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elecciones estudiantiles

Argentina, 03.11.2004 01:26

Martes 2 de Noviembre de 2004 | Serán el 3, 4 y 5 en la UNLP
Tres Días de Elecciones Estudiantiles

Breaking News From Baltimore Reclaim the Streets

DC, 03.11.2004 01:18

A from the streets summary of the Election Day Relcaim the Streets in Baltimore...

Take the Champaign County Voter Survey!

Urbana-Champaign, 03.11.2004 00:47

The UC-IMC would like to know about your voting experience in Champaign County. We will post the results of the survey to our website ( and will follow up with reports on our findings. Please take the survey now at:

Widespread Voting Problems in Nashville

Tennessee, 03.11.2004 00:25

Despite lengthy preparations and an unprecidented number of early voters, reports of voting problems were widespread across Nashville today. In a large number of cases involving questions of voter eligibility, poll workers were unable to reach Metro election officials to resolve the problems, and in many cases had to send voters away without voting or with instructions to come back later. Why election officials were not able to respond to poll workers in a timely fashion is not yet clear. Other problems included confusion over ansentee ballots, lack of handicapped access to polling facilities, long lines, and voters being required to declare their party affiliation before being allowed to vote.

Voting irregularities in Michigan and Ohio

Michigan, 03.11.2004 00:11

An early rundown of reports that we've received from Michigan and Ohio on voting irregularities, including poll challengers, voting machine malfunctions, ID-checking, and intimidation.

Moord op Theo van Gogh leidt nog tot weinig bezinning

Netherlands, 02.11.2004 23:52

De bekende filmmaker Theo van Gogh is dinsdagochtend midden op straat in Amsterdam-Oost met messteken en kogelschoten om het leven gebracht [ 1 | 2 ]. De dader komt volgens politiebronnen uit religieuze kringen. Dinsdagavond was er een herdenking voor de vrijheid van meningsuiting, maar men ging ook de Dam op om te demonstreren tegen racisme en discriminatie [ 1 | 2 | foto's ].

Update: (Extreem)rechtse groeperingen probeerden hun munt te slaan uit de moord. Op hun betoging in Amsterdam-Zuid woensdagavond waren echter slechts vijftig mensen. Tegelijkertijd werd een AFA flyer-actie tegen racisme door de ME onmogelijk gemaakt. "Vanavond gold de vrijheid van meningsuiting alleen voor extreem rechts."

Moord op Theo van Gogh leidt nog tot weinig bezinning

Netherlands, 02.11.2004 23:52

A murder of a criticus and the road to an intolerant Dutch political and religious culture

Early poll, analysis, predict Kerry win

Michigan, 02.11.2004 23:45

The Raw Story and Zogby International are both predicting a Kerry win in 2004. In a likely attempt to avoid a repeat of the 2000 Presidential Election, most corporate media are not issuing predictions of the results, focusing mostly on the unusually high turnout.

Who do you think will win? What do you think this might mea for social and justice movements in this country and around the world? Check out one response.

Add your thoughts below.

Prevent the Theft of our Election

Atlanta, 02.11.2004 23:34

#media_7170;right# New Info proves that Central Tabulating Computers have modems connected and are open to manipulation. ie- all this stuff about vote challengers is just a diversion, because one person can change the state total from their home computer. Take the day off of work to help save our country. Yeah sure conspiracy nuts- they can’t steal it- wrong. We now have evidence that certainly looks like altering a computerized voting system during a real election, and it happened just six weeks ago.

Photos and brief report from Multnomah County Elections office in Portland

Portland, 02.11.2004 23:02

i really like that we have vote-by-mail here in this part of Cascadia temporarily known as Oregon. i appreciate having lots of time with the ballot to research my choices, discuss them with friends (and otherwise), and fill it out really slowly if i'd like, in the comfort of my own home. But as long as i've lived here, i've never mailed it. i always bike it up to the Multnomah County Elections Office on 10th & Morrison in Portland. i do this for two reasons: a) i want to assure that my ballot arrives safely where it's supposed to go, and b) i enjoy the sense of occasion and excitement of going somewhere in person on sElection Day.

