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33 municipales detenidxs

Argentina, 22.07.2009 02:09

Sin dar brazo a torcer

Oakland Police Kill Unarmed Fleeing Black Man

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.07.2009 00:40

Copwatch 13, Write:, Two Oakland police officers, Phong Tran and Scott Hewitt, shot and killed Parnell Smith on Wednesday, July 15th, near the corner of 16th Avenue and International Boulevard. Smith, who was unarmed when he was shot, was running away from Tran and Hewitt as they fired on him. On Thursday, when grilled about why Police would shoot Smith if he was only running away, Oakland Police Spokesman Jeff Thomason initially said, "This was a was a gun battle that took place in the streets of Oakland." However, on Friday, Thomason acknowledged that his earlier statements were premature.

The Present Insurrection

Seattle, 21.07.2009 22:39

The Stimulator has produced his latest report, on the present insurrection.

Call to Seattle anti-war organizers ---

Seattle, 21.07.2009 22:39

Anti-war activists and organizations are invited to a planning meeting for an October demonstration against the Afghan War:

2:00 p.m., Sunday, August 2, 2009
Douglas Truth Library (23rd and Yesler)

Portland, Oregon says David Irving Not Welcome: Some Notes on July 19

Portland, 21.07.2009 21:39

On Sunday, July 19, approximately 50 anti-fascists and anti-racists made their way to the Embassy Suites - Airport hotel in Portland, to oppose the Holocaust-denier and neo-fascist David Irving, and the sympathizers who had paid $24-$30 each to hear him talk.

Although Irving's event was not shut down, we consider our intervention to have been successful in sending a clear message that fascist organizing is not welcome in our community, and that Irving will be met with resistance. This was not only an achievement for Rose City Antifa members, who were a minority within the opposition to the event, it was also an important result for the broader anti-racist community, which mobilized effectively and at short notice. We believe that events such as that on Sunday set the stage for more substantial victories in the future.

David Irving is a British writer of histories who has been involved with the fascist political scene since the 1960s. Always known for the pro-Hitler bias of his books, approximately two decades ago Irving made the transition to being a fully-fledged Holocaust-denier. In addition to spreading blatant historical lies, Irving has publicly stated that "The Jews are the architects of their own misfortune". Although Irving has been banned from several countries and even imprisoned for his Holocaust-denial propagandizing and pro-Nazi agitation, he has been touring the United States since the beginning of July.

Support Isle of Wight factory occupation!

United Kingdom, 21.07.2009 08:09

"SAVE JOBS and save the planet!" That's the rallying cry from workers at Newport on the Isle of Wight who have occupied a wind turbine factory threatened with closure at the end of this month, with the loss of 600 jobs.

Workers at the Vestas plant made their courageous move on Monday and are calling for urgent solidarity from all across the South Coast region and beyond.

As well as the need for ongoing support, demonstrations have been called for London on Wednesday and the Isle of Wight on Friday evening.

Said a spokesman: "There is a large picket of support starting outside the factory. This will be crucial in giving people confidence inside. We want hundreds of people. If you are not working, come now, by car, bus or train. If you are on the South Coast and working, come for the night and go to work exhausted and proud. "If you can’t come, call up friends and offer to pay the fare or petrol money for someone else to come down. Or part of the fare.

"Don’t just call the environmental and union activists you know. Call your friends and ask them who they know. Call your brother’s friends or your children’s friends. Text everyone. Get your friends calling and texting."

По году химии за антифашистские убеждения

Belarus, 21.07.2009 07:07

14 февраля 2009 года в ГДК “Кирпич” (г. Брест) проходила вечеринка, на которой также присутствовали люди, разделяющие антифашистские взгляды. После начала мероприятия к клубу подъехала милиция и ОМОН, а под конец появились нацисты во главе с Косым. Народ на их провокации не отвечал. По завершению вечеринки милиция всех проводила на остановку. Проехавши несколько остановок троллейбусом, все вышли на МОПРА, чтобы пересесть на нужный автобус. Сели в автобус № 15, где и произошла драка с двумя наци хулиганами Динамо Бреста. В результате было задержано семь человек. На троих ребят один пострадавший показал пальцем, что те их били. Также этот A.C.A.B. хулиган – Рогащук Денис Сергеевич написал заявление в милицию. Когда их оформляли, в участок пришел сотрудник КГБ. Порадовался, что среди задержанных оказался Козлянко Дмитрий, которого пару месяцев до этого тягали в КГБ и усиленно пытались пришить участие в незарегистрированной радикальной антифашистской группировке (как и еще пятнадцати…

