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Ashland Car Free Day

Rogue Valley, 23.09.2009 23:09

Every September 22, people from around the world get together in the streets, intersections, and neighborhood blocks to remind the world that we don't have to accept our car-dominated society.

In Ashland there was an afternoon celebration from 4 to 7pm on Oak Street between Lithia Way and Main Street. As part of the celebration the street was blocked off and became a car free zone.

Those who participated in Ashland's Car Free Day event included
Ashland CarShare, Bike-IT Tricks with Dave Nourie, Skateboard demo by AE Dion, Derby Gals Debut, Bicycle Rodeo, and Drive Less, Save More Pledge. There was also live music and a all youth dance performance.

G-Infinity Media is Covering G20 From The People's Perspective

Miami, 23.09.2009 22:07

G-Infinity Media is Covering G20 From The People's Perspective

Leia e distribua o jornal PASSE nº 3, do Movimento Passe Livre de São Paulo

CMI Brasil, 23.09.2009 17:07


Entrevista al Secretario General de SOULA

Venezuela, 23.09.2009 15:37

Este 15 de septiembre, en vísperas de una asamblea del Sindicato de Obreros de la Universidad de los Andes (SOULA), entrevistamos a Gerardo Sosa, Secretario General de este sindicato, para conversar acerca de la conflictiva situación laboral que se presenta en esta institución universitaria.

NOTIFICAÇOM URGENTE às pessoas multadas pola ‘Delegación del Gobierno’ por participar na contestaçom social a ‘Galicia Bilingüe’

Galiza, 23.09.2009 08:39

A presente informaçom tem como destinatárias exclusivas as pessoas sancionadas economicamente nos últimos meses pola ‘Delegación del Gobierno de España’ por participar na oposiçom popular ao grupo ultraespanholista ‘Galicia Bilingüe’.

No to Government internet censorship

Perth, 23.09.2009 05:39

No to Government internet censorship - Take Action


Argentina, 23.09.2009 04:20

Justicias que siegan el derecho

Portland Police now required to hand out their business cards

Portland, 23.09.2009 04:20

Police have to hand out a business card when they stop you as of Monday 9.28.09

There are a few exceptions, mostly relating to "if a person was asking for a card to distract the officer from a crime or important matter at hand"

Sgt. Scott Westerman, president of the Portland Police Association that represents rank-and-file officers, sergeants, detectives and criminalists, said the union backs the policy. but he also has the following quote:
"I still don't necessarily see how business cards are going to fix racial profiling" he said, "but we believe we are in a service industry so we have no problems handing them out when it's appropriate to do so."

October 10th - 11th: Seattle LGBT Equality Weekend

Seattle, 23.09.2009 04:20

Whatever your sexual orientation or gender identity may be, the best way to ensure that all of our struggles for social and economic justice progress is to stand together in solidarity. As the old labor slogan so aptly expresses, “An Injury to One is an Injury to All.” This year, on the fortieth anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, on the thirtieth anniversary of the first LGBT March on Washington, on the ninetieth anniversary of the Seattle General Strike, and on the tenth anniversary of the Battle in Seattle, we are excited to build a grassroots movement for civil rights and equality for all, starting with approving Referendum 71 and keeping domestic partnerships legal. Please, plan to march with us in Seattle on October 11, 2009 at 2:00 pm.

September 22nd: Big Insurance -- Sick of It (We NEED Single Payer) Rally

Seattle, 23.09.2009 04:20

Rally begins at 12 Noon on Tuesday, September 22nd at City Park, 3rd & Yesler

Rally against big insurance bailouts by Congress

Rally for single payer insurance (Medicare for All)

Neighbors Join Kensington Protest Against Council Of Conservative Citizens; Racist Defends Slavery

DC, 22.09.2009 22:09

On the evening of September 21, the Council of Conservative Citizens, a group connected to the KKK, held a speaking event in a private home in Kensington. When a few protesters showed up outside, they were reinforced by neighbors who came out to join them.

territorio y medios

Argentina, 22.09.2009 22:09


Argentina, 22.09.2009 22:09

Brutal represión de la dictadura hondureña


Argentina, 22.09.2009 22:09

Brutal represión de la dictadura hondureña

VIDEO: Cruelty, Rotting Birds Documented at Dunkin Donuts Egg Supplier

Boston, 22.09.2009 21:08

In August 2009, a Compassion Over Killing investigator worked inside Michael Foods, a company that supplies eggs to Dunkin Donuts. Find out what he documented while employed at this egg factory farm in Minnesota:

Michael Moore’s Movie ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ a Must See

Boston, 22.09.2009 20:08

Michael Moore’s movie, ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ will be a shocking revelation to the millions of Americans who believe in capitalism; however, socialists will understand that ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ does not reveal the ultimate danger and damage that capitalism is wreaking on the working class and world economies on a global scale.

