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&quot;Twitter My Potato&quot;

DC, 23.06.2009 19:10

It’s not like the US intervenes in elections in the Middle East. This week the US Department of State asked Twitter to suspend its expected service shutdown, explicitly in reference to the crisis in Iran. This in itself is evidence of an attempt to influence events in Iran’s domestic crisis, even though the US Department of State has no presence in Iran.

WOLA has become Washingtonized. Call them out for their support for U.S. police training of repressive Latin American forces

DC, 23.06.2009 19:10

WOLA’s main idea is the training of modern professional para-military police and other law enforcement and criminal justice officials, with what appears to be oligarchical oversight. They foresee police academy training and indoctrination, human rights [meaning forcing us to be their slaves], due process, leadership development, more effective patrol structures directed at the communities [like curfews?], internal and external controls, and community-oriented policing. [Don’t forget folks, these people want to be the only game in town. If they get their way, we’ll all be forced to play cops and robbers whether we want to or not. They have a lot of private jails to fill and they’re planning more.] Specialized police units with specific policing techniques and equipment [probably taught by the likes of BlackWater!] Develop detective units and a comprehensive “snitching” system to help police gather evidence to increase conviction rates. Here's the announcement of their upcoming event:

Protest against Armed Forces Day

United Kingdom, 23.06.2009 19:09

ANTI-WAR campaigners are calling for a protest on Saturday June 27 against an "Armed Forces Day" event in Worthing. Meet-up point is 11am at the east end of Warwick Street in the town centre, next to Steyne Gardens where the event is to be held. Some protesters will be in the guise of war victims and people are also being asked to bring banners and placards explaining why they are opposed to the state's glorification of war.

Building Reuse Warehouse is Ready for Your Stuff

Houston, 23.06.2009 18:39

Building Reuse Warehouse is Ready for Your Stuff

Notts Police Face Scrutiny

United Kingdom, 23.06.2009 11:39

Nottinghamshire Police attracted national media attention when a video was released onto the internet showing officers from the force assaulting a member of the public in Nottingham City Centre. In the video the four officers can be seen shooting the man with a Taser stun gun and punching him repeatedly.

The release of this video comes at a time when Nottinghamshire Police are already having to answer questions about their recent decision to arrest without charge 114 people who were allegedly intending to disrupt Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station. The action which involved officers from four forces is estimated to have cost more than £70,000, despite no crime having been committed. Meanwhile, questions have also been raised about Reece Staples, 19, who died in police custody at Oxclose Lane station on 7th June.

Action: protest at Notts Police Authority on Wed 24th June

On the newswire: Taser Frenzy in Nottingham | Another young, black man dies a police cell | Demand Police Accountability: End the harassment of public protests | Police spent £700.000 on climate action bust operation

Previous features: Mass Arrest of 114 Climate Activists in Raid | Tasers in Nottingham

Related links: Inquest | Campaign Against Criminalising Communities | Notts Indymedia Repression topic page

Un nuevo aniversario por Dario y Maxi

Argentina, 23.06.2009 06:09

Semana contra la impunidad, a 7 años de la masacre de Avellaneda

Un nuevo aniversario por Dario y Maxi

Argentina, 23.06.2009 06:09

Semana contra la impunidad, a 7 años de la masacre de Avellaneda

Elephant Supporters Turn Out for IDA's International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos

Portland, 23.06.2009 05:39

Last Saturday, dozens of elephant supporters turned out at the Oregon Zoo to educate the public about the plight of elephants in zoos. This was part of an international day of action, in which people all over the world rejected the premise that forcing elephants to entertain humans in tiny enclosures is worth the cost to the animals.

If you want to see the real face of elephant "handling," here is a shocking undercover video of an elephant being abused so that she can entertain the public: If you think exhibiting elephants is remotely acceptable, I urge you to watch this video.

For much more information about elephants in zoos, please see

La Crisis Fiscal

Puerto Rico, 23.06.2009 04:40

¿Por qué hay crisis fiscal?