So today i biked up there in the rain with my ballot, and the ballots of my roommates, and i was not disappointed. It was quite a scene up there.

Indymedia Election Coverage:

Urbana-Champaign, 02.11.2004 23:01

Polls close at 7 PM. Verify your voter registration status, find your polling place, and see your ballot by entering your info at: LOCAL HOTLINE FOR CHALLENGED VOTERS: 398-1018 ID MAY BE REQUIRED We are getting reports that students are being sent home to fetch ID. Please bring the following with you to the polls. Stand up for your right to vote! Two types of ID with your REGISTERED ADDRESS are required: 1) Primary ID: Driver license, state ID, student ID, utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check. 2) Secondary ID: any piece of mail with your name and address (the one you registered with). VOTER REGISTRATION CARDS ARE NOT VALID ID. Here is a list of local imc's that will be offering comprehensive coverage:

Independent Media Centers CoverageWeb Radio Streams

Zogby's predicting Kerry electoral win, Bush popular vote win:

Urbana-Champaign, 02.11.2004 22:55

In what may be a reversal of the 2000 Presidential elections, Zogby's prediction is now that Kerry will take the electoral college with 311 votes (compared with Bush's 213; however, Bush is predicted to take 49.4% of the popular vote (compared with Kerry's 49.1%). More details below.

Report: 3% of Black men in Massachusetts disenfranchised

Boston, 02.11.2004 22:37

This is the first presidential election since Massachusetts prisoners were stripped of the right to vote. The effected population is disproportionately Black. More than 3% of Black men in Massachusetts are denied the right to vote.

&quot;Wahlen&quot; in den USA

Germany, 02.11.2004 22:13

W�hrend in den USA unter Beobachtung von OSZE gew�hlt wurde, berichten die IMCs und andere unabh�ngige Medien �berall in den Vereinigten Staaten von zahlreichen "Unregelm��igkeiten" und Chaos bei der Stimmabgabe. Am Morgen nach der Wahl gibt immer noch keinen offiziellen Gewinner, auch wenn ein "Sieg" Bush's zu erwarten ist. Aufgrund der Stimmung im Lande wurde mit bis zu 60% Wahlbeteiligung gerechnet, Republikaner und Demokraten haben zehntausende Anw�lte angeheuert. Da sich die Vorw�rfe eines Wahlbetrugs und einer Entrechtung der W�hlerinnen gerade im Bundesstaat Florida seit Monaten h�ufen, wurde von AktivistInnen eine landesweite Kampagne vorbereitet, um eine weitere "gestohlene Wahl" zu verhindern. Andere kritisieren die Wahl insgesamt. F�r heute, dem Tag nach der Wahl 3.November ruft ein landesweites breitgef�chertes Beyond Voting-Netzwerk zu Aktionen und Demonstrationen auf.

Von indymedia Michigan wird eine zweit�gige Sondersendung gesendet, sowie ein Live-Webstream (mehr), eine geb�hrenfreie Infotelefonnummer und ein Text-Messaging System ist geschaltet, um die Menschen auf dem neuesten Stand zu halten. Seit Montag ist zudem online und informiert �ber die Wahlen und "Unregelm��igkeiten." Auch die meisten anderen lokalen IMC's in den USA berichten ausf�hrlich von den Wahlen. Live-Radio gibt es von: Indymedia-Pittsburgh, Indymedia-SF, Indymedia-Portland, Indymedia-Michigan und Indymedia-NYC
In den Monaten vor der Wahl wuchs der Druck auf unabh�ngige Medien. So wurde ein Freies Radio in Santa Cruz von schwer bewaffneter Polizei geschlossen, auch indymedia bekam mehrmals Schwierigkeiten mit den Beh�rden. Die Republikanernahe Firma Diebold, welche die umstrittenen elektronischen Wahlurnen betreibt, verklagte Indymedia, um kritische Berichterstattung zu verhindern. Dar�berhinaus wurden fast alle gr��eren Proteste im Sommer verboten oder nur unter gro�en Auflagen gestattet.