August 1st-15th: 142-Mile Pilgrimage to the Northwest Detention Center

Seattle, 21.07.2009 05:39

A pilgrimage is planned from Bellingham to Tacoma to raise awareness about the need for sane, humane way to treat immigrants. Pilgrims will begin at the Church of the Assumption in Bellingham on August 1st and walk 142 miles, ending at the notorious Northwest (Immigration) Detention Center in Tacoma. The pilgrimage is scheduled to start Aug. 1 and end Aug.15, with participants staying overnight in Catholic churches along the way. During the pilgrimage, participants will be praying for comprehensive immigration reform, hoping to bring attention to the need for a fair, just, family-centered approach to U.S. immigration laws.

The Coup in Honduras

Portland, 20.07.2009 23:39

On July 28, troops in Honduras ousted President Manuel Zelaya and flew him out of the country. Praised by the traditional left for his economic policies and social reforms, Zelaya's alliance with Hugo Chavez and growing relationship with the ALBA countries were sharply rebuked by the more conservative sectors which also disapproved of his periodic attacks on the United States. From Costa Rica, Zelaya declared: "This was a plot by a very voracious elite, which wants to keep this country in an extreme level of poverty!". However, it seems improbable that the Honduran elite would have toppled the democratically-elected president without Washington's prior consent and support, despite assurances to the contrary. Non Aligned Press Network

Detidos numerosos activistas de GNSV nas inmediacións das obras de Massó

Galiza, 20.07.2009 21:40

Esta mañá efectivos da Garda Civil detiveron a 16 activistas pertencentes á rede Galiza Non Se Vende cando se atopaban nas inmediacións das obras que se están a desenvolver na antiga fábrica de Massó. Algúns deles foron golpeados polas forzas da orde e posteriormente trasaladados a dependencias policiais.

Hai escasos días o Premio Nobel da Paz Adolfo Pérez Esquivel apoiaba en Cangas a loita dos nosos compañeiros e denunciaba o papel do gran capital en conflitos como o que está a acontecer en Cangas “porque moitas veces priviléxiase ao capital financeiro sobre a vida do pobo”. En opinión do Premio Nóbel “Estamos nun pequeno planeta, a nosa única casa”, dixo para argumentar a defensa do medio ambiente mundial. “Aquí non hai fronteiras para apoiar as causas xustas”, engadiu. Anunciou a posible creación dun tribunal penal internacional para xulgar os delitos ambientais e requiriu o respecto aos dereitos dos pobos ” facendo unha mención expresa aos mariñeiros da ría de Vigo.

Con esta xa son varias as veces que a Delegación do Goberno opta por reprimir un dereito básico como é o dos ecoloxistas a opoñerse a unhas obras que implican un grave atentado medioambiental e lesionan aos intereses económicos de milleiros de persoas que viven do marisqueo. Hai un mes máis de mil persoas manifestáronse en contra deste proxecto polas rúas de Cangas, unha demanda que o goberno non só desatende senón que manda reprimir brutalmente.

MASSÓ URXENTE !! Urxente!! Outra vez detiveron a Tiago. Gran dispositivo policial en Masso.

Galiza, 20.07.2009 21:14

Tensión en Massó. Hoxe, 20 de Xullo ás 9 da mañá un importante dispositivo policial e da garda civil está protexendo a entrada dunha grande cantidade de maquinaria pesada nas obras do porto deportivo de Massó en Cangas do Morrazo.

