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A Review of The Coming Insurrection

Boston, 16.09.2009 21:09

The Coming Insurrection, a new book on revolutionary theory, may be the best marketed book in radical history, mostly thanks to the French government. First published in 2007, the book was dubbed "a manual for terrorism" by the French Interior Minister. As if that weren't enough, Julien Coupat, one of the Tarnac 9, was held in prison for several extra months on suspicion of having written it, generating even more publicity. On this side of the Atlantic, Glenn Beck, Fox News' paleo-reactionary genocide apologist, contributed a hilarious foaming-at-the-mouth "review" that became an instant Youtube classic ( Even some anarchists have gotten in on the act. Anti-authoritarians in New York City staged an unauthorized reading at a Barnes and Noble, which was covered by none other than The New York Times.


DC, 16.09.2009 20:09

At a Public Oversight Hearing on Libraries, Parks and Recreation September 9, Councilman Harry Thomas, Jr. again charged the executive branch with violating the law as it moves to close day care programs operated by the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR). Disregarding the law, Fenty already closed several sites and told workers to end enrollment and prepare to close at others, systematically stripping away a key part of the safety net for many DC parents. The closures will result in more than 160 workers losing their jobs, and hundreds of working parents the child care they depend upon.

Se realizó con exito la primera FLIA La Plata

Argentina, 16.09.2009 05:09

"Esto es un rompecabezas que se va armando solo"

Se realizó con exito la primera FLIA La Plata

Argentina, 16.09.2009 04:39

"Esto es un rompecabezas que se va armando solo"

Censura literaria en escuelas

Puerto Rico, 16.09.2009 03:09

Rechazamos la Censura en el Departamento de Educación


Colombia, 15.09.2009 21:09


Colombia, 15.09.2009 21:09



Colombia, 15.09.2009 21:09


Colombia, 15.09.2009 21:09


Colombia, 15.09.2009 21:09


Colombia, 15.09.2009 21:09


Colombia, 15.09.2009 21:09

From the Newswire

Perth, 15.09.2009 16:39

WA University staff strike for quality education


Perth, 15.09.2009 16:39


Prag: die ersten Verfahren wegen der Besetzung am Samstag

Germany, 15.09.2009 10:09

Am 14. September fanden Verfahren gegen 8 der 23 verhafteten Hausbesetzer_innen statt. Vor der Gerichtsaal gab es eine Soliversammlung. Eine Person wurde freigesprochen, die anderen zu unterschiedlichen Strafen verurteilt. Morgen gehen die Verfahren weiter.

Los Angeles Vigil for Leonard Peltier

LA, 15.09.2009 06:09

Los Angeles Vigil for Leonard Peltier's Birthday-- And His Freedom

Activists Demand that Torture Lawyer Resign

Seattle, 15.09.2009 05:38


When federal judge Jay Bybee came to Seattle he was greeted with angry protests. Known as the "Torture Lawyer", Bybee issued the 2002 memo that authorized water boarding and other torture techniques. Bybee is currently the subject of a war crimes investigation in Spain and an ethics investigation by the United States Department of Justice.


VIDEO: Mad As Hell Doctors

Seattle, 15.09.2009 05:38

The Mad as Hell Doctors stopped in Seattle at the beginning of a national tour. They support a Single Payer medical system and they explained why.

Chicago-based Kraft Foods Focus of Argentine Workers Solidarity Campaign

Chicago, 15.09.2009 02:08

Workers in a food production plant in Argentina have called for solidarity efforts against the Illinois-based multinational food corporation Kraft in the wake of the firings of more than 150 Kraft workers in Argentina.

A food factory in Buenos Aires owned by the Argentina-based company Terrabusi was bought out by Kraft in 2004. Since then, the company has markedly reduced hygiene efforts at the factory to cut costs. But a July 2009 outbreak of H1N1 flu struck the plant, and workers (many of whom were working mothers) were forced to strike simply to take sick leave to avoid the unhygenic surroundings. In the wake of the strike, Kraft "selectively fired" some 150 workers, including many union leaders and union delegates.

The Kraft workers have taken to repeated protest, including a street blockade in Buenos Aires. Workers have demanded the rehiring of the 150 fired workers by Kraft, and called for solidarity efforts in the United States, and particularly in the Chicago area since Kraft is headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Glenview. Illinois Kraft officers have been caught following using the internet to follow the activism of the workers in Argentina, but the workers have responded in kind by using internet social media to raise awareness and rally support.

