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Military Spy Discovered by WA Activists Unveils Vast Intelligence Network

Seattle, 31.07.2009 01:39

A military spy infiltrated Olympia and Tacoma activist groups, Port MIlitarization Resistance and Students for a Democratic Society. A public records request recently revealed his identity, and unveiled an intelligence network of police, military, and federal agencies working together to gather information on Washington activists.

Southern California Anarchist Conference This Saturday

LA, 31.07.2009 01:09

Southern California Anarchist Conference This Saturday

Tras la vuelta de Zelaya

Argentina, 30.07.2009 21:09

Honduras: sigue la lucha contra el golpe

resumen de noticias nº 7

Argentina, 30.07.2009 20:39

Resumen de noticias Nº 7

Tras la vuelta de Zelaya

Argentina, 30.07.2009 20:39

Honduras: sigue la lucha contra el golpe

Shannonwatch calls for the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty

Ireland, 30.07.2009 20:09

The abject disregard of the Irish political elite ...


Colombia, 30.07.2009 17:39

31 de Julio y 1 de Agosto será la Cumbre distrital social y política


Perth, 30.07.2009 15:10


Roseburg, OR; CA LNG Pipeline Hearings

Rogue Valley, 30.07.2009 14:10

A multi-national corporation has submitted plans to build a hazardous liquefied natural gas import terminal on the North Spit of Coos Bay, and a 230-mile pipeline through Southern Oregon's neighborhoods, rivers, streams and public lands. Their main intent is to sell gas to the lucrative California market.

CORI Reform Hearing, March and Rally Reportback

Boston, 30.07.2009 14:09

On Monday, July 27, over 600 people packed the State House CORI Hearing as part of an extended CORI Day of Action. Organized by the Commonwealth CORI Coalition, supporters demonstrated the severity of the CORI crisis and raised the need for immediate reforms.

Opportunties for the working class

Ireland, 30.07.2009 12:39

Mass rallies of workers The Fianna Fail government ...

Okupacja fabryki Ssangyong: 10 dzień ataków policji

Poland, 30.07.2009 12:10

Korańscy robotnicy z okupowanej fabryki Ssangyong Motor od ponad 10 dni bronią zakladu przed policją. Pracownicy służb medycznych i ludzie ze środowisk wspierających protestujących usiłowali dostarczyć im wczoraj rano bezskutecznie wodę. Po południu związek KCTU zorganizował pod fabryką ponad 3-tysięczną demonstrację solidarnościową, ktora została zaatakowana przez ok. 10 helikopterów zrzucających worki z toksycznym gazem łzawiącym, armatki z wodą i gazem oraz ok. 500 uzbrojonych policjantów.

Raj Jayadev: &quot;what would have happened if Dr. Gates was arrested in San Jose?&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.07.2009 05:08

Raj Jayadev, Writes: "What would have happened to Dr. Gates if he were not an acclaimed scholar and author, friend to the President, and someone whose stardom could greatly embarrass a city and county justice system? what would have happened if Dr. Gates, were he not a noted scholar, was arrested in my city, San Jose, California with the same fact pattern, even as described by the police report?"

Cambridge Stands Against Racial Profiling-Protest In Support of Prof. Gates

Boston, 30.07.2009 04:20

A protest was held on the steps of Cambridge City Hall to support Harvard professor Henry L. Gates vs. the Cambridge Police. According to the event organizers, the arrest of Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. by a Cambridge police officer - after Prof. Gates showed two forms of identification to a police officer who arrived to find Prof. Gates safely in his own home in a predominantly white, upscale neighborhood known as “Harvard Square” - has brought the struggle against racism to the front pages of newspapers throughout the US and around the world. WATCH VIDEO:

Global Day of Action to Express Solidarity with The Iranian People

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.07.2009 01:09

On July 25th, An estimated 4,000 people across Northern California joined thousands of demonstrators across the world to this past weekend to participate in the Day of Action, a globally coordinated event to express solidarity with the Iranian people challenging results of the country's controversial June 12th election. Bay Area residents poured into San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza on Saturday to participate in the demonstration, spearheaded by District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, the first Iranian-American to be elected to San Francisco public office.

