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Fortress Europe, struggles continue

United Kingdom, 08.10.2009 02:39

No Borders activists staged a protest on 6th October at a Arora hotel near Heathrow in protest at the company's plan to convert one of its Gatwick hotels into an immigration prison. Management of the Arora International Hotels have applied for a change of use, which would see the hotel rooms converted into 245 cells, which would supplement the existing 551 places at nearby Brook House and Tinsley House.

On the same day, a number of migrants in the UK and France were in fear of deportation to Afghanistan on a joint charter flight. The anticipated flight was, however, cancelled, although there may be flights planned for the future.

The co-operation between the British and French states is carried over from the destruction of the 'Jungle' in Calais on 22nd September, which increasingly appears to have been a media stunt, as many of the migrants removed from the camp have found their way back to Calais, with no possessions and nowhere to go, whilst other camps in the area remain untouched by the brutal police operation that was publicly launched by the French State, and applauded by British politicians such as Home Secretary Alan Johnson. On Wednesday 10th October, the operation resumed with an attack on the Dock Camps. The highly visible harbourside squat inhabited by Palestinians, Egytians, Eritreans and Somalians was destroyed by 20 odd vanloads of CRS. 55 arrests were made. Activists on the ground are appealing for support so that the attacks can be resisted.

Hotel Action: press release | pix | video
Charter Flight: 1 | 2 | 3
Attack on Jungle: 1 | 2 | 3
No Borders | Calais Migrants solidarity | Schnews | Shift interview

Two Arrested at NYC Demonstration Marking 8th Anniversary of Afghan War

NYC, 08.10.2009 02:38

The arrests came in the middle of an action attended by at least 60 people who were calling for an immediate end to the occupation and war in Afghanistan. The demonstrators held anti-war signs up and pictures of crying children and flag-draped coffins as they chanted, “Bring the troops home, now alive!” and “Hey Obama, end the wars now!”

Día de Lucha por la Despenalización del Aborto

Argentina, 08.10.2009 00:09

28 de septiembre en Córdoba

Police Brutally Attack Funk the War

Rochester, 08.10.2009 00:07

Funk the War, a demonstration to demand an end to the war in Afghanistan and for increased education funding, was violently attacked by police this evening. At least 10 people were arrested, many are still in custody right now. One of the arrestees was reported to be bleeding from her face after being tackled by two cops into the the base of a light pole, she is currently sitting in the back of a police car without access to medical attention.

Currently, many of the arrestees are being held currently in the public safety building (corner of Exchange and Court St, downtown). A group is gathering outside to support them.

Reporters on the scene say that police attacked the crowd using clubs without any warning or orders to disperse. The first arrested was an African-American man who joined up midway into the march. Members of the crown questioned the obvious racism behind this act and some were arrested shortly after.

Those present estimate at least 35 cop cars present, including one state trooper. We will continue to update this as more info comes in.

Report from Harry Davis

Tucumán: XXIV Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres

Argentina, 07.10.2009 23:39

En la tierra de Manuela Pedraza

Ángel y Claudia

Colombia, 07.10.2009 23:39

Ayuda de memoria

Hundreds protest Afghan War, 61 reported arrested

DC, 07.10.2009 23:10

On Oct 5, as the question of escalation hung in the balance, the first major protest against the Afghanistan War in many a year rocked the area in front of the White House. VIDEO of the protest VIDEO:Waterboarding re-enactment at the White House Audio coverage by WSQT radio

Battle in Montgomery County

DC, 07.10.2009 23:10

This side show performance at Bread and Puppet in Vermont this summer, told the story about eliminating polystyrene lunch trays at Piney Branch Elementary School. From their website: The Young Activist Club, based in Takoma Park, Maryland, is working to eliminate single-use disposable polystyrene lunch trays at the Piney Branch Elementary School, a public school in Montgomery County, Maryland. We are 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Battle in Montgomery County Video The Young Activist Club –- No Styrofoam Campaign

