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Colombia, 22.08.2009 17:09

Conectando Esperanzas. v6.0: ¡Tierra y libertad!

Starbucks Workers Protest Rise in Health Premiums

NYC, 22.08.2009 16:38

Starbucks workers, Mario Tama/Getty Images

At a picket organized by the Industrial Workers of the World, Starbucks employees and their supporters protested a rise in their out-of-pocket health care expenses.

Black Helicopter w/Large Surveillance Camera @ 45th St &amp; 4th Av @ 1:48pm 8/21/09

NYC, 22.08.2009 16:38

Usually, when walking down an avenue in Brooklyn New York, not a lot of exciting or unusual on-goings have occurred.
But today (8/21/09) for the first time, I saw a black unmarked helicopter mounted with a large surveillance camera underneath the cockpit. I was walking on 5th avenue and 45th street in Brooklyn at 1:48pm when I saw it flying low over the 4th avenue area.

I know Sunset Park has cameras near intersections, but they are clearly marked with NYPD, whereas the helicopter I saw had no markings amongst the black paint. If it was NYPD, they need to mark this as such. If it was not NYPD, the public needs to be more informed about such matters.

The Self Described Anarchist Collective has obtained the following email exchange on the G20 Summit from sources who prefer not to be named.

DC, 22.08.2009 15:40

The Self Described Anarchist Collective has obtained the following email exchange from sources who prefer not to be named.

Send a message to Nemacolin here.

Abuso policíaco contra estudiantes

Puerto Rico, 22.08.2009 15:40

Abuso policíaco en la Avenida Universidad

LABOR DAY -- Origins and what about May Day?

Rogue Valley, 22.08.2009 15:40

Just as the dog days of summer are upon us we are again looking towards our annual celebration of the working class. Here comes Labor Day! This post comes from Jim Cook a long time union and community organizer who upon retirement left Oregon, USA for Ajijic, Mexico. Jim authored this article for the Service Employees International Union #503 (my union) and for the Oregon Peaceworker newsletter... Please take a look at Brother Jim Cook's very interesting work.--Wes Brain, Chair Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice

"Mexico and the rest of the world celebrate Labor Day on May 1. Why doesn’t the US?" by Jim Cook

Sem-terra é assasinado pela polícia gaúcha

CMI Brasil, 22.08.2009 15:37


Mingling with the Media

Rochester, 21.08.2009 18:07

Activists Against Racism Movement (AARM) is hosting our first annual Mingling with the Media picnic this Saturday 12pm-4pm at Brown Square Park.

The main goal is to bring the community together with media representatives in a casual, fun setting. We hope that this will give people an opportunity to build relationships with reporters, editors and administrators in the media and to give feedback on the way stories get covered in Rochester.

The secondary goal is to have fun, eat food and celebrate summer. There will be music provided, hula-hoops, volleyball and lots more. We hope to see you there!

This Saturday is going to be a busy day. However, the Flying Squirrel Benefit goes until 2am in the morning, so making both events is easy.


Colombia, 21.08.2009 16:39

Estado reconoce responsabilidad asesinato indígena Nasa Germán Escué

State of the Left: We Rot While &quot;Town Hall&quot; Bullies Multiply

DC, 21.08.2009 16:10

While right-wing nutjobs show up armed at healthcare events where Obama is present, while evictions and foreclosures proceed at record rates, while wars rage in Iraq and Afghanistan, we of the left in DC and elsewhere have allowed our infrastructure and ability to deploy to any mission rot and crumble.

Argentyna: zwycięstwo pracowników ZANON

Poland, 21.08.2009 12:40

Pracownicy okupowanej argentyńskiej fabryki płytek ceramicznych FaSinPaT (Fabrica Sin Patron - Fabryka bez Szefa) - dawniej ZANON, odnieśli w zeszłym tygodniu znaczące zwycięstwo: wygrali długą batalię prawną i fabryka ostatecznie i zgodnie z prawem należy już do nich. Władze ustawodawcze prowincji Neuquén zgodziły się na wywłaszczenie zakładu i przekazanie go bezterminowo pod zarząd spółdzielni pracowników.

