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Este sábado en el Centro Social y Cultural Olga Vázquez

Argentina, 11.09.2009 20:39

Primera Feria del Libro Independiente y Autogestiva en La Plata

Este sábado en el Centro Social y Cultural Olga Vázquez

Argentina, 11.09.2009 20:09

Primera Feria del Libro Independiente y Autogestiva

Food for Thought - Local Grocers and Corporate Giants

Santa Cruz, CA, 11.09.2009 18:38

On Tuesday, September 15th, the Santa Cruz Branch of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom will host a discussion with representatives of local grocers to discuss the standing of their business in the face of corporate food giants like Whole Foods and Safeway. Questions on the agenda include, "What are the effects of big box stores holding a portion of space for products which local growers and bakers provide?" and "How can we support those local businesses which are supporting our community?"


Colombia, 11.09.2009 16:09

Del falso positivo al error militar

perth activism

Perth, 11.09.2009 09:39

Perth to Gaza

September 16th: Anti-War Mobilization Meeting

Seattle, 11.09.2009 04:21

Come meet with others to discuss city-wide mobilization for the October 17th anti-war demonstration.

Encuentro de Indymedia con Richard Stallman

Argentina, 11.09.2009 02:39

Sobre Stallman, Software Libre y la Comunicación Alternativa

39th Anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium: &quot;Still Here, Still A Force&quot;

LA, 11.09.2009 00:38

39th Anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium: "Still Here, Still A Force"


Houston, 11.09.2009 00:09

9/30 The Least of These

SWU fights for bus drivers

Houston, 10.09.2009 20:39

Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District fires pro-union workers

Caso Battisti: uma breve e fundamental análise

CMI Brasil, 10.09.2009 19:37


Conflicto en Terrabusi-Kraft

Argentina, 10.09.2009 19:09

Resistencia, lucha y represión

Conflicto en Terrabusi-Kraft

Argentina, 10.09.2009 18:39

Resistencia, lucha y represión

ABSURDO! Projeto de lei Substitutivo quer implementar DRM na TV DIGITAL brasileira

CMI Brasil, 10.09.2009 18:37


&quot;No More Broken Hearts&quot;: Union Station Protest Responds to Colombian Regime's PR Campaign for &quot;Free Trade&quot; Deal

DC, 10.09.2009 18:10

No More Broken Hearts is a response to the "Discover Colombia Through Its Heart" PR campaign put on by the Uribe administration in Washington, DC and New York in the month of September. Launched at the close of the summer Congressional recess, and centered on Union Station across from the Capitol, this PR campaign is clearly intended to win Congressional support for the proposed US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. We are a coalition of Colombians, Colombian-Americans and others concerned about human, labor and environmental rights in Colombia, and opposed to the FTA.

Broadcast audio via WSQT Direct Action Radio.

Aboriginal Rights - Uluru sacred Site

Perth, 10.09.2009 17:39

Uluru: sacred rock used as a toilet

Audio Reportback: Portland Mad As Hell Doctors Tour Kick Off

Portland, 10.09.2009 17:08

Audio from doctors speaking at the Portland Oregon kick off for the Mad as Hell Doctors Tour, taking the message of Universal Health Care to cities along their way to Washington D.C. They intend to stop in big cities and whistle stops alike, conducting pre-booked local and national Media appearances.

These doctors, from many different areas of Health Care, speak out about the conditions in the medical industry which prompts them to take time out from their lives and seek to educate others about the need for Reform. They speak about the heavy hand of the insurance industry and the prominence of profits over people.

The Tour left Pioneer Square heading for Seattle, then on to Spokane, Helena Montana and beyond. For more info:

Fondos de la Alumbrera y Polo Biotecnológico

Argentina, 10.09.2009 14:39

Plata sucia

Citizens Protest Censorship of Obama Speech

Rogue Valley, 10.09.2009 03:09



500 Monroe St. (Cross Street is Whitman) in Medford, Oregon

By his ordering Medford Schools not to allow students to view Obama's address live but to wait until he approved a tape for later showing, Long demonstrated that he has kowtowed to conservative agenda that takes precedence over a great opportunity for the students of his district to hear the nation's president urge them to do their best.