Campamento en Añasco

Puerto Rico, 23.06.2009 04:40

Comunidad de Añasco Playa se Levanta en Desobediencia Civil

UC Berkeley to Demolish Radioactive Building, Send Down University Ave

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.06.2009 04:20

The demolition of the Bevatron, a.k.a. Building 51 at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab is scheduled to begin in July. The demo will include the removal of radioactive waste, trucked down University Avenue covered with tarps.

baner re-trasmision

Argentina, 23.06.2009 02:09

Israeli Police To Start An Investigation of Indymedia Israel

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.06.2009 01:09

On June 21st, the Israeli State Prosecutor ordered police to start an investigation of Indymedia Israel. At the heart of the investigation is an article posted to the site with a picture of a soldier who, according to witnesses, murdered protest organizer Abu Rahma on April 17th. The posting with the heading "murderer" asks for the name of that soldier so that he can face murder charges.

100 000 March In Support Of Tamils

United Kingdom, 23.06.2009 00:09

On Saturday 20th June, around 100,000 People, including many Tamils, marched in Central London in support of the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka. The march was organised by the .British Tamil Forum.

There have been accusations of genocide having taken place in Sri Lanka in the last few months. So far this year, it is estimated that over 20,000 Tamils – mainly civilians - have lost their lives in a massive military onslaught by Sinhalese Sri Lankan government forces as the 26-year civil war was brought to a climax with the use of cluster bombs and shelling of civilian areas. Sri Lankan Armed Forces are also alleged to have used chemical weapons.

Over 280,000 displaced civilians are being held in prison camps – where conditions are reported to be dire, with poor sanitation, widespread diseases and a lack of adequate security. Amnesty International has received consistent reports of serious human rights violations, including enforced disappearance, extra-judicial executions and torture and sexual violence, including young girls being abducted from the camps.

Report | Short Film | Photos: 1 | 2

Solidarity with Iranian People Rally at Copley Square

Boston, 22.06.2009 18:09

More than one hundred declared supporters of democracy, free communication, and peace in Iran gathered at Copley Square in Boston on Saturday afternoon, as widespread protests against the present regime continued one week and one day after an illegitimate election.

Wake Up Jim Cramer! In Iran It’s Much Ado About Something

Boston, 22.06.2009 18:09

On the June 15 edition of CNBC's Street Signs, business analyst, Jim Cramer decided to lend his considerable analytical talents to international politics. He described the street protests in Iran following the disputed re-election of incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as, “much ado about nothing.” His proof? The price of oil declined by $1.40 on Monday. What Cramer found most odd was that Iranians might be even slightly upset that their votes had not been counted. After all, in countries like “North Korea and Syria, there are a bunch of people who don’t vote for the right guy,” and they do not complain when the outcome goes against them. “Obviously,” he said incredulously, “you were able to vote against this guy. But the idea that you thought there was going to be a fair count, I mean…” He then shared a chuckle with his co-host at the expense of the protesters.

Peru: sukces protestów Indian

Poland, 22.06.2009 17:09

Rząd Peru ugiął się przed żądaniami amazońskich Indian, organizujących od wielu tygodni we wschodniej częsci kraju protesty oraz blokady dróg i tras wodnych, krwawo tłumione przez policję i wojsko. Zgodził się na wycofanie dwóch ustaw o reformie ziemnej oraz przemysłowej i rolniczej eksploatacji regionów puszczy amazońskiej.

elecciones 2009

Argentina, 22.06.2009 16:09

Ernesto "Tito" Busto: Frente de Izquierda

Nicaragua: Pellas Group displays a shameful insensitivity

Boston, 22.06.2009 16:09

In April 2009 a youth group launched a boycott against Flor de Caña, the famous Nicaraguan rum. The boycott is in solidarity with former sugar cane workers who are members of the Nicaraguan Association of Those Affected by Chronic Renal Insufficiency (ANAIRC).