Update on Tristan Anderson, the American critically wounded in Palestine

Portland, 20.08.2009 20:38

Tristan Anderson, an American national, was critically injured on 13 March 2009 when he was shot with a high velocity tear-gas projectile during an unarmed demonstration against the Wall in the West Bank village of Ni'lin (report and video:

The Israeli Ministry of Defense has notified the Anderson family's lawyers that Israel perceives the incident on 13 March 2009 as an "act of war." This classification was made despite the fact that Anderson's shooting occurred during a civilian demonstration and there were no armed hostilities during the event or surrounding it.

[Tristan] was taken to Tel Hashomer hospital near Tel Aviv and to date remains in the hospital facilities. He has had several life-saving surgeries and his prospects for recovery are unclear.

Israel declares the shooting of Tristan Anderson to be an &quot;act of war&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.08.2009 20:09

On August 18, the Israeli Ministry of Defense informed American activist Tristan Anderson's family and legal counsel that it considers his shooting during a nonviolent protest in the West Bank village of Nil'in, which left him critically injured, an "act of war," absolving the soldiers responsible from any liability under Israeli law. Anderson was shot directly in the forehead with a high-velocity tear gas canister by Israeli forces on March 13th, 2009, suffering several condensed fractures and necessitating several life-saving surgeries.

From the Newswire

Perth, 20.08.2009 16:39

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Contra la criminalización de la comunicación popular

Venezuela, 20.08.2009 16:37

NYC Garment Workers Challenge Sweatshop Conditions

NYC, 20.08.2009 15:38

Garments workers in NYC are working to challenge sweatshop conditions in garment factories and hold clothing companies accountable for the actions of their subcontractors.

Amnesty International Withdraws from Leonard Cohen's Israel Concert Fund

NYC, 20.08.2009 15:38

Amnesty International has announced today that it will abstain from any involvement in the Leonard Cohen concert in Tel Aviv and will not be party to any fund that benefits from the concert's proceeds. A number of media accounts had reported that Amnesty International was to manage or otherwise partner in a fund created from the proceeds of Cohen’s concert in Israel that would be used to benefit Israeli and Palestinian groups. Amnesty International’s announcement today followed an international outcry over the human rights organization’s reported involvement in the Leonard Cohen concert fund, and an earlier international call for Cohen to boycott apartheid Israel.

Bronx Healthcare `Town Hall' Meeting a Charade of Democracy

NYC, 20.08.2009 15:38

The were two big winners at the recent “town hall” healthcare meeting held in the North Bronx New York City neighborhood of Parkchester on August 17 – the lunatic right wing and the private health insurance industry.


Colombia, 20.08.2009 12:39

Juanes en Cuba: El escándalo prefabricado


Colombia, 20.08.2009 04:21

Imperio, bases y acumulación por desposesión

Piden ser escuchados por Scioli y Stornelli

Argentina, 20.08.2009 00:39

Cuatro trabajadores de Mar de Ajó acampan en Plaza San Martín

NPR, Univ. of Washington Promote Greenland Norwhal Whale Slaughter

DC, 19.08.2009 22:10

NPR gave several minutes on Morning Edition on August 19 to a promotion of norwhal whale killing in Greenland. Nell Greenfield Boyce was the reporter. Greenland, the US, Japan, Iceland and Norway are 5 countries admitting they still slaughter whales, while Canada and Denmark are involved secretly.

Anti-fascists challenge BNP's return to Derbyshire

United Kingdom, 19.08.2009 22:09

Last weekend saw the British National Party (BNP) return to the village of Denby, Derbyshire. For the third year in a row, the fascist party were holding their annual Red, White and Blue "festival" in the village, on land owned by party member and former Tory councillor Alan Warner. Anti-fascists protested outside the site. The BNP's recent successes in the European Elections appear to have strengthened the demonstrators' resolve with reports indicating that 1,000-1,500 anti-fascists mobilised against the event.

Last year the event was protested by several hundred activists in the nearby village of Codnor, while a smaller group of antifascists attempted to block access to the site. The campaign against the festival has continued throughout the year with Warner and event organiser, David Shapcott, having been "visited" by anti-fascists. Warner appears to have decided that enough is enough and told the Derbyshire Evening Telegraph earlier this year that he was looking to move.