Direct Action Withdraws HLS Loan Facilities

United Kingdom, 07.10.2009 21:09

In August this year, Anchor Sub Funding were exposed as the front company set up by BDO Luxembourg in 2006, that loaned $30 million to Europe's largest and most exposed vivisection laboratory, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). In response, activists protested at offices in Birmingham, Cambridge, Berkshire, Bristol, Manchester, Dublin (Ireland), Gothenburg (Sweden) and a directors home in New York City (USA). The Animal Rights Militia (ARM) also visited the adresses of BDO directors in Luxembourg, leaving incendiary devices underneath an expensive car at one home and painting the other with death threats, before setting fire to the garden. The day after the ARM action was reported Anchor Sub Funding subsequently dissolved and cut its ties with HLS, withdrawing also from any future loans.

As a result, on September 25th, Fortress Investment Group were revealed as the company who payed BDO to set up the shell company. Within a week and at their first demo, Fortress stated they fully divested from HLS, a claim later authenticated by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC). The news comes at a cruical time as HLS CEO Andrew Baker attempts to complete a buyout of the company, now without Fortress' additional loan required to complete the deal.

Newswire: Welcome to HLS - Their Past is Their Future | Fortress Confirm They Have Withdrawn Loan Facilities For HLS | Fortress Divest in HLS? | HLS Financial Target Revealed: Fortress | Fires At Homes Of HLS Lenders | Latest on HLS financials | More articles

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¿Habrá aumento?

Argentina, 07.10.2009 19:09

Futuro incierto en torno al cospel

CMI Brasil, 07.10.2009 15:37


The Fantasies of Joe McGill — a response to the trailer for &quot;The Barrel of A Gun&quot;

United States, 07.10.2009 11:37

The trailer for a new movie about the Mumia Abu-Jamal/Daniel Faulkner case, titled The Barrel of a Gun has just been released. The full-length film is scheduled to come out in December, and all available evidence indicates that it will be extremely biased against Mumia. The title refers to a quote from Mao Zedong, which Abu-Jamal cited in response to the murder of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark by police and FBI in 1969: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." Hampton, a key organizer with the Black Panther Party, was the police's target; he was shot multiple times by semi-automatic guns while sleeping in his apartment next to his pregnant girlfriend.

In this new article, German author Michael Schiffmann confronts the film's pernicious title and explains why the scenario presented by prosecutor Joe McGill is ballistically impossible.

Photo: The body of assassinated Chicago BPP leader Fred Hampton is carried away by smiling police. For more about Hampton's death, watch The Murder of Fred Hampton.

Not Our Mascot Rally

United States, 07.10.2009 11:37

October 3, 2009 — More than 100 people marched across the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to protest the return of its racist mascot, “the Chief,” which was retired by the Board of Trustees in February 2007.

For the second year a registered student organization, Students for Chief Illiniwek, has rented Assembly Hall to hold an event called “The Next Dance” for those who wish to see the mascot’s return. The University of Illinois continues to refuse to educate its students about the reason for the mascot’s retirement, or enforce its trademark on the image.

The march began at the Alma Mater and went up Green Street. University of Illinois and Champaign police had threatened organizers that they would be arrested if anyone walked in the street. A remarkably well-organized event, the crowd policed itself with designated individuals wearing red arm bands and ushering the marchers. There were two legal observers and medical technicians also present. There were fortunately no arrests. Read More | Related: "Chief" Illiniwek Regalia Returned to Ogalala Lakota


Arizona, 07.10.2009 11:37

Chairman testifies that border wall construction violates federal law, destroyed graves

AQUÍ NON SOBRA NINGUÉN!!! 18 Outubro, A Coruña

Galiza, 06.10.2009 20:39

Domingo 18 de outubro

A Coruña, Praza das Conchiñas (Agra do Orzán) 17:00 h.

Manifestación de rexeitamento á reforma da Lei de Extranxeiría e polos dereitos das persoas migrantes.