HFD full of oppressive crap

Houston, 20.07.2009 19:39

Racist and Sexist oppressive behaviors running rampant in Houston Fire Department

Sedition Books Birthday

Houston, 20.07.2009 19:39

Sedition Books One Year Birthday Party

Joe Walsh &quot;Not Guilty&quot; for Crossing the Driveway at AIPAC

Portland, 20.07.2009 17:39

Navy veteran Joe Walsh (The Lone vet) from Portland Oregon, had his day in court and was found NOT GUILTY in a stunning peace movement victory over a foreign political influence.

Without Gordon Sturrock's video of the events there would have been almost no way to have won this case without having to do some really painstaking Q&A lasting several hours involving lots and lots of drawings with x'es and dotted lines and biases. The video provided an impartial camera eye's view of events that would have been very difficult to establish any other way. It's doubtful there would have been the same outcome without it. The video showed Joe walking across the driveway once, twice, being led away in cuffs- and the whole time there is another man in a black suit walking about in the restricted area with complete impunity. As it turns out, he's important.

По году химии за антифашистские убеждения

Belarus, 20.07.2009 14:37

14 февраля 2009 года в ГДК “Кирпич” (г. Брест) проходила вечеринка, на которой также присутствовали люди, разделяющие антифашистские взгляды. После начала мероприятия к клубу подъехала милиция и ОМОН, а под конец появились нацисты во главе с Косым. Народ на их провокации не отвечал. По завершению вечеринки милиция всех проводила на остановку. Проехавши несколько остановок троллейбусом, все вышли на МОПРА, чтобы пересесть на нужный автобус. Сели в автобус № 15, где и произошла драка с двумя наци хулиганами Динамо Бреста. В результате было задержано семь человек. На троих ребят один пострадавший показал пальцем, что те их били. Также этот A.C.A.B. хулиган – Рогащук Денис Сергеевич написал заявление в милицию. Когда их оформляли, в участок пришел сотрудник КГБ. Порадовался, что среди задержанных оказался Козлянко Дмитрий, которого пару месяцев до этого тягали в КГБ и усиленно пытались пришить участие в незарегистрированной радикальной антифашистской группировке (как и еще пятнадцати…

&quot;Viva Palestina&quot; Convoy Enters Gaza

DC, 20.07.2009 13:10

Youngbloods, Elders and Friends: Cynthia McKinney, Charles Barron and 200 other Americans broke the Israeli blockade of Gaza today when the first American "'Viva Palestina" convoy entered Gaza with 50 trucks and cars filled with relief supplies for the 1.5 million Palestinians who have been blockaded and bombarded by Israel for over two years. Several weeks ago McKinney and 20 other activists were illegally seized in international waters and held in an Israeli prison when they tried to bring relief supplies to Gaza by boat. Upon her release from prison Cynthia joined Charles Barron and the other Viva Palestina activists who were being refused entry into Gaza by Egyptian authorities.

Oppression Continues in the Courtroom and in Media Coverage: a report back from Tyquan Rivera's pretrial hearing

Rochester, 20.07.2009 02:07

Rochester Indymedia has resolved to witness Tyquan Rivera's pretrial hearings and trial, first-hand, after observing an ongoing pattern of sloppy and inaccurate reporting of the case by the local corporate media. With the help of a journalist from Boston Indymedia, who was also present on July 1st in Judge Joseph Valentino's courtroom for his rulings, Rochester Indymedia began to notice other disturbingly oppressive patterns developing in Rivera's case, enacted both in the courtroom and in the ongoing corporate media coverage.

Additional Information: A Child in Chains: A reportback from Tyquan Rivera's pretrial hearing | Media Review of Last Month's Pretrial Hearing | Digging for Truth in the Tyquan Rivera Case | Let’s Not Retreat into Cocoons of Expedient Simplicity and Pretentiousness

Audio: Eye-witness e-mail account of police brutality before Tyquan Rivera allegedly shot into police as read on WDKX on February 4th, 2009

Related: AARM Holds Second Event on the Media and Racism | Racism and the Media Community Discussion a Success | Facts about Juvenile Injustice | Activists Against Racism Movement

