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Go See 'Accidental Death of an Anarchist'

DC, 02.11.2004 03:42

Don't miss great political theater, by the Rorschach Theater troupe, at Casa Del Pueblo/Calvary Methodist Church, through November 21, 2004. This remake of Dario Fo's satire from 1960's Italy, on the investigation into a political assassination of an Anarchist by the Italian police, and the cover-up by government officials, is strewn with references to color coded terror levels, My Pet Goat, Abu Grahib, mixed with Marx Brother's slapstick. Rorschach Theatre

November 3rd Nationwide Day of Action

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 02.11.2004 03:17

A time for popular outrage and widespread non-cooperation if Bush is elected, if the elections are canceled, or if there is overt election fraud again. No matter who wins, we will be uniting to open up a new political space to define democracy as grassroots and participatory.

Ruling on Challengers at Ohio Polling Stations

Michigan, 02.11.2004 02:40

Today, two federal judges ruled against a fifty year old Ohio law allowing political parties to challenge voter eligibilty at the polls. The rulings only allow for poll workers to challenge a voter's eligibility. Appeals have been filed by the Ohio Republican Party, as well as others.


Chicago, 02.11.2004 02:27

Although most of the action this election (though not all) will be taking place outside Illinois, stay tuned to the Indymedia Network for alternative coverage of the voting and the aftermath. Check here for breaking developments in the "battleground states" and across the country: Florida: Tallahassee, Tampa, Miami | Ohio: Cleveland | New Hampshire | Wisconsin: Madison, Milwaukee, | Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh | New Mexico | Michigan | Colorado | Portland | St. Louis | Minneapolis / St. Paul | Arkansas

  • As well, the new US IMC will officially launch on Monday, just in time for the elections.


Colombia, 02.11.2004 02:15

¿Preservación o Privatización?

Independant Media

Perth, 02.11.2004 02:07

Australia's Dismal Report Card on Press Freedom - Reporters Without Borders

November 3rd Nationwide Day of Action

Santa Cruz, CA, 02.11.2004 01:51

Over 30 cities across the nation are mobilizing for a time of popular outrage and widespread non-cooperation if Bush is elected, if the elections are canceled, or if there is overt election fraud again. No matter who wins, we will be uniting to open up a new political space to define democracy as grassroots and participatory.

What if on the day after the presidential election people from all walks of life across America mobilized in their communities to go beyond voting and demonstrate our visions for a truy democratic society? Because the crisis of our democracy did not start with Bush and won't end with Kerry, the Beyond Voting campaign is calling for our election year debate to expand beyond Democrats versus Republicans to the larger issue of whether the U.S. will be a Democracy or an Empire. No matter who wins, we will be uniting to open up a new political space to define democracy as grassroots and participatory.

see related: No Stolen Elections; Santa Cruz County Building Nov. 3

[ Beyond Voting Campaign I Direct Action to Stop the War I No Stolen Elections I This Time We're Watching ]

A New IMC,, Launches with Special Elections Coverage

Santa Cruz, CA, 02.11.2004 01:34

On the eve of what will be one of the most important elections in U.S. history, the Indymedia network announces the launch of a new and critical website for gathering the news and views of ordinary people across the country and around the world.

With its mission of publishing independent, on-the-ground reports from the people who experience the news most directly, will amplify the voices of those most impacted not only by the elections process, but also by the policies of either a Bush or Kerry administration.

The US IMC website centers around a syndicated wire of all featured articles published by participating local US-based IMCs, including Santa Cruz Indymedia. As with all Indymedia sites, the US-IMC's open publishing newswire empowers people to become the media by posting their articles, photos, videos, and audio clips directly to the website's wire. But the US-IMC's main function is to make the news that is published, culled and edited to local IMC sites relevant and accessible to a broader audience.

[ or ]

La prensa independiente en el contexto de la APEC.

santiago, 02.11.2004 01:22

La prensa independiente en el contexto de la APEC.

