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Colombia, 16.06.2009 20:38

Es terrorismo de Estado "La Inteligencia Ofensiva", un arma para eliminar al que piense diferente

peru entre ríos

Argentina, 16.06.2009 20:09

Desalojan y detienen a trabajadores

Argentina, 16.06.2009 20:09

Ugente: Represión en FP Impresora

STOP CAT! The Continuing Human Rights Campaign Against Caterpillar

Rochester, 16.06.2009 20:07

As Caterpillar completes its annual shareholders meeting several human right groups are raising consciousness about the human right abuses it supports.

At Issue are the bulldozers Caterpillar sells to the Israeli army. The D9 model, which is two stories high, comes with a blade that is 6 feet high and 15 feet wide as well as a “ripper” that is used to tear through Palestinian homes. The Israeli army takes it from there and adds armor plating, bullet-proof glass, machine gun mounts, and grenade launchers. These massive, armored bulldozers become weapons used by the Israeli army to destroy Palestinian lives and livelihoods. The D9 essentially becomes a 60-ton tank. In 2001, Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz stated that “The D9 is a strategic weapon here.”

Video: Caterpillar Bulldozer - Israel/Palestine | Rare amateur footage of Cat bulldozers from the Gaza Strip

Additional Information: Stop CATerpillar | Corrie et al. v. Caterpillar | Demolition for Alleged Military Purposes | 4th Geneva Convention: Collective Punishments | Take Action to Hold Caterpillar Accountable | Take Action: Free Ezra Nawi | Bring your own voice to the 2009 CAT shareholder meeting! | Caterpillar under Fire for Human Rights Abuses for Sixth Year in a Row | Protesters boycott marketing of Caterpillar's D9 bulldozer

Rally Against Gang Enhancements and the Overcriminalization of Youth

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.06.2009 18:39

On Wednesday, June 17th, from 8-10am, the newly formed Alliance Against Gang Enhancements will rally on the steps of the Santa Cruz County Courthouse to educate the public about the realities of gang enhanced sentences. Organizers say the sentencing "enhancements" [sic] broadly criminalize youth and do not deter future gang crimes. Rather, they result in huge costs passed on to taxpayers and overcriminalize youth in marginalized communities.

Serra defende agressão a professores, reitora da USP deve cair

CMI Brasil, 16.06.2009 18:37

Totalitarismo Paulista


Colombia, 16.06.2009 16:39

Más incógnitas que certezas sobre la pandemia de la gripa

New UN Report Denounces America's Human Rights Record

Boston, 16.06.2009 16:09

On May 26, the UN Human Rights Council issued a report titled "Promotion and Protection of All Human Rights, Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Including the Right to Development - Report of the Special Rapporteur (Philip Alston) on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions." Alston was damning in his criticism regarding "three areas in which significant improvement is necessary if the US Government is to match its actions to its stated commitment to human rights and the rule of law:"

Appalachia and Colombia: The People Behind the Coal --an interview with Aviva Chomsky

Boston, 16.06.2009 16:09

Aviva Chomsky is a professor of history and Latin American Studies at Salem State College in Massachusetts, and is a founder of the North Shore Colombia Solidarity Committee, which has been working since 2002 with Colombian labor and popular movements, especially those affected by the foreign-owned mining sector. She just returned from a Witness for Peace delegation (May 28 – June 6) that traveled to two regions devastated by coal mining: the state of Kentucky and to northern Colombia.

SOAS occupied in protest at cleaners immigration raid

United Kingdom, 16.06.2009 13:09

Students and staff at the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), along with anti-deportation campaigners, have occupied the School's main building in protest at the management's and immigration authorities' attack on migrant workers at the School. Nine cleaners were detained on Friday, 12th June, in an orchestrated dawn raid in which the management and cleaning contractor ISS reportedly played a 'sickening' role [details].

Five of the nine have already been deported, with the others held in detention pending their deportation. A well-attended rally was held yesterday outside the building [pictures]. Another rally and demonstration have called today at 4:30pm.

Campaigners believe the raid was the management's 'revenge' against the cleaners' successful campaign, Justice for Cleaners, which saw them winning the London living wage and trade union representation.

Update: The occupation has been served with an injunction. Eviction is threatened within an hour (13:30). Support needed.