Honduran prosecutors family attacked after he denounces military coup on CNN

DC, 20.07.2009 00:10

The family of Honduran public prosecutor Jari Dixon Herrera were attacked by police on Tuesday shortly after he made statements to CNN en Español and other international media in Washington denouncing the recent military coup in Honduras. Dixon's mother’s house, located in the town of Talanga, was first shot at repeatedly by police agents with automatic weapons. The agents then broke the door of the house down and entered the residence, beat Dixon’s mother and arrested and took away his brother. Jari Dixon is currently in Washington, DC, as part of a delegation of Hondurans that has been meeting with members of Congress, representatives of the World Bank, the State Department and human rights organizations to discuss the rights abuses committed by the Honduran de facto authorities.

Citizens Launch Group To Halt Nuclear Reactor On Chesapeake Bay

DC, 20.07.2009 00:10

Marylanders today announced launch of a citizens' organization to stop the proposed experimental French, double-sized nuclear reactor in order to save the dead and dying Chesapeake Bay.

White Men Are Under Attack

DC, 20.07.2009 00:10

Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation hearings mark the end of centuries of government rule and world domination by white men…let Pat Buchanan tell it. Mr. Buchanan's opposition to Sonia Sotomayor's appointment can be summized in two words (drum roll please): REVERSE RACISM.

MORE LOCAL RADIO NOW! Call Congress !!

Rogue Valley, 20.07.2009 00:10

Hello Low Power Radio Fans!

The Prometheus Radio Project is collaborating with dozens of economic, social, and media justice groups to take action to all summer long to pass the Local Community Radio Act (HR 1147/S592). Here is an overview of how you can take action:

1) Join people from across the country on MONDAY JULY 20, 2009 to tell Congress to open up the airwaves by passing the Local Community Radio Act.

Oppose Holocaust Denier David Irving!

Portland, 19.07.2009 21:38

Rose City Antifa has uncovered the location of David Irving's lecture. He is speaking at Embassy Suites - Airport located at 7900 NE 82nd Street Portland, OR 97220. The phone number of this venue is (503) 460-3000. Irving's personal cellphone number is (305) 923-6779. He is slated to begin his lecture today, Sunday July 19th, at 3pm.

IMC in Athens and Patras Under Atteck for &quot;Coordination of Rebellion&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.07.2009 20:39

In the recent year, in Greece, a period of State widespread repression and brutality followed after December 2008 Rebellion. During and after the rebellion, the political party of extreme right wing LAOS (Popular Orthodox Party Alert) and the Greek state decided to press the IMC of Athens and Patras, on the grounds that they were used as centers for the coordination of Rebellion (no rebellions may, of course, be conducted via the Internet), deliberately ignoring the contribution of CMI to the counter-information.

Let Live, EF Rendezvous, Elliot Free State, Lorax Co-op, Climb Camp, Vasectomy Report Back

Portland, 19.07.2009 17:38

The last few weeks have been unbelievable! I want to share some of my experiences so that anyone who hesitates taking time off their job might think again, and renounce being consumer slaves of corporate capital, in favor of radical adventure and creative insurrection against the global government of militant madness.

Nearly a month ago I took time off work to partake in the most amazing Cascadia Summer, something like a summer vacation, even with an overnight in Douglas County Jail.


Athens, 19.07.2009 14:39

Άμεση και χωρίς όρους απελευθέρωση του απεργού πείνας Θ. Ηλιόπουλου

Sábado 25 a las 11:00hs

Argentina, 19.07.2009 14:09

A 1 año del ataque en Plaza San Martín

VIdeos Indy

Argentina, 19.07.2009 14:09

New Report: Global Warming Threatens Midwest Farming

United States, 19.07.2009 13:07

The nation's food security could be at risk in a warming climate, say a group of climate scientists and other experts representing the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Iowa State University, the US Climate Change Science Program (US CCSP), and the Great Plains Institute, in a new report called the Corn and Climate Report.

