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Houston, 31.10.2004 21:19

Una marcha, manifestación y junta de Cacerolazo contra Explotadores de Guerra

Selección 2004

Puerto Rico, 31.10.2004 21:11

Revolú-ción: un convite al debate eleccionario en Mac Hondo

Workers Resistance

Manila, 31.10.2004 20:41

Halloween in the Streets

People's Moratorium turns one year old

Aotearoa, 31.10.2004 20:32

A group of Wellington GE Free activists celebrated the one-year birthday of the People's Moratorium on Friday; descending on ERMA to remind them that resistance to GE remains strong. ERMA are the Environmental Resource Management Authority who rubber-stamp the GE trial process. A 'birthday cake' of compost and birthday card was delivered with a noisy birthday party with drums, party poppers and kazoos.

Meanwhile in Auckland activists visited Crop and Foods, who are conducting G.E onion trials, and dumped 60kg of onions at their door.

'Field Trials of genetically engineered onions, pine trees and cows continue, but there have been no new applications for release since the launch of the People's Moratorium, a year ago today. This is because biotech corporations know that New Zealanders don't want GE and won't tolerate it, said Wellington Anti-GE Action spokesperson, Felicity Perry.

9/11, The Re-appearrance Of Osama bin Laden, And A Country Headed Toward Disaster

Arkansas, 31.10.2004 19:35

I don’t remember when it was exactly, that people started talking about a probable “October Surprise” coming forth from the Bush Regime, but it had certainly become the talk in some circles by late spring and early summer. After all, it was all very obvious. The current leadership of the United States had by that time, afforded anyone with eyes open ample opportunity to see just how power hungry and ruthless it really is. They had lied and deceived us into an unnecessary war, got passed the unconstitutional USA Patriot Act, operated in secrecy, were almost constantly engulfed in scandal, and had begun criminalizing dissent. The only question was, what traumatic event would Bush & Company use in order to further terrify the American public into a sort of submission and thus bring them back into the fold.

Sign vandalism at the County Elections office

Portland, 31.10.2004 19:02

About 9:30 tonight (saturday oct 30), I saw a man ripping down the large "VOTE HERE" signs from the light poles at the Multnomah County Elections office. He had a stack of 2 or 3 other similar signs, and threw them all into the back of his pickup. I was sitting at the light at SE 11th and Morrison waiting for the light to turn. He pulled away from the curb and stopped at the light at 11th and Belmont where I pulled up behind him.

It was a white Toyota Tundra pickup, license plate YCU 964, with Bush/Cheney stickers and a "I'd rather be RIGHT than Politically Correct" bumpersticker.


Victoria, 31.10.2004 18:22

Who Profits from the War in Iraq? - UW of course!

Madison, 31.10.2004 17:41

Join others in speaking out against the UW's stock holdings in military contractors now profitting off the war in Iraq and corporate violence and state terror around the world.

New radio magazine debuts in Traverse City

Michigan, 31.10.2004 16:39

Pop quiz.

Out of these three stories, pick the one that aired on NPR last month.

a. A lady who got kicked out of a garage sale for wearing a campaign button of the wrong political stripe.

b. Locals who are trying their hand at internet romance

c. A couple that eats like royalty—from a dumpster.

The answer? Try none of the above. But if you’re dying to hear them, you can get all three and then some in the first month of a new program hitting Traverse City’s community radio station October 31.

Lake Cowal

Melbourne, 31.10.2004 14:55

Lake Cowal Convergence

View from a Vet

Rogue Valley, 31.10.2004 14:35

-Central Point O14

Bush Protest coincides with the appearance of Resident Bush at the Expo Fairgrounds later in the evening.

A number of interviews were captured on video including this one titled, "View from a Vet." This little streaming QuickTime video is my interview with veteran Hal Anthony highlighting his very thoughtful words.