Jensen at Sedition

Houston, 22.09.2009 16:39

Robert Jensen speaks on White Privilege at Sedition Books

Least of these screening

Houston, 22.09.2009 16:09

Sept 30th HIMC and TXACLU present: The Least of These

Zelaya Tegucigalpa

Colombia, 22.09.2009 16:09

Zelaya regresó a Tegucigalpa

Zelaya Teguc

Colombia, 22.09.2009 16:09

Zelaya regresó a Tegucigalpa

Lisbon II - How it pushes the Militarisation &amp; the Armaments Industry

Ireland, 22.09.2009 15:09

It's not too late to get active in the campaign - ...

Fast Moving Fire Scorches Ashland

Rogue Valley, 22.09.2009 14:09

A fast burning fire is sending smoke into the air as fire crews from around Southern Oregon rush to combat it.

Calais: likwidacja &quot;dżungli&quot;; zatrzymano prawie 300 imigrantów

Poland, 22.09.2009 11:39

Francuskie władze dokonały dziś o świcie pod Calais nalotu na "dżunglę" - obozowisko próbujących przedostać się do Wielkiej Brytanii "nielegalnych" uchodźców, głównie z Iraku, Afganistanu i Pakistanu. Zamieszkiwało je okresowo ponad 150O osób. Duża częśc z nich (ponad 1000 osób) opuściła okolicę na wieść o planach siłowej likwidacji obozu. W trakcie akcji policyjnej obozowisko rozbito, kilkuset imigrantów zatrzymano; prawie połowa z nich to nieletni. Dorosłych przewieziono na okoliczne posterunki policji, nieletnich do pobliskiego schroniska. Pod "dżunglą" doszło też do starć aktywistów No Borders z policją, zmuszono ich do wycofania się z obozu, kilka osób jest pobitych.

Кодекс об образовании

Belarus, 22.09.2009 11:37

Белорусское правительство подготовило проект Кодекса об образовании, который планируют рассмотреть в палате на осенней и весенней сессиях. Пока неизвестно, в каком виде этот документ будет представлен на всеобщее обозрение. Однако основные направления Кодекса и отдельные рациональные предложения депутатов по его усовершенствованию не представляют секрета. Некоторые пункты довольно любопытны.

Так, “большое значение для развития системы образования будет иметь переход в соответствии с Кодексом во всех учреждениях образования, которые обеспечивают получение профессии, к подготовке специалистов по договорам. (…) То есть молодой человек, пройдя тестирование, будет заключать с вузом договор, где будет обозначена его судьба после окончания учебного заведения.” (БЕЛТА) Вот так контрактная система продолжает экспансию и на сферу образования. Соединим этот пункт Кодекса с замораживанием зарплат в госсекторе в соответствии с рекомендациями МВФ и тогда нетрудно будет догадаться, за счет…

Грамадскасць аднагалосна выказалася супраць АЭС у Беларусі

Belarus, 22.09.2009 11:37

Сёння, 17 верасня 2009 г., адбылося пазачарговае паседжанне Грамадскага каардынацыйнага савета пры Міністэрстве прыродных рэсурсаў і аховы навакольнага асяроддзя. Адзіным пытаннем у павестцы дня было "Об оценке воздействия на окружающую среду АЭС в Республике Беларусь".

Былі зачытаныя тры даклады. Людзі, якія павінны былі б зрабіць незалежную экспертную ацэнку ўздзеяння АЭС на прыроду і грамадства і прадставіць яе публіцы, насамрэч займаліся прапагандай "мірнага атаму". Гучалі недобрасумленныя заявы. Напрыклад, па словах Андрэя Катанаева, на рэактарах тыпу ВВЭР "не было ни одного события с выбросом радиоактивности в окружающую среду". Якаў Кенігсберг цвердзіў, быццам іншых аварый з выкідам радыёнуклідаў у навакольнае асяроддзе, апрача Тры-Майл-Айлэндскай і Чарнобыльскай, не было.

