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&quot;Isto não é um despejo, é para matar trabalhadores/as&quot;

CMI Brasil, 27.09.2009 15:37


Hotel Management Drag Their Feet &amp; Local 2 Hits the Streets

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.09.2009 05:09

On September 24th, 1700 hotel workers in Unite Here! Local 2 and their supporters marched around union square to demand a fair contract with a number of San Francisco hotels. Ninety-two union members and others were arrested for blocking the entrances at the St. Francis Westin and the Grand Hyatt.

Disorientation Guide to UC Santa Cruz 2009-2010

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.09.2009 02:38

Disorientation Guide Collective writes, "So you've gotten to the University of California at Santa Cruz. Congratulations! What now? The ideas the University produces about itself construct an ideal image of what awaits you here: an image of fulfillment and understanding, a picture of the life you might build for yourself after you get your degree. So how couldn't you be idealistic and excited? After all, you've arrived at one of the most beautiful places in the world and prepared yourself for the journey of a lifetime."

Health Care Rally 09/22/09 Portland, Oregon

Portland, 26.09.2009 23:38

Tuesdays march was attended by over 400 people, many with signs for the public option and single payer, and against big insurance and the for-profit insurance industry. Speakers included someone who'd lost their house because of health care bills, Dr. Paul Gorman, and people as well as someone from the AFL-CIO which has come out strongly in favor of Single Payer. The march began at Pettygrove Park and went around 200 Market building housing the offices of Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Video of march and speakers protesting Big Insurance trying to control debate over health care and stop the public option:

Related: Open Letter to Congressman DeFazio on Health Care

Pink and Black Attack #3 out now!

Portland, 26.09.2009 23:38

We are proud to announce the release of the third issue of 'Pink and Black Attack', a queer anarchist publication from Olympia, WA. This issue provides legal updates and calls for legal support for comrades facing legal trouble as well as news and reportbacks from anti-corporate Pride actions. We also feature an interview with Terence Kissack and an excerpt from his book, Free Comrades: Anarchism and Homosexuality in the United States 1895-1917. Additionally, we feature more anti-assimilationist, anarchist queer analysis and thought.
You can download/read Pink and Black Attack #3 here:

In solidarity-
Pink and Black Attack Collective


Portland, 26.09.2009 23:38

G20 is Live

Here are links to the Independent Media covering the mess ---Twitter Account at the G20 (MP3.Hi) (MP3.Lo)

fell free to add any related links in the comment section below

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September 30th: Anti-war Demonstration Planning Meeting

Seattle, 26.09.2009 23:38

With momentum building, this scheduled to be the next-to-last meeting before the October 17 anti-war demonstration. Connect up with us for the final weeks of mobilization, and planning the final details of O-17.

Wednesday, September 30, 7 p.m. at the Panama Hotel Tea & Coffee House, 607 South Main, Seattle.

ELF Graffiti in Washington State Threatens More Actions in the Future

Portland, 26.09.2009 20:08

Maltby, WA - The underground environmental protection group, Earth Liberation Front (ELF) left a strong warning in Washington State this week, spray-painting a message on industrial buildings in the City of Maltby. The message, left specifically for the Master Builder's Association and Andy Skotdal, owner of Everett's KRKO-AM 1380 radio station, stated:
"MBA KRKO/Snotdol Empire. If you continue to risk killing children, mother earth and her creations, all your holdings are targets. Rise up earth children, ever, ever, ever, ever so carefully. They watch everything. The time is now. Authentic ELF? Ask ATF/FBI about restricted water mains. Little water, better burn. ELF."

On September 4, the ELF knocked down two radio towers owned by Skotdal and KRKO near Everett, WA, leaving a banner claiming responsibility. Previously, on March 3, 2008, the ELF was responsible for burning three homes in the Woodinville, WA Street Of Dreams, inflicting $7 million in damages.

"The ELF takes action to stop the ecoterrorism caused by industries and governments who are more concerned with financial gain than they are with the health of their children, of their citizens, wildlife and planet," ... "Only when all of the corporate and governmental ecoterrorists have ended their destructive practices will the ELF be satisfied."

