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Union Launches Campaign for Fair Severance at MPG

NYC, 09.08.2009 00:39

The New York City branch of the Industrial Workers of the World has begun a campaign over the lack of a fair severance package in the recent round of mass layoffs by MPG, the large advertising company owned by Havas Media.

Turning Donuts To Gas In Park Slope

NYC, 09.08.2009 00:39

The Park Slope neighborhood residents are learning about the benefits of using Ethanol as a gas from Co-op organizers Michael Winks and Kevin Burget.

Critical Status for Brooklyn Live/Work Law. Artists Eye's are on Senator Squadron

NYC, 09.08.2009 00:39

A few thousand people stand to be eventually evicted out of their spaces as a result of the non-vote on Bill S5881. But as the Senate will reconvene August 6th to deal with a backlog of bills, bill sponsor Daniel Squadron gets another chance to convince the art community that he has not turned his back. All he needs to do is to convince the Senate leadership to put the "Multiple Dwelling Amendment" on the August 6th agenda. New York's artists are holding their breath. Some even wrote letters.

Save Bed-Stuy Farm!

NYC, 09.08.2009 00:39

[For those who don't know, healthy food is a human necessity & therefore a human right, a right that must not be denied to anyone because of a lack of money or lack of availability of healthy food in low-income communities. Urban farms like the Bed-Stuy Farm help ameliorate this problem by making healthy food locally available right in low-income communities and by making healthy food affordable to people who have little or no money. The possible destruction of this farm threatens to deny the local community of their human right to have adequate access to healthy food.]

New York’s Consumerism

NYC, 09.08.2009 00:39

Mike Bloomberg’s persona is so comically a demonstration of Consumerism, that his illegal grab for another term and his spending $100 million on it – making the Mayorality one big product that he is buying - gives us the chance to demonstrate in unforgettable fashion how our Democracy needs to resist Consumerism. Let’s preach!

Connecting New York's Waters With It's Residents

NYC, 09.08.2009 00:39

This article is about the Estuary Education Series presented by the Lower East Side Ecology Center.

Call to Artists: Benning and Anacostia

DC, 09.08.2009 00:10

Posted to lists on August 5 by DC Public Libraries, this flyer shows how Ward 7 and Ward 8 artists can get an honorarium for artwork to be included in two new libraries.

&quot;Bark About&quot; to the Table Rock Wilderness

Portland, 08.08.2009 21:39

The community of Molalla has been very active in protecting the Molalla River watershed. Through their efforts, Senators Wyden and Merkley recently introduced the Molalla River Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 2009. This act will protect 21 miles, and approximately 7,000 acres of riverside land, through Wild and Scenic River designation.

Sunday, August 9th, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Come hike and learn about Bark past and present activism in the Molalla River Recreation Corridor. This hike will explore the highest point of the watershed, Table Rock, which rises to an elevation of 4,881 feet with panoramic views of the Cascade volcanic range. The trail ascends approximately 1000 feet in 2.3 miles (4.6 miles round trip) and crosses a boulder field for a small portion.

***NEW MEETUP LOCATION! After ten years of meeting at the old Daily Grind, we have decided to begin meeting at the Hollywood Trader Joe's at 4121 NE Halsey in Portland. It is across the street from the Hollywood Transit Center, near the I-84 exit 2.***

Williams Family Brutalized During &quot;Routine Traffic Stop&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.08.2009 20:39

Michael and Stephanie Williams report that they were were brutalized by the Albany police department on June 5th in front of their children. Michael was tasered multiple times and Stephanie was searched under her clothing by a male officer. A rally was held at the Albany City Council meeting on August 5th in support of the family. Michael Williams has a preliminary hearing on Monday, August 10th, for charges related to the Albany police claim that he threatened them.

Demonstration Against Abuse in Erie County Jails

Rochester, 08.08.2009 16:07

Buffalo, NY— Local residents took to the streets on Wednesday calling Sheriff Timothy Howard and County Executive Chris Collins to account for abuses endured by Erie County prisoners. Outraged upon reading a US Justice Department report detailing improper treatment received by inmates at the Erie County Holding Center, they called for both elected officials to cooperate with full inspections of all of their facilities by the US Justice Department, and to promptly address grievances of those reported to have suffered abuse.

