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Pentagon Propagandist Weighs in on Army Experience Center

DC, 17.08.2009 03:10

The Pentagon feels threatened by public opposition to the Army Experience Center and has retaliated by publishing lies and distortions.

Berkeley Protest At Whole Foods After CEO Comes Out Against Public Health Care

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.08.2009 23:39

On August 16th people gathered on the sidewalk in front of Whole Foods in Berkeley to let customers know that its founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board, John Mackey, is working to prevent public funding of health care. In an August 11th opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal (it is also available on the Whole Foods website), Mackey wrote in a piece entitled "The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare" that the "last thing our country needs is a massive new health-care entitlement" and that health care for the poor should take place through "voluntary, tax-deductible donations" rather than government funding. He goes on to ask "While all of us empathize with those who are sick, how can we say that all people have more of an intrinsic right to health care than they have to food or shelter?"

The Indypendent Issue 139: The Anti-Bloomberg: Inside Reverend Billy's Quixotic Mayoral Campaign

NYC, 16.08.2009 22:39

The Rev Billy Talen is continuing to campaign to become New York’s next mayor, in spite of obstacles ranging from ballot access to health problems.

The Indypendent’s Jacob Scheier reports on this grassroots campaign trying to ignite the “500 neighborhoods,” of New York, as Talen puts it, into action.

“As Bloomberg and the real estate industry gentrifies the city, performance activist Reverend Billy Talen is preaching a gospel of neighborhood revival. But, is he only preaching to the choir?” To read the rest of this article, click on the link to “Mayoral Election: Can I Get an Amen?” below.

Also included in this issue of the Indypendent: Jaisal Noor reports back from Buenos Aires, Argentina on worker-run collectives; Kenneth Crab reviews “The Hurt Locker”; a look at how a farm in Bedford-Stuyvesant may be uprooted; and Steven Wishnia reflects on 40 years after Woodstock, asking the question of whether it “killed rock ‘n’ roll.” See below for much more!

Mayoral Election: Can I Get an AMEN?! || Green Oaisis May Be Uprooted || Tenants’ Voice || A Real Stella Solution || A Life of Art and Activism Comes to an End || Community Calendar || Reader Comments || Worker-Run Businesses Flourish in Argentina || Did Woodstock Kill Rock ‘n’ Roll? || The Dark Heart of War: A Review of the Hurt Locker || Professing Dissent: A Review of Unrepentant Radical Educator || Coming Up for Air: A Review of Arm the Spirit

Abuso policíaco en Mayagüez

Puerto Rico, 16.08.2009 22:10

Policías hacen sal y agua (y pimienta) la fiesta en Mayagüez

»Se trata de asumir el poder en materias de comunicaciones«

Venezuela, 16.08.2009 17:37

El 23 de julio de 2009 la Asociación de Medios Comunitarios, Alternativos y Libres (ANMCLA) convocó a una marcha en Caracas por la democratización del espectro radioeléctrico y en contra del canal opositor Globovisión. En la marcha entrevistamos a Gonzalo Gómez del sitio web alternativo


Colombia, 16.08.2009 16:09

¿Obama: falta de memoria o demagogia?

Con 26 votos a favor pasa a manos de Fasinpat

Argentina, 16.08.2009 03:09

Zanón es de sus trabajadores y trabajadoras

Honduras: Represión y detenciones

Argentina, 16.08.2009 02:09

Detienen a activista feminista Alba Ochoa

Change We Need – And Can Afford

Rochester, 15.08.2009 21:07

Because of the current financial crisis many observers see no point in discussing an expansion of health care coverage this year – either federal or state. Indeed, it is true that the current crisis is adding greatly to our public debt. And it is true that total health costs in the US are already twice as high per person per year as those of any other nation and rising faster. If we were to start paying to insure our 50 million uninsured – plus an estimated 40 million Americans who are under insured – costs would escalate hugely. This would be true with any of the recent proposals for insuring the population – except one.

Believe it or not, there is one proposal, which could cover all Americans for all needed services and save money. And it is now – with funds getting shorter every day – that we must explore that proposal. In truth, we cannot afford not to. Careful studies have shown that national savings would amount to $350 billion per year.