Teaching Action for Social Change

Rogue Valley, 30.07.2009 00:40

Why young people should be social champions.

Reportback from the Allied Media Conference

Rochester, 29.07.2009 23:07

The 11th annual Allied Media Conference (AMC) was held in Detroit Michigan, July 16-19. The goal of the AMC was to "advance our visions for a just and creative world" by helping people "share tools and tactics for transforming our communities through media-based organizing."

Four members of the Rochester IMC collective took the trip to Detroit to participate in the conference. In true AMC-style, I created this audio reportback while in the Using Radio to Document the Allied Media Conference 2009 workshop. In the workshop, we learned how to use the Zoom recorder, how to conduct good interviews and edit audio. During lunch the next day I interviewed my Rochester IMC travel-mates: Dawn Zuppelli, Andy Dillon and Ted Forsyth. We talked about workshops, inspirational feelings and what we plan to take back to Rochester.

a midsummer Cascadia Temporary Autonomous Zone

Portland, 29.07.2009 22:38

Calling all those who love Cascadia and wish to defend its threatened ecosystems - for the kickoff of CasT.A.Z. - a midsummer Cascadia Temporary Autonomous Zone! CasTAZ begins will be held Sat-Mon, Aug 1 -3, within an hour's drive of Eugene, Oregon. Location details will be announced, shortly! Please join us - for a day, a week, the whole summer, or beyond!

A skill-share and community building event, Cas T.A.Z. will be held in the heart of the Willamette National Forest, surrounded by a tract of beautiful and threatened ancient forest. Co-created by all participants, content and activities will be shaped by all those who attend. Please come ready to engage and take an active role! Workshops and discussions will be followed by strategy sessions and direction building for current and future campaigns. Please bring your workshop ideas, discussion topics, and suggestions! There will be space to add to the schedule and improvise, throughout the week. There will be no fully stocked communal kitchen. Please come with your own camping supplies, food for yourself and the community. Where?: The site of Cas T.A.Z. is home to many acres of native old growth forest, slated to be logged before 2011, by the Seneca Jones Timber Company. These 300-400 year old trees support a fragile ecosystem, inadequately protected by the USFS.

Chicago's Staff Infection: A case of racism and privacy violations?

Chicago, 29.07.2009 11:09

From the newswire: “Christopher Alex Cornstalk, age 44, died July 17, 2006 from natural causes in the city of Markham, Illinois… A funeral was held and Mr. Cornstalk was buried. The story should have ended there…[But] a number of "Chicago Rescue Workers" (emergency room, fire department and police staff from several Chicago-area cities and villages) participated in a Facebook group named ‘Did You Know This Alcoholic Indian?’.”

The group appears to violate the federal law which mandates strict confidentiality of medical information and identity. What’s more, Native American Facebook users who discovered the group expressed outrage over the characterization of the group. Facebook has since deleted the group, and the Chicago Fire Department has all but disavowed any connection, but the controversy continues. Read more

convocada por la asamblea permanente por los derechos de la niñez

Argentina, 29.07.2009 04:21

Actividad cultural por los chicos


Colombia, 29.07.2009 01:09

Honduras: el "soberano" es el pueblo


Colombia, 29.07.2009 01:09

De la parapolitica a la farcpolítica

Pdx City Council to Consider Water Treatment Plant Wednesday

Portland, 28.07.2009 22:39

Portland City Council will consider this week a proposal to build a water treatment plant (LT2) for our pristine Bull Run water. The plan is, we are told, designed to address a US EPA requirement that all drinking water in the US be treated/filtered for Cryptosporidium. While this cookie cutter approach will likely add to the safety of water in other cities, it is not appropriate in Portland because our Bull Run system supplies water with virtually no possibility of contamination. Cryptosporidium in a form that is lethal to humans has never been found in the Bull Run water system. There has been no demonstrated need for treatment/filtration.

