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Military Coup In Honduras

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.06.2009 00:09

On June 28th, the Honduran military ousted the democratically elected government of Honduras, detaining and then exiling President Manuel Zelaya and shooting Cesar Ham, presidential candidate and head of Honduras' only registered leftist political party.


Colombia, 28.06.2009 15:09

Militares encapuchados secuestran al presidente Manuel Zelaya


Athens, 28.06.2009 12:09

Η υπόθεση της Κούνεβα στο αρχείο?

Atheist Film Festival to be Held June 28th at SF's Roxie Theater

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.06.2009 03:38

On Sunday June 28th, the first-ever Atheist Film Festival will be held at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco's Mission District from 12pm to midnight. Feature-length films will be shown in the 240-seat theater, short films in the small 46-seat screening room. The festival is sponsored by San Francisco Atheists.

Editorial Cartoon: &quot;Moral Grounds&quot; by Carlos Latuff

DC, 27.06.2009 20:09

On the US State's feigned "outrage" over the Iranian State's suppression of the "Twitter Revolution".

Parada Orgullo LGBT 2009

Puerto Rico, 27.06.2009 20:09

Parada Orgullo LGBT pide la separación de la Iglesia y el Estado

Protest at Vandenberg AFB Against Launch of Minuteman III Nuclear Missile

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.06.2009 20:08

Shortly before midnight on Sunday, June 28th, a demonstration will begin at Vandenberg Air Force Base to protest the U.S. launch of a Minuteman III nuclear missile. The target of the rocket is the Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site, Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands, South Pacific.

From the Newswire

Perth, 27.06.2009 10:09

Climate activists lock on to Collie Bluewaters powerplant

Child in Chains: A reportback from Tyquan Rivera's pretrial hearing

Rochester, 27.06.2009 07:07

Recently, members of Rochester Indymedia sat in on the latest iteration of Tyquan Rivera's court case. We were moved to witness this process because of the disturbing imbalance in the corporate media coverage of the proceedings we'd seen thus far. We found the experience to be a strange brew of truth being lost between the lines of the prosecution’s witness testimonies mixed up with absurdly dysfunctional, if not incompetent, corporate media behavior. We'd like to share some of our observations that day with our Indymedia readers.

June 11, 2009—Tyquan Rivera was in Judge Joseph Valentino’s Supreme Court for a pretrial hearing regarding testimony from witnesses who saw Rivera near the scene of the shooting of Rochester police officer Anthony DiPonzio on January 31, 2009, or knew him before the shooting. Rivera, 15-years-old, was charged earlier this year with attempted murder in the second degree and assault in the first degree. If convicted, Rivera could be imprisoned for up to 10 years. By virtue of being 14-years-old when the shooting occurred, he was spared being tried as an adult. District Attorney Mike Green was arguing the case for the state; Defense Attorney Culver Bar was present to represent Rivera.

Additional Information: Digging for Truth in the Tyquan Rivera Case | Let’s Not Retreat into Cocoons of Expedient Simplicity and Pretentiousness

Audio: Eye-witness account of police brutality before Tyquan Rivera allegedly shot into police as read on WDKX on February 4th, 2009

Related: AARM Holds Second Event on the Media and Racism | Racism and the Media Community Discussion a Success | Facts about Juvenile Injustice

Bil'in weekly demonstration against the wall, June 26

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.06.2009 03:08

Friday, 26 June 2009: Bil'in village holds press conference and a demonstration against construction of the Apartheid Wall. Palestinian residents, alongside international and Israeli activists gathered today in Bil'in to demonstrate against the Apartheid Wall.

La Plata: elecciones 2009

Argentina, 27.06.2009 01:09

Hablan los candidatos a concejales de izquierda y centro izquierda

Feature-Length Films About Religion and Science at the Atheist Film Festival in SF

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.06.2009 00:09

On Sunday June 28th, the first ever Atheist Film Festival will be held at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco's Mission District from Noon - Midnight. Feature-length films will be shown in the 240 seat theater, short films in the small 46-seat screening room. The festival is free and sponsored by San Francisco Atheists.