Difunde e acude !!

SF Arab Cultural and Community Center Presents The 15th Annual Arab Cultural Festival

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.10.2009 19:39

On October 11, San Francisco's Arab Cultural and Community Center will present the 15th Annual Arab Cultural Festival, the largest celebration of Arab heritage in Northern California. This day-long event will showcase the arts, entertainment, food, traditions, and most importantly the spirit of the Arab and Arab-American people, and their contributions to the Bay Area's cultural landscape.

&quot;Я ярый противник льгот&quot;

Belarus, 06.10.2009 18:07

Слово “социальное” видимо давно пора вычеркнуть из конституции республики Беларусь. Ради налаживания отношений со странами западной рыночной экономики и большого капитала президент готов не только ликвидировать те немногие позитивные моменты, которые были в Беларуси, но и публично об этом говорить.

“Я – ярый противник льгот”, – заявил он 2 октября на пресс-конференции российским журналистам. При этом он считает, что единственные действительно важные льготы – это льготы ветеранам “чтобы было что выпить и закусить”. Он также считает, что, чем делать выплаты людям пострадавшим от чернобыльской аварии, которых насчитывается по его словам “чуть ли не половина населения”, гораздо полезнее было создать в Гомеле научно-практический реабилитационный центр, где, заплатив деньги, можно пройти лечение. Осталось лишь уточнить откуда взять деньги на это лечение.

Напомним, что в 2007 году был отменен ряд льгот для следующих групп населения:
* Узники немецких концлагерей (бесплатные лекарства,…


Colombia, 06.10.2009 17:39

…usufructuar el poder en beneficio propio…


Colombia, 06.10.2009 17:39


Illegale ontruiming citex-panden - de nasleep

Netherlands, 06.10.2009 15:39

18.00u:De politie blijft aansturen op een nieuwe confrontatie door zich in de buurt van de panden, waar mensen nog steeds hun spullen aan het uitverhuizen zijn, heel provocatief te gedragen.
18.48u: De politie-provocatie gaat door, er staat inmiddels ook een romeo bus bij het Blijvertje, waarvan de huurders en krakers vanavond een demo annex inspreekbeurt bij de deelraad hebben.

In de nacht van vrijdag op zaterdag werden 16 etagewoningen aan de Eerste Oosterparkstraat in Amsterdam met een smoes over geluidsoverlast, tijdens een door zowel buren en aanwezigen als "vrij rustig" omschreven feestje, in 1 van de woningen ontruimd. De meeste bewoners werden in hun slaap verrast door de politie-opbouw en zaten ingesloten. In tegenstelling tot wat de politie beweerde stonden de panden nog nog niet op de nominatie om ontruimd te worden. Woningcorporatie de Key heeft de vergunningen niet rond en er lopen nog juridische procedures.

Omdat de politie de wet bewust overtrad door id te vragen buiten de publieke ruimte creëerden ze een situatie die door aanwezigen als een "opzetje" omschreven wordt.

De krakers zijn nog steeds ontzettend boos. Op zaterdagavond was er een grote lawaaidemo. Vooral nadat bleek dat Mevrouw Tammes, de OVJ, de panden 93hs en 93/1 tegenover de advocaat als "niet ontruimd" verklaarde en de politie dit straal bijft negeren. Op zondagavond 25 mei volgde een demonstratie uit protest tegen de volgens de krakers, illegale ontruiming. In de rand van deze demonstratie sneuvelden een aantal ramen bij de Stopera en werd de ambtswoning van Cohen niet ontzien. In de reguliere pers is de politie al begonnen het met criminaliseren van de krakers door gewag te maken van "wapens" die aanwezig zouden zijn in het pand zoals een hakmes, een honkbalknuppel en "munitie", oftewel keukengerei, sportartikelen en een riem met lege hulspatronen.