The construction of a water treatment plant will be very expensive, $385 million, all of it to be paid for by the city water users. The $385 million would be financed via the issuance of bonds; interest payments due and paid for by water users would increase that figure to close to $1 billion dollars.

Alliance for Democracy has joined others in calling for the Portland city council to postpone a decision until later in August, and to hold public meetings scheduled it a time when citizens can attend. Ask the Portland city council now to postpone a decision until the public can gain knowledge of what is at stake and can get their voices heard. In addition to the letter below from Oregon Wild, please see the editional comment by the Oregonian where they write "The best solution, of course, is the one that would cost nothing: Leave Portland's water alone."

[Background Article:]

AETA4 update

Portland, 28.07.2009 20:38

Short update on the case of the AETA4 in California, and ways that folks can support them:

On July 13th, defense attorneys for Joseph Buddenberg, Maryam Khajavi, Nathan Pope and Adriana Stumpo (the AETA 4) presented oral arguments on their motion to dismiss the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. The defense demanded that the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) be struck down as unconstitutional before Judge Ronald Whyte of the United States District Court, Northern District of California in San Jose.

The AETA is being used for the first time since its passage by Congress in 2006 to do exactly what civil rights advocates feared it would do - criminalize activities protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The oral arguments presented on July 13th were not about the allegations as directly applied to the AETA 4, but rather that the whole case should be dismissed now because the AETA itself is unconstitutional. The courtroom was packed, and many people were there in support of the AETA 4. The following are very rough and incomplete notes of the oral arguments:

Punk Rock Permaculture e-zine Seeks Contributors

Portland, 28.07.2009 20:38

Punk rock permaculture e-zine is a radical permaculture zine that documents permaculture and radical organizing together. We post resources, news, essays, art, articles and articles and we're looking for more writers

If you've wanted to write, network, make art, and be actively engaged in radical permaculture projects and autonomous organizing efforts then here is your chance...
Check us out!

Antifascists strike again!

Portland, 28.07.2009 20:38

On the night of July 25, a group of sexy autonomous individuals visited Embassy Suites Airport Hotel to continue a campaign against the hotel that hosted Neo-Nazi David Irving. David Irving is a notorious white supremacist and holocaust denier - more information at

Wearing ravishing disguises, the group came prepared with flyers that were left under the doors of most of the rooms in the hotel. The flyers informed the patrons of Embassy Suites' heinous apathy to the presence of fascists in our community. Since we do not support the right of Nazis to spew their filth in our community, we felt it was necessary to send a strong message to Embassy Suites and those who choose to give them money that supporting Irving and any Nazi is unacceptable.

Ignoring Nazis in the past has not made them vanish, as many liberals would pretend. Removing Nazis from one's community in the past has always involved direct action targeting their homes, their work, and the spaces in which they organize. On Saturday night, Embassy Suites Airport Hotel felt the second wave of backlash against them and their yuppie army of paying guests.


Colombia, 28.07.2009 18:09

Conferencia sobre Agencia Prensa Rural en el País Vasco

Tea Party Leader to Racist Doctor: &quot;We've Got Your Back, My Friend&quot;

DC, 28.07.2009 17:10

The national coordinator of the American Tea Party movement is standing behind David McKalip and has pledged her help as he struggles with the fallout over the racist email he sent showing President Obama dressed as a witch doctor.

Football fans do a 'G20' on RBS

United Kingdom, 28.07.2009 17:09

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) received the G20 treatment for a second time as a group of angry Liverpool football supporters' co-ordinated attacks on three branches in the early hours of the morning.