Well, we should have a few messages for Mr. Long. Please come to the Medford School District's Administration Building at 12 noon this Friday, Sept. 11th and express your outrage. Citizens for Peace & Justice is organizing this protest.

Concerned about justice for indigenous nations?

Portland, 10.09.2009 03:08

If you're concerned about justice for indigenous nations and peoples here in the pacific northwest and around the world, then come help plan several awareness raising events.

On Thursday, Sep. 10th at 5:30 PM anyone interested in helping to plan several events around these issues should join us at the PSU library.

First thing we want to plan out is starting a weekly film showing and discussion around topics related to indigenism (the political belief that the needs and wants of indigenous peoples and nations must be seriously considered and taken into account by everyone). These films will include documentaries about land rights struggles and recorded discussions by knowledgeable speakers about working for autonomy and restoring traditional lifestyles, for example. Also up for discussion will be the possibility of getting together an event in early January...

Who should come? Anyone who wants to promote justice locally. People need not be indigenous themselves to understand that what's good for indigenous peoples and nations is ultimately good for everyone, and that without justice for first nations there can be no justice at all.

Benefit for cyclist hospitalized in crash!

Portland, 10.09.2009 03:08

This Friday 9/11 at Circadia 4705 NE Columbia! Starts 9 pm

Come support Dan, Sarah, and their 3 yr old daughter Birdy. Dan was involved in a severe bike accident with another cyclist that was drunk. The handlebars crushed his face and shattered every bone. He lost his entire body volume of blood. He will need multiple extensive reconstructive surgeries. This is further complicated by the fact that he has a heart problem and his medication that he needs to live makes him bleed excessively, adding to both his risk under anesthesia and his hospital length of stay.

Dan & Sarah moved from Portland recently to Nebraska in search of work and a career opportunity for Dan. He had just secured his dream job, as Sarah got laid off. Things were looking up and it seemed the move was worth the struggle after all. Then as they were riding their bikes on an evening outing tragedy struck. Fortunately, he has medical benefits but they only cover so much. He did not have any sick/vacation pay. Money will be miserably tight for them over the next several months, possibly years.

So come have a good time and give til it hurts :)
Bands & details at:

Domestic Workers Fight for Bill of Rights

NYC, 10.09.2009 01:38

The Domestic Worker's Bill of Rights is before the New York State Senate RIGHT NOW. Help make New York the first state in this country to respect and protect the lives and work of domestic workers. Domestic Workers United (DWU) has worked hard the last 5 years to get this far- the New York House has passed the bill and the Governor has promised to sign it.

Video: Portland Stands With the People of Iran

Portland, 09.09.2009 22:08

On July 25, 2009, as part of a Global Day of Action With Iran, a rally of solidarity with the Iranian people was held in Pioneer Square in downtown Portland. The event was moderated by Iranian American Goudarz Eghtedari, Ph.D., who after a few brief comments introduced the guest speakers.

Besides the speakers, a Resolution by Sam Adams was read declaring that day an official Portland day of Solidarity with the people of Iran. The video is about 30 minutes in length. Many of the speakers urge Americans to support the Iranian people in their struggle, emphasizing that it is their struggle, and that all we can do is encourage them and emulate their strength and determination. Portland Stands With the People of Iran

G20 Climate Protest Disrupts Pittsburgh DC Press Conference

DC, 09.09.2009 21:09

Climate activists carrying the message, "Why is the greenest city silencing green voices?" twice disrupted a National Press Club event today featuring the Pittsburgh mayor and county executive. The $18 million G20 security plan is set to silence protest at a pivotal moment in global climate negotiations.

Going Public Event for a new Radical Space in DC

DC, 09.09.2009 21:09

A new collective formed this year to open a worker owned and operated shop that would sell recycled and consigned clothing as well as used and new radical books.

Prohibido olvidar-Macheteros

Puerto Rico, 09.09.2009 19:09

Vale la pena recordar

Grito de Lares 2009

Puerto Rico, 09.09.2009 19:09

Grito de Lares, Grito de Puerto Rico

III Masa Crítica Galega - 19 setembro, Lugo

Galiza, 09.09.2009 16:40

Por terceiro ano consecutivo celébrase a Masa Crítica Galega, pero...

