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G8: Climate Banner Hung on Mt Rushmore,4 Italian Coal Plants Shut Down

DC, 09.07.2009 00:10

On July 8, Greenpeace hung a banner from Mt Rushmore, demanding that politicians "stop global warming." A number of Rising Tide DC activists were involved in this action. Also on July 8, Italian Greenpeace activists occupied four coal burning power plants, shutting them down! VIDEO via Youtube

Showdown With A Torture Judge

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.07.2009 22:39

Cynthia Papermaster and Susan Harman writes: "Ninth Circuit Judge Jay Bybee was confronted by three torture accountability activists in a Pasadena courtroom who called out to him to resign for giving legal approval to interrogation techniques amounting to torture. He was so surprised that he stopped and listened to the three women, Cynthia Papermaster, Susan Harman, and Dianne Wright while they told him he is unfit to be a judge and should resign."


Athens, 08.07.2009 21:39

Οι μάσκες έπεσαν ξανά...

Congrats, Oregonians, for your excellent work on behalf of peace and democracy!

Portland, 08.07.2009 21:38

FROM LIBERTY TREE: On January 21st of this year, Oregonians joined veterans, military families, peace, and other pro-democracy organizations across the country in launching the Bring the Guard Home! It's the Law campaign.

Since then, Guard Home legislation has been introduced in a dozen states, and new efforts are underway in another dozen states. The big highlights of the first half of 2009 were Maryland, Oregon, New Mexico, and New Hampshire. The Guard Home campaign is a long-term effort, and we did not expect to see legislative action this early in the campaign. Yet legislative action we got, with hearings in all four states, and an (unexpected) floor vote in New Hampshire. The highlight of the session was undoubtedly Oregon, where a spirited effort won majority support in the House.

City of Sandy, and Murdering Cop off the hook

Portland, 08.07.2009 21:38

This is now old news, but there may be some who are fortunate enough to have avoided the corporate news for a week or two, so I am posting it here. Fouad deserves all of our attention.

The city of Sandy and the murdering thug with a badge, Willam Bergin (more about him elsewhere) have reached a $1 million settlement with the family of Fouad Kaady, who was unarmed, naked, burned and bleeding (and according to Bergin's own statement, "catatonic, sitting Indian style,") alongside a rural county road when Bergin, and a Clackamas County Depute, David Willard, shot him to death in 2005.

The shooting sparked outrage from the family, and anyone with an ounce of human feeling. Extensive coverage here, at PDX Indymedia finally garnered a modicum of attention and calls for a public inquest even after a not so grand jury, spoon fed by a politically motivated District Attorney, cleared the officers of wrongdoing.
The settlement, entered in U.S. District Court in Portland, means the family of Fouad Kaady has agreed to drop its wrongful death claims against the city and former officer William J. Bergin.

Rose City Antifa Expose Nazi Trash

Portland, 08.07.2009 21:38

On the night of Tuesday, July 7, members of Rose City Antifa posted 200 flyers along NW 21st and 23rd Avenues in Portland, exposing Julian Lee, a white supremacist who has been plastering that neighborhood—-amongst others—-with racist propaganda for months. Julian Lee lives in the St. Francis apartments at 526 NW 21st Avenue. We encourage neighbors and residents to discourage Lee from further propaganda sprees.

California Sea Lions Need Public Protection From Being Killed by Oregon Fish and Wildlife

Portland, 08.07.2009 21:38

California Sea Lions are being killed in the spring at the Columbia River by Oregon and Washington Fish and Wildlife. They eat a small number of salmon, but a senseless policy of killing them to protect salmon is going forward. If citizens got involved and requested this to end, then the Oregon and Washington Fish and Wildlife would stop this. It is just a matter of citizen pressure and media attention.

Elliot Free State Locks Down, Resists Police Raid

Portland, 08.07.2009 21:38

60+ Law enforcement officers(LEO) have arrived to raid Elliott Free State. Protesters respond by locking down to all devices possible. 15 activists respond by locking down to multiple creative and beautiful devices from sky pods and bi pods to a lock down device in the road with an activist's arm locked to the road through the side of the overturned van.