Links: Occupation's blog | | the Justice for Cleaners campaign | London Indymedia feature | Shouldn't the SOAS raid be the beggining of a campaing against subcontracting? | SOAS occupiers find a relevant document

Bildungsstreik 2009

Germany, 16.06.2009 11:09

Seit letztem Jahr haben sich die Schulstreiks etabliert. Besonders erfolgreich war der letzte Schulstreik, bei dem bundesweit über 100.000 SchülerInnen auf die Straße gingen.Dieses Jahr haben sich ihnen die Studierenden angeschlossen und mobilisieren bundesweit zu einer Woche Bildungsstreik vom 15. bis 19. Juni.

Ticker (Behelfsticker auf Indy) | Zentrale Seite | Teilnehmende Gruppen | Demos am Mittwoch | Mobilisierungsvideos
Artikel: Straßenblockaden in Hamburg | Behinderung d. BS. in Berlin
Audios: Interview Stuttgart | Open Radio-Specials zum Bildungsstreik

Iranian Take To The Streets To Contest Election Results; Protesters Shot By Police

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.06.2009 01:09

Iran held presidential election on June 12th. Turnout was high with over 80 percent of the electorate reportedly voting. Demonstrators began calling for the election to be canceled after the Interior Ministry announced that President Ahmadinejad had won over 62 percent of the vote, with only 34 percent going to opposition candidate Mousavi. Clashes broke out between police and groups protesting the election results from early morning on Saturday onward. Police stormed dorms at the University of Tehran on Sunday and there were reports of several deaths and many arrests. On June 15th, hundreds of thousands protested in the streets of Tehran, despite being warned by state officials that any such a rally would be illegal. The demonstration, the largest in Iran's 30-year history, was also Mousavi's first public appearance after the election. Gunshots were reported to have been fired at the rally, and at least one protester was killed.

Anonymous Guerrilla Artist Makes Statement About Ungar Furs

Portland, 15.06.2009 21:39

This morning around 9:30am I was traveling on the MAX reading a book and I saw bright red from the corner of my eye. I looked up to see bright red paint splattered across a building like blood. Then I noticed it was Nicholas Ungar Furs. So I got off the train to get some photos and info for this article. The entrance, the sidewalk, the windows, and the sign on the front of the building were significantly splattered. The Police arrived very shortly after I did leading me to believe that perhaps this just happened last night.

As of this posting I have not seen a communiqué from this anonymous guerrilla artist so I will attempt to piece together an understanding of why such an action has been taken.

Lebanon: New Short Film from Nahr al-Bared Camp

Boston, 15.06.2009 16:09

In May 2007, the battle between Fatah al-Islam and the Lebanese army broke out in Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp in northern Lebanon. Amidst heavy fighting, the Lebanese army had systematically destroyed the entire camp by September 2007. Two years later, nearly all the rubble has been cleared from the "old camp", the core of Nahr al-Bared. However, though the displaced residents grow increasingly desperate, reconstruction has yet to begin. [New short film "A Sip of Coffee" from the destroyed Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp in northern Lebanon, released by anarchist media collective a-films]

Chronicle of the Second NYC Encuentro for Dignity &amp; Against Displacement

NYC, 15.06.2009 15:39

This past Sunday, June 7th, 2009 in zapatista East Harlem known as El Barrio, the Second New York City Encuentro for Dignity and Against Displacement, with the participation of 38 organizations representing the resistance against neoliberalism in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. This second encuentro, just as the first one – held two years ago -, was inspired by the encuentros of the Zapatistas in Mexico from below and to the left, in order to get know each other and recognize one another in our struggles for a world where many worlds fit and against neoliberal exclusion.

SNYP's July $10 a Tom Campaign

Rogue Valley, 15.06.2009 04:39

“Ten Bucks a Tom” Campaign Kicks Off July 1

Jackson County, OR. – June 15, 2009 – Local animal welfare organization Spay/Neuter Your Pet (SNYP) is teaming up with many local veterinary offices throughout the valley this summer to offer an incredible price to neuter male cats. The cost is just $10 per neuter. Only 500 certificates are available for sale on a first-come, first-served basis at Pet Country, the Medford, Ashland and White City Grange Co-Ops, and the Stewart and Crater Lake Mini Pet Marts.