Que é a Masa Crítica? Trátase dunha "coincidencia organizada" de ciclousuarias/os que realizan un paseo colectivo pola cidade. Deste xeito preténdese visibilizar o uso da bicicleta como medio de transporte, animando ao seu uso e reclamando medidas para promocionar este medio de transporte.

Porque galega? O movemento da masa crítica naceu en San Francisco en 1992, e desde fai anos celébrase en diferentes cidades galegas. A celebración desta masa crítica galega con periodicidade anual pretende axuntar esforzos, poñer en contacto as/os diferentes cicloususarias/os, reclamar infraestruturas de comunicación entre as diferentes poboacións, intermodalidade con outros medios de transporte, etc. E tamén vivir unha experiencia única coa posibilidade de unir diversión e reivindicación, que é o motor das masas críticas en todo o mundo.


Colombia, 09.09.2009 16:39


La Plata: talleres en barrios

Argentina, 09.09.2009 14:09

“Garabatos, Guevaristas, Guevaratos”

Encuentro de Indymedia con Richard Stallman

Argentina, 09.09.2009 13:09

Sobre Stallman, Software Libre y la Comunicación Alternativa


Argentina, 09.09.2009 13:09


Labor Day in Downtown San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.09.2009 06:39

More than a thousand hotel workers and their supporters marched through downtown San Francisco on Monday, September 7th, to demand a fair contract in their ongoing negotiations with the city's hotels. The Unite Here! Local 2 march started at the Embarcadero Hyatt to draw attention to the refusal by Hyatt to allow a fair process that would allow the workers at the Hyatt Fisherman's Wharf to have union representation. The march proceeded to HEI Le Meridien that is also a non-union hotel in the heart of downtown.

No ar:!

CMI Brasil, 09.09.2009 06:07


Labor Day in Noe Valley

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.09.2009 05:39

Until 6 years ago, the "Real Food Company" was a popular community natural food store in the heart of San Francisco's Noe Valley on the main commercial street there, 24th Street. Terminated employees, however, said that the closure was undertaken to prevent them from joining a union. The workers have gone on with their lives, as they await a final court decision.

Obama's Empty Labor Day Speech

DC, 09.09.2009 05:09

President Obama is a friend of the working people…one day a year. The rest of the year he is rewarding banks with bailouts and war contractors with more war. On Labor Day, workers were offered nothing of substance, just kind words. Obama began his speech by spending an excessive amount of time exaggerating the leadership abilities of both AFL-CIO officials and Ohio’s Democratic representatives. The motive was simple: the “partnership” between organized labor and the Democratic Party is central to the languishing existence of the two-party system, while helping to keep the labor movement in an equal state of decline and decay.

Seattle Health Care Rally

Seattle, 09.09.2009 04:20

Thousands clogged Westlake Park on September 3rd to demand healthcare reform. Approximately 50 to 100 counter-demonstrators were corralled across the street. Other than a brief article by the Seattle Weekly, the demonstration was largely ignored by the corporate media.

VIDEO: Super Soak the Olympics

Seattle, 09.09.2009 04:20

latest from the stimulator

&quot;volver a los principio de la universidad estatal, Publica y democrática&quot;

Argentina, 09.09.2009 03:09

Plata sucia


Athens, 09.09.2009 01:39

Η ΕΛ.ΑΣ σε ρόλο νέας "ζαρντινιέρας"

Sentencing for Jesse James Forrey on September 17th

Santa Cruz, CA, 09.09.2009 00:38

Jesse James Forrey, 27, was arrested at the 2008 Republican National Convention (RNC) in St. Paul, MN. After little and conflicting evidence from the prosecutor, a Minnesota jury convicted him on August 7th, 2009 of a felony charge of damage to property in the first degree. Jesse maintains his innocence and continues to fight the verdict. Jesse's sentencing is on September 17th. He faces a possibility of 1 year, and up to 5 years, in jail.