"High temperatures can lead to crop failure," said Professor Eugene Takle of Iowa State University. "There are likely to be other pressures as well, from unpredictable rainfall and snow cover to northward migration of diseases, all of which threaten the Midwest's ability to produce corn and other agricultural commodities." Read More | Related: A Brief History of Ashland, Oregon’s Green Welcome and Sustainability Center

Green Rally for Iran Democracy, 1pm, Sat., July 25, in Pioneer Square !

Portland, 19.07.2009 09:38




Call on U.S. lawmakers/politicians to:
• NOT use the Iranian crisis and sacrifice of the Iranian protesters to score political points. ASK their colleagues in Congress to stop using the Iranian crisis as a domestic political football.

• REMEMBER that words of U.S. lawmakers have deep and strong historical meaning in Iran. BE CONSCIOUS of the Iranian government's accusations of Western meddling in its internal affairs and allegations for domestic and international consumption.

• NOT allow their words as an American leader to be used against the people in Iran. REJECT these allegations forcefully.

• SUPPORT President Obama's measured and strong words of support for the human rights of the people of Iran. SUPPORT his strong position in condemning the violence, killings and human rights abuses.

• CONTINUE highlighting the human rights violations of the Iranian security forces and their proxies, the Basij militia forces.

• NOT press President Obama to take drastic political action or make statements that will strengthen the hardliners and allow them to justify their brutal crackdown.

Call on the world to:
• CONDEMN violence perpetrated by the Iranian government against unarmed civilians for exercising their right to peacefully assemble.

o CONDEMN Ali Khamene'i for threatening to use force and carrying out hat threat against unarmed, peaceful protesters.

o CONDEMN Khamene'i and the Iranian government for ordering the Basij militia - plainclothes pressure groups - to terrorize people through extreme violence and bodily injury. The Basij and paramilitary are using live ammunition, acid attacks, batons, knives and machetes against people in their homes, on the streets, and on campuses around the country.

o ACKNOWLEDGE that while mainstream media reports a dozen or so official deaths, hundreds have been killed, injured and detained and the actual numbers are still not clear.

DEMAND that Iranian authorities:
o STOP the violence and brutality against peaceful protesters, and respect the rights of Iranians to peaceful assembly, free expression, and free access to information. REESTABLISH lines of communications that have been shut down, including phone lines, text messaging and access to the Internet.

o ALLOW foreign journalists back in the country. Release Iranian journalists and allow all to report freely. DO NOT BLOCK their access to people and political leaders, including those in the opposition

o Immediately RELEASE all those detained since the protests started, including journalists, human rights defenders, opposition leaders and demonstrators.

o ALLOW Iranian families and the public to properly mourn the loss of loved ones in mosques and other religious places and hold ceremonies around the country.

o RESPECT the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people, and allow for new elections with independent monitors as demanded by Iran's opposition factions, the human rights community, and millions of Iranians both inside and outside Iran, who have protested the results.

Green Rally for Iran Democracy, 1pm, Sat., July 25, in Pioneer Square !

Portland, 19.07.2009 07:38

united for iran
global day of action
saturday, july 25
1pm at: pioneer square - downtown portland

with a human chain in support of the green movement for democracy in iran

Environmental Justice Now!

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.07.2009 06:09

A march and rally was held in Kettleman City on Saturday, July 18 to protest a cluster of birth defects which participants say is probably connected to pesticide used on nearby farms or a toxic dump site located just outside of town. Five children out of twenty, born in Kettleman City in the last 18 months, had birth defects. Three of them died.

WHOO HOO! WOPR is Canceled!

Rogue Valley, 19.07.2009 05:09

On Thursday morning, July 16th throughout Oregon a loud sign of relief followed by cheering started to spread as word came from Washington D.C. that the Obama administration pulled all six Records of Decision on the WOPR (Western Oregon Plan Revision). This is a big victory for the forests, salmon, critters, rivers, workers, and citizens of Oregon.

Destruction of Calais migrant camps planned next week

United Kingdom, 18.07.2009 23:09

Following the announcement of a £15million plan to 'strengthen their borders', the British and French governments are planning to destroy the Calais 'Jungle' in northern France and mass-deport hundreds of refugees stranded there. Reports from Calais say the French authorities are preparing for the destruction of the make-shift camps next Tuesday, 21st July, with a mass deportation flight to Afghanistan planned on Friday, 24th July.