Greece Tries to Do Away With the Public in Cable Access

Rochester, 15.06.2009 04:24

This last week both the towns of Gates and Chili voted to turn control of public access over to Time Warner. Greece, although they do not post their agenda before the time of the town board meetings, is expected to follow suit this Tuesday, June 16th.

Here is what citizens will no longer get if Time Warner becomes the provider:
1) There will be no local facility for the creation of public and governmental access programs, no studio and no studio equipment. Residents will effectively be disenfranchised.
2) There is no equipment such as video cameras available for loan to residents to tape programs and no editing equipment for residents to produce their own programs and shows.
3) There will be no full time staff to assist and advise residents. No one to answer calls and questions and to help facilitate local public programming. The question of scheduling programs on the people's channel is unclear. There will also be no staff to provide community service and outreach or to do video recording of local community events.

On Tuesday June 16, 2009 at 6:00pm, come out to the Greece Town board meeting and defend the people’s station. If we do not speak up now, it might be your town or city next.

Additional Information: Time Warner to renew push for internet caps

Represión a la juventud

Puerto Rico, 15.06.2009 03:40

Los jóvenes, la nueva excusa para reprimir a los trabajadores

Protest at Halton Caterpillar in Portland calling for divestment from Israel

Portland, 15.06.2009 02:39

Despite the rain on Wednesday morning, several intrepid activists picketed outside Halton Cat on Columbia Boulevard in Northeast Portland. The small, but spirited group of protesters held the action in solidarity with the national day of action against Caterpillar, timed to coincide with the company's annual shareholder meeting.

UW Custodians Continue to Fight On-Campus Abuse

Seattle, 15.06.2009 01:08

Unsatisfied with the short-term victory gained from the previous rally on May 28th, over two hundred enraged custodians at UW continued to escalate the fight alongside students today to retain their nightshift jobs by directly confronting the Assistant Vice President of Facilities Services, Charles Kennedy, who administers Custodial Services.

Students and Community Picket Robert Gates at UW Graduation

Seattle, 15.06.2009 01:08

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ keynote address at the University of Washington met resistance, as students and community members objected to his record as a war criminal.

VIDEO: Activists Protest U.S. Secretary of Defense at UW Commencement

Seattle, 15.06.2009 01:08

Students and activists protested the appearance of Robert Gates at The University Of Washington's graduation ceremony. Gates, who served as C.I.A. director under Papa Bush, has served as Defense Secretary under Baby Bush and Obama. Gates was awarded an honorary UW Doctor of Laws degree for authorizing torture delivering the commencement speech.

From the Newswire

Perth, 14.06.2009 19:10


Призыв к поддержке зоозащитных активистов

Belarus, 14.06.2009 16:37

“На днях на предприятии «Фауна города» была убита собака. Собака у которой было 3 потенциальных хозяина. Одни не имели столько денег сколько требовал директор Томашевский за выкуп животного — 90 000 рублей, другие не успели – собаку уже вели на казнь… Несмотря на свободные места, несмотря на готовность волонтёров взять на себя расходы по содержанию собаки, здоровых, ласковых животных продолжают убивать.
В понедельник, 15 июня будет убито ещё 10 собак.

В наших силах — попытаться остановить этот беспредел.

Мы призываем Вас придти в понедельник, 15 июня на живодёрню под названием «Фауна города», по адресу Гурского, 42 и написать протест в книге жалоб и предложений. Вы должны высказать своё отношении к ловцам-живодёрам, к убийству животных несмотря на наличие свободных мест, на отсутствие социальной рекламы и так далее. Вы имеете полное право посмотреть на собак и кошек.

_Приходите начиная с 10:00 и до вечера в «Фауну города», требуйте жалобную книгу и пишите, высказывайте свой…


NYC, 14.06.2009 06:08

Renowned leftist intellectual, linguist and author Noam Chomsky discussed democracy, the economy and global crises June 12 at Riverside Church in Harlem.

Nancy Pelosi comes to Houston

Houston, 14.06.2009 05:39

Nancy Pelosi's visit to Houston met by protests from left and right

A Sniper in the Israeli Military kills Yousef Akil Srour, Naalin, West Bank

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2009 21:38

On June 5, a sniper in the Israeli military killed Yousef Akil Srour, aged 36 years in the chest with 0.22 caliber live ammunition. Srour is the 5th Palestinian to be killed by the Israeli army in Ni'lin during a demonstration against the theft of his land for the construction of the Annexation Wall. Israeli occupation forces have murdered five Ni'lin residents during demonstrations against the confiscation of their land and critically injured one international solidarity activist - Tristan Anderson.