“It could be my friend or neighbor in the holding cell for a minor infraction,” says Buffalo resident Shira Atkinson. “I would just hate it if they were taken on a secret ‘elevator ride’ and beaten as mentioned in the report.”

El delito de ser pobre

Puerto Rico, 08.08.2009 04:22

Miles sufren por ser pobres

Perth Indymedia

Perth, 07.08.2009 23:10

Site Moderation

Real Health Care Reform - Universal Single Payer

Boston, 07.08.2009 23:09

Organizations like Physicians for a National Health Program want Americans to have the same system in place in all other Western countries and elsewhere, including Venezuela, South Korea, Japan, Cuba, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. But not in America - the only industrialized country without it despite spending more than double per capita than the other 30 OECD countries and delivering less for it. In a September 2007 report to Congress, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) compared 2004 US health care spending with other OECD countries:

Don't Blame Me, I Voted For McCain...

Boston, 07.08.2009 23:09

The recent announcement by the government of Iraq that they were putting the drilling rights for six major oilfields up for auction was greeted with derision in many quarters. Sarcastic forum posts entitled 'Mission Accomplished' sprang up on many progressive websites on the assumption that the oil industry had finally gotten what they came for. But a closer look at the details reveals a very different picture.

Israel Evict the Hannoun and al-Ghawe Families From Their Homes in East Jerusalem

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.08.2009 20:45

Jen Marlowe, write: "I heard the jangle of ankle and wrist cuffs before I saw them. The detainees (five Israeli, four Palestinian and four international) were being led into a small court room. One woman had a black eye. They had been arrested the night before at a demonstration against the eviction of the Hannoun and al-Ghawe families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of east Jerusalem. At 5:00 Sunday morning, the families were removed from their homes by Israeli police, leaving 53 people homeless - 20 of them children."

AIDS/HIV related Organizations, Victims, Supporters Protest Schwarzenegger's Budget Cuts

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.08.2009 19:45

On Wednesday Aug 5th, protesters met in San Francisco to protest Governor Schwarzenegger's budget cuts which disproportionately target health services fighting the spread of HIV.

Jewish LGBT Community Commemorates the Death of Liz Trobishi and Nir Katz

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.08.2009 19:15

"DS" writes: "On Monday night, many people assembled to honor the youth killed and injured in Tel Aviv's LGBT Center. I was dreading this event, I needed to mourn - for the youth, and also for the sense of safety that I lost, years ago, when I first realized that my own LGBTQ youth center was unsafe space for me. I worried, that I wouldn't be able to mourn, but would instead be distracted by anger and alienation at the Zionist rhetoric that accompany public Jewish events." technical problems

United Kingdom, 07.08.2009 17:44

There is a serious problem with the DNS system used by most indmedia sites and services at the moment. It isn't yet clear whether this is a result of a mistake, breakdown or mischief but people are working on it. This effects all websites, mailing lists and other services using the "" domain.

Indymedia DNS restored

United Kingdom, 07.08.2009 17:44

The problems experienced earlier today with the global Indymedia DNS have now been fixed. The outage was due to poor communication on the part of the registrar, who had received a complaint that the whois information for Indymedia was wrong. This is not correct and the DNS was re-instated as soon as the registrar was informed of this.

You can now access all global Indymedia services as normal at their usual location:

[ Global Indymedia | Indymedia Chat (secure connection) | Indymedia Lists | Indymedia Documentation ]

The sorry saga of Peter Tierney: an update

United Kingdom, 07.08.2009 17:14

After Peter Tierney's arraignment on August 5th for assaulting an anti-fascist in April, the BNP spin machine has been doing overtime to distort the event both in the courtroom and on the streets. This article counters the lies and talks about what's next for the anti-fascist movement in Liverpool.