Related Resources: Say No To Kraft | Say No To Kraft

Palomar Employees at Pipeline; NEST needs volunteers

Portland, 14.09.2009 18:38

N.E.S.T : the Northwest Eco-system Survey Team is in need of climbers and Ground supporters to join them in the forests of Mt. Hood N.E.S.T. is out climbing along the quadrants of the proposed LNG pipeline. The purpose: locating nests of the red tree vole, the main food source of the northern spotted owl. We need all the help we can get whether in the form of: climbers, ground support, $, veggies, climbing/ camping gear...everything helps.

NEST is putting out a call for volunteers. We need able bodies would can climb, do ground support, watch camp, and help out as much as possible. This is a pressing matter. These units need surveyed to gather resources and comments to stop the pipeline going through Mt. Hood.

Questions about ride shares, or general information contact Shawn at:

Maya Wind and Netta Mishly from the refusnic group &quot;Shministim&quot;, at UC Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.09.2009 18:09

On Wednesday September 16, Maya Wind and Netta Mishly from the refusnic group "Shministim", will speak at the MLK, Jr. Building at UC Berkely . Maya Wind and Netta Mishly both signed the 2008 Shministim Letter: a declaration by Israeli high school students that they would not enlist in the IDF to occupy Palestinian territories and rule over Palestinian life. Since military service is mandatory for Israeli Jews upon completing high school, Maya, Netta, and many of the dozens of teenagers who signed the letter have been sentenced to military prison, sometimes for multiple terms.

T-Day: America Rebukes Scary Negro Socialism

DC, 14.09.2009 06:09

"LISTEN! I HEAR A BLACK HELICOPTER COMING!" Bitchy, greedy, stupid, paunchy White America was at its bitchiest, greediest, stupidest and paunchiest on this fine September afternoon. Never before had so many paid so much to fuel so many SUVs to be at such an historic event. The liberty to piss and moan about having a mixed-race President, to piss and moan about having to pony up for highways and bridges and libraries and schools and Medicare, to piss and moan about anything even remotely resembling national healthcare and demand the poor be allowed to sicken and die while pissing and moaning about how Obama is going to kill their grandmas, is a sacred liberty in this country, and bitchy, greedy, stupid, paunchy White America was there to exercise it… Video by Mike Flugennock: America Rebukes Scary Negro Socialism, download from DC IMC media gallery. 03:32; 12.5mb Still photography by Isis, via Flickr.

Shut down Hazelwood

Perth, 14.09.2009 03:09

Hazelwood Action - Update

Fundraiser for Alex Sanchez of Homies Unidos at Barrios Unidos

Santa Cruz, CA, 14.09.2009 01:38

Alex Sanchez's family migrated from El Salvador in the 1970s. He was a former gang member who turned his life around becoming an internationally recognized peacemaker and co-founding Homies Unidos in Los Angeles in 1998. On June 24th, 2009, Alex was arrested and named in a federal indictment based on weak evidence, charging him among a group of twenty-three others as an active gang member. On Friday, September 25th, there will be a fundraiser for Alex at Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos with live hip-hop music and the film Hijos de la Guerra.

Fallece Comandante Almeida

Puerto Rico, 13.09.2009 22:09

Solidaridad con Cuba ante el fallecimiento del Comandante Almeida

'Beat False Marijuana Charges' Project Begins

DC, 13.09.2009 20:09

Beat False Marijuana Charges (BFMC) is a port of call for anyone arrested on drug charges or whose urine or hair tested positive for marijuana. Our research and investigations have confirmed that the overwhelming majority of drug prosecutions and convictions in this country are based on nonspecific, unvalidated drug tests which give false positives and/or subjective, ipse dixit testimonies from arresting police officers. Such use of these tests and testimonies is in violation of three Supreme Court rulings, particularly, Jackson v Virginia, and scientific principles. We have found that challenging a pending drug prosecution vis-à-vis the drug tests and testimonies can lead to a directed order of dismissal or an acquittal if the case goes to trial. We have also determined that urine and hair analyses are capable of rendering many false positives. We are offering free assessments for anyone arrested on drug charges regarding whether they could successfully challenge their pending prosecutions or trials. We are offering the same free assessment for urine tests and hair analyses.

