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WOPR Canceled!

Portland, 17.07.2009 16:39

We are thrilled to report that the Obama Administration pulled all six Records of Decision this morning on the WOPR! These forests will again be managed under the Northwest Forest Plan. Please do celebrate this victory for the forests, critters and salmon of western Oregon.

Portland, OR -- People throughout the west celebrated an Obama administration decision to cancel a Bush era plan that would have nearly quadrupled current logging on public lands in western Oregon. The Bush plan, called the Western Oregon Plan Revision, or WOPR, rezoned 2.6 million acres of federal public forests in Oregon managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The announcement came in response to a lawsuit filed by thirteen conservation and fisheries protection organizations challenging the Bush logging plan. Obama administration officials said the Bush plan illegally ignored requirements to protect endangered species living in the forests and could not be defended in court.

Manifesto pela hegemonia social do galego

Galiza, 17.07.2009 16:09

A Galiza vive uma crise da língua própria sem precedentes. À evidente perda do galego na mocidade une-se agora a política das novas elites do Partido Popular governante, decididas a acabar com os tímidos avanços na promoção da língua que o governo bipartido anterior começava a introduzir.

Squatters Retake Nottingham's JB Spray Factory

United Kingdom, 17.07.2009 15:09

Squatters have once again returned to the JB Spray Factory in Radford. The occupiers, a loosely formed collective currently going under the name “Squat Lobster,” have been occupying the old lace factory since late May, and have been working on the building ever since.Residents of the squat are keen to encourage more people's projects and ideas within the space and are welcoming people who want to pop round, stay round or set something up and use the space!

Audio: Riseup! Radio 17: Struggle in Our Cities

On the newswire: Grot Vs Squat? continued Nottingham Council inaction on empty properties | Beyond Borders weekend | Discussion on Public Services | radical discussion: education - weds 24 June, JB Spray | Squatters in the JB Spray Building, prevent water company from cutting them off | J.B. Spray: Squat Lobster's First Event

Previous features: Nottingham's Old County Hall Occupied | End of the Road for ASBO | Spring Into Action Now! | J B Spray Building Occupied / Evicted / Reoccupied | YES, we're open ! | Abandoned for over 7 years... | New Squatting Project in Nottingham

Links: Advisory Service for Squatters | Notts Indymedia Freee Spaces topic page

Citizens Launch Group To Halt Nuclear Reactor On Chesapeake Bay

Boston, 17.07.2009 15:08

Press Release--Concerned Marylanders from around the state have come together to launch People Against A Radioactive Chesapeake (PAARC). The grassroots citizens group brings together members from local anti-nuclear organizations: Southern Maryland CARES, the Crabshell Alliance, and the Chesapeake Safe Energy Coalition in an effort to halt construction of a Giant 1,710 Megawatt EXPERIMENTAL NUCLEAR REACTOR proposed for the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant on the Chesapeake Bay.

ICRC - Israel Traps Gazans in Deprivation and Despair

Boston, 17.07.2009 15:08

Founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1863, the International Committee of the Red Cross is an "impartial, neutral and independent organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence and to provide them with assistance." It also tries "to prevent suffering by promoting and strengthening humanitarian law and universal humanitarian principles." It's legally mandated to do it under the 1949 Geneva Conventions and has had a permanent presence in Gaza since 1968. Currently 109 ICRC staff work there, including 19 expatriates. They remained throughout Operation Cast Lead and witnessed firsthand the carnage and destruction that took place.


Athens, 17.07.2009 14:39

Against concentration camps and pogroms.

Anarchism, Marxism, and Zapatismo

United States, 17.07.2009 14:37

Both Staughton Lynd (a Marxist from the US) and his co-author Andrej Grubacic (an anarchist from the Balkans) of the book Wobblies and Zapatistas: Conversations on Anarchism, Marxism and Radical History, are public supporters of the Zapatistas, who they argue have set a powerful example of revolutionary organizing that should influence anti-capitalists around the world. Much like the historical traditions of the Haymarket Martyrs and the ‘Wobblies’ (the Industrial Workers of the World) in the United States, Lynd and Grubacic argue that the Zapatistas have synthesized the best aspects of both the Marxist and anarchist traditions. READ MORE | RELATED: New Book Surveys Oaxaca Uprising to Teach Rebellion

Rochester Freedom School Students Learning Earthen Archetecture

Rochester, 17.07.2009 14:07

The Freedom School, located at 630 N. Goodman St., is working to provide education that's centered in it's community and meaningful to urban youth. As part of the summar camp program, students are learning to build houses using earthen achitecture, called Eco-domes.

Right now, students are building a 2-person emergency shelter, which are set up in disaster areas. Later the students will work to build a full-sized house using the same process. I talked with George Moses, the director of the Freedom School, about the project, it's goals and the larger vision of the Freedom School. The Freedom School is part of the larger Freedom School project of the Children's Defense Fund.