Novartis CEO's hunting lodge destroyed

United Kingdom, 07.08.2009 10:44

"Dealing with HLS means dealing with US." - MFAH Austria

In an act of direct action against top Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) customer Novartis, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Daniel Vasella had his hunting lodge in the town of Bach, in Tyrol, Austria, destroyed by fire (see photos). The Militant Forces Against HLS (MFAH) claimed responsibility for the arson in an anonymous communique, calling on Vasella to sever all ties with HLS. The activists reported that Vasella butchers animals at HLS, Europe's largest and most exposed vivisection laboratory, through contracts made with Novartis, as well as butchering animals in his own private hunting estate. A spokesperson for Novartis said he has now decided to sell the property that was burnt with 60 litres of petrol.

The MFAH formed in April this year and have targeted HLS customers in France, Germany, Belgium and now Austria. They are relatively unknown and adhere to no guidelines, although are affiliated with the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). In recent months the militant group have reportedly targeted Novartis in France, burning down a sports centre and in Germany, vandalising the Vice Chairman's cars and home, returning a month later to place incendiary devices under his two cars. They have also targeted HLS customers Sandoz, Sanofi-Aventis, Bayer, Schering Plough and Pfizer.

Related articles: Warning painted at Novartis subsidiary | Glaxo billboards cut down, painted over | After-hours visit to HLS supplier | Home visit for Pfizer executive | "Break with HLS" painted at Novartis | Cars destroyed at home of Novartis executive | Payback time for the animals inside HLS | Suprise for Schering Plough Director | Smear campaign against Novartis vivisectors | Arson attack on Novartis clubhouse | HLS customers targeted | ALF knock-and-run | Attacks against NYSE Euronext | Home visits for Novartis scum, and deer running free | Novartis worker visited at home | Bayer and Novartis criminals tracked down and attacked | More articles

Resumén de Noticias Nº 8

Argentina, 07.08.2009 04:21

En Córdoba pasan cosas


Athens, 06.08.2009 23:09

Free hunger-striker Thodoris Hliopoulos right now!


Portland, 06.08.2009 20:39

PETA has sent an urgent letter to Portland Mayor Sam Adams and city commissioners calling on them to implement a ban on horse-drawn carriages. PETA's letter comes on the heels of an August 1 incident in which a horse pulling a newlywed couple collapsed and died in downtown Portland in 90°F temperatures. The 23-year-old horse, Balatour, reportedly suffered a heart attack in the sweltering heat.

PETA points out that researchers from Cornell University have found that the recorded air temperature can be as much as 50 degrees cooler than the temperature of asphalt. While working in sweltering heat, horses must walk on hard pavement, inhale exhaust fumes, and dodge cars, buses, and streetcars—all of which can be terrifying to them.

We Recruit! - QueerFest August 8th Alton Baker Park Eugene

Portland, 06.08.2009 20:39

Announcing the first annual QueerFest, an alternative to the Eugene Pride celebration.

Join us at QueerFest to reclaim queerness as a radical expression of individuality. If you are not queer identified we encourage you to claim queerness for yourself, thus approaching life from a nonconformist, outsider perspective which contains a huge amount of power in the homogeneity of American mass society. You don't have to be gay or gender variant to be queer, all that is required is a rejection of that which is offered up as "normal" in America.

Why we're going to be in the park during Eugene Pride:

QueerFest websites:


Portland, 06.08.2009 20:39

Under the provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act, schools receiving federal funds MUST release students' personal information to military recruiters if they are to continue to receive federal funds.

Please share this information with the young people in your lives:

Opt-Out Facts:
* Students must opt-out EVERY YEAR.
* Traditionally, the deadline for opting-out for the year is October 1.
* Students do NOT require parental or guardian consent to opt-out.
* EVERY high school students' personal information is being released to military recruiters -- not just that of juniors' and seniors'!
* Young women are NOT exempt from this provision.


Colombia, 06.08.2009 20:38



Colombia, 06.08.2009 20:08



Colombia, 06.08.2009 20:08


Coming Soon: Anarchy! - Reports from the Anarchist Conference

LA, 06.08.2009 18:39

Coming Soon: Anarchy! - Reports from the Anarchist Conference

Klimaatkamp Antwerpen

Netherlands, 06.08.2009 14:39

Meer dan 200 mensen hebben een veld tussen Zandvliet en Berendrecht in het hart van de industriele haven van Antwerpen bezet. Tripods zijn overeind gezet, lockons liggen klaar, spandoeken hangen, het klimaatactiekamp 2009 is een feit.