The torture judge

Portland, 22.06.2009 15:39

The Judge **jay bybee watch continues today at high noon. We will again stand in front of the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals at 700 SW 6th Ave. known here in Portland as the Pioneer Courthouse. We stand our watch to wait for the indictment/impeachment/disbarment of a man of horrors. This man wrote the justification for torture; he was in bush/cheney's State Department and was yoo's boss.

Video Report Back: HERE

Venezulea: Truth, Lies, and Revolution

Portland, 22.06.2009 15:39

just returned from Venezulea with a global exchange delegation centered on community organizing. I am working on a larger documentary based on the Bolivarian revolution and will return to Venezulea later this year. In the meantime I completed a version that features the David Rovics song "Song for Hugo Chavez".

Let Live Conference in a week!

Portland, 22.06.2009 15:39

Animals belong to themselves, not to us. They should not suffer in our systems of food, science, entertainment and fashion. Instead, they should live free of the tyranny we put upon them. But they cannot claim this freedom alone. The Let Live NW Animal Rights Conference is a grassroots forum for people who want to help. Through an open, respectful, and friendly environment this conference will provide an opportunity for attendees to learn skills and strategies to become better advocates for the animals, no matter ones experience level in activism.

"Let Live" is taking place in Portland, Oregon, June 26th-28th, 2009. It will be held this year on the campus of Portland State University in the Smith Memorial Building. It is being organized by Vegans for Animal Advocacy, with support from Let Live Foundation as well as local area businesses such as Herbivore Clothing, and Food Fight Grocery

Stumptown Joustdown

Portland, 22.06.2009 15:39

The Stumptown Joustdown is one of those events in Portland that make this such an amazing city. Today I made my way over to Col. Summers Park in SE Portland with my brother Andrew to take in the action.

Portland's bike culture did not disappoint. The Stumptown Joustdown is absolutely insane. Competitors speed their bicycles, chariots and other wheeled craft straight at each other while wielding a jousting pole with which to pummel their opponent, hopefully to the ground. The action was fast and the impacts spectacular. There is no way I would compete in this event. My hats off to those that picked up the joust and competed today. We saw bicycles, mini bikes, a bride/groom match and chariots but had to leave before the open class. Thanks Portland.. you weirdo. ~H

3 Earth First Roadshow Stops in Portland THIS WEEK!

Portland, 22.06.2009 15:39

A band of eco-rebels is crossing the US Empire to renew a fighting movement that can stop this industrial nightmare from choking the life out of the earth: the Earth First Roadshow!

The need for resistance in solidarity with the wild has never been louder or clearer than it is today; the roadshow is a tool for growing that resistance. There are countless examples to draw from in the story of radical movements before us: militant labor organizing tours, anti-fascist resistance recruitment and international speaking tours to build cross-border solidarity. The origin of Earth First! itself is credited to a few roadshows that kicked it all off in the early 1980s. We are building on this tradition; akin to a fellowship crossing Middle Earth to amass insurgents to face Mordor head-on.

* Thursday, June 25th, 3p
Laurelhurst Park (west side of Park)
Learn all you want to know about Direct Action: Media, Lockdowns, Tri-pods & a DA role-play

* Saturday, June 27th, 7p
Red & Black Cafe (12th & Oak)
$ 3-5

- Music:
The Rising Phoenix Society (Old Timey Party Down Crunk)
Slow Teeth (Harmonic Folk Punk)
Here Comes Trouble (Ukelele Country Funk)

- Presentation:
Learn about Direct Action, the Greenscare, Earth Forst! History & more through a puppetshow, a slideshow and skits!

* Saturday, June 28th
Let Live Animal Rights Conference


Tran's &amp; Womyn's Action Camp NOW Come on Out!!