Resumen de Noticias Nº 6

Argentina, 17.07.2009 11:39

En Córdoba pasan cosas

La cumbre del G8 en la Italia de Berlusconi

Argentina, 17.07.2009 11:39



Rogue Valley, 17.07.2009 05:39

community radio on the cutting edge


Rural Organizing Project is putting together a statewide team of the brightest thinkers and best organizers throughout Oregon

listen to>> Dan Leahy, a community organizer and recently retired professor from Olympia Washington -- who has been called a Howard Zinn of social movements, a Utah Phillips in prose. Joe Magner of Anabyte Recording and Electronics recorded the event and Roberta Hall produced it.

"LIVE" Friday, July17 1:00pm PST, KSKQ 94.9 lpfm in Ashland, Oregon. Our community radio station can be heard anywhere via the internet at


CMI Brasil, 17.07.2009 00:37



CMI Brasil, 16.07.2009 23:07


NOPD Torture Case Falls Apart in San Francisco

New Orleans, 16.07.2009 20:40

NOPD Torture Case Falls Apart in San Francisco

Interview: Inmate Darrell Jones Speaks Out Against Massachusetts Prisons

Boston, 16.07.2009 20:09

Massachusetts ranks high among those prisons that are overcrowded. There is poor medical treatment, according to the inmates, prison racism, abuses, and poor nutritional food among some of the complaints. What Massachusetts prisons do have is a large number of Correctional Officers. In a state that is suffering from unemployment, and an over loaded budget, the hiring of Correction officers don't seem to be affected at all. One Massachusetts inmate Darrell Jones (see other article)could see the abuses and racism in Massachusetts prisons, and decided to watch, take notes, and eventually report on an audio tape what he felt was going on. Upon release of the audio tape on the Internet, the next day he was thrown into "the hole." He was soon transferred from OCCC to MCI Norfolk, where he currently housed.

Fernando Suárez del Solár Speaks at “Senseless Death” Film Screening

LA, 16.07.2009 16:09

Fernando Suárez del Solár Speaks at “Senseless Death” Film Screening

SOS - Santuário dos Pajés

CMI Brasil, 16.07.2009 15:37


[A.C.Foucelhas] Esta sexta-feira apresenta-se em Ordes a Associaçom Cultural Foucelhas

Galiza, 16.07.2009 13:40

Apresenta-se a Associaçom Cultural Foucelhas, fundada o 27 de Junho, que visa dotar de um Centro Social à comarca de Ordes.

Leonard Cohen Liverpool demo report

United Kingdom, 16.07.2009 13:09

Radical singer Alun Parry was on guitar as the audience queued up for Leonard Cohen outside the Liverpool Arena last night.

под Минском прошел анархистский форум

Belarus, 16.07.2009 13:07

С 3 по 5 июля, пока столица Беларуси кишела сотрудниками полиции в честь государственного праздника, в лесу под Минском анархистами Беларуси и людьми, солидарными с ними, был проведен анархистский форум. На форум съехались люди из всех регионов Беларуси, а также из России, Украины и Польши.

За день до начала инициаторы мероприятия заложили его фундамент: создали минимальную бытовую инфраструктуру и организовали пространство для проведения дискуссий. Далее уже к обслуживанию лагеря подключались все остальные: помогали строить печку на кухне, носить воду, рубить дрова, готовить.

В рамках форума состоялись дискуссии, воркшопы и семинары по различным темам, среди них: рабочее движение, антиатомное сопротивление, транспорт, безопасность активистов, АЧК(анархистский черный крест), методы антифашизма, миграция, гендерные проблемы, уличные медики, армия клоунов и другие. Был организован кинопоказ фильма канадской журналистки и писательницы Наоми Кляйн "Захват" ("The Take") о современных…

Friends of Brad Will Protest for Juan Manuel

United States, 16.07.2009 12:07

Brad’s murder is being used to railroad a fellow political activist

“Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno, the man falsely accused of Brad’s murder, is also a part of this movement, also a man of principle. That Brad’s murder is being used to railroad a fellow political activist is the most profound insult to his memory. And it is not the first time that his death has been used in such a way.” Read Full Report | | | VIDEO: 1 2 | | | From the Indypendent: Picket Against Impunity, Innocent Man Facing Conviction in Brad Will’s Murder | | |

Electricians´ success should give confidence that we can fight, and we can win

Ireland, 16.07.2009 11:39

Workers need fighting, democratic trade unions

Marcha en repudio al Golpe de Estado en Honduras

Argentina, 16.07.2009 02:39

Hal Turner's Letter From A Newark Jail

DC, 16.07.2009 02:10

On June 26, 2009, while under arrest for threatening Federal jurors and judges, right-wing talk-radio host Hal Turner made activist history when he transmitted his famous Letter From A Newark Jail. This filmic tribute is in honor of that historic call. Streaming out of YouTube, 04mins 53secs MPEG4 download, 16.7mb

Advance the Struggle's analysis of the Oakland rebellions of January

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.07.2009 01:39

Advance the Struggle writes:"The murder of Oscar Grant set Oakland on fire, but who put the fire out? The working class people of Oakland, their consciousness set ablaze, found an inadequate set of organizational tools at their disposal to do the work that deep down we all know has to be done - confront the state (government) and its underlying property relations."