De politie volhardt in de boosheid, ook op maandagochtend bleven ze dwarsliggen door de onderhandelingen tussen de (ex-)bewoners en woningcorporatie De Key te dwarsbomen.

De woningen aan de Eerste Oosterparkstraat werden op 28 januari 2007 gekraakt omdat woningcorporatie de Key er 16 sociale huurwoningen wil vervangen door 8 dure koopwoningen en in de tusentijd aangaf de panden langdurig te willen laten leegstaan door ze dicht te lassen met de Citex methode. Op zondagavond werden de panden opnieuw dichtgemaakt met het bewuste materiaal, wat erop wijst dat de panden weer langdurige leegstand wacht.

Leuk blogje van een toeschouwer (Engels)

A resistência continua e a ditadura se enfraquece!

CMI Brasil, 06.10.2009 15:37


The Indypendent Issue 140: Why The Hate Us: The Right's Roots of Rage, Obama and Healthcare

NYC, 06.10.2009 15:08

This past summer has seen a number of alarming trends: angry, old white males bringing guns to where President Obama is speaking; accusations that Obama's health care plan is a secret plot to kill old people via "death panels," in Sarah Palin-speak; and an orchestrated right-wing smear campaign filled with racial overtones against "Green Jobs" adviser Van Jones, who was eventually forced to resign.

So, what's the deal here? The Indypendent breaks it down in our latest issue, with articles on the health care debate by Chip Berlet of the Political Research Associates, author Susan Rosenthal, and the Indypendent's Arun Gupta and Laura Boylan.

Berlet, the author of the recent study “Toxic to Democracy;” and a co-author with Matthew N. Lyons of Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort, writes: "This right-wing campaign is about scapegoating bogus targets by using conspiracy theories to distract attention from insurance companies who are the real culprits behind escalating healthcare costs.

Examples of right-wing conspiracy theories include the false claim that healthcare reform will include government bureaucrat 'Death Panels' pulling the plug on grandma. Another is the claim that Obama is appointing unconstitutional project 'Czars' More fraudulent conspiracy theories are being generated every week.

The core narrative of many popular conspiracy theories is that 'the people' are held down by a conspiracy of wealthy secret elites manipulating a vast legion of corrupt politicians, mendacious journalists, propagandizing schoolteachers, nefarious bankers and hidden subversive cadres."

For the rest of this article, click the link to "Conspiracy Nation" below. Also included in this issue: Jimmy Tobias writes an in-depth exploration on the lives and struggles of queer youth in New York City; Jaisal Noor reports on new regulations that restrain military recruiters in New York City schools; and Jessica Lee explores the dark roots of what created Manhattan as we know it today. See below for much, much more!

A Forgotten Youth: New York City Queer Homeless Youth Survive at the Bottom of the Barrel || Students Armed with New Anti-Recruiter Regulations || Stella D'oro Workers Battle the Buyout || Cleaning Up: We Can Do It! Women’s Cooperative Offers Alternative to Low-wage Jobs || Rainforest Rescue || Tenants' Voice || Health Care Movement Loses One of Its Own || Textile Mill Legend Dies || Community Calendar || What's Left Is Right || Conspiracy Nation || The Myths of Canada Care || First Person: Fear and Anger in Staten Island || Healthcare Glossary || Hudson Is Not My Hero: New Book Provides Lens to See Manhattan Before 400 Years of Exploitation || The Yes Men Speak || Removing the Masks: A Review of Developing Zapatista Autonomy || Homemade Culture: Peoples’ Voice Cafe Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Tucumán: XXIV Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres

Argentina, 06.10.2009 13:09

En la tierra de Manuela Pedraza

&quot;Я ярый противник льгот&quot;

Belarus, 06.10.2009 12:07

Слово “социальное” видимо давно пора вычеркнуть из конституции республики Беларусь. Ради налаживания отношений со странами западной рыночной экономики и большого капитала президент готов не только ликвидировать те немногие позитивные моменты, которые были в Беларуси, но и публично об этом говорить.