Portland, 22.06.2009 15:39

The Tran's & Womyn's Action Camp is happening now!! Come on out for a day or until Friday.
You can find information on:


Portland, 22.06.2009 15:39

* Thursday, June 25th, 3p, Laurelhurst Park (west side of Park), FREE. Learn all you want to know about Direct Action: Media, Lockdowns, Tri-pods & a DA role-play

* Saturday, June 27th, 7p, Red & Black Cafe (12th & Oak) $3-5. - Music: The Rising Phoenix Society (Old Timey Party Down Crunk), Slow Teeth (Harmonic Folk Punk), Here Comes Trouble (Ukelele Country Funk). Presentation: Learn about Direct Action, the Greenscare, Earth Forst! History & more through a puppetshow, a slideshow and skits!

* Sunday, June 28th. Let Live Animal Rights Conference.

Impromptu Food Not Bombs

Portland, 22.06.2009 15:38

Spur of the moment Food Not Bombs at the elephant on the nw park blocks, at 7pm on Monday June 22nd.

We have lots of vegan and raw vegan food left over from a catering event. Come help us eat it all. Free and welcome to all. Meet at 7pm at the elephant on the nw park blocks, located on nw park and nw couch. Bring your own eating utensil and bowl, or plate. Spread the word! See you there!


Oost-Vlaanderen, 22.06.2009 09:37

start van het no border kamp in calais

Fenty's gang press conference gets protesters

DC, 22.06.2009 04:22

Stung by his defeat in the City Council Tuesday, Mayor Fenty held a 3:30 PM press conference at the site of the June 18th shooting by Colombia Heights metro. He was there to promote another attempt to pass his "gang injunction" bill. Protesters showed up to oppose the bill.

Hundreds Protest Crystal City Hilton For Hotel Worker Rights

DC, 22.06.2009 04:22

Crystal City Virginia- On the evening of June 20th, 2009, several hundred workers, supporters, and community allies took to the streets in Crystal City, honoring the anniversary of the boycott UNITEHERE workers declared on their own hotel, the Hilton Crystal City. In a 400-strong show of force workers and the community let the bosses know that rather than giving up the fight when Columbia Sussex imposed a contract (as of May 1st), they would only fight harder. After an hour of solid picketing and chanting, the people took the street in front of the hotel, blocking all traffic, until the police gave the order to return to the sidewalk. While most of the workers and supporters returned to the sidewalk and resumed picketing, ten folks remained in the street, locked arms, and sat down, refusing to move until they were all placed under arrest, all to an enthusiastic crowd chanting "Columbia-Sussex unfair" and "No Justice, No peace". The workers' contract at the Hilton expired the end of 2007. Since then, Columbia-Sussex management has tried to fleece workers at the Hilton Crystal City anywhere they possibly can. They have tried to cut out sick days, pensions, skyrocket the costs of healthcare, eliminate seniority rights, increase workloads, decrease salaries, and merge and eliminate positions. The contract imposed May 1st effectively did all these things (although workers were later given back their pensions in a move to avoid massive tax penalties that would be imposed on the management). In 2008, the workers, by an 85% margin for a boycott of their own hotel, and by summer of 2008 the boycott had gone public. Since then, there have been regular leaflets and pickets in front of the hotel, by both workers and community allies. Another hotel owned by Columbia-Sussex, the Baltimore City Center Sheraton, has been under boycott since November of 2007, and is facing the same scenario against a violently anti-union company. Several other Columbia-Sussex hotels around the country are also under boycott, or may become so in the near future…

Protesters in Tehran Address Progressive Community

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.06.2009 02:39

Davey D, producer of KPFA's Hard Knock Radio , writes: "It's interesting to hear a number of progressives who immediately jumped out the box telling people that they were being duped by supporting the protests in Tehran. Many arrogantly pointed out that we were somehow carrying the mainstream party line and what we were seeing in the streets was a CIA backed operation. In fact one person hit me up and told me I should be ashamed of myself and that I was somehow pushing the mainstream party line.