At the national level, this proposal is called Medicare for All, and it is embodied in Congress as Bill HR676. In New York State it is called Single Payer New York and it is one of the options now being studied by the Governor in Albany.

Additional Information: Indy TV #28: Dr. Ted Brown on the Struggle for Universal Health Care in the US | Panelists Discuss Health Care | Rochester Rallies for Single Payer Health Care | "Medicare for ALL!" Single Payer Health Care Speak-Out Reportback

Con 26 votos a favor pasa a manos de Fasinpat

Argentina, 15.08.2009 18:09

Zanón es de sus trabajadores y trabajadoras

Haiti, Honduras -- Occupation is the Crime

LA, 15.08.2009 18:09

Haiti, Honduras -- Occupation is the Crime

Mountaintop Removal Protested At EPA

DC, 15.08.2009 16:10

On August 14, opponents of mountaintop removal coal mining, some with stories of their own families and lands being harmed by this practice gathered at the EPA's headquarters to demand that that the EPA stop approving these utterly destructive mines.

No Letup in Political Witch-Hunts Under Obama

NYC, 15.08.2009 13:08

For eight years, the Bush administration relentlessly targeted Muslim, environmental, and animal rights activists as national security or terrorist threats. Shamefully, Obama continues the same practice.

Honduras Is Not Alone: NYC to Join Global Day of Action Against Military Coup

NYC, 15.08.2009 13:08

In Honduras, the military coup continues into its second month, with
tacit support from elements of the U.S. government and business

Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 11, the democratic, indigenous, farmers, and
workers movements of Honduras have called for a Global Day of Action
as they march on the cities of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, where
the military coupers are headquartered, the culmination of a National
March of Resistance.

Report from a Town Hall Health Care Meeting

NYC, 15.08.2009 13:08

In recent months the health care debate has reached a fevered pitch as all sides clamber to be heard. This debate has centered around two options: the plan proposed by Obama which may, or may not, include a public option but maintains a system of for-profit insurance, or the continuation of the status quo [...] Missing from this debate are the millions of us who support a single-payer system. The cost effective and truly humane plan proposed in House Resolution 676 for a National Health Insurance Program, now faces the possibility of being reduced to a footnote in the history of the early twenty-first century healthcare debate. So, what is to be done? My recent trip to a health care themed “town hall” meeting attended by about 250 people in New York State’s 20th district, represented by Scott Murphy (D), provide some answers to this question.

Read More:

Antifa Teheran-Aktionstag 12. August

Germany, 15.08.2009 07:09

Im Rahmen eines bundesweiten Aktionstages haben am 12 . August über 1200 Menschen in zahlreichen deutschen Städten gegen die Kollaboration deutscher Unternehmen mit dem islamistischen Regime im Iran protestiert. Kundgebungen und Demonstrationen fanden vor Gebäuden von Firmen statt, die mit ihren Geschäften das Regime im Iran direkt unterstützen, unter anderem vor Niederlassungen von Mercedes-Benz, Siemens unter anderen.

Proteste fanden statt in Köln, Berlin, Bremen, Göttingen, Hamburg und Frankfurt. Zu den Protesten hatten linke deutsche und iranische Gruppen aufgerufen.

Contra ley de biotecnología

Puerto Rico, 15.08.2009 02:40

Puerto Rico Transgénico: Ley de biotecnología 202 aprobada


Colombia, 15.08.2009 02:39

Colombia no debe aceptar en su territorio bases militares de ningún país

Travis Bishop jailed for war resistance

Houston, 15.08.2009 02:09

Another Fort Hood Afghanistan War Resister Sentenced and Jailed

Famílias resistem à decisão da Justiça que determina fim do Olga Benário

CMI Brasil, 14.08.2009 23:37


Primeiro Encontro Popular Pela Vida e por um outro Modelo de Segurança Pública em Salvador

CMI Brasil, 14.08.2009 22:07


Acampamento Nacional por Reforma Agrária em Brasília

CMI Brasil, 14.08.2009 17:37

Reforma Agrária

Homem negro espancado, suspeito de roubar o próprio carro

CMI Brasil, 14.08.2009 15:37

Notícia da agência Afropress

Organizaciones sociales reclaman a la rectora

Argentina, 14.08.2009 14:09

Piden que la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba no reciba dinero de empresas mineras

Case against animal rights demonstrators dismissed

Ireland, 14.08.2009 09:09

Garda B16 does not know a "document" when he serve ...