Blackbox Voting: Voter Machine Hacking may have happened

Portland, 01.11.2004 22:30

MONDAY Nov 1 2004: New information indicates that hackers may be targeting the central computers counting our votes tomorrow. All county elections officials who use modems to transfer votes from polling places to the central vote-counting server should disconnect the modems now.

There is no down side to removing the modems. Simply drive the vote cartridges from each polling place in to the central vote-counting location by car, instead of transmitting by modem. "Turning off" the modems may not be sufficient. Disconnect the central vote counting server from all modems, INCLUDING PHONE LINES, not just Internet. In a very large county, this will add at most one hour to the vote-counting time, while offering significant protection from outside intrusion.

It appears that such an attack may already have taken place, in a primary election 6 weeks ago in King County, Washington -- a large jurisdiction with over one million registered voters. Documents, including internal audit logs for the central vote-counting computer, along with modem "trouble slips" consistent with hacker activity, show that the system may have been hacked on Sept. 14, 2004. Three hours is now missing from the vote-counting computer's "audit log," an automatically generated record, similar to the black box in an airplane, which registers certain kinds of events.

Related: An Election Spoiled Rotten - Kerry Already Down 1 Million votes | Greg Palast - newest BBC report on Florida Black Voter 'caging' | New Florida vote scandal feared | VOTERS BEWARE!! FRAUD HAS BEGUN! | E-Voting Tests Get Failing Grade & so does its fraudulent 'creditation' framework | Why Do Americans Need a Machine to Vote?


Uruguay, 01.11.2004 22:28

Para que el agua siga siendo un derecho de todos y todas


Uruguay, 01.11.2004 22:27

Tambalea más de un siglo de dominio

Eureka Rebellion remembered

Melbourne, 01.11.2004 22:14

Why an Apology? Eureka and the Victorian Police

No matter who wins, resistance will continue

Michigan, 01.11.2004 21:34

As we stand at the brink of what is shaping up to be a highly contested and chaotic presidential election, it might be healthy to step back for a minute, take a deep breath, and remember an important fact: people in this country and around the world are engaged in acts of resistance every minute of every day and no matter who wins these elections, resistance to oppression will continue unabated.

Everyday, from Iraq and Palestine to South Africa to Detroit and Highland Park, people are fighting an imperial system that seeks to obliterate them. We should be honest enough with ourselves to admit that the conditions which oppress so many in this country and throughout the world will not substantially change no matter which of the two leading candidates succeeds in capturing the US presidency.

NOW Fahrenheit 9/11 TV LIVE stream

Netherlands, 01.11.2004 20:17

M. Moore's movie TV worldpremiere unofficiallly on the net

5 NH Supreme Court Judges say vote &quot;no&quot; on the constitutional amendment

New Hampshire, 01.11.2004 19:27

The judges, in a letter to NH citizens, state that the only constitutional amendment on the ballot would undermine the independence of the NH judiciary.

venganza por la solidaridad

Colombia, 01.11.2004 18:44

Retaliación del gobiero colombiano contra el sindicalismo mundial

Caravan for Juarez Women Succeeds in Raising Awareness of 400 Murdered

Portland, 01.11.2004 18:17

Tucson was the final event of our 12 city tour on the Caravan for Justice for the Women of Juarez that began in Seattle on October 18 at the University of Washington. On most of our stops, the response was standing room only and very supportive. We sold nearly all the tee shirts, gave away thousands of post cards and much information. Surprisingly, the smallest turnouts were in L.A. and Phoenix. The efforts made by each host city were truly wonderful displaying much solidarity, love and sorrow in raising this very critical issue. Altars, candles, photos of murdered young women, slide shows of Juarez and Chihuahua, art exhibits,poetry, music and mourning were common themes thruout the journey. Rain followed us all the way to Arizona giving a fresh feel to each big, crowded city.