- breaking news bei indymedia.usa
- Kampagne: dontjustvote
- Nov 3: To the Streets! - in �ber 30 St�dten f�r "true democracy"
- Telepolis zu Bush und Kerry

How to Protect Your Vote

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 02.11.2004 22:10

Although we all hope things go smoothly, we know that serious vote fraud has been happening for weeks. We need to be prepared to do what it takes to prevent a stolen election. Here are ways to start. For more information on the monitors and the national effort, go to Thursday, November 4 RALLY 4:30-6:00 Minnesota State Capitol Ground HOTLINE: 612-414-3823 ************************************************ Nationwide hotlines to report any difficulties when attempting to vote: English: 1-866-OUR VOTE (1-866-687-8683) Bilingual English/Spanish: 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (1-888-839-8682) Asian Languages: 1-800-966-5946 *******************************************

US-IMC live in time for election!

Atlanta, 02.11.2004 22:05

On the eve of what will be one of the most important elections in U.S. history, the Indymedia network announces the launch of a new and critical website for gathering the news and views of ordinary people across the country and around the world.
Check out the US IMC coverage of the elections [HERE]


Atlanta, 02.11.2004 21:39

#media_7168;right#The Atlanta Independent Media Center and WRFG 89.3 FM present a FREE screening of "UNCONSTITUTIONAL: The War on Our Civil Liberties" Friday, November 5 at 8 pm at the Little 5 Points Community Center, 1083 Austin Ave. (corner of Austin and Euclid Avenues). Debbie Seagraves, executive director, ACLU of Georgia, will speak and lead discussion after the screening. Doors open at 7:30 All ages welcome! For more information call 404-523-3471. [MAP]
[ACLU of Georgia] More info from the ACLU about the PATRIOT ACT [Here] More info about the film [Here

Election Watch 2004: Until Every Vote is Counted

Rogue Valley, 02.11.2004 21:28

There are significant reports of fraud and voting irregularities occurring across the country. A national network of citizens are mobilizing to respond and take action to defend our democracy. We are demanding that every vote is counted, that every voice is heard and proclaiming that we will not sit by while another election is stolen in America! JOIN US! The southern Oregon Urgent Response Network encourages everyone to attend these upcoming events:

A busride down memory lane

Portland, 02.11.2004 21:17

The other day I took a ride on the #30 Burton bus up here in Vancouver. It's a wild ride, for those unfamiliar with it as it currently looks. A close inspection of the neighborhood this route passes through, the current level of construction activities, and the route itself, all seem to reveal a dirty little secret--or many of them. What it all reveals is probably endemic to the West, maybe even the entire country except areas where expansion (urban growth) is no longer possible.

The Burton bus heads N on 164th Ave., through the area known as Fisher's Landing, but it does pass a Fred Meyer which claims to be in the city of Camas, even though that city is a good 4 miles away. This is probably for tax or related reasons. Everything else is either in Vancouver or unincorporated. It's an area notable for the speed with which development occurred--one chain restaurant and bank after another grace the flanks of 164th Ave. At the intersection of 164th and Mill Plain, the worst is over for the most part, but the party has just begun. The bus goes down a hill and takes a left at NE 39th St., across from fields currently being prepared for either new subdivisions or a new shiny business plaza--a new project by (insert construction company name here).


Sydney, 02.11.2004 21:15

Pre-election education analysis rejected by ABC

Voting irregularities nationwide reported by the League of Pissed Off Voters

Portland, 02.11.2004 19:50

The following is a list of voting irregularities reported this morning to The League of Pissed Off Voters:

New Orleans, LA: There have been over 80 complaints of voting problems in New Orleans so far (10:30 AM). Shana from New Orleans Election Protection and the League of Pissed Off Voters reported that there have been machine malfunctions and in some places there are no backup ballots available. Election Protection says that New Orleans is one of the top sites of voting irregularities nationwide.