Stonewall. 40 a�os de lucha contra el sistema heterocentrista

Euskal Herria, 26.06.2009 23:09

"Hace 40 a�os la revoluci�n por la liberaci�n sexual pas� de la lucha individual a la lucha colectiva, a la organizaci�n para la lucha. Con motivo del d�a del orgullo de bolleras, maricas y transexuales queremos hacer un llamamiento a cuestionarse los modelos de sexualidad, de relaciones, en definitiva, de vida actuales".

Ne'er-do-wells, Unpredictables, and Ungovernables Gets Excited About The G-20

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.06.2009 21:39

A Committee of Outside Agitators, write: "On September 24-25th, leaders from the 20 richest and most powerful economies of the world will assemble in Pittsburgh, PA to discuss how they can further entrench their power in the face of the most devastating global depression seen in the last 70 years. We will meet them there."

Alex Sanchez of Homies Unidos arrested by FBI, Community rallies behind him

LA, 26.06.2009 20:39

Alex Sanchez of Homies Unidos arrested by FBI, Community rallies behind him

No Border Camp at the UK Border extention beyond the channel

United Kingdom, 26.06.2009 20:09

A farcical curtain of steel has descended on Calais, and the massive campaign of demonisation of the camp by the local authorities continues in the press. The camp is now fully set up with approx 300 people from all over Europe. Many local people are visiting the site, a group of around 40 mostly Kurdish and Afghani migrants are participating daily and a lot of local kids and young adults hang out.

It runs alongside the main motorway from the port out of town and is just a few minutes from the "Jungle", the makeshift camps where migrants are living. Migrants report that currently the controls at the border are very tight and that no one has been getting through for few weeks, consequently the number of migrants in Calais are at their highest in several years.

People are using alternative and corporate tools for real time reporting.

General info and resources: [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]

NoBorder Calais Friday 26.06.2009

United Kingdom, 26.06.2009 19:39

This is a short summary of the Friday, 2606.2009 on the No Border camp. Lots of things happen at the same time at different places so if you ve got something to add please write a comment. Pictures | Video from the Police ath the Camp | Video from the Lock on action early in the morning 

6/26 Gay Dissidents Talk with Gary Null on Air

Portland, 26.06.2009 19:39

Friday 6/26: Special 2 hour broadcast!
The show is being aired live from Noon to 2 PM (Eastern) on WNYE (91.5 FM) in New York, an NPR-affiliated station.

Some of the line of of speakers include (but not limited to are)
Rod Knoll
Michael Geiger
John Hankins
Edward Murphy

The shows are archived on the PRN site: click "Archives" on the vertical menu and then Gary Null. Shows usually get loaded up by the end of the working day or the following morning at the latest

Please DO NOT miss this show or it's subsequent archive!

Sit/Lie Protests in Portland

Portland, 26.06.2009 19:39

As Portland's Sit/Lie ordinance is deemed as unconstitutional, there is evidence all over Portland of underground actions protesting the law. (Some popped up all over the city before the circuit court decision).
The signs the figures are holding have some of the following statements on them:

* "This city wide ordinance has been deemed unconstitutional by circuit court. Sit/Lie in unity to the supreme court. FREEDOM FOR ALL."


Some that I spotted before the circuit court decision simply stated, "SIT LIE" and appeared to be attached with metal to what they were sitting on.

Rose City Antifa: Statement on Anti-Semites and their Collaborators

Portland, 26.06.2009 19:39

Recent events have highlighted the fact that anti-Semitic organizers in Portland, Oregon are relying on "Leftist" spaces and groups to tolerate their efforts and ideology. On Wednesday, June 10, Valdas Anelauskas, a self-described "white separatist" who is involved with Holocaust-denial circles, gave a presentation to a group of sympathizers in Portland, Oregon. The event was sponsored by the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, and was initially scheduled to take place at the Laughing Horse Book & Video Collective... The Laughing Horse collective canceled the anti-Semitic event within 48 hours of being notified about its true nature. Valdas Anelauskas is a "racialist" (read: racist) activist currently based in Eugene, Oregon. Anelauskas is now active in the Pacifica Forum, a Eugene, Oregon organization which hosts Holocaust-denial speakers such as David Irving plus Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review.

While Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance activist Tim Titrud was one organizer for Anelauskas' talk in Portland, Titrud appears to have been assisted by a cast of several others, especially Tim Calvert... Calvert's conspiracy theories about Jewish power, and his denial of the Nazi genocide against the Jewish people, have been an open secret in Portland for years.

Rose City Antifa strongly opposes attempts to make excuses for anti-Semitism, or to pretend that it is any less poisonous than any other form of racism. Other organizations involving Tim Calvert, such as the Cascadia Education Project, are also advised to take notice. No compromise and no half-measures!

- Rose City Antifa / Portland ARA

Free All Political Prisoners: Jack Johnson's Hearing

DC, 26.06.2009 19:10

Reflection on Johnson's Hearing

Plantation Antics at “Community” Meeting in Police Killing of Try Joyner: No Cut Card

DC, 26.06.2009 19:10

Police and "officials" clown community around the police shooting of young man and sadly, many in the "community" applaud and defend it.


Colombia, 26.06.2009 16:09

Las organizaciones populares contra el Golpe de Estado


Colombia, 26.06.2009 15:09

Lecciones de la Recesión

Torture Accountability Action Day in Harvard Square

Boston, 26.06.2009 14:08

Cambridge--Anti-torture protesters gathered in "the pit" in Harvard Square today to demand a stop to torturing prisoners held in Guantanamo and other US facilities. Some wore orange jumpsuits and black hoods to emulate the garb of detainees. Several speakers spoke out against torture by the Bush regime. To see video of the protest:

The Shadow over Erris: Shell, IRMS and Bolivia

Ireland, 26.06.2009 13:09

Sometimes monsters do exist In any country with a ...

No Border Camp Calais 2009

Netherlands, 26.06.2009 10:09

Sinds 24 juni is er in Calais een No Border Camp. Europese activisten leven daar een week lang samen met vooral Koerdische, Irakese, Afghaanse en Iraanse migranten, die hopen binnenkort een succesvolle oversteek naar Dover te maken. In de week worden er acties gehouden, waaronder een grote demonstratie naar de car ferry Calais op zaterdag 27 juni.

Calais is een van de moeilijkst te nemen grenzen binnen Fort Europa voor migranten zonder verblijfsvergunning of visum. Al jaren leven honderden van hen - vooral jonge mannen - in bosjes langs de kust die ze “jungle" noemen tot het ze lukt om zich in een vrachtwagen richting het Verenigd Koninkrijk te verstoppen.

Het kamp blijft staan tot en met maandag 29 juni.

De jungle van Calais: Wat is de jungle van Calais? | Border problems - post van een Afghaans jongen in de jungle | Wie zijn er in Calais?
No Border Camp Calais| 24-29 juni 2009: website van het kamp | Nomad | kampkrant | Twitter @calaisnoborder | Indymedia Lille | Indymedia UK
Acties: Blokkade gesloten detentiecentrum Lille 24 juni | elf arrestaties | Flyer actie 25 juni| 23 arrestaties

Opponents of torture march on Dept of &quot;Injustice&quot;

DC, 26.06.2009 09:10

On June 25, opponents of torture marched on the Department of Justice, demanding that a special prosecutor to investigate torture by Bush officials. the DOJ agreed to accept their letter-but refused to send anyone but a public affairs spokeman to meet with activsts. (audio pending)

ADL fails in its Defamation Campaign Against a UCSB Professor

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.06.2009 07:08

On June 24, Nearly five months after opening an investigation of University of California sociology professor William I. Robinson for alleged faculty misconduct, university officials abruptly announced that it has dismissed all charges and terminated the case. Robinson has been targeted by the Anti-Defamation League for forwarding images that made a historical comparison to the state violence of the Israeli military actions in Gaza with that of German Nazi Wehrmacht in Warsaw.

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.06.2009 05:38

Richard Silverstein Writes:, YouTube may have banned Max Blumenthal's Feel the Hate video, but I guess the hasbara (pro-Israel propaganda) crowd hasn't yet gotten around to complaining about the multiple YouTube abuse videos documenting verbal and emotional abuse of innocent Palestinian civilians by thuggish Israeli Border Police.