Photos: Report of anti BNP protest in Codnor with 20 photos | BNP 'Red, White and Blue' festival hit by direct action | Photos from Protest against the BNP's Red White and Blue Festival 2009

On the newswire: Report from the protest against the BNP's RWB festival 2009 | First report back from RWB demo | BNP nazi guest barred from UK | Nazi farmer Warner gets another visit | Stop the BNP's 'Festival' of Hate | BNP confirm RWB will be held in Derbyshire for a third year | Fascist farmer targetted again | The BNP's 'RWB' Organizer Gets An Early Call

Previous Features: Protests greet BNP "festival" | Anti-fascists Prepare to Stop BNP "Festival" | BNP Withdraw Festival Licence Application in the Face of Protests | East Mids Campaigners Up The Anti as BNP Make Electoral Gains | Midlands and Yorkshire organise against the BNP

Links: Antifa England | Hope Not Hate | Stop the BNP's RWB Festival | Unite Against Fascism | Indymedia UK Stop RWB topic page


Colombia, 19.08.2009 22:09


Arsonist Strikes Renters Rights Activist's Car

LA, 19.08.2009 21:38

Arsonist Strikes Renters Rights Activist's Car

Pentagon Propagandist Weighs in on Army Experience Center

United States, 19.08.2009 10:37

The Pentagon feels threatened by public opposition to the Army Experience Center and has retaliated by publishing lies and distortions.

The Pentagon has called on Donna Miles, one of its chief propagandists, to address public opposition to the Army Experience Center (AEC) at a shopping mall in Philadelphia, a one-of-a-kind, $12 million, interactive video facility. The AEC has come under public scrutiny for luring vulnerable teens into military service using violent video games and combat simulators. In an August 10, 2009 article, Potential Recruits 'Experience' Army, Miles gives a resounding two thumbs up to the embattled Army Experience Center. Miles is a writer for the American Services Press Service, the Pentagon's propaganda arm. Her articles are typically written to quell public dissent after damaging publicity like Abu Ghraib, Walter Reed, or the slaughter of civilians by U.S. forces... Read More

Photo: Philadelphia teens shoot simulated "ragheads" from simulated Humvee. (Absent from the "US Army Experience" is the effect of simulated roadside bombs.)

A raucous, nonviolent protest is being planned for Franklin Mills Mall on September 12, 2009. See

Inicjatywa Solidarności z Thodorisem Iliopoulosem

Poland, 19.08.2009 07:09

Thodoris Iliopoulos to ostatni więzień grudniowej greckiej rebelii, aresztowany 18.12.2008, w czasie gdy na ulicach trwały potężne zamieszki. Wszystkie inne osoby zatrzymane w tym samym czasie i w podobnych okolicznościach zostały już wypuszczone na wolność. Thodoris prowadzi drugi miesiąc strajk głodowy.

Greccy aktywiści apelują o organizowanie 24 sierpnia ok. 20.00 akcji soliodarnościowych na całym świecie w sprawie jego uwolnienia.

First Annual Dyke March in Watsonville on August 22nd

Santa Cruz, CA, 19.08.2009 02:38

Latinas and Lesbians and Allies (LyLyA) is proud to be hosting the First Annual Dyke March in Watsonville to be held on Saturday, August 22nd. Designed to give visibility to a community that many times is shrouded by homophobia, organizers say this will undoubtedly be a historic event. The event will begin with a rally at Watsonville Plaza at 5pm.

Activists for Health Care Reform Offer Counseling at San Jose &quot;Tea Party&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.08.2009 00:39

Angry "tea party" demonstrators were met by counter-protesters on August 15th, when US Senator Barbara Boxer (D) made an appearance at Barnes and Noble Booksellers to sign her new book. Activists for health care reform tried to calm the tenor of this, the third tea party gathering in San Jose, with anger management counseling offered from a booth they set up at the busy intersection in front of the store.

Dog Bites Man: Mountaintop Removal Protester Assaulted by National Coal Corp. Employee

DC, 19.08.2009 00:10

National Coal Corporation is going bankrupt and mountain defenders are celebrating. When opponents of mountaintop removal coal mining showed up with goodbye brownies, they were removed by physical force: Video coverage on Youtube

Clarissa's hosts a benefit for the Flying Squirrel Community Space!

Rochester, 18.08.2009 23:07

What: Clarissa's hosts a benefit for the Flying Squirrel Community Space!
When: Saturday, August 22nd, 1pm to 2am
Where: Clarissa's at 293 Clarissa St.
How much: $5 suggested donation, 18+ unless accompanied by a parent or guardian
Contact: Dawn at 585-415-7808 or

Come out for music, open mic, and food!