Anti War Banshees Arrested at Shannon Airport

Ireland, 31.10.2004 12:35

Spent Up To Four Hours Undetected Beside Runway Reciting Names of US and Iraqi Dead Anti War Banshees Arrested at Shannon Airport From The Newswire: In the early hours of Halloween, October 31st, two peace activists dressed as banshees were arrested in the confines of Shannon Airport. Zelda Jeffers and Elaine O’Sullivan, of the pacifist Catholic Worker Movement, were discovered by airport security after constructing a shrine to the war dead near the runway. The two women, wearing Iraqi mourning dress, were discovered reading out the names of U.S. military and Iraqi dead. Elaine O’Sullivan stated: “Many of the over one thousand U.S. military dead personnel killed in Iraq would have passed through Shannon Airport on the way to their deaths. We remember them and the Iraqi people they have killed. We name Shannon Airport as a place of death – a cog in the U.S. war machine carrying out an illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. We have come to Shannon on Halloween, the eve of ‘All Souls Day’ and the U.S. elections, to remember the dead and non-violently defend the living”. Anti War Banshees Arrested at Shannon Airport ------------------ Press Release October 31st, 2004 ------------------ Anti War Banshees Arrested at Shannon Airport For more information and photos of action Contact 087 9184552 ----------------------- -30- -----------------------

How San Francisco Stopped Harassment of its Critical Mass

NYC, 31.10.2004 12:24

SF Critical Mass went through a yearlong period of police harassment, intimidation, and outright brutality. Dozens of tactics were tested to end the police crackdown on our bicycle celebration. Some worked, some didn't. Following is a brief list of the most effective efforts used to stop the unconstitutional attack on our right to assemble and ride together. Detailed strategies were shared with Portland CM riders on how to stop police harassment at CM, which you can see here.

1. File claims for damages against the city.

2. Arrange for a mass call-in day to the mayor and city councilmembers.

3. File complaints against individual police officers, against police policy for handling the event, and the event commanders.

... more ...

large-scale mining

QC, 31.10.2004 10:53

Scrap Policy of Plunder!

Poder y estados contra culturas (es)

Barcelona, 31.10.2004 10:52


Vecinos de Santa Coloma desde hace 15 días protestan y boicotean el uso de un local alquilado por la comunidad musulmana como una mezquita. Otro grupo de vecinos intenta defenderlos y expresales soldaridad. Lee las noticias, los comentarios y el debate en indymedia barcelona o en

Continuamos en la mezquita de Singuerlín:::racismo garrulo - 27 oct:::información actualitzada - 27 oct:::qué está pasando - 26 oct:::cronología del conflicto

+info :: >>>culturas

Día de los Muertos: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.10.2004 10:50

Walking Dead Run the Government

poder i estats vs cultures (ca)

Barcelona, 31.10.2004 10:44


Veins de Santa Coloma des de fa 15 dies protesten i boicotegen l'us d'un local llogat per la comunitat musulmana com a mezquita. Un altre grup de veins intenta defensar-los i expresar-li solidaritat. Llegeix les noticies els comentari i el debat a Indymedia Barcelona o a

Continuem a la mesquita de Singuerlín racisme garrulo - 27 oct informació actualitzada - 27 oct que està bassant - 26 oct cronologia del conflicte

+info :: >>>cultures

Wild Oats Closing--Legal Help Needed

Portland, 31.10.2004 07:39

One of the two Eugene Wild Oats stores is closing. While yes, Wild Oats is a corporation, there are still people behind it, local people, our neighbors, friends and family. Wild Oats national is doing great injustice to the people who slaved for the store to make it a success. For example, some people who worked at the Wild Oats store, some more than 15 years, are getting at most 6 weeks of severance pay! How can it be possible for an individual to put out everythnig for something he/she believes in (natural foods) and get screwed so badly?!?!!! Any information you may have regarding previous legal actions is needed. We can't let the corporations hurt us like this, working is an evil paradox of life, the least we can do is hit the corporation hard so maybe it isn't as bad the next time around.

Demonstration against Bush, October 30, Minneapolis

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 31.10.2004 07:35

Photos and a report from the anti-Bush protest held today, October 30th, outside the Target Center in Minneapolis

Uruguai :Referendo pela Água

Portugal, 31.10.2004 07:18

Uruguai :Referendo pela Água

Eminem's Endorsement of Voting

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.10.2004 05:57

Incitement to Vote: Eminem's New "Mosh" Video

Working Under Fire: Drug Users Health and Justice 2004

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.10.2004 05:18

5th National Harm Reduction Conference to Be Held in November

Breaking News

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.10.2004 04:37

Latortue regime, installed by Bush regime, intensifies terror campaign against Lavalas

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.10.2004 02:15

San Francisco Protests U.S. Support for Haitian Death Squads

Amy Goodman Speaking in San Diego Nov. 5th

San Diego, 31.10.2004 01:05

On November 5, 2004, San Diego will welcome acclaimed independent journalist Amy Goodman as she speaks on "Media and Activism in Times of War." Goodman, the celebrated host of Pacifica Network's "Democracy Now!," a nationally-broadcast daily independent radio program, will include San Diego on her tour promoting her book "The Exception to the Rulers." Known for her fearless and spirited approach to truly independent reporting, Goodman embodies the challenges and commitment of a truly unembedded journalist.