“Я – ярый противник льгот”, – заявил он 2 октября на пресс-конференции российским журналистам. При этом он считает, что единственные действительно важные льготы – это льготы ветеранам “чтобы было что выпить и закусить”. Он также считает, что, чем делать выплаты людям пострадавшим от чернобыльской аварии, которых насчитывается по его словам “чуть ли не половина населения”, гораздо полезнее было создать в Гомеле научно-практический реабилитационный центр, где, заплатив деньги, можно пройти лечение. Осталось лишь уточнить откуда взять деньги на это лечение.

Напомним, что в 2007 году был отменен ряд льгот для следующих групп населения:
* Узники немецких концлагерей (бесплатные лекарства,…

Abuso Policiaco en Fortaleza

Puerto Rico, 06.10.2009 10:39

Fuerza de Choque agrede a trabajadores en Fortaleza

UTIER en pie de lucha

Puerto Rico, 06.10.2009 10:39

Paro de la UTIER: Con nuestra salud no se juega

Siguiendo a Fortuño

Puerto Rico, 06.10.2009 10:39

Piquete contra Fortuño en Bellas Artes

Climate Activists Expose the True “Green” of Big Enviros

NYC, 06.10.2009 08:38

Climate justice activists in New York took to the streets on
the final day of the UN Climate summit, making housecalls to the New
York offices of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC),
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), and the Nature Conservancy. NRDC's
street-level banner was festooned with a 14 foot mock “Climate Bill” in
the form of $2 trillion bank note (the approximate value of a U.S.
carbon market).

Activists Unfurl Banner to Protest High Line's Use of FSC-Certified Amazon Wood

NYC, 06.10.2009 08:38

September 24th, New York: This morning, environmental activists unfurled a 35-foot banner blocking the iconic view of 10th Avenue from the High Line park to protest the Amazon wood used in the park for bleachers, benches and decking. The banner read, “High Crime on the High Line! FSC Lies: Amazon Wood Is Not Sustainable!”

Presente: Images from Protests vs. Colombian President Uribe on His Visit to NYC

NYC, 06.10.2009 08:38

Yesterday, September 24, President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia was in town for the UN General Assembly. By noon, a picket line was up at his hotel. Protesters would hold half of a block of Central Park South for the next two hours while they leafleted, chanted, sang, and spoke against the presence of President Uribe in our city.


Argentina, 06.10.2009 06:39

Los cruzados del saqueo atacan

WAMM Collective Wins Prestigious Award, Survives Wildfire

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.10.2009 04:21

The Santa Cruz, CA collective Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) won a major award in August from The Society for the Study of Social Problems, a national organization of sociologists. The SSSP's "Social Action" award and a check for $1,000 are given each year to a not-for-profit organization which embodies and enacts the social justice goals of the SSSP.

Canadian Marc Emery becomes a USA Political Prisoner

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.10.2009 02:09

Canadian authorities, acting at the behest of U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency officials, arrested seed distributor, activist and magazine publisher Marc Emery, often referred to as the "Prince of Pot" on July 29th, 2005 on charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana seeds, conspiracy to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to engage in money laundering. Emery and supporters spent years fighting extradition, however Emery surrendered into the custody of the British Columbia Supreme Court on September 28th, 2009 and is awaiting extradition to a US federal prison.

Activists Arrested For Twitter Coverage of G20

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.10.2009 01:09

On September 24th, San Francisco-based shut down an account that was monitoring the movement of police and military through the city of Pittsburgh during the protests against the G-20 summit on September 24th and 25th. The FBI also arrested Elliot Madison and Michael Wallschlaeger and accused them of being involved with updating the Twitter feed. On October 1st, the FBI raided Elliot's home in Queens.