Christians Make Sorry-Ass Spectacle of Selves at National Muslim Day of Prayer at the Capitol

DC, 26.09.2009 18:10

JESUS FREAKS SHOUT, BABBLE AT MUSLIMS; FLING BIGOTED INSULTS, THREATS OF DAMNATION AS PER USUAL It had turned out to be quite a pleasant sunny afternoon when several thousand Muslims gathered on the West Lawn of the Capitol in a peaceable neighborly manner to pray and meditate on their National Day of Prayer while, in the meantime, they were relentlessly hectored, harassed, bullied and accosted by a gaggle of born-again Christian nutcakes in a display of the kind of ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity that drove this reporter to atheism. Video by Mike Flugennock, streaming out of YouTube, 07min 56secs. Still photography by Isis.

The Will To Resist

Rogue Valley, 26.09.2009 17:39

The Will to Resist:
Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight in Iraq and Afghanistan

Dahr Jamail, an Arab-American journalist, who has covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since shortly after the U.S. invaded Iraq, will discuss his new book, The Will to Resist, in Ashland on September 30th.

Jamail's lecture about his experiences in Iraq and his interviews with dozens of American soldiers, who are refusing to be deployed or refusing to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq, promises to be riveting. The lecture is free and open to the public. Ashland is one stop on Jamail's National Lecture Tour in support of his new book.


Galiza, 26.09.2009 16:09


O sábado 17 de outubro temos convocada umha manifestaçom n’A Corunha para exigirmos que a transexualidade seja descatalogada dos manuais internacionais de doenças mentais. Desde a Rede Internacional pola Despatologizaçom Trans consideramos mui grave que, a dia de hoje, a transexualidade siga a ser catalogada como umha patologia mental, o que, ao nosso modo de ver, incide mui negativamente nas discriminaçons que segue a sofrer o colectivo trans.

A manifestaçom d’A Corunha realizará-se simultaneamente junto a outras em 28 cidades de todo o mundo.


Galiza, 26.09.2009 14:09

Entrada já a semana prévia ao juízo político contra José Manuel Sanches e Santiago Vigo na ‘Audiencia Nacional’, a campanha de denúncia e mobilizaçom iniciada neste mês inicia a sua recta final.
Ao intenso trabalho que estám a desenvolver dezenas de voluntári@s e militantes do nosso organismo nas últimas semanas soma-se agora a celebraçom de concentraçons anti-repressivas nas principais cidades galegas. Publicamos a seguir o programa de actos nestes dias a falta de outras iniciativas que se convoquem proximamente.

From the Hill District in Pittsburgh - where the real G20 Action is taking place

Ireland, 26.09.2009 10:39

While a self selected group of world leaders congr ...

UC Students Walk Out Statewide

LA, 26.09.2009 09:38

Operation Liberation: Highgate Rabbit Farm

United Kingdom, 26.09.2009 09:09


IMC Northern England will be providing coverage of the SHAC UK national Demonstration at Highgate Rabbit Farm, Lincolnshire on Saturday 26th September.

Those at the demo can phone in their news of the days events to:


Alternatively, you can publish pictures/video/text direct from your phone to the Northern Indymedia "Tumblewire" from an internet enabled phone to

During the midnight hours of 6th January 2008, Animal Liberation Front (ALF) volunteers gained entry to Highgate Rabbit Farm, in Lincolnshire, who imprison animals waiting to suffer and die in the miserable vivisection industry (Pictures | Video). 129 rabbits were liberated with £70,000 worth of damage caused to the farm and its vehicles.

Following the raid, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) reported the farm subsequently stopped supplying rabbits for animal testing, in a plan to close down the business. However, after instruction from the police, the farm reluctantly resumed supplying rabbits to laboratories, one of which is Europe's biggest and most exposed lab Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).

Therefore as part of a global week of action against vivisection breeders, SHAC have called a UK national demonstration for Saturday 26th September, directly outside the farm, in an attempt to save the rest of the animals and close down the lab supplier. Just days later ALF activists claimed they painted slogans against those who own and run the farm, such as 'Douglas Family Bunny Butchers' and 'Douglas Animal Abusers' in the Market Rasen area.