Clarissa's, at 293 Clarissa St.—formerly the Clarissa Room, have been incredible neighbors and have opened up their jazz/blues club for a benefit for the Flying Squirrel.

**Come hear the sweet sounds of Amanda Fromm, Cinnamon, Mitch Jones, a Jazz Ensemble, Amy Coppola, Ian Downey Is Famous, Ryan Clover, Deb Magone, Ben Lawler, Attic Abasement, Gordy Peterson, and more!**

Tolls on the M3 - Bailouts for the Toll Firms

Ireland, 18.08.2009 20:39

The Irish Government will pay compensation if traf ...

Obama vs Insurance: Pillow Fights

LA, 18.08.2009 20:09

Obama vs Insurance: Pillow Fights

Vestas Profits Announcement - Solidarity Protest at Vestas HQ

United Kingdom, 18.08.2009 17:09

The Community Action Party, Respect and the Socialist Party were all represented at today's Protest at Vestas' UK HQ in Warrington which coincided with the company's quarterly profits announcement.

€43million profit for the 2nd Quarter, €90 for the half year made on the back of 1567 job cuts.

Protestors Descend on HANO Demanding &quot;Sec. 3 and Sec. 8!&quot;

New Orleans, 18.08.2009 16:09

Protestors Descend on HANO Demanding "Sec. 3 and Sec. 8!"

Workers Demand Fair Employment Practices and Public Works Program

New Orleans, 18.08.2009 16:09

Workers Demand Fair Employment Practices and Public Works Program

New Orleans-to-Gaza Strip Delegation's Report Back

New Orleans, 18.08.2009 16:09

New Orleans-to-Gaza Strip Delegation's Report Back

Sacco &amp; Vanzetti Memorial Blockparty

New Orleans, 18.08.2009 16:09

8/23: Sacco & Vanzetti Memorial Blockparty

Same-Sex Marriage Rights Can’t Wait

Boston, 18.08.2009 15:08

The leadership within the Peace and Freedom Party wants a measure to support same-sex marriage on the California ballot in 2010. Kevin Akin says, “The fight for human rights is back on the ballot for 2010, and if it fails, then 2012.”

Guerreiro Kaxaipina Korubu, do Santuário dos Pajés está desaparecido a mais 110 dias

CMI Brasil, 18.08.2009 15:07

Alerta Vermelho Santuário dos Pajés

Cracks Emerging in NAFTA

Boston, 18.08.2009 14:09

The once-solid North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) is starting to show its age. The 1994 trade agreement that laid the foundation for the economic/political integration of North America is encountering serious internal ruptures, threatening future “progress.” The problems are numerous: fights over trade, immigration, and military cooperation are all issues that Obama recently discussed in Mexico with his NAFTA partners, Mexico and Canada. The annual meeting that usually delivers plans for additional integration was instead used to remedy these heated issues, none of which were fully solved.

I would rather be naked than have a nude ban

Rogue Valley, 18.08.2009 13:10

Ashland City council is discussing expanding a ban on nudity at the next council meeting this Tuesday August 18th 2009. Article proposes whether or not the naked human body should be shameful.

Largest HLS Investor Dumps All Shares As Buyout Approaches

United Kingdom, 18.08.2009 13:09

On August 1st, Win Animal Rights (W.A.R.) launched a campaign to influence the top Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) Investor, Morgan Stanley, (who recently bought LSR stock) to divest their large holding of LSR shares. With 679,225 shares, Morgan Stanley was a 5% owner of Europe's largest and most exposed vivisection laboratory, swiftly selling all their LSR stock within a week of the campaign against them.

Protests included W.A.R. visiting the homes of 5 senior executives, as well as the two co-presidents of the firm, and five days later demonstrating at the headquarters of Morgan Stanley in New York City. This was followed by visits to the homes of multiple senior executives of the company.

The divestiture comes as LSR/HLS CEO, Andrew Baker, moves forward with his plans to acquire HLS and make it a privately held company, therefore delisting themselves from the NYSE (a major target in the campaign to close HLS). The proxy statement makes it abundantly clear that activists have had a tremendous impact on LSR/HLS' financial predicament, causing them to have limited options for the future.