Spirits are very high and confidence of holding the blockade is strong. "Our message to the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) and Roseburg Forest Products is that they permanently halt all logging in the Umpcoos and Fishing Cougar timber sales. Large private forests owned by big businessess are exempted from timber harvest taxes so that when it comes time to fund schools, the public has to foot the bill. I feel like folks are getting tired of this 'Good for Wall Street and bad for Main Street' phrase, but it is still extremely relevant. ODF, change your business practices." said Joshua Partridge of Cascadia Rising Tide (CRT).


Panorama político tras las elecciones legislativas 2009

Argentina, 08.07.2009 21:09

Nadie primerea, la derecha crece

Mahle: decepción y preocupación

Argentina, 08.07.2009 21:09

De vuelta a cero

[G8] Włochy: protesty, demonstracje, okupacje

Poland, 08.07.2009 17:10

Dziś od rana w różnych miejscach Włoch trwają protesty przeciw szczytowi państw G8 mające zwrócić uwagę na nękające współczesny świat problemy społeczne i masowe naruszenia praw człowieka oraz na patologię jaką jest system "Wielkiej Ósemki", który czyni z tej małej, prze nikogo nie wybranej grupki przywódców świata.

Grecja: anarchistyczny marsz solidarności z imigrantami

Poland, 08.07.2009 10:40

Greccy anarchiści zorganizowali demonstrację solidarnościową w represjonowanymi przez władze i nacjonalistyczne ugrupowania imigrantami. Akcja zakończyla się starciami z policją i neonazistami.

globalització (ca)

Barcelona, 08.07.2009 09:10

G8-2009 No pagarem la vostra Crisi.

Enguany, la cimera del G8 s'ha traslladat de Sardenya a la ciutat de l'Aquila, amb una clara intenció de voler transformar una “tragèdia” en un pla d'especulació sota la legitimació dels grans de la terra. Rere aquesta comèdia està la voluntat de confirmar el domini capitalista sobre les nostres vides (refinançar l'especulació financera, salvar els bancs, augmentar la precarietat laboral, enfortir la política securitària, impulsar la cooperació internacional en pràctiques de repressió social, etc).

Des dels moviments socials italians s'està impulsant “una amplia movilització” des de la primera setmana de juny en els quals intensificar i augmentar,en duració i eficàcia, els conflictes socials que els moviments de lluita expressen dia a dia en els seus territoris.

No pagarem la vostra crisi !! Anticapitalistes en el dia dia,contra el G8 i Sempre!

notícies realacionades ::: G8 2009, desde Roma mirando hacia Aquila y el mundo ::: Enfrontaments entre manifestants i policia en els dies previs al G8 ::: ITALY, Against the master's G8 on July The 10 th Aquila ::: G8: Ola de detenciones en Italia ::: Ho visto L'Aquila [després del terratremol a Itàlia]

Vídeos : 1 + 2 + 3 + 4

+ info:: >>> blog g8 roma + Independenti + G8 Indymedia Italia + Globalització

globalización (es)

Barcelona, 08.07.2009 09:10

G8-2009 No pagaremos vuestra Crisis.

Este año la cimera del G8 se ha trasladado de Serdenya a la ciudad de Aquila, con la clara intención de querer transformar una "trajedia" en un plan de especulación bajo la legitimidad de los grandes de la tierra. Detrás de esta comedia está la voluntad de confirmar el dominio capitalista sobre nuestras vidas (refinanzar la especulación, salvar a los bancos, aumentar la precariedad laboral, enfortecer la política de seguridad, impulsar la cooperación internacional en prácticas de represión social, etc).

Desde los movimientos sociales italianos se está impulsando "una amplia movilización" desde la primera semana de junio en las cuales intensificar y aumentar, en duración y eficacia, los conflictos sociales que los movimientos de lucha expresan el día a día en sus territorios.