Videos de Indy

Argentina, 22.06.2009 02:39

World Refugee Day: Shut Hutto Down

Houston, 22.06.2009 00:39

March and Vigil at Hutto Immigrant Family Dentention Center for World Refugee Day

mineria y censura en san juan

Argentina, 22.06.2009 00:39


Athens, 21.06.2009 22:09

Άγρια καταστολή δέχονται οι μετανάστες-τριες

July 8th: Afghanistan Panel: Not The Good War

Seattle, 21.06.2009 21:08

Panel discussion with Seth Manzel (organizer of Coffee Strong G.I. coffeehouse outside Ft. Lewis and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War) and Emma Kaplan (National Youth & Student Coordinator of The World Can’t Wait and speaker with the We Are Not Your Soldiers Tour).

Privatización de las Cárceles

Puerto Rico, 21.06.2009 18:39

Correctional Health Services Corporation es un verdadero fraude

Protesters in Tel Aviv Call for an end to 42 Years of Israeli Occupation

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.06.2009 17:39

On, Saturday, June 6, hundreds came to the Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, to protest 42 years of an ongoing occupation of the Golan Heights, the West Bank, and Gaza since the Six Days War in 1967. Organized by the Communist Party of Israel (Hadash), protesters held signs calling to end the clocked and bombardment of Gaza and for a just peace.

Checkpoint 303, Creates Music Aimed at Raising International Awareness, to Perfume at SF

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.06.2009 16:09

On Friday, June 19, Checkpoint 303 perfumed at the Pork Store at SF. Checkpoint 303 (Palestine/Tunisia/France) is a non-profit activist sound art project launched in 2004 by sound-catcher SC Yosh (Palestine) and sound-cutter SC MoCha (Tunisia). It creates experimental electronic music aimed at raising international awareness about the ongoing injustice and suffering of civilian populations throughout the Middle East. It combines field recordings performed in Palestine with electronic beats, FX and subtle oriental tunes. Checkpoint 303 next two performances will be held in SF on Tuesday June 23rd at the Balazo Gallery (2183 Mission Street), and on Wednesday 24th at Baobab Village (3372 19th Street).

Berlin: trwa akcja skłotowania Tempelhof

Poland, 21.06.2009 10:10

Od 6 czerwca w Berlinie trwają Dni Akcji przeciwko gentryfikacji, organizowane przez niemieckie środowiska autonomicznie i skłoterskie. W ich trakcie odbyły się dziesiątki spotkań, dyskusji oraz akcji bezpośrednich przeciwko zawłaszczaniu miasta przez finansowe elity i korporacje. Atakowane były luksusowe samochody, biura spekulantów gruntami i wspierających ich firm prawniczych, zajmowano pustostany. Dziś w kulminacyjnym dniu Akcji odbyć ma się demonstracja i symboliczne zajęcie nieczynnego lotniska Berlin-Tempelhof. Lotnisko zostało zamknięte 30 października 2008 decyzją Senatu Miejskiego, a jego teren ma zostać sprzedany prywatnym firmom i przeznaczony pod budowę ogrodzonego, gigantycznego osiedla luksusowych apartamentów. Plany Senatu Berlina dot. Tempelhof są ważnym punktem w projekcie neoliberalnej restrukturyzacji prowadzącej do postępującej prywatyzacji i gentryfikacji obszarów miejskich, która od wielu lat spotka się z czynnym sprzeciwem ubogich berlińczyków i działaczy skłoterskich (zob. więcej w artykule Walka z gentryfikacją w berlińskiej dzielnicy Kreuzberg).

Lisbon: Round Two - A bosses charter, with or without 'guarantees'

Ireland, 21.06.2009 06:39

The genuine left has a key role to play in fightin ...

A Permit-Less Parade For More Than 51

NYC, 21.06.2009 03:41

The Radical Homosexual Agenda hosted its third parade without a permit to protest the parade permit law passed in New York City, that was deemed unconstitutional by a criminal court judge, but prevents groups of 50 or more from marching together without a permit from the New York Police Department.

Photos by Andrew Hinderaker || Report by Radical Homosexual Agenda

Alerta ante el corporativismo sindical

Puerto Rico, 21.06.2009 03:10

¡Que no se repita la historia!