Argentina, 14.08.2009 09:09

Conflicto en Mahle: los obreros continúan luchando por sus puestos de trabajo


Argentina, 14.08.2009 09:09

Mahle: los obreros continúan luchando por sus puestos de trabajo

Sequestro do servidor do Saravá - 1 ano

CMI Brasil, 14.08.2009 04:20


Siguen los ataques a espacios comunitarios

Argentina, 14.08.2009 03:39

Desalojo de centro cultural en Almagro

Prison Riot: Violence between Raza and African Prisoners at California State Prison

LA, 13.08.2009 23:08

Prison Riot: Violence between Raza and African Prisoners at California State Prison

desalojo fabrica quilmes y almagro

Argentina, 13.08.2009 21:09

Desalojos de fábrica recuperada y centro comunitario

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.08.2009 19:09

On August 15, a Rally at the Richmond BART will take place followed by 1pm March on Chevron oil refinery. The protesters will call attention to Chevron's polluting oil refinery in Richmond and to its oil industry expansions - killing people and the planet for profit. A critical mass bike block will also meet at the Richmond Bart and follow the main march to the Chevron refinery. At the end of the march a Non-violent civil disobedience against the refinery will take place.

Hotel Workers March for a Fair Contract

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.08.2009 18:09

On Friday, August 14, hotel workers from Unite Here Local 2 will march for a new contract that preserves affordable healthcare and job security. Contracts covering 9,000 Local 2 members are expiring, and hotel workers are gearing up to fight employer attempts to undermine work and living standards in the San Francisco hotel industry. In their 2004 contract negotiations, more than 4,000 Local 2 members endured a 38-day lockout that ultimately led to the contract now expiring.

Solidarity from Cascadia to Caracas Event: Vidoes from the Front Lines

Portland, 13.08.2009 18:08

A peace & media delegation with Central America is having a celebration & fundraiser video and speakers and music event. August 15 at 4 pm - Everyone is invited. The featured video by Joe Anybody covers topics about recent anti war activism and human rights issues in the Cascadia region. The event is a fundraiser to send a Peace & Media Delegation on Venezuela on September 3. It is open to the public and is free to all with donations greatly appreciated but not necessary. It is being held at the Portland Art Museums in the Mark Building, in the Miller Gallery off to the right from the Lobby. Stop in to help show support for Portland's Independent Media grassroots efforts and to build solidarity in the peace & justice movement.

Gold Ray Dam Removal Public Meeting

Rogue Valley, 13.08.2009 14:10

Gold Ray Dam Removal Public Meeting

Tuesday, Aug. 18th, 6:30-8:30pm
Jackson County Public Works Auditorium
7520 Table Rock Road, White City

Gold Ray Dam on the middle Rogue River is a defunct power-generating dam, now owned by Jackson County. The dam is a liability to Jackson County and the county is willing to remove it provided funding and needed environmental review will allow the removal to go forward. Jackson County and Rogue Valley Council of Governments are holding a public meeting on the possible removal of Gold Ray Dam. The meeting will be your opportunity to provide input on the future of Gold Ray Dam.


Argentina, 13.08.2009 13:39

Seis años de comunicación popular y alternativa

La mina mata

Argentina, 13.08.2009 13:39

Piden que la UNC no reciba dinero de empresas mineras

&quot;Musikalische Inspektion&quot; Endlager Gorleben

Germany, 13.08.2009 13:09

Bepackt mit Instrumenten und Notenständern haben 60 Musikerinnen und Musiker der Aktionsgruppe „Lebenslaute“ am Samstag, dem 8.8., um 10:30 Uhr überraschend die etwa vier Meter hohe Mauer um das Gelände des geplanten Atommüll-Endlagers in Gorleben überwunden und ein Protest-Konzert gegen den weiteren Ausbau des ungeeigneten Gorlebener Salzstocks zum (illegalen) Endlager und für die sofortige Stilllegung aller Atomanlagen gegeben.
Film auf

La mina mata

Argentina, 13.08.2009 13:09

Piden que la UNC no reciba dinero de empresas mineras

Climate Camp - Action for Social Justice - 15.-23. August 2009

Ireland, 13.08.2009 11:09

9 days of free workshops, direct action, sustainab ...