Mayor Newsom's Proposed Budget Will Terminate Critical Health and Human Services

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2009 21:38

On Wednesday June 10th, hundreds of people who will be affected by Newsom's budget cuts, took to the streets to demand that the Board of Supervisors save front-line services, and take a more balanced approach to the San Francisco budget. The demonstration followed a proposed budget, released by Mayor Newsom, that will terminate critical health and human services, while pumping up salaries for police by 25% and adding many new high paid patronage positions into his own administration.

Study In Israel Billboards Modified by Guerrilla Advertisers

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2009 21:38

Ten bus shelter billboards advertising the University of California's "Study in Israel" campaign were remade into "Boycott Israel" ads and placed around Berkeley and San Francisco in May.

Carpenters Local 107 Calls Out Crowne Plaza Injustices

United States, 13.06.2009 21:07

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters Local 107’s public voice continues to grow, shouting and calling out injustices across Worcester, while also standing up in support of Worcester pools, Worcester Immigrants and Green Island neighborhood.

Most recently, under the banner, “Local Jobs for Local People”, Local 107 called out Crowne Plaza on Wednesday [May 27] for stabbing Worcester workers in the back.

Over 300 trandespeople and allies turned out last Thursday in support of Local Jobs for Local People, and to say “W.T.F.” to Crowne Plaza Manager Howard Sobel.
Carpenters small 07.jpg


Colombia, 13.06.2009 20:39

Comunidad de Paz responde ataques de ex ministro uribista Londoño Hoyos

Queers, anarchists march for free speech, against &quot;Corporate Pride&quot;

DC, 13.06.2009 20:09

Friday,June 12 was the second scheduled Free Speech march demanding an end to the recent wave of police dispersals(by force) of unpermitted street marches. This being Pride weekend, queer liberation was the chosen theme, with a focus on targetting "corporate Pride" Video via Youtube

From the Newswire

Perth, 13.06.2009 18:39

Yarloop residents legal action against Alcoa


Colombia, 13.06.2009 18:09

"Es un gran placer ser un pirata"

Local Peruvians and Environmentalists Protest at LA Peruvian Consulate

LA, 13.06.2009 17:09

Local Peruvians and Environmentalists Protest at LA Peruvian Consulate

Local Peruvians and Environmentalists Protest at LA Peruvian Consulate

LA, 13.06.2009 17:09

Local Peruvians and Environmentalists Protest at LA Peruvian Consulate

&quot;Achoti&quot;, Organization Representing Jews of Color Demonstrate a Culture Convention

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2009 16:38

On wednesday, May 27, members of "Achoti" (my sister), a feminist organization representing jews of color (Mizrahim-Jews who emigrated from Arab countries) and members of the Democratic Mizrahi Rainbow, came to the Jerusalem Theater to demonstrate a convention about culture in Israel. The activists held signs that looked like bank checks with names of cultural institutions and the amount of money given to each. One check (in the picture below), addressed to "Mizrahi culture" had no money on it and the wording "void" was added.

Palestinians and Solidarity Activists Attacked and Arrested in Safa, West Bank

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2009 16:38

On Saturday May 30th, members of Anarchists Against the Wall, international and Palestinian activists, came to Safa, West Bank, to help Palestinian farmers work their land. In recent years, farmers have been under a constant harassment by settlers who have been violently attacking them and destroying and stealing their crops. After working for a couple of hours, the Israeli military declared the area a "closed military zone" and started to attack and arrest Palestinians and solidarity activists.

The Nationalist &quot;Maoist&quot; Movement in China

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2009 16:38

Joe Tougas writes: Is there a growing movement in China against capitalism after the curtain has been pulled back to reveal where that road leads? Growing inequality, less access to education, healthcare, housing, and the economic crisis all seem to be leading Chinese folks to be less than enamored with capitalism. Some are looking back to Mao as a model to provide an alternative to following the U.S. over the cliff.