Peter Brimelow at Buchanan's Bigot Bash

DC, 21.06.2009 02:10

This Saturday, June 20th 2009, Pat Puchanan's organization "The American Cause had their conference in Tyson's Corner Virginia. From Buchanan's website: Since our inception in 1993, The American Cause has urged the conservative movement and Republican Party to reject foreign interventionism, globalist trade , open borders, and big government. With the Democratic Party firmly, and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, are we too late? Has the culture, economy, and demographics of our country passed a tipping point where Conservatives can no longer rule with a mandate? Or can we revitalize our party and movement to the strength we had during the Reagan Years? Please join Bay Buchanan, Pat Buchanan, and other top conservative leaders to discuss these important issues. When: June 20 8:30 AM-6:00 PM Where: The Ritz Carlton * 1700 Tysons Boulevard * McLean, VA 22102 Admission: $75 per person * $35 students * $1,000 co-sponsor Speakers Include: Patrick Buchanan Tony Blankley Tom Tancredo Phyllis Schlafly Terry Jeffrey Ward Connerly John Hostettler Ken Blackwell Christopher Horner Richard Scott Lou Barletta Peter Brimelow Now there are many recognizable characters on that list. But, the last one mentioned is "Peter Brimelow" someone who might not be well known, but he is one with quite a dubious reputation of racism.

Exigen a los poderes políticos una solución antes del 28 de junio

Argentina, 20.06.2009 23:09

Reclaman una solución definitiva

SEIU Lies, Bribes, and Steals to Claim Razor-Thin Advantage in Fresno County Election

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.06.2009 21:39

Fresno County homecare providers reported scores of incidents of voter intimidation, illegal threats, and ballot manipulation by SEIU staff in an election for workers to quit the scandal-plagued union and join the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW). SEIU spent an estimated $10 million on attack mailings, robo-calls, TV and radio ads, but failed to win enough support from workers to win the election without breaking the law.

A Question Over Iran: Can the People Make History or Not?

NYC, 20.06.2009 18:39

There is a self-deceptive politics (among some leftists) that seeks to prettify all kinds of reactionary forces that (for one reason or another) are in opposition to U.S. imperialism — including Islamic reactionaries, Kim Jung Il, “hardline” revisionists of the Li Peng and Eric Honecker type and so on. And in the process they have a real, almost startling, hostility toward sections of the people who rise up in important if still-inarticulate ways. My sense is that such politics arise from a despair over actually developing our own revolutionary forces — and a resigned assumption that we have no other alternative but to fall behind any forces (ugly, oppressive, reactionary or not) who (one way or another) who seem to be on America’s shit list.

Exigen a los poderes políticos una solución antes del 28 de junio

Argentina, 20.06.2009 17:39

Reclaman una solución definitiva

Призыв к поддержке зоозащитных активистов

Belarus, 20.06.2009 16:07

“На днях на предприятии «Фауна города» была убита собака. Собака у которой было 3 потенциальных хозяина. Одни не имели столько денег сколько требовал директор Томашевский за выкуп животного — 90 000 рублей, другие не успели – собаку уже вели на казнь… Несмотря на свободные места, несмотря на готовность волонтёров взять на себя расходы по содержанию собаки, здоровых, ласковых животных продолжают убивать. В понедельник, 15 июня будет убито ещё 10 собак.

В наших силах — попытаться остановить этот беспредел.

Мы призываем Вас придти в понедельник, 15 июня на живодёрню под названием «Фауна города», по адресу Гурского, 42 и написать протест в книге жалоб и предложений. Вы должны высказать своё отношении к ловцам-живодёрам, к убийству животных несмотря на наличие свободных мест, на отсутствие социальной рекламы и так далее. Вы имеете полное право посмотреть на собак и кошек.

Приходите начиная с 10:00 и до вечера в «Фауну города», требуйте жалобную книгу и пишите,

The Iranian Election a ‘Legacy of Martyred Flowers’

Ireland, 20.06.2009 14:40

The Iranian government’s campaign to mold ‘model’ ...

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