Elecciones 2009

Argentina, 26.06.2009 03:09

Pablo "Pol" Crisostomo - Nuevo Encuentro


Argentina, 25.06.2009 17:09

Los docentes en lucha

Policyjne śledztwo przeciw izraelskim Indymediom

Poland, 25.06.2009 16:40

21 czerwca prokurator krajowy Izraela polecił policji wszczęcie śledztwa przeciw kolektywowi izraelskich indymediów i prowadzonej przez niego stronie.

Vigilia por Dario y Maxi en Avellaneda

Argentina, 25.06.2009 15:39

Jornada cultural en la estación, transmisión en vivo

El Cambio Va

Puerto Rico, 25.06.2009 10:10

La Voz de El Cambio Va en la UIA

Chicago Police Plumb New Depths in Malfeasance

Chicago, 25.06.2009 02:09

The Chicago Police Department have had a long sordid history of malfeasance and subsequent legal ramifications. Recent developments posted to Chicago Indymedia have revealed new lows even for Chicago's infamous police.

Exhibit A — Federal Jury Awards Victim Largest-Ever Amount in Chicago Cop Frame-up: A Federal jury awarded the largest-ever compensation for a wrongful conviction in Chicago history — $21 million in compensatory damages — against a Chicago detective who framed a Humboldt Park resident. That resident, Juan Johnson, was sentenced to 30 years in prison over a murder for whose evidence a Chicago police detective wholly fabricated. Read more

Exhibit B — CPD Hit With $625,000 Fine for Violent Police Assault During Traffic Stop: "A federal jury yesterday awarded 41-year-old Curtis Mason $625,000 in compensatory damages for a brutal beating he received at the hands of at least five Chicago police officers during a January 13, 2007 traffic stop on Chicago's south side. " The Police Department declined to discipline the accused officers over the assault and the Cook County States Attorney's Office did not prosecute them criminally. Read more

Exhibit C — Officer in Publicized Bartender Beating Case Receives Only Probation: In a case of Chicago police malfeasance which has received considerable Chicago corporate media coverage, the Chicago police officer who was caught on camera in a public beating was released on probation by a Cook County judge. Read more

It so happens that the Chicago lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police will hold a 1968 Riot Cop Reunion (the police involved in the 1968 DNC crackdown and in political assassinations), but Chicago Copwatch is organizing a protest and march.

Trader Joe's Consumers Take Action: &quot;Don't Buy Into Apartheid!&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.06.2009 23:39

On Saturday, June 20, activists gathered at Trader Joe's in Oakland and San Francisco to demand that the company stop carrying Israeli goods. Protesters removed Israeli products from the shelves in order to show customers which products they should not buy. They also met with the store managers and asked them to notify their headquarters that they no longer wanted to carry Israeli herbs, couscous and cheese. Similar actions were held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Seattle, Washington, and Sacramento, California. The activists were inspired by campaigns to deshelve Israeli products in Wales and France.

Third Annual Bicycle Music Festival, Take Place at Golden Gate Park

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.06.2009 23:09

Michael Steinberg writes: , "On Saturday the third annual Bicycle Music Festival in San Francisco was kicked out of two sites in Golden Gate Park, and then threatened with expulsion in Dolores Park, before finally partying on pedal power late into the night on the SF waterfront."

Single Payer Advocates Protest Sebelius' San Francisco Appearance

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.06.2009 22:09

Nurses, doctors, and other health care advocates protested in front of the Fairmont Hotel on June 22 to voice objection to Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius' visit to San Francisco. Earlier this month Secretary Sebelius said that a Single Payer plan is "not part of the discussion" in health care reform debates and that dismantling private health care coverage is a "bad direction to go." Sebelius was at the Fairmont as guest speaker for a Democratic fundraiser held by Nancy Pelosi.

125 Grapevines and Fruit Trees Destroyed by Israeli settlers in Saffa, West Bank

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.06.2009 21:39

In the early hours of Monday, June 22, 2009, settlers from the Bat 'Ain settlement set fire and cut down more than 125 grapevines and fruit trees. Israeli soldiers said they saw a fire in the Palestinian agricultural fields some time during the night and went to put it out, though they did nothing to collect the evidence; kerosene canisters and matches were still there the next morning when activists from the Palestine Solidarity Project accompanied the farmer's family to survey the damage.