Obama To Cindy Sheehan: Get Lost

DC, 09.09.2009 00:09

I spent but a short time with Cindy Sheehan as she carried her antiwar protest from an earlier time at Crawford, TX, to Martha's Vineyard, vacation spot for Obama and many other Democratic Party elite. As Cindy remarked, the real story was not that she was protesting Obama's wars but that the "leadership" of the peace movement did not support her protest. When the target was Bush in Crawford, she was all the rage with antiwar celebrities, but not so now that the target is Barack Obama. While there is considerable enthusiasm for her anti-Obama protest on the part of the rank and file in the anti-war movement, a refusal of its "leaders" to notify their members far and wide, high and low, crippled the action. As a result of this betrayal, the numbers at Martha's Vineyard were not large. But Cindy and her fellow anti-warriors were undeterred. While I was there, she mounted a spirited march down the road to Obama's place, no more than a quarter mile away from where she stayed. The purpose was to present the President with a poster of Cindy bearing a signed plea to end the wars. The considerable armed force at the gate and the Secret Service officers would not even bring out the lowliest of staffers to receive the poster. Clearly the message from Obama was "Get lost, Cindy." And we were quickly told to move a considerable distance down the road. At least in Crawford it had been possible to demonstrate at the checkpoint to the site – not so at Obama's place. Thus, did Obama greet a mother whose son was lost in the wars, which he continues and enlarges by the day…

The Army Experience Center and the Development of a Warrior Caste

DC, 09.09.2009 00:09

Teaching 13 year-old children military tactics through the use of video games at the local shopping mall may sound like a completely novel idea, but the concept of training and indoctrinating 13 year-olds to join a warrior caste has been around since very early times. The ancient Chinese, Indians and Japanese began indoctrinating youth at 13. We know from the Greek historian Thucydides who lived 2,500 years ago, boys in Sparta were cultivated and supervised by military officials like the modern day military recruiters and educational specialists…

Climate Campers Escalate Action Against Eon

United Kingdom, 09.09.2009 00:08

On Wednesday 3rd September, as the Camp for Climate Action finished up clearing the site of this years climate camp, a group of activists pitched a tent within the grounds of E-on owed Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal-fired power station in Nottinghamshire. The tent was emblazoned with the words 'Climate Camp is coming' in reference to their Edelman Public Relations. The firm have been employed by Eon to ease public concern over controversial plans to build the first coal-fired power station in the UK for 30 years.

On Tuesday, activists invaded the Dartford offices of construction giant Laing O'Rourke which is one of the companies bidding for contracts with Eon to build a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth. A large group of activists entered the offices, handed out leaflets and talked to staff. Meanwhile, another team scaled the building and hung a banner reading 'Don't Build Kingsnorth'.

Laing O'Rourke is among six companies bidding to build the power station which would, if completed, emit more carbon dioxide than the entire country of Ghana. Other firms bidding for the contracts were targeted earlier in the year by protesters keen to ensure the companies are aware of the opposition they'll face should they attempt to build Kingsnorth.

Climate Camp | Eon Watch | Eon F Off | No New Coal | The Coalhole | Leave It In The Ground | The Tipping Point


Colombia, 08.09.2009 19:09

El mosco en la sopa

La Pampa: Caso Purreta y Andrea López

Argentina, 08.09.2009 17:09

Complicidades e impunidad

La Pampa: Caso Purreta

Argentina, 08.09.2009 16:09

Complicidades e impunidad

Labor Day Healthcare Rally

Boston, 08.09.2009 16:08

About three hundred concerned citizens gathered on the Boston Commons today to voice their demand for universal health care for all. WATCH VIDEO:

It's Our Democracy, Stupid!

NYC, 08.09.2009 15:08

The only issue is Democracy and all the other issues become important after we’ve talked out our facts and our positions in a democratic way. That’s because we are citizens, not consumers.

Author J. Patrick O'Connor Interviewed About his Research Into The Case of Kevin Cooper

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.09.2009 09:09

Author J. Patrick O'Connor was recently interviewed in San Francisco about his research into the case of San Quentin death row prisoner Kevin Cooper, whose appeal at the Ninth Circuit Court was recently denied, with Judge William Fletcher writing a stinging dissent, declaring that the "State of California may be about to execute an innocent man." This fall, Cooper will be appealing to the US Supreme Court, which is last chance to avoid execution.

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