No pagaremos vuestra crisis!! Anticapitalistas en el día día,contra el G8 y Siempre!

noticias realacionadas ::: G8 2009, desde Roma mirando hacia Aquila y el mundo ::: Enfrontaments entre manifestants i policia en els dies previs al G8 ::: ITALY, Against the master's G8 on July The 10 th Aquila ::: G8: Ola de detenciones en Italia ::: Ho visto L'Aquila [després del terratremol a Itàlia]

Vídeos : 1 + 2 + 3 + 4

+ info:: >>> blog g8 roma + Independenti + G8 Indymedia Italia + Globalització

Honduras: Escuche Radio Liberada y otras emisoras que transmiten la voz de la resistencia

Venezuela, 08.07.2009 06:07

Sintonice Radio Liberada de Honduras, información directa de la resistencia popular al golpe gorila a través del siguiente enlace:

¡Abajo el golpe de Estado en Honduras! ¡Abajo el gobierno espurio de Micheletti!

Venezuela, 08.07.2009 06:07

Fieles a su tradición contrarrevolucionaria, los altos mandos del ejército hondureño, después de muchas vacilaciones, han propinado un golpe de Estado en contra del presidente Manuel Zelaya, apresándolo y desterrándolo hacia Costa Rica.

MCP ocupa terreno na Praia do Futuro e é reprimido por milícia

CMI Brasil, 08.07.2009 05:37


Honduras - o eterno retorno até quando?

CMI Brasil, 08.07.2009 05:37


July 9th: The 'No LNG' Fight Comes to Washington

Seattle, 08.07.2009 04:19

A Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) terminal on the Columbia river has been proposed. Dan Serres, Conservation Director of Columbia Riverkeeper, will screen the film "Crossroads on the Columbia" and discuss the details of how LNG pipelines can negatively impact the region. The tour is aimed at gaining citizen support to pressure Governor Gregoire and the Department of Ecology to critically evaluate LNG terminals and pipelines proposed in the northwest using the Clean Water Act and SEPA.

Film Screening & Talk
Thurs. July 9th, 7-9 pm
The Mountaineers
7700 Sand Point Way NE

July 22nd - NO NEW JAIL Celebration!

Seattle, 08.07.2009 04:19

Power Surge: Cultural event and rally for I-100
July 22nd from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
@ The Seattle City Hall

The Real Change Organizing Project has been working to get I-100 on the November ballot. on the 22nd we will be celebrating reaching the number of signatures needed to do this on the steps of city hall. we will stop the city's attempts to build this unnecessary and classist institution!

Celebrate with DJ Vital, folks from the Massive Monkees crew, Hollis Wong and other slam poets, and Amos Miller with youth preforming a piece about the jail.

Speakers include former City Councilmember Jim Street, Willie Austin of The Austin Foundation, Roberto Maestas of El Centro de la Raza, and Trish Milnes Dziko of Technology Access Foundation.

Public political art from Paul Rucker and The Backbone Campaign.

A weekend in Erris at the national Shell to Sea meeting

Ireland, 07.07.2009 23:09

In the aftermath of the Solitaire I arrived in occ ...

Sit/Lie Unconstitutional! Cause for Celebration? Well...Not Really...

Portland, 07.07.2009 19:38

A judge has ruled the Sit/Lie unconstitutional but Police Chief Rosie Sizer released a memo stating that all the judge ruled was that Portland should just use disorderly conduct instead of Sit/Lie. That is not what the judge ruled and her vague memo creates NO meaningful distinction between the Sit/Lie and disorderly conduct. This is not how the city should react to the loss of the constitutional legitimacy of the Sit/Lie. Two many good people have worked to hard on this issue for the Police Chief to take such a step without analysis and public input....