Nuevo aumento del transporte en Córdoba

Argentina, 16.07.2009 00:39

Movilización: "No al Cospelazo"


Athens, 15.07.2009 22:09

Greek government attaks indymedia!

Greek state attacks athens &amp; patras indymedia

Athens, 15.07.2009 21:39

Under your hands from Indymedia!

&quot;Feeling the Hate in Tel Aviv&quot;, Sequel to the Video YouTube Censored

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.07.2009 19:09

Max Blumenthal writes:"On May 27, journalist Jesse Rosenfeld and I set out on the streets of Tel Aviv to probe the political opinions of young local residents. We started the day filming Jewish and Palestinian Israeli students protested a proposed law that would criminalize public observance of the Nakba, or the mass expulsion and killing of Palestinians by Zionist militias in 1948. There, we interviewed Palestinian Israeli students about the rising climate of repression, then spoke to another group of students who gathered nearby to heckle their Arab classmates and demand their deportation."

Oral Arguments Presented on Motion to Overturn AETA

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.07.2009 19:09

On July 13th, defense attorneys for Joseph Buddenberg, Maryam Khajavi, Nathan Pope and Adriana Stumpo (the AETA 4) presented oral arguments on their motion to dismiss the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. The AETA 4 are being represented by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC), and other well-respected civil rights attorneys, including Tony Serra. The defense demanded that the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) be struck down as unconstitutional before Judge Ronald Whyte of the United States District Court, Northern District of California in San Jose.


Colombia, 15.07.2009 05:09

De Alfredo Molano et al

Interview with Out Faculty Member at UCSC

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.07.2009 01:09

On July 6th, Ellen Newberry, a Lecturer & Merrill College Writing Coordinator at UC Santa Cruz, was a guest on Teachers 4 Class War. Newberry is an out faculty member at UCSC. In the interview, Newberry addresses ways to support GLTB folks at work and at school.


Athens, 14.07.2009 23:09

Κάτω τα ξερά σας από τα Indymedia!

Where’s the debate?

DC, 14.07.2009 22:10

Are we watching passively while Barack Obama carries out the same policies as George W. Bush? When an American bombing raid this May killed over two hundred civilians in a village in Afghanistan, it was met with a deafening silence. When Obama’s promised “withdrawal” from Iraq leaves 130,000 troops there for at least two more years and 50,000 permanently, it’s hailed as an end to the occupation. And who is demanding to know just what the mission really is when 30,000 more troops are sent to Afghanistan? Episode One: For Those Who Would Judge Me

Death Raw Inmate Donald Ray Young: &quot;Lethal Injection&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.07.2009 21:09

From Death Row at San Quentin, Donald Ray Young writes: "We had strange fruit for breakfast today...a death row prisoner committed suicide at San Quentin, in East Block. But, I can't worry about that guy....Wait; how can I not think of the suicide in this very building - - his family...loved ones? What if he was innocent? Do I know him? How many other people on death row have contemplated killing themselves to escape this madness? I believe that when one dies - - a part of all of us all dies...."

Uyghur Hopes Play Out in the Great Game

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.07.2009 20:39

G. Hotta, writes: "From ethnic turmoil in Urumqi, to the prisoners at Guantanamo, the Uyghur people find themselves in the global spotlight. But what remains in the dark are Uyghur history, issues and viewpoints. To give context to events that are still un-folding, the Uyghur experience is traced through the lives to two Uyghurs in exile: mainly Alim Seytoff and Uyghur rights activist Rebiya Kadeer."