Updates van de eerste dagen: 1 augustus, 2 augustus, 3 augustus, 4 augustus

Acties vanuit het kamp: Actie tegen Lange Wapper
Operatie klimaatpiraat
Bezoek bij directeur Delta
Aankondiging bezetting kolenoverslag ABT

Foto's: 1, 2

Website van het klimaatkamp:


Argentina, 06.08.2009 14:09

Protesta de trabajadores de CIVE

6 августа завершилась оккупация завода Сcангйонг в Ю.Корее

Belarus, 06.08.2009 12:07


Нажмите, чтобы увеличить

После того как вчера завершилась ожесточенная схватка (5 августа, 2009), ночью 100 забастовщиков покинули оккупированное здание (многие были шокированы безжалостностью насилия государства и компании). В завершении переговоров, проходивших на прошлой неделе, последним предложением управления компании было 60%-ти процентам рабочих добровольно уволиться, а 40% взять неоплачиваемый отпуск до тех пор, пока их не вызовут обратно на работу. Переговоры возобновились сегодня в 11:00 утра. В течение их профсоюз согласился на увольнение 52% рабочих, и предоставление отпусков 48% рабочих. Забастовка закончилась и оккупанты готовы покинуть завод в любую минуту.

6 августа завершилась оккупация завода Сcангйонг в Ю.Корее

Belarus, 06.08.2009 11:37


Нажмите, чтобы увеличить

После того как вчера завершилась ожесточенная схватка (5 августа, 2009), ночью 100 забастовщиков покинули оккупированное здание (многие были шокированы безжалостностью насилия государства и компании). В завершении переговоров, проходивших на прошлой неделе, последним предложением управления компании было 60%-ти процентам рабочих добровольно уволиться, а 40% взять неоплачиваемый отпуск до тех пор, пока их не вызовут обратно на работу. Переговоры возобновились сегодня в 11:00 утра. В течение их профсоюз согласился на увольнение 52% рабочих, и предоставление отпусков 48% рабочих. Забастовка закончилась и оккупанты готовы покинуть завод в любую минуту.

Забастовка завершилась в 14:50 по корейскому времени.

В апреле 2009 года суд одобрил план реструктуризации в рамках которого 2,646 рабочих должны были быть уволенными добровольно или принудительно. Сразу же после этого около 2000 рабочих, включая временных рабочих и субподрядчиков, ушли. К началу забастовки штат компании…

Ssangyong: zakończyła się okupacja fabryki

Poland, 06.08.2009 10:39

Wczoraj koreańska policja i oddziały komandosów przypuściły zmasowany szturm na broniony przez protestujących robotników kompleks hal lakierniczych. Na dachy hal spuszczono z dzwigów kontenery z funkcjonariuszami sił specjalnych SWAT, którym udało się przejąć jeden z warsztatów. Częśc policjantów opuszono też na dachy z helikopterów. W ataku z powietrza wzieło udział ponad 400 funkcjonariuszy, w całej akcji pacyfikacji protestu uczestniczy ich prawie 4 tys. Między atakującymi i pracownikami wywiazały się zacięte walki, ktore wygasły dopiero wieczorem. Pod kontrolą protestujących został warsztat nr 2.


Argentina, 06.08.2009 10:08

Los excluídos de la mesa

Santa Cruz Memorial Bike Ride on August 16th

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.08.2009 08:38

August 7th, 2009 marks the two year anniversary of the death of John Myslin, a High School Teacher who was run over by a truck at the intersection of Bay and Mission in Santa Cruz. Several months after his death, on April 8th, 2008, another experienced cyclist, Chris Rock, was run over and killed by a truck at the same intersection. A memorial bike ride will take place Sunday, August 16th.