Запрашэнні на паседжанне былі разасланыя ўсяго за два дні, таму з 16 удзельнікаў савета прысутнічала толькі пяцёра. Ад грамадскіх арганізацый дайшлі яшчэ некалькі ня-ўдзельнікаў савета. Многія адсутныя…

Минск: акция против военных учений &quot;Запад-2009&quot;

Belarus, 22.09.2009 11:37

Сегодня, на второй день начавшихся на территории Беларуси учений “Запад-2009″, минские анархисты выразили свой протест против военных игр руководства Беларуси и России.

Как обычно, место и время нашей акции стали сюрпризом для “правоохранительных органов” и вообще органов власти. Мы не собираемся спрашивать кого-то, когда, как и где нам протестовать.
В 17.00 порядка 35 анархистов под черно-красными флагами и с баннером “Народ голодает, военные играют!” двинулось по проезжей части ул. Коммунистической, по дороге заряжая: “Народ голодает, политики играют!”, “Армия – рабство!”, “Власть рождает паразитов!”, “Государство – враг народа!”, “Чиновники – воры, политики – лжецы! За доллары копают могилу для страны!”. В ходе шествия жглась пиротехника, на стены окрестных домов наносился трафарет “Беларусь – не полигон!”

Sean Kirtley Released From Prison After Appeal Victory!

United Kingdom, 22.09.2009 11:09

The Final Nail In The SOCPA Coffin?

In May 2008, following an 18-week trial costing over £4.5 million, the operator of a website criticising animal testing, Sean Kirtley, was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for allegedly organising legal protests. He was found guilty under Section 145 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) for "interfering with the contractual relationships of a laboratory" by campaigning against Sequani Limited and its business associates. He was released this month after his appeal was successful.

Solidarity direct action included a Carnival Against Vivisection in September against Sequani and anonymous ALF activists painting a city centre, walls and bridges, liberating hundreds of chickens, redecorating a fur shop, vandalising a hunter's car and sabotaging vending machines (1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5).

Newswire: A letter from Sean Kirtley to Gagged! | "Free Sean" | GSK and Mars vending machines sabotaged | Sean Kirtley's Appeal Launched | ALF Chickin' Nickin' For Sean | Law-lord ruling to free Sean Kirtley? NETCU on the run | Felix Says "Free Sean Kirtley" | Sollidarity actions for Sean Kirtley | Serious Implications for Freedom of Speech as Activist Jailed for 4.5 years | NETCU and Judge Ross crucify civil liberties | Support Freedom of Speech - Support Sean! | Sequani Trial Update - One Remanded - Three not guilty so far... | Jury out to decide the fate of the Sequani Six (longest AR trial in history) | How to be a seriously organised animal rights criminal - Section 145 SOCPA. | The Sequani Six say thanks for the support

Previous feature: Police repression at Sequani demo | World Day for Animals in Laboratories March | Anti-vivisection campaigners convicted of blackmail | Solidarity For Political Prisoner Sean Kirtley | Carnival Against Vivisection | Sequani Besieged by Surprise Action

Links: Free Sean Kirtley | Sequani 6 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | NETCU Watch

Indymedia UK topic pages: Stop Sequani Animal Testing | SOCPA

Obama and Vietghanistan Cartoon

DC, 22.09.2009 03:09

Convención APP

Puerto Rico, 22.09.2009 03:09

Alianzas Público Privadas: Una convención que debe impedirse

Zelaya retorna à Honduras e se refugia na embaixada brasileira

CMI Brasil, 22.09.2009 03:07



Arizona, 22.09.2009 01:37

Local anarchists leave an early morning greeting to delegates of the state Republican convention in Mesa

Three Codepink Activists Disrupt Condoleezza Rice Speech, Call Her a War Criminal

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.09.2009 00:08

Cynthia Papermaster writes:, "on Thursday, Sept. 17, Three CODEPINK activists confronted Condoleezza Rice at a speech inside the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, CA, calling her a war criminal, responsible for torture and lying the U.S. into a war of occupation in Iraq. They waited until her speech was finished before standing up with "bloody hands" to confront her loudly in front of about 1000 audience members."

Ousted President Zelaya Returns to Honduras

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.09.2009 00:08

On September 21st, ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya returned to the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa and appeared on several television and stations from within the Brazilian embassy. TeleSur has showed images of uniformed Honduran National Police members, with billy clubs, shields, helmets and guns, surrounding the zone near the Brazilian Embassy, apparently to close access to the area, blocking anti-coup demonstrators from entering or leaving.

IFPAL member arrested over &quot;offensive&quot; No To Lisbon sign outside Israeli Embassy.

Ireland, 21.09.2009 20:09

Earlier today, Friday 18th September, Sean Clinton ...