Milwuakee, WI: In wards 72, 314, and 297 in Milwuakee, voting machines are broken. All three wards are predominantly African-American. Luckily, in some of the target wards in Milwuakee, voting turnout has already reached 50% of registered voters at 1PM.


Overview of Some Youth-Oriented Voter Registration and Turnout Organizations

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.11.2004 19:47

Artists Organize to Bring out the Youth Vote

Overview of Some Youth-Oriented Voter Registration and Turnout Organizations

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.11.2004 19:29

Artists Organize to Bring out the Youth Vote

US-IMC live in time for election!

Arkansas, 02.11.2004 19:15

n the eve of what will be one of the most important elections in U.S. history, the Indymedia network announces the launch of a new and critical website for gathering the news and views of ordinary people across the country and around the world.

Massive Turnout Across Ohio and Michigan

Michigan, 02.11.2004 18:52

Michigan IMC has received reports of long lines at polling places in Cleveland, Detroit, Toledo, Bowling Green, and Ann Arbor mostly due to large numbers of people attempting to cast ballots.

Pacific Lumber Poised to Log Ancient Redwoods

Portland, 02.11.2004 17:09

Humboldt County, CA - Signs dotting Northern California's stretch of Highway 101 declare the scenic passage the "Redwood Highway," named for ancient redwoods that tower over its flanks. Passing through Humboldt Redwoods State Park, which contains one of the largest remaining contiguous stands of ancient coast redwoods in the world, lengths of the famous thoroughfare are just a stone's throw to ancient forest owned by Maxxam/Pacific Lumber - redwoods they hope to cut down in the coming weeks.

The 65-acre Timber Harvest Plan (1-04-220 HUM) is habitat for the endangered marbled murrelet and contains many giant redwoods, including some over 10 feet in diameter. The plan, and its close proximity to the park, has drawn criticism from the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), who sent a dissenting letter of Non-Concurrence to the California Department of Forestry (CDF). The denuded hillside would create a visual blight to passengers on Hwy 101, as well as those on Avenue of the Giants within the State Park. In this location, the "removal of residual old growth redwoods cannot be visually mitigated."

Regime Change Day

Houston, 02.11.2004 16:59

Don't Just Vote, Don't Just Not Vote

Election Erection - Free Radio Arrrgh Does Nov. 2 like nobody else - 7 PM until ? - 99.7 FM

Urbana-Champaign, 02.11.2004 13:51

Free Radio Arrrgh once again leaps into action to bring election coverage that isn't afraid to call "bullshit!" Beginning Nov. 2 around 7 PM we'll bring you local, state and nat'l returns, run down reports of schenanigans in our community and deliver it all with a health dose of snark. All at 99.7 FM.

Darwin Police arrest their strongest critics

darwin, 02.11.2004 13:02

Armed Police arrest 'Parliament Invader' protestors

Election overshadows Melbourne Cup

Melbourne, 02.11.2004 12:40

Eyes of the World focus on USA election

Foro Social de Euskal Herria

Euskal Herria, 02.11.2004 12:30

Un mes después de la celebración del Foro Social Europeo y de Mas Alla del FSE: Espacios Autónomos, le tocaba el turno al II Encuentro del Foro Social de Euskal Herria (EHGF)

El Foro Social de Euskal Herria se constituyó como expresión local del Foro Social Mundial y el Foro Social Europeo. Su objetivo es que el Foro sea "un espacio que contribuya a la reflexión, el intercambio de experiencias, la relación de los diferentes agentes sociales, la articulación de alternativas sociales, la denuncia de las consecuencias sociales del sistema imperante, así como la articulación de respuestas sociales a las mismas", al mismo tiempo que asegura "la pluralidad, la horizontalidad y la participación de todos los agentes sociales reunidos, evitando cualquier tipo de estructura jerárquica".