Ramona lost her daughter, Sylvia Elena Rivera Morales,16, in l995, when she was found 2 months after disappearing by a man caring for his animals in the mountains. Sylvia was a student and also worked part time in a shoe store. Her eyes were carved out, her face scraped off, she was raped and killed. Ramona, whose husband died 3 months after her daughter's death of pure sadness, has been seeking justice for nearly 10 years. The police have mistreated her and many other mothers. Many innocent people have been tortured into signing confessions and jailed. An Egyptian, Shariff, has been charged with Syvia's murder even tho the judge stated there is not enough evidence and the accused claims his innocence. It is a multifaceted tragedy that threatens all of us if we fail to act in stopping more murders.

read more...[ more caravan for juarez articles ]

&quot;Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid, Tastes Great!&quot; Editorial cartoon by Mike Flugennock

DC, 01.11.2004 17:57

Y'know, I love Lewis Carroll, and Saturday Night Live, honest I do. Still, this doesn't mean that I enjoy actually living in a Lewis Carroll story -- specifically, the Queen Of Hearts' court scene -- and can't make it stop, nor do I enjoy the sensation of being trapped in an SNL sketch that never ends, and can't find the remote.

The U.S. Presidential Election: What’s at Stake for American Labor?

Boston, 01.11.2004 17:52

election analysis just published in the Swedish magazine, Oreda. . .


Brasil, 01.11.2004 16:52

Manifestação pela aprovação definitiva do Passe-Livre


Athens, 01.11.2004 16:46

Υπό Κατάληψη

OPB spreads disinformation about Measure 33

Portland, 01.11.2004 16:44

Colin Fodenvenzil reported on Measure 33 this morning. He talked with supporters and advocates then he interviewed the opposition by talking to head of the Oregon District Attorney's Association (Brad Berry?). The head of the ODAA claimed that if Measure 33 passed, the provisions in the Measure allow sick people to have up to 6Lbs of Marijuana. Then he claimed the federal DEA 6Lbs is enough marijuana for a sick person to smoke 2 joints, 24 hours per day, every day for a year.

Math check = 2 x 24 x 365 = 17,520 joints
Gram check = 28.25 (grams/ounce) x 16 (ounces/LB) x 6 = 2712 grams
2712 grams / 17520 joints = .15 grams / joint or more than 6 joints per gram.


read more >> i watched the "stolen honor" made me want to vote for KerryI just watched Stolen Honor, and it was ridiculous! If I were an undecided voter, this film would make me want to vote for Kerry. Really old footage of him shows that he at least had a conscience back then! The major premise of the film was that Kerry and others protesting the Vietnam war dragged the war out and made life harder for the servicemen, especially POWs. This is positively absurd. What is better for servicemen than bringing them home to their wives and children?

It goes on to insinuate that POWs were treated even more badly BECAUSE of coverage of war protests.... And that the POWs suffered a brutal blow to their morale from people protesting the war.



Barcelona, 01.11.2004 14:56

The story of the servers that nobody confiscated

On October 7, two Indymedia servers disappeared from the English office of the US multinational corporation Rackspace, where they were located. Rackspace says that they were confiscated by the FBIU bnut is not allowed to give out more information. After a week, the hard disks resureface, but everyone denies having anytyhing to do with their disappearance. Who requested the confiscation of the hard disks, and why? Twenty days later, no answer has been given. Inquirers disobey their own laws, violate territories and rights; auithorities of several countries (United States, Great Britain, Itgaly, Switzerland) deny all responsibilities and contracdict one another... Twenty Indymedia pages were silenced for a week, a great of data was lost, and no credible explanation was given. Read more at Indymedia Global

LATEST >> Electronic Frontier Foundation challenges the secret judicial injunction. :: The story of the servers that nobody conbfiscated [en] :: The Dutch state requests Indymedia logs [en] :: Indymedia asks "who took our servers?" :: The servers returned but many questions are still unanswered [en] :: Guantanamo for the terrorist hard disks (Oct 13) Repression of Indymedia: the worst attack to freedom of the press in the internet :: l'FBI purga a Indymedia i tanca 20 llocs d'internet :: Indymedia October 11 opress release