Across the U.S. People Mobilize for Honduras

United States, 07.07.2009 19:07

On June 28th, the Honduran military ousted the democratically elected government of Honduras, detaining and then exiling President Manuel Zelaya to Costa Rica. Indybay reported that the crisis in Honduras began when the military, Congress, and the Honduran Supreme Court rejected an opinion poll that was to be conducted on a new Constitution. General Romeo Orlando Vasquez Velasquez, along with other military leaders, graduated from the infamous School of the Americas (SOA), now called WHINSEC. The following week, rallies took place in many cities in the United States; on Monday June 29th an emergency rally and press conference took place in San Francisco, whil in Los Angeles demonstrators gathered at the Honduran consulate to express their displeasure with the coup d'état against the democratically-elected President Manuel Zelaya, and in New York city, an emergency rally was held on at the UN. On July 1st, people gathered in front of the State Department in Washington DC to demand the U.S. cuts off all US aid to Honduras until President Zelaya returns safely to office, and in Chicago a demonstration took place at the Honduran consulate. On July 3rd People from across Texas gathered in Houston to protest at the Honduran Consulate and in Boston, local leaders of the Honduran community paid a visit to Senator John Kerry's office to demand public statements against the coup.

Since the coup, the new Honduran government under Roberto Michelleti has been internationally isolated and so far unrecognized by any country. On July 5, thousands of protesters had gathered at the airport waiting the return of president elect Manuel Zelaya but his plane was prevented from landing in the Honduras capital. The military fired shots and tear gas at the protesters. Two deaths and at least 30 injured people were reported.

LISTEN: Live broadcast from Honduras

More coverage: Narco News | Americas Mexico Blog | Honduras Resists | TriniCenter Updates | Hands Off Venezuela | En español: | ALER | Escuche: Radio Progreso

Coverage From Latin American Indymedias: Honduras | Argentina | Colombia | Bolivia | Puerto Rico


Rogue Valley, 07.07.2009 18:09

KSKQ 94.9 fm in Ashland, Oregon will be providing a remote broadcast this July 7, 2009 when at 6:00 pm we bring you the "SING OUT FOR SINGLE PAYER ROAD SHOW"

Available "live" via the internet at KSKQ, the Rogue Valley's community radio station

KSKQ 94.9 lpfm Community Radio is a project of the Multicultural Assn of Southern Oregon.

Road Blockade Stops Logging In Elliott State Forest: Call For Action

Portland, 07.07.2009 17:39

Today, a group of Cascadia Earth First!ers and Rising Tide members took action against the continued liquidation and destruction of Oregon's Elliot State Forest. Using sky pods, bipods, road blockades, overturned cargo vans, lock downs and many other beautiful installations, the road to Umpcoos Ridge timber sale has been occupied, held and reclaimed for the forest, the people and future generations.

The blockade stands, and WE CAN HOLD THE ROAD, but NOT WITHOUT YOUR HELP! Please take some time to protect your public land!

Gora San Fermin 2009

Euskal Herria, 07.07.2009 16:09

Gora San Fermin!!! Otra vez! Han empezado las fiestas de este a�o, y fuera de la programaci�n oficial, tambi�n existen otras oportunidades. Numerosos colectivos, grupos y ciudadan@s traen propuestas en estas fechas:

Sanfermin Euskalduna ekimenak, da noticia de lo hecho este a�o, del comportamiento del ayuntamiento y tambi�n ciertas actividades. Tambi�n traen la posibilidad de disfrutar las fiestas en euskara

La plataforma Gora Iru�ea! tambi�n ha estado trabajando a favor de unas fiestas populares, euskaldunes, en igualdad y participativas, y oferta una programaci�n excepcional que no se presenta en el programa oficial.

Tambi�n es tiempo de reivindicaciones. Este a�o se cumplen 31 a�os desde que perpetraron el asesinato de German. La acci�n popular Sanfermines78gogoan llama a participar en las actividades que se celebrar�n el 8 de julio. Se cumple un a�o de la violaci�n y asesinato de Nagore Laffage, y el bilgune feminista de irun llama a una concentraci�n el pr�ximo 7 de julio en Irun.

Videos y seguimiento especial de san fermines en

G8 in Italië van start

Oost-Vlaanderen, 07.07.2009 15:08

G8 in Italie van start

Bioweapons, Dangerous Vaccines, and Threats of a Global Pandemic

Boston, 07.07.2009 14:09

Although international law prohibits the use of chemical and bacteriological weapons, America has had an active biological warfare program since at least the 1940s. In 1941, it began secret developmental efforts using controversial testing methods. During WW II, mustard gas was tested on about 4000 servicemen. Biological weapons research was also conducted. Human subjects were used as guinea pigs in various other experiments, and numerous illegal practices continued to the present, including secretly releasing toxic biological agents in US cities to test the effects of germ warfare.