Nuevamente marchan trabajadorxs de CIVE

Argentina, 05.10.2009 22:09

Conflicto Asociación de Actores

Argentina, 05.10.2009 20:39

Sr. Intendente: Actuar es un trabajo y cobrar el sueldo un derecho

Support DC Teachers

DC, 05.10.2009 20:10

Few disagree that DC's Public School system has been failing for decades or with Chancellor Michelle Rhee's assertion that a big part of the problem is low expectation, but firing those teachers who have stuck it out the longest in a system that not only fails students but fails to provide teachers with the basic tools they need to educate effectively is not the answer. If the veteran teachers that Michelle Rhee is firing are why DCPS has faired so poorly, then why hasn't a school like Shaw, which she overhauled with eager, yet inexperienced teachers and expensive "master educators" done better under the new regime?

Radio abierta online

Argentina, 05.10.2009 20:09

BºCabildo se manifiesta con la palabra


Colombia, 05.10.2009 20:09

Seguimiento cdp


Colombia, 05.10.2009 20:09

Mercedes Sosa, su voz nos seguirá dando aliento y fuerza para luchar!


Colombia, 05.10.2009 20:09

Mercedes Sosa, su voz nos seguirá dando aliento y fuerza para luchar!

BAAM #26 Out Now!

Boston, 05.10.2009 20:08

We are proud to release the 26th issue of the Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement Newsletter. Please print out and share. Download the PDF or read the plain text below! In this issue: -A Radical Response to the G20 and Capitalism in Pittsburgh, By Audrey, Pg 2 -Baam news blurbs, Pg 3 -Smashin’ (The G20) Fashion Show, by Clara Hendricks, Page 4 -Running Down the Walls, by Jake Carman, Page 4 -Residents Take Action Against Foreclosure, Beat banks, By Jake B, Page 5 -1919 Boston Police Strike, by Adrienne, Page 8 -Bread and Roses Festival, by Jeff Reinhardt, Page 9

Radio Abierta online en Villa Libertador

Argentina, 05.10.2009 19:39

BºCabildo se manifesta con la palabra

banner 24 ENM

Argentina, 05.10.2009 19:39

ultima frontera - pereyra

Argentina, 05.10.2009 19:39


Colombia, 05.10.2009 19:39

Mercedes Sosa, su voz nos seguirá dando aliento y fuerza para luchar!

Solidarity with Vestas Workers!

United Kingdom, 05.10.2009 18:39

SINCE the removal of the 'Marine Gate' 'Blade Blockade', and the Turbine Blades that remained in the Vestas Blades UK factory on St. Cross Business Park, Dodnor Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight, campaigners have been sorting out the original 'Magic Roundabout' Camp, and considering strategy.

A Marquee has been erected and a fair amount of furniture skipped / built to make the area comfortable and well-resourced in terms of power (80-odd watts of solar power for phone and laptop charging), a solar shower, and spare tents for visitors.

The campaign to keep the Wind Turbine Blade Factory on the Isle of Wight (the only sizeable renewables production facility in the UK) open was featured heavily in the national news media in July and August. Media, and activist, attention was grabbed by the Occupation of the offices at the factory by a small number of the 600 workers who were to lose their jobs (more would have occupied, but the management were tipped off, and the occupation had to be moved forwards).

The occupation began on July 20th. Vestas failed to sort out their eviction order the first time, meaning the occupation lasted 10 days beyond the closure of the factory on July 31st. Workers remained on full pay during this time, and many workers entered the company redundancy scheme thanks purely to this (Vestas was to refuse them any redundancy despite the fact they were days from the minimum time needed). This was one of many small victories.

With the end of the occupation, many in the local press spoke of the 'end of the campaign' - no doubt in part thanks to ideas put out by Vestas themselves. On the contrary, rallies and meetings continued, the local JobCentre was 'Rushed', demos happened around the Isle of Wight and nationally, including one march which ended with local campaigners and supporters invading the Vestas site, and temporarily occupying the factory (leaving of their own will).