El primer encuentro del EHGF se realizó del 27 al 29 de junio de 2003 en Gazteiz. [Dossier]

Después de varios meses de trabajo, estaban ya creadas los diferentes ejes temáticos, talleres y sesiones del II Encuentro del EHGF. Las fechas estaban marcadas también: del 12 al 14 de Noviembre en Bilbo. En cambio, a poco menos de un mes, la Secretaría del EHGF anuncia públicamente que estos encuentros quedan suspendidos. En la última Asamblea realizada el 23 de octubre en Bilbo se pudieron ver una serie de discrepancias. Discrepancias que afectaron a la confianza mutua y al consenso al que siempre ha intentado llegar el EHGF.

Este hecho ha generado una discusión muy amplia, que junto a otras realizadas a raiz del Foro Social Europeo, deben hacernos reflexionar sobre todos estos procesos, sus tiempos y hasta donde pueden llegar.

En medio de esta amarga polémica, varias organizaciones creen que los procesos abiertos a raíz de la celebración del Foro no pueden ni deben pararse y van a llevar adelante las sesiones y los talleres que tenían preparados.

De la misma manera el debate y proceso sobre el Foro permanece abierto, si bien se ha evidenciado que se está ante una importante crisis de confianza, que ha abierto una brecha entre sectores aún dispuestos e ilusionados a proseguir con este proyecto y sectores totalmente desencantados. La cicatriz que puede dejar esta brecha solo el tiempo lo dirá.

Debate suscitado: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5

killer al parque

Colombia, 02.11.2004 10:29


Indymedia network launches new website: &quot;;

Rogue Valley, 02.11.2004 09:15

On the eve of what will be one of the most important elections in U.S. history, the Indymedia network announces the launch of a new and critical website for gathering the news and views of ordinary people across the country and around the world.

With its mission of publishing independent, on-the-ground reports from the people who experience the news most directly, will amplify the voices of those most impacted not only by the elections process, but also by the policies of either a Bush or Kerry administration.

Michigan IMC to broadcast N2/N3 radio news coverage

Michigan, 02.11.2004 07:16

Michigan IMC is teaming up with WCBN-FM 88.3 Ann Arbor to provide webcast radio coverage on N2 and N3. For listeners in the Ann Arbor area, Michigan IMC Radio is pleased to announce that our broadcast can be heard live over 88.3 FM from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon and 6:00 to 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 2, and possibly other hours.

Listen now!: 128k (high sound quality) or 48k (lower sound quality).

Michigan IMC Radio will feature breaking news, pre-produced segments as well as original interviews with local activists.

Tune in to hear live and pre-recorded interviews with Anna Kirkland (Women's Studies - University of Michigan), youth activist Mia White, Pete Woiwode (Voice Your Vote - University of Michigan), Maureen Taylor (Michigan Welfare Rights Organization), Abayomi Azikiwe (on the state of community radio in Detroit), Shea Howell (Detroit Summer), Imani Williams (Coalition for a Fair Michigan), Reverend Pinkney (Black Autonomy Network of Community Organizers - Benton Harbor), Scott Kurashige (Professor of History - University of Michigan), Michelle Lin (Detroit League of Pissed Off Voters), and others.

Listen also for discussions of local ballot initiatives, a full recording of Noam Chomsky's October 28th lecture in Ann Arbor, good music, and, of course, your calls from the polls and the streets on N2 and N3.

Beyond Voting Actions Nationwide on November 3rd

Boston, 02.11.2004 07:11

Now that the fight to put the latte-sipping Beacon Hill millionaire (who promises to fight a “more effective war on terror”) into the oval office instead of the phony Born-again neo-con new-England brat cum cowboy (who takes his killing orders from Jesus) is over, let’s get back to the real business of bringing about a better world. Anybody But Bush is a thing of the past, win or lose. Kerry voters can now forgive third party voters for voting their conscience, third party voters can now forgive Kerry voters for taking the lesser of two evils, and voters can now forgive non-voters for not supporting a rigged system. We can put these differences aside in the interest of the desire for change we all share. Justice, equality, civil rights, human rights, and an end to the imperial economic policies and irresponsible military aggression of the United States government. Come demonstrate to the rest of the world that the American people are no longer asleep! Time: Wednesday, November 3rd, 5pm Place: Copley Square Bring music, signs, banners, instruments, props, noisemakers, street theater, and whatever else helps you get your message across!