SOLIDARITY >> In solidarity: you, too, deliver your hard disks to the FBI :: Call for action of Indymedia Solidarity | Release from Nodo50 | Analysis of La Haine | Sindominio Manifesto | Manifest a Sindominio | The Electronic Frontier Foundation criticizes the confiscation | Reporters without Frontiers asks the British Interior Ministry for explanations :: Sign a statement of solidarity on!!! >>>read the full text [6681 signatures were received already. There is time until Oct. 31]

+info:: section >>>indymedia

Por la paralización del Tren de Alta Velocidad

Euskal Herria, 01.11.2004 13:41

Hablar de neoliberalismo en Euskal Herria es hablar de precariedad laboral y de grandes infraestructuras. Una de estas infraestructuras es el Tren de Alta Velocidad.

El proyecto del TAV ha sido y es contestado desde el inicio por diversos organismos sociales y populares. La última gran acción contraria contra este proyecto será la manifestación convocada por la coordinadora de organismos contrarios al TAV "AHT GELDITU! Elkarlana" para el próximo día 6 de noviembre en Donostia. Previamente a este acto se han reralizado, durante el mes de octubre, una serie de actividades: marcha montañera desde Irun a Astigarraga recorriendo futuros lugares afectados, organizada por la Asamblea contra el TAV; una cadena humana en Errenteria, organizada por AHT GELDITU Elkarlana; y una marcha en bici en Tolosa, organizada por el Gaztexte y la Gazte Asanblada.

Más información: Asamblea contra el TAV | Red Ferroviaria Vasca de Utilidad Social

Scientists, if not U.S. Corporate Media, are asking

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2004 11:47

Marijuana: Cure for Brain Cancer?

Stories from the Drug War page

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2004 11:42

East Bay Ballot Initiatives Would Affect Medical Marijuana Users

Pot Smokers Arrested in U.S. One Every 42 Seconds

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2004 10:31

Marijuana Arrests For 2003 Hit Record High

Tabaré Vázquez Declares Victory

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2004 09:54

Leftist Coalition Wins Presidency in Uruguay Election


Argentina, 01.11.2004 09:10

Lunes 1º de Noviembre 2004 | LAS DETENIDAS DE CALETA OLIVIA
Hambre de libertad


Argentina, 01.11.2004 09:07

Lunes 1º de Noviembre 2004 | LAS DETENIDAS DE CALETA OLIVIA
Hambre de libertad


Argentina, 01.11.2004 08:56

Lunes 1º de Noviembre 2004 | ACTO INAGURAL
Campaña Nacional a favor de la jornada laboral de 6 horas y aumento general de salarios

East Bay Initiatives Would Affect Medicinal Marijuana Users

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2004 08:54

Medical Cannabis-Related Ballot Initiatives in Berkeley and Oakland


Argentina, 01.11.2004 08:38

Lunes 1º de Noviembre 2004 | ACTO INAGURAL
Campaña Nacional a favor de la jornada laboral de 6 horas y aumento general de salarios

Standardizing Early Childhood Education?

Portland, 01.11.2004 08:29

In Washington State Governor Locke's administration is proposing new benchmarks for young children. The Early Learning and Development Benchmarks represent new risks for Washington's children. Since the benchmarks were required under federal mandates, all the nation's children face these risks.

The first risk is that the tools themselves may be overly simplistic or too complex to be useful. This risk can only be evaluated in the context of the actual benchmarks, which will be made public on November 8.