Calais refugees and their supporters are calling upon activists, independent journalists and legal observers to go down to Calais and help prevent this tragedy. A protest outside the French embassy in London has been called by No Borders on Monday [more action ideas]. A group calling itself 'Calais Witnesses' has prepared a statement and is asking groups and individuals to sign it. Two UK Green MEPs have also issued a joint statement condemning the 'inhumane' plan.

Related: SALAM: Destruction of the Jungle on Tuesday, 21st July | The Law of 'Jungles': The situation of exiles on the shore of the Channel and the North Sea (pdf) | No Border Camp at the UK border extension beyond the channel

Links: Calais Migrant Solidarity | Calais No Border | No Borders UK

82 mujeres y niñas fueron asesinadas en los primeros 6 meses de 2009

Argentina, 18.07.2009 22:39

Femicidio: violencia invisibilizada

82 mujeres y niñas fueron asesinadas en los primeros 6 meses de 2009

Argentina, 18.07.2009 22:09

Femicidio: violencia invisibilizada

Oregon Green Welcome &amp; Sustainability Center

Rogue Valley, 18.07.2009 20:09

A Brief History of Ashland, Oregon’s Green Welcome and Sustainability Center

July 2050:

Looking back over forty years, things have certainly changed. In 2009, our country experienced an extreme shift in thinking as a result of a near financial meltdown and indications of impending climatic and resource consequences. During that time period people began to evaluate their individual and group actions and values and came to understand that they must begin putting back into the environment more than was being taken out.

It was difficult to return to conservative practices after people had grown accustomed to using the plentiful natural resources of the planet in frivolous ways. When the cost of cheap fossil fuels accelerated based on decreasing supply and increasing demand,other solutions became,at first,necessary, and eventually mainstream - even popular.

Seattle Billboards Corrected

Seattle, 18.07.2009 20:08

Starbucks and McDonalds billboards in the Ballard neighborhood were corrected, to provide the public with more accurate nutritional information.

John Brown Childs on Education, Race, Inspiration, and Cooperation

Santa Cruz, CA, 18.07.2009 19:38

John Brown Childs, a UCSC professor emeritus, author, scholar and educator, joined the Teachers for Class War radio show on Free Radio Santa Cruz for an hour of discussion on July 13th. Topics range from Katrina to Obama, UCSC politics to his namesake John Brown, and the civil rights movement of the sixties to contemporary issues facing Santa Cruz.

Large anti-fur demo at Cricket in Liverpool

United Kingdom, 18.07.2009 19:09

Anti-fur activists from across the North pay a visit to Cricket on Mathew St, Liverpool and meet a chilly reception

&quot;Resurrecting Activist Passions after Bush&quot; Florida Speaking Tour

Miami, 18.07.2009 18:37

"Resurrecting Activist Passions after Bush" Florida Speaking Tour July - Oct

10º encuentro de la U.A.C.

Argentina, 18.07.2009 18:09

“Contra el Saqueo de nuestros Bienes Naturales y la Contaminación , por la Soberanía Alimentaria y la vida”

Golpe em Honduras, até quando?

CMI Brasil, 18.07.2009 18:07


Cumbre del G8 en la Italia de Berlusconi

Argentina, 18.07.2009 12:09

Otra vez sopa

XIV Acampada contra el TAV en Izurtza (Bizkaia)

Euskal Herria, 18.07.2009 11:09

Con este a�o ser�n catorce las acampadas las que la Asamblea contra el Tren de Alta Velocidad ha organizado. Catorce a�os generando un espacio de resistencia asambleario y autogestionado frente al desarrollismo y el resto de formas de opresi�n. A�os en los que se ha querido impulsar la participaci�n y conocimiento de diferentes personas y luchas mediante charlas, debates, salidas al monte, acciones de protesta, juegos para ni�os, etc. A�os de lucha y de reponer fuerzas para continuar con m�s fuerzas la lucha.