Getting the vote out in Philly – and making sure it gets counted.

DC, 02.11.2004 06:43

Hundreds of volunteers from DC, New York and Pennsylvania are working to make sure that the turnout on Tuesday is massive – and that no one gets turned away at the polls.

comahue 2

Argentina, 02.11.2004 06:36

Martes 2 de Noviembre de 2004 | Lucha contra la CONEAU
Sigue la toma de la universidad de Comahue

Protesting Bush in Grand Rapids

Michigan, 02.11.2004 06:14

On Saturday October 30 about one hundred people got up early to send the message to President George W. Bush that he is not welcome in Grand Rapids and that nearly every one of his policies is objectionable. Attendance was surprisingly low, especially given the proximity to the election, but low attendance was no doubt a result of the 8:30am starting time and the only two days of notice. The protest was dominated primarily by Kerry supporters of the “Anybody but Bush” attitude although the loudest contingent was a “noise bloc” that played instruments and marched around town before eventually confronting Bush supporters as they left the DeVos Place.

Pennsylvania: Ground Zero, Election 2004

Pittsburgh, 02.11.2004 06:08

Pennsylvania: Ground Zero, Election 2004

Pennsylvania Transit Still In Jeopardy

Pittsburgh, 02.11.2004 05:57

Pennsylvania Transit Still In Jeopardy

Voter Registrations Changed in Scam

Pittsburgh, 02.11.2004 05:54

Voter Party Registrations Changed in Scam

Green Party, Independents See Gains in Registration

Pittsburgh, 02.11.2004 05:50

PA Green Party, Independents See Gains in Registration in Allegheny County

Hacia el totalitarismo

Colombia, 02.11.2004 05:35

Grosera retaliación del DAS contra sindicalistas internacionales

Calling all disillusioned voters, anarchists, anti-capitalists, and the marginalized public

DC, 02.11.2004 05:01

This Tuesday, November 2, come participate in a demonstration of the unrepresented. This demonstration will be an act of reclaiming non-voting as a conscious decision, not a product of apathy or ignorance. At the same time we challenge voters to get active in working for the change you envision. Voting is not enough. Date: November 2nd Meeting Location: The Infoshop located on 9th and P NW, Washington D.C Time: Meet at 11:30, the action will last until around 3

Muro de Palestina

Peru, 02.11.2004 04:52

Pongamos Fin al Muro del Apartheid

Non Voting Election Events

DC, 02.11.2004 04:25

November 2 Calling all disillusioned voters, anarchists, anti-capitalists, and the marginalized public Don't Just Vote! Take Action Nov. 2, 3 & 6 DJ Spooky and Media Collage Artists Unite on Election Night November 3 8am Dupont Circle 6pm White House

Videos de BOLIVIA

Peru, 02.11.2004 04:13

Proyeccion de Documentales sobre BOLIVIA

Indymedia Election Coverage

Michigan, 02.11.2004 04:09

The State, Local, and Federal elections are just around the corner. With choice thrown to the wayside and fear-mongering the issue, many united statesians are going to be participating in creative ways to voice their frustrations. Here is a list of local imc's that will be offering comprehensive coverage.

Indy CoverageWeb Radio Streams

Indymedia network launches new website: &quot;;

Michigan, 02.11.2004 04:03

On the eve of what will be one of the most important elections in U.S. history, the Indymedia network announces the launch of a new and critical website for gathering the news and views of ordinary people across the country and around the world.

With its mission of publishing independent, on-the-ground reports from the people who experience the news most directly, will amplify the voices of those most impacted not only by the elections process, but also by the policies of either a Bush or Kerry administration.

Iraque: 100.000 mortos?

Portugal, 02.11.2004 04:02

Iraque: 100.000 mortos?

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