Focus then shifted to the Wind Turbine Blades that were being stored both in Southampton (109 blades) and the St. Cross factory (9 blades). Activists occupied a crane and two barges in Southampton, and blockaded the gate wherby blades were moved to the River Medina on the Island. Vestas security attempted to make it known that Vestas were unconcerned about the 'Blade Blockade', but activists estimated the value of the Blades at £750,000, and the police operation to evict the camp suggests some degree of importance attached to the removal of the blockade.

Up until the eviction of the 'Blade Blockade', the police presence has generally been low and reasonable. Officers constantly repeated the line in informal police liaison that they "were neutral" and there to facilitate peaceful protest. Very few arrests have been made.

Last week 120 officers were drafted in from the mainland, arriving at the 'Blade Blockade' at 6.30am. The cyclepath over which Blades had to be taken to reach the river was shut off with harris fencing, and lines of police. 13 people were arrested for "having committed, committing, or about to commit the offence of aggravated trespass", but as I understand it none were charged later. Workers (including several of the original occupiers) and supporters were present with banners and chants, but the blades were removed from the factory. Also removed, by police, were various items found at the Marine Gate camp - including a tripod, various tables, a brazier, a large tarpaulin, tents, and much else besides. Apparently this is available for colelction but one attempt at least has been met with a failure to return goods confiscated.

Shortly afterward, Vestas installed new Harris fencing expanding their "perimeter" (now including the infamous 'Vestas Oak' - "from small occupations, mighty revolutions grow"), putting up 'Private Property No Trespassing' signs', and strengthening triangles in the fencing, and denying the campaigners the option of hanging banners on the fencing.

Since the eviction of the Blockade camp, workers and campaigners living at the site have concentrated on a massive tidying operation. Banners have been hung in front of the main gate by other means, and a marquee and stage area erected. Local skips and plentiful and provide a variety of useful furniture and raw materials for the construction of tables, shelving units and the like. The Marquee is becoming a social centre of sorts, with information from the different groups present (Vestas campaign, Climate Camp, Climate Rush, Bicycology, Alliance for Workers Liberty, SWP, Socialist Party) - and more on it's way. There's a solar powered mobile charging point and stereo, a solar shower, a 12 seater dining/meeting table, a radical library and photo/newpaper history of the campaign.

Vestas workers have had appeals against their dismissal (essentially against the closure of the factory) this week, and they and others have been visiting the camp more than they have recently had time/energy too. A positive local news story on 'life at the camp' seems to have inspired more locals to visit out of curiosity, and with Film Nights, National and Local Meetings, an advertised restaurant evening and even a 'girls night in' planned, things are looking interesting.

The Fight Goes On. We ain't giving up on this one! Come and Join Us!

(Fighting for 1. Reinstatement of the sacked occupying workers - owed £45,000 redundancy collectively. 1.b) better redundancy for all. 2. Re-opening of the factory. Ideally under worker control, through nationalisation if necessary, bought out by a consortium, or re-opened by Vestas as alternatives. 3. A decent energy strategy from the government and IOW council regarding production of energy through renewables, and production of the renewables kit on the IOW and in the UK. Ed Miliband is soon to meet Vestas management. Don't let either of them get away with rhetoric and PR)


Galiza, 05.10.2009 18:10

Segundo notificaçom que vimos de receber dos advogados, os presos independentistas galegos José Manuel Sanches e Santiago Vigo abandonárom nesta tarde em liberdade a prisom espanhola de Valdemoro.

A falta de dados mais concretos a respeito da sua situaçom penal, dos que informaremos em quanto seja possível, apenas confirmar a notícia da excarceraçom de ambos patriotas galegos.

Familiares e militáncia do organismo deslocará-se nesta tarde a Madrid para trazer para a casa ambos militantes.



Colombia, 05.10.2009 17:39

Mercedes Sosa, su voz nos seguirá dando aliento y fuerza para luchar!


Colombia, 05.10.2009 17:09

Mercedes Sosa, su voz nos seguirá dando aliento y fuerza para luchar!

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