Links: About Highgate | Demo/Transport Details | Resources | Action

Newswire: Butane bomb left at Novartis | ALF Welcome Andrew Baker To Town | Letters Sent To HLS-Loving Scum | Vivisection Animal Breeder Global Week of Action | Fire At Homes Of HLS Lenders | Veganarchist Dean Cain Remanded Again | Launch of SHAC North America | Pain doubles at HLS, animal use drops 34% | Unilever Products Sabotaged | Novartis Products Ruined | Latest on HLS financials | Novartis under attack | Novartis Stinks | SHAC newsletter 52 - out now! | New Largest Investor Morgan Stanley Dumps HLS | Huntingdon Life Sciences doomed financial status | Warning Sent To Novartis Offices | Dan Amos has moved prisons | MFAH destroy Novartis CEO's hunting lodge, ALF paint subsidiary | More articles

See also: Highgate Farm Protest Camp

desalojo y represión en Kraft-Terrabusi

Argentina, 26.09.2009 05:39

"Esto no es un desalojo, esto es matar a los trabajadores"

Viernes 25 de Septiembre de 2009 | desalojo y represión en Kraft-Terrabusi

Argentina, 26.09.2009 05:39

"Esto no es un desalojo, esto es matar a los trabajadores"

Cabrillo Students March to Support Colter White

Santa Cruz, CA, 26.09.2009 03:38

Cabrillo College students held a demonstration on September 25th in Santa Cruz to stand against injustice and support their fellow student, Colter White. Colter's friends and supporters say his character and integrity make a huge impact around campus. Due to a misunderstanding, Colter is facing a year in prison for a parole violation.

September 26th: Seattle/Mt. Vernon Glenn Beck Protests

Seattle, 26.09.2009 02:38

Right-wing commentator Glenn Beck will be presented with the key to the city of Mt. Vernon on Saturday. Community members voiced their outrage at a recent city council meeting, but the mayor is adamant that the ceremony be held as scheduled. Fox News, of course, will be at the event to provide its unique brand of unfair and unbalanced coverage. This ceremony has morphed into a strictly controlled Fox media event, and other members of the corporate media are not welcome to cover the ceremony.

Do you agree that Glenn Beck's race-baiting and fear-mongering behavior is unacceptable? Do you think Glenn Beck visiting the Puget Sound region and being honored by Mt. Vernon's mayor is foul? Do you think the ban of the media to the events is acceptable? If you said "No" to these questions, show up at one of the Glenn Beck protests on Saturday.


Colombia, 25.09.2009 21:08

Las bases militares estadounidenses son una directa invasión, intervención y agresión para Latinoamérica


Colombia, 25.09.2009 21:08

Migue Ángel

Colombia, 25.09.2009 20:38

El profesor Miguel Ángel Beltrán Villegas sigue tras la rejas por pensar diferente

Miguel Ángel

Colombia, 25.09.2009 20:38

El profesor Miguel Ángel Beltrán Villegas sigue tras la rejas por pensar diferente


Colombia, 25.09.2009 20:38

Foro Social por la Vida, la Dignidad y la Identidad Popular

Pittsburgh Indymedia meluncurkan media G-Infinity untuk KTT G-20

Jakarta, 25.09.2009 20:38

Pittsburgh Indymedia meluncurkan media G-Infinity untuk KTT G-20, untuk menyatukan suara-suara akar rumput dan isu-isu yang terkait dengan kebijakan G-20 dari sudut pandang masyarakat luas.G-20 KTT menyatukan para pemimpin nasional dari 19 negara besar yang mengendalikan 85% dari kekayaan dunia untuk menetapkan kebijakan ekonomi dunia. Apakah ini sebuah forum demokratis untuk keputusan-keputusan yang mempengaruhi seluruh 203 negara dan 6,7 miliar orang di dunia?Pittsburgh, sebagai kota tuan rumah, dinyatakan sukses dalam pemulihan ekonomi, dan ekonomi hijau. Pittsburgh Independent Media Center ini didedikasikan untuk akar rumput, berita berbasis masyarakat. Untuk G-20, kami menciptakan G-Infinity media, untuk menceritakan kisah orang-orang yang tidak akan di ruang media lain. ...