Massa Crítica 22 de setembro dia mundial sem carro

CMI Brasil, 21.09.2009 17:07


calais destructie

Oost-Vlaanderen, 21.09.2009 11:37

afbraak van 'de jungle' in Calais: noodoproep

BART Police Oversight Plan Dead

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.09.2009 07:08

Justice for Oscar Grant activists returned to East Bay BART trains and stations on September 4th to inform riders about BART's intransigence toward holding anyone accountable for their police officers' behavior on New Year's Day. Later the same day, it was learned that BART's attempt to pass AB1586 would fail in this legislative session, meaning that there would be no new police oversight of any kind established before the end of the year.

J.R. Valrey on Trial for Felony Charges in Oscar Grant Rebellion

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.09.2009 06:09

On Sept. 21st, J.R. Valrey will stand trial in Oakland on felony arson charges, after he was arrested while reporting on the Oscar Grant Rebellion on January 7, 2009. Valrey is a producer at KPFA radio, associate editor and multimedia director of the San Francisco Bay View newspaper, and also runs the Block Report Radio website. Supporters have been asked to show they stand with J.R. by attending the trial, which starts at 9am in Courtroom 11, 1225 Fallon St., Oakland.

&quot;You've Got The Wrong Symbol, Boy!&quot; Video of Man Calling Street Vendors &quot;ACORN&quot; As He Hounds Them Out Of &quot;Tea Party&quot; Rally Raises Questions

DC, 21.09.2009 03:10

On the face of it, it's a video of a white man harassing a group of black kids out of a rally many feel had racist leanings. But the man says that the kids were from ACORN, a group he says is especially hostile to the agenda of the Sept. 12 "Tea Party" in Washington, DC. And he, Tim Jones was someone who didn't want people from ACORN trying to disrupt or in this case selling flags to the assembled to raise money for their group, so he took it upon himself to make them leave. But then we add to this the fact that ACORN says they never sent anyone to the "Tea Party" rally, and in fact aren't in the business of sending people out there as vendors. This is a concern that has been raised over the past week, but Jones doesn't feel inclined to defend himself or for that matter make all that much of a presence since the video came out, and the person who shot the video is being dodgy trying to cry about our link to Max Blumenthal and telling us to "piss off". So with the credibility of both the cameraman and Jones himself in question, we have to assume with no other evidence saying otherwise, that these kids were not part of ACORN. And if we take that particular item out of the equation, what are we left with? A video of a lying white man harassing a group of black kids out of a rally many feel had racist leanings. Read on.


Colombia, 21.09.2009 01:39


Colombia, 21.09.2009 01:39


Colombia, 21.09.2009 01:39


Argentina, 21.09.2009 01:09

Se realizó el Segundo Encuentro de los Pueblos Fumigados


Argentina, 21.09.2009 01:09

Se realizó el Segundo Encuentro de los Pueblos Fumigados


Arizona, 20.09.2009 22:37

Tucson Department of Transportation postpones decision on new roadway until August as opposition overwhelms public meeting

G-20 Summit Brings World Leaders and Protests to Pittsburgh

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.09.2009 22:09

The second G-20 summit of 2009 is due to take place this week, bringing the leaders of 20 wealthy nations to Pittsburgh, PA, to make economic decisions affecting billions of people. Held annually since 1999, the G-20 has recently been meeting twice a year in response to the global economic crisis. Throughout the week, economic justice and climate activists from across the country will seek to upstage the official story through marches, educational forums, tent cities, a climate camp and other tactics.


Colombia, 20.09.2009 20:09

Resumen de Noticias

Argentina, 20.09.2009 16:09

Mehserle Attorney Accuse Activists Groups and Indybay as Spreading Disinformation

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.09.2009 13:39

Dave Id, writes:, "The day after the court denied Mehserle attorney Michael Rains' 995 motion to dismiss the murder case due to supposed judicial improprieties, Rains filed his long-expected motion for a change of venue. Mehserle and his defense team appear to be hoping for the murder trial to be moved out of Alameda County as their last best chance for him to avoid a conviction for the murder of Oscar Grant III on January 1st, 2009. in the motion Rains accuse activists groups and Indybay as spreading disinformation about the case and unfairly amplifying political pressure to prosecute. "

Palestinian Israelis and Internationals Succeed in Causing Substantial Damage to The Wall

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.09.2009 11:09

On [put date here],In an impressive joint collective action Palestinian, Israeli and international protestors haveed in moving one of the wall blocks (weighing a few tons!), causing substantial damage to the wall, and opening a gap in which a person can pass.

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