Prohibition on New Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Passed by Santa Cruz City Council

Santa Cruz, CA, 24.06.2009 21:39

On June 23rd, the Santa Cruz City Council passed a 45-day moratorium on new medical marijuana dispensaries in the city limits. Councilmembers said they needed the moratorium because they claimed there was a flood of daily inquiries to the city's Planning Department about opening medical marijuana centers. The are two pending applications for dispensaries on the Westside of Santa Cruz.

Nerve 14 - The System Is Unsustainable

United Kingdom, 24.06.2009 21:09

How do we live sustainably in a city that is designed for an unsustainable way of life? The latest Nerve magazine tries to answer that question, and is available for free from News From Nowhere on Bold Street, as well as cafes, libraries, and cultural venues.

Elecciones 2009

Argentina, 24.06.2009 17:39

Gabriel "El Pollo" Giordano: MST-MIJD en Nueva Izquierda en unidad

Amidst Questions, Protesters Gather in Solidarity with Iranian People

United States, 24.06.2009 12:37

New York City, NY: About 300 people gathered at the UN to show their solidarity for the anti-government protesters in Iran. [...] There were a lot of Mousavi photos with the word "Change", a lot of calls for the UN to speak more forcefully, and a lot of condemnations of the Iranian government. Photos

Boston, MA: More than one hundred declared supporters of democracy, free communication, and peace in Iran gathered at Copley Square in Boston on Saturday afternoon, as widespread protests against the present regime continued one week and one day after an illegitimate election. [...] Organized nationally by Where Is My Vote, which presents itself as a voice for the Iranian diaspora, and locally online with postings on Craigslist, Yelp, and especially a Facebook event page. Read More

Background: Iranians Take to the Streets to Contest Election Results; Protesters Shot by Police | | | Commentary: A Question Over Iran: Can the People Make History or Not? | "Is the Uprising in Tehran a CIA Backed Exercise? Tehran Protesters Address Progressives" | Wake Up Jim Cramer! In Iran It’s Much Ado About Something

Related: US Department of State asks Twitter to suspend its expected service shutdown

School budget crisis continues: Teachers end hunger strike, dancers begin; Santee students walk out in protest

LA, 24.06.2009 09:38

School budget crisis continues: Teachers end hunger strike, dancers begin; Santee students walk out in protest

Cortometraje de Tito Román

Puerto Rico, 24.06.2009 08:09

La Isla Del Encanto 2009

baner link pa escu radio

Argentina, 24.06.2009 02:39

Video: Lakota Chief Leonard Crow Dog Speaks Out in Portland

Portland, 24.06.2009 01:38

Incarcerated Native American activist Leonard Peltier has been granted his first full parole hearing in 15 years. The hearing is scheduled for July 27, 2009, at the United States Penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, where Peltier is currently imprisoned. Recently, Lakota Chief Leonard Crow Dog spoke to a large crowd on behalf of Peltier at the Native American Student and Community Center at Portland State University. Sponsored by local Peltier supporters and hosted by the Native American Studies Department, the evening also included drumming and singing by the local chapter of the American Indian Movement, flute by Isaac Trimble, and presentations by several other speakers. Paintings and drawings by Peltier and Bob Robideau were on display, provided by Bonnie Kahn's Wild West Gallery on NW 23rd, who represents both artists locally.

[Watch the] Video of Chief Leonard Crow Dog and Delaney Bruce> speaking on May 20th...

Peltier, a high-profile member of the American Indian Movement, was convicted in April, 1977, for his alleged role in the 1975 deaths of two FBI agents during a shootout on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. He received two life sentences. A model prisoner, over the past 33 years Peltier has become an accomplished painter and, from his prison cell, has spearheaded philanthropic support of Indian communities. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize each of the last six years. Peltier is legitimately eligible for release from prison. But, again, the FBI has launched a smear campaign to influence the parole board against him.

Letters in support of Peltier are needed now more than ever. Sample letters and more information are available at: Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee and Friends of Peltier

Spoofing the Irish media and public with Lisbon “guarantees” that guarantee nothing

Ireland, 23.06.2009 23:08

The central point to grasp about the current EU Su ...

Resumen de Noticias Nº 5

Argentina, 23.06.2009 21:39

En Córdoba pasan cosas

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