Golput Pilihan Politis dan Kritis

Jakarta, 25.09.2009 20:08

Golput atau Golongan Putih merupakan suatu kelompok atau gerakan yang tidak berpartisipasi dalam Pemilihan Umum (pemilu). Sikap dan tindakan itu muncul karena kecewa atas proses pemilu yang tidak sejalan dengan wajah demokrasi sesungguhnya. ...

Tea Parties &amp; Town Halls Face Off Over Health Reform

United States, 25.09.2009 14:07

Over the last few months, polarizing protests have erupted across the country over the question of health care reform. "Town hall" sessions seeking to inform the public about President Obama's proposed health reform bill have been critiqued from the left as ineffective at addressing root causes, and targetted by the right as evidence of "impending socialist doom."

A series of "tea parties", organized by astroturf organizations and spurred on by figures like Michelle Malkin and Glen Beck, have converged in opposition to any expansion of the government's role in providing insurance. The "single-payer" option, widely favored amongst grassroots community organizers, is almost entirely off the table, and discussion of the role of the insurance lobby remains scant.

While dire, this situation has provoked creative response by grassroots organizers to reclaim space for authentic, participatory democracy, including farcical counterprotests, grassroots anger management initiatives, and a caravan of doctors currently making its way across the country toward Washington, DC.

Here is a roundup of coverage from both sides of the barricades:

9/17: Wanted: Mad Doctors Assistant
9/13: T-Day: America Rebukes Scary Negro Socialism
9/13: VIDEO: Mad As Hell Doctors
9/10: Audio Reportback: Portland Mad As Hell Doctors Tour Kick Off
9/9: Seattle Health Care Rally
9/8: Labor Day Healthcare Rally
9/6: Loud Minority Tries to Shout Down Health Care Talk in Palo Alto
9/6: Health Reform Rally in Medford
9/3: Health Care for ALL Rally


8/31: Orderly Town Hall Meeting
8/29: Billionaires for Wealthcare
8/27: Insurance Executives Against ObamaCare
8/23: State of the Left We Rot While "Town Hall" Bullies Multiply
8/23: The Obstacles of Health Care Reform
8/22: Starbucks Workers Protest Rise In Health Premiums
8/19: Activists For Health Care Reform Offer Counseling
8/18: Obama Vs Insurance: Pillow Fights
8/17: Change We need and Can Afford
8/16: Berkley Protest After Whole Foods CEO Comes out Against Public Health Care
8/11: Anger, Remorse, and Health-Care Reform
8/7: Real Health Care Reform: Universal Single Payer

From the Newswire

Perth, 25.09.2009 11:09

Open letter to the ACF and Labor

Pittsburgh: zamieszki w trakcie G20

Poland, 25.09.2009 10:09

Wczotaj w Pittsburghu, w czasie szczytu G20 doszło do kilkunastu zgromadzeń i demonstracji rozmaitych ugrupowań (anarchistów, ekologów, "antyglobalistów", ugrupowań lewicowych, religijnych itp.) protestujących przeciw polityce państw G20 i decyzjom podejmowanym przez to arbitralnie dobrane gremium. Protesty zorganizowane w ciągu dnia przebiegły w miarę spokojnie, wieczorem doszło natomiast do starć z policją.

Chicagoans Join Activist Convergence on G20 in Pittsburgh

Chicago, 25.09.2009 07:08

The G20, an economic forum from 19 countries and the European Union, is holding its September 2009 summit in Pittsburgh. The summit and the city have crystallized as a flashpoint for activist efforts on the economic crisis, the climate crisis, and many human rights crises.

Police and deputies have repressed, attacked, and harrassed the thousands of activists who have converged in Pittsburgh for the G20 protests and the assorted events organized nearby. Chicagoans are also entering the fray, covering the protest preparation.