[G8] Fala aresztowań we Włoszech

Poland, 07.07.2009 13:40

Co najmniej 21 aktywistów aresztowała wczoraj rano włoska policja polityczna “Digos” w trakcie fali nalotów na centra aktywistyczne i mieszkania prywatne dzialaczy społecznych. 16 osób przewieziono do wiezienia, 5 ma przebywać w domowym areszcie.

SF8 Charges dropped

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.07.2009 13:40

On July 7th, California State prosecutors were forced to admit that they have insufficient evidence against the San Francisco 8. Charges against four of the defendants were dropped and Jalil Muntaqim pled no contest to conspiracy to commit voluntary manslaughter. He received credit for time served and 3 years probation. He will return to New York to fight for parole. Those for whom charges were dismissed were Ray Boudreaux, Richard Brown, Hank Jones, and Harold Taylor.

Shell's Lackey's In The Media Out In Force Again

Ireland, 07.07.2009 13:39

The government, official opposition and the media ...

FREE GAZA 21 UPDATE - 5 July 09 Video - Free Gaza News Prisoners

Miami, 07.07.2009 08:38

FREE GAZA 21 UPDATE - 5 July 09 Video - Free Gaza News Prisoners

Community Speaks Out Against Proposed Visitors Center

LA, 07.07.2009 06:38

Community Speaks Out Against Proposed Visitors Center

Local Hondarans Protest Military Coup, Demand Zelaya's Return

LA, 07.07.2009 05:09

Local Hondarans Protest Military Coup, Demand Zelaya's Return

Community Speaks Out Against Proposed Visitors Center

LA, 07.07.2009 05:09

Community Speaks Out Against Proposed Visitors Center

Cristina cumple 40 días pidiendo por su familia y contra la mafia de los desarmaderos

Argentina, 07.07.2009 04:39

Acampe por la resistencia

Vocero anti-obrero

Puerto Rico, 07.07.2009 03:10

Vocero despide empleados y detiene la distribución del diario

Message to an Bord Snip Nua. Resolve the Recession. Tax Shell!

Ireland, 06.07.2009 22:39

New licences are about to be issued for the Oil an ...

Free Minds Free Peeps

Houston, 06.07.2009 17:39

Free Minds Free People promotes youth education for liberation

FREE GAZA 21 UPDATE - Cynthia McKinney, prisoner 88794, speaks from Israeli jail

Miami, 06.07.2009 14:38

FREE GAZA 21 UPDATE - Cynthia McKinney, prisoner 88794, speaks from Israeli jail

G8 en L?Aquila (Italia)!!!

Euskal Herria, 06.07.2009 09:09

En los pr�ximos 8 al 10 de Julio en la castigada localidad italiana de L`Aquila se celebra la cumbre de las ocho econom�as m�s potentes del planeta (G8). Aunque se rumorea la posibilidad de un cambio de �ltima hora de sede de la reuni�n, ya se van acercando hacia la regi�n italiana cercana a Roma cientos de manifestantes (tambi�n desde Euskal Herria). Ayer s�bado se dieron los primeros enfrentamientos en una protesta contra la ampliaci�n de una base de EEUU en Vicenza [Videos: |1|, |2|, |3|, |4|].

Tambi�n se ha convocado una manifestaci�n en Bilbo para el viernes 10 de julio, d�a internacional de lucha [Video].

M�s informaci�n: |G8 Indymedia Italia|, |G8 Akatu (Sare Antifaxista)|, |Coordinaci�n NoG8Lecce|, |Cominucado del EZLN: G8 2009, desde Roma mirando hacia Aquila y el mundo|, |El G8 se encontrara a Italia en estado de escepcion|.