Susan Jordan, Criminal Justice Defense Lawyer Passes On

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2009 16:38

Susan Jordan, a civil litigator and criminal justice lawyer from Mendocino County, died on Friday, May 29th in a plane crash in Utah. She was 67 years old and left a legacy of civil litigation and criminal justice work behind. Jordan represented several prominent political activists throughout her career, including Earth First!'s Judi Bari after she was car bombed with Daryl Cherney in 1990 and members of the SLA, Symbionese Liberation Army in the kidnapping of Patty Hearst.

End the Siege of Gaza! Protest in San Francisco on June 6th

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2009 16:38

On June 6th, the 42nd anniversary of Israel's seizure of Gaza, a protest was held at the UN Plaza (7th and Market) at noon, in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Organized by the ANSWER Coalition, organization and individuals came to show support and to demand an to end the siege of Gaza.

Punishing the Victim

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2009 16:38

The Fresno police department has finally identified the officers who were captured on videotape in the February beating of a homeless man. But the department has been slow in proceeding with its promised investigation of the police beating. Their names were released in response to a lawsuit by the ACLU. Glen Beaty, meanwhile, remains in jail. He's been in jail for over three months on charges of allegedly violating parole.

San José Police Target Anti-Profiling Activists

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2009 16:38

Early this month officers of the San José police union unleashed a new website with video mocking public testimony by a critic of police practices. Two City Council members, Sam Liccardo and Ash Kalra, quickly denounced inflammatory statements as well as the video on the police union website. The Council members noted that activist Raj Jayadev's testimony was incorrectly characterized as a threat, and signed a letter stating that, "First Amendment freedoms may be chilled when dissent is characterized as threats".

Melissa C. Roxas Abducted and Tortured by Suspected Elements of Philippine Armed Forces

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2009 16:38

On May 19, Melissa C. Roxas was abducted along with two Filipino companions, Juanito Carabeo and John Edward Jandoc from a house, in La Paz, Philippines. Melissa Roxas is a well known community and cultural activist and human rights advocate. She is a member of the cultural group Habi-Arts and of BAYAN-USA, the progressive alliance of Filipino organizations. Roxas and her companions were taken by suspected elements of the Philippine Armed Forces, accusing them of being members of New People's Army, the military wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

Local Peruvians and Environmentalists Protest at LA Peruvian Consulate

LA, 13.06.2009 16:09

Local Peruvians and Environmentalists Protest at LA Peruvian Consulate

Reports that Pat the Chief's boat was sunk last night

Ireland, 13.06.2009 11:39

At 2am on Thursday morning, Pat O'Donnell's boat t ...

Historic Leftwing electoral victory Euro and Local elections

Ireland, 13.06.2009 10:39

The election of Joe Higgins as the third MEP elect ...

criminalització (ca)

Barcelona, 12.06.2009 19:09

Presó pels i les Insubmises.

10 dies de presó per 60 euros

Segueix el Dia a Dia d'accions per la insubmisió a les penes-multa: Compte enrere.

Un activista en defensa de Collserola haurà de passar 10 dies a la Presó per insubmís a l’especulació i a les penes-multa. El Jutjat numero 1 d'Esplugues de Llobregat ha decretat l'ingrés a presó durant 10 dies d'un membre de la Plataforma Popular contra el pla Caufec per negar-se a pagar 60 euros per una condemna per desobediència i ser insubmís a l'especulació i a les penes-multa. L'activista ha afirmat que no anirà voluntàriament a la presó.

[Vídeo] Declaració Insubmís a les penes-multa + Acció 3 torres d'Esplugues, campanya ESTA TOT FATAL + Parem les màquines del Pla Caufec + Acció i Estat de les Obres [Pla Caufec]

Audio: [insubmissió penes-multa] gravacions a programes de ràdio

Per altre banda i tot relacionat, el col·lectiu Crisi torna a inundar els carrers de diaris amb estratègies per viure sense el capitalisme i fent noves convocatòries [pots descarregar en pdf a la web de Crisi].