Indymedia Coverage: Pittsburgh Indymedia/G-Infinity Media | Rochester IMC | Twin Cities IMC | G20 IMC Twitter Feed

Demonstrators Converge on California's Blue Cross Headquarters

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.09.2009 06:09

The amplified voices of activists calling out for health care reform resounded in front of Embarcadero Center in San Francisco on September 22nd. Some called for Anthem Blue Cross, which has offices in the building, to drop their option to a public option, others carried placards espousing a single payer plan for the nation. A dozen "Billionaires for Wealthcare" dressed as golfers, yachtsmen and wealthy socialites, mocked the excesses of health care insurance company executives and investors.

UC Santa Cruz Students Occupy Graduate Student Commons

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.09.2009 00:38

On September 24th, students at UC Santa Cruz began the occupation of the Graduate Student Commons as part of a day of action at all UCs across the state. The building is located in a central location on campus, across from the Bay Tree Bookstore. Occupiers are calling for another day of walkouts on Friday.

25 de Setembro: manifestaçom em defesa da língua em Ferrol

Galiza, 24.09.2009 22:10

A Fundaçom Artábria convoca para a próxima sexta-feira, 25 de Setembro, umha mobilizaçom que percorrera as ruas do centro de Ferrol. A saída será às 20h na Praça do Hino Galego.

Na Fundaçom Artábria vimos fazendo nos últimos tempos umha reflexom, que sem dúvida também vós teredes feito, sobre a gravidade da situaçom a que os poderes públicos estám a levar o nosso idioma.

A chegada do PP ao governo da Junta da Galiza é, sem dúvida, o sinal mais visível e contundente de um processo caracterizado pola falta de implicaçom por parte da maior parte das instituiçons públicas no necessário apoio ao uso do nosso idioma, o galego. É imprescindível afrontar a dramática situaçom que nas últimas décadas vem atravessando, com umha perda de falantes continuada no país que criou e falou o galego durante o último milénio.

2º Aniversário do Centro Social Mádia Leva! [LUGO]

Galiza, 24.09.2009 21:39

Este sábado 26 celebramos dous anos de vida do nosso centro social, embora a associaçom tenha alguns meses mais, o C.S. foi inaugurago em setembro de 2007. Desde entom trabalhamos atreu na construçom nacional, servimos de espaço de encontro para muitos projectos e luitas, formamo-nos e divertimo-nos.

Willamette Week Smears Rose City Antifa, Excuses Local Bigots

Portland, 24.09.2009 19:39

It's hard to know where to begin responding to an article as unethical and error-ridden as James Pitkin's recent Willamette Week story, "Anti-Fascist Front." As an organization committed to opposing racism and organized bigotry, Rose City Antifa's biggest concern is Pitkin's use of his position in the press to silence and trivialize the struggle of people of color, sexual minorities, Jewish communities, and others who are frequent targets of oppressive ideologies. Pitkin defends white supremacists and militant Jew-haters in his story. This article is a result of Willamette Week's willful ignorance of the far Right, and its inability to recognize fascists and anti-Semites unless they come dressed in swastika armbands or Klan robes.

Pitkin contributes to a culture of silence around issues of oppression and racial intimidation in our city, indicating that anti-racists are the bigger problem. To support this idea, he mischaracterizes our organization from the article's start to its finish, going so far as to claim that we refused to grant an interview. What he neglects to mention is that while in dialogue with Willamette Week editor Mark Zusman, we consented to do an interview on the condition that the Willamette Week correct factual errors on their website relating to Rose City Antifa, which they failed to do before our scheduled interview, therefore forcing us to cancel.

We have never had confidence in Pitkin's journalistic skills or professional ethics. It was clear by his earlier authorship of an opinion piece against Rose City Antifa ("Rogue of the Week" article of July 15) that Pitkin had compromised his ability to report news accurately and without bias. Our organization has talked with ethical journalists in the past, and is willing to do so in the future.


Lastpost ontruimd

Netherlands, 24.09.2009 18:39

April2008 - actiedagen krijgen een bitter staartje

Op vrijdag 11 april werd in het kader van de April2008 actiedagen voor kraken en vrije ruimtes het oude TPG gebouw in Nijmegen gekraakt en meteen omgetoverd tot een Sociaal centrum met weggeefwinkel en exporuimte.