The Democrats vs. Public Education

Boston, 28.07.2009 15:08

Public education in the United States is under heavy attack. And because a so-called “progressive” President is leading the charge, many education activists have been lulled to sleep while on lookout duty. Obama recently announced his “race to the top” program to “reform” education. Much like Bush’s No Child Left Behind, Obama’s plan represents progress for education in name only. In reality, Obama’s plan is to lure cash-starved schools into a “competition” to accept federal funds, with dangerous strings attached. The two most devious conditions are the widespread creation of charter schools and the implementation of teacher merit pay. Both of these items have been long-condemned by progressive educational advocates as well as the majority of the nation’s teachers. If implemented, they would have a destructive effect on public education.

DUDE 4th of July w/ Pat Dodd

Rogue Valley, 28.07.2009 13:10

Watch this short video as DUDE rocks along with Patrick Dodd's awesome health care song "A Hundred Million Voices" from the Ashland 4th of July Parade!


Colombia, 28.07.2009 13:09

Agredido animalista en el circo Hermanos Gasca

City Workers March

United States, 28.07.2009 13:07

Members of four major unions (TWU, which has been without a contract since March, AFSCME D.C. 33 and 47, which have been without contracts since June, and SEIU 32BJ, which has suffered salary cuts), joined by supporters from around the city, marched on July 21 through Old City to the Constitution Center, where a conference of state legislators were meeting. Their main message was painted on a white banner in green and black lettering: "DON'T CUT THE BUDGET ON THE BACKS OF PUBLIC EMPLOYEES!"

RELATED: "Are their families more perfect than our families?": Municipal workers rally


Argentina, 28.07.2009 03:39

ATILRA: elecciones bajo la sombra del fraude


Argentina, 28.07.2009 02:09

ATILRA: elecciones bajo la sombra del fraude

Por un modelo de producción sustentable

Argentina, 28.07.2009 01:09

Diez veces Sí a la Vida

Actividades a un mes de golpe de estado en Honduras

Argentina, 27.07.2009 23:39

Córdoba dice NO al golpe

Actividades a un mes de golpe de estado en Hondura

Argentina, 27.07.2009 23:39

Córdoba dice NO al golpe


Athens, 27.07.2009 22:09

Το παρακράτος ξαναχτυπά. Επιθέσεις σε καταλήψεις και αυτοδιαχειριζόμενους χώρους

Operation Liberation: Highgate Rabbit Farm

United Kingdom, 27.07.2009 21:08

During the midnight hours of 6th January 2008, Animal Liberation Front (ALF) volunteers gained entry to Highgate Rabbit Farm, in Lincolnshire, who imprison animals waiting to suffer and die in the miserable vivisection industry (Pictures | Video). 129 rabbits were liberated with £70,000 worth of damage caused to the farm and its vehicles.

Following the raid, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) reported the farm subsequently stopped supplying rabbits for animal testing, in a plan to close down the business. However, after instruction from the police, the farm reluctantly resumed supplying rabbits to laboratories, one of which is Europe's biggest and most exposed lab Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).

Therefore as part of a global week of action against vivisection breeders, SHAC have called a UK national demonstration for Saturday 26th September, directly outside the farm, in an attempt to save the rest of the animals and close down the lab supplier.

Links: About Highgate | Demo Details | Resources | Action

Related newswire: SHAC Diary Dates | Heather Nicholson moved prison | SHAC Latin American Day of Action against HLS customer Bayer | Home visit for Pfizer executive | Crackdown On Anti-Corporate Dissent: Animal Rights Movement | "Break with HLS" painted at Novartis | Cars destoyed at home of Novartis Executive | SHAC Mad Science Week: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Payback time for the animals inside HLS | Suprise for Schering Plough Director | More articles

Vestas workers occupation

United Kingdom, 27.07.2009 21:08

Around 25 workers have occupied the second floor of the offices of the Vestas St. Cross factory in Newport on the Isle of Wight, the UK's only industrial-scale wind turbine factory, following mounting concern over its planned closure on the 31st July. They are calling for government intervention to save the plant, jobs, and to ensure fair redundancy packages. Since the first day of the occupation on the 20th July the workers have been besieged by police and private security, with several arrests being made for 'breach of the peace' as people tried to join and get food to the occupiers. A large crowd of fellow workers, locals, and environmental campaigners from around the UK have gathered outside the factory gates to show their support.