excluidos de la mesa

Argentina, 06.08.2009 08:08

Parole Hearings Held Today For Leonard Peltier

United States, 06.08.2009 08:07

In spite of scorching temps and humidity, there were several hundred people who attended and waited for several hours until attorney Eric Seitz came out and addressed the crowd. He said the FBI did not have anything new to say but that he was able to present some additional evidence on Leonard's behalf to the board. Leonard spoke with the board and answered questions for 1-1/2 hours. The hearing officer said he would look over his documentation and make a recommendation within 24-48 hours, at which time the parole board has up to 3 weeks to make a final determination. Leonard has expressed his thanks for all of the efforts made on his behalf today. Eric Seitz said he feels "optimistic." Read More RELATED: Leonard Peltier and the Indigenous People: Our Lives Have Meaning | Leonard Peltier: Silence Screams

Interview with Kevin Kumashiro of Center for Anti-Oppressive Education

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.08.2009 06:38

On August 3rd, Kevin Kumashiro spoke with Teachers for Class War on Free Radio Santa Cruz about reframing education debates, politics of education and realities of classrooms from grade 2 through teacher training programs, looking at intersections of race and sexuality for youth, as well as Asian American experiences.

Leonard Peltier Update: Waiting for Results of the July 28 Parole Hearing

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.08.2009 05:08

Leonard Peltier, a sixty-four-year-old activist and political prisoner being held at the Lewisburg prison in Pennsylvania, who was illegally extradited from Canada, tried in a sham trial, and has been denied justice for over thirty-three years, had a parole hearing on July 28th. The results have not yet been announced.

Community Rallies Support for Chicago Organizer Dennis Dixon

Chicago, 06.08.2009 02:08

Dennis Dixon, longtime Chicago activist and political organizer, was assaulted on the Chicago Transit Authority on June 27, and has been hospitalized with serious injuries, including a fractured skull, brain swelling, crushed eye socket and sub-dural hematoma. Dixon has undergone physical and cognitive therapies, but his health situation has grown increasingly complicated, which have encompassed breathing difficulties and even required surgery.

The community of Chicago political activists who know Dixon have worked to help him out, setting up a website of support, an online donation form, a Facebook group, and organizing fundraiser events for Dixon, who is unemployed and has no health insurance. Activists have also highlighted the vagaries and cruelties of the American "health care" system documenting how Dixon has been treated.

Chicago Indymedia coverage: Activist Dennis Dixon Brutally Beaten, Hospitalized, Needs Community Support | Dennis Dixon Blog Up and Running — Funds Desperately Needed


Argentina, 05.08.2009 20:09

Protesta de trabajadores de CIVE

norte dejo

Argentina, 05.08.2009 20:09

Fueron agredidxs fisica y verbalmente por un comerciante

Argentina, 05.08.2009 20:09

Escrache a la homofobia

Boston Woodard, Indybay Journalist in &quot;The Hole&quot; for Writing Article on Prison Conditions

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.08.2009 18:38

Boston Woodard, a frequent contributor to Indybay, is in solitary confinement because of an article he wrote, which displeased the staff and warden at Solano State Prison.

Nome aos gorilas!

CMI Brasil, 05.08.2009 15:07



Athens, 05.08.2009 11:39

The thugs of the state hit again. Attacks in squats and self-managed spaces.

Wrongs in Civil Rights Underlying Mumia Abu-Jamal's Conviction

United States, 05.08.2009 10:07

Documented violations in this closely watched case convince groups as diverse as Amnesty International and the national NAACP that Abu-Jamal is the victim of double standards of justice. The NAACP approved a resolution at its centennial convention in July 2009 calling on the US Department of Justice to investigate civil rights violations in the Abu-Jamal case. READ MORE & VIDEO

PHOTO: Congressman John Conyers holds a poster of Mumia, part of the Campaign for a Civil Rights Investigation into the Case of Mumia Abu- Jamal, at the NAACP Convention, July 13, 2009

RELATED: NAACP Passes Resolution for Mumia Abu-Jamal and other prisoners | Take Action Supporting A Federal Civil Rights Investigation | SF Bay View Newspaper article about civil rights campaign | The Mumia Exception

Gardaí arrest Thomas Cook staff

Ireland, 05.08.2009 07:09

Over 150 Garda smashed their way into Thomas Cook ...

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