Una parodia contra el juicio a doce personas acaba con cuatro detenidos

Euskal Herria, 13.09.2009 20:09

Tal y como anunciaron en rueda de prensa, el pasado viernes se realiz� en Iru�ea la procesi�n de Nuestra Se�ora de la Ocupaci�n de los Santos Lugares, despu�s de que la v�spera la imagen hiciera su primera aparici�n en el alde zaharra iruindarra. Finalizada la acci�n fueron detenidas cuatro personas, ya en libertad.

Una acci�n de reivindicaci�n y denuncia impulsada por Iru�ea Piztera Goaz y el apoyo de otros colectivos, por el juicio al que se enfrentan 12 personas el pr�ximo jueves por una sentada pac�fica que realizaron en 2007, una acci�n de desobediencia civil por la que se les piden entre dos y cuatro a�os de c�rcel.

A lo largo de la semana est�n previstas otras actividades como la presentaci�n de un libro, una concentraci�n ante la audiencia el jueves o una bicifestaci�n el s�bado.

M�s info.: C�mo est� el patio. Juicio contra la ocupaci�n | Piztera: Nuevos juicios contra piztera a partir del 17 | Yo tambi�n lo hice (marzo)

Ashland Commuter Challenge starts Tomorrow!

Rogue Valley, 13.09.2009 15:09

Participate in the second annual Commuter Challenge and celebrate at Car Free Day!

Dirigente campesino de Cojedes recibe disparo en la cabeza

Venezuela, 13.09.2009 14:37

Es el segundo atentado en lo que va de año, su estado es incierto

A siete meses (4 de marzo) de haber sobrevivido a un primer atentado sicarial, hoy 11 de septiembre a las 12 y media del mediodía, José Pimentel —dirigente agrario del Frente Unido Campesino de San Carlos y del Movimiento Campesino Jirajara— fue nuevamente abatido por las balas del sicariato terrateniente.

FNCEZ: Abaleado otro dirigente campesino | Dirigente agrario José Pimentel es abaleado por sicarios

11 de setembro: Xornada de loita en defensa do Salgueirón

Galiza, 13.09.2009 13:09


O de onte foi outro día importante na longa loita de Cangas en defensa do Salgueirón. Unha loita que xa non é só de Cangas senón de toda a ría, porque onte toda a Ría de Vigo estivo alí, diante da antiga fábrica de Massó.

O seguimento da folga convocada esixindo a paralización inmediata das obras do porto deportivo foi total. Tódalas lonxas da ría permaneceron pechadas, coa excepción da de Vigo onde só se descargou pesca de altura. A flota pesqueira, bateeira e marisqueira permaneceu amarrada ou concentrouse na zona do Salgueirón, onde máis de duascentas embarcacións procedentes de tódolos portos da ría, e algúns de fora dela, fixeron sonar as súas sirenas insistentemente desde as 11 da mañá. Mesmo había un barco da Garda Civil que tamén se quixo sumar á xornada reivindicativa. Menos este, todos os demais lucían bandeiras nas que se podía ler “Caixa rouba: Stop Massó” e moitos portaban grandes faixas con distintas consignas.

En terra centos de persoas acudiron a recibilos entre aplausos e berros de “goberne quen goberne Massó non se vende”, respondendo así á convocatoria de A ría non se vende a pesar de tratarse dun día laborable.

| Destrucción na praia | | Detidos numerosos activistas de GNSV nas inmediacións das obras de Massó | | 1 DE AGOSTO, NOVA MANIFESTACIÓN CONTRA O PORTO DEPORTIVO DE MASSÓ | | 11 de setembro: greve de mariñeir@s e mariscador@s en contra das obras en Massó |

Walter Reed Teabaggers &quot;Party Like It's 9/11!&quot;

DC, 13.09.2009 05:09

DESPITE GROWING PUBLIC DISSATISFACTION WITH AFGHAN WAR, DC LEFT LARGELY M.I.A. AT WALTER REED TEABAGGERS' TAILGATE PARTY The largest ever concentration of white people in DC outside of a Capitals game gathered in front of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center this evening to cheer the arrival of ambulance loads of wounded, maimed and traumatized youth and celebrate religious war. Video by Mike Flugennock: Party Like It's 9/11, streaming out of YouTube, 02:58 Still photography by Isis, via Flickr. Broadcast Audio via WSQT Direct Action Radio, 04:26

Reportback on Ben Carne's speech at the Mott House

DC, 13.09.2009 05:09

With Native Americans outraged about the denial of parole to Leonard Peltier, AIM activst Ben Carne staged a week-long fast demanding a meeting with Obama to discuss the issue. On Friday, september 11, he spoke at then Mott House on Capitol Hill about this continuing political and legal terrorism against native people here.