Goodman will speak at 7:00 p.m. Friday, November 5 at the First Unitarian Universalist Church, 4190 Front St, Hillcrest, San Diego.

Details: Here, here and here | Democracy Now! | More on Speaking Tour
IndyMedia Report from Amy's Visit to Fresno | Report from Eureka, Crowd of 2,000

Conversation starter on getting college students involved.

Amy Goodman in San Diego Nov. 5th

San Diego, 31.10.2004 00:51

On November 5, 2004, San Diego will welcome acclaimed independent journalist Amy Goodman as she speaks on "Media and Activism in Times of War." Goodman, the celebrated host of Pacifica Network's "Democracy Now!," a nationally-broadcast daily independent radio program, will include San Diego on her tour promoting her book "The Exception to the Rulers." Known for her fearless and spirited approach to truly independent reporting, Goodman embodies the challenges and commitment of a truly unembedded journalist.

Goodman will speak at 7:00 p.m. Friday, November 5 at the First Unitarian Universalist Church, 4190 Front St, Hillcrest, San Diego.

Details: Here, /A> and here | Democracy Now! | More on Speaking Tour
IndyMedia Report from Amy's Visit to Fresno | Report from Eureka, Crowd of 2,000

Conversation starter on getting college students involved.


DC, 31.10.2004 00:20

Disappointed that I would not be going to friends' Otoole & Prouty Annual Halloween Festival in Fairfax VA as I had been planning, hoping and talking about it for almost a month, yet determined, at least, to enjoy some of festivities in the city at 7pm on Friday and almost with 'tears in my eyes' but as I have done during most Halloween seasons I picked up my camera and headed to Dupont Circle. Though very cognitive of the fact that over the past 10-15 years and almost like clockwork every weekend and especially on Halloween, but every holiday as well, and in what I call a form of institutionalized racism, while most would themselves engage in the 'festivities', they'd simultaneously set out to specifically negatively reinforce but control me.

Boo Who?

Tennessee, 30.10.2004 23:29

The repentant Nader voter gang is suggesting we make anti-Nader jack-o-lanterns but have not suggested we make anti-Bush ones?? One has to wonder sometimes how progressives can be so lame. It should be clear that so-called democrat progressives can blame themselves as much as they blame Nader for Bush. Nader and the Greens brought a lot of voters to the polls who voted for Gore. How else would one explain the poll to poll numbers in 2000? Everytime I point that out I am ignored. Now we are at 2004 and Progressives have wasted four years complaining about Bush, blaming Nader and ignoring the political realities that force them into lesser evil politics instead of building a real . A political alternative that can challenge the corporate hegemony that has given us not only Bush but a media and police state that supports him. This election cycle will long be regarded a textbook example of how the corporate funded Democrat Party machine can waltz progressives into a cul-de-sac leaving them without a candidate that supports their views despite the fact that the majority of candidates in the primary did.

PJTTF Hearing Delayed Again by the FBI

Portland, 30.10.2004 16:11

Ohio's N3 response call to action confirmed

Michigan, 30.10.2004 15:32

Call for a state wide walk out to demonstrate in localized actions across our state as well as in a mass demonstration at the State House at Noon and at the Federal Building at 5:00 pm on November 3rd in Columbus, Ohio.

Call to converge to non-violently protest a disputed winner of the election (Bush), a postponed election altogether, and no matter who wins, for truth and accountability.

Together we will stand and Demand Democracy Not Disenfranchisement! Education Not Occupation! And, Health Care Not Warfare!

Because on November 2nd we vote. November 3rd we make it count.

October 22 rally in Detroit honors families of police brutality victims

Michigan, 30.10.2004 14:53

On Friday evening, October 22, 2004, the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality (DCAPB) hosted its ninth annual commemoration of the National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality. This event was held at the New Galilee Missionary Baptist Church located on Gunston avenue near Gratiot on Detroit's east side.

The event was held in the aftermath of the release of Daron Caldwell, who was unjustly held for three months for the multiple shooting that occured at the fireworks celebrations downtown on June 23. City officials rushed to judgement in their arrest and attempted prosecution of Caldwell because of the efforts designed by Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to create a crime free image for the city in light of the upcoming 2005 All-Star game and the 2006 Superbowl.