Another risk is that the tools will be presented as value-neutral, when they cannot be anything but based on values. All educational practice reflects what is culturally valued for children to learn and to experience. That fact that the tools will reflect values is not a problem - but deciding whose values to reflect can present lots of problems.

read the full article...[ liberation learning ]

'THE FOURTH WORLD WAR' comes to California

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.11.2004 07:59

While American airwaves are crowded with talk of a new war – narrated by generals and filmed from the noses of bombs – the human face of war is rarely seen. THE FOURTH WORLD WAR is a powerful new film from the makers of 'This Is What Democracy Looks Like', 'Zapatista', and 'Black & Gold'. It weaves together the stories of movements against empire from Palestine, Iraq, Chiapas, Argentina, South Africa, South Korea to Quebec City and Genoa.

The product of over two years of filming, The Fourth World War is a new kind of film for a new world. The intensity and immediacy of its images are beyond anything the mainstream media can shoot, the intimacy and passion of its stories are beyond anything it can feel. Directed by the award winning New York-based Big Noise Films, and narrated by Tony Award winner Suheir Hammad and Singer Michael Franti of Spearhead, it is a radical story of hope and human connection in the face of a war that shatters and divides.

[ The Fourth World War - a big noise film I VIEW TRAILER ]

"I think THE FOURTH WORLD WAR should be the center-piece of all political education for left activists in the present period. It really is that good."
-- Van Jones, National Executive Director - Ella Baker Center For Human Rights

Why I'm going to Florida

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.11.2004 06:19

This weekend I’m traveling to Florida to help beat Bush on Tuesday, November 2nd. I’ll be volunteering with America Coming Together, one of a number of nation-wide organizations that has mobilized thousands of volunteers to convince undecided voters in critical swing states to vote against Bush.

Notice that I haven’t said I’m going to work on the Kerry campaign. I’m not a big fan of John Kerry, or the Democratic Party for that matter. I wanted to be in Boston in July to protest the Democratic National Convention, where war-mongering speeches drowned out the few voices of dissent allowed inside (the Mainers for Kucinich, for example), and a massive police presence squelched protests outside. I disagree with Kerry’s stance on the war in Iraq (he voted to give Bush the authority to wage war, and he now wants to “win” an unjust war), the so-called war on terrorism (he doesn’t address the root causes of terrorism, instead spouting violent rhetoric about “rooting out” and “destroying” the “enemy”), and military aid to Israel (he does not oppose the Apartheid Wall and ongoing oppression of Palestinians). I wish I could vote for a candidate I feel good about, and I firmly believe in the importance of breaking out of a two-party system controlled by corporate interests (yes, I voted for Nader in 2000). But this time around, there is too much to lose. Yes, I have joined the “anybody but Bush” campaign.

Miami Journal [ Why I'm going to Florida (10/30/04) I Touchdown (10/30/04) I One City, Many Worlds (10/31/04) ]

Swing State Indymedias

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2004 05:57

Campanha pela descolonização horária da Galiza

Portugal, 01.11.2004 05:10

Campanha pela descolonização horária da Galiza

The Middle East in Election 2004: The Capitol Hill Hearings

DC, 01.11.2004 05:04

As Americans go to the polls, what should be the US policy towards the Middle East? CNI (the Council for the National Interest) held a series of monthly hearings on Capitol Hill this year exploring this complex and emotional issue. The following video provides highlights from the hearings in presenting the urgency of a new direction for US foreign policy towards the region. Program total running time is 56 mins.

Seymour Hersh Speaks in Boston, Predicts Possible Pre-election Falluja Attack

Boston, 01.11.2004 04:51

Seymour Hersh spoke to an almost capacity crowd Friday night at the Ford Hall Forum in Faniuel Hall promoting his new book, Chain of Command. The book details the connections between Abu Ghraib and Donald Rumsfeld via the Pentagon. But the terrible actions committed at Abu Ghraib served only as a background for a speech peppered with warnings, predictions, and revelations about the current US administration.

Bush supporter rips up Kerry Supporters’ Signs

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 01.11.2004 03:52

After President Bush's campaign event, Bush and anti-Bush supporters met outside the Target Center and debated the issues. The mood was tense and I don't believe that anyone's mind was changed by the discussions.