Percarious Maydays! Maydays! プレカリアートは増殖/連結する メーデー08

Japan, 13.09.2009 01:37

 ★「フリーターユニオン福岡」のブログ:福岡県警による「フリーター/貧民メーデー」への弾圧に抗議する【写真】自由と生存のメーデー2008【映像】自由と生存のメーデー2008新宿“プレカリアートの反攻”デモ大輪まつり、今年もやります! *第5回長居公園大輪祭りは全国独立系「ゴールデンメーデーウィーク」のトリでもあります。

Slaughter Truck in the Morning Commute: A Haunting Encounter

Portland, 13.09.2009 00:08

This morning, I was late for work. Later, even, than usual. As I drove down the highway, I was distracted and feeling rushed. So I'm not sure how long I had been following it, but it was just as I was about to pass it that I finally saw the huge, dirty, gray truck. I recognized it as soon as I focused on it - the tiny slats in the sides, the shit spattered beneath those slats. The shape and feel and finality of it. Even if I had not seen the "Cattle Drive" logo near the top of the box, I would have recognized the looming sense of loss about it. It was a slaughter truck.

Through the meager air slots I saw, dimly at first, a tangled puzzle of lives and oppression: legs and hooves, the dangling tufts of tails. The bits and pieces of animals, already turned from subjects of their own lives into pieces of machinery, cogs in the grinding wheel, the unwaged slaves on whom our way of life is built. Commodities. Crammed from end to end, this cattle car was haunted inside with shadows. No, not mere shadows, but living beings. Beings with thoughts, dreams, desires, lives of their very own. Not mere means to our ends, but being used so just the same.

I wanted there to be some way to save them.

Giant Landlord Abruptly Exits Leaving East Palo Alto Tenants in Danger

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.09.2009 22:39

On September 9, the San Mateo County Superior Court appointed a receiver for Page Mill Properties 1800-unit East Palo Alto apartment portfolio after the giant landlord abandoned their property management duties and offices last week. East Palo Alto's biggest landlord missed a $50 million balloon payment to their bank last month prompting Wells Fargo to seek a temporary restraining order barring Page Mill from collecting further rents and destroying any books relating to the properties.

Bay Area &quot;Eat-Ins&quot; Send Message to Congress

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.09.2009 22:39

On September 7, hundreds of Bay Area residents came together for potlucks and to send a message to Congress: "now is the time to provide children with real food in public school lunch programs". Gathering in parks, on a farm, and at a cooperative housing venue, healthy food proponents took advantage of the Labor Day holiday to bring neighbors together and build support for replacing artificially supplemented meals with natural food in schools.

Guards evict homeless patrons from 1 Judiciary Sq restaurant

DC, 12.09.2009 18:09

Homeless activist Eric Sheptock caught security guards at one Judiciary Square evicting homeless PATRONS of the snack restaurant at One Judiciary Square. It seems that for the homeless-and ONLY the homeless or otherwise "undesirable" a 15-20 minute time limit to eat purchased food is strictly enforced-even in the rain.

Protest of Medford School Superintendant Phil Long

Rogue Valley, 12.09.2009 17:39

Activists protest Phil Long's decision not to allow teachers to air Obama's back to school speech.

This story was updated with some clarification and photos supplied by another Rogue IMC volunteer reporter.

Rafał Górski potrzebuje pomocy!

Poland, 12.09.2009 13:39

Sytuacja zdrowotna krakowskiego anarchisty Rafała Górskiego, od lat zmagającego się z rakiem, uległa niestety pogorszeniu i konieczne jest szybkie zebranie sumy około 10 tysięcy złotych na kontynuację jego leczenia.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 12.09.2009 10:07

Discussietekst: Oproep voor een linkse herbronning van het feminisme

&quot;Eviction is the crime!&quot; Cops Respond to Eviction Resistance with Raid, Assaults at Rosemary's

United States, 12.09.2009 10:07

Thirty-five days into the popular occupation of 3138 Clinton, Rosemary Williams (one of five Minnesota women publicly resisting eviction - TCIMC/PPEHRC video) was inside her home when it was raided by the Minneapolis Police Department around 2:45pm Friday afternoon.  Three supporters were inside.  Police claimed they would give ample time to move out remaining belongings, and those inside did so, aided by several dozen who rallied to the scene.

