School Board Meeting

Seattle, 04.06.2009 05:39

Stop Educator Layoffs!
--All Out to Public Education Rally--
No Class Size Increases!
Keep the cuts away from direct services to students!
When: Wednesday, June 3, 5-6 pm rally at the school board meeting.
Where: John Stanford Center, Seattle Public Schools headquarters
2445 3rd Avenue South Seattle , WA 98134

PHOTOS: Healthcare for All March

Seattle, 04.06.2009 05:39

Thousands marched from Pratt Park to Westlake center demanding healthcare for all on May 30th. Over 200 organizations co-sponsored the event.

Apoya el proyecto 1725

Puerto Rico, 04.06.2009 04:46

Exigen incluir protección a la identidad de género en proyecto contra discrimen

Citizens Win Decisive Victory over Wal-Mart

Rogue Valley, 04.06.2009 03:40

"This is a real victory for the citizens of Medford,” Holen said. “It just doesn’t make good sense that Wal-Mart should be allowed to create traffic gridlock near the South Gateway and dump the costs of fixing it all on the backs of the taxpayer."

Holen added, "I would also like to say that I was really deeply disappointed in the way the city SPAC treated MCRD and other citizens who testified before them on this Wal-Mart matter over the years. We were never treated with respect or common civility, and felt belittled by them. I hope that this decision will not only change the way the codes are interpreted, but will also serve to remind this Commission that it needs to treat all those who come before it, not just the developers and power brokers, with dignity and courtesy.

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