Voting - Temporary Restraining Order issued against MN Republican Sec'y of State

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 01.11.2004 03:52

On Friday, October 29th, US District Court Judge James M. Rosenbaum issued a Temporary Restraining Order against Mary Kiffmeyer, in her official capacity as Secretary of State for the State of Minnesota.

Proposition 66 Would Change Three Strikes to Affect only &quot;Violent Felons&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2004 03:49

Statewide Movement to Amend 3-Strikes Law

Indymedia Gears Up for Election Coverage:

Urbana-Champaign, 01.11.2004 03:46

On the eve of what may be the most important election in U.S. history, the Indymedia network announces the launch of a new and indispensable website for gathering the news and views of ordinary people across the country and around the world. With its mission of publishing independent, on-the-ground reports from the people who experience the news most directly, will amplify the voices of those most directly impacted not only by the elections process, but by the policies of either a Bush or Kerry administration.

"Indymedia has changed the face of journalism through its creative and comprehensive coverage from the front lines of struggles for social justice through out the world," says Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, the independent public radio and TV news hour. "With its vast network of unembedded journalists throughout the country will become a weapon in the fight for the truth about what happens on November 2nd and beyond."

Many IMCs (including the Urbana-Champaign IMC) will be covering the election... stay tuned!


Brasil, 01.11.2004 01:30

Onze prédios ocupados por sem-teto em São Paulo

(S)election 2004

San Diego, 01.11.2004 00:21

The November 2nd election is drawing ever closer and IMCs from across the United States are stepping up their coverage. As accusations of voter fraud and disenfranchisement continue to accumulate, activists are preparing a nation-wide campaign to prevent another stolen election and imcistas will be reporting from the ground. Michigan Indymedia will have two days of special coverage on N2 and N3, including a live webstream (more), a toll-free call-in number, and a text-messaging system to keep people up to date. IMCs in Portland, St. Louis and Cleveland, among other places, are also planning election coverage. IMC Pittsburgh has a live radio show on WRTC at six.

For you San Diegans - RadioActive Radio will have someone in the studio all day long so that people can call in to report any fishy behavior. The number is 619.269.4693.

Remember to post anything on the website that you think is important. BE THE MEDIA! REPORT!

Listen to coverage online || More on Electronic Voting Fraud

Mel &amp; Floyd, October 29, 2004

Madison, 31.10.2004 22:40

This week on Mel & Floyd... With less than a week to go to the "selection", Mel & Mr. Smarty Pants call the election early. They also report on such crucial issues as a giant, overturned tanker full of monkey poo, as well as a mad scientist whose rat-brain-in-a-jar-controlling-a-flight-simulator is sure to lead to miracles at the Pentagon. All that and more on this week's edition of Mel & Floyd.

Halloween Takeover of Mall of America's Victoria's Secret

Portland, 31.10.2004 22:03

Protesters stormed the Victoria Secret in Minneapolis's Mall of America around 1 pm October 31st.

The activists upon entering the store stripped down to lingerie and night gowns announcing their presence with a cheers with the intention of informing the shoppers of VS's tremendous contribution to forest destuction. Within minutes they were kicked out of the store by employees, but continued the cheers and guerilla theater outside of the store. Activists with cardboard chainsaws pretended to cut down other activists who represented trees. Soon after, mall security arrived and escorted the activists out of the mall.

Don't Just Vote, Revolt!

New Hampshire, 31.10.2004 21:53

DON'T JUST VOTE, REVOLT! Post-Election Drum, Dance, Shout party Election Night! NOVEMBER 2nd, 2004 8 p.m. - Market Square, Portsmouth, N.H. Not really sure on the candidates? Feel like you're choosing the lesser of two evils? Feelin' downright depressed cause of this sad state of affairs? Well come shake it off with others of like mind in Portsmouth's Market Square the night of the election!

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