Secuestran a Colaboradora de Pelota de Trapo

Argentina, 14.07.2009 19:39

Otro atentado a Chicos del Pueblo

Represión, desalojos, escuelas y hospitales sin gas

Argentina, 14.07.2009 18:39

Mauricio Macri y su política social


Argentina, 14.07.2009 18:09

Represión, desalojos, falta de gas

Argentina, 14.07.2009 18:09

Mauricio Macri y su política social

Corredor Ecológico del Noreste

Puerto Rico, 14.07.2009 14:39

Coalición Pro Corredor Ecológico del Noreste Celebra Decisión Judicial

Emergency for IMC in Athens and Patras (Greece)

Miami, 14.07.2009 13:38

Emergency for IMC in Athens and Patras (Greece)

Randall Terry Visits Supreme Court Ahead of Sotomayor Hearings

DC, 14.07.2009 12:13

INVETERATE RELIGIOUS NUTCAKE, GAGGLE OF ACOLYTES BUZZ AROUND FRONT OF COURT, SET NEW STANDARD FOR STREET THEATER Like an aging Classic Rock act struggling for a comeback, Randall Terry (late of Operation Rescue) and his FAIL Train Of Fifteen lurched onto Capitol Hill for a performance at the Supreme Court building. Terry performed no new original material on this tour, preferring instead to count on the appeal of classic hits such as God Hates You, and his fan favorite Praying For Doctors To Die. Still Photography by Isis, via Flickr. Video by Mike Flugennock: Three Short Films About Randall Terry, streaming out of YouTube, 09mins 22secs.

Panorama político tras las elecciones legislativas 2009

Argentina, 14.07.2009 12:12

Nadie primerea, la derecha crece

Rochester IMC Newspaper #4

Rochester, 14.07.2009 12:09

The fourth edition of the Rochester IMC newspaper has hit the streets! Get yourself a copy, or better yet get 10 copies and distribute them to your friends. You can find the IMC paper at the Anti-War Storefront at 658 Monroe Avenue, or at various locations around town. The paper is anti-copyright: please make many copies!

Protests Converge on Anniversary of Gaza Occupation, Relief Caravans Push On

United States, 14.07.2009 12:09

Last week, demonstrations were held on July 6 in solidarity of the 42nd anniversary of Israel's occupation of the Gaza Strip. San Francisco, protesters gathered at the UN Plaza (pictured) and in Washington, DC, hundreds converged on the Israeli Embassy.

The following morning, former U.S. Congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney arrived in New York's JFK airport after being jailed for a week in Israel for carrying relief supplies to Gaza. Audio from WBAI: Mckinney Lands in NYC, speaks to Wake-up Call | | | Reports from Free Gaza Movement: June30 | July7 | | | McKinney: Letter from an Israeli Jail

Meanwhile, another caravan, which organizers say is the largest ever US humanitarian aid convoy, has been delayed by the Egyptian government while en route to Gaza. Demonstrations have been called for Tuesday at the Egyptian Mission to the UN. Roundup from NYC-IMC

Anti-Coup Delegation from Honduras in DC and Honduras Emergency Response Delegation Report

DC, 13.07.2009 21:10

A high level delegation of Honduran members of congress, politicians, and lawyers is arriving in D.C. tonight (Sunday). While in D.C., they will be meeting with the State Department, members of Congress, and others to discuss the coup d'etat in Honduras and their call for the immediate and unconditional reinstatement of President Zelaya. During their stay, they will also connect with grassroots activists in DC and NGO's. Stay tuned for more information.

Mahoney Sentenced to 90 Days; Will Likely Serve 56

United States, 13.07.2009 07:07

Dave Mahoney — prosecutor Richard Dusterhoft's "poster child of the RNC" — was sentenced to 90 days in jail by Judge Paulette Flynn in Ramsey County Court today.  With four days credit for time served plus good behavior, Mahoney will likely serve 56 days of the sentence, making his last day in jail September 2 — the one year anniversary of the Poor People's March on the RNC in St. Paul and two days before the anniversary of his arrest.

Arriving in court wearing a "Defend the RNC 8" shirt and with 20-30 friends alongside, Mahoney put on a sweater before facing Judge Flynn.  Speaking in support of him, attorney Bob Kolstad said that he was "honored to have been chosen to represent Mr. Mahoney," and referenced his close ties family and friends whom he said "are very dedicated to what I consider a valid cause."

Portland Benefits for Arrested Forest Defenders

Portland, 13.07.2009 00:39

There are lots of Portland Benefits In the Works!

All day THIS SUNDAY, Proper Eats will be donating 10% of all their sales from the Cafe and store to the forest defenders. Please support businesses that support local activists! And eat awesome vegan food!
This next Wednesday will be the regular open Portland Rising Tide meeting at the Red & Black Cafe. We'll be presenting Western Oregon Plan Revision and Elliot State Forest management, and showcasing the Free State, Cascadia Summer, and Home Depot actions.

Second part will be a benefit show with a few local radical favorites. Please come and donate what you can!
Food Fight Grocery
1217 SE Stark -- Ongoing Benefit
Food Fight has a donation bucket set up for forest defenders. So when you're buying your veggie dogs and Schreese, please drop yr change in the bucket.
You can always donate online by visiting

Pittsburgh IMC Website Revamp

Pittsburgh, 12.07.2009 21:40

Pittsburgh Indymedia Website Revamp

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