Acceso a Playa Almendro

Puerto Rico, 06.07.2009 08:10

En desacato Secretario del DRNA

Controversial Patriot-Militia Rock Band Headlines Tea Party Event In Nation's Capital

DC, 06.07.2009 05:10

Washington DC, July 4th, 2009 - Approximately 1000 people gathered in Upper Senate Park for the first Independence Day of the Obama presidency to protest what they are claiming as government corruption and wasteful spending. A good portion of the crowd were local from the MD-VA area, but almost half were from out of town, with Texas, Florida and South Carolina fielding sizable contingents. Still photography by Isis, via Flickr. Video by Mike Flugennock: "Atlas Heaved", streaming out of YouTube, 08 mins. 47 secs. of pure comedy gold.

Local Hondurans and Supporters Demand Return of Democracy in Honduras at City Hall Rally

Boston, 06.07.2009 04:21

BOSTON/Government Center - Over 25 immigrant, labor, and religious advocates - some of them Honduran - held a brief protest between rain storms at City Hall against the military coup in Honduras this week and demanded that deposed President Manuel Zaleya be returned to power immediately.


Athens, 05.07.2009 21:40

Στο κόσμο των αφεντικών είμαστε όλοι ξένοι...

A Talk with Radical Educator Jeff Duncan-Andrade

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.07.2009 21:09

On Wednesday, July 8th, the Radical Teachers Alliance will host Jeff Duncan-Andrade from 5-7pm at UC Santa Cruz. The event is open to students, educators, and community members and will people engage with ideas of critical pedagogy, student identity and education in urban settings. This is an opportunity to discuss ideas of theory connecting with actual classroom practices -- educators taking action to work towards equitable and empowering educational spaces.

Grand Opening of the Hawthorne Urban Farmers' Market on 5 July

Portland, 05.07.2009 19:39

A revolutionary concept in food delivery will make it's grand debut this Sunday, 5 July @ 43rd and Hawthorne, between 1-6pm. The Hawthorne Urban Farmers' Market is the only one in Portland to feature only ultra-local produce and to accept both cash and barter.

The Hawthorne Urban Farmers' Market is an experiment in self-organization that allows each vendor ultimate freedom to conduct business as he or she chooses. The market is also not affiliated with the Oregon Farmers' Market Association. It operates without fees from vendors but instead, relies upon a gift economy. For instance, vendors pitch in to give the entertainment and lot owners a bag of produce or give goods between each other to exchange what one might call the capital of goodwill.

David Irving’s Holocaust-Denial Speaking Tour: The Show that Must Not Go On

Portland, 05.07.2009 19:39

This July, David Irving, a British neo-fascist and fraudulent historian, goes on the road in the United States, planning to hold approximately one and a half dozen speaking engagements over the course of a month. As militant anti-racists and anti-fascists, we are making a public call for resistance at each stop along the way of this tour.

We believe that fascist activism and movement-building should meet with organized resistance. As the Anti-Racist Action Network states in its Points of Unity:

"Whenever fascists are organizing or active in public, we're there. We don't believe in ignoring them or staying away from them. Never let the nazis have the street!"

We invite you to help this effort along, by organizing in your own community.

Interview with Media Critic Jeff Cohen

Rochester, 05.07.2009 18:07

Recently, Rochester Indy Media interviewed journalist and media critic, Jeff Cohen. Mr. Cohen was the founder of FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting), a media watchdog group offering documented criticism of media bias and inaccuracy. He appeared as a TV commentator at CNN, Fox News and MSNBC usually challenging the right wing commentators on their biased and inaccurate information.

In the interview, Jeff Cohen speaks about the increasing importance and influence of independent media, his views about the corporate media model and issues that need the public’s attention.

Video: Watch the interview!

Fireworks: Thousands penned up like cattle, gesse flee in terror on ground

DC, 05.07.2009 17:10

Tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of people allowed themselves to be herded like cattle through checkpoints and double fences. When the fireworks began to peak, hundreds of geese that normally use the reflecting pool fled in terror, running as fast as they could on the ground. VIDEO: Cattle pens on the Mall, fleeing geese by the reflecting pool

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