Surt en lliberat Condicional l'Enric Duran

notícies relacionades: notícia de El Punt + La cara o la Creu? Absolució o Ingrés a Presó? + Mosca Antirepressiva + Comunicat Alerta Solidària + Insubmissió a les penes-multa 2008! Solidaritat Pablo i Martin! + Tomb Solidari a Korneyà + Difusió de la insumissió a les penes-multa i a l'especulació + Acció 3 Torres d'Esplugues, No al Pla Caufec + I aquest noi, per què vol anar a la presó? + Que la Crisi la paguin els rics! + Ja està aquí CRISI TOTALL 2010 + Torna Enric Duran + [Penes-multa] imminent entrada a presó + [Penes-multa] dia 1 - Concentració d'ahir a la model + Penes Multa Acció Molins

+ info: No al Pla Caufec ::: Alespenespunyalades ::: No a la Crisi ::: CrisiTotal2010 ::: BcnCriminalització

criminalitzación (es)

Barcelona, 12.06.2009 19:09

Prisión para los y las Insumisas.

10 días de prisión por 60 euros

Sigue el Día a Día de acciones por la insumisión a las penas-multa: Cuenta atrás.

Un activista en defensa de Collserola tendrá que pasar 10 días en la prisión por insumiso a la especulación y a las penas-multa. El Juzgado número 1 de Esplugues de Llobregat ha decretado el ingreso a prisión durante 10 días de un miembro de la Plataforma Popular contra el Pla Caufec por negarse a pagar 60 euros por una condena por desobediencia y ser insumiso a la especulación y a las penas-multa. El activista ha afirmado que no irá voluntariamente a la prisión.

[Vídeo] Declaración Insumiso a las penas-multa + Acción 3 torres de Esplugues, campaña ESTA TOT FATAL + Paremos las máquinas del Pla Caufec + Acción y Estado de las Obras [Pla Caufec]

Audio: [insumisión penas-multa] grabaciones en programas de radio

Por altro lado y todo relacionado, el colectivo Crisis vuelve a inundar las calles de periódicos con estrategias para vivir sin el capitalismo y haciendo nuevas combocatorias [puedes descargar en pdf en la web de Crisis].

Sale en libertad Condicional Enric Duran

noticias relacionadas: noticia de El Punt + La cara o la Creu? Absolució o Ingrés a Presó? + Mosca Antirepressiva + Comunicat Alerta Solidària + Insubmissió a les penes-multa 2008! Solidaritat Pablo i Martin! + Tomb Solidari a Korneyà + Difusió de la insumissió a les penes-multa i a l'especulació + Acció 3 Torres d'Esplugues, No al Pla Caufec + I aquest noi, per què vol anar a la presó? + Que la Crisi la paguin els rics! + Ja està aquí CRISI TOTALL 2010 + Torna Enric Duran + [Penes-multa] imminent entrada a presó + [Penes-multa] dia 1 - Concentració d'ahir a la model + Penes Multa Acció Molins

+ info: No al Pla Caufec ::: Alespenespunyalades ::: No a la Crisi ::: CrisiTotal2010 ::: BcnCriminalització

criminalització (ca)

Barcelona, 12.06.2009 19:09

Amadeu Casellas torna a estar en vaga de fam

"Hago este comunicado, porque aún estoy físicamente entero y se que se acercan tiempos difíciles y más adelante, no estaré en condiciones de escribirlo, porque esta será mi última huelga de hambre y se que el sistema fascista, puede dejarme morir. Ante esta posibilidad real, acuso como máximos responsables a la Consellera de Justicia, Montserrat Tura y Albert Batlle, Secretario General de las Cárceles Catalanas. También quiero dejar muy claro, que todas las acciones que se hagan en mi favor, vayan dirigidas en contra de ellos y del sistema judicial español, que utilizan la Constitución según les conviene, dependiendo de si eres un fascista o no lo eres; tal y como dijo Erika López del Juzgado Penal nº 2 de Manresa, ella se encuentra bajo el imperio de la ley. Estas palabras hablan por sí solas.
Bueno compañeros, espero que esta última batalla la ganemos y en caso contrario, gracias por todo y ya teneis los nombres de los responsables".

[Comunicat d'Amadeu Casellas del 27 de maig 2009] :: [Últimes notícies, i info per a l'enviament de faxos i cartes ] :: [Fotos i crònica de la manifestació de 1 de juny] :: Blog Amadeu Casellas Llibertat

Notícies de relacionades: Ja porta més de 50 dies en vaga de fam ::: Amadeu: un crit ::: Per què ha reiniciat la vaga de fam ::: Carta oberta a una senyora sotmesa ::: De la primera vaga de fam ::: La història del cas de l'Amadeu ::: LLIBERTAT o MORT

+ info : Blog Amadeu Casellas + BcnCriminalització

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