Previous features: Novartis CEO's hunting lodge destroyed | Highgate Farm Protest Camp | Operation Liberation: Highgate Rabbit Farm | Largest Shareholder Barclays and Top Investors Dump HLS | World Day for Animals in Laboratories March | SHAC supporter unlawfully arrested at Barclays Bank | SHAC Shakedown City Investors | Top HLS Investors Dump Shares | HLS Exposed - Yet Again! SHAC To Shakedown Financial Investors In The City | 50 Years For The UK SHAC 7 | Anti-vivisection campaigners convicted of blackmail | Largest HLS Investor Dumps All Shares | SHAC Prepares For National March & Rally | Victory for animal rights campaigners | Activist Imprisoned for Shouting | Fisher Scientific Embarrassed Over Links with HLS | SHAC World Day for Lab Animals | Asahi Glass Protesters Harassed by Police | "March Against the Murderers"

Solidarity for Aung San Suu Kyi

Ireland, 18.08.2009 12:39

Burma Action Ireland welcomes Book of Solidarity f ...

Supporters of Sea Shepherds Protest Whaling at Japanese Embassy

DC, 18.08.2009 03:09

On Monday, August 17, about 15 people sickened by the brutality they witnessed on Whale Wars over the weekend staged a protest at the Japanese Embassy against the so-called "research" whaling. (audio pending)

Luego del violento desalojo de la fábrica

Argentina, 18.08.2009 01:39

Movilización de los trabajadores de la Cooperativa Textil Quilmes

Niall Harnett Released on Bail from Custody at Castlerea Prison.

Ireland, 17.08.2009 19:39

Niall Harnett has been released from custody follo ...

Police Harass Saturday Market Artist, Threaten to confiscate Work

Portland, 17.08.2009 11:38

Yesterday (Sunday Aug.9th) my friend Audrey stopped by my house with a story. She told me that police had approached her & told her that she was NO LONGER allowed to sell her artwork at Saterday Market because she didn't have a "permit". Even though she had been selling artwork at Sat.Market for years with NO problems or complaints, all of a sudden cops were taking it upon themselves to enforce this "permit" rule. She said that all the other people selling art/creative works as well as street entertainers were given the same warning for not having permits.

The Portland Office of Transportation (1120 SW 5th Ave 503 823-7002) is the govt. agency which issues permits for street vendors. Audrey said she tried applying for a formal permit long ago. But apparently, the POT does NOT issue permits to sell ARTWORK. They do issue permits to sell flowers & umbrellas... but not artwork. Nonetheless, Sat.Market has welcomed artists to sell their works with or without a permit for years. Only yesterday have the police started issuing warning papers to people for not having permits. Eventhough POT seemingly does not issue permits to sell art, cops were threatening artists that they would confiscate their work & fine them if they did not "comply".

Honduras Resiste: Solidarity Protests Held as Marchers Arrive in in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula

United States, 17.08.2009 08:07

"Now we witness, in this twist of irony that is a drop of the lifeblood of history, that the actions of the golpistas not only fortify the popular will they aim to repress, they have set off an awakening in Honduras that no fleet, airforce infantry or death-squad will be capable of reversing." Read Full Speech by Simon Rios

On Tuesday, August 11, protests were held across the U.S. in solidarity with the Honduran resistance, more than 40 days after the democratically elected president was removed in a military coup. The events were organized in response to a call for a Global Day of Action by the National Front of Resistance Against the Coup and coincided with the culmination of a week-long march of farmers, women, indigenous people, teachers, unionists and ordinary Honduran citizens calling for the unconditional return of President Mel Zelaya. Demonstrators are calling on the Obama Administration and the US State Department to legally define the ousting as a military coup and initiate appropriate diplomatic sanctions against the perpetrators.

Local Reports: Boston, MA | Portland, OR | New York | | | Related: Haiti, Honduras -- Occupation is the Crime (pictured) | Honduras Coup Not about Zelaya | | |

URGENT: Keep RoxRoy and Herta Where They Belong--in the U.S.

NYC, 17.08.2009 03:38

RoxRoy Salmon is a mainstay of his community in Brooklyn, while Herta Llusho is an excellent student working hard to become an electrical engineer. They are just the sort of people we want to have here with us in the United States.

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