FBI/JTTF Raids Home Of Animal Rights Activist

Portland, 30.10.2004 14:42


Brasil, 30.10.2004 14:36

Zapatistas Pedem Ajuda para Concentrar Comunidades de Montes Azules

Critical Mass Harassment Continues

NYC, 30.10.2004 13:47

Despite days of legal wrangling, NYPD harassment of Crticial Mass escalated last night, with reports that between 33 and 47 people were arrested.

More arrests occurred at the CM after-party, with IMC writers charging that "as of 12:30am, police had apparently unsuccessfully tried to seize control of the Times Up space and were making a number of arrests. Many people in the space or on the street are understandably upset. The police appear to be closing part of Houston St in the process."

Another party-goer wrote: "as we vacated, about 20 of us, cops grabbed their chain slicer and started to cut locks off bikes, even though we videotaped it with the news and even though the federal judge said no."

The conflict between Critical Mass, which is a largely spontaneous, unregulated monthly bike ride, and the City of New York, which since Giuliani has attempted to regulate every last ounce of spontaneity out of the City, appears to have reached a boiling point.

P.E.T.A. Demands End to Gruesome Animal-Slaughter Program at Local High School

Portland, 30.10.2004 11:22


Athens, 30.10.2004 11:00

Συνεχίζει για 15η μέρα την απεργία πείνας ο Αλεξ. Γιωτόπουλος

Critical Mass bike rides busted up by cops in Portland and Corvallis

Portland, 30.10.2004 10:54

Unions demand compensation

Melbourne, 30.10.2004 07:24

Make James Hardie Pay for Asbestos deaths

French Polynesia crisis

Melbourne, 30.10.2004 07:18

Tahiti: Pro-independence leader 'fasts' for New Elections

Illegal World War in Iraq

Perth, 30.10.2004 04:23

Iraqi civilian deaths put at 100,000

11/1: Fahrenheit 9/11 TV world premiere

Netherlands, 30.10.2004 04:04

Michael Moore's movie on TV all over Europe, not in the US

Dictadura, represas y persecución

Argentina, 30.10.2004 03:54

Dictadura, represas y persecución

Diversas miradas sobre el encuentro de Mujeres

Argentina, 30.10.2004 03:54

Diversas miradas sobre el encuentro de Mujeres


San Diego, 30.10.2004 03:50

a BLACK toyota 4-RUNNER with the license plate #4UEZ733 rear ended another vehicle(?) on Broadway and ran over a person's bicycle, and was becoming increasingly aggressive. later they hoped the curb, hitting more cyclists.

Vegan-ism Celebrates Happy Diamond Jubilee ! &amp; Turns 60. (1944-2004)

Portland, 30.10.2004 03:37


Colombia, 30.10.2004 03:21


Dictadura, represas y persecución

Argentina, 30.10.2004 02:58

Sábado 30 de Octubre de 2004
Dictadura, represas y persecución

NASA expert: Bush Administration Stifles Global Warming Data

Madison, 30.10.2004 02:26

The Bush administration is stifling scientific evidence of the dangers of global warming in an effort to keep the public uninformed about the progress of global warming, a NASA scientist said Tuesday night in Iowa City, Iowa. "In my more than three decades in government, I have never seen anything approaching the degree to which information flow from scientists to the public has been screened and controlled as it is now," James E. Hansen told a University of Iowa audience.

Election Day Indypendent Now Available

NYC, 30.10.2004 01:07

With the election fast approaching, this week's Indypendent has on the ground reports from Pennsyvlvania, Ohio, Oregon and New Hampshire as well as a look at rogue media conglomerates like Sinclair and Clear Channel that are always ready to give the Bush administration a boost. We also profile a crusading 3rd party candidate in the Queens and look at how conservatives are winning the campus wars. We also have updates from Palestine, Haiti and Iraq plus reviews of a new Woody Guthrie autobiography and Steven Wishnia's "ultimate guide" to cannibas connoisseurship. Full PDF

For breaking election news coverage, see Michigan IMC

The new El Independiente is also now available!

GEO Joins NAACP, College Democrats, and Many Other Organizations that Endorse Voting &quot;NO&quot; on At-Large in Urbana

Urbana-Champaign, 30.10.2004 00:02

The Graduate Employees Organization (GEO) has become the latest in a long list of organizations that have publicly endorsed a "no" vote on the at-large ballot question in Urbana.

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