Este a�o la acampada tendr� lugar en Izurza, un pueblo del Duranguesado, del 24 de julio al 2 de agosto. Esta elecci�n no es casual como no lo es el grado de destrucci�n de esta zona. Izurtza es un ejemplo de lo que est� sucediendo en otros pueblos y barrios de Euskal Herria. Robo de tierras a los y las habitantes y la ocupaci�n policial para defender esta salvaje pol�tica de destrucci�n desarrollista. Todo en lugar de abordar el debate acerca de la sinraz�n ecol�gica, social y econ�mica del TAV, han sometido el conflicto del TAV en Euskal Herria a la ?raz�n de Estado?, con el objetivo de criminalizar y castigar al movimiento popular. Por eso este a�o no solo se hace un especial llamamiento a la acampada sino que tambi�n se anima a unir fuerzas ante estas graves agresiones en una manifestaci�n que tendr� lugar en Durango el 1 de agosto con el fin de que el grito colectivo de la oposici�n al TAV se oiga por encima de las m�quinas.

M�s informaci�n: |Llamamiento y Programa en formato para imprimir|, Contacto: Tlfno 695715510 / @mail: ahtez(a), |Mani Zornotzan, uztailak 18|, |Durangon obretara martxa, Abuztuak 1|, |Bertan behera geratu da Atxondon AHTren desjabetzeen akten altxatzea|.

Schwarzenegger Proposes Deep Cuts for Seniors, Disabled, Schools

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.07.2009 09:09

The Governor and the California General Assembly approved wage reductions for in-home assistance to elderly and disabled as part of an overall budget reduction proposal earlier this year. On June 23rd, activists from "The People's Day of Reckoning" protested those cuts as well as the governor's accusations that state funded In-Home Support Services is "rife with fraud." Seventeen people, many in wheelchairs, were arrested. On July 15th, members of that coalition were joined by labor activists, educators, and students at a larger protest at the same location.

под Минском прошел анархистский форум

Belarus, 18.07.2009 07:37

С 3 по 5 июля, пока столица Беларуси кишела сотрудниками полиции в честь государственного праздника, в лесу под Минском анархистами Беларуси и людьми, солидарными с ними, был проведен анархистский форум. На форум съехались люди из всех регионов Беларуси, а также из России, Украины и Польши.

За день до начала инициаторы мероприятия заложили его фундамент: создали минимальную бытовую инфраструктуру и организовали пространство для проведения дискуссий. Далее уже к обслуживанию лагеря подключались все остальные: помогали строить печку на кухне, носить воду, рубить дрова, готовить.

В рамках форума состоялись дискуссии, воркшопы и семинары по различным темам, среди них: рабочее движение, антиатомное сопротивление, транспорт, безопасность активистов, АЧК(анархистский черный крест), методы антифашизма, миграция, гендерные проблемы, уличные медики, армия клоунов и другие. Был организован кинопоказ фильма канадской журналистки и писательницы Наоми Кляйн "Захват" ("The Take") о современных…

Rebuilding Arkansas Indymedia

Arkansas, 17.07.2009 22:39

Arkansas Indymedia has been in disarray for the past several years, however, the need for a democratically controlled, local media has not diminished. Lets get our collective back together!

Crime on the rise in Medford

Rogue Valley, 17.07.2009 21:40

Crime is on the rise in Medford. This is the report to the Communications Advisory Committee on Wednesday.

Justice for Oscar Grant

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.07.2009 20:09

In the early hours of January 1st, 2009, Oscar Grant III was murdered by BART police officer Johannes Mehserle, shot in the back as he lay face-down on the Fruitvale BART platform with BART officer Tony Pirone's knee in his shoulder. Johannes Mehserle faces a murder charge, with his trial set to begin in October. BART has still taken no action to reprimand any of its officers for their actions that night nor Chief Gee or General Manager Dorothy Dugger for their handling of the situation after the murder. Activists continue to fight for justice for Oscar Grant. Indybay has created a feature to consolidate all related posts.


Colombia, 17.07.2009 17:39

La Minga de Ayer y de Hoy

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