Reeds de volgende dag werd het pand al bedreigd met ontruiming. De kraker gingen echter niet bij de pakken neerzitten en kwamen in actie. Die nacht nog werd een spandoek opgehangen.Op de avond van 13 mei werd de ontruiming voorbereid, maar na overleg met de gemeente leek de onmiddelijke dreiging voorlopig van de baan. Later die week werd het duidelijk dat de gemeente alsnog wilde laten ontruimen op 429 omdat het gebouw af en toe gebruikt werd voor brandweeroefeningen. De kraker betwijfelden of dat wel tructureel gebruik is en spanden een kort geding tegen de staat aan. Ondertussen werden de activiteiten gewoon verder gezet. Op 3 mei ging er zelfs al een festival door.

Op woensdag 7 mei besliste de rechter in het nadeel van de krakers. Op vrijdag 9 mei probeerden drie politie-agenten het pand binnen te komen. De de volgende donderdag werd duidelijk dat de dag erop ontruimd zou worden.[video] Met een druk bezochte en militante lawaaidemo maakten de Nijmegers duidelijk dat de Lastpost er tijdens zijn korte bestaan in geslaagd was een belangrijke plek te worden voor heel wat mensen.

Op zaterdag 17 mei wordt weer gelawaaid, verzamelen bij het station om 13.00u.

Kultivierung der Stadt: Urbane Gärten in BCN

Germany, 24.09.2009 18:09

Ein urbaner Garten wächst auf der Fensterbank, auf dem Dach (Foto 1), in Kulturzentren und Schulen, in Innenhöfen und neben Bahngleisen (Foto 2), unter aufgebrochenem Asphalt oder in brachliegender Erde, er kann parzelliert oder gemeinschaftlich organisiert werden, seine Früchte landen im Kühlschrank eines einzelnen Haushalts oder im gigantischen Kochtopf einer Volxküche. In ihm entstehen Freundschaften oder sogar Kooperativen zum Vertrieb von ökologischen Lebensmitteln. Alle Arten von urbanen Gärten stellen eine Form der Wiedergewinnung ungenutzter Räume dar; sie füllen diese mit Sinn.

Interview with Ralph Schoenman on Crisis in Iran

Santa Cruz, CA, 24.09.2009 17:09

On September 18th, Ralph Schoenman spoke with Louis LaFortune on Free Radio Santa Cruz about the origins of the crisis in Iran. Mr. Schoenman lived in Iran during the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and was involved in that struggle. Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone will outline the suppressed story of the resistance in Iran at the Veterans Memorial Building in Santa Cruz on Thursday, September 24th at 7pm.

Gabe Meyers First Oscar Grant Protester to Be Sentenced

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.09.2009 16:39

On April 9th, after numerous community activists spoke during a BART Board meeting takeover, Gabe Meyers independently threw a small amount of red paint onto BART General Manager Dorothy Dugger and Assistant General Manager Marcia deVaughn. On September 4th, Gabe Meyers accepted a plea bargain that was offered to him by the judge in his case, who described the action as civil disobedience in the tradition of earlier civil rights and Vietnam-era anti-war protests.


Houston, 24.09.2009 15:38

Upcoming Events from the Houston Indymedia Calendar

Actions Spreading Across the U.S. Against Corporate-Driven Climate Policy

Boston, 24.09.2009 15:08

Climate SOS groups protest the Pittsburgh International Coal Conference days before the G-20 arrives in the city, additional actions against U.S. climate policy and the fossil fuels industry took place on both the east and west coasts. RELATED: Preemptive Repression in Pittsburgh

George Mann &amp; Mark Ross in Concert Sept. 25

Rogue Valley, 24.09.2009 14:09

When: Friday, September 25 from 8 to 10 p.m.
Where: Standing Stone Brewing Company, 101 Oak Street
Info: 541-482-6988

concerto solidário massó cangas

Galiza, 24.09.2009 12:39

O sábado día 26 vaise celebran en cangas un concerto solidário para pagar as multas que está chegando a xente de cangas, ao impedir a construcçom dum porto desportivo nas proximidades da antiga fábrica conserveira de massó. Como a maioría conhecedes este é un proxeto auspiciado por caixanova, coa complacencia e apoio dos tres grupos políticos PP PSOE e BNG. A pesar de todo isto CANGAS NOM SE VENDE.