Related: Support the Vestas factory occupation - what you can do | Vestas Factory OCCUPIED | Vestas Workers Speak Out | Vestas situation update - two arrests; mass walk-in gets food to occupiers | Vestas Sit In - Photos

London Solidarity Demo, Wed 22nd July: Report, Pictures: 1|2
Links: Save Vestas


Colombia, 27.07.2009 20:39

Honduras: Golpistas asesinaron a manifestante seguidor de Zelaya con diez puñaladas


Colombia, 27.07.2009 20:09

‘Paras’ amenazan a campesinos en Santander

Indy TV #28: Dr. Ted Brown on the Struggle for Universal Health Care in the US

Rochester, 27.07.2009 17:08

As Obama tries to get health care reform passed, the national debate about rights to health care are heating up again. According to Dr. Ted Brown, our guest this week, about 22,000 people every year die as a direct result of not being able to afford health care. The number of uninsured people in this country is up to fifty million. What are the solutions being proposed? Why is single payer, or medicare for all, so steadfastly avoided by the political elite, including Obama? What are the forces shaping the public debate?

Dr. Ted Brown, a professor of History and Community and Preventative Medicine and Medical Humanities at the University of Rochester helps us begin to answer some of these question on Indy TV this week.


Portland, 27.07.2009 06:39

A vigil for Leonard Peltier
Monday July 27 6 PM
Pioneer Square
Downtown Portland
Speakers : Dorothy Ackerman, Sioux elder on the Grand Council of the American Indian Movement
Michael One Road, NW AIM

Leonard Peltier's first full parole hearing was held in 1993, at which time his case was continued for a 15-year reconsideration. Mr. Peltier has recently applied for and been granted a parole hearing. The hearing is scheduled for July 28, 2009. All supporters are encouraged to step up their efforts in support of parole for Leonard Peltier

No Eviction For Rosemary Williams

United States, 27.07.2009 06:37

"Today was supposed to be a very sad day," said a member of the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) to begin the press conference at Rosemary Williams's house this afternoon.  The sheriff had arrived at nine in the morning with an eviction notice.  Ms. Wiliams was packing.  Her son, his wife and their two small children had gone to their other grandmother's house.  Plans had been made for emergency foreclosure resistance.  "We were ready to go to jail," said Cheri Honkala of PPEHRC.  But twenty minutes before the press conference was to begin, one phone call changed everything.

KSKQ Streaming Live at Mystic Garden Party

Rogue Valley, 26.07.2009 20:10

A report from the Mystic Garden Party at Jackson Wellsprings.


Galiza, 26.07.2009 17:10

Sábado 1 de agosto, ás 20 horas, dende a Alameda Vella de Cangas

Porto ilegal, sen licencia municipal, sen Plan de Usos, sen Plan Especial, sen PXOM

Destrúe postos de traballo, destrúe a ría, ameaza ao pequeno comercio para beneficio duns poucos, saltando leis e acordos de goberno con represión policial brutal


<em><strong>“Queremos chicha, queremos maíz, multinacionales: fuera del país”</strong></em>

Argentina, 26.07.2009 16:09

10º uac

Happy Birthday Medicare! Seniors to Sing Praises of Single-Payer System

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.07.2009 15:39

Health care reform activists in the San Francisco Bay Area will rally on July 30 in solidarity with a major demonstration to be held in Washington DC. "Medicare: Made in America Rally and Lobby Day" will mark the 44th anniversary of the creation of a single-payer health care system for seniors. Demonstrators will invite passers-by to join them for a piece of "single layer, single-payer Medicare birthday cake".

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