But later in the afternoon, the MPD's plan for a quiet, obedient eviction was foiled.  After rallying the crowd, a handful of activists crossed the yellow tape roping off Clinton Avenue on either side of the house and were promptly assaulted by the police with kicks and pepper spray.  Other supporters crossed the now-removed yellow tape from the opposite direction to ensure the activists' safety.  Officers responded aggressively; one shoved someone to the ground with a two-handed shove to the chest. A TC Indymedia volunteer was sprayed directly in the face while on the "public" side of the police tape.

Four or five people sat down in front of the house in an act of civil disobedience.  An officer pointed to another man standing motionless with the crowd outside the police cordon, grabbed him and arrested him.  Eventually, seven were taken waiting vans in the alley and arrested.  An MPD spokesman said they were charged with obstruction of legal process, though they have not actually been formally charged as of tonight.  As of midnight, all have been released from jail.  This video (1:50) shows the police conduct during the civil disobedience. Related video: Before the arrests

Video: Bark Responds to the Mt. Hood Off-Road Plan

Portland, 12.09.2009 05:08

After almost two years of preparation, the Forest Service has released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Mt. Hood Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Plan. Currently <A HREF=""><FONT COLOR="#6633cc">Bark </A></FONT>needs volunteer help in collecting data on the 8 proposed OHV areas.<BR>
<A HREF=""><FONT COLOR="#6633cc">Bark Public Service Announcement</A></FONT>
This release of the DEIS begins a 60-day comment period in which the public can respond to the proposal before October 28, 2009.
If you would like to communicate with the Forest Service regarding the OHV Plan, write, email or call
Jennie O'Connor Card
Mt. Hood National Forest
6780 Highway 35
Parkdale, Oregon 97041
(541) 352-6002 ext. 634

Portland books to prisoners benefit

Portland, 12.09.2009 05:08

benefit show for books to prisoners with:

nun chucksky,
and The Reckless (Seattle).

5 dollar donation at door. All proceeds go to to Portland books to prisoners. Which is an all volunteer run group that relies on community support to continue to send books to incarcerated individuals free of charge. And the ever rising cost of postage is making that much harder to do.

This is an all ages event. Hatred or intolerance of any kind will not be tolerated at this event. No one turned away for lack of funds!

Switch off Hazelwood - Politics has failed - Time for Direct Action

Perth, 12.09.2009 04:39

Switch off Hazelwood - Politics has failed - Time for Direct Action

Why Wasn't There A Single Democrat Willing To Heckle Bush Like Joe Wilson Did Obama?

DC, 12.09.2009 04:21

Quick question: why the fuck are Democrats boasting that they kept their mouths shut and their hands folded on their knees during every crazed speech Bush gave, unlike that bad ol’ Confederate Joe Wilson? Is that something the Dems should be proud of? If anything, Wilson’s outburst should make Democrats flush their own heads down the nearest toilet in shame for being such spineless pieces of shit right at the time that America needed an opposition most–a noisy, vicious, unpredictable opposition–to save the nation, us, and our grandchildren. Instead, they were polite, and they’re still proud of how polite they were…


Argentina, 12.09.2009 04:20

Paren de Fumigar

Llevan dos meses desaparecidos

Argentina, 12.09.2009 04:20

¿Dónde están Ezequiel y Jonhatan?

Llevan dos meses desaparecidos

Argentina, 12.09.2009 03:09

¿Dónde están Ezequiel y Jonhatan?


Athens, 11.09.2009 22:09

Άμεση απελευθέρωση των φυλακισμένων αναρχοσυνδικαλιστών στη Σερβία

Rogue Valley Eat Local Week 2009

Rogue Valley, 11.09.2009 21:39

It is that time of year again when Local Lucy comes out from the garden to help celebrate Rogue Valley Eat Local Week 2009. This years Eat Local Challenge is taking place September 11th through the 20th. These events are organized by Thrive and the Rogue Flavor Campaign, with community sponsors: the City of Ashland, the Ashland Food Co-op, Club Northwest, the Rogue Creamery, People's Bank of Commerce and Dutch Bros. Coffee. Within a 200 mile radius of our Rogue Valley, there is a bounty of produce, seafood & meat, dairy products, grains, beans, and even olive oil! Eat Local Week is a celebration of this bounty and of the amazing growers and producers who help to create it. Not only is Eat Local Week a chance to celebrate, but it is also a chance to increase awareness of local food sources, to become more active in our local food movement, and to share our discoveries and positive experiences with others.

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