LA Health Reform Rally Sticks it to Fox

LA, 24.09.2009 10:38

LA Health Reform Rally Sticks it to Fox

Грамадскасць аднагалосна выказалася супраць АЭС у Беларусі

Belarus, 24.09.2009 10:07

Сёння, 17 верасня 2009 г., адбылося пазачарговае паседжанне Грамадскага каардынацыйнага савета пры Міністэрстве прыродных рэсурсаў і аховы навакольнага асяроддзя. Адзіным пытаннем у павестцы дня было "Об оценке воздействия на окружающую среду АЭС в Республике Беларусь".

Былі зачытаныя тры даклады. Людзі, якія павінны былі б зрабіць незалежную экспертную ацэнку ўздзеяння АЭС на прыроду і грамадства і прадставіць яе публіцы, насамрэч займаліся прапагандай "мірнага атаму". Гучалі недобрасумленныя заявы. Напрыклад, па словах Андрэя Катанаева, на рэактарах тыпу ВВЭР "не было ни одного события с выбросом радиоактивности в окружающую среду". Якаў Кенігсберг цвердзіў, быццам іншых аварый з выкідам радыёнуклідаў у навакольнае асяроддзе, апрача Тры-Майл-Айлэндскай і Чарнобыльскай, не было.

Запрашэнні на паседжанне былі разасланыя ўсяго за два дні, таму з 16 удзельнікаў савета прысутнічала толькі пяцёра. Ад грамадскіх арганізацый дайшлі яшчэ некалькі ня-ўдзельнікаў савета. Многія адсутныя…

Минск: акция против военных учений &quot;Запад-2009&quot;

Belarus, 24.09.2009 10:07

Сегодня, на второй день начавшихся на территории Беларуси учений “Запад-2009″, минские анархисты выразили свой протест против военных игр руководства Беларуси и России.

Как обычно, место и время нашей акции стали сюрпризом для “правоохранительных органов” и вообще органов власти. Мы не собираемся спрашивать кого-то, когда, как и где нам протестовать.
В 17.00 порядка 35 анархистов под черно-красными флагами и с баннером “Народ голодает, военные играют!” двинулось по проезжей части ул. Коммунистической, по дороге заряжая: “Народ голодает, политики играют!”, “Армия – рабство!”, “Власть рождает паразитов!”, “Государство – враг народа!”, “Чиновники – воры, политики – лжецы! За доллары копают могилу для страны!”. В ходе шествия жглась пиротехника, на стены окрестных домов наносился трафарет “Беларусь – не полигон!”

Climate Justice Boxer &amp; Chevron Action

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.09.2009 07:39

A coalition of organizations rallied in San Francisco on September 21st to deliver a message to U.S. lawmakers and polluting corporations. The protest started at the S.F. office of Senator Barbara Boxer and then moved to Chevron Oil Corporation's downtown S.F. "Energy Solutions" office. The action capped the weekend-long West Coast Climate Justice Convergence, building grassroots pressure in the lead up to the December's Copenhagen climate talks.

Staples Demo: No More Office Supplies for Puppy Killers!

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.09.2009 06:39

On Friday, September 11th, activists demonstrated in front of the Staples office supplies store in on Cleveland Avenue in Santa Rosa. Staples was targeted because they have been documented using unmarked vans to deliver office supplies to Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). In recent years, HLS have been infiltrated and exposed multiple times for animal cruelty, including workers punching beagle puppies in the face. Their goal was "to show Staples that if you deal with HLS, you deal with us."

Hoy presentará su libro &quot;la razon de mi lima&quot;

Argentina, 24.09.2009 03:39

Entrevista a Mariano Dubín: "Desde mi poesía discuto el mundo"

Report Back From the G-20 in Pittsburgh

Rochester, 24.09.2009 02:07

Members of Rocheser Indy Media are in Pittsburgh covering the the G-20 economic summit. The G-20 consists of finance ministers and government officials from the 19 wealthiest countries and the EU. At the summit they will discuss the international economy or basically how to keep the rich, rich and to hell with the masses.

Up to the minute coverage at: IMC Pittsburgh

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