Colombia, 13.08.2009 02:09

El remedio para los despidos: cesen al jefe

Governor’s Elimination of HIV-AIDS Programs Sparks Protests

LA, 13.08.2009 02:08

Governor’s Elimination of HIV-AIDS Programs Sparks Protests

Honduras Resiste: A Speech on the Global Day of Action

Boston, 12.08.2009 23:09

Good afternoon compañeras y compañeros, passersby, workers, bosses, fellow-citizens, humans, aliens. We unite today to celebrate the resistance to the military coup in Honduras, to lament for the fallen, disappeared, & wounded in the struggle, & to shout NO to the impunity of the men who have, for the moment, overturned the will of the Honduran people. Now we witness, in this twist of irony that is a drop of the lifeblood of history, that the actions of the golpistas not only fortify the popular will they aim to repress, they have set off an awakening in Honduras that no fleet, airforce infantry or death-squad will be capable of reversing.

White Supremacist jailed in VA for publishing cop addresses

DC, 12.08.2009 21:10

Once again, Virginia authorities have blown a gasket over someone posting pictures of cops on the Internet. Remember all the shit with Vincent Antignano? Well, this time it's the Jefferson Area Drug Task Force vs white racist Elisha Strom-who has been in jail for the last three weeks for doing essentially the same thing I have done-copwatching by internet.

Episode Two: Rules of Engagement

DC, 12.08.2009 21:10

As testimony continues, the question “What about the Iraqi people?” takes center stage. When you are part of an occupying army and most of them want to kill you, who do you blame? Clifton Hicks recounts a deadly assault his unit made on a civilian neighborhood while struggling with his inability to identify with their pain. Jason Hurd argues, though, that this war will never end until people know the suffering we have brought to the people there. For him, Winter Soldier is a way to apologize to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hemp Seizure in Capitol Underscores Confusion Over Cannabis

DC, 12.08.2009 21:10

HEMP INDUSTRY SEEKS 'BEER SUMMIT' WITH CAPITOL POLICE Vote Hemp legislative assistant Ben Droz was shocked when Capitol Police seized his samples of industrial hemp fiber that he needed for a scheduled presentation to congressional staffers. Police refused to release the fiber after the search, while saying they knew it had no drug value and was “just hemp.” The group of officers decided they needed to confiscate all the hemp seeds because no food was allowed, but the hemp fiber was also seized even though it is not food. Mr. Droz explained to police that the items were being used to illustrate the environmental properties of hemp.

Portland Participates in Global Day of Action for Honduras!

Portland, 12.08.2009 20:08

Portland, OR- Today solidarity activists in Portland participated in the Global Day of Action in Honduras by hanging a banner from the MLK Blvd. overpass above I-84. The purpose of this action is to call attention to the fact that democracy has not yet been restored in Honduras, more than 40 days after a military coup occurred in that country.

Thousands of farmers, women, indigenous people, teachers, unionists and ordinary citizens from all over Honduras are participating in a National March that began on August 5, 2009 and culminate[d] August 11, 2009. This National March was organized by the National Front of Resistance Against the Coup d'etat as well as the farmworkers movement in Honduras. They are calling for the unconditional return of President Mel Zelaya who was removed in a military coup on June 28, 2009.

El total de los empleados está en negro

Argentina, 12.08.2009 19:39

Retención de tareas en el restaurant del Centro Cultural Islas Malvinas

August 7 Weekly Demonstrations Against the Apartheid Wall and Deportation

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.08.2009 18:39

Over the weekend the weekly demonstrations against the apartheid wall in Palestine continued. In Balin, some 20 Israelis and 50 internationals joined Palestinians and marched to the annexation wall. In Ni'ilin protesters marched towards the fence and dispersed along the route of the separation fence and expressed loudly their protest - each in their own preferred way. In Al-Mas'ara dozens of Palestinian protesters were joined by a groups of around 80 internationals and Israeli activists. A candlelight vigil in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, was also held to protest against the eviction of two Palestinian families.

Lisbon Treaty: Three Strikes, You’re Out

Ireland, 12.08.2009 